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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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we're going to have them on our website, here in about an hour. >> you have special guests just around the bend. >> we're talking to ron clark and his kids. the dancing kids and dancing teacher. >> see you tomorrow. bill: fox news alert. they have done it again. north korea claiming it tested its most powerful weapon to date, a hydrogen bomb. kim onyokim jong-un announced ia perfect success. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this would be pyongyang's fourth test they have pulled off at an under grounds nuclear site.
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still there are questions whether they built what they said they built. bill: was it a hydrogen bomb or is there sceptd civil on that. reporter: one key expert? south korea does not believe it was a hydrogen bomb, but even the claim is scary enough. but our best analyst in seoul is saying he's sear yustlesly sceptical they tested a hydrogen bomb, the coach and size of the blast didn't have the strength of an h bomb.
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like the ones dropped on hiroshima. atomic bombs can be equally dangerous. bill: why now? reporter: our guess is he's not getting the attention kim jong-un he thinks he deserves. he thinks he's not getting as much air time. last month in december he claimed that that h-bomb was in the north core treian arsenal. he went on to say his country was ready for war in light of any invasive element. north korean neighbors not in a
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afestive mood. the u.n. security council picking up the threat briefly today. martha: if this is true, it isn't north korea's first nuclear test. that happened 2006. then in 2009 they pulled off another test. then jump ahead. february 12 of 2013. that's the last nuclear test that's been conducted and that happened one year after kim jong-un took power. bill: senator marco rubio writing if this test is
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confirmed it will be the best example of obama's failed foreign policy. as gregg said, what's the incentive. martha: the state department stead we made it clear we'll not accept north korea as a nuclear state and it seems we have been putting up with it for the last 10 years. u.s. forces trying to secure the site of a dead live attack in afghanistan. it happened in helmand province where taliban has been battling. jennifer griffin any once more on this from the pentagon.
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what are we learning about what happened here? >> we are told u.s. forces are no longer trapped in the compound. but u.s. members are still on the ground, including the u.s. troops brought in to rescue. the elite rescue helicopter remained ground. last night we reported a third rescue team managed to bring out the special operator who had been killed along with the crew of the downed u.s. helicopter. but that was after they spent hoursened attack snrownd that compound by the taliban. the military is saying the u.s. special forces are still conducting their advise and
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train efforts in marja. a gunship was sent to fly cover for the u.s. troops while they were trapped in that compound. martha: how long were they trapped there? >> a number of hours. by the afternoon the pentagon press secretary could not confirm the americans had been evacuated. >> there is fighting on the ground as we speak. everything is being done to secure the safety of those forces and the afghan forces they were coupled. >> they took shelter in an area surrounded by a sea of taliban compounds. martha: we have questions about what u.s. troops were doing in
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that area since president obama announced the u.s. would be ending all u.s. combat in afghanistan. >> we are going to get rid of everyone in guantanamo bay because it was a campaign promise. it seems to me every man who had the position of secretary of defense. once they leave that it seems the white house is not listening to us. bill: 7 minutes past. we go to the campaign trail. donald trump continuing higgs hits on the democratic frontrunner hoik. we are 26 days to iowa and here is donald trump on hoik. >> hoik doesn't have the strength, the stamina, no, she doesn't have the strength or the
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stamina. you know what? we can be nice and politically correct. we don't have the type anymore. we need somebody with strength, with stamina, with energy, with big, big, big [inaudible] bill: his strategy for 10 days has been to talk about her stamina. what does he get in that argument? what is that all about? >> it's how he knocked jeb bush out of the race. he talked about bush being low energy. it adhered to jeb bush like velcro and it beat him. whether that with have happened without trump, who knows. but hillary clinton is a lot like jeb bush in that way saying she is a legacy candidate. if they see her as to old, not
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vital enough, if you can call attention to her health problems maybe that adheres toker in the long run. bill: the crowd for trump are still getting a lot of attention. like this one in massachusetts. it's january. this shot is remarkable. what does crowd size tell us about the eventual vote. >> it tells us something. it doesn't tell us everything. that crowd is huge. it's no question that's the part of america where we would expect trump to do the best, in lowell, massachusetts, where you have had unemployment and issues with immigration, people in dire
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straight. these are the places where trump need to clean up. he's probably not going to win in iowa. ted cruz will probably beat hip in iowa. but we would expect donald trump to do very well in new hampshire. it's more secular. there is a lot of blue collar, white voter who have been through a hard time and they will turn out for trump. >> we'll talk to you later, okay? keep on up with that. chris tire walt there in wash -- chris stirewalt in washington. martha: the republican candidate face off next week, january 14th on the fox business network.
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trish regan and. sandra: will moderate at 6:00 and maria bartiromo and neil cavuto at 9:00. bill: in california, where were the shooters when they left that building? the f.b.i. is asking for the public's help on that answer. these fishermen managed to grab that massive marlin. bill: the president make a plea with an executive order on guns. >> this president, the democrats in general have done everything they can to hamper law-abiding citizens and making it more difficult for them rather than goin criminals.
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that's what we need to be doing.
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martha: south carolina governor nikki haley will deliver the republican parti' official response to the president's state of the union address january 12. governor haley is the daughter of indian immigrant and the
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youngest chief executive running a state. >> actions can help save lives. every type i think about those kid, it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. bill: you saw president obama wiping away tears while announcing his executive action to tighten gun laws. will it make a difference? apparently the tears came when some of the parent were holding up pictures of their dead children. it would drive anyone to an emotional brink such as that.
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the president says he's confident this is constitutional. >> it may very well be. the only law he was talking about yesterday is the one that says people who act as gun dealers have to register and get a federal firearms license to sell guns and have to do background checks on people who buy them so they want to tighten up who is a gun dealer. if you are selling guns for a living you are a gun dealer. if you are selling your uncle's gun collection because he left it to you, you are not a gun dealer. to the extent it makes a difference, his performance yesterday and th -- and the draa leading in the up to it will have the opposite effect. the stock market was in the
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dumps except for firearms companies. it will drive people who might have hesitated to buy a gun, say they might become unavailable. so any more guns out there? >bill: you are saying this is no big deal. that's what i hear you saying. >> it is no big deal. if i get myself a business card and open up to store and say i'm going to buy guns. they don't have to wait until i sell 10 of them to consider me a gun dealer. bill: so why do this? >> ask the white house, i have no idea. bill: why make the action? >> if you want to do something, this is something. and he's talking about change rules with regard to reporting
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people with mental illness. that may very well have the opposite effect by having fewer people seek help because they are afraid of being reported. bill: you know what republicans think and feel about executive action. why is there not a sprint to the courthouse already. >> there may be a sprint to the courthouse depending on who it is thinks they will be affected by this. we'll wait to see if it gets enforced. bill: . does this stop guns from being sold out of the trunk of a car? >> no, you can continue to sell your own guns out of the trunk of the car. he he was selling them for profit out of the trunk of a car
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it was illegal before. there was a call from a professor at fordham who described this as rearranging the furniture. bill: the nra said it's minimal. to the parents sitting in the east room of the white house listening to this order, you know this is something they wanted, some movement on it. but for the lives that were changed forever within those families and community, would this order make a difference? >> no. this order would not -- this order would not have stopped any of the instances he referred to. it wouldn't have stopped newtown. those guns were purchased by the mother of the person who did it who would have qualified. it certainly wouldn't have stopped fort hood. that was an army base.
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that was shameless, it was outrageous. it had nothing to do with gun control. he glued together a bunch of incidents, none of which would have been affected by what he said yesterday. bill: michael mukasey, thank you, appreciate your time. martha: former cia director general david petraeus will testify about the 2012 attack in benghazi. what he could reveal about the deadly chain of events that evening. plus this ... bill: it just keeps on range. the west coast pound with rainfall they needed. the storms we are told are far from over. we'll tell you why coming up. come on in pop pop.
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bill: check out el nino slamming southern california with rain. california has had a drought for a couple years now. in l.a. overflowed drains caughted a massive geyser. the storm also downing trees. then there is this. that is from l.a. county. that's a mudslide. voluntary evacuations for many. the bad weather is expected to continue for several days. martha: former cia chief david petraeus set to take the hot seat before the committee on benghazi.
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he's set to testify today before the panel. it will be a closed door meeting. his testimony comes a few days before defense secretary threeon panetta will make his appearance before the committee, also behind closed doors. what will we learn from their testimony? it's rearing its head again, this story. we talked about the movie "13 hours" which is sure to put this back on the radar for people. >> the investigation isn't over, and there is a lot yet to learn. politically especially it's assumed that the impact of all this is hillary clinton's public testimony which was a big deal in terms of the election and the course of the investigation.
6:27 am
there is so much that the members in charge of this investigation believe have not been answered and don't yet know, and this an ongoing part of that. in the movie the cia chief at the station in the conflict is really the focus of a lot of criticism, and he is an individual the men on the ground claim was told to wait which is interpreted as standing down, then specifically as stand down. general petraeus was the head of the cia at that time and i suspect there will be questions about that. >> there will be. most of what we haven't figured out. there is so much focus on hillary clinton's role for obvious reasons. but what we don't know is exactly how washington across the board reacted to what was going on that night, and how they dealt with this in the
6:28 am
aftermath, what they felt was the cause of this, what did anybody try and do. what did individual top people, how were they involved in trying to deal with it. there is so much we don't know. they are still trying to uncover facts and interview key people. that's the big takeaway from the petraeus and panetta testimony. there are still people who know a lot that haven't had their chance to shed some light on this. that's why i don't think this is going away anytime soon. martha: when people see this movie, i think the question you just raised is what will be top of mind for them. the way it's depicted in the movie. places where the pentagon was mobilizing people. people are in their uniforms and climbing into airplanes yet nobody comes.
6:29 am
i heard one of the contractors who talked to may began the other night. he said we still don't know the answer to that. we know people were ready to come in and help us. but there is nothing more agonizing in the moments of this movie when that is happening and they are sitting on the ground and someone told them not to go. >> i think what would solve this once and for all of what exactly happened and why were decisions made or not made is if the american people were able to review a ticktock with this. who made what decision when. but we just don't know. maybe we'll find out that they did everything they could and there were reasons why this went morably wrong. and at that point it was out of everyone's control. but we haven't seen a minute by minute with the president,
6:30 am
secretary clinton, the cia director and so on down the line. if we did that, it could put everything to bed. thanks a lot, martha. bill: 9:30 in new york. expect a triple digit open for the dow as we begin trading. here is the president talking about afghanistan. our men and women are busy fighting the taliban still today. so are we still at war with afghanistan today? >> this is no longer a campaign promise that needs on ended because we said we would. r day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time.
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bill: look away if you don't like the pain.
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three days of trading and three days of headaches. down 232. there is a lot of pressure overseas. what's going on. reporter: overnight china, bad news out of there again. the service index lower. telling us the slowdown in china is real and unrelenting. the government trying to ease iran to help out. as a result we are seeing oil tank today as well. a slowdown in china, they use a lot of energy. oil is lower, that will take our stocks lower. this is a lot of cause for concern, they can, of course sell that weapon to iran, more disruption. they are acting up. it seems like they feel like others are getting too much attention. regular business news. apple saying they are kufght production of the iphone.
6:35 am
the iphone accounts for 2/3 of their sales. bill: it seems to me it's pressure outside the country, not at home. reporter: things inside our borders aren't great. if things are slowing down in emerging nations and in europe, there is no real good corner. it's a world of hurt right now and the nearkts are reflecting it. the truth hurts sometimes. martha: the critics are calling out president obama after american special forces came under attack in afghanistan. one was killed and others were injured in a firefight in the southern province of helmand.
6:36 am
navy chief is blasting obama. >> as long as we have troops on the ground and they are taking mortar fire and helicopters getting band up, wounded americans, dead americans, that's combat. martha: joining me colonel ralph peters, strategic analyst. basically he's saying we are in combat. we saw that with joshua wheeler who was killed in iraq october 22. >> we have a president who is more concerned with spinning than winning. right now a relative handful of u.s. special operations forces are carrying afghanistan on their shoulders. it's just a stunning situation.
6:37 am
and president obama's actions and inaction have compounded the mistakes made earlier by the bush administration so that we have a situation in afghanistan where despite all the money we lavished on the afghan state, all the weapons we have given, all the training, they can't stand up to the taliban. our special operators are the band-aid holding that country together. the special operators in marjah certainly were in combat. special operators need to operate in secret. we don't need the details of their operation. what we need is a president who
6:38 am
is willing to -- willing to levl with the american people and say this is worth fighting. martha: they are in a vulnerable situation there. we saw it with joshua wheeler in iraq. we are seeing it with the person lost yesterday. either you have a goal and a mission to carry out. that mission must be understood by the american people. it sounds to knee reading through your notes, you think this is a lost cause. the question is should we have no one there if that's the case? >> i think we need to ask fundamental questions. the strategic prize is iraq. in afghanistan there is value in fighting terrorism. but we have to look at situation objectively after all the wealth
6:39 am
we lavished on that country. the taliban are not on back, they are defeating the afghan national army and we have to repeatedly bail them out with air support and special operators. you will hear all sorts of excuses, but the taliban don't have that wealth. the taliban don't have our weapons. they do have a constituency and they believe in what they are doing. it's ugly. i don't like the situation. but the people who have the greatest commitment, who are willing to die for their causes and keep on dying and keep on fighting are the ones who tend to win. vietnam, we lavished wealth on a poor country and corrupted it. we did the same thing with afghanistan. martha: the taliban has a will to fight in a way the afghan national forces we tried to
6:40 am
train for years and years and years it appears we'll never have. >> there are some good afghan unit, but not nearly enough, and they are not willing to save their own country. bill: donald trump making a prediction will who will vote in november. >> if i ran against hillary, it would be the largest voter turnout. i think a lot of people who feel disenfranchised, including democrats will cop out and vote for trump. bill: how about that claim? we'll debate it fair and balanced. >> the incredible video of a fisherman's close call. we'll see what happens. oh, my. wrestling with the marlins.
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martha: it was a close call for a fisherman off the coast of australia. that man nearly impaled by the marlin as he was being reeled in by the other fishermen. fortunately that did not happen and he was able to duck in time. and no one was hurt. but they will always have the video. bill: it's not just a fish story. they called it holy mackerel. here is trump. >> if i run against hillary it will be the largest voter turnout in the history our country, and many of those extra people, people who never voted before will be voting for trump. i think a lot of people who feel disenfranchised, including
6:45 am
democrat by the way will come out and vote for trump. it will houston an exciting period of time. but i think i will beat her pretty easily, i hope. bill: that prediction talking with sean hannity. he is the nominee. he wins he hopes against hillary clinton easily. brad blakeman, it's obvious the point he's making. you cannot gaining the turnout because you have not seen the turnout that will be there in november. >> sounds like a fish story. but you have to be selected by the party before he's elected by the people. he's putting his chickens before the egg. trump has to win primaries and
6:46 am
caucasus to get to hillary clinton. so trump should be talking about how he's going to win the nomination and not jump ahead to the general election. bill: alan, i know you disagree. if you look at these crowds. he's going places and people are showing up, rain or shine. >> if he's going to go by the crowd, then bernie sanders is the nominee for the democratic party. he loses to hoi -- to hillary clinton by 10 point. he loses to women and hispanics. you can't win a general election with those numbers. bill: when hillary clinton is asked about donald trump you
6:47 am
know what she does? she deflects. she has an answer. you can't win against donald trump right now. he type he make outrageous state is worth $20 million in advertising. it's smart for hillary clinton not to bait trump because he will take it every time and he will get much more air time than hillary clinton will ever get in a fight with donald trump. bill: wouldn't you like to see hillary clinton go after donald trump? a cage match. >> brad is correct from a strategy standpoint, she is correct not to take the bait from hip or offer bait to him. she can't win the media war on that. beside, she is not running against trump now or ever. >> here is an interesting argument from trump about hoik and the state of the world as we have it. watch.
6:48 am
>> i don't think she want to take me on. i know she is the last person she want to run against because i speak the truth and what i said about isis is true. what her horrible policies and president obama's horrible policies, isis was formed because you get out of iraq and you have got nothing to defend there. bill: it's an interesting argument. does it fly? does. donald trump has done an excellent job pointing out the deficiencies hillary clinton has had as secretary of state. she has a terrible, terrible record. she is joined at the hip with obama. and donald trump is making a great case about that. bill: how will she defend herself when it comes to isis and the state of libya? >> i know conservatives want to go after her in libya.
6:49 am
she has been a successful secretary of state. obama has had successful policies. employment is down. you want to go after her because she is tied to obama i think that's not a winning strategy for republicans. bill: if they talk about libya, you know the state of affairs there. >> can't blame it on hillary clinton. bill: the chaos left after qaddafi was thrown out of office, what's her defense? >> she wasn't the commander-in-chief and didn't make the ultimate decision. she can say she was not the president of the united states. i think that's a failing strategy if that's the way republicans are going to go. martha: a terror suspect linked to the san bernardino attack is
6:50 am
heading to court today. there are questions about an 18-minute gap right after the attack in the timeline. bill: the bill to repeal and replace obamacare is destined for a veto in the white house. >> we'll have a veto override vote. but this is the first type we have been able to get on his desk a bill going after obamacare and planned parenthood. announcer: it's time to make room
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bill: pope francis leading epiphany celebrations, it marks the day christians believe the three wisemen visited the baby jesus.
6:54 am
they arrived on camels with gifts for pope francis at ceremonies today. martha: enrique marquez faces charge of supplying the guns in the san bernardino attacks. police say they can't account for at least 18 minutes of movement by farook and malik on that day and this is something they have much want to nail down. what's expected in the courtroom there today? reporter: we may hear enrique marquez, the childhood friend of syed farook enter a plea. this will be marquez' first court appearance since the indictment was hand but by the grand jury last week.
6:55 am
the most serious of which was providing material support to terrorists. it was marquez who bought and gave it guns to the shooters syed farook and tashfeen malik. so we'll not get any more detail, likely. this will be a relatively short court appearance. but the fact we may hear a plea, his first appearance in court since that federal grand jury hand down the indictment, martha. martha: the investigators what love to know what happened during the missing 18 minutes, who they may have spoken with, or what they were doing. reporter: it's important for the f.b.i. to piece together every single minute of the timeline. 11:00 a.m. is roughly when the shooting occurred.
6:56 am
then there was the shooter as between syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik and the cops. that happened at 3:00 in the afternoon. so you have got four hours there. the f.b.i. wants to know what the couple were doing every single minute. and between 12:59 p.m. and 1:17 p.m. they don't know and they want to find out. >> that 18 minutes is critical. we know they went and parked at certain places. and they spent time at those places but we don't know what they were doing at those places. but that route is important to understand. reporter: the f.b.i. confirmed at that news conference that they still believe while farook and malik were inspired by foreign ideology, radical islamic ideology and possibly specifically by isis, they do not see any evidence at this
6:57 am
point that there was any foreign direction in the plotting of this attack. bill: news from north korea claiming it tests a hydrogen bomb. . .
6:58 am
. . . .
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7:00 am
martha: a little breather yesterday but another tough morning so far for of the markets. down 211 points for the dow jones industrials. apple having problems in the big picture this morning cutting back projection of product sales. that is something leading to the weakness in this picture. we'll keep you posted as we get you through the morning here. also this morning big news. former cia director david petraeus on the hot seat this morning on capitol hill. lawmakers asking very pointed questions about what he knew on the night of the benghazi raid. we learned cia has been withholding key documents about
7:01 am
the night of that attack. interesting developments there. we'll follow those closely as well. welcome, everybody, brand into new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the house committee on benghazi going behind closed doors to question the spy chief. they want to know about hidden benghazi documents and shifting explanations petraeus provided who and what was behind the attack. let's start coverage with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live on the hill. what are we learning about cia records, catherine? reporter: bill, good morning. these records have not been provided to the select committee. they are internal communications within the cia known as, same time. it is like instant messaging service for the intelligence community this is very raw flash traffic from the night of the attack in benghazi. this will show who knew what and when, who was talking to who. whether there was any real specific discussion of a video or a demonstration or whether the people on the ground were
7:02 am
only speaking of terrorism. >> that will be three things in it that are critical. first, atmospherics. what is the level of threat, what is the concerns? second, who is talking to who? this is critically important. in a situation like that, you know exactly who in charge and you know exactly how things are coming down by nature of the chat. third, most importantly, it is a record of everything that transpired in real time. reporter: here's the deal with the cia. they crafted the talking points, finalized talking points forked a administration was emphasis was on demonstration. we know from our reporting that on the night of the attack the cia annex the evacuation was forced by a mortar strike. a mortar strike is indirect fire. that is what killed the two navy seals defending the annex from the roof. a mortar strike takes planning, premeditation and skill. there is no way with anyone with knowledge in the ic or military
7:03 am
intelligence community would conclude this was anything but a professional hit, and not linked to a demonstration, bill. bill: what do you expect or what do we expect today from the testimony by petraeus? reporter: this is the first time the former cia director david petraeus will appear before the select committee. he has appeared before other committees on the hill but they will be focused here today on a handful of issues. first and foremost what was really the genesis of this video demonstration explanation? lawmakers have accused the general petraeus of having shifting explanations on this the first few days after the attack giving infornal briefing members on the hill believing it was demonstration himself and very spontaneous and it would not take much skill to fire mortars with that kind of accuracy that hit the annex. he then later said to reporters he knew himself it was terrorism on very first day. they want to clear up what appears to be a disconnect. number two, they want to understand what was the decision
7:04 am
making chain on the night of the attack and when it was clear to people on the ground no help was coming and who made the decision there would be no military aid. number three, there are still lingering questions based on the ongoing reporting of fox news what role, if any the u.s. government had facilitating movement of weapons from arab nations to arm the opposition in libya in the spring of 2011. those weapons ultimately went on to groups unfriendly to the united states including ansar al-sharia, which is one of the groups that attacked the consulate, bill. bill: so much to answer to and for. catherine herridge live from the hill. martha: back to 2016 politics for a moment, presidential candidate marco rubio holding a town hall in iowa this hour where he is currently polling third behind donald trump and senator ted cruz. it comes as the campaign releases a new political ad attacking president obama's record in the white house. here is a little bit of that. >> instead of fighting to fund our troops, he fights to fund planned parenthood.
7:05 am
he spies on israel and cut a deal with iran. his plan after the attack in san bernardino? take away our guns. while isis is beheading people and burning them in cages he says climate change is our greatest threat. martha: a little bit of that. mike warren joins us now, staff writer for "the weekly standard." mike, good morning. good to have you here. >> morning martha. martha: your evaluation of, obviously this is becoming very heated and intense between marco rubio, ted cruz, chris christie and donald trump at this point primary in the top two big first states. what do you make of the strategy with this particular ad from marco rubio? >> yeah, it is an tact. going after president obama and hillary clinton the democratic nominee. like a election ad. why would rubio do this. he hasn't won nomination? not leading in any early primary states yet? i think it is interesting. i was in iowa this week. i saw hillary clinton quite a
7:06 am
bit. she is acting like it is general election. criticizing republicans voting against planned parenthood or voting to defund it. this is nice counter from marco rubio trying to project the image he is the guy to take on hillary clinton in a general election. i don't know if it will work to bet him that republican nomination. martha: it appears, it is interesting that you bring that up. i was listening to some of her speeches in iowa as well. basically republicans want to take away all your rights. want to take away your freedoms. want to take away your rights. almost feels as if she is really e well forthe war against women president obama in his second election? >> yeah. that's right. didn't work so well for democrats in 2014 in midterm elections. 2016 will be a real test. it is interesting that she is going that route and look, while all the attention is on the republicans hillary clinton is out there making that case to
7:07 am
iowa voters, to new hampshire voters. a lot of people who sit on the fence who aren't republican or democrat necessarily, that is a message that might appeal to them. to hear marco rubio sort of countering that, funding troops, voters like that too. martha: look at chris christie's ad. this is little bit of his new piece which is also of interest this morning. take a peek. >> do not be fooled. any significant division within the republican party leads to the same awful result. hillary rodham clinton in january of 2017 taking the oath of office as president of the united states. this country can not afford that outcome. martha: thinking big picture here, right? >> that's right. got chris christie also sort of talking about the general election saying, look, republicans you want to beat hillary clinton. you don't want hillary clinton in the white house. we have to come together, a little bit self-serving, you have to come together around chris christie what he is saying. that ad is criticizing
7:08 am
marco rubio going after christie. looking at people appealing to donald trump or ted cruz as well. christie is saying we have to come together to defeat hillary clinton. i think a tall order for republicans. i wonder if the electability argument is really going to boost christie as well in the primary. there will be a lot of back and forth these next three weeks. a lot of candidates will be making the argument, don't think about what will make you happy in the next couple weeks but what will make you happy, republicans in november, beating hillary clinton. martha: interesting. mike warren, thanks a lot. see you next time. bill: so much to talk to on the calendar, martha. remind our viewers what is coming up here. here we are january 6, week from tomorrow, north charleston, south carolina, fox business debate for republicans in south carolina. two weeks after that in des moines the fox news debate takes place in iowa, three days before the caucus on first of february. eight days later in new hampshire on 9th.
7:09 am
all this stuff will coalesce very quickly as calendar moves along. on the 20th of february in south carolina republicanshold their primary. a week after that democrats hold primary on 27th. we'll see whether or not it matters and a game between sanders and clinton on that point. bottom line, we're on 6th of january, where will we be at end of february for both candidates? seven 1/2 weeks of good stuff. nine 1/2 minutes past the hour. martha: stay tuned. meantime north korea's claim of conducting a hydrogen bomb test has sparked strong condemnation from the international community. the policy chief of the european union saying such a test ordered by north korea's leader would represent a threat to the peace and security of the entire region. nato's secretary-general calling this a clear breach of u.n. security council resolutions which they have done three times before this and nobody really batted an eyelash.
7:10 am
china, north key's firm ally, protesting the alleged h-bomb test if that it what it was. u.s. and others canning be doubt if they have achieved goal of hydrogen bomb which would have far more capability of distance than ones they tested in past. those were atomic bombs and they're less powerful. bill: firefight in afghanistan leaving an american dead raising the question, are combat operations truly over as the president has said? then there is this. >> he has big rallies bus his people have not used database created by those rallies to organize people to turn out to the caucuses. martha: that is what karl rove says. donald trump may be drawing huge crowds but still trailing in iowa by a bit according to most of the polls. so should the national frontrunner be concern about iowa? we'll talk to the spokeswoman rather for the trump campaign. she is coming up. bill: a break in a road rage case. murder of a texas college
7:11 am
student. police say they have their man. >> it still hasn't set in. i still expect her to pull up and come to work. >> it is not settled. today was a lot harder to grasp.
7:12 am
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if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. bill: u.s. marine facing charges after the fatal road rage shooting of a texas college student police in texas say 20-year-old eric johnson was arrested in arizona at the marine corps air station there. he is accused of killing 20-year-old sara mutschlechner
7:15 am
on new years' day after getting into a shouting match on passengers inside of her car. >> to him was a combination of things. we had several different witnesses in the victim's vehicle. obviously from the party, social media information that we had. a lot of background that we did on him. through that we were able to track him down. bill: candlelight vigil held for sara this past weekend at university of north texas. hundreds of people were there to honor her young life. ♪ martha: well, republican hopefuls are turning up heat in iowa. national frontrunner donald trump trailing in polls in that state with just a few weeks left in the caucuses. karl rove says donald trump's campaign doesn't have the ground game to turn things around to put him in first. watch this. >> he has big rallies but his people have not used database created by rallies to organize
7:16 am
people to turn out at the caucuses. those people may show up on their own. you have to have an organization. train people how to get out to caucuses. had people drawn big crowds before and not ended up winning iowa caucus. martha: we have the national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, martha. martha: you heard the charge from karl rove. you guys are turning out massive crowds which everybody season television but you're not using crowds in terms of crowds, polling their data, knowing who exactly they are and you don't have a strong program turning people into caucus supporters which takes three or four hours on cold afternoon in iowa? >> well we do have a very good infrastructure in the state of iowa. i'm not quite sure why karl rove thinks he knows anything about the internal mechanism of the trump campaign considering his last couple of efforts in the election cycles haven't turned out his own voters to the polls. we're not really concerned about that. i will note even "politico"
7:17 am
wrote an article just yesterday talking about this misconception that mr. trump doesn't know what he is doing in iowa. i think voters and pundits are going to be very surprised on election night. i think mr. trump is going to win iowa and i think he will win the primary very hand dilly. martha: you see the battle between ted cruz and see interesting crossover for rubio, cruz. chris christie is trying to make a go of it a bit in iowa. clearly your candidate has stronger numbers an that the two i just -- than the two you mentioned in iowa. in iowa, could you spin a second place finish if it is strong enough into a pretty good argument as you head into new hampshire? >> well i think absolutely. some of the other candidates you mentioned are really trying to be in third place. you know, it is interesting mr. trump has been on top this whole time, then mr. cruz is up there. now he is many about the source of a lot of attention which is
7:18 am
what either tied in first place or ahead a little bit. i think next few weeks will be very integral. everyone knows voters in iowa make decisions at the last minute. they will look at who can best lead the country. when you look even in the polls where senator cruz is a ahead by a few point, even those voters say mr. trump is the best equipped and best experienced to handle the future of the story. martha: the other part of the story we're talking about this morning are new ads we're seeing from marco rubio and ted cruz basically trying to move the ball forward to a general election. they're saying donald trump can not beat hillary clinton. we look at "real clear politics" average which is basically average of top polls, they have a six-point spread with hillary clinton winning against donald trump. this is looking to be the argument that these other candidates are starting to put forward. you better take a second look at me because i'm a person who could actually beat hillary clinton?
7:19 am
>> well, these poll numbers are because that race hasn't started yet. look at earlier polls where donald trump was behind and everyone said donald trump can't win the nomination. here we are on a clear path to victory. we really can't take at national polls in accordance. we look at last couple of polls hillary clinton and donald trump are essentially tied even with women in national polls. more importantly very clear in last couple weeks, that donald trump is campaign they fear the most and trying to ignore everything over the past week. >> the argument is, you heard it from chris christie, that donald trump would divide, he was talking about rubio specifically in the ad i should point out, he brought up issue if we're divided, i think that goes to the big picture question a lot of people who have been watching elections for a long time have about donald trump, is he too divisive? does he divide conservatives to the point where they can't put together a coalition to beat a much more unified democratic
7:20 am
party? >> not at all. the last national poll nbc survey came out he is winning among evangelicals, among women, among conservatives. that argument falls flat on his face, the only way republicans remain divided an establishment candidate you put forth and we've seen that in the last two election cycles. martha: katrina thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. martha: republican hopefuls face off for the first debate of 2016. that will happen next week. don't miss it on fox business network, january 14th. early debate starts at 6:00 p.m. trish regan and sandra smith will moderate that one. at 9:00 p.m. eastern you have neil cavuto and maria bartiromo moderator chairs. iowa is fascinating. bill: given south carolina importance when they go third in this contest too. check it out a week from tomorrow.
7:21 am
house republicans about to vote on an item republican voters are waiting for years to happen. we'll take you to the capitol hill to tell you what that is all about. martha: president makes a big move on guns. house speaker paul ryan accuses the white house taking attention away from the other issues the country face. >> he is frustrates the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. he wants to distract us also that we're not looking at his failure. like the failure to confront radical islamic terror.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: we're getting a first look at some wild video as a deadly tornado whips past a highway last month in garland, texas. this came through from a traffic cam that captured the scene along the bush turnpike there. the twister hurling debris over the ramp.
7:25 am
you see some of the few cars still driving along as the tornado passes right over. the ef-4 tornado with winds up to 180 miles-an-hour flipped a dozen or so vehicles on the highway into the air. eight people in their cars died during this tornado. bill: the house on the hill about to vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. it will be the first time that a bill undoing the president's health care plan actually makes it to his desk. where we expect a veto. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. mike, good morning. why do this now? reporter: bill, speaker paul ryan wants congress to go on offense in 2016 part of that is house passingbill which passed united states senate and sending it to the senate. the trick was getting around a democrat filibuster in the senate which they successfully did. ryan said lawmakers are doing what many of their constituents want to dot.
7:26 am
>> i fully anticipate president to veto this. how many times were we saying we want to put bills on his desk say what we are and what we belief. he will have override veto in a month. this is first time we have an able to get on his desk going after barack obama cair and planned parenthood. reporter: ryan wants to pass a obamacare replacement to provide contrast, to show american people, if you had a republican president this is what the gop would do for you. bill: apparently the plan is coming together. what about democrats? what are they saying about the effort since the president would veto it anyway? >> you expect them to say this is waste of time on campaign trail. hillary clinton emphasized the need to improve obamacare around not scrapping it. >> we should build on the affordable care act, not rip it up and start all over again. republicans have voted to repeal it now i think 60 times. they may actually get a bill to the president's desk. now he will veto it.
7:27 am
but if we have a republican sitting there in 2017, that president will sign it. reporter: her message is if you like your obamacare and want to keep it, you better elect her, bill. bill: we'll watch and wait. thank you, mike emanuel, live from capitol hill. martha. martha: explosive claim from north korea. pongyang claiming major advance in their atomic arsenal. debt stating what they say is powerful hydrogen bomb. does it change how we deal with the rogue nation? bill: those in texas allowed to carry handguns in public but the new law has critics in police departments statewide. >> i am personally for it. i think people go out get license for open-carry are pretty responsibly people. they will act responsibly with it. >> think people in general, young people, and i will say that are armed terrorists? fundraising in california instead.
7:28 am
two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. .. get the recipes at
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7:31 am
>> breaking news from north korea, claimed it tested its most powerful weapon to date, a hydrogen bomb. chuck nash is here to analyze this and another story out of afghanistan. let's get to those topics, first on north korea. there are skeptics about what the north koreans have done but you believe we as that nation have consistently underestimated bad guys. what do you mean? >> some administrations tend to approach threats as if they are smarter and can negotiate their way out of it. and make full which deals. and with the iranian deal, with a determined adversary you can't talk your way out of it. you have to do something and if you wait too long your options disappear and you are a long for
7:32 am
the ride. people were pounding on the cockpit door but in this end there was nothing anybody can do because it was all too late. jon: north korea, iran and pakistan, partners together. >> absolutely. that is one of the big questions which is how many iranian observers where there for this nuclear tests and we will find out and get our arms around it. the iranians have the money because of their oil wells and the fund pakistani and north korean developments and the north koreans have been test firing missiles, the pakistani tab nuclear-weapons so this whole thing about an iranian nuclear deal, they are outsourcing the design, development and testing because these other countries have ranges where they can do the tests. we just saw one happen.
7:33 am
jon: let's wait for more news on that. two american soldiers, the body of a third has been evacuated from the battlefield in southern afghanistan, fierce fighting, hours of fighting with the taliban which is a resurgence in that country. this is hellman conference where the poppy fields are, u.s. forces trapped in that compound surrounded by the enemy until reinforcements got them out. you believe today, fighting force in afghanistan, 9500 i think. how does that stack up with an enemy that is at viewed by many to be the taliban, al qaeda and isis? >> some of our very best forces. i am not trying to blow smoke. they are the best of the best, they are on but above the spier and there are only so many, the work they do is inherently dangerous. they are on the tip of the spear with people who may turn on them
7:34 am
in a minute. they are not only fighting the enemy, train and advise portion but they could also be out there doing counterterrorism operations, they're going out and doing the deed. you get these guys and they are not behind enemy lines like in world war i or world war ii, they're in territory controlled by people they are going after selling his extremely dangerous. you better have a good plan if things go south how you are going to reinforce, extract or how they are going to get back to an area where they can get picked up and it looks like they did have a plan in place. they got some folks down there, lost a helicopter and a process that they have a plan. jon: special ops forces had been evacuated out of an area. it consists of dozens of u.s.
7:35 am
military forces left behind. the key point, if you want to control afghanistan, you have got to control the economic engine that runs through that part of the country and the economic engine is the drug trade in hellman conference problems. >> that is their number one cash export and it is a problem and years ago there were a lot of people, i was one of them, arguing what we ought to do is to buy the dope and use that for countries and give it to them as pain medication instead of using synthetic opiate and could have made a difference. now the bad guys run the operation and they are not going to give it up and the taliban force supposedly being great religious leaders, they i need deep in the drug trade. that won't go away. jon: thanks for coming back
7:36 am
today. >> a new law in texas causing headaches for police, it is illegal to carry a gun there. the problem is who is doing it legally. joining us from dallas to explain, hi, casey. >> reporter: prior to january 1st, you could not openly carry a handgun in public places here in texas. you could concealed carry as long as you have a proper permit or licence but now texas just became the largest state to allow licensed gun owners to openly carry their handguns. it has to be upholstered in a belt or in a shoulder holster but there are still some exceptions. is not permitted to openly carry at school, businesses that collect 51% of revenue from alcohol sales, sporting events or secure areas of an airport. gun rights supporters say this will serve as a deterrent to
7:37 am
crime. >> if you have a gun, the person coming in is going to shoot you first. i look at the other side of that, maybe the person wouldn't come in if he saw the gun. >> reporter: some members of law enforcement certainly have concerns. largest police union in the state does not oppose the measure entirely. they just take issue with how is enforced. the texas municipal police association tells me it is unclear if peace officers have the authority to ask for a person's permit if they see them openly carrying because that part of the law is murky. >> if you are a cosmetologist you display your license, if you are selling alcoholic beverages you have to display the license, why shouldn't you display that license to carry a firearm? >> reporter: texas now 45st state that allows open kerri in
7:38 am
some form or fashion. martha: thank you. jon: the baseball hall of fame set to announce the class of 2016 later today. the big new name on the ballot ken griffey jr. 22 seasons in the big leagues with the mariners in his home town, 630 home runs, 6 all time, has a career batting average of 284, a lot to make it. what do you think? and others could head to cooperstown include carol hoffman and catcher mike beyonce. hoffman is one of the only close this record 600 saves. piazza is on his fourth year on the ballot, could barry bonds, roger clemens and mark mcgwire make the cut? martha: probably not. what do you think?
7:39 am
jon: a lot of controversy, mark mcgwire in his final year of eligibility, scheduled for 6:00 eastern time but mccallum gave the run down. martha: have you been there? it is great, isn't it? every american should visit cooperstown. we wish a lot and see what happens. in the meantime nerves are beginning to fray in oregon, armed protesters with a federal building could face charges. and nearby getting more worried this could escalate. jon: top republicans say president obama's gun law announcement is nothing but misdirection. so americans won't focus on the administration's phillies. fair and balanced debate on that next. >> you got to ask yourself, this is what he is spending the week on, we have a meltdown in the middle east, terrorism all over the world, shutdown of capitals in europe, attacks in the united states and the president's answer is gun-control.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
jon: the fbi releasing image of suspects in connection with the string of robberies, the latest in north carolina, held up the place at gun.tying up the employees and they might be responsible for half a dozen robberies across the southeast including one in panama city. the suspects made off with $400,000 worth of hooch. martha: brand new reaction as the president pushes forward with his executive order on new gun control measures. paul ryan moments ago accusing the president of announcing measures to distract the american people from bigger items like isis. >> this is a distraction. the president clearly does not respect second amendment rights for law-abiding americans. it would be nice if he would focus on defeating isis, calling radical islamic terrorism what
7:44 am
it actually is instead of talking about how to intimidate and frustrate second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. we look at all our options but we will not take this distraction from more than it is, a distraction. martha: strategist for the new year did the the new jersey senator frank lautenberg, fox news contributor, welcome. happy new year to you. i want to play charles krauthammer who signed a similar tune last evening in more detail. let's watch that. >> you got to ask yourself this is it, this is what he is spending a week on, we are in the middle of a meltdown in the middle east, terrorism all over the world, shutdown of capitals in europe, attacks in the united states and the president's answer is gun-control. martha: are they right? >> yes. i think paul ryan is largely correct and charles krauthammer is so often the case hits the nail on the head.
7:45 am
what we are seeing is a president of the united states in his final year of his term and he is increasingly recognizing his ideological obsessions and his legacy fixations do not a line with the priorities of the american people and so what we are seeing especially in the second term of this president is a string and the parade of executive actions and unilateral decisions by the president cloaked in all sorts of emotional rhetoric which casts barack obama as morally virtuous and his opponents as essentially bad people. so unbecoming to watch. unfortunately i feel we haven't seen the last of it from barack obama. martha: the president has always been more passion and more emotional about the things he is more passionate and emotional about and to some people's mines had difficulty mustering that same passion when it comes to things like the fight against
7:46 am
isis that he was clearly emotional in that room yesterday and let's look at a little bit of this. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. by the way it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [applause] martha: what do you think of that? what do you think of his overall efforts? i wrote some thoughts on this, watch bo whole thing. is he doing all he can on this front is so important him? >> he is doing what he can in the limits of the law. congress won't go along with it. i am not a huge fan of executive orders but i will say he is doing what his lawyers told him the extent, he wants to do more. in terms of the motion he showed he himself is a father of two. put aside the politics. here's a man standing at a podium surrounded by families who lost their children in gun violence. how anybody can say that is not
7:47 am
deserving of emotion, how anybody could say that is deserving of anything other than sympathy is beyond me. the reality is as parents, we all agreed these people he is surrounded by have faced the ultimate horror for any apparent. of course he gets emotional. martha: absolutely true and he is doing what he thinks is the best thing to do. however there are some important issues when you dig into these stories and look at the mental health issue, and the fact that it is very difficult to institutionalize anyone who families believe could be violent. that is something the president could be taking on. talked about gang violence and i wonder what he could be doing if he could be doing more in the streets of chicago and dinner cities in this country. he is in a unique position to speak to people on this issue in terms of family support and strength but he is putting the
7:48 am
onus essentially on the gun issue here. your thoughts on that. >> i have no real issue with him getting emotional, sometimes get wrapped up in a moment and when you are flanked by grieving families who had this horrible thing happened to them, no one is in favor of gun violence, we all want to remember, handling their guns properly. the problem is criminals don't follow the law. wind julie says he's doing what he can unilaterally because congress won't along that may be true now but it is revealing he had two years at the beginning of his presidency when democrats controlled absolutely everything and they did nothing on gun control, nothing on immigration reform, they saved those issues for the wrong so they could blame them and demagogue republicans and people who disagree with them. it is cynical, there is some cynicism here, not just your father lee motion, there is some political calculation.
7:49 am
>> using office and the position he has let it comes to gang violence which is interesting to me that he brought that up and talked about people being killed in chicago because we heard a lot more from this administration about violence coming from police and the individual incidents which were series and deserved attention but the numbers are so much greater in terms of the violence in inner cities and the societal reasons that contribute to that. we have not heard much from that and i wonder if that disturbs you. >> it does disturb me. i said from day 1, inert cities, the larger extent we have in the national dialogue, and also that republicans keep talking about putting more focus on mental health. what he proposed yesterday was so modest that even the nra didn't think was a big deal which is unclear what paul ryan is speaking about this. he talked about modest measures to prevent people with mental illness from getting their hands on guns. surely we can get behind that. i am not sure what speaker
7:50 am
wright is opposed to or why ted cruz is a post, these are modest fixes so we can all get behind, this is not confiscation of guns republicans keep screaming about. this is something none of us should be opposed to. i have not yet heard exactly what in the proposal you laid out yesterday is something anybody could be opposed to. he wants to confiscate the second amendment, nobody has addressed his policies, what he is proposing and what is wrong with them. i have yet to hear that. martha: we got to leave it there. jon: john scott is up next. jon: more on the gun control question. most republican candidates are opposing the president, we talk with kentucky senator rand paul plus a documentary series takes the country by storm, 200,000 people calling for the release of a convicted murderer. prosecutors say they're getting death threats, no grounds for a new trial, should steve avery's case that another the? massive power outage traced back to hackers, new info on
7:51 am
destructive malware and how catastrophic it could be on "happening now". bill: law-enforcement talking tough about protesters in oregon. some of the folks who live there express concern about what is unfolding in their own backyard.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: protesters could face federal charges for a standoff and wildlife refuge now in its fifth day. situation putting folks nearby on edge. dan springer live in oregon up the hill from the occupied compound. what is the latest on day 5. >> the situation briefly and the plasma, the armed activists got some bad intelligence, they were told through different channels
7:55 am
the fbi was about to raid them here and also at the hammond ranch 30 miles away. that did not happen, but five of them are facing federal charges and arrest warrants are out for their arrest. it clearly agitated them, the first time we saw several armed occupiers leave the federal refuge outpost where they have been holed up since saturday and also sought a shotgun visible for the first time and talked for a man arizona rancher of making a final stand. >> i have grown up bluffing fresh air. i love the elements and this is where i am going to breed my last breath, wear their i am 90, 95. >> reporter: right where he was when that interview was done, all night through the freezing temperatures, he left a short time ago. they increased the blockade strength by putting a bulldozer there, so they are hunkered down
7:56 am
like i said and ready for a fight if they have to have one. bill: what is law enforcement doing or planning to do. >> reporter: they are keeping their distance but there is no evidence of any military buildup. we know 30 miles away, the closest area, law-enforcement has taken over a junior high for a command post. a source tells us there are at least 20 federal agents as well as state cops and sheriff's deputies allover oregon. the local sheriff says the fbi plans to charge the activist for illegal occupation of federal buildings. all the presidents we have spoken with are fed up with the standoff, they want these guys to leave leaders of 4:00 public meeting tonight in which they can voice their frustrations and all so have questions answered about how long this might go but is anybody's guests. bill: dan springer in the state
7:57 am
of oregon. martha: new reaction after north korea claims it tested its most powerful weapon to date, a hydrogen bomb. before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i had done a lot of comparison shopping. the rate was like half of what i was paying. [ female announcer ] $420 is the average amount drivers save when they switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. you know, it makes me wonder why everyone 50 and over hasn't switched. [ female announcer ] how much could you save? if you're age 50 or over, call now to request your free quote. customers also appreciate lifetime renewability. it's the hartford's promise not to drop you, even if you're in an accident. [ female announcer ] save $420 on average and get lifetime renewability. you've got to consider it. you've got to consider it. [ female announcer ] for your free quote, call the hartford at... or go to today. get this free calculator just for requesting a quote.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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bill: i was impressed with your baseball knowledge. you nailed it. we will see you tomorrow. >> the big headline of the day north korea claiming it tested a weapon more powerful than an atomic bomb. hydrogen bomb. if that happened and there are skeptics out there, it is in mali in defiance of the international community. welcome to "happening now". i am jenna lee. jon: i am john scott. kim jong un says the blast of a miniature h bomb was, quote, a perfect success. such a test would push north korea's nuclear capacity to a new level if they pulled off and would probably bring new


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