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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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powers. this president bypasses congress, congress should not let him get away with it. they have the power of the purse. and i would like to see them use that power, great question. that is alls wednesday. "special report" online in seconds.dx tonight, "on the record," north korea's president kim jong un taking to north korean television bragging that he tested north korea's first hydrogen bomb. is it really a hydrogen bomb? is he telling the truth? lying? delusional? the underground nuclear tests coming at the same time as 5.1 seismic event. kim jong un's bragging met with widespread skepticism from around the world. >> we have determined that they conducted a nuclear test last night. >> we will not accept north carolina as a nuclear armed state. >> this looks like a provocation we have to have a well honed response with our allyes on this regime.
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>> they have a history of these sort of tests. >> any kind of tests like the one north korea conducted last night is provocative and a flagrant violation of the united nations security council resolution. >> this act is a profound destabilizing for national security. >> we strongly done item this violation of u.n. resolutions. >> i condemn it unequivocally. >> congressman adam kinzinger goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. >> kim john u.n. says it was spectacular success first hydrogen bomb and make the world look up to our7 nuclear country meaning north korea. >> i think it's his birthday, too happy birthday. at the end of the day we don't know if this was a hydrogen bomb. i have heard pretty serious people say they don't think it was. maybe just a souped up atomic bomb. this is what they do they saber rattle. they do things like they get the world's
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attention and then typically the pattern is now they want something for it. now they want negotiations. this is really going to have to rely on our strong response in terms of reaffirming our allies building relations between japan and northe>a korea which haven't always been that great and pressuring the chinese to do what they need to do. >> i have been there for better or for worse three times it is a country like no other country i have ever been to. while all the attention is whether this is a hydrogen or atomic bomb, a high throw general being far more than atomic, nuclear bomb, just having a nuclear bomb is bad. it's almost like we are a little distracted. this is a rogue nation that is threatening. >> not to jump on this. i think it's a lesson for iran. in 1994 when this agreement was signed we thought we had a peace in our time agreement and north korea will never get a nuclear weapon and they ended up marching out with a nuclear weapon. >> which they got from our then ally pakistan from aq.
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kwan who is the father of the nuclear weapon in pakistan. wal-mart of nuclear weapons in pakistan. >> which is why we are on these issues all over. even said and done even without a nuclear weapon it's most militarized zone. if they get into artillery exchange they level their own cities in a quick amount of time. the key is try to ratchet down tensions between the two. but also to reaffirm south south korea and reaffirm get china to say get these people in line. china has anywhere own economic issues they are fighting with now. i'm sure they don't want' a rogue nation throwing nuclear weapons around right on their border. >> the people there, i have never met kim jong un really believe that we americans, every single day are spending 24/7 trying to think of ways to kill them. they are still fighting the war. they see us as the enemy. this is not an easy task. but we have sort of been letting it go until they do something provocative like this. >> it's a cult.
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it's a large national cult with kim, the kim dynasty being, in essence, their god. they believe and worship everything he says. however though, we are getting some indications that there may be some dissent building in north korea. there may be people that understand that the world outside of north korea is actually way better. >> they get executed. any time -- every time there is dissent all of a sudden there are these tierous car accidents of these leaders. people disappear very quickly in north korea. >> that's right. but you know what? information is powerful. and as dvds get snuck in for the north korean people to see. as they get a little more courageous to talk with their neighbors, you are seeing a little bit of instability and maybe this is also why he is blustering as big as he does and why he makes the statements he does. because if you believe the external enemy is tout to get you, you unite behind your leader even if you don't necessarily like him. >> they are so isolated and her medically sealed from the world. >> mal-nourished in prison tamps. it's oppressing. >> congressman, nice to see
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you. >> you bet, thanks. >> the north korean nuclear tests whether atomic or far more powerful hydrogen causing immense alarm and causing the u.n. security council to hold emergency meeting. rick grenell goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good to be here. >> the u.n. security council met today. >> yeah. emergency meeting. >> what did they do? >> not much. this is one of the problems that we have is that we were not prepared. sam power, our ambassador there clearly caught flat fooded. she shows up to the security council meeting. we have some talk. we issue a press statement. not even a resolution. she doesn't even put down a draft resolution condemning this action. now, look, we are just coming off their testing in december. we have a series of problems that have been going on in north korea. i'm not sure how the state department could be so unprepared that they show up at a security council meeting, an emergency one and not put forward something. >> well, it says a lot about our intelligence gathering. butljdob let's take a look at
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the u.n. in general. the u.n. has been nejejt with this problem since at least, i don't know, 1994, at least. this particular problem. nothing has been accomplished. in fact, they have had four tests now, north korea. you know, i see no success and a condemnation from the u.n. has brought absolutely nothing. >> right. and we do have resolutions on the books. >> that have done nothing that. >> have done nothing. the only way to do something is to immediately show that the world is united, to isolate them, and to follow it up with some sort of action. that has not been done. >> that almost seems to embolden them like us against them. we have set off this bomb. i was on the pueblo which was the american ship they took in the late 1960's. they gave us a tour of it and they say this is where we did this to the americans. this is where we did that to the americans. they take great pride in thinking it's the whole world against them and they are convinced they are winning. at least it seems that way.
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>> one way to bring down that information hold is to take down their blockers, their government blockers on the internet. let's have free internet. let's let the people have information. we should bxñtc÷ doing that in china and north korea. >> i'm not sure they have computers. they march this around to the school and show showed us there were computers. but i think they are so sealed off, i don't think that they have access to computer. maybe a few black market but it's very far -- not very common. >> one interesting thing is the secretary general, the currecretary general used to be the foreign minister of south korea. he knows this region. i think what he is going to do is go way too slow forçu us. he is going to try to calm the situation down. they called the emergency meeting with the united states. i think what we need to do is diplomatic action right now. the state department needs to be working overtime. >> to do what though? what diplomatic action has been successful so far? it keeps getting worse. >> i think we have got to do warfare. what i mean by that is
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information warfare. they are not inside north korea. they are not getting proper information. we have to be able to play that game. we have to bring down government censors. that they are playing against us. >> when we can you tell them off for food and they starve to death when they had the famine. the leadership didn't care. many of the people saw it as some sort of sense of pride that they were standing up to the world. >> well, look, we have a policy that the entire korean peninsula should be unified and. >> they actually have the same policy but they see unification very differently. they see it being all north all dprk. >> we have to push forward information internally break. the people once they find out what's going on outside, once they see what they are not getting? information is power and it can bring down this regime. >> your idea is the last thing we have to try. we have tried everything.
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rick, good to see you. >> good to see. >> you the new hampshire primary is 34 days away. former speaker of the house and g.o.p. candidate newt gingrich goes "on the record." nice to he so you, mr. speaker. >> good to be here as always. >> who is going to win iowa? >> probably either cruz or trump. >> what does cruz have to do to pass trump because trump is winning in the polls in iowa. >> i think cruz is doing the right things. he is out there on a bus going small town to small town. this is a real test between the modern politics â# tweeting and calling in to tv shows and the traditional politics of being out there, meeting people, in their local communities trump is a phenomenon, whether he can get people to turn out, we don't know. there is a belief that cruz probably has a better turnout mechanism. the race is between those two guys. >> what is the trump 1st and 10 phenomenon that what is about them. >> i'm doing a column on the art of the deal the book he wrote in the 1980s.
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i read it over christmas and found it was very=i helpful. trump is very big in every way. he is big financially. he is big in his ideas, his aggressiveness and physically big. that communicates to a country. if you are a typical american you recently have soon the saudis and iranians going head to head. the world market is falling for three straight days. the north koreas setting off hydro january weapon. you now have reports of various immigrants in germany who are raping and molesting women. all these things are going on around you and you think the world is losing its mind. i want somebody really strong. in comes donald and trump looks really strong. he may not be totally what they believe. in he looks strong enough to try it out. there is almost like andrew jackson, a very substantial part of the american people saying i would rather take a risk on him than on the current system continuing to decay. >> fast forward.
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the g.o.p. nomination it's now august, does the g.o.p. establishment get behind him 100 percent? >> yes. >> yes, you think so? >> alternative is hillary and bill clinton. >> vow no doubt in your mind that people won't stay home? >> i think people -- when the race gets down to everything we're learning about hillary clinton, the degree to which she has used the state department to take care of bill, the amount of money that poured through with people doing business with her, she has lied about virtually everything. to lie she had secrets on her interviews. the degree to which she is lying about benghazi. take the total picture and think to yourself, do you really want this in the white house? and i think for at least our party and for our base the answer is going to be overwhelmingly no. the people are going to say whoever the republican nominee is, i am for them. >> anybody but. of course, the -- a lot of people on the democratic party don't believe any of that and think that all the things that you just listed are sort of just the
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republican attack on secretary;q clinton. >> people have willful belief in fantasies and that's one of them. >> new hampshire, so new hampshire, donald trump is doing well there. you have the second tier. have you people like governor chris christie. governor kasich both doing well there. >> this is one of the fascinating parts to this story. if you didn't have trump and cruz, i think you would have a much more open story. what i can't figure out is how do you get past both trump and cruz. what have you is thebelow rubio, kasich, fighting each other to try to get to be number three. not to try to be number two. to try to get to be number three. i think that's a very interesting phenomena. >> president obama was a first term senator with no experience. cruz get hit with that? >> sure he gets hilt with some. rubio gets hit with it some. >> and rand paul? >> and rand paul. of course you have got trump who hasn't even been a senator. so we want to talkh where peopler are going oh, i'm so glad that you don't have any
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experience. i mean, i have never -- look, i have never seen anything like it in my life. i was talking to rick santorum a while ago and we had ha long campaign in 2012. if i were running i would not have a clue how to function in given what's going on. >> wes5 can agree it's never dull. mr. speaker, thank you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> president obama has just released two get mow detainees. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine, who was released? >> so this guy was released. he ask a yemeni national. the military assessed him to be a member of the taliban, a follower of usama bin laden. and then the second guy goes by sala abduly. both of them were judge to do medium risk to u.s. national security. >> when, now or then? >> in 2007. here is the key thing about them they both attended the alpha rook training camp in afghanistan. this is no boy scout training camp. this is the hard corps al
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qaeda training camp and picked up by the united states just after the 9/11 attacks. >> where are they going? >> well, they are going to ghana. this is a small african nation. as we earlier reported we are looking at onesies and twosies as they come to the other countries. here is the thing not missing the countries are not taking them out of the goodness of their heart. they are taking them because they have been promised some promise. i don't know. >> what. >> i don't know but in the past we transferred a detainee to albania. a senior member of went to nato and advocate to do have more involvement with nato. >> why don't we get to though? now that the deal is done, why don't the american people get to know what the deal is? >> because it's embarrassing. that's it. it's embarrassing. >> so at the next press conference at the white house, the white house press corps should say or even to josh earnst tomorrow what did the united states -- >> -- i can't speak to how other reporters handle this all i know in 2007 these
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people were assessed to be either medium or high risk threats to the united states and what's really changed in the last eight years is not that they suddenly become different people but what's happened is that this white house is willing to accept more risks to dial up the risk in order to close the camps. if you think gitmo is a problem, you are willing to accept more risks. if you think gitmo should stay open, you are saying that this risk is one step too far. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> an american special operation forces now evacuate from an area of afghanistan after a deadly battle with the taliban. yesterday as the battle unfolded one american service member was killed, auto military chopper went in to get his body, one of the helicopter's blades hit the compound wall on landing. now two injured americans and the crew of that downed helicopter have all been safely extracted. but it is not over. a few dozen u.s. forces are staying behind to guard our damaged helicopter. meanwhile, president obama is taking heat because just over a year ago, president obama told the nation our combat mission in
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afghanistan was over. critics now saying his statement then was just politics. and tensions are still very high between iran and saudi arabia. it is very unstable. the future uncertain. saudi arabia as ordered diplomatst to get out of saudi arabia. those diplomats are now back in tehran. it began when saudi arabia executed a shiite cleric and angered many in iran. and then diplomatic standoff. the middle east is split. shiite nations signing with iran and sunni nations standing with saudi arabia. and north korea celebrating what they are calling a hydrogen bomb test. back here in america2w g.o.p. candidates are÷eñ putting the blame on you know who. president obama. that's next. also, part of the nation flooding where? that's coming up. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. north korea has the world on edge tonight. what did it do 8:30 p.m. eastern last night? here is what we know it's brutal leader kim john u.n. took to north korea tv today bragging that north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. now whether true or not that it was hydrogen bomb, the world is on edge. here in america 2016 g.o.p. candidate coming out swinging, blaming the obama administration and the former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we're facing a maniac who may potentially have a
11:21 pm
hydrogen bomb. >> he is a lunatic and dangerous. >> kim jong un is a little unstable. we need to be trying to find every way that we can to constrain him, including working with the chinese. >> china has total control. believe me, they say they don't. they have total control over north korea. and china should solve that problem and if they don't solve the problem, we should make trade very difficult with china. >> when we look at north korea, it's like looking at a crystal ball. this is where iran ends up if we continue on this same misguided path. >> a lot of people negotiated the iranian agreement were the same people that negotiated the north korean agreement. >> it's a failure of our intelligence. it's a failure of their foreign policy to allow this to happen. this is the president's problem and hillary clinton's problem. >> she has gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong. from russia, to syria, to libya, to iraq, to north korea as we were reminded today. >> we need to reimpose sanctions across the board. >> this mad man over there who probably would use it and nobody talks to a dennis
11:22 pm
rodman talked to him that's about it. >> he is a threat to the united states. >> from the hill a.b. stoddard and from "the washington post aaron blake. you listened to all those sound bites today that every single candidate went after the obama creation. misguided, failure. with the exception of donald trump, not one of them had a solution or an idea. a criticism. trump at least said china should step in. >> i agree with you. iq think it's -- this is a a problem that is going to next president. this north korea situation is something that we have never really known how to deal with it. there is no way to contain it we rely on the chinese. we sort of turn our heads away and hope that it's going to go dormant again every time there is a new test there were more tests under the obama administration than the bush administration. but if you look at what's going on all the criticisms
11:23 pm
of iran deal legitimate. i agree -- russian reset failure red line he abandoned and on and on. for these guys who want to be president and carly fiorina on the republican side, there is another year of these situations growing worse. and the south china seas what are we going to see a year from now? what's happening now? what is the plan? i give mr. trump credit for actually saying that he has a way. >> criticized for not having a plan. >> not hearing from the other people. >> i think this is a lot like the isis situation. you know, there is lots of criticism about obama on isis. there is not a whole lot of alternative paths. republican candidates aren't talking openly and in large scale ways about a ground operation in syria or iraq right now. think are basically using this to pin it on the guy in office right now. that's effective strategy. like you hinted there is not a whole lot of do you open up talks with north korea? they don't like we are
11:24 pm
talking to iran. do you get tougher and increase sanctions that's an easy thing to say but what exactly do you do and what's the net results of that? >> ric grenell raised the point putting more information on the ground people who live there. being there when i talked to them. they obviously knew i was not korean is they would shake. they were afraid of me. they thought i was there to kill them. that's just regular citizens. let's get the viewers at home to vote on this. viewers at home do you blame the obamaíyb administration for northp# north korea's nuclear twes tweet yes or no. huge item but the obama administration sure has q of material yemen, isis, boko haram. israel, iran, syria. >> i absolutely agree. and i you think that's a liability for hillary clinton that certainly is she was part of his team.
11:25 pm
>> first four years. >> she abandoned him in the new york minute once she has the primary wrapped up. she is going to turn into a hawk, turn around and criticize obama. republicans need to be compared to pick someone to match this. this will be foreign policy election for sure is. >> is did fair to stick her with obama administration she was there the first four but not last four. >> she is not negligencely calling the policy shots. she is representing the president on the world stage but at the same time, there has been reporting that she has been on board, for instance, with the north korea policy where there is no talks unless north korea admits to denuclearization. so, you know, getting beyond what shoe said when she was secretary of state is difficult for her to do politically even if she wasn't necessarily speaking for herself in those instances. >> i will say trump said china, i mean, that might -- at least it's a start. and north korea does look up to china a little bit as big brother. who knows? nobody has been able to solve north korea.
11:26 pm
a.b., aaron, thank you both very much. today a major bombshell in a baltimore courtroom. whandz in the trial of the second police officer charged in the death of charged in the death of freddie gra ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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developing right now baltimore the site of of of last april's riots facing the second trial of the police officer in the death of freddie gray. the driver of the van facing the most serious charges was in court. bombshell development today
11:30 pm
involving the first officer to go to trialkz and men mistried. griff jenkins with in court today, griff? >> greta, a bombshell, indeed. judge barry williams who presided over officer william's porter trial which ended in a hung jury last month ruled today that porter must testify against fellow officer caesar goodson whose trial begins monday. the judge ruling that that testimony porter will give in gibson's trial if he does testify cannot be used against him at a later date, for instance, in porter's retrial which is later this year in june. defense team says they will immediately seek an injunction from maryland's court of special stop porter from having to teach saying that it violates his fifth amendment rights. porter was in court today on the stand indicating under oath that he would, indeed, invoke his fifth amendment rights. if that sounds unique, it's because it is. because porter in a sense has become both defendant
11:31 pm
and witness at the same time. also, earlier in the day, officer goodson was in court for a handful of rulings earlier this morning which included a denial for a change of venue, a ruling the jurors will remain as they were in porter's trial anonymous but not sequestered and the admission of a medical history report for freddie gray about a previous back injury which was not available back during porter's trial. so where does that leave us? here's what we know. we know that caesar goodson, the driver of the van has a trial. which is set to begin on this monday. whether or not a ruling from this maryland court of appeals will effect that we don't quite know. we do know this. there is a lot of eyes watching this trial because caesar goodson is charged with the most serious of the crimes. he is the only one facing a murder charge. it's second degree, depraved heart murder. greta? >> griff, thank you. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie
11:32 pm
phang. katie, all right. so the judge says that he can force the first officer whose trial ended up in a hung jury and retried in june that he can force him to testify. what happened to it the fifth amendment right to self-incrimination? >> it's like take the u.s. constitution, the fifth amendment and take that big sharpy marker and mark it out there. is limited immunity statute that's affording the power to the prosecution and the judge to order porter to testify against his fellow officers. the outrageous result, guys, from this ruling today is that porter is not protected from future prosecutions for justice. and as we know, perjury can be a very relative concept is. this limited immunity statute has been given on a state level to officer porter but it has not been given on a federal level and we know the feds are also investigating officer porter and the other cops. it's a terribly unfair ruling coming from a former prosecutor on this panel
11:33 pm
that's probably pretty shocking but i think it was a horrible decision by judge williams and i'm glad that porter's team is appealing this to a higher level. >> ted, when i saw it i thought what was he thinking? the judge or maybe drinking. why would he do this? it really does make this other officer unfairly vulnerable. >> it makes the officer vulnerable in many areas. just think about it. jury poll that's out there is listening and seeing all that's going on here. where you want to bring porter in, now, this was a desperate attempt by mosby who rushed to prosy(ueuz this case. she has called porter a liar. if porter is a lure and the prosecutors believe is he a liar. how can they now vouch for his credibility? so there are many problems here, but i have a feeling, greta, that the court of special appeals allow this guy constitutional right to go down the drain.
11:34 pm
>> so the court of appeals, katie, rules in the favor of officer porter, which you think they should do, i think they should do, ted thinks they should do, i'm thinking to myself who -- i mean, like how can this judge stay on this case? i mean like this, to me, doesn't seem like a difficult issue, a lot of judges face a lot of difficult issues but this one? you know, it's unbelievable. >> it's an interesting case. i don't think it's an issue of first impression, necessarily for the courts to consider but you are right. the judge williams is not going to be kicked off the case if he gets reversed by the a appellate court. he have to consider or more accurately marilyn mosby's office if they get adverse ruling from the appellate's office have to decide whether or not they want to give sweetheart deal now because that's the only way to get him to testify. >> katie, does the prosecutor have the authority to give him complete immunity so that she could get him to testify? >> yes. >> that's what's important for the viewers to understand. she could give complete immunity. she is trying to have it both ways so that she can
11:35 pm
use his testimony now, compel him to testify and then slam him against his right against his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination later. >> greta, what she is also concerned about and what she:÷ was concerned about before initially and that is the public. so, she doesn't want to give him complete immunity because then she is going to look bad in the public and by the way her husband is running for the mayor of baltimore right now, so all of this -- he is joined at the hip with him, so it makes for a political decision that she has made. the problem is goodson. goodson is schedule to do go to trial next monday. with this pre-trial publicity and what we are facing here right now, it makes it very difficult for goodson to get a fair trial in baltimore. >> katie, so flat out unfair to this police officer? >> incredibly unfair, the wrong result. the appellate court will likely overrule what has happened with judge williams. that's what i said mosby, you better make a decision. you either can you tell him a sweetheart deal and give
11:36 pm
him immunity because he is necessary according to your own office. >> desperation on the part of mosby. >> the fact that her husband is running for mayor makes it look bad. she could give him complete immunity but she won't because she doesn't want to because of the political implications. ted and katy, thank you both. big cities in trouble tonight with intense flooding. cars trapped in water on major highways. bring you there live next. plus, the doctor's wife is in. candy carson, the wife of 2016 g.o.p. candidate dr. ben carson standing by and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there?
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to this is a a fox news alert. heavy rain and severe flooding almost drowning california. both los angeles and san diego getting pummeled. usually bumper to bumper fast flowing traffic highways are shut down cars are trapped in the rising waters. fox san diego reporter sarah chen is live in ocean beach.
11:41 pm
sharon? >> greta, i want to show you what's going on here in ocean beach. we just had literally a torrential downpour minutes ago. and within those few minutes, look what's happened here beach. this has calmed down significantly. but you can see the water was running so strong in our storm drains that it actually pushed that manhole cover off. and look at the street here. it's completely flooded. the street line is actually where you see that water line ends but it actually goes past the sidewalks and into the grass. the other thing they are dealing here with is the high tide. you can see it. it's pretty much swallowing up the pier there the pier has since been shut down. but this is the scene right here, flooding. all the way through oceanside. if we go all the way down the street, you can see that van down there up to its wheel wells in water. it is a literal lake here on avid street and ocean beach. what's happening is that water here, look at this garage. i'm going to show you, look
11:42 pm
at this. this underground garage here has turned into a swimming pool. from what we understand, there is still two cars stuck in this garage from the wave of storms that we had yesterday. and as these people deal with the storms that have been coming through today, a lot of them putting out sandbags like that apartment building right there. that's what they are bracing for is the brunt of the storms and we just had one wave come through and now we are waiting for the next wave, greta? >> sharon, we only have 20 seconds left. i take it this is running all the way up to los angeles? >> from what we understand, yes, the storm is happening from los angeles all the way down to san diego and the brunt of it really being felt here in san diego a few moments ago. we are actually in a calm now, the rain has stopped but we know that there is a next wave coming through here shortly. >> all right. well, get ready for that, sharnl. thank you.
11:43 pm
and get ready to speed read the news. an armed and dangerous jewelry thief on the run. the fbi now asking for your help to find this woman who is behind a string of robberies in the south. her number six heist was in monday. she pulls a out a gun. she is also believed be behind robber2&x in four other states going all the way back to april. and the problems for fast food giant chipotle continuing to pile up. the mexican restaurant hit with a subpoena in a federal criminal investigation. now, that investigation is tied to a dangerous norovirus outbreak and chipotle in california. the restaurant has also been feeling the heat over e.coli outbreak in october and november and a separate norovirus outbreak in december. an out-of-this world day for "star wars." walt disneyil saying today "star wars" the force awakens became the top grossing movie of all times
11:44 pm
in the u.s. and canada. james cammeron 2009 hit "avatar" previously held the record of over $760 million at north american box office. "avatar" still holds the global record at $2.8 billion. but the force is strong and "star wars" is expect to do eventually blow that out of the water. and the royal first day of school prince george to mark his first day of nursing school. future king at 2 and a half years old already showing off his adorable style. the school is located near the royal family's country home in eastern england and that's tonight's speed read. and dr. ben carson, well, he has gone on the record many times. get ready, thousand it's his wife's turn. candy carson, you're next. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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well, she is not your average doctor's wife. i'm talking about candy carson the wife of neurosurgeon and 2016 g.o.p. candidate dr. ben carson. what is life like on and off the trail with dr. carson? she has a new book a doctor in the house, my life with ben carson. candy carson goes "on the record." nice to he so you. >> great to see you too, greta. thanks for having me. >> i loved reading your book and i know all about your husband's incredible career at johns hopkins can. i knew that all before he was a candidate we all did in this area and probably the nation. the one chapter you writes i didn't know he had cancer in 2002. he is now cancer-free. that's a real life-change, isn't did? >> yeah. it's tough being on the receiving end. >> you know, you are used to seeing him in the scrubs and operating and suddenly he is now the patient. >> yeah, yeah. that was tough. but, you know, it's the kind of education i think you have to get experiencely.
11:50 pm
after that he was more passionate to his patients. >> i don't wish hardship on anybody, but hardship if you get through it okay and obviously your family did, it does change and you sure understand what a lot ofuf other people go through. >> that's for sure, yes, thank you. >> all right. so, was it fun writing the book? >> i wouldn't say fun was the word. >> was it awful? >> [ laughter ] well, you know, when you are putting yourself out there, it's kind of tough because to tell you the truth, we are -- most people are private. you have things that you would rather not talk about, you know, when i lost my babies, that was very difficult, and doing the audio book was even more difficult. it's -- it took several tries, you know, after -- you know, you are experiencing it again. but, i tell you one of the best things about writing
11:51 pm
this book was the fact that i had an opportunity to interview some of his co-workers as well as his mentor and some of the people that he trained as neurosurgeons. i will tell you it was so -- opening. i encourage everyone to interview some of your spouse's co-workers and find out that they are better than you thought they were. >> i don't know if i would recommend it to my husband. i don't think i want him interviewing my co-workers. i may be on the other side of that one. >> i don't know. >> when you first met him, first laid your eyes on him did, you have a crush on him and think maybe that guy would be right for me or not? >> well, you know, he was?s handsome but to tell you the truth, when we first met, it was at reception for incoming freshman, and to tell you the truth, i was just trying to get as much information as i could about the process and so on. you get some from the school. but as many details as possible, you know, about
11:52 pm
well how do you get there? do you take the bus from -- do you take a bus or a limo or a cab from the train station if you are taking the train or if you are flying in. it's logistical stuff that i was trying to find out because incoming freshman you don't know a lot of things what to do. >> and he was ahead of you both of you at yale. anyway, it's a great new book. i learned a lot. i thought i knew a lot about your family but i learned a whole lot more, candy. it's a lovely tribute to your husband had. thank you very much for jluckng us an$ with thelv" >> well, thank you so much. and happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> thank you. >> and a brand new greta talk podcast just released. i sits down with senator jack danforth. he is episcopal minister. why do some have deep faith and others do download the newest episode to your phone using itunes, tunein or stitcher. it's free. coming up, some people run directly into danger and i have something to say to
11:53 pm
them that you need tozr hear. off the record next.
11:54 pm
test test.
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11:57 pm
get get let's all go off-the-record. last night the national law enforcement officer's fund gave me its excellence in media award. i'm incredibly flattered. but then accepting this award, i want all law enforcement and their families to know that i know they are the heroes. they run towards danger to protect us while we in the media, well, we stay behind and wait for the danger to subside. in other words, i should be giving them an award. "on the record's" griff jenkins has more. >> this is the national law enforcement memorial. the nation's monument to officers who have died in the line of duty. craig floyd is the chairman and ceo? i think too often our officers feel like they don't have the support of
11:58 pm
the general public. this monument reminds them that the nation truly does care. >> there is over 20,000 names on this these walls and 124 more will be added in 2015. there has been a lot of anti-cop sentiment prevalent in this nation the last couple of years. and, yet, there has been one constant voice of support and it was greta van susteren. >> and just last night, the organization expressing its gratitude for greta's coverage. >> excellence in media award is the best way we know to say thank you to greta van susteren. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in expressing our congratulations and appreciation to our 2015 excellence in media award winner, greta van susteren, of the fox news channel. [ applause ] >> i'm humbled and honored by this award and in accepting this award i not
11:59 pm
only want to givepr a shoutout to all law enforcement for protecting us but also to their families. they sacrifice for us, too. it's tough to be a cop. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. do you blame the obama administration for north korea's nuclear tests? and here are the results. 75% say yes and 25% say. no check this out. this is the best social media picture of the day. that is some of the bush family, governor jeb bush tweeting the family photo with the caption happy 71st anniversary mom and dad. your love and commitment has always been an example to all of us. it was january 6th, 1945 when president george h.w. bush married his wife barbara and never miss my favorite pick of the day. set your dvr to record "on the record" so you can watch it later in the night. if you miss it live all you have to do is watch your dvr it's right there. also a personal note note to the bush parents, happy anniversary.
12:00 am
71 is prettyia amazing. good night now. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow night here at 7 p.m. eastern. good night from the welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy and see what stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> coming up on the big show, jeb bush keeps toy turtles in his pocket to remind people that slow and steady wins the race. i hope he is in another race besides the presidential one. and ted cruz being born in canada could be a problem with the gop. and finally new research shows that drinking coffee leads to poor tv hosting. back to you, tom. >> wait, what was that last story again? >> don't worry about it. >> it is not in


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