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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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the moment you see yourself with hair again, you'll wish you'd done it sooner. call and set up your free hair analysis at a hair club near you. north korea says it has exploded a hydrogen bomb. true or not, a nuclear test of any kind is an act of provocation. so now what? this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, north korea is calling it an h-bomb of justice. president obama's critics call it another indication that he has abdicated american leadership in world affairs. what we know is that something triggered an earthquake around the country's nuclear test facility. but hydrogen bombs, while much more powerful, are much harder to make than fission-powered atomic weapons. many experts are skeptical that
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north korea has made the jump. they add leader kim jong-un may in fact be close. we have fox team coverage. kevin corke is at the white house with new questions about the president's approach to foreign policy. we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot in london. >> brett, even if it does prove to be untrue, as one insider told us, the fact that north korea is claiming that they detonated a hydrogen bomb has got much of the world watching. including the u.s. north korea state tv show young leader kim jong-un signing off on an alleged test of a hydrogen number bomb.ich pyongyang calls of justice. a tv anchor declared the bomb's success as well-programmed crowds responded. >> translator: as long as the united states maintains its policy i have a depression against north korea i think
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developing a hydrogen bomb is inevitable. >> translator: a successful testing of the h-bomb would be a dangerous step forward for the rogue nation's nuclear program. it would be more powerful than devices pyongyang tested in the last ten years. experts do not believe noik has yet the technical expertise to make such a sophisticated bomb. and scientists studying the quake, said it was no larger than that created by the country's last atomic trial in 2013. it will take more time to confirm or deny whether an h-bomb blast has happened. the intent is clear. >> they've made clear that they have the determination to do so. >> and that could be the aim. kim jong-un appears to want to get international attention back. as well as firming up domestic support. >> this is a way in which the leadership, kim jong-un can cement his authority at home. >> and a mounting cost, south
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korea's government calling the atomic test a grave provocation and china saying it was firmly opposed to the detonation. the u.n. security council gearing up for more action against pyongyang. >> this act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security. and seriously undermines international proliferation efforts. >> one more thing, our contact in the region told us, this blast does seem to confirm, that kim jong-un is going the same way, as his father and grandfather, and very few people seem to be willing to stand in that dangerous way. >> greg, thank you. if north korea has h-bomb technology, it presents new and dangerous complications for an obama foreign policy already under siege. correspondent kevin corke has that part of the story tonight from the white house. >> neither convinced nor surprised. that's the white house reaction
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to north korea's claim it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> they apparently are under the misimpression, the wrong impression, that, that there's a path to integrate together international community. that can be pursued by developing nuclear weapons. >> the latest provocation from north korean leader kim jong-un comes as a weary washington and a weary international community once again considers sanctions against the rogue nation. >> north korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. >> that was over 20 years ago. since then, not much has changed with respect to u.s. policy towards pyongyang. >> north korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more isolation. it's not a sign of strength. >> experts say the continuation of u.s. strategy has yielded little. in some ways has produced an even bigger problem. >> whether it was president clinton with the first north korean nuclear deal or president obama with the iranian deal, you
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know, with a determined adversary, you can't talk your way out of it. >> and talk, they have. beginning with six-party negotiations in 2003. but since pulling out in 2009, the north has ramped up its nuclear program. this time analysts say with iran's help. the north koreans scientific community is a gang that can't shoot straight. they've had several failures in years past and all of a sudden the iranians show up and they're being successful. >> why now? from iran's nukes to russian aggression to the assad regime's ability to remain in power in syria, critics say it's president obama's lack of leadership on the world stage that's encouraged an international rogue's gallery to fill the power vacuum. said house foreign affairs committee chair ed royce, dictators like kim jong-un don't take time out, they take advantage when the u.s. looks away. as iran prepares to gain billions in sanctions relief, north korea surely thinks it can intimidate the obama administration into the same.
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>> as expected, a host of gop presidential candidates are weighing in on the tests. among them, brett, is florida senator marco rubio who said in a statement that north korea is run by a lunatic who has been expanding his nuclear arsenal while president obama stood idly by. we'll likely hear more comments like that in the days to come. >> kevin corke live, thank you. a senior defense official tells fox news the special operations team that was trapped under fire by taliban terrorists yesterday in afghanistan has been extracted from the area. one special operator died and two others were wounded in the attack in marjah. which is in the dangerous helmand province. a quick reaction for dozens of infantry personnel remains on the ground to guard a damaged helicopter that remains at the compound. the closer we get to the first actual voting of the presidential campaign, the
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louder and more pointed the sniping gets between republican candidates. we are less than four weeks from the iowa caucuses. and the new hampshire primary is february 9th. chief political correspondent carl cameron is following the candidates tonight if pores mout, new hampshire. >> good morning, everybody. >> date after the president's executive actions on gun control, jeb bush following a morning meet-and-greet in new hampshire where the second amendment is revered in both parties, slammed new jersey chris christie as weak on gun writes. >> he described himself as moderate to liberal on guns in 2013. >> christie who cast himself as a tough on crime former prosecutor fired back. >> i'm absolutely confident in having signed the people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. i have no problem with having done that and i want to know if governor bush feels the same way. does he think people on the terrorist watch list should be able to purchase guns? i don't. >> they've described new hampshire as a must win. bush dismissed christie's questions and hit him again.
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>> he signed anti-gun le legislati legislation. he vetoed other things as governor. and showed courage there. he didn't show courage on guns. >> christie is under fire from marco rubio, who has been hammering him on guns and common core. the feisty governor unloaded. >> marco stands on the stage a couple of debates ago and says to governor bush, it's terrible, someone must have convinced you that to criticizing me helps you. well i guess that same someone is now talking to marco and convinced him that you know, attacking me helps him. i just don't like the hypocrisy. >> you have the road in new hampshire, carly fiorina boasted about qualifying to be on the ballot in all 50 states. >> you've got a bunch of people campaigning here this week who aren't on the ballot in all 50 states, that says a lot about their ability to go beyond new hampshire. >> donald trump who has questioned president obama's birth certificate said cruz should have his eligibility officially validated because he
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was born in canada. >> i would like to see ted do something where maybe he goes in a preemptive fashion into court to try to get some kind of an order. >> but this summer trump dismissed it as a nonissue. >> i hear it was checked out by every attorney and i understand ted is in fine shape. >> cruz's mother was born in the u.s. and has lived her most of her life. most legal scholars says that makes him a natural-born u.s. citizen under the constitutions and laws passed in 1790 and 1940. cruz tweeted a "happy days" video in his initial reaction indicating that trump had jumped the shark. >> as a legal matter the question is quite straightforward and settled law that the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural-born u.s. citizen. >> the name-calling sin tense fiing and not just on the campaign trail. also on the air. tv commercials in new hampshire and iowa now almost 50% of them are political attack ads. and already people are beginning to complain. it's only going to go for the next five weeks here in new
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hampshire where tonight john kasich has a town hall tonight will celebrate having his 50th town hall. the record goes back to 2008 where john mccain hit almost 100. >> carl cameron live thank you. here's what the constitution says about presidential eligibility. a person must be a national-born citizen. but it does not define what that means. and the u.s. supreme court has never ruled on it. constitutional scholars say it means anyone born to a u.s. citizen, anywhere in the world. as we know, cruz was born in calgary. his mother was a u.s. citizen when he was born there in u.s. 70. his father was born in cuba. cruz released his birth certificate in 2013 and has formally renounced his canadian citizenship. several previous candidates have been born outside the u.s. and have encountered similar questions. up next, congress prepares to put a bill to repeal obamacare on the president's
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desk. first, here's what some fox raflts covering tonight. fox 11 los angeles, says california governor jerry brown declare as state of emergency in the l.a. neighborhood of porter ranch. a natural gas leak there has been spewing fumes into the air for months. thousands of families have requested relocation and two nearby schools have sent their students elsewhere. officials say it could take until late march to fix that leak. fox 31 in denver, with more trouble for chipotle. the denver-based restaurant chain has been hit with a federal grand jury speen ubpoen part of a uada criminal investigation. one of its sites was the site of a norovirus outbreak last year. and e. coli and salmonella. a live look at new york, the fox affiliate there story, the rush to get in on a powerball jackpot worth $500 million. it is the largest prize in nearly a year.
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powerball is played in 44 states, as well as here in d.c. our staff going out to get tickets tonight i think. a look outside the beltway on "special report."
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republicans are making history. and making their point with their latest attempt to overturn the president's health care law. but they still are not actually successfully repealing obamacare. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is on capitol hill to tell us what's happening. >> the vote in the house a short time ago was 240-181. house lawmakers have voted dozens of times to repeal obamacare, but senate democrats have successfully filibustered the measures. but this time the senate used a procedure known as reconciliation to pass this bill. it would strip federal funding for planned parenthood and force
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the president to defend his signature law. >> today is the day it will come to his desk. he'll have to make a decision, not just on obamacare, but the funding of planned parenthood. after millions us watched author horrific videos. >> the people deserve a truly patient-centered health care system and ultimately this is going to require a republican president. >> that's because lawmakers recognize the president will veto the bill and they're not expected to have the votes to override it. speaker ryan is urging his colleagues to come up with an obamacare alternative to come up with a contrast. hillary clinton has noted the importance of this election, in terms of health care. repeal efforts could be a different story next year. >> i think we should build on the affordable care act. not rip it up and start all over again. republicans have voted to repeal it now. i think 60 times. they may actually get a bill to the president's desk. now he will veto it. but if we have a republican sitting there in 2017, that
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president will sign it. >> clinton's message is if you like your obamacare and want to keep it, vote for her. brett? >> mike emmanuel, live on the hill, thanks. the company behind the keystone xl pipeline is challenging president obama's rejection of that project. transcanada is going to court claiming the decision was arbitrary and unjustified. sand that the president exceeded his power under the constitution. the first of several former obama administration officials to appear before the house select committee on benghazi this month testified behind closed doors today. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more on the appearance of former c.i.a. chief david petraeus. >> while hillary clinton testified publicly before the benghazi committee in october, the former c.i.a. director today used a restricted access passageway to avoid reporters and gave testimony behind closed doors. leadership disagreed on the progress. >> we have learned new
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information at every facet. the before, during and after. >> this is being dragged out. to get as close to the election process as possible. >> there are now dates on the calendar to interview then-u.n. ambassador susan rice who appeared on five sunday talk shows and blamed a demonstration gone awry for the terrorist attack that killed four americans. as well as presidential aide ben rhodes who crafted a memo to instruct others to blame it on a video. >> sources told fox news committee members plan to question petraeus about blocked rescue efforts, why c.i.a. security contractors were told to wait and not immediately aid ambassador stevens and what he knew about the covert shipment of weapons from arab nations to arm the libyan opposition. fox news has learned the c.i.a. has withheld real-time message traffic from the night of the attack. >> this record would be more direct and pertinent to laying out the factual events of that night than any other written record that's been seen so far.
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>> newly released email show a senior clinton aide was busy with personal matters on september 1379. two days after the attack. >> you have sheryl mills in the state department picking out a logo for her new company. >> within the next week, the former secretary of defense, leon panetta and his former chief of staff are scheduled to testify. an email from bash on the night of the attack shows military assets were mobilized waiting for a state department approval. brett? >> we'll follow it. thank you. president obama is releasing two more detainees from the terrorist prison at guantanamo bay. the pentagon says the men are being transferred to ghana. as we've told you, both have al qaeda connections. one was previously assessed as high-risk. the other medium risk. there are now 105 terror suspects at that facility. tomorrow the pentagon will release updated guidelines for awarding combat medals such as the purple heart, silver star and medal of
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former defense secretary chuck hagel ordered that review. we're told it recommends no changes to the medal of honor criteria, but does say that valor recognitions need to be awarded in a more timely and consistent manner. still ahead, locked and loaded and in full public view. gun owners can now carry openly in texas. first, when it comes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, do you know the difference between a democrat and a socialist? apparently one of them does not.
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tonight hillary clinton may be smarting from another self-inflicted political wound. the democratic presidential front-runner staggered through a question about what separates her from her only serious challenger, and his socialist
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self-description. chief white house correspondent ed henry is following the clinton campaign tonight, from las vegas. >> seeking another friendly venue for a rare media interview, democratic front-runner hillary clinton got tripped up, anyway. when msnbc's chris matthews asked her to explain the differences between socialist and democrats. given the rise of democratic socialist senator bernie sanders. >> well -- >> is that a question you want to answer, or would you rather not? >> you know you'd have to ask -- >> see, i'm asking you. you're the democrat, he's's he's a socialist. would you like somebody to call awe socialist? i wouldn't like somebody calling me a associatist. >> i'm not one. >> the same question from the the the same host was also a struggle a few months ago. for democratic national committee chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz. >> what's the difference between a democrat and a socialist. >> like the dnc chair, clinton was caught trying to walk the fine line of not offending the rabid supporters of sanders, while it gets less attention than the splintering among
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republicans, democrats have a brewing civil war of their own. with sanders ripping her approach to wall street. >> establishment politicians are the ones who need to cut it out. >> on msnbc, clinton eventually settled on an answer that highlights a softer line of attack against sanders, she's been using out here on the stump. though even that was interrupted by matthews. >> i can tell you what i am. i'm a progressive democrat. i'm a progressive democrat -- >> how is that different than a socialist. >> who likes to get things done. >> except the experience card and 3:00 a.m. phone calls did not work for clinton in 2008 against another liberal upstart. priorities usa is doubling down with a new ad highlighting her foreign policy chops against the gop field. >> i have a plan. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> shallow slogans don't add up to a strategy. >> we'll will carpet-bomb them into oblivion. >> bluster and bigotry are not
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credentials for becoming commander-in-chief. >> yet with, north korea potentially testing a hydrogen bomb and crises from iran to syria and libya, republican front-runner donald trump has been firing back with more than just attacks on personal issues. >> as secretary of state she was a disaster. >> clinton put out a statement condemning north korea today and defending the administration's pivot to asia. but the rnc fired back that as secretary of state she was weak on north korea. brett? >> ed henry, live. he may be late to an already-overcrowded party, but former republican new mexico governor gary johnson is entering the presidential race as a libertarian. johnson made the announcement today to neil cavuto. johnson ran in 2012, first as a republican and then later as the libertarian candidate. another big loser today, on wall street, the dow fell 252, the s&p 500 was off 26, the nasdaq
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gave back 56. carrying your gun out in the open in texas. it's not your father's wild, wild west any more. the new reality, next
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. the man who bought the
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high-powered rifles used in the san bernardino shootings last month has entered a not guilty plea to federal charges. authorities say while enrique marquez was not directly involved in the murder of 14 people and wounding of 22 others, his purchase of the weapons and failure to warn officials about the attack had deadly consequences. the tears that stream down president obama's face in the east room yesterday during his emotional announcement of new gun control measures, may have served to distract from another aspect of his remarks. his scorched earth rhetoric for his opponents on the issue. as chief washington correspondent james rosen reports, it was a far cry from the president obama's days of past. >> five years ago this week, jared lee loughner, a 22-year-old paranoid schizophrenic, shots and then wounded then-congresswoman gabrielle giffords.
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president obama delivered one of his most memorable addresses. >> at a time when we're far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world, on those who happen to think differently than we do we need to make sure we're talking in a way that heals. not in a way that wounds. >> every time i think about those kids -- >> tuesday's tearful east room address on guns, the same president unapologetically blamed the phenomenon of mass shootings on those who think differently than he does and spoke in way that hardly seemed intended to heal. >> all of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand up. to the gun lobby's lies. the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now but they cannot hold america hostage. >> the white house saw no contradiction. >> is isn't that the kind of divisive and violence-tinged language that the president made after the arizona shooting? >> jim, the president certainly
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not advocating violence. i think it's an apt metaphor for what's happening right now. >> some analysts, james swanson is the author of books on abraham lincoln and john f. kennedy. >> obama does tend to demonize his opponents, in a way that's not in the best traditions of the presidency. presidential petulance is a sign of worry and fear. i think the president fears history's judgment. >> after the gift shooting, the president urged americans to ex-halt the gun debate above wh what he called the usual plain of politics. brett? >> james, thank you. you can imagine how president obama and his supporters feel about a new texas law allowing gun owners new freedoms. correspondent casey steagall tells us about that from dallas. >> gun rights advocates celebrated on the steps of the texas capital building after the
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state's new open carry gun law went into effect in 2016. >> it feels great. i want to say you know i just have more freedom. i just feel -- safer. >> it's now legal to openly carry a handgun in most public places, so long as the owner has a permit and the firearm is secure in a shoulder or belt holster. supporters believe it will help deter crime. if you got a gun the person that's coming in is going to shoot you first, but i look at the other side of that. and maybe the person wouldn't come in. if he saw the gun on me. >> members of law enforcement have raised some concerns. not so much about the law itself, but how it's enforced. >> if a citizen calls in, a business calls in and says hey, there's somebody here carrying a firearm that we're concerned about, the question then becomes exactly how much authority does the officer have to approach that individual and investigate whether or not they have a license to carry that gun. >> kevin lawrence heads up the
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largest police union in texas. he says the wording of the law is murky. and if officers are unable to ask for a license, there's no way of knowing who is packing heat legally. >> that's the difficulty is the uncertainty, not knowing for sure what the rules are what authority the officers have. we need to get that clarified. as much as possible. >> there are some exceptions on where a person can carry. handguns are still not permitted at schools, bars, sporting events or secure areas of an airport. texas became the 45th state to allow open carry in some form or fashion, but the lone star state now among the largest where it's permitted. north korea says it has an h-bomb. even if it's not true, president obama has a new problem. we'll talk about it all with the panel, after a quick time-out.
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north korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. only as it does so, will north korea fully join the community of nations. le north korean regime will find respect from its people only when it turns away from its pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> it's not a sign of strength. >> as of today, january 2016, at 10:00 a.m., north korea's first hydrogen bomb test was successfully conducted. >> the initial analysis that's been conducted of the events that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> long history of north korea, provocation against the u.s. against the world now they say they have a hydrogen bomb. a brief history here on the what
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north korea has done with its nuclear program. admits first acknowledges it had a secret program in 2002. conducted its first underground test, 2006. second test after walking away from talks, 2009. 2013, third test using what it called a miniaturized nuclear device, and january, just this past couple of days, north korea claiming it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >> what about this, what it says about obama foreign policy. let's bring in charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." editor in chief, of "life set" laura ingram and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> this is reminder that history has not been kind to that proposition. north korea has been sort of fiddling with one american administration after another starting way back really with
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the george h.w. bush administration, which was the one that withdrew the u.s. nuclear weapons from south korea in an effort to win some kind of reciprocity from the north in the first place. and president obama has treated the problem i think with what could be called benign neglect. basically staying away from and hoping it would all go away or that china would somehow take care of it. now we're stuck with this. it doesn't sound like they actually exploded a hydrogen bomb. we don't know, but the evidence that's coming out makes me skeptical. what's revealing here is they think it is in their interests to claim that they're doing so. and they obviously are trying to see what the reaction of the various players in the region will be and then how they can use exploit that reaction to play these countries one off against the other. >> as chuck mentions, multiple administrations are cuppal here about north korea. but the obama administration really has not talked about this at all and did not put any
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pressure on china, which is the lynchpin when it comes to north korea. >> i think it was 1993, madel madagasc madagascmadeline ya albright clinking glasses with. blame goes to our neglect with asia. we never pivoted to asia in this administration, we have spent trillions of dlafrs and gotten ourselves trillions of dollars in debt and we've become weaker and weak anywhere asia. being able to influence world events in asia. we obviously are singularly focused on middle east and asia gets neglected. i think we have to look at our economic policy. look at our attraction, affection for globalism. because we have seen america's position in the world erode as our financial standing has eroded. taking care of business at home.
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shoring us up would make us more influential. and perhaps do something more than send out poor josh earnest to make another comment. >> speaking of the middle east there are questions about how this factors in in the big picture with the iran nuclear deal. take a listen to this. >> this whole thing about an iranian nuclear deal, they're just outsourcing the design, development and testing, because these other countries have the ranges where they can actually do the tests in north korea, we just saw one happen. >> are you saying that the white house doesn't believe that tehran or pyongyang are working together in concert in nuclear development like even in this particular test? >> i'm saying i can't confirm the veracity of those kinds of claims. but i can suggest that because of the leadership in the united states and other international institutions like the united nations, there are significant barriers to those two countries doing exactly what you described. >> but are there? >> well there are, but look, the
1:44 am
main culprit here is not iran, the main culprit is china. i would give obama a pass on this, i don't think there's anything he could have done that would be different from what his predecessors did. i would argue that the clinton and the bush administrations made things worse, they fed the north koreans, they were hoodwinked into accepting all kinds of swaps and deals which were useless. at least obama stayed out of it. we would have had no effect. the fact is that nothing that we can do is going to have any effect. we're talking about sanctions. would have no effect. there's only one way to affect what the north koreans do. and that is through china. and china has no interest in squeezing off or strangling the regime. but china supplies the food and the fuel. how do we affect china? one way we could do it, with a simple statement from the united states. it shall be the policy of the united states to look favorably
1:45 am
upon japan and south korea acquiring a nuclear deterrent and we would give whatever assistance is required. end of statement. i can assure you, that will have an effect on china which is the only player here that matters. >> next up, republicans with sharp elbows, democrats with some difficult definitions.
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i think he's a really nice guy. i've gotten to know him a little bit. i think if he's born in canada, it's a problem. he can't be president? >> i would say he can't be president. if you're not born in this country, you can't be president. >> from what i understand everything is fine. i hear that it was checked out by every attorney and every which way and i understand ted is in fine shape. >> is there any validity to
1:49 am
those claims? >> well i mean honestly i hope it's not the case. i hope that's not going to be a problem for him. but i've been hearing a lot about it and you've been hearing and i guess everybody is talking about it now that he's doing better and i think that they are looking at it and it's a problem for him and it's a problem obviously for the republicans. if the democrats, let's assume he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. so how do you run? >> donald trump talking about ted cruz's citizenship. born in canada. you can see the evolution of his concern over that. ted cruz responded first in jest last night and then more detailed today. >> well, i tweeted out a response to donald trump's raising questions of my natural-born citizenship. it was a link to fonzie jumping the shark. it's a settled law that a child
1:50 am
of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural-born u.s. citizen. people will continue to make political noise but as a legal matter,raightforward. however, it has never been litigated and has never been to the u.s. supreme court. we're back with the panel. that said, this is unbelievable. we are down this canada train we didn't think we were going to be here. >> you have got to be very careful with those canadians. you can't trust them. you know, they have designs since 1812, they have been sore about the results. they have designs. my favorite line is the one that you didn't show where trump says i would hate to see something like this get in his way. i mean, he brings it out so all of the sudden it's in his way. >> he says that he was asked by a "the washington post" reporter that's what started this whole thing. as we showed obviously an evolution of his concern. >> do you think he really hates that this might get in his way? >> i don't think so. laura? >> it's a distraction.
1:51 am
i think an interesting question, why should trump or cruz shoot at each other. i would argue that trump and cruz have to be like nixon and china where like russia and china. they should be the last men standing in this race. don't shoot at each other. can laugh about it. it is not going to get anywhere the citizenship claim. which brings under the birth a thing again. at first he laughed it off and today there was a full-throated explanation. >> yeah. go into more details. it is kind of amusing. i don't think he really thinks it's a problem. i would be stunned if he did. the idea that a federal judge is going to rule against ted cruz election year is silly is ridiculous. ted cruz show as real sign of life in iowa. i think trump wants to win iowa and surprise everybody at this
1:52 am
do it. so -- iowa is obviously different concerns. evangelicals play heavy there. not only ted cruz but ben carson playing for that same group. here is his former campaign manager today answering questions about dr. ben carson. do you still think that ben carson is the best candidate for president? >> well, i think ben carson has the best head had and the best heart. but, you know,. >> does that mean he is most qualified though. >> that's not a yes. >> well, you know, i mean, i'm a realist. and i believe in data. i believe in polls. and i have not seen a plan out there that is going to take down donald trump quite yet. >> lety interesting. >> pretty interesting. not a warm endorsement from his own former campaign manager. of course there was that shakeup in the carson campaign which there was a lot of personalities
1:53 am
involved there and concern that his numbers have been dropping. speaking of numbers dropping, i think the going back to the cruz/trump thing or the trump needling of cruz, to me is the first time trump has shown anything similar to fright or panic in this race because sees cruz creeping up in iowa and, in fact, running ahead. he is trying to take a shot. >> goofing around. >> but he is kind of answering it saying, hey, listen, i don't know. people can talking about it. i don't know. >> that is pure innuendo. he is trying to see if he can get some traction with this. and he is trying to get cruz to overreact. i think he is worried about cruz. he wants to win in iowa. he doesn't want -- donald trump is, i think what the achilles heel of this campaign if he ever finishes second in anything. explodes the whole argument which i'm number one in the polls which is basically his whole campaign. >> tried out another tact a week or two ago and he said
1:54 am
i don't see a lot of evangelicals coming out of cuba, which was sort of an oblique, i mean an attempt at innuendo. >> also wrong since cruz's father is evangelical. >> a few days away from the next debate. fbn debate in charleston, south carolina. our debate january 28th. there will, i promise you a lot of substance and meat on the bones in both of these debates. how these guys get ready for these this close to iowa is really going to be interesting to see, guys and girl. >> i think it's critical. i also think the economy is going to be a significant focus of the fbn debate. if this economy continues to show the scary, you know, tremors, concerns that could be another recession 2016, that's obviously going to play to someone like a trump's favor. he can talk very fluidly about interest rates go up. it's four times a year, what's that going to do to the overall economy. that time he went on face-to-face with kasich. remember he did that thing
1:55 am
with the investment banking. left kasich flat-footed in that exchange. you haven't seen trump that much in digging into the details on the financial conditions of the market. that would be interesting at this next debate. >> chuck, in new hampshire, you are seeing other candidates go after chris christie. jeb bush today going after christie's gun record. marco rubio similar. going after christie. they obviously are seeing christie on the move in new hampshire. >> there is that establishment lane that's crowded with kasich, bush, christie, maybe rubio, and they have -- are obviously they have internal polls that show christie doing well. that state, the number one issue on voters' minds in that state is addiction to drugs there is a terrible problem with open otherwise opioids there. chris christie has been giving a heart felt personal speech about that issue and he got a lot of traction with that. >> just wrapping up illinois, the ballot closed to get on and we're told that rand paul did not file
1:56 am
a full slate of delegates in the state of illinois. checking all of that out. but, filing in these states is a key part of the organization for running for president. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for one news anchor's rough segway need to hire fast?
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1:58 am
together two top headlines one about the movie. the other about the bill cosby situation. maybe not the best segway. ♪ ♪ >> great news for "star wars" by the way breaking more record and landing 30 under 30. his new interview is straight ahead. >> and probably wishing she was in a galaxy far, far away right now, camille cosby. [ laughter ] >> understand someone sat down and typed that. >> fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now it i >> it is thursday january pth. what they are accused of and where they are headed now. >> an alarming look inside of an
1:59 am
isis terror weapons blast. some are calls it a jihadi college. the images that left a bomb technicians up all night. >> no winner in last night's power ball drawing. the jackpot now surging to $675 million. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am heather nauert in for ainsley earhardt. always great to start with country music. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day
2:00 am
with us. it is the first wave of gitmo transfers of the new year setting free two dangerous detainees. >> garrett tenney is here with a look at where they are and where they are going. >> the secretary of defense says there are two inmates they have rejoined terrorist groups. they have the two most recent releases. he is an admitted member of the taliban who fought for osama bin laden. he was a high risk to the u.s. and american citizens. they have dockets on him since 2007nd i kate at the time he threatened to kill u.s. citizens on multiple occasions including a specific threat to cut their throats upon his release. the second inmate khaled


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