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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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or challenging which makes us stronger. deborah says more bans on words that woman doesn't want a bikini body or to dress a size or two. what woman doesn't want to? "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everybody. bye. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 7th, 2015. i'm sandra smith. just call it terror university. this morning we have the brand-new video from inside a training academy where jihadis are learning to make missiles. the details are chilling. meanwhile, the big question this morning, is the mid east on the brink of disaster? one of president obama's former generals says yes. and guess whose fault it is? >> we're playing on a strategic, you know, football field and we're not even in the stadium. >> so what does this mean for america? we're going to land the case for
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you straight ahead. >> and the last thing you expect to see at a press conference on crime prevention, crime. but just a few feet away from the camera, we see those reporters got robbed. >> oh, no. >> incredible. let me remind you, despite that story, mornings are better with friends. hi, everybody. welcome to this program on the 7th day of january. >> did i -- did i say february? >> you know, it was in the teleprompter. >> sorry. >> no, that's all right. it's going to fly by. >> you know the 25 days to the first iowa caucus, sandra smith. >> you guys set me up. >> pointed towards that. >> you know what, today you're outnumbered. >> oh, wow. >> you're one lucky gal. >> you already got me. all right. how are you? >> i'm very good. thanks for having me. >> the hardest part is the date about the show. >> yes. >> once we -- >> once we've moved past that -- >> yes. >> -- it's just all -- >> all downhill from here.
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>> all right. you are going to be outnumbered today. first you have three hours for the show. >> i love it. >> i heard, by the way, i'm going to learn how to sleep a little bit later because i could certainly use some of that. heather nower is here with the news. >> wish we were sleeping. good morning, candace. >> fellow midwesterner. always nice to have you. we begin with breaking news. a fox news alert. this information just coming in moments ago to our newsroom. there is a desperate rescue attempt happening right now to free 17 miners trapped nearly 1,000 feet under the earth. they were trapped just before midnight at the cayuga salt mine in lansing, new york, in western new york, when an elevator stopped working. officials are not able to talk to the trapped miners but say that none of them are hurt right now. heat packs and blankets, we're told, have been sent down to keep them warm during that rescue. we will keep you posted on any updates as we get them. an american citizen accused of being an al qaeda operative
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will be arraigned in a brooklyn court. mohamed al faruk is his name. he's accused of helping prepare an explosive in afghanistan. that bomb had his fingerprints on it but didn't detonate. he was arrested last year in pakistan and now faces life behind bars. lady luck not on anyone's side last night. no one hit the big powerball jackpot. saturday night's prize $670 million. there's a $2 million winner out there and 12 tickets worth 1 million bucks. that's not bad. here are last night's winning numbers, 2, 11, 42, 62, 63 and the powerball is 17. guys, if you're going to buy a ticket four saturday's drawing, you know which numbers get picked the most? we'll have the answer and winning strategies so we can all become millionaires in the next hour. "the new york post" daily news says it will drop its prices from $1.25 to $1.
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the paper has had its share of controversial headlines including this one saying god isn't fixing this. well, last year the paper experienced a real shakeup with more than 50 positions affected. maybe that will cause people to buy the paper or maybe not. >> well, if it was still a newspaper rather than 100 pages of editorial. >> exactly. >> see you soon. >> thank you very much, heather. >> thanks a lot, heather. hey, let's find out how isis is doing being that we just started bombing their oil fields a couple of months ago. turns out allowing them to have a country for two years is not working out for the betterment of western culture. they have just released a video intentionally because they want to inspire others that shows how sophisticated they have become in terms of bomb making, strategy, and maybe being able to utilize what they've stolen from iraq, iran and syria. >> how crazy is this? sky news got their hands on
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essentially some sophisticated video, brian, as you said, of a training academy, apparently at an abandoned racetrack in raqqah, syria, and some islamist professors recorded it hoping the people in the west or around the world would be inspired by their new techniques. what they've done is, for instance, you know, one of the things we've heard about is those surface-to-air missiles from iraq and syria, they're no longer any good because these thermal batteries run out. well, you know what isis has done? they've figured a way to cobble together homemade batteries and now they are 99% accurate. the hope is somebody will wind up with one of these where they're at or from isis and then shoot a jet liner full of westerners out of the sky. >> it's hours of video. >> yeah. >> it's about eight hours of video, and it's really detailing just how technologically advanced this terror group has become. so you're talking about the use of these old weapons, but the video also revealed the
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development of new weapons. >> yeah. >> by the terror group. it's really chilling to see the pictures and to watch the video. >> people say, a, it's going to take time. we have to contain isis. we have to do this. while we're trying to detain them, strategize against them, get some advisers on the ground and get targets, they're going ahead with their own culture and terror academies. they are working on and they seem to have demonstrated driverless cars that would be essentially moving, rolling bombs that would be very effective in bombing major western cities. >> and eliminate the need for suicide bombers. >> they're mannequins. >> exactly. >> they've taken mannequins and somehow they have installed a heat source so that they can drive these mannequins in a car in a remote controlled car which is at a frequency that is unjammable. apparently the idea behind this heat signature is so that they can fool the sensors that guard a lot of british government buildings. so, in other words, they've got
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their eye on great britain, they've got their eye on the west, they've got their eye on the united states of america. the big thing is now that these videos are out, will anybody be inspired to, you know what, that's a great idea. i'm going to do that where i live. >> a secret facility is reportedly in raqqah at the site of an old equestrian center. >> racetrack. >> on a track is where they're testing this. >> place your bets whether or not anybody does this. other top headlines we're watching this morning, the mid east on the brink. let's look at the other troubling headlines we've already seen this week. iran attacking diplomatic posts after saudis execute the top cleric there. the iranian tv showing off an underground missile depot. >> that's particularly scary. keep in mind, the mid east is on the verge of a meltdown with terrorism all over the world and here iranian television shows a new missile depot. of course, here in the united states, big tostory over the la
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couple of days. hours surrounded in afghanistan, one killed. also the -- it's still uncertain exactly what happened to the chopper, but it was disabled. things are bad over there. >> steve, if you think about it, i know everyone's consumed with their own holidays, we should be and we have an election and it's fascinating, we're finally three weeks away, but as you picked up the paper you saw the fact that in the middle of the middle east there's essentially the fundamentals to a shia/sunni civil war and we're almost doing nothing. we have simply said through josh ernest, we are watching this but we have taken a hands off approach. think about this, in iran we're seeing missiles going flying over aircraft carriers. they're putting out footage of chilling new missiles carrying a nuclear warhead. these are people we came up with a nuclear agreement with. we're about to give billions back to. then remember assad must go? that's the president's policy. now it seems there's a secret deal behind the scenes that he can stay in power with the
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russians until 2017. what has happened to the little bit of control that we had in that area, the influence that we seemed to display for decades? >> what about the leadership? where has been the leadership? charles crowdhammer said last night on television, he said, we have a president who is not asleep at the wheel, he is not at thel. he is somewhere else. the former intel head for this president, michael flynn, the general, says this about the mess in the middle east. listen to this. >> the importance of this next national election is huge because whoever is the president of the united states is going to deal with an absolute mess on their hands, and it's going to last for a long time, potentially their entire presidency. so that this next election is huge. when there is a void of u.s. leadership around the world, and i've seen this in many places, particularly in the middle east
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in the last -- certainly in the last couple of decades, whenever there's a void in u.s. leadership, it will be filled. it will be filled by -- by dictators, by terrorists, by those threats that we face, and we've seen many of them. you've laid out a bunch of them. isis, iran, the taliban, the al qaeda that's still out there. all of the problems that we're having with russia and the dynamic of russia being involved now. i don't want to sit here and bash on our president, i don't. i really want to help, but we are making poor decisions. we're making -- we're showing the enemies and the threats that we face, we're showing them our weaknesses in such a big way and, frankly, it's very dangerous. >> the examples of america in retreat, look what happened with the alleged hydrogen bomb detonation by north korea. japan has stepped forward to try to get something -- to get our allies together.
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in the middle east, all those things that we were just discussing, iraq has stepped forward and said, i'd like to broker some type of peace between iran and saudi arabia because we have just stepped back, stepped back. we're not involved. >> as general flynn just pointed out, when there's a void of u.s. leadership that will be filled, it will be filled by dictators, terrorists, by the threats that we face. we've seen many of them. isis. >> and russia. >> there's a lot of time left. when they see this as a weak leadership and lacking leadership, there's a lot of time left and potential changes as far as foreign relations are concerned be when there's another year left. >> sure. what's our president talking about? global climate change and now gun control in this country. >> yeah. the report is he wants to re-emphasize climate change. that will be a breath of fresh air. >> 6:11 in new york city. republican candidates unveil new ads in key states. which ones are hitting home. pollster lee carter has that answer. show's coming in next.
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with just weeks remaining before the first votes are cast, republican presidential candidates have released brand-new ads making their case to voters in iowa and of course then new hampshire. so which spots will have the most impact. leigh carter is back with us. >> hello. >> see a breakdown of what each candidate is doing in the top tier. first off, marco rubio on what topic? >> he's talking about foreign policy and he's attacking obama. >> let's take a look and see what independents, democrats and republicans thought. >> today we face ever growing threats, radical islamic terror, a lunatic in north korea, a gangster in moscow and a president more respectful to the ayatollah of iran than the prime minister of israel. the world doesn't know where america stands. on day one of my presidency that
3:17 am
will change. >> the grades, leigh? >> overall republicans give them a b plus. they thought it was ho hum. democrats dialed him down and independents didn't respond. he's been pulling the best with independents and democrats. he's not doing it. >> feeling guilty donald trump said i have to spend on an ad so here it is. take a look. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of them into the united states. he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall in our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> it's kind of a best of the last six months. nothing new there. >> nothing new at all. >> what do we see? the gop independents, democrats. >> gop loved it. gave him an a. independents sort of more in the middle of the road and democrats a d. i think what's interesting though is that in the last
3:18 am
little bit he's also been pulling with independents, he just didn't do it here. his appeal is optimism. this didn't come across in the ad and he didn't do as well with people who usually have an appeal to him. >> it reminded me of hitting the marks about what i've been saying so here's an ad. >> yes. >> here's jeb bush. he's talking about taking on isis. do you feel secure with this approach? >> the last seven years under president obama have taught us that problems do not take care of themselves. in the absence of american leadership. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. we are at war with radical islamic terrorists. >> okay. it's jeb. it's not bush. what are the red, blue and yellow say. >> i think what's interesting here is jeb pulled well with independents. he didn't go as high as others did. >> with republicans?
3:19 am
>> but he did with independents. people were telling us they want to see a stronger side and more passionate. he came across so a little more in this ad. >> more independents located in new hampshire than iowa would you say? >> yeah, absolutely. >> second to finally, here's ted cruz explaining his -- the things -- the morals and principles that fuel him. >> barack obama sticks by his principles. it's time for republicans to stand by ours. that's how we win, and that's how i'll lead. as president, i won't compromise the values that make us who we are. the constitution wasn't a first draft. our border isn't a revolving door and the rule of law wasn't meant to be broken. >> wow. look at that graph. >> it is the most surprising of all to me. i think both independents and republicans gave him an a. you saw it was a really, really high. it showed a softer side of cruz. i think people are concerned he's bombastic.
3:20 am
>> governor christie's running ads. he's pledging to handle gitmo and keep gitmo open. i know he's making tremendous progress in new hampshire. is it enough with independents? >> i would say christie and cruz are the best with independents. he does well when it comes to security. i think he'll have a good showing in new hampshire. >> pretty steady at third behind rubio in new hampshire if you believe the polls. leigh, getting intense. >> yeah, it sure is. >> no longer too early to talk about it. it is here. 25 days away from iowa. leigh carter, thanks so much. >> thank you. 20 minutes now after the hour. next on our rundown, it was an event all about preventing crime. so what happened? the reporters covering the event got robbed. you can't make that up. did you have trouble sleeping last night? are you having trouble waking up. dr. segel here. sandra woke him up. i absolutely love my new york apartment,
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what do you say we do some headlines for this thursday morning. all right. first up, the coach is benched. the pennsylvania high school coach we showed you yesterday. look at that right there, seen head butting a referee during the game has been now placed on administrative leave and suspended for at least one game. he could also still be charged. what was he thinking? and a news crew gets robbed while covering a new robbery task force in washington, d.c. you can see the windows of their jeep completely shattered. the crooks swiped the equipment from inside the car. the cops now are on that case.
3:25 am
all right. sandra? ladies, were you tossing and turning last night? you're not alone. a new study out of the cdc finds women are more likely than men to suffer from sleeping problems. so what is the key to a better night's rest as you may just be waking up? fox news medical a team doctor mark siegel is here with more on this. dr. segel, i find this fascinating because we always see these studies out there that say we need more sleep. we need at least seven hours, but this study actually looked at the quality of our sleep. so -- >> very first time. centers for disease control, national center for health statistics surveyed 44,000 people last year and asked them not just did you get your seven hours that we recommend but did you get fitful sleep? did you have trouble falling asleep? did you wake up in the middle of the night? did you wake up and say, hey, i'm not satisfied. i didn't get quality sleep. they find women have more trouble than men. >> why. >> single parents more than married.
3:26 am
i think the reason is because women have more responsibility on their back. they have to work and take care of their children. i think it's also that men snore ten times more men snore than women because we have large areas behind our tongue and our tongue rattles. we snore. that's number two. number three is hormonal variations. women that are going through menopause or are pregnant or during a certain time of the month may have problems with hormones that cause them to wake up. >> all right. so we've got a lot going on. you've made that very clear, dr. siegel. as a woman, i know that is true. what do we do to get better sleep? >> one study says that pets work. having a pet in bed with you helps you sleep better. i am not recommending that because of animal dander, because of the bacteria when a pet slobbers on a bed. >> i know a lot of people who sleep with their pets. >> a child in your bed might help you sleep but then you worry you'll roll over onto the baby. i'm not recommending that. you know what i do recommend? i recommend melatonin, bananas,
3:27 am
cherries, which actually make melatonin. that's the natural way to tell your body clock to wind down. i also recommend no alcohol in the evening and no caffeine or coffee. >> that's contrary to what we think. i'll have a glass of wind, it will help me unwind and fal fall asleep easier. >> it does help but you wake up and you're dehydrated. do not have a couple of glasses of wine before bed, maybe one at the most. >> maybe we're all gity of this, but going to bet and carrying our phone with us. checking our e-mail. sending last-minute messages. reading the news. is this good or bad for our sleep? >> very bad. have a darkroom, quiet room, turn off your cell phone. turn off your iphone. if you're a man out there, you be the one. man up and you get up when the baby is crying. don't make your wife do that all the time because women are waking up in the middle of the night taking care of infants. men should be on the clock on
3:28 am
that especially in a family like yours. you tell me your husband does that. i am so proud of him. >> i may be the exception. i have an 11-month-old and 2 1/2-year-old. my husband does get up. i don't know that all men do that. >> they should do that. >> he snacks before bed. sometimes people feel like if they have a full stomach they'll sleep better. >> sandra, it's not a full stomach you want to have. something in it that helps you sleep like some bananas or cherries, cava tea. balarian tea, chammomile tea. you don't want a heavy meal or eat a lot. >> you're making me tired. i can sleep anywhere, any time. it's getting the time to sleep. >> they'll bring some beds in here. we could take a nap. >> we would have all been in trouble. >> thanks and good tips joompt two dangerous detainees set free from gitmo. now we know how bad these guys are, what they're accused of and
3:29 am
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bleep ] wall street. simple, in and out. >> big banks and wall street are rigged! >> as you know -- >> wow. >> -- my morning agenda, i rewatch the monologs. >> why? >> i just like to do that in the morning, and that was jimmy fallon had billy joel on last night. >> oh. >> for three blocks. it's pretty good. >> three blocks? >> three blocks at the end and did a great interview. >> you really don't sleep, do you? >> when i get up in the morning it kind of -- i get dressed. i have to put on a three piece suit. >> i hope you turn it on real loud to wake up your wife. >> it's all about me. on this thursday, sandra smith is with us today. >> yeah. yeah. thank you for having me. so fun to be here. >> you know how to get here? >> what? >> next door, outnumbered. >> business network. i know exactly where you guys are. it's one of my favorite shows. it's an honor to be here with you guys. >> it's an honor to have you. we have a fox news alert with you on this thursday.
3:34 am
we told you it was going to happen. two dangerous detainees set free from gitmo but now we just found out how bad these guys are. >> garrett tenny is live in washington with the latest on this. garrett. >> reporter: good morning, steve, brian, sandra. nine years ago one of these detainees threatened to kill u.s. citizens when he was released. now he and one other detainee are on their way to ghana and after two years they'll be free to go. >> bin atef is an admitted member of the taliban. the pentagon previously determined that he presented a high risk to the americans and u.s. interest if he was released. no surprise considering back in 2011 he threatened to kill u.s. citizens when he was released including a specific threat to cut their throats according to wikileak notes.
3:35 am
and the second one khalid posed a threat. they said those decisions are made carefully. many members of congress aren't convinced. >> there's no way the secretary of defense can certify that they're not a threat. look at the folks who have been released in the past. >> most notably is osama bin laden's former cook. he was transferred in 2012 and later escaped to yemen where he's now among the leadership of al qaeda. these two latest transfers, bin atef and al dhuby are going to ghana. 15 others have been approved. only 105 remain at guantanamo. back to y'all. >> thank you, garrett. drip, drip, drip. one at a time, two at a time, next thing you know, five guys left. >> steve, you brought up yesterday. wasn't it interesting that we were talking about gun control
3:36 am
and at the same time we released 17 people, we don't know where they're going. little by little we're finding out. >> we got swamped. >> we did, indeed. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with the headlines. >> good morning, sandra. great to have you with us. alabama's top justice going against the u.s. supreme court. chief justice roy moore now banning all same-sex marriages in that state. he said previous rulings in other states are confusing and until there are uniform rules he doesn't want judges to issue licenses but not all judges are following that order. we'll keep following this story for you throughout the day. the video is terrifying. a 10-year-old boy and his mom and her partner forced to jump four stories from a burning building. this hatched early this morning in canada. witnesses say the ladder of the fire truck malfunctioned and that's what left the family trapped. they could be heard screaming for help before they had to jump 40 feet to the ground. they were treated for just minor
3:37 am
injuries, otherwise okay. and a nightmare comes to life at 10,000 feet. imagine this. heart-stopping video shows an open emergency door on board a flit to south korea. take a close look at the gap in the door right there. you can see where it should have been sealed tight. that flight was forced to turn back a half an hour after takeoff. they went up to 10,000 feet with that door like that we're told. some of the 163 passengers suffered head and ear aches. i'll say. and can someone say timber? >> oh, my god. >> ohhhh! >> yeah, that's probably what happens when you try to do it yourself. that tree was supposed to fall the other way. the giant tree came crashing onto the roof of the house right next to it. at first it seemed like the tree would fall safely onto the grass, but obviously that removal didn't go as planned. anyone who takes down trees on their property, they know there's a real art to that thing. >> absolutely. >> you no he what, heather,
3:38 am
whatever they saved by doing it themselves they spent on the new roof. >> it's so true. you let the pros do it. >> you do. call a guy. heather, thank you. "american idol" has returned for a 15th and final season. last night's premiere kicked off with auditions in atlanta. big names, jennifer lopez, keith urban and harry connick jr. all back as judges for this big farewell season. senior vice president of marketing sat down with one of those judges for what to expect. michael, i felt like this show was going to go on forever. >> it felt that way. >> it was huge at one point. >> huge. it's been called the most impactful show on television. when you look at the numbers at one point, 30 million people tuned in every night. it took up four nights of the entire week. it's the only show, there's been a lot of copy cats, that's the only show that's produced stars. carrie underwood, jennifer hudson. >> kelly clarkson. >> kelly clarkson. >> even the host, ryan seacrest. >> last night was an amazing
3:39 am
show. fox looked back at the creation of the show, what they thought in the beginning, how it grew, how they were stunned, the judges came out of nowhere. no one knew who ryan seacrest is. look what's happening today. >> it pushed fox to become number one for the first time, too. >> here's what harry connick jr. has to say about the upcoming final season. let's take a look. >> the talent level is really, really huge. there are great people. what's different this year is the people we choose are really ready for primetime. sometimes we would choose people for how they were in the room and they sang a song that was particularly moving not really thinking about, hopefully they'll come out of their shell as the competition goes on. these people are ready to go. they're all performers. some are big performers, some are small performers. they're all comfortable on the stage in one way or another. that's what we're most excited about, not to mention all of the things "idol" is going to do.
3:40 am
>> speaking of surprises, kanye west showed up to audition last night? >> who knew. >> let's listen. >> it has one of the judge's names in it. >> okay. let's see. beater [ bleep ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. he is a genius. >> i think the music actually smiled. kanye west smiled. >> by the way, they did patch him through. >> by the way, the new leo movie. >> everyone's saying oscar. best leading male in the drama. he's been nominated four times. this is the year for leo. he plays a frontiers man left for dead. the shoot was -- the movie was beautiful and brutal at the same time. these guys really endured the
3:41 am
elements for this shoot. there's a scene with a bear that has a lot of people talking about it. it's incredibly choreographed. we caught up with leo at the red carpet premiere in new york city and had to ask him how they shot that scene. >> there it is. >> i will say that it's with a massive amount of research. the man watched hundreds and hundreds of clips on bear attacks, and he wanted to make it feel almost like virtual reality and i think people are going to be talking about this sequence in cinematic history for a long period of time, and rightfully so, because he achieved something that is -- it's ground breaking. it really is ground breaking. you really feel like you're there. >> the big question is, is that a real bear? is that really -- >> they will not say. they will not let the rabbit out of the hat as they say. >> you would think if it was a real bear they would go, yeah, it's a real bear. >> breaking news that leonardo dicaprio actually went to a barber apparently. >> a lot of breaking news in this segment.
3:42 am
>> we really believe these stars really dealt with the elements of the wilderness. are we believing that? >> i'm believing that, brian. they said they did it. >> if you say so. >> all right. >> entertainment tonight, it has to be. >> michael, thank you very much. coming up on this thursday, the powerball jackpot just got bigger. that's right. no winner last night, but before you get a ticket for the next drawing on saturday night, stick around. we're going to reveal some of the proven strategies to pick a winner. >> really? >> yup. >> isn't it all an algorithm. weeks before the iowa caucuses, ted cruz's foreign policy adviser wants to talk art? you'll want to hear why. >> it will make sense. >> art who?
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3:46 am
we've reached the historic iowa caucus. ted cruz's foreign policy adviser wants to talk art. >> that's right. she says the iconic master pieces of our time may reveal more about the fight for freedom and liberty than we once thought. joining us is senior foreign policy adviser for senator ted cruz's 2016 campaign and author of the new book "david sling, a history of democracy in ten works of art." dr. victoria cook joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> please explain. brian is very confused. >> thanks very much. you have the ancient art and it talked about freedom back then and they still live today. >> that's the great thing about david sling, it goes from the ancient, from ancient athens but up to the 20th century and picasso. it's a 2400 year story of how democracy has time and time again inspired the great works of art that we all love.
3:47 am
>> so you also talk about, for example, monet? >> uh-huh. >> what do we see there? >> monet, it's surprising to people he actually painted into the 20th century. at the end of world war i gave his great waterlily series to the nation of france to commemorate the victory. >> you talk about freedom. where do you see the freedom? what is he trying to capture? >> what monet was very passionate about was the third republic and the democracy that was so hard won in france. he wanted to use the paintings, as i said, to commemorate the victory, the great victory of france. he was very close friends to the prime minister at the time. >> one that's so familiar to all of us, michael angelo's, the david, how does that apply? >> with the david what's exciting about that is people think of it as an ideal of beauty. what it was, it was a commemoration of the republic of florence. michael angelo was very politically active. he deliberately created that to be a warning to florentines.
3:48 am
>> you talked about the parthenon. >> that was the first one, the democracy in athens is the first attempt at freedom as we know it. it still stands today as the embodiment of that achievement. >> you have a fascinating background. you are wearing a couple hats here. you're an art historian. >> true. >> and the senior foreign policy adviser to a leading presidential candidate. how's the campaign going for ted cruz? >> it seems to be going extremely well. they're all out in iowa this week working very hard, doing many stops, getting around, seeing a lot of people. we have tremendous momentum behind it. i think it's really a moment for senator cruz who i think is channelling a lot of what the american people are feeling, particularly in terms of foreign policy. it's an unsettling time. >> one thing you said yesterday, you said i will not think like a front-runner. i always have to feel like an underdog. is that the feeling amongst the others in the camp? >> very much so.
3:49 am
it's a little bit of a david and goliath story, which is where the book gets its name. two years ago no one would have thought he would be in the position he's been. working very hard and we're very, very pleased. >> fascinating stuff. thank you for joining us this morning. >> it's called "david sling, a history of democracy in ten works of art." good job, doctor, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead. >> criminal charges coming soon for hillary clinton? >> i predict that hillary will not make it to the finish line. she's going to have to be charged with a crime. >> a former u.s. attorney general says, yes, unless the justice department stands in the way. judge napolitano will explain. >> he says there will be a lot of pressure from the fbi. the power ball got bigger. before you get a ticket, stick around. we'll be revealing the proven strategies. >> did you buy a ticket? >> i don't want to win. i'm billy,
3:50 am
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all right. now time for your newsny the bummers first 10,000 percent. that's the increase of children named mohammed in the united states since 1964. it's gone up 10,000 percent. next, 40,000, that's how many backlogged veterans disability claims were found packed inside boxes. got anybody working on those? i don't think so. the disturbing discovery was made by the inspector general at the st. petersburg v.a. hospital. and finally, $50,000. if you're in that much tax debt, including taxes and penalties, the state department now has the power to revoke your passport.
3:54 am
the state department. the law was secretly tucked inside the transportation bill last month. and now you know what's going on. >> are we still -- >> just make sure your shirt is tucked in. >> all right. now to some other numbers this morning. last night's $524 million powerball jackpot, wow, brian kilmeade. >> yes, what an intro. with the winning numbers, kaitlyn pratt joins us from atlanta with the ways that the we can win. >> winning numbers? >> yes. >> good morning to you. okay. there's a reason why they call it powerball fever, right? so many people across the nation, they love to talk about their plans if they should win. vacations, boats, et cetera. we also like to talk about losing, so many people lamenting this morning they didn't win that money. but guess what?
3:55 am
it's now ballooned to a record $675 million. the chance coming up on saturday to win that. okay. people did, though, check their tickets win across the nation, 13 people, $1 million winners. one here in georgia. so there is that. make sure you do check your tickets. and it's always fun when we do these stories and talk to people that talk and bring up those little factoids, because, let's face it, winning, slim to none. 1 in 292.2 million have a chance. those are the factoids, you're more likely to be hit by lightning. you're more likely, ladies, to have quadruplets. so another chance for you on saturday. the latest here in atlanta, i'm kaitlyn pratt, back to you. >> listen. we have no chance if you don't buy a ticket at all. >> that's right. kaitlyn, thank you very much. here's my ticket. let's go through the winning numbers once again officially. my ticket, i have one correct
3:56 am
number. the winning numbers last night, 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, with the powerball of 17. and may i be the first one you will see televised today. only had one number. >> boy. >> all your kids are through college, it's okay. let's talk about different ways that you can win. the one thing you should not do is pick your favorite numbers, your birth dates and things -- >> how did you pick your numbers? >> i did what the experts say, 70% of the majority of past winners used quick pick. we had a fellow on this program however who has won seven lotteries. he says if you pick your own numbers, play your own numbers each and every time, also, if you're going to pick some numbers, the most frequently picked numbers are 8, 54, 14, 39, and 13. and once again, as kaitlyn just said the next powerball drawing is saturday with $675 million.
3:57 am
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good morning, everybody. it is thursday, january 7th, 2015. i'm sandra smith. breaking just moments ago, reports that saudi arabia has launched a missile at the iranian embassy in yemen. this morning, the mideast is on the brink of disaster. >> this happening on the heels of brand-new video just released from inside a training academy where jihadis are learning to make missiles. the details are going to shock you. wow. meanwhile, a brand-new birther controversy hits the 2016 campaign trail. >> as a legal matter, the question is quite straightforward and settled law that the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural-born citizen. >> more on the questions donald
4:01 am
trump has raised on the campaign trail. in a live report from washington, d.c. live from new york city, it's "fox & friends." a lot going on this morning, including what's happening overseas in the middle east, as well as what's happening in the stock market here at home. >> and look who's with us. we've got sandra smith today. good morning to you. >> unfortunately, the stock market a big part of the day as well. another triple digit loss in the futures. looks like another sharp sell-off when trading begins on this thursday morning. it's been a down day every day so far for 2016. >> because of china, right? >> a lot of it is china. a lot of it is just general concern about where the u.s. and the global economy is headed. >> of course, nobody would care about the stock market going down if they won the powerball last night. but there was no gigantic winner. as we told you in the last segment, this saturday's drawing, $675 million. >> talk about gigantic winners. let's go over to heather nauert. >> good morning. we've got some major breaking news coming in overseas right
4:02 am
now. we begin with a fox news alert where you're taking a live look at terrorists now. a man with a knife was just shot dead outside a police station. this is significant, because officials there say that the man had wires coming out of his clothing. and that he was yelling allah akbar. now it's unclear if any police officers were hurt. we're still getting in this information right now. this comes on the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks at the "charlie hebdo" magazine in paris that killed 17 people there. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. in the mean time, brand-new disturbing footage emerging from inside an isis weapons lab. they were taken from an isis fighter who was caught after he was trying to sneak into europe. the images prove that the terror group is capable of making surface-to-air missiles, remote control bombs, with mannequins disguised as humans. listen to this. >> if the sensor identified what it believed to be a human being in that vehicle, then potentially that vehicle could
4:03 am
get closer before any, you know, counteraction would take place. >> that former bomb technician saying this video keeps him up at night he's so concerned about it. no potential targets, we're told, were revealed in those tapes. another fox news alert, two dangerous detain ears from gitmo have been set free and we're now just learning how bad these guys are. mohammed bin atef fought for osama bin laden and is a member of the taliban. the pentagon said that he posed a high risk to the united states if he was released. nevertheless, he's being released. the second inmate, khalid mohammed al dhuby was trained with al qaeda in afghanistan. he posed just a medium risk to america. both men were transferred to ghanaa. >> a desperate rescue attempt in new york state to free 17 miners trapped nearly 1,000 feet under the earth. they were trapped just before midnight eastern time at a salt mine in lansing, new york. there was an elevator there that stopped working. officials say they're not able
4:04 am
to talk to trapped miners but they say that no one is hurt at least not yet. they have sent down heat packs and blankets to keep them warm during that rescue that's now seven hours old. we'll keep you posted on that, as well. a whole lot going on this morning. very busy news day. >> all right, heather, thanks very much. meanwhile new battle brewing over birth certificates. donald trump has launched some criticism at rival ted cruz. to explain it all and a lot of people were talking about it yesterday down in d.c. we've got douglas in the d.c. bureau with the latest. >> good morning, guys. this is a familiar charge coming from donald trump but with a new target in mind, questioning whether ted cruz is, in fact, a natural-born citizen. cruz initially kind of laughed this off, made a happy days reference, said that donald trump is jumping the shark in making this charge, but yesterday when you listened to it, to his response he's getting a little bit more serious about it. >> as a legal matter the question is quite
4:05 am
straightforward. and listen as last night's events demonstrated, i think there are serious issues facing the american people, serious issues to be decided in this election, and that's where our focus is going to stay is on the real issues that matter. >> thank you. >> all right, thank you. >> now, most legal scholars seem to agree with him on this. that he is, in fact, a natural-born citizen. one interesting little side note here john mccain just did an interview with a phoenix radio station and said that this is an issue that, in his words, is worth looking into. now that's a little bit surprising, given the fact in 2008 when john mccain ran for president there were questions about his legal status because he was born on a u.s. military base in panama. he says that there's a distinction between being born internationally on a u.s. base, versus being born in a foreign country. so we'll see where this goes today. >> thank you very much. let's bring in -- >> john mccain does not like ted cruz. that much is clear. >> let's bring in a judge. judge, what do you think? >> i think that ted cruz is
4:06 am
correct. that there's no serious legal dispute. but the child of an american citizen is a natural-born citizen, no matter where born. >> and -- >> i'm surprised that john mccain said that, other than as brian pointed out, they've been like this for the whole time that senator cruz has been in the senate. >> sure ted cruz's mother an american citizen, he was born in canada. >> there's a statute enacted by the congress directly on point. senator cruz is correct. >> okay. all right so that should maybe donald trump was just concerned that we nominate somebody that wouldn't be an american. so he should not be concerned? >> are you getting inside donald trump's mind? >> and remember just the whole birth certificate thing, and original birther thing, regarding barack obama, was started by the hillary camp back in 2007. >> right. right. we've never really had that dispute in american history. >> right. >> and donald trump, of course, championed that cause. that cause is no longer on the top of the fold. because barack obama is in his last year of his presidency. >> of course, italy wanted you
4:07 am
back but we would not let you go. >> so there's a big legal battle going on. let's talk about hillary clinton if we can, and the investigation into her e-mails that has been lasting for weeks and weeks and weeks. >> fbi. >> is it coming to fruition now and is the fbi close to a conclusion? >> the information that those of us who watch this get, which comes in dribs and drabs, is that they are close to a conclusion. now from my observation of it, the evidence of her guilt and her worthiness for prosecution is simply overwhelming. especially when compared to the evidence against general petraeus, who was convicted. the crime is, the failure to secure national security. as well as other people whose names are not well-known to us whom this justice department has prosecuted for failure to secure national security secrets. the proposition that joe degeneva, former federal u.s. attorney in washington, d.c.
4:08 am
raised is what happens if the fbi amasses a strong case against her, recommends prosecution, and then attorney general lynch says no? >> so there's still the case -- yeah there's still the case -- >> well i think what happens is you see degeneva predict and i think there's grounds to believe this, and almost watergate style resignation from the justice department. >> a revolt inside the doj? >> yes. look there are political people in the fbi. they're human beings like the rest of us. but she is in the hands, mrs. clinton is being investigated by a very serious apolitical team of highly professional law enforcement folks whose job is to enforce the federal law, and to secure national security, and they don't really care who the target of their investigation is. >> sure, okay. so, joe di geneva said something is coming to critical mass in the fbi within 60 days. we should know if she's indicted. the criminal indictment. you say the evidence is
4:09 am
overwhelming. if that happens she would suddenly become, as she's running for president, people will be going, hmm, maybe she's not the person who would be and so is it a coincidence that joe biden said yesterday he regrets he's not running, he has second doubts every day, he claims it's the right decision for his family after his son bo died. it seems suspicious did >> i don't think there's any coincidences. i don't know what's going through joe biden's mind. i believe him when he says he regrets it. >> it's too late though. >> it appeared too late in october. it appeared at the time that mrs. clinton had an insurmountable lead. bernie sanders is leading her in iowa now, and they're neck and neck in new hampshire with him also leading. but an indictment would be a firebomb in the middle of the democratic campaign -- >> is there still a chance, judge, that biden could run? >> yes, yes. there is a legal and financial chance for him to run. it's a bit of a stretch but with mrs. clinton out of the race,
4:10 am
with bernie sanders the loopy socialist that the democrats really probably don't want, excuse me for repeating myself, probably don't want as their stand bearer i think a lot of eyes will turn to old joe. >> poor old joe. >> or elizabeth warren. >> interesting. >> all right. >> 60 days. >> all right. >> judge, thank you. >> a fox news alert, saudi arabia launched a missile at the iranian embassy in yemen. this morning the mideast is on the brink of a disaster. we have the breaking details on all of this, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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4:14 am
legalzoom. legal help is here. news we talked about, iran's state-run news agency says a saudi-led airstrike hit the iranian embassy in yemen. that happened last night. however the ap is saying, their journalists say, yemen say there appears to be no visible damage and it goes on to say that they were targeting rocket launchers that were near the abandoned embassy. >> now, keep in mind, the backstory is over the last week or so, saudi arabia has severed ties with iran on sunday after crowds of protesters attacked two of their diplomatic missions in iran. of course, those attacks came after saudi arabia executed a
4:15 am
prominent opposition shiite cleric over the weekend. it's become a religious battle. >> so -- >> and it has been for centuries. >> yeah. and the big question this morning, after all of this news continues to come to fruition, is the mideast on the brink of disaster? the former head of the defense intelligence agency under president obama, general michael flynn, says the next president will be left with an absolute mess. listen to this. >> the importance of this next national election is huge, because whoever is the president of the united states is going to deal with an absolute mess on their hands. and it's going to last for a long time, potentially their entire presidency, so that this next election is huge. when there is a void of u.s. leadership around the world, and i've seen this in many places, but particularly in the middle east in the last -- certainly in the last couple of decades, whenever there's a void in u.s.
4:16 am
leadership it will be filled. and it will be filled by dictators, by terrorists, by those threats that we face and we've seen many of them. you laid out a bunch of them. isis, iran, you know, the taliban, the al qaeda that's still out there, all of the problems that we're having with russia, and the dynamic of russia being involved now. i don't want to sit here and bash on our president, i don't. i really want to help. but we are making poor decisions. we're making -- we're showing the enemies and the threat that we face, we're showing that our weaknesses in such a big way and frankly it's very dangerous. >> in many ways, want to make a point, we're making no decisions. we are not taking an aggressive role to try to calm tensions down there. being that we now have established relations with iran to a degree we could actually talk to both sides. think about this over the weekend when this -- this cleric was executed, he was executed along with al qaeda terrorists.
4:17 am
he was put in the mix because he's essentially trying to overthrow the sitting government. i don't know if you heard about that. the royal family doesn't really like that. in turn, yesterday, in an effort to defuse tensions, perhaps, rouhani came out and said all those people that raided the saudi embassy, they're criminals. we had nothing to do with that. so they realize breaking off relations with bahrain, uae, as well as kuwait, have all broken off relations to a degree with iran, in response to the bombing of the saudi embassy. >> i don't think saudi arabia saw this reaction, because given how the regime operates, we should also point out this morning -- >> what do you mean? >> just because they've done this kind of execution in the past and they never got this kind of reaction before. also breaking at this hour, at least 65 people have been killed in a bomb attack at a libyan police training center, apparently somebody drove a truck rigged with explosives into this particular facility that can house up to 400 police
4:18 am
cadets. they've killed at least 65, 400 trainees on the facility. it looks like locally they're calling for people in the area to come and donate blood. this is another terror attack in libya. >> as clearly the world is on fire and we watch all this news unfold this morning, and the middle east is a mess, and you just heard from general michael flynn, saying this is going to be up to the next president. >> yes. >> to clean up. it's going to take quite some time. and what we have heard from some recent four star generals saying, this is the moment in time when you look at this election, and we talk to the candidates on both sides of the aisle, we need to be asking the question, what is the role of the u.s. in the world? because on that news we look to the u.s. what is going to be the u.s. reaction to this? >> i would say what's different about this is, is that for the first time we seem to be taking the side of iran. we seem to be more sympathetic, if you look at all the news stories coming out, it's how could the saudis execute a shia cleric while he's trying to
4:19 am
overthrow the government, that's why. and why, why is it okay for iran to allow an embassy to be overrun again? we've seen this movie before. and now they're trying to calm down tensions. but the sunni world is all backed away from them. the shia world remains behind iran and we have done nothing. we are allowing russia to be the power brokers and believe it or not, iraq said i'll try to defuse tensions. because we're not doing anything. >> to that point, i talked to anthony zinni, former four star general the other day who said that he believes that the situation is going to escalate between saudi arabia and iran. it's going to lead to a hot war. and when the u.s. does, indeed, react, whose side are they going to take? >> that's the big question. it's been with the -- >> correct. >> saudi arabia. >> but you're left with that question. >> to summarize, the middle east appears to be melting down. all right, it is about 7:20 here in new york city. coming up another breaking story. take you overseas. a man with a knife yelling all la akbar goes on an attack in the city of light, back in
4:20 am
paris. we're going to have breaking details with the reporter coming up next. >> the stock market is on the brink of a disastrous opening yet again another down day in 2016. what is going on? we had a 400 point sell-off in dow futures right now. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment
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4:23 am
making a murderer hits the mainstream. netflix's ten-part true crime series spurring a series of petitions to free the convicted killer in this particular episode, steven avery, and his nephew. now petitions to free avery have popped up, one on has
4:24 am
more than 300,000 signatures. and now another has enough to warrant an official response from the white house. former prosecutor ken craft told megyn kelly here on fox the documentary leaves out key evidence proving avery's guilt. listen to this. >> in my opinion, the most persuasive was the dna that was found on the hood latch of the victim's car. that hood latch had dna on it, it came out to be steven avery's dna. but importantly, it was nonblood dna. the documentary suggests that this is all a mystery, how did they know this happened. it wasn't a mystery at all. it was all tied up with evidence at the trial. >> fox news contributor tamara holder is an attorney who focuses on pardons and clemency and has filed more than 150 petitions joins us live today. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> okay i've only seen the opening episode of this. it's very compelling.
4:25 am
and the way the producers make it look, make it look like that man, steven avery, was framed by the cops. first of rape, which he was exonerated of thanks to dna evidence, and then later of murder. >> right. well, keep in mind that there was 400 hours of -- of stuff, evidence, on trial, all kinds of -- all kinds of things. and so the producer even said we can't use 400 hours -- plus over the course of ten years. he had to break it down into just ten episodes, ten hours. so we lose a lot of information. whether it's in the defendant's favor or not, when you have these kinds of documentaries. and that's the question that we have to ask ourselves, is that enough? >> sure. and there's now news that apparently one or maybe two of the people who sat on the murdered jury have now said you know what, i would have voted for innocence, but i felt like i was, you know, i was in danger if i didn't do this. >> right. they said that they were afraid.
4:26 am
but that is -- the courts have held that being afraid, or scared of repercussions or back lash is not enough to actually overturn a case. now, there -- the question is, is there additional evidence that's going to release either of these men from prison? that's where we are right now. i don't know if that's going to happen. but, additional evidence in a case is separate than seeking a pardon. because they're saying they're completely innocent. >> okay. so you are watching the series. you haven't finished it either. but from what you've seen so far does it make it look like the documentarians have assembled enough information so that there could be a new trial? or, you know, at the very best for him, a pardon or clemency? >> well, to start, the pardon -- the president of the united states cannot grant a pardon for a state crime, period. so only -- >> the governor could -- >> governor walker can. but the petition asks for president obama and walker. period. but there's no question.
4:27 am
he cannot intervene. that's the first thing. but, sure, there's -- there's both good and bad. and the previous guy who was talking, he said that there wasn't the dna evidence. remember you don't have to have just blood. semen is dna evidence. hair, fingerprints, all of those things can point to somebody's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and i think that we have to respect the jury in all of these situations, whether it's o.j., where a lot of people thought that he was guilty. but he was found not guilty. and in this case the opposite. we have to respect the jury. >> sure. you mentioned governor walker. i believe in the last day or two his office has come out and said there's going to be no pardon, no clemency for this guy. but a question for you, tamara, and that is this, it is interesting that netflix has this series, and now people all across the country, all around the world, are looking at it, and they're going, the cops are dirty. the prosecutor's framed this guy. >> well, yeah, and if you compare something not to be
4:28 am
political here but if you look at the black lives movement, and you look at a lot of these things where there are wrongful convictions in the african-american community, and now we have a white man, who of two white men who are now on -- on "fox & friends" and there's a netflix series and all of these things, it's bringing to light an issue that we have in america. and it's not a black or white issue. it's an issue of wrongful convictions, and getting the proper counsel possible. and on top of that i just want to point out, a lot of people who need pardons aren't ever in prison. they were sentenced to probation. they were set free. and they just can't coach their kid's basketball games. they can't go to canada. >> they can't get a job. >> they can't get a job. >> sure. >> and keep in mind, ultimately, a jury looked at all the evidence, and they said this guy's guilty. >> right. and i want to be able to respect the jury. even though i'm a defense attorney. >> all right. famili tamara holder, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> what do you think about this? what do you think about the
4:29 am
steven avery case. meanwhile coming up breaking right now, a man armed with a knife screaming allah akbar is going on an attack in paris. we are live there with the very latest, next. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
4:30 am
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4:32 am
we are back with a fox news alert. we have just learned that the man just shot dead by police in paris apparently was wearing an explosive belt. however, at this point it looks like the belt was a fake. >> wow. meanwhile, a witness said they heard the famous phrase allah akbar shouted out. >> benjamin hall is live in paris for us with the latest on this story. benjamin, what can you tell us at this point? >> well, so far what we know from french officials is that this was most likely a terror-related offense. this man as you say ran into the police station in northern france, northern paris, shouting
4:33 am
allah akbar god is great. he was wielding a knife and had wires hanging from out of his clothing. the reuters news agency said they believe it was a fake suicide vest and he has now been shot dead. it happened minutes after french president francois hollande was commemorating the deaths of the "charlie hebdo" massacre a year ago to the day and commemorating the death of police officers. the fact this was an attack in a police station may well be connected. europe has been on edge in recent weeks, recent months fearful of another attack after november 13th. this one seems to have happened. we don't know much about the attacker. could have been a lone wolf. but there are sirens all over the area, and schools have been shut down. so again, this man has been shot dead. he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, and police officers at that station shot him dead. again the commemoration still going on after the "charlie hebdo" a year ago, the november 13th attacks. you'll remember that the brussels fireworks this new year were canceled. the paris fireworks were
4:34 am
canceled the new year. so people have been expecting an attack. they've been waiting for something to happen. as more information comes out we'll continue bringing it to you. but paris very much on edge at the moment. the attacker shot dead, allahu akbar, clearly related to radical islam at the moment. we don't yet know if the attacker was on the books of the police if they knew him in advance, which often they do. but at the moment, this crisis this attack seems to be over. the police being very cautious shutting down the area and making sure that schools are safe in case there was any other follow-up attacks. again another terror-related attack in paris today just after the commemoration of the "charlie hebdo" massacre. >> speed matters, too. because we have to find out who this guy is linked to, get to where he's located and the other people that are probably running for their lives right now. correct? >> yeah that's right. every attack that happens opens up new avenues to find other people. they'll be looking at who he is, his phone bills, who he's been
4:35 am
contacting. whether this was a wider cell, a one-off lone wolf attack. every new lead leads to new arrests, new raids. you can be sure that we'll see some of those happening in the next few days. speed is very much of the essence. the chance this is going to be coordinated with other attacks in the area. so we'll wait to see. we'll bring you more details as we get them. >> benjamin, thank you very much. meanwhile as we started our program, sandra smith, who has a background in business news from the fox business network and also outnumbered who's been joining us today, we've been talking about how the u.s. stock market was set to have a gigantic setoff and in fact last night when we all went to bed they stopped trading in china because it was already down 7%. is this going to impact the market? >> this adds to the global uncertainty that continues to weigh on the u.s. stock market as well as what you're seeing over in europe, and china. the stock market in germany has been suffering big losses. yes, so in china there is continued concerns about weakness in their economy. they've been devaluing their
4:36 am
currency in order to lift their export business. >> that's one way to do it. >> they're devaluing their currency against ours. so this is all telling the world that things aren't very good as far as the global economy is concerned. but then you have terror. and all of that uncertainty is never good for stocks. so we continue to see the sell-off, another 400-plus point sell-off ahead of the opening bell on wall street this morning. there is a lot of concern in the new year. >> i know you don't want to think about terror and safety and security, but also when people are worried, they also go into certain stocks, don't they? and there are certain security stocks or defense stocks -- >> high dividend stocks. utility stocks. there are a lot of safer sectors out there, but brian i got to tell you, nothing's been spared in this sell-off so far in 2016. everything has been down. >> okay. not good news for the u.s. economy. >> yeah. >> so far, more on this a little later on. in the mean time we turn to hepter nauert who joins us with some other news. >> we're talking about politics right now and one thing is for certain, donald trump rallies
4:37 am
are always very interesting. several obama supporters were confronted at a trump rally in massachusetts and they got their spines ripped up. watch this. >> shut up. shut your mouth. >> who cares -- >> you know when you think about it -- >> you disagree with this? >> yeah, i said disagree. >> well the signs read america is already great. and god bless president obama. well trump supporters started chanting usa, usa, and security came in moments later to escort the obama supporters out. a bizarre ending to a series of fiery rampages. police say 33-year-old joshua van buskirk set fire to his groomsmens' cars and homes when they didn't stand by him after his marriage fell apart. police say he left a string of clues all the way along including a note reading, connect the dots. now in a new jailhouse interview
4:38 am
he says he's being framed. >> i don't know who could have, i don't know if it's a setup job or not. i'm just basing all of my statements off of the information that i have. >> all right there. he's now facing a handful of charges and he's denying all of them. listen to what happened to the dirty jobs host mike roe. he has been forced to say he is not the guy who robbed a bank earlier this week in oregon. poor guy. take a look. there's mike rowe's screen left. and that's the alleged bank robber screen right. it shows a pretty strong reaccept blens between the guys. this happened in medford, oregon. the police department was forced to jokingly say that they've arrested rowe after tipsters called in suggesting the robber might be him. thanks, guys. rowe then took to facebook with his defense even providing an alibi to put an end to that confusion.
4:39 am
boy. kind of hung out to dry there. >> it looks just like him. >> maybe cnn doesn't pay that well. and he just had to get additional income. >> let's bring him here. >> thank you, heather. >> one of your favorites, american idol, brian, is returning for its 15th and final season last night's premiere kicked off with auditions in atlanta. jennifer lopez, keith urban, harry connick jr., one of my faves, all back as judges for the farewell season. >> over the last 15 years or so, brian has been our official idol correspondent. he loves tinseltown. he's often headed out there for the final week to check in with the judges. so we thought it would be fun to take a look back, brian, at some of your favorite, emotional -- you ready? >> get a tissue. >> let's watch. >> this is "american idol"! >> i don't think any season would be complete for you. i don't mean to put words in your mouth, if there wasn't a visit from "fox & friends." >> it's an annual thing. i like it. it's like barbara walters before the oscars. >> it's the fighting, the
4:40 am
friendliness, the passion. is it real? >> no. you know, we've discussed this. you know working with people you don't like very much. ♪ >> somewhere over the rainbow was everyone's home run for you both times. and where did you start that song? >> on the ground. >> let's do it. let's move the chair. let's finish up the interview on the ground. >> i don'tso. >> this time tomorrow, the new "american idol" will be crowned. >> yes. >> be crowned. we should get a crown. >> taylor hicks. >> would you by any chance be able to play us out. ♪ >> my new favorite song and that will be on the album. the new american idol jordin sparks 2007. the most talented to come out here.
4:41 am
just 17 years old. >> i'm telling you, listen, how can cowell say i don't think that's fantastic? can you imagine, you're a pinhead get off. that's good stuff. >> i had a chance to talk to simon cowell about his final season. >> we've had six years of one-on-one. and if you could hold yourself together during this, i think you're going to be in good shape. >> okay. ♪ you never let me down ♪ you turned my life around the sweetest days i've found i've found with you ♪ through the years i've never been afraid ♪ >> i don't need them. >> you don't? >> no. >> you know, the show goes forward, it will be different. i just want to thank you. >> this year you have jennifer lopez, steven tyler. ♪ sing for me >> it's just about me being honest, open and having fun up there. >> the envelope comes out, it's sealed you open up the envelope,
4:42 am
you look at it, and what do you think? >> thinking what in the world is about to happen? >> scottie -- >> i thought i was going to win that time. >> you got close. you never know. >> oh, those were the days. >> not many people think about how the end of idol affects me. >> and i think that's -- >> listen, i think i should go back one more time. it depends how much money we have in the budget. >> you and simon cowell, that is the definition of a bromance. >> that's true. that's true. and i'm surprised we -- haven't had contact for five years. he got married, had a family, i haven't heard from him. it's the worst bromance ever. >> break it up. >> all right. break up. >> so anyway, another episode of "american idol" as they kick off the 15th season tonight on fox. >> i have a prediction. it's going to go so well this year they're going to announce at the end of the year they're coming back. >> really? >> i'll bet you $10 no. >> and that simon cowell is coming back? >> no, no. >> i wouldn't be surprised because he's doing america's got
4:43 am
talent now. >> drama. >> all right coming up on this thursday, controversy swirling in a small southern town after the police department puts in god we trust on police cruisers. the mayor is to defend his decision to keep those stickers on the cars, and he's next. >> have you seen this video? it's a father outraged after his 10-year-old little girl was patted dounld over and over again by the tsa. that man and his daughter join us live. just ahead. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. it's our nation's motto. it's written on our money. now it's on the police cars and fire trucks in china grove, north carolina. but the new cars have caused some controversy. especially calls -- especially from a group called the original motto product based in seattle who argue and this is what's on the decal and the bumper stickers in god we trust is not inclusive. so what does the town of china grove respond with?
4:47 am
well, here's the mayor, lee withers to respond. mr. mayor, in god we trust is on the police cars. some are upset about it. what's your reaction? >> brian, i think we're just excited that we're getting the word out of the official u.s. motto. it's nothing to draw controversy to. i think what we're excited about is we're just happy to be americans. >> that's what you -- that's why you thought it was necessary. are you surprised this is even controversial? >> i mean i'm not surprised, no. i mean in this day and age, with social media, as things spread, i think that we tend to blow things out of proportion, in a 24-hour news cycle there's no telling what will hit. but we're a very reverent, very patriotic community, we fly the american flag, we say the pledge of allegiance before every meeting, and why would we not post the official u.s. motto in our town council and also on our vehicles? >> now i know most people are in
4:48 am
support but some aren't. when you talk about social media here's an example on facebook jay writes it's in poor taste. i think religion belongs -- i don't think religion belongs in government. also a posted from rebecca separation of church and state i don't need this pushed in my face as a taxpayer vehicles or structures, this is 2015 not 1815. your response to them? >> i mean, i would say the great thing about it is what an amazing country that we live in. that people get to be for and against something, and maybe even go and grab a cup of coffee right after it. and that's part of what the u.s. motto is about. it's -- it was passed by eisenhower in the '50s in congress, and reintroduced and reaffirmed in 2002 and i believe a little later. and that's what this great country is about, is we all get to have opinions, and we all get to stand by them, without any persecution. >> and mr. mayor you're not budging, though, correct? >> i missed that last question.
4:49 am
>> you're not changing? nothing's coming off the trucks, nothing's coming out of the detals aren't changing, correct? >> i will say this, that there's no need to. it's the official u.s. motto. when the current congress tells us we need to change it, then we'll be happy to change it. but we are -- we're americans here and we're proud of it. >> and in god we trust and that's going to be everywhere in china grove. thanks so much, mr. mayor. best of luck. >> yes, sir. thank you all. >> all right, eleven minutes now before the top of the hour. we change gears. have you seen this video? it's a dad outraged after his 10-year-old little girl was patted down over and over again by the tsa. that man, and his daughter, join us live next. turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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imagine this. a 10-year-old little girl, patted down by a tsa agent, for two full minutes, all because she forgot her little juice pouch in her carry-on bag. her father recorded the incident and said the pat-down just pent too far. joining us now is kevin payne along with his 10-year-old daughter vendella. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning, sandra. >> all right, dad, so explain what happened here. i'm very familiar with going through the process with two little ones. i've got bottles and milk, and they do do extra screenings. so, they did a test on the capri sun, the little juice box, and what happened? >> you know, i've traveled with her since she was born, and we've never had an issue. we've often forgotten a bottle of water, or shampoo, and they typically just remove it, and it's a nonissue. but this time things seemed to go extremely wrong. >> so there was a false positive -- they take a swipe at the airport of the liquid, and
4:54 am
it turned up positive. so they had to do further checking. and so then what happened then? >> you know, while they were explaining the process, you know, they told us she was immediately going to get patted down, and retesting the swab on another machine was not an option, that the pat-down had to be done. >> so, the -- the -- the pat-down obviously is what's making you feel uncomfortable here. would you have been okay if they did a quick pat-down? was it the length of time that they did this that bothered you so much as a father? >> it was the fact that they didn't take any other steps prior to the pat-down. a thorough pat-down would have been fine had they taken other steps before having to default to the pat-down. >> yes. and and vendella is sitting there with you. i just can't even imagine you must have been i don't know how did this make you feel? >> i was very scared. i had no idea what was going on. i was confused.
4:55 am
i felt like screaming, and running out. >> oh. it -- vendella do you understand at all why they're taking these security measures at the airport? >> yes. i do. but, the thing is, she patted me down for two minutes, so -- and they should have been more tests prior to the pat-down. >> so -- so dad i -- a congressman has reached out to you following this -- this incident? >> yeah, well, i actually reached out to congressman scott peters' office and they returned my call and offered to help me file my complaint. and you know, what i think is really important is i heard on some earlier fox news stories earlier this year the tsa has a 96% failure rate in detecting explosives. they have 73 tsa employees that are on the terror watch list. and the airplanes that we have are being fixed in el salvador,
4:56 am
turkey and asia, where we don't know -- have any idea who's accessing the planes, so for them to be wasting time and resources on my daughter really seemed extreme. >> well, and, and, it's -- it's tough work and they're not all bad apples and we know that they're trying to keep us safe when we go on those airplanes. the tsa has, in fact, responded to this incident with a statement. here's what they had to say about allowing for the pat-down of a child. in your case your 10-year-old daughter. the tsa says tsa screening procedures allow for the pat-down of a child under certain circumstances. the process followed approved procedures. and that was specifically a response to your incident and, and svendella, i'm sorry that you had to go through that. i know that was difficult. thank you so much for joining us and telling us your story today. >> thank you, sandra. >> thanks. >> all right. well, coming up, breaking right now, a man shouting allahu akbar goes after a paris police station with what appeared to be
4:57 am
an explosive belt. all on the anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks. we're live in paris with the very latest at the top of the hour. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat...
4:58 am
marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke.
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5:00 am
good morning, everyone. it is thursday, january 7th, 2016. i'm sandra smith and this is a fox news alert. new terror in paris this morning. a man with a knife yelling allah akbar, goes on the attack in paris on the anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks. we are live in paris with the breaking details. more breaking news happening on wall street right now as overseas market tumbled early and hard before the bell rings. what can we expect? we've got an expert on the couch who will explain it all. and a desperate rescue attempt under way right now to free miners trapped 70 stories underground. what went wrong? how did this happen again? the very latest in moments. because, mornings, even on
5:01 am
thursday, this thursday, are better with friends. yep. we have a lot to cover around the world that's happening also here at home. so let's get right to the fox news alert. you have a robot appears to be inspecting the body of the man shot dead by police in paris. >> officials say he was wearing a fake explosive vest, carrying a butcher's knife, and shouting allahu akbar as he attempted to attack a police station. >> okay benjamin hall is live in europe with the very latest. benjamin -- benjamin joins us from london this morning. benjamin, today we should also point out is the anniversary, it was one year ago, that gunmen went in to the headquarters of "charlie hebdo" in paris. that is not a coincidence. >> you know, we don't know yet. but surely that anniversary date has come and it's quite a shock to everyone.
5:02 am
in paris. president francois hollande just moments earlier had been commemorating the death of french policemen who died a year earlier, and then this attack happened. a man running in to a police station in the 18th arrondissement trying to get in, wielding a knife and with a suicide vest on. we now know that suicide vest was fake. however the police acting accordingly, they shot the man dead, and immediately the response in the area was very quick. streets have been shut down. schools have been closed. and you know the police came under quite a lot of criticism after the november 13th attacks for not acting quickly enough. they certainly acted quickly this time. and they are checking out that suicide vest at the moment. they have a robot in there, as you say, and they're trying to learn more about the attacker. we don't know very much yet. what we do know is that he was around 40 years old. he was of an arab appearance. he had no i.d. on him. so they will be doing dna tests on him as soon as possible trying to learn if he was previously known to the police, if he has any known people that he may have been working with. and that's the fear at the moment, was this a lone wolf
5:03 am
attack? was it a copycat attack? is he connected to a wider cell? at the moment the threat seems to be over but the police not taking any chances athe all. another terror-related attack in paris at the moment. now, it happened in the 18th arrondissement as some people are pointing out, in isis propaganda they had said that area was going to be a target. so again another possible connection to previous isis attacks. but police in there at the moment shutting down schools, shutting down streets, and the residents of paris also taking shelter indoors. and of course, after those first -- those attacks last year, paris is not used to this, but they are prepared for it. and they know what to do. there have been numerous warnings about what to do if another attack takes place so paris shutting down very quickly. but this man of arab descent, 40 years old, run nothing a police station in the 18th arrondissement shouting allahu akbar. very little doubt this is terror related in connection with the islamic jihad that we're seeing around europe at the moment. so at the moment, paris just trying to figure out if there was another follow-up attack or
5:04 am
anything like that. we'll bring you more as we hear it. >> benjamin we thank you very much. we should also point out since it is the anniversary of charlie hebdo the president of france, francois hollande, had just made comments about how he's going to beef up security there. and in light of what has happened now, apparently, remember after the paris attacks, he asked for special powers for the government to -- emergency powers for three months, well apparently now he wants to extend that to a -- respond to the challenges, because in the words of the president of france, they are faced with acts of war. the big question is, did what happened today, as the man tried to get in to the police station there in paris, did it -- was it related to "charlie hebdo"? was it isis? don't know yet. but they're putting the pieces together. >> this isn't the only moment of tension and place of tension around the world. let's go over to the middle east where it's constant but now it's really picking up pace. over the weekend we saw the saudis execute 42 people. they added to their total of 159
5:05 am
for the year before most of which were al qaeda terrorists. mixed in there was a shiite cleric who was trying to overthrow the government and menacing the government so they killed him. he's shiite, that didn't really please the iranian government very much. and somehow, just like with us in 1979, they left the gate open, and there was a firebombing of the saudi embassy in tehran. the response, all the sunni nations in the region have cut off relations with iran. and that is the uae, that is the -- that is kuwait, that is sudan, and of course saudi arabia. and now there's been another response and it just happened a short time ago. >> yes, so the reports are that iran is accusing saudi arabia of airstrikes that hit the iranian embassy in yemen. last night. in all of this as we know this general michael flynn has is saying that the world is a mess, the middle east is a mess, and this is all going to be up to the next president to deal with it. this is what he says.
5:06 am
>> the importance of this next national election is huge because whoever is the president of the united states is going to deal with an absolute mess on their hands. and it's going to last for a long time, potentially their entire presidency, so that this next election is huge. when there is a void of u.s. leadership around the world, and i've seen this in many places, but particularly in the middle east, certainly in the last couple of decades, whenever there's a void of u.s. leadership, it will be filled. and it will be filled by -- by dictators, by terrorists, by those threats that we face. and we've seen many of them. you've laid out a bunch of them. and isis, iran, you know, the taliban, the al qaeda that's still out there. all of the problems that we're having with -- with russia, and the dynamic of russia being involved now. i don't want to sit here and bash on -- on our president, i don't. i really want to help.
5:07 am
but we are making poor decisions. we're taking -- we're showing the enemies, and the threat that we face, we're showing them our weaknesses, in such a big way, and frankly, it's very dangerous. >> at the same time we have basically a silent agreement with russia to allow assad to stay. we are doing nothing to defuse the tensions with saudi arabia and iran for the first time in our lifetime we're watching what the world looks like if america didn't show any interest and actually tilted towards iran among all any other nation. >> and what have we heard from this president about his big initiative most recently? global climate change, very worried about that. and of course, the scourge of guns in the u.s. >> as for as the assad regime the white house saying that they don't believe assad will be out of the power until 2017 that's well after president obama leaves office. >> so overnight the dow futures have tanked. a lot of that is in response to what is happening in asia, they stopped the stock market.
5:08 am
>> well, there's global chaos right now. we're reporting on yet another attack in paris this morning. >> yep. >> the, the, these saudi led air strikes apparently on iran. you've got china devaluing their currency concerns about where the economy is going there. right now we're seeing nearly another 400 point sell-off on dow futures. earlier this morning they were down even more than that. and this has some of our country's largest investors are saying we may be on the brink of another financial meltdown, there's many calls by our largest financial institutions for a recession this year and here we are kicking off 2016 with multiple triple digit losses. >> here's the question. we're watching china's problem. this isn't necessarily -- or how does china's problem become our problem? >> you could look at some of our largest -- our largest companies, and how much of their revenues come from china. >> exposure to china. >> exposure to china. but it's the trade. when china's devaluing their
5:09 am
currency, that's in an effort to raise their export business. our strong dollar right now, you hate to say it, but it's not great for our economy in the short-term. and that's what's happening. >> well, let's see what happens, the dow opens at 9:30 eastern time. in the mean time we got something else that's a little on the scary side. sky news got their hands on apparently jihadis have started essentially terror university, and these are images from inside an abandoned racetrack in raqqah, syria, and what they do is they put out these videos, they're essentially how-tos, trying to show jihadis how to take down jets by using what we thought were unusable surface-to-air missiles. unusable because reportedly the batteries ran out. well now isis, they figured out ways to cobble together homemade batteries. and also, because apparently they're running out of suicide car bombers, they have also figured out a way to have
5:10 am
driverless cars where they put mannequins in the front seat, and the passenger's side. they have some sort of a heat source inside of the mannequins, to emit a heat signature to fool sensors to guard british government buildings in the united kingdom. and the worry there is that they would have these drone cars and somebodies, you know, a couple of blocks away would be driving those cars with the joystick right in to a british building. >> you can actually see those cars in the video. it's quite staggering and was really telling us just how sophisticated they are getting as far as technology is concerned. but some of the video footage actually shows two jihadi fighters testing out this driverless car. it's designed to be packed with explosives, and it can be driven at high value targets, obviously targeted at the west. >> this what happens when you allow a country to just grow a terror nation to grow in between syria and iraq and do virtually nothing to take it down have advisers in there and let the kurds do some work.
5:11 am
this also shows this, those who say that poverty is the reason, these are educated, sophisticated people, who are choosing to use their knowledge for evil ways. it almost sounds like a cartoon but it's actually very real. and there are hours on tape to show people around the country, you don't need to go to raqqah. you could do it in a place near you. like they did in boston. they found out how to do that over there and then they did it over here. >> very troubling. >> all right there is other news, as well, on this thursday morning, isn't there, heather >> that's right. this one coming out of western new york state a desperate rescue attempt is taking place right now after a group of miners became trapped in a nearly 1,000 feet under the earth's surface. crews have just freed 12 of those miners we are told. that information coming in just moments ago. efforts under way to free one more. they were trapped just before midnight at a salt mine in lansing, new york. an elevator there had stopped working. officials say no one has been hurt. heat packs and blankets were
5:12 am
sent down to keep them warm. in the mean time, another major developing story at this hour. two more dangerous detainees have now been set free from gitmo. and we have just learned how bad these guys really are. mohammed omar bin atef, that's one guy, fought for osama bin laden and is a member of the taliban. the pentagon has said all along that he poses a high risk to the united states if released. and now he has been. the second inmate, khalid mohammed salin al dhuby trained with al qaeda in afghanistan. both men are on their way to gown ma in africa. the white house weighing in on senator ted cruz's citizenship calling it ironic after having president obama's citizenship scrutinized during his term. listen to this. >> look, i -- the -- it would be quite ironic if, after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate, if republican primary voters
5:13 am
were to choose somebody who actually wasn't born in the united states, and only 18 months ago renounced his canadian citizenship. >> hmm. well cruz moved to the united states when he was 4 years old. he was born in canada to his american mother, and that makes him a natural-born citizen cruz brushing off the criticism that was initially brought on by donald trump saying the subject is over, and done with. and there's good news and bad news about the big powerball jackpot. the bad news you didn't win. the good news is, neither did anyone else. saturday's prize soaring to an estimated $675 million. the largest ever. there's a $2 million winner out there, and twelve tickets worth $1 million. the winning numbers up on the screen right now. so take a close look. guys, we can go out and buy our tickets and be wealthy. >> didn't work yesterday. >> trying to wrap it up. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> thanks, heather. >> all right heather. straight ahead in the next 45 minutes when we come back more breaking news from the middle east. it erupts in chaos this morning
5:14 am
after saudi arabia hits iran's embassy with airstrikes, at least they're claiming that. dr. sebastian gorka on the fallout. >> another major data breach. hundreds of thousands of cable customers' information at risk. are you? stick around. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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all right, a fox news alert.
5:18 am
serious concerns that the wold's most volatile region is on the brink of exploding. you've got iran claiming now that saudi arabia has hit iran's embassy with airstrikes in yemen. distinguished chair of military theater marine corps university dr. sebastian gorka is here to help us out with this. if this indeed was a saudi strike on an unaian embassy what should we take from that, doctor? >> we should take the fact that the war, that the proxy war between the shiites and the muslims that's been going on for decades, even during the cold war, yemen was the site of proxy war between saudis and others, that's now gone out into the open. it's escalated. this is something that needs to be understood in the broader context in the middle east. this is not just -- we are obsessed with isis, with the bad guys, with the jihadties that want to tell us here in america. that's just 35r9 of the much larger war for who's going to control the middle east. is it going to be the shia
5:19 am
extremists. the mullahs of iran. or is it going to be the sunni jihadists like al qaeda and isis, and now, saudi arabia's just escalated it. >> so let's give everyone a perspective. between the holidays and 2016 we might have gotten caught up with this. iran attacks diplomatic post, diplomatic post in tie iran, these are the supposedly out-of-control students. they go and take out the saudi they go and take out the saudi embassy. this is in response to the top cleric the shia top cleric shia cleric from being beheaded two days prior. of course the iranian government says they had nothing to do with that. s now the iranian state tv shows, underground missile depots, to us, that we're seeing here at home, this is not part of a deal that we actually cut. and finally special ops have surrounded are surrounded in afghanistan and one of our guys is killed as the taliban seems to be reinvigorated.
5:20 am
and finally in 2017 we're seeing the fact that that's how long assad has before he has to go. i thought assad had to go yesterday. look at these series of events. what do you see in this, dr. gorka? >> look i see what exactly bibi netanyahu said in front of congress when he was here. if you want to understand the chaos in the region it's about a war for the crown of the calipha caliphate. this is huge. everywhere we look the world is on fire, whether it's china in the south china sea, whether it's russia in the ukraine, but in the middle east, it's really -- >> but dr. gorka -- >> on the edge. >> where is america and what should we be doing? >> we should be supporting those guys who are on the front line of this war who are on our side already. especially egypt, especially jordan. and we're not touching them, because, you know, sisi used to wear a uniform. this administration doesn't like him. i think there was a certain guy called eisenhower who used to wear a uniform and became a president. we have to understand that this is a war between --
5:21 am
>> i got it. dr. gorka thanks so much. a lot to go over. you did a great job. straight ahead, what the american people thought about the president's thierry-eyed speech on gun control. did it work? brand-new dials to be revealed just to you. recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all,
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pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. welcome back, everybody. some quick business headlines for you this morning. it was not a happy holidays for macy's the retailer. it is slashing 4800 jobs and closing 40 of its stores. sales in november and december were down 5% from the same time last year. and a massive security breach at time warner cable. the company now e-mailing more than 320,000 customers whose e-mails and passwords have been stolen by hackers. the new york daily news
5:25 am
announcing it will drop its weekday prices from $1.25 to just $1. the paper has had its share of controversial headlines, including this one saying god isn't fixing this following the deadly terrorist attacks in san bernardino. steve? thank you very much. >> let's talk politics. time to see what you the american voters really thought about the president's teary-eyed speech on gun control a couple of days ago and the republican response. joining us once again, pollster lee carter is here with brand-new dials you're seeing first on "fox & friends." all right, this first image is of the president of the united states, and this is what we're going to talk about. keep in mind, the red line republicans, the blue line democrats, and the yellow line independents. watch the president cry. >> all of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand up -- the gun lobbies lives, all of us need to stand up and
5:26 am
protect its citizens. all of us need to demand governors and legislators and businesses do their part to make our community safer. >> okay. i mentioned cry because a lot of people thought that those were not real tears. >> you know what? i think the news here is not necessarily how democrats reacted. it's how independents reacted. what we saw that yellow line, across the board they gave him an "f." >> independents. >> independents gave him an "f." that's not what people are talking about. what we really, really heard from people is they questioned whether that was authentic and they just said i'm not sure i buy it. and i'm not sure i agree with him. >> yeah. marco rubio, who is running for president, he had this sound bite watch the dial treatment on whether or not what the president's called for is unconstitutional. >> this is a very significant executive action that he's taken, it's detrimental, it undermines the second amendment, and it's part of a broad eer narrative and this president is obsessed with undermining the constitution in general but the second amendment in particular.
5:27 am
>> what do you find? >> i think absolutely you watch again, end pents are tracking with republicans on the issue of gun control. both of them gave him an "a." both of them said they agree with him. the democrats were on the floor. you couldn't seen see the blue line. and so what i think is interesting is that this is even more polarizing of an issue for democrats than it is for independents, republicans. democrats aren't even willing to listen to the arguments plp >> chris christie didn't like what he heard. he said this. watch the dial. >> this president wants to act as if he's a king, as if he's a dictator. fact is if he wants to make changes to these laws go to congress and convince the congress that they're necessary. but this is going to be another illegal executive action, which i'm sure will be rejected by the courts, and when i become president will be stricken from executive action by executive action i'll take. >> okay. so the red was way at the top. the blue way at the bottom. but the independents. >> again they're tracking with republicans all the way up top. christie is having a phenomenal run right now with end pents. we're seeing it in his advertising.
5:28 am
i think it's going to show up big for him in new hampshire and i think he's doing an excellent job right now. >> the guy who's leading in new hampshire right now donald trump, here's what he said. >> so he's going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto that, i will un-sign that so fast. >> it looks like the independents like the idea of him unsigning it. >> oh, did they ever. that was really interesting because independents and republicans reacted exactly the same way. trump has an art of the sound bite. he said in nine seconds what bush takes 55 seconds to say. he says it. he gets to the point and people agree with him. >> actually we've got a 19 second sound bite from jeb bush regarding the second amendment. watch the dials. >> bernardino, these tragic mass killings by deranged people. the first impulse of the president of the united states and hillary clinton is to take more rights away from law-abiding citizens. and frankly, the protection of the second amendment keeps us
5:29 am
safe. and keeps us strong. and we should do everything we can to enhance that right. le. >> grades please. >> the grades i think republicans gave him an "a" and i think this was the strongest i've seen bush perform in the most recent weeks with republicans. democrats really didn't, they gave him an "f." independents gave him a "b" but i think this is the strongest we've seen bush so far. i'm not sure that it's going to be enough to do anything for him. but, it is interesting that he resonated so strongly. >> before you leave, lee, the significance of the yellow lines so close to the red line? >> i think the significance, it's unbelievable, because what we're not hearing all across the board is that independents are degree with republicans. over and over and weeks and weeks we've been talking about this -- >> regardless of topic. >> regard0s of topic. >> and that bodes well for whoever the republican is running for president? >> i think it does. >> all right, lee, thank you very much. >> thank you. . >> coming up on this thursday a ton of breaking news. a man yelling allah akbar goes on attack in paris, tries to get
5:30 am
into a police station. he was wearing something that looked like a suicide vest. meanwhile reports of missiles being dropped in yemen. and chilling new video of jihadis being trained to launch attacks on the west. what is going on, and why it matters to you, next. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99
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5:34 am
police station, he was carrying a butcher's knife, and shouting allahu akbar and that's what's notable in this is that today is the one-year anniversary of the terror attack at the "charlie hebdo" magazines there in paris, and also at that jewish supermarket. the suspect was shot by police and killed, and you can see a robot inspecting the bodies. we're told he was about 40 years old with an arab appearance. but had no i.d. on him at the time. right now, it's unknown if he was a lone wolf, or a part of a larger terrorist cell. the french are trying to put all the pieces together. >> it's almost all these attacks, some type of plan to get some people, the rescue workers, who go to help. got to look out. >> we'll keep bringing you breaking news on that as it happens. the middle east meanwhile on the brink of a disaster. iran's state-run news agency says a saudi air strike hit the iranian embassy in yemen last night. however, witnesses on the ground say there doesn't appear to be
5:35 am
any damage. all of this coming after saudi arabia executed a prominent shiite cleric over the weekend. protesters responded by attacking the saudi embassy in tehran. the saudis and several other countries then cut diplomatic ties with iran, and as we have been hearing this morning, from some major leaders in the united states, it's a mess. >> yeah. i would say so. and then this brand-new disturbing footage emerging from inside an isis weapons lab. the tapes taken from an isis fighter after he was caught trying to sneak in to europe. the images prove that the terror group is capable of making, get this, surface-to-air missiles, remote control car bombs with driverless, by the way, and mannequins disguised as humans. >> the sensor identified what is believed to be a human being in that vehicle, then potentially that vehicle could get significantly closer before any, you know, counteraction would take place.
5:36 am
>> no potential targets were revealed in those tapes. >> okay, so as you can see, there's a lot of trouble out there. >> deep breath. oh, my gosh. got a lot more news to get to. heather is standing by with our headlines. good morning. >> yes, good morning to you sand california. good morning guys. we just learned the name of that special forces hero who was killed during a firefight in afghanistan earlier this week. staff sergeant matthew mcclintock there he is pictured right there, a green beret with the washington national guard was on his third tour of duty. his unit came under fire by the taliban in marjah in helmand province. his commander calling him one of the best of the best. staff sergeant mcclintock was 30 years old. he leaves behind a wife and infant son. our prayers to his family this morning. alabama's top justice going against the supreme court. chief justice roy moore now banning all same-sex marriages in that state. he says that previous rulings in other states are confusing, and until there are uniform rules, he doesn't want judges to issue
5:37 am
licenses. however, not all judges are following that order. and a nightmare becomes a reality. take a close look at this. this happening at 10,000 feet. heart-stopping video shows an emergency door on a flight to south korea open. you can see the gap where the door should have been sealed. that flight was forced to turn back after a half an hour after takeoff. some of the 163 passengers on board complained of ear and headaches from that ordeal. how terrifying. and a news crew gets robbed while covering a new robbery task force in washington, d.c. how ironic. you can see the windows of their jeep completely shattered. the crooks swiping some expensive equipment inside and it all happened within 100 feet of the press conference. no one was hurt. and those are your headlines. >> all right, heather, thank you. ladies, do you ever feel like you're not getting the respect that you deserve around the office? well, it could actually just be your fault. but we can fix all of this for you with the help of a special
5:38 am
expert that we've got here this morning. an answer may be in your e-mails. joining me now to discuss this is millennial expert and associate director for worked a career consultancy company. all right, please do help us. i want to start out with an example of what you might write in your e-mail that could be really bad. for example, dear mr. president, i'm just writing to say that i'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you. i think i have a plan for the strategic drebz of the company in the coming year. i'm no expert, but -- it's those qualifiers, right, jill? >> exactly. those filler words. that lack of confidence you're conveying when you're sending e-mails like this. you really need to think and reread and know that you are an expert. you have that confidence. you've been hired to do this job for a reason. >> and so you can actually hold your mouth over the word that underlines revealing that it's a bad word to use and it will
5:39 am
explain why it's bad for example using sorry frequently in an e-mail undermines your gravitas and makes you appear unfit for leadership. >> exactly. and women have a tendency to apologize for things that are completely out of our control. so when you want to do, remove that sorry and say, i know about this situation, i'm taking care it and i'm solving the problem for you. >> what are some other examples of some bad words to use, just is underlined? >> a lot of people use just oftentimes incorrectly when they're writing an e-mail. instead what you want to do is omit that word. reread the sentence, and you'll see it's most likely more impactful than including the word. >> how about this one. actually. >> yeah, actually is similar to just. where people are using it way out of context. so again what you want to do, remove the word actually, and you'll see that your e-mail conveys what you want much -- with much more confidence than utilizing that word. >> for some reason, and maybe this is mean, to, but women are
5:40 am
afraid of putting an idea out there and getting shot down and turned down for it, oftentimes we'll write, i'm no expert but. >> yeah, writing you're no expert essentially sends a red flag to whoever is receiving your e-mail. and they're starting to think, maybe she is not an expert. maybe i should be passing along this assignment to someone else. when, in fact, you are an expert. you've been hired to do the job. you've been put in this position. because of your expertise in this industry. >> one of the other phrases was, does that make sense? i can't tell you how often i see that. but, at the end of the day, do you sort of fear that you might sound a little bit too tough in your e-mails if you get rid of all these qualifiers? >> no! you need to remove that does that make sense. you just need to read your e-mail. if it makes sense to you, it should be making sense to that reader. and when you write does that make sense you're conveying that you don't have enough trust in your communication skills. >> dare i even ask you what your opinion is, on exclamation marks, multiple exclamation marks, emojis and xoxo. is any of that good in an e-mail? >> i think you just need to
5:41 am
remove it. if something is really shocking exclamation point. but no multiples. remove the emoji, you're at the office. >> great stuff. jill jacinto, thank you. i think we all learned a little something this morning. >> thank you. >> wall street about to take a huge hit this morning. when markets open just less than an hour from now. did i just say just? i did. how it could affect your wallet. live from the stock exchange we're going to have the very latest on that sell-off and from small town country girl to victoria's secret model. brian kilmeade where are you? he's excited. and one of taylor swift's best friends martha hunt is revealing the secret behind her angel wings when she joins us live next. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
5:42 am
made for real, real life.
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5:44 am
this is a fox business alert. wall street on edge this morning as china continues to lead a global sell-off.
5:45 am
>> yep. the dow already off to its worst start since 2008. and today, futures are down nearly 400 points. >> that is not good. nicole petallides joins us right now live from the new york stock exchange with more. nicole? >> steve, sandra and brian good morning. you're right that is not good. not good for 401(k)s and i.r.a.s. we had a tough year last year. our first sell-off since 2008 and we kicked off 2016 in a tough way. the dow is already down 3%. this morning looking down about 380 points. off the lows of the morning have been down about 450. we took our cue from asia. in fact, shanghai composite index was halted in just 29 minutes of trading. if that happened here at home, the traders would go home at 10:00 a.m. why did that happen? well one of the reasons is that they devalued their currency there, the yuan. coupled with the fact that they just have a tough economy there. and that's translating here at home. what are we watching? some of our big names and big
5:46 am
movers, apple for example will look below the 100 dollar mark. everybody was loving it when it was at highs of $133. exxon and chevron as oil hits lows that we haven't seen since 2003. those are going to be under pressure maybe down about 2%. and we'll also watch ibm and technology financials, materials, energy have all been laggards. and traders i've been speaking with say the selling is likely to continue. they're more likely to sell than to buy anything. netflix, amazon, facebook, the winners of 2015, they've been under some pressure. and so we'll watch those as well. >> all right. so nicole, thank you for the update. it's an unlikely instance that we would see a stock market halt here in the u.s. but that is what we saw in shanghai and that's more than once that we've seen that happen this week it fell 7%. how far would we have to fall here to see our stock market halted? >> that's a great question. shanghai composite hit their
5:47 am
circuit breakers twice in one week. here at home it is a little farfetched. we're going to watch it. 7%. that would be a level of 1850 on the s&p 500. and 13%, these levels, if we were to hit these drops at 7% and 13% that would be a 15-minute halt. if we dropped 20%, it is closed for the whole day. and last but not least, if this action happens basically in the last half hour of trading, well it just keeps on going until it's settled. so that's the action that we're watching. but for now those 401(k)s and i.r.a.s, you've got to squint when you open them because they're a little to the down side. >> look at them in march. all right nicole, thank you very much for the live report from "the wall street journal" -- >> very unlikely scenario that that would happen. it is good to just note that. >> it is good to know what has to happen before it kicks in. >> i just cannot believe how close those guys seem to hitting nicole. i got so nervous. >> they're busy. >> meanwhile 13 minutes before we're done some smalltown roots to a victoria's secret model and a member of taylor swift's best
5:48 am
friends squad. martha hunt is revealing the secret behind her angel wings. she's getting dangerously close. but first let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what he's wearing. >> i thought you guys had a great line this morning at 6:00. you are one lucky gal. >> oh, i know. >> she's outnumbered. >> see you at noon. good morning guys. breaking news out of paris. yup date you on what we're learning there today. the middle east is a tinderbox. its biggest players have reached a moment. saudi arabia and iran, where is the u.s. leadership on these fronts? we will find out from the state department. plus we are still waiting to hear what north korea has done. back here at home the latest on the campaign says we are only 25 days from iowa. and martha and i are 11 minutes away from another edition of america's newsroom. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn.
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get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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she's a smalltown girl from the south who never expected she'd land the career of her dreams. so how did this beautiful victoria's secret angel finally get her wings? martha hunt is here to take us behind the scenes of her modeling career. welcome to you. >> hi. >> so how did you get there? >> whoo. well it didn't happen easy for me. years of modeling before victoria's secret picked me up. but i was discovered in a small town in north carolina by a photographer. >> what town? >> wilson, north carolina. well actually i first was discovered and then went to charlotte for a model search. then moved to new york. after i graduated high school, and then put a few years of modeling in and victoria's secret picked me up a few years ago and here i am. >> you're living the life now. >> living the dream. >> when you say you were discovered i remember on the brady bunch they found the guy
5:53 am
walked around like this while they were shopping in the supermarket. did they go find you, or find you on the set of a shoot. >> i really wish that that was my story. like i want to say, i was just in a mall and somebody discovered me and i was like years of what. >> i went -- >> i sort of was discovered from model search then i went to model search. it was actually a photographer there that introduced me to agencies in new york city. >> so martha, is it true, as i have read that you are pals with taylor swift? do you guys hang out together? >> it is a fact. >> no, how -- >> well, she's just an awesome girl. we actually met through victoria's secret. and we stayed in touch, and i got to be on her bad love video which i'm sure you've all seen and it was epic. >> and there you are. >> goofing around. >> having fun. >> you think she's watching right now? >> i don't know. are you watching, taylor? she'll text me if she is. >> here's the thing. >> here's the thing, people see her squad and they think, and you're obviously one of her friends, and they think, well
5:54 am
you all -- you're obviously beautiful but you're so nice and so sincere and you are actually saying more people should act like taylor swift. >> yes. well that's the truth. i think that people get so intimidated by this idea of the squad but actually everybody in the squad -- everyone's just really nice. like, it's just natural connections that happen. >> does taylor now about your, your, your special with your pants and your sport bra? >> oh, well she should. everybody should know. everybody should go to victoria's secret store today, because you can buy any victoria's secret sport bra, pick out any one, and then you will get a free sport pant. >> is that why these mannequins -- >> i know. i feel bad that they have to stand there for so long. >> it's unbelievable. these are the type of pants that people will be able to choose? >> yes. >> you get to choose your own pants. >> choose your own pant. they've never done this before. today only. first time ever doing a promotion like this. i know all of you have new year's revolutions. we all got to get to the gym so today you should go and get an awesome workout outfit, get your
5:55 am
butt -- >> people don't just work out in these clothes anymore. they just wear them all day long. >> yes, exactly. >> is this what you'd normally wear? >> i would wear this walking down the street. and i only wear victoria's secret when i work out. they really do have the best slip offs. they're supercute and they like conform to different workouts yoga, boxing, they have like the whole range of support. >> all right. >> from maximum support, give you a little extra shape. you can look sexy. >> martha hunt. small town girl turned super famous, friend of taylor swift. great to have you on the couch. >> hey, taylor. coming up. we have some news just around the bend it will be quite interesting. won't include mannequins. >> that we know of. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen.
5:56 am
be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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the monkey that gained world fame for taking this selfie, we've seen this a million times, won't get the rights to the photos. that's right. the photographer left his camera unattended at a wildlife refuge in indonesia and the monkey apparently took over. pete is asued so the photo's profits would go to the monkey but a judge has ruled against the monkey and apparently against peta. >> all right. >> i have to say -- >> this is sad. i'm going to try to get him -- i'm going to get authorized and represent him. this is going to create some tension between bill o'reilly for the first time in american history thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates is ahead of killing reagan thanks to all of you, thomas jefferson is number two and reagan drops to number three. the tension in the hallway i'm a little concerned about. but it's really cool. >> congratulations -- >> yeah, he's been around forever. i look forward to talking to
6:00 am
him. >> who thomas jefferson's been around forever or bill o'reilly? >> don't leave any boxes in your office. >> we're going to do the after the show show with heather and sandra. thanks very much for joining us. bill: tense moments in paris. french police taking down an alleged suspect. the suspect entering a police station threatening officers with a knife. he was also wearing what was thought to be an explosive belt that turned out to be fake. north korea testing nukes in the standoff between iran and saudi arabia. plus there is this. a new threat in the fight against isis. some are calling


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