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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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harris: look at bo dietl! had been tagg one lucky -- #oneluckyguy. >> look at fox. we have the most beautiful women -- app app we gotta go, bo! >> -- with the greatest brains. andrea: zip it. outnumbered overtime, log on to we'll see you tomorrow. tense texas. >> she took her son to mexico after probation for a drunk driving crash. >> a man attacks a police station one year after terrorist stormed the offices of charlie hebdo magazine. >> and china makes a new power play over an island. is the white house ignoring the
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asia redline? senator john mccain reacts. they are out. >> it was a frightening ordeal when workers got stuck underground. it is it all happening on "happening now". >> but we begin with an attempted terror attack thwarted in paris as that city marks one year since the charlie heb do massacre. i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. police shot and killed the man with the knife. he what appeared to be an explosive belt. greg, what are we learning about the shooting? >> reporter: hard to believe be we are talking about another possible terror incident in paris. we spent a lot of time last year dealing with this. according to the the police, the
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man didn't sound like too much of a terror chieftan. 20 years old. born in morrocko. and theft. and homeless right now. and picked up for petty theft. it is it investigated as a terrorist incident because he had a roughly drawn flag of isis and claim of responsibility in the name of that group written in arabic. and he was killed when he tried to enter the police station and armed with a butcher's knife and seemed to be brandishing and shouted god is great in ara bic and he was shot five times by police guarding the station. he had a dummied up suicide belt. push button attached to wires and using scotch tape inside of a pouch. it turned out to be a fake checked out by a robot and that
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contributed to concern about this fella, gen. >> certainly understandable when you are to the day of charlie heb do and days on end that caused panic and fore. how is paris marking this year since? >> reporter: yeah, amazing jenna, just a couple of minutes before this possible terror incident a mile away at the police headquarters the center of paris, there was french president hollande marking those who died one year ago in the charlie hebdo incident. 17 people were killed including three police officers. in a speech that iran gave in the memorial, he said his government was working to pass new laws and ramp up security and increase surveillance all in the wake of those attacks and those attacks we saw and
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witnessed firsthand that lest 130 people dead. a lot of people remember that right now, there are still on the loose other fugitives directly tied to the incident in november. so a lot of concern and a city remaining on edge. thank you. after north korea's claim of a i kro gen bomb test the critibs say they are iging norring the redline including the china airline landing on a small island. paul ryan is slamming the white house for proposal to reduce the naval fleet just when we need a strong navy. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: the white house no longer talkses about redlines in the wake of the syrian debacle. leon panneta said the
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president's reversal in syria an chemical weapons were used sent the wrong message to the world. north korea tested a fourth nuclear equipment without fearing consequences kim jong-un signed the orders this week. and china brazenly landed a small cessnan and a large civilian airliner on the large islands in the south china sea that they dredged and built. many fear it would be a military base that could threaten maratime security. john kerry called the counterpart this week. >> they agreed that these activities continue to raise regional tensions. >> reporter: but otherwise there is relative silence from the white house and pent govenlt a navy destroyer was sent to it
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sail 12 miles to make a point. the chinese ignored the move. and the pentagon refused to confirm the flight. >> i can't confirm flights from here. i have seen reports of those flights. >> reporter: the pentagon has not responded to the chinese and north korea aggression which is surprising when you read what cartery penned to deter north korea or china. should the united states allow them to perfect a inner- continental ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons to the u.s. soil? we believe not. the bush administration unwisely ballyhooed the doctrine of
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preemption which all president the have sustained. there was a breach of u.n. security resolution and a test that the administration will not confirm publicly took place. seven democratic congressman wrote to the president demanding a response. >> as if we need more trouble in that part of the world. >> certainly a lot. the u.s. does not recognize the islands as chinese territory and sailed that war ship as jennifer griffin reminded us within 12 miles to prove a point. china pushing the envelope further and what is america's next move. senator john mccain. secretary of state kerry reached out to the counterparts. but what is the next move? >> first of all. i am glad our secretary of state
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roaches out. we have sewn things go to hell in a hand basket thought the enti entire planet we should have are you tone air patrols in that area. and help our countries in the region that are directly threatened by the chinese move. indonessia and phili malaysian. and help them with maratime equipment this they need to defend the territorial integrity and the freedom of the seas that is intregal part of any situation there. and send the message to the chinese. the chinese just announced they are building an aircraft carrier that would be be their second one. and we are standing by and watching the chinese act in an aggressive fashion in the region
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and as panneta said, we lost credibility in the middle east when we didn't act after assad crossed the redline, we lost credibility throughout the world and that is reflected in the actions of those not our friend. >> on that note, as you mentioned, our view ares understand the feeling that it does feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. there are so many topics to talk b. i am curious if you will comment on this. what does american pour in 2016 can look like and what should it look like in the year ahead not only for leadership but concept of deterrence? >> we have to stop sequestration and restore the military cap anlt. there is a piece in the wall street journal about how
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inadequate our navalabilities are as a result of cuts in spending. the united states has to declare we'll not stand for a gregsz from russia dismemberment of ukraine, or chinese activity or whether it be the continued existence of raqqan in the middle east. you ran a piece showing the new factory for missiles and equipment that is sprung up in ra qqa, syria, and we have to have a strategy to take out isis, which we don't have. we need to stop the barrel bombing of assad by establishing a no fly zone that was recommended by then secretary clinton. and we need to assert american leadership again. and that sends the opposite
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signal from the one that this president has sent since 2009 that america wants out and leading from behind a strategy. >> talk about north korea. you are critical of republican and democrat administrations and their efforts to deter north korea. you heard jennifer about the preemptive action that ash carter put out ten years ago. what do you think we should to to assert american leadership. and get different results? >> north korea exists because of china prompts them up and the bigger part of the behavior is the chinese. and we should have the capability and warning that we can take out missile tests that now, according to our commander in korea, they have the ability to reach the united states of america with the inner- continental missile development that they have and of course,
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this was probably not a hydrogen bomb but that is an academic discussion. we will install fad, anti- missile defense system and we will takedown and missile that they launch. we cannot have that threat on the united states of america and stick with our korean friends and make sure south korea is strong and our forces there are capability which they are. >> kim jong-un said he's ready for war in a speech he made on new years. should we be ready for war with north korea? >> no, the best way to deter the war for north korea is to show them their behavior will be observed and otherwise wee will takedown any innercontinental ballistic missiles and the
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chinese understand that part of our relationship is gauged on their continued prompting up of a rotund ruler who is certainly not predictable. and at the same time maintain our ties and military presence in south korea as well. but again, it's part, jenna of the entire role that the uss played in the world or not played under the president. where we are is not by accident. it is it a failure of leadership and a creation of a vacuum that is filled by evil influence. >> we would like to have you back to talk about solutions to that. i know our viewers want to hear that. senator mccain. we look forward to having you back on the program. thank you. >> thank you. donald trump criticizes the president on gun control. the president's strategy for preventing mass shootings is all
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>> this thursday is a busy day on the campaign trial as gop hopefuls hope to bring the voters in their tents. there are three candidates eyeing the grantite stay. across carson and cruz are campaign nothing iowa and carly fiorina will join rubio, kasich and bush in new hampshire this
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evening and donald trump is campaign nothing vermont. joining us now is our political expert. momentum in iowa. whose's got it? >> i think no question ted cruz. not by a lot over donald trump. but he has wriz risen in the last month and a strong ground game and his set of issues play well within the electorate in iowa that is self identified evangellicals or born again christians and he has the moment, and to the degree it is between cruz and trump. >> and for all of the talk of trump's lead in iowa, political experts say the ground game matters. you have a limited pool of voters and you have to get them out in february.
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and trump might not do as well in iowa as he's hoping. >> but the fascinating thing. in so many other ways, trump is bloweding the models and going to 99 contis the way sanatorium did or huckabee did. and on the other hand, trump when he does it, he holds fewer rallies, but sometimes has tens of thousands. will we get people who traditionally not voted in caucuses and it is it complicated. you go in the secret ballot and you press a lever and here you have to be in a gym 2 or 3 hours on a cold wintery night and spend 2 or 3 hours to caucus for
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your man or woman. trump supporters in terms of going to rallies and talking to pollsters are are loyal. now will they go out on caucus night? >> obviously iowa and new hampshire traditionally played the role of willowing the field. expect that to happen again. it is to early to say who is going to win. you expect the fold will get smaller after those two states. say cruz wins and it hasn't happen yet. he garnered a lot of the conservative vote and that raises questions of huckabee and sanatorium could go on from there what state will they have to be favorable. trump does well and cruz gets
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a ticket. he wins iowa, but then the pile up of the establishment candidates. rubio and kasich and bush. how will it favor those establishment figures? two at the the most. and two of the four may have to go home after new hampshire. i could see is the field getting smaller even by the time we get to south carolina in midfebruary. >> chris wallace, we will be watching and sitting down with donald trump on fox news sunday. check your local listings. >> and the mother of the see- called affluenza teen is expected become in texas. 17 miners rescued after spending
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> fox news alert. the dow set for triple digit losses today. take a look where it is trading right now. this comes after closing down 352 points yesterday. the dow is off for a worst start of the new year. and it is so much red on the screen. we are seeing that china halted the stock trading early for the second time this week after the markets plunged seven percent. and they say the bomb test in north korea are to blame for the
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local selloff. right now, 17 miners stuck below the surface are safe above ground. their ten hour ordeal started when their elevator got stuck 900 feet below the surface. the salt mine is owned. and the manager was at a loss for words in describing the 17 miners. >> their spirits are tremendous. i am inspired by them to be honest with you. the first four that came out of the mine waited until the last two that out of the mine. >> the miners were never in serious damage. >>tana couch is heading back to texas this afternoon. she is the mother of ethan couch the tone who escaped jail time by using the affluenza defense.
10:27 am
the pair were captured last week after fleeing the united states in november. we have the latest from fort worth, texas. >> reporter: our sources tell us that tonya is on a commercial flight bound for dfw airport and once she lands, she will be here to the tarrant county jail in fort worth, texas. we should point out the local sheriff did to the confirmed the information but will be notified once she is booked in jail. but authorities in los angeles confirmed she is no longer in their custody. they are en route. tonya couch waived her right to fight extra kigz in texas. she and her son were picked up in mexico on december 28th. tonya was flown to california for processing. she will be held on $1 billion bond. if convicted faces a maximum of
10:28 am
up to ten years. her client is eager to have her day in court. it is it possible she could be arraigned when she a ratifies here today. her son remains in a detention facility outside of mexico city where he is appealing his deportation. that could take months. ethan was sentenceed to probation in 2013 after driving drunk and killing four people in a crash. his attorneys said he was rich and coddled as a child and not understanding right from wrong. video surfaced on line of a person that hooks like ethan playing a drinking game at a party. the sheriff in tar apt, county texas, looks forward to the day when ethan couch is returned home to texas. we await his mother at this hour. >> we'll watch for that, casy,
10:29 am
thank you. >> a republican frud with florida roots. bush versus rubio versus all of the candidates trying for the gop nomination. it is it a busy day in new hampshire where elbows are flying. north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. what is next for north korea amid the countries lining up against it.
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talking more politics in american election hq. jeb bush and marco rubio holding competting events in new hampshire in a battle that is talked about carl cameron is reporting live. >> reporter: hi, jon, marco rubio wrapped up a town hall meeting. big crowds and very enthusiastic and rubio is unloading on jeb bush, who is tweaking him for missing senate votes and he said jeb bush is desperate and rubio went after chris christie and there is tough super pack ads criticizing christie. watch this. >> when it comes to chris
10:34 am
christie he got in a politics of supporter of gun control. and he attacked republicans to depose common core. that's not what we need in our next president. n>>reporter: on each of those points. accusing chris christie of donating to planned parent hood. chris christie run as a moderate republican and it was no secret he was pro-choice and he disclosed he made a donation. and common core existed in new jersey until a few years ago. christie said there was no problem with. it but they stopped it and he's become a critic. and a number of these criticism it is it tough. rubio believes that the possibility of ted cruz winning the iowa caucus over donald
10:35 am
trump means new hampshire is important. if donald trump can be undermined in iowa, new hampshire is wide open for the rest of the fold. chris christie is doing strong here. and one gets the sense by process of elimination, cruz in iowa and making him the guy to boat is that chris christy the guy to beat in new hampshire. we see that today. >> that is fascinating for it all to happen. carl, thank you. a week from today. jan 14th. best in business hosts the next gop debate. it will be at 6:00 p.m. from our sister station fox business. and then maria and neal will moderate the debate. >> harsh words from around the
10:36 am
world after north korea claiming they tested the hydrogen bomb. analysis is inconsistent with a h- bomb test. but it is it a violation of the u.n. sanction. we'll bring in's professor of political science and served our country as a marine in this part of the world. professor, how good is our intelligence on north korea? >> we have a wide variety of intelligence and by the way, good afternoon and thank you you for having me. these system are in the u.s. inventory and the japanese also have collection systems on them. and right now, those systems that are among the best in the recalled. aircraft and ships and scientist, and they are collecting particles from the
10:37 am
test to find out if it was hilo enriched uranium bomb and plu toniam or a hydrogen weapon. until they evaluate the particles and look at aspects of the test, anything that people are say suggest sheer guesswork. the reason that expertses in south korea and some in the united states are saying it could not have been a hydrogen test right now, is plu tonnium tests and hu test are in kilotons and hydrogen test is in megaton. there is skepticism of whether or not it could be a hydrogen test. what there is not yet, proof. we are waiting for as this gets analyzed. >> certainly that was the head
10:38 am
line and we mentioned skepticism and it is good to talk through the specifics of that. you don't need an h bomb to cause a lot of damage. we know that north korea is a nuclearitate. and kim jong-un in new year's said he's ready for war. what is their reason for the test? >> i think it has less to do with deterring the united states or south korea or anybody else than congresseconomic. they have a close relationship with the iowa r -- irans were present. it is the north koreans are testing a hilo enriched uranium
10:39 am
system for the iranians and to a point to that, north koreans conduct a long range missile test right after they do a nuclear test. we can probably expect to see a long range ballistic test conducted in the next few weeks and probably expect to see iranian specialist at the test because of the collaboration. that is my assessment. >> that is interesting. the connection between iran and north korea, what does that mean for us if the iranians were present? >> that is an excellent point. in my view, if we have proof, the u.s. intelligence community that the iranians were at the test. that should profoundly affect
10:40 am
the recent agreement that president obama made with the iowa rannians. if they are looking at weaponization and that shows they will not abide by the agreement and the same goes for long- range missiles. the iranians fired two long range missiles and midrange missile two weeks ago and the american government did nothing about it. >> the nuclear deal framework is specific and nonspecific. how specific does it get about the iranians having nuclear activities to a state like north korea. does the deal specify it is against the deal and violation or is it not specific and talking about inspections and actions of the iranians in their own territory? >> that's a very good point.
10:41 am
the agreement is nonspecific in many areas. the easy way to get through the loophole. they did not export going to north korea. all they have done is go to two tests in north korea so they can before the technology and get the actual materials later. and the iranians are smart about finding the loop hole of getting around the agreements despite they are continuing with the weaponization program. >> that is fascinating. literally exporting something and there is a satellite office if you will. someone over on seas and doing something for you. and we look forward to having you back on the program. >> thank you for having me. it was a pleasure. two men convicted of murder in wisconsin, did they receive
10:42 am
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10:46 am
a lawsuit with the netfhix series called making a murderer. that called new attention to stephen avery and hisny fu. they are serving life sentences. and lawyers argue he was imprisonned illegally and petensioning the government to reexamine the case. joining us now is fox news contributor and try slaten and former prosecutor. what would be the standard, oebonnie what being compel the judge to look. >> it is so har. any time you are in a appellate level and supreme court. wisconsin denied to revisit those, you need new evidence that was not available at the original trial. that would be hard here. and they are arguing that it was
10:47 am
an improper concession and he was 16 yearsole and an illegal concession and it is it a very, very difficult thing to prove. the teen at the time. and the courts to this point have not found any reason to offer's new trial. could this offer it. and it is a small chance. our system puts a high value on finality. and there needs to be be a concession and like ebonnie said they exhausted the rem nedys and the president of united states with 300 signatures from the white house can't pardon this person if he wanted to. that would lie in the exclusive power of governor walker who said he would not pardon these
10:48 am
people. >> it bears repeating that the evidence brought out in the documentary, they did it with the help of the family's and the evidence is fairly one sided. >> absolutely and that will be the argument that the prosecutor and both stephen avery and the other case are saying, you are seeing it through the lens of the defendants. but we are not seeing everything. i watched the documentary and it is fascinating television and i was a criminal defense lawyer for years and i have seen the system. there is another side. unless you for the jury pool and seeing this, you don't know. jurors have come out and they are saying that we reached a compromise verdict. i expect an investigation for that for sure. >> one didn't want to vote for
10:49 am
conviction but was pressured into it. try, is that enough evidence to compel another look at the case? >> i mean, it is enough to take a look. but our system is skewed in favor of the defendant. our whole system is based on the ancient writings that said we ragger a thousand guilty people go through than one innocent person suffer. sometimes they acquit when they should convict and sometimes they get it right. it will be a long shot to have a new trial. >> despite, hundreds of thousands of people who said this guy some go free or get a new trial. >> it could work against them. you you are putting a federal judge in position to look like they are improperly biassed.
10:50 am
and so while many people say it is good to have this attention because of the documentary, i suspect it will work against them. >> there i a group occupying an oregon federal building may have overstayed its welcome. the federal government isn't the only ones ready for them to go.
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who does jeb bush say he loves the most in his family? he's going to reveal that along with choice words for hillary clinton and donald trump all on the real story. a community in oregon wants a group occupying a government building to go loam. they say they want to government to turn over federal land to locals. >> it's looking more and more likely this stand off will end with the bundy brothers and supporters leaving and going home. they said the fbi has no plans to conduct a raid to arrest these individuals here.
10:55 am
the sheriff talked about the malitia that hay tried to intimidate him. >> i don't believe that just a handful of people have the right to come in from outside of our area and tell us that we don't know how to live our lives. >> the bundy's demand are the same. free the hammond and have the government give huge tracts of land. area ranchers came out to support that message. his family's stand against the bureau of land management embolden him to take them on here in oregon.
10:56 am
>> i don't agree with what's been going on, the way it's going on. i don't agree with what's going on with our government. the way they take care of our land. those guys need to go handle their issues. i will thank them. they gave a lot of good people a voice. some people are calling it the future of human transportation. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media.
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future of transportation. able to carry a single passenger 60 miles an hour for just over 20 minutes. i want one. >> you do? >> yeah. >> put it on the christmas list. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. kicking it off with an alert today. this is the real story live from washington, d.c. today. prosecutors launching another new terror investigation after paris police take down a man carrying a piece of paper bearing the image of the isis flag and tried to enter the police station on the screen. he was wearing a fake explosive belt and threatened officers with a butcher's knife. he attacked one year today day after the "charlie hebdo" offices were attacked. greg, what is the latest you know about today's attack? >> over the last


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