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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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just reading our facebook and twitter feed. people are not happy. they believe what chris cox today say. have a great night, i'm megyn kelly. tonight with just 25 days until iowa, donald trump is questioning if ted cruz is eligible to be president. >> everybody tells me to get a joint passport. >> we will have joint reaction. >> we will find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the second amendment. >> president obama continues his assault on your second amendment rights. dana loesch here tonight with the debate. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. one stand for all. >> and donald trump releasees a new ad slamming hillary clinton's record on women's rights. all of that, plus rnc chairman
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ra rans preef /* /- will be here. >> whether ted cruz is eligible no run for president, watch this. >> do you believe senator ted cruz is a natural born citizen? >> i don't know, to be honest. i would seek a declaretory judgment, if it i was ted. >> what does that mean? >> you go to court. >> which court? >> gu you go to federal court to ask for a declaretory judgment. you go right in without a court case. you go right in. you go in quickly. if ted should eek it out, and i hope it doesn't happen, and he has this cloud over his head, i don't think it'll be possible for him to do very well. >> senator cruz responded directly telling reporters he won't take any legal advice from donald trump. watch this. >> it is not anything that's going to happen. and i'm not taking legal advice
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any time soon from donald trump. my response when donald tossed this attack out there was to tweet out a video from fon zi from happy days jumping a shark and to move on. this is the silly season of politics. there's a reason for it. >> joining us now with reaction, former deputy assistant attorney general mr. president george w. bush attorney tom dupre, geraldo rivera and spokesperson for the trump campaign katrina rivera. relevant code is u.s. code 1401 and said the following as it relates to nationals and citizens of the united states at birth. a person born outside of the united states and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the u.s. who is physically present in the u.s. or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the birth of such a person and other
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of whom is a national but not a citizen of the united states. let's good to section g. it says, a person born outside of the geographical limits of the u.s. and outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien and other a citizen of the u.s. who prior to the birth of such person was physically present in the united states or its outlying possessions for a period or period totaling not less than five years at least two of which were after attaining age 14 years. >> what is the glaring omission, shawn? you have to see that what is not in the statutes? what is not in the statutes is a definition of a natural born citizens. you got go back to the naturalization act of 1790. >> ted cruz mentioned the naturalization act of 1790 when he said three years after the constitution is ratified and act by congress spells out the child after citizens where so ever born is a natural born citizen,
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1790. five years later senator cruz conveniently does not site the amendment to the naturalization act of 1790. >> the child of a citizen -- >> let me help you. >> the child whatsoever born of a citizen is a citizen. why did they omit that phrase? >> the original meeting -- i submit it back. the naturalization act of 1790 enacted by first congress, you're right. by the way, sign need law by president george washington who signed over the constitutional convention. the act provided that children born outside the united states to american citizens were quote natural born u.s. citizens at birth. >> if ted cruz had run for president between 1790 and 179 r5, you would be right. but it was omitted five years later. >> which helps -- hang on. >> they deleted the phrase natural born. >> the act provided the same thing, the more stringent requirement. >> instigated by the federal
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courts. won't be a declaretory judgment, trump is wrong. there has to be a lawsuit brought. trump has standing. he is personally aggrieved by ted cruz running. >> they changed the law, made it easier for american citizen parent to a pass -- tom to you. you're the other lawyer on the panel. go ahead. >> absolutely. shawn, no question whatsoever that ted cruz is constitutionally eligible to serve as president of the united states. frankly, not even a close question. there is abundant evidence of exactly what our founders meant when they used the term natural born citizens and they put it in the constitution. someone who is a united states citizen at birth regardless of where they are born geographically. if they are a united states citizen at birth that is to say if they have a united states citizen parent, they are a united states citizen, constitutionally eligible to serve. that's the beginning and end of the debate.
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>> why did they say remove the phrase five years later? >> i don't look at what happened years down the road. >> the lawsuit representative will. >> they can't override the constitution. and so if you look at what subsequent congress said or what a harvard law school professor said in the 1970s, that doesn't supercede what the founders put in the constitution and meaning of -- >> five years later -- >> still a law and still functioning in 1795. i submit to you they left out the phrase for a reason. they wanted a natural born citizen with all of the -- >> in the country -- >> let a judge decide. >> the amendment five years later made it easier to define natural born citizen. >> for the person running for president. a natural born citizen, not just a citizen but natural born. >> now back to 1401 which i just
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read that point literally defined the status of ted cruz. >> all right. i say donald trump -- >> where is donald trump on this? he is saying he should get a declaretory judgment. you just heard ted cruz saying he's not taking legal advice from donald trump. what's your reaction? >> first i would like to say, all you have to do is take a look around and find out the constitution is trampled daily in this country. >> i agree with you on that. >> we have it take a step back and see what is going on here. the only reason we are having this discussion is because the cruz campaign responded to a media report that said donald trump brought this issue up when in fact he did not. so the question really isn't the birther question which people are asking, everyone knows senator cruz was born in canada. no one is questioning the fact of whether or not he is a citizen. everyone knows he is a citizen of united states and just renounced canadian citizenship about 18 months ago.
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the question to geraldo's point is whether the dnc and hillary clinton will bring a lawsuit. everyone agrees, even legal scholars, that this clause has not been litigated. >> he is only bringing it up, you're saying, because he thinks hillary will bring it up if. >> absolutely. he said he talked to ted and ted made argument he agrees with that. he is concerned on the other side. >> yeah. he is weeping crocodile tears. >> i'm with geraldo here. >> only saying this because the democrats -- >> tom, back to you. what about 1401 in seems like in the codes they were talking someone directly like ted cruz. >> i agree with you, shawn. if you look at the constitution, look at the statutory law you mentioned and our nation's history in tradition, there are many people, barry gold water, first -- >> wrong, wrong, wrong. wrong. barry goldwater was born in u.s. territory. not a state but u.s. territory.
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what about john mccain? he was born in the panama canal. i was there in the '70s -- >> and that is a fact -- >> u.s. territory that time -- >> shawn, here is the question. the question is can hillary clinton bring a lawsuit if ted cruz becomes nominee? if that answer is yes, then that is a problem. >> there were numerous lawsuits brought up as it related to barack obama's citizenship. we barely heard about them. >> right. but shawn, you and i both know that john mccain or mitt romney wasn't a threat to the democratic party. and in this case, the republican nominee will be a threat to the party. >> i think that senator ted cruz is a great conservative who can run against an incumbent liberal in canada. >> good grief. i don't know what it make of all this. everyone has gone birther on us. coming up, president obama
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continues his say salt on your second amendment right. coming up, dana loesch will react to those plans. and later on tonight -- >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. one stands for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> donald trump releasees a new ad slamming hillary clinton's real record on women's rights. also, rudy giuliani reacts to new reports out of europe claiming that some of the men who carried out a wave of new year's eve sexual assaults in germany are in fact syrian refugees. that and more on this busy knew night on "hannity." jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all,
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the chinese stock market one day
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after trade was halted. stocks bounced back between gains and losses. it is now in the green. u.s. mark the reacted to the losses in china. the dow ended the day down almost 400 points. an attempted attack in paris one year since the "charlie hebdo" massacre that killed people. a man was shot dead as he tried to attack a police station. police say he was wearing fake explosives. several authorities arresting two men on terrorism related charges, men nabbed in houston texas and sacramento california. one of the accused of traveling to fight with terrorists, the other is suspected of trying to provide material support to isis. i'm patricia stark, now back to "hannity." for all your headlines log on to fox
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and by the way, there is a reason the nra isn't here, they are down the street. they had -- >> they have -- >> we've invited them. >> so right now tonight -- >> we have invited them repeatedly. but if you listen to the rhetoric, it is so over the top and so overheated and most importantly is noting acknowledg the fact that there is no other consumer item that we purchase -- >> is that a -- >> hold on a second. let me finish this point. there is nothing else in our lives that we purchase where we don't try to make it a little safer, if we can. >> despite the president's political grand standing and associated fact check on the
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proposal show they will do little to nothing to prevent the real problem and that's keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. here with reaction, the host of dana on the blaze, dana loesch and fox news analyst lan williams. none of what he is proposing would have stopped any of these examples. any of these attacks. >> what did he say? let's stop arguing about the past and do something to prevent instance in the future. let's make guns less -- >> none of -- here is the point, none of the proposals as the ap pointed out would have prevented -- >> and if that's all you're concerned about, fine. but i'm concerned about you and me walking out tonight and we don't want some idiot -- >> i have an answer. >> more guns. >> no. how about this. get rid of gun-free zones for example. put in school retired policemen and retired service men and women to protect children in case something happens. how is that? you agree? >> i just don't want us to become gun-saturated, which i
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think is your solution. you describe the president as grand standing. you know that overwhelmingly republicans and gun owners support universal background checks. >> we already have them. let's go to dana. the biggest sales person for guns in this country is barack obama. since he's been president, get this, smith & wesson, their shares have gone up a whopping 952%. ruger, up 111%. apple only 773%. i think you can thank obama for that. >> yeah, you can. you absolutely can. do you remember when he and josh earnest were telling everyone, all right, thanksgiving, go home, talk to your family members about gun control. what, the friday right after, everybody went out and bought firearms. 2015 is called the year of the gun. he is the best firearms salesman ever. the ap, i can't believe i'm saying this, the ap is correct. there is nothing he would have proposed that would have made it
7:17 pm
better. but he always talks about how he wants to help the people affected by gun violence. but all this president has done is enable the repeat offenders. and the gang bangers and everybody else. those people driving up homicide rates. >> you two are so far gone on this issue. the president has done zero, he has not denied anybody the opportunity to go buy a gun in this country. >> making it harder. >> no. >> yeah. >> a hundred thousand people in the last ten years killed by guns. millions assaulted. hundreds of thousands -- >> i see what you're -- can i ask you a question? >> don't do anything. leave it alone. >> that's not what anyone is saying at all. >> president cry baby. i thought these were crocodile tears. do you remember the day james foley was beheaded and he gave a 30, 40-second comment, and he raced off because he didn't want to be late for his tee time.
7:18 pm
i'm not buying it. >> you want to weigh injustice and travesty, when you see little children slaughtered, maybe it cup ofs your heart. >> it touches my heart so much that i think schools need police officers. >> the cdc and national research institute came out with a study showing that with by and large defensive gun use outweighs criminal use. you are looking at 500,000 to 3.3 million instances of defensive gun use a year. why don't we have a meeting where the president is surrounded about someone who successfully defended themselves using a firearm. >> i tell you why, dana, because the nra and their accolades say we don't want gun research done by my reputable group -- >> an agency by the president who can manipulate is any way he wants. we have research. the fbi.
7:19 pm
you just don't like the church, juan. >> this is like the second or third time he mentioned chicago. i'm thinking, we've had weekend after weekend after weekend, his home city, 40, 50 people involved in shootings. where has he been? why has he been so late to this? why then should we believe he is sincere when all these years of have gone by, 2009 and '10, they didn't control the house and senate. didn't do a thing on guns. why? >> the democrats had the senate and were unable to get anything done. but why? because of the power of the nra to punish politicians. they had all the power. >> let me just say, where is all the republicans? how is it that all of the republicans so fearful of the nra that they won't -- >> i actually believe that -- >> murder, massacre-tsh. >> and the republican -- >> and the he took the weapons portion out of bill. took dianne feinstein's item out of the bill. harry reid is a democrat. >> your response? >> this is exactly what i was
7:20 pm
saying, dana. >> that's bull -- >> they can shut down -- >> oh, they have done. >> they are afraid of the nra -- >> oh -- >> special interest -- >> you want know why i'm a proud nra member? because there is no group in america that teaches gun safety more than the nra. >> there we go. >> that's years ago. >> they are an extremist group that wants everyone to have a group and to dana's point doesn't want research. >> if you're so concerned about child safety, how much have you donated to gun safety -- >> i've had a gun since i was 11 years old. carried a gun all my adult life. >> education. >> my parent taught me how to shoot. they brought me to a professional and i learned how to shoot.
7:21 pm
>> did you grow up in the woods? >>? long island new york, no woods. >> here is my last question. if we're in a room and a shooting occurs, do you want me in that room to protect you? >> of course. >> more gun safety. check mate. check mate. up next, tonight, here on "hannity" -- >> women's rights are human rights. and human rights are women's rights. once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> a new donald trump ad exposing hillary clinton's real record on women's rights. plus, very disturbing reports out of germany tonight. claiming that some of the men that carried out the dozens of new year's eve sexual assaults on women are refugees. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here with reaction. and rnc chairman weighs in on the battle between insurgency and establishment straight ahead. you're here to buy a car.
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welcome back to "hannity." hillary clinton calls herself quote a little fem inist, really? >> my name is olivia. i'm growing up a fem inist to help women with all equal rights. i have two dads. i good to a school for people with disabilities. i wish there were more schools that could help kids with li dyslexia like me. >> this may not be the model of modern feminism that her campaign makes her out to be. take a look. >> women's rights are human rights. and human rights are women's rights. once and forall. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity.
7:25 pm
>> here with reaction, republican strategist mercedes and ebony williams. kirsten powers wrote a powerful column comparing bill cosby and bill clinton. she said there is a blessedly lower tolerance for sexual assault than in previous yours. good news for americans. bad news for the clintons. now this is reemerging through donald trump through hillary clinton. >> well there has to be a distinct with kirsten's post there. you could say bill clinton was a harasser, and adulterer, but cosby is a rapist. >> we are talking about sexual assault -- >> yes. >> not harassment. assault. >> and rape. >> and paula jones says
7:26 pm
harassment. >> and kissing or touching or whatever he he said in the case of willie and juanita we are talking about assault. is it any different? >> only that right now cosby is facing criminal charges. we didn't see that from clinton. but i don't want to give -- >> wait a second. juanita said, i thought about it everyday since. my life has not changed. >> i empathize with that. we don't want to see any woman suffering at the hands of any type of male exploitation if it is abuse or harassment or rape. >> hillary clinton this year said that these women of sexual abuse, victims of sexual abuse, mercedes, should be believed. did she say something that will come back and haunt her? >> i think so. especially because society has e evolved. women who were silenced, not believed for over 20 years, are now coming out. we see the same thing with bill clinton.
7:27 pm
finally juanita coming out and saying hillary tried to silence me. i'm 73 years old. it never goes away. those are strong powerful statements. especially when you have the fact that hillary clinton has been running on this, you know, women's rights issues and supporting and telling survivors of sexual assault that voices deserve to be heard. guess what? she did not stand by these women. she stood by bill clinton. this is about weakness and character and lack of integrity and continual cover-ups of the clintons and clinton machines. >> ebony, she was so offended by words of donald trump. seems donald trump had a very effective response. bill clinton has been out on the campaign trail three days. he has been asked by katherine o'brien and now kari pickett and others three times now about this issue. >> yeah. he is dodging. he hasn't given an effective answer to that. >> he couldn't answer it. i've never seen bill clinton quiet for five seconds.
7:28 pm
>> yeah. here is the hypocrisy we can probably all agree on. she has also taken money from saudi arabia. also saying with her law firm experience she was advocating for women's rights around certain issues. and you we agree on this issue. i'm no fan of her leadership at all. so again, that hypocrisy i think is where trump resonates. >> you supported barack obama twice. >> i did. and you railed me for that. >> i gave you a pass the first time. >> you did. >> can you vote for hillary? >> no. not only can i not, i will not. >> why not? >> there is something so visceral i have to her authenticity. i do not believe she is running for president for the right reasons. in that ad, shawn, such a clear agenda. vote for me because i am a woman. as a woman, i am offended by that. we've had this conversation. >> go ahead. >> also the selling point. obviously women voters are an
7:29 pm
incredibly important block. a majority of voters in the 2016 election. it is critical for her. she is basing her campaign on the fact of that. she would be the first woman president. she wants to play that card. the problem is, and you've got to give donald trump a lot of credit. what happens is that male republican candidates usually steer clear of even talking about women's issues to a certain degree. and here you have trump coming out with this ad basically bringing out the bill clinton scandals about women. and he has a point. and guess what in the gop voters, they are energized, excited. absolutely good after the bill clintons because nobody wants to touch them. >> i agree. trump has -- >> it is an el excellent strategy for trump. >> he is showing politicians you don't have to be so scripted and so timid and so afraid. coming up, new reports out of germany claiming that some of the men involved in the dozens of new year's eve sexual assaults are in fact refugees
7:30 pm
for that country. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here with reaction. later tonight -- >> i got involved in the republican leadership simply because i wanted to be the best version of myself. working with the republican leadership niinitiative allows to cultivate, it allows me to cultivate everyone around me. >> highlighting diversity. and how will reince priebus deal with the strategy of the party? reince priebus coming up. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia,
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7:36 pm
the men involved claim to be syrian refugees. although officials say there is no proof that in fact refugees were involved. joining us is jud rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, it is clear that they did not speak german or english. seems like they are in denial there. >> sounds similar to the wlouhi house, right? >> yes. >> whole thing about workplace violence and all that nonsense. the reality is that these refugees are inherently a problem. because there is no question that isis, al qaeda, or similar groups will take advantage of an influx this large, to slip in. i would say, a substantial number of people. we now know their game plan. the game plan is as much homegrown terrorism as possible. this gives them a big jump ahead
7:37 pm
in being able to to that. >> sure. >> if they can get 50, 60, 70 people in the united states slipped in, they can start to activate some of the sleeper cells. >> i was shocked, i was interviewing a guy in great britain, you know there are 85 sharia courts in britain. and that only 20% of muslim marriages are recognized by the government. i keep talking about a clash of civilizations. now if you grow up in a country where sharia law is the law of the land and you dictate what a woman in your life wears, whether she can leave the house, good to work or school or drive a car, are you coming to a america, is it wrong to ascertain if you're coming to america whether you want to assimilate or whether you want to indoctrinate? is that fair? >> absolutely. there are things that are consistent with basic human rights. if you are going to apply some modified modern version of sharia law because of your
7:38 pm
religious activity, fine, the way jews and christians do. but it shouldn't overlight our civil laws. like you can't discriminate against women. if you are a devout muslim and have you a candy store and you decide you're not going to serve women. well, you should be subjected to the same penalty that anybody would be for discrimination base owned that. >> interestingly, it seems what europe gave into the idea they can be separate. it is almost like within europe, you know, separate countries. >> we've always been much better than europe because of who we are at assimilating. going back to the italians, jewish people, irish people, puerto ricans. we are very good at assimilating. they are not. they have always been distinct countries. it is hurting them now. but what they can't do, you can't have a separate set of
7:39 pm
laws in your country. the basic laws of our country are free speech, freedoms were men and women, right to vote, right to be treated equally. >> so a clash of civilization but the dangerous part to me is that our fb i director, assistant fbi director, general john alan, have all said that isis will infiltrate. they will infiltrate. that is part of their strategy. >> we'll we're not getting into the debate. we should debate about what is the right way for people to live. is wait people who are living in iran or saudi arabia, is that right? is it right that women shouldn't drive? we should engage in that debate. our president should be engaging in that debate. >> hillary clinton gets a lot of money from these countries that practice sharia. she is the with champion of
7:40 pm
women's rights. she hasn't spoken out against sharia. >> it would give us the moral high ground, which we deserve. we deserve the moral high ground. when we fought nazis, we had the moral high ground because the nazis were slaughtering people. concentration camps. we have the moral high ground here. what are we fighting for? we're fighting for women to drive automobile possess. >> so basic. let me shift gears. presidential election. 25 days to iowa. you are following it as closely as i am. how do you think this plays out? >> i think these two votes in iowa and new hampshire are go tock much more important than usual. and not necessarily because they are going to pick the winner. but they will tell us something about donald trump. they will tell us, is that tre mend out sentiment which he has, and he does, numbers on the polls, do they convert to votes without necessarily having the ground game that some of the other guys have.
7:41 pm
if they do, then he is a very serious candidate and possibly a -- >> would you say cruz is a favorite in iowa? because it is a little bit afof different election. >> donald talked about winning iowa, winning iowa, winning iowa. if i were advising him, i would hold expectations for iowa. iowa has been for the last two cycles for the debate with santorum and huckabee. we all knew it would go to huckabee. so don't raise expectations. gosh, if you would win iowa -- >> if you win iowa and new hampshire -- >> if he comes in number two in iowa and wins new hampshire. by a number, something like the polls, and wins carolina by something like the polls -- >> it's over? >> i think he's on his way. the only person i think has the chance to upset him in new hampshire is christie. >> but he is only at 11 and 13%. >> he's got to count on -- he
7:42 pm
met everybody, talked to everybody. they make their minds up in the last weekend. i see that happen. so i think that he is about the only one who has the chance to upset him there. and then -- >> you decide who you are voting for yet? >> new york comes a little later. i'll decide by then. my goal is defeat hillary clinton. i probably have the most disagreements with rand paul and with cruz. but i would support them over hillary clinton. i certainly would support donald or rubio or bush or christie. any of them. kasich. fiorina. pick it. we can bring romney back. that's okay with me. i think hillary -- i think hillary -- between now and the election, if hillary doesn't have a substantial criminal
7:43 pm
problem, there is something wrong with our justice. >> i agree with you. >> and i think, if it is not resolved properly, hillary will be investigated by the next administration. >> up next, tonight, here on "hannity" -- >> i got involved with the republican leadership because i wanted to be the best version of myself. working with 2016 and republican leadership initiative, not only you allows me to cultivate myself but everyone around me. >> reince priebus joins us next, straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." the rnc released a an ad highlighting the republican diversity. >> i wanted to make a difference in my community. >> very proud to be a fellow. i've already started organizing within my neighborhood. by drawing the our life program, it gafs me tools i needed to be a better leader in the community and to give back. >> here to weigh in on that ad and countdown to iowa, rnc
7:49 pm
chairman reince priebus is with us. how are you? happy new year. >> hey, happy new year to you, shawn. thank you for having me. >> we know how this game is played by the democrats. republicans are racist. sexist. poor mitt romney wanted to hire them and have resumes war own women. throw granny over the cliff and women and children fend for themselves. is that what part of this is about? >> it's exactly that, shawn. but is t is really fundamental. understanding that if we're going to win in 2016 we need to have a national party that's everywhere and every commu communities. black communities, asian communities, hispanic communities. so our base is in their own community talking about what's important to the country. so what you will see is a national party that's far more competent and far more prepared than ever before with the intrastructure, with the mechanics. i understand that mechanics and
7:50 pm
infrastructure are boring to a lot of people. but what you are seeing is thousands and thousands of people that leadership institute to meet metrics every day. voter registration. talking to people in the community. recruiting people to be volunteers underneath those volunteers. there are two thing going on right now. the fun stuff is who is the nominee going to be for the republican party? once we get a nominee, what is that nominee going to plug into? we have to be a whole lot better than we were in 2012. >> we're going to have paul ryan on the program. he was very clear. he said i want to hit the reset button. he wants to get together with the republican caucus and have a conference and he wants to layout, on paper and have every member sign the paper, their agenda so they can have clear
7:51 pm
distinctions between what the republican party stands for and the democratic party. do you think that goes a long way to resolving some of the anger out there that republicans didn't repeal and replace obamacare, and didn't stop executive action on immigration. and issues like. that do you think that goes a long way in healing that? >> i think it goes a long way. you and i have talked about for years and if you remember, if you go to what are the 10 or 11 things we can agree with as republicans? what paul is talking about, is what are the 5 or 6 things we're going to do and get accomplished this year as republicans? the reason it goes a long way is that if you have big things you believe in as a party in the legislature, the tax reforms, the issues that are affecting
7:52 pm
our tax code, long term debt trajectory facing our country, obviously, the military, if we can agree on 4 or 5 big things, the smaller squabbles that we have, we can get through. >> let me ask you this. >> the problem if you don't have that agenda you're fighting over the small stuff, and everything. >> there is a huge divide between the quote establishment wing and more conservative wing in the party. right now, two leaders are trump, cruz. 1, 2. my question is, if one of them gets the nomination, do you believe, are you confident, because i've talked to some people, they, some establishment people hate them. do you think you're going to be able to pull the party together if they win? >> i am, 100%. the unifying thing about what i have to do is that no matter who you're for, everyone can agree we have to have a national party
7:53 pm
and infrastructure that has its act together. i talk to all of our leaders in our party. every one is going to get behind whoever the winner is. we have 12 great candidates and a varsity squad on the field. it's difficult to make a decision because we have very serious players but our party is a private organization we're seeking the spokesperson and nominee and person to lead us to 2016. whoever the delegates of the party choose, that is going to be the nominee and our party is going to be behind that person, 110%, to save this country. >> well said, it's not a time to have measures, mr. chairman, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, our ask sean segment and we need your help with our big question of the day, straight ahead. when my doctor told me i have
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and time for our question of the day. hillary clinton says there is a war on women. do you agree or disagree? and go to, and let us know what you think. you've been sending us your questions. it's time for the ask sean segment. >> mr. hannity, what is preventing the american leadership from understanding that islamic radicalization is a true cancer on our american boundaries? considering terrorist attacks why can't we just eliminate the influence from this world? won't that be more humane than letting more terrorist attacks happen? >> it is a cancer. the short answer is political correctness. there are people unwilling to acknowledge there is an enemy at war with us, radical islamic terrorists, and they're
8:00 pm
advancing a kalife and until we advance that truth, i think, unfortunately, they'll have the upper hand. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you believe senator ted cruz is a natural-born citizen? >> i don't know. >> donald donald trump's bomb-throwing campaign continues to lead the pac but can he really win the republican nomination for president? tonight we have three special reports. >> you have the highest unfavorables in the polls. is it fair to ask you why you think that is? the "the washington post" says fox news channel has enormous influence in the election. how fair is our coverage? bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> if computers start taking over the world and go to war with humans, whose side are you on? >> it's not that simple. >> also ahead, watters on the machines


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