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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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around and don't care about the victims. china's economy falters. u.s. markets tumble. their worst day in four months. foreign economic policy concerns as voters in iowa gear up for the first in the nation caucuses. this is "special report." coming to you live tonight from des moines, iowa. we are three and a half weeks from the first voting in the 2016 presidential campaign. tonight we will get the lay of the land from local political watchers and talk to voters just like you. here they're called caucusgoers about what really matters to them and whether big change is in the air.
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all that's coming up. we begin tonight with events half a world away. affecting this country and possibly your family's financial situation. china's stock market took another nose dive today. triggering another suspension of trading, which in turn has triggered slumps in asian, european and american markets. we have fox team coverage, trish regan in new york with whato yo. we begin with correspondent kevin corke at the white house, good evening. >> second time in a week we've seen this happen in china. this is, there are fears all over the globe about china's growth and obviously its currency devaluation. ricochetting all around the world and it's increasing concerns about the safety and security of the pacific rim economic giant. >> as chilly economic winds cut through china's stock market today, the shivers reverberated throughout the global economy. and in the process, raised new questions about the obama
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administration's so-called pivot toward asia. analysts call it will perfect storm. falling oil prices, tensions in the middle east, a weakening chinese currency and security concerns over north korea. it all added up to a more than 7% drop in shanghai, the equivalent of the u.s. stock market shedding 1100 points. china's market did that in 29 minutes before trading was halted. >> this was a panic caused by chinese officials and we now have to worry about the competence of beijing to manage their own economy. >> the losses paint a gloomy picture for beijing. with the day's massive slide heightening global concerns about the chinese government's reaction to increase pressure within its country. >> the communist party which has tried to base its legitimacy on prosperity has to look for something else. >> that's something else could be showcasing china's military might in an effort to boost morale and distract from economic woes. experts say the island build-up
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in the south china sea where chinese commercial aircraft have touched down is an example of the strategic and political tightrope the country's leaders walk. one complicated by a relationship with an increasingly volatile neighbor in north korea and one sharply criticized by secretary of state john kerry. >> today in my conversation with the chinese i made is very clear. that has not worked, and we cannot continue business as usual. >> as in propping up an increasingly recalcitrant pyongyang. >> they're the ones with the largest influence in north korea. they're the ones that have to be able to insure that north korea does not do something reckless. >> with obama administration so focused on the middle east, from iran and saudi arabia's growing tensions to the fight against isis and the crumbling assad regime in syria, critics say the president's failures in one region has led to problems elsewhere. >> we lost credibility throughout the world and that's being reflected in the actions and activities in countries that
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are not our friends. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi on the house floor said she felt there would be strong bipartisan support for more sanctions against the regime in pyongyang. she mentioned that gop leadership would likely bring such legislation to the floor next week. and indeed it would enjoy strong democratic support. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. the dow lost 392 points today, the worst single day drop since september 1st. the s&p 500 was off 47. the nasdaq plunged 146. let's look at the repercussions from wall street to main street. fox business network's trish regan is in new york. what happened? >> good evening, brett. >> it started in china, once you saw the massive sell-off it spiralled throughout the world, happening in europe and right back at home. where we were down throughout much of the day. more than 400 points.
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all in this week, brett we've lost 911 points on the dow. the real fear is that we're looking at a global slowdown, we can't combat. as such you're seeing the sell-off. >> there are other concerns, obviously besides china, but is there a concern here in the u.s. about a recession? this early in the year? >> sure. you know i think this has a lot to do with it because on the one hand, yes, china's a big deal, the world's second-largest economy and it matters. but it doesn't matter so much in the overall scheme of things. you think we're an $18 trillion economy, brett, we have about $150 billion of which is part of our export market to china. now 150 billion compared to 18 trillion is actually not that big a deal. the fear is that some investors are kind of using this as a an excuse to sell. they're worried about the u.s.
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the u.s. going into recession. and thus the market not being able to support these levels. >> we'll watch it closely, trish will be one of the moderators a week from tonight when fox business hosts the next republican candidate debate. from charleston, south carolina. first event at 6:00 p.m. eastern, the primetime debate starts at 9:00. shifting to politics and the growing sense of urgency tonight. in iowa and in new hampshire as we get closer to the first steps in winnowing the gop presidential field. chief political correspondent carl cameron in new hampshire looks at the republican infighting that is sure to get nastier as we get closer to voting day. >> under fire from all sides, marco rubio took the gloves off today with new attacks on new jersey governor chris christie for moderate positions in the early '90s. >> when it comes to chris christie. he got into politics as a supporter of gun control. that's why he ran. he made a personal contribution
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to planned parenthood. he has attacked republicans that oppose common core. that's not what we need in our next president. >> christie says senators do little more than debate. and last night acknowledged changing his mind on gun control. >> i was 32 years old and i've changed my mind. the biggest reason i changed my mind was my seven years as a federal prosecutor. >> meanwhile, jeb bush and a superpac supporting him have been hammering rubio's senate voting record. >> marco rubio has missed more votes than any other senator. >> i think it's a humorous attack from a desperate candidate. here's what's so humorous. on national security, which is why they're attacking, i've had nor intelligence briefings over the last five years than every other republican combined. >> at his first meeting of the day, it was clear voters have concerned about rubio's attendance record. >> what is it you want to tell us why it is you're not voting at those things? because some of them are big issues. >> my vote record in the senate over the last five years is close to 90%, it's gone down because i'm running for
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president. >> in iowa where ted cruz has taken the lead from donald trump, cruz is under fire for opposing ethanol subsidies, he went to iowa's economy under federal renewable standards. >> because i don't believe washington should pick winners and losers, i believe we should end the rfs and phase it out. >> cruz's biggest iowa supporter, congressman steve king has promised to work with other iowa republicans to halt cruz from doing it. >> and donald trump took his toughest shot at cruz, aligning him with rubio on immigration. >> ted was in favor of amnesty. him and marco rubio have been fighting about who's weaker. now all of a sudden, i was watching ted the other day, it was very interesting. he said and we must build a wall. okay. my wife said, darling, he just said build a wall. that's the first person that said build a wall. i've been saying it for five years. but he said and we will build a wall. so now he's taken my idea for the wall. >> because cruz has overtaken
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trump in iowa the rest of the republican field hopes that the same thing can happen in new hampshire. undoing trump and perhaps opening up the first primary state to them. roughly translated, the rest of the republican field is counting on cruz to take down trump. >> carl cameron live in new hampshire tonight. thank you. so who do you think has the momentum in the gop race? let me know at now here to chilly and wet iowa, and america's election headquarters in-depth. the first big indicator of where the presidential race is headed. the caucuses are in sight. and potential caucusgoers are starting to focus on what's at stake at who should represent the gop in november. we talked with several iowans in today about where they are. what matters to them. and the prospect for change in the final weeks. >> i'll say the economy is the
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number one issue. when the economy is strong, everyone is working, everyone's happy. >> chris hahn is a single regional sales manager. he was an independent, but registered republican so he could take part in his first caucus. >> who are you leaning towards? >> donald trump. >> really? why? >> personally, i think i've 13 presidential candidates who are running, i think he's the most qualified. throughout his career i think he's accomplished the most and what really attracts me about trump is he's built many, many successful companies throughout his lifetime. his tax policy really attracts me. i like the fact he wants to lower taxes, not just on corporations, but also on small businesses like the local mom-and-pop shops down to 15%. that being said, right now we're about 35%. if you lower the corporate tax rate it would generate more revenue for businesses. and as a result, they would, they're able to reinvest that money. and hopefully stimulate the economy. >> you think he gets it?
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>> absolutely. yeah. >> are you going to take a nap today? >> i would love to take a nap today. >> right now the most important issues to me are economic issues, national security is huge. that is very, very important to me. >> aj kelly and her husband, barnes just welcomed their daughter, georgia, into the world three weeks ago. >> it's aj's third time caucusing. >> education is a huge issue that's important to me. especially now being a new mom. growing up in iowa, education has been so important when i was growing up here. it was a great place to get a public education. it has since declined. so any, any leadership that can really reform education is important to me. >> is it one candidate who is kind of you're on to now? >> a lot of good candidates, i have decided that if the caucuses were today, i would be supporting ted cruz. he seems to have the support needed to get the nomination and be beat the democrat.
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he's principled. he gets a lot of heat from the media and he's able to take a stand. he doesn't back down, he doesn't change his mind. that makes me think once he gets to washington i'll be able to implement those changes. >> issues like the national debt and the massive deficits that have been racked up, those are serious concerns for me. national security is very huge concern for me. >> grant and miss hiss wife suzy have three sons. grant used to be a staffer for iowa senator chuck grassley. now he works for the iowa renewable fuels association. >> i'm still, i'm not 100% set. right now senator rubio and governor christie are really interesting to me. i like governor christie's command of the issues, i like the fact that i think he would be a great president during a crisis. i think he's demonstrated that.
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for senator rubio, i like the fact that he is energetic and positive and engaging. has done very well in the debates. is very articulate. has a great command of both domestic and foreign policy. those are the two that are rising to the top for me. but in 2012, i caucused for newt gingrich. and if you would have had this conversation with me at that time, in 2012, he would not have been at the top of my list. >> in other words, you have possibly changed? >> yes. >> grant says rural iowa factors heavily in the caucuses and farming issues still play a significant role in this state. >> the ffa enrollment, future farmers of america, is at an all-time high. the enrollment at ag colleges is at an all-time high. we have people looking the agriculture, not as a fall-back career, but as an opportunity to make a great living. to continue to live a rural
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lifestyle. and so folks are looking at agriculture and renewable fuels policy as an important issue. >> being a real estate agent, it's important to keep our economy flowing, keep things going. we're in a huge deficit, scary. you know that we're passing that along to the next generations. ambria is a real estate agent, she and her husband justin are taking part in their second caucus and are going to help run their precinct. >> have you found a candidate that fits where you are? >> i have, i'm a big ben carson fan. we're definitely supporters of him. >> you and your husband? >> yes. got a chance to meet him. probably about a year and a half ago before he had announced his candidacy. liked what he had to say, super genuine. not politically correct, just likes to speak to the people and have had a chance to meet him a few times since then. love what he has to say. >> how do you think he's doing here? >> i think he's doing well.
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he spiked for a while. poll numbers are down a little, but i think that's to be expected. you know, it's early. obviously we've seen before in iowa caucus, i think him just getting out and talking to people in iowa, letting them hear what he's all about is going to be really important. so when he is our nominee, he'll they'll vote for him against hillary, which is the most important part. >> most of the people who had reached a decision on a candidate to caucus for, had only reached that decision in recent days. several said they could change their minds in the next three weeks, after the next two debates. on fbn next week and on fnc in des moines on january 28th, three days before the caucuses. so is iowa the be all-end all? no. and these caucusgoers say that. they know that. but this year it could end up winnowing the field significantly. and could shake up the race momentumwise going forward. up next -- a dangerous blast from the past for the clintons,
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the return of broderick. fox 11 in los angeles, high surf warnings as the third el nino system to hit the region this week is dissipating. the storms brought lightning strikes, heavy winds and flooding. the next storm is forecast for saturday. fox 4 in dallas-fort worth, the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is back in a texas jail. tanya couch was extradited from mexico and los angeles. her son is still in mexico. ethan couch received probation for killing four people in a drunken driving accident after attorneys blamed his behavior on his affluent upbringing. a live look at chicago, from our affiliate fox 32, everyone there all over the country actually tonight, talking about the unclaimed powerball jackpot. no winner last night. means $700 million on the line in the next drawing, that's right now. that's a record for any lottery game in the u.s. but by saturday night's draw,
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the jackpot could be as high as $1 billion. with a b. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we're outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back. hi. i'm dave nemeth,
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tonight the hillary clinton team is dealing not only with new email fallout, and renewed concerns about bernie sanders, but a much more insidious issue -- a woman who accused bill clinton of rape is resurfacing. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the clinton campaign in los angeles tonight. hi, ed. >> good evening, brett this is escalating, starting with hillary clinton accusing donald trump with sexism. hillary clinton recently said every survivor of sexual assault has a right to be heard and believed. so now with a juanita broderick is now coming out. i was 35 years old when bill clinton raped me. it adds to problems for the clinton campaign. as the campaign for the democratic nomination moves west. front-runner hillary clinton tried to project confidence today in california, and last night in nevada.
1:22 am
>> the enthusiasm is just building. i'm thrilled by today and what i'm hearing from my team on the ground. >> except in nevada, the third state in line after iowa and new hampshire. momentum is shifting to bernie sanders, who has hired twice as many paid staffers there, 40 compared to 22, and opened nine field offices compared to clinton's seven. >> i think our message it's too late for establishment politics and economics is resonating and i feel good as i go around nevada. >> despite clinton raising $112 million. she's worried about a surging sanders. her campaign manager sent out a urgent fundraising appeal marked nervous. mouk writing now the other shoe has dropped. i just found out he's outspending us on tv advertising. adding more tv ads isn't in our budget. we're locked into spending critical funds on organizing and field offices, if we cut into
1:23 am
that budget we'll lose what the campaign is all about. that may be hype to shake off complacency among clinton supporters. she tried to rally her base by telling asian-american allies that republican front-runner donald trump is wrong on immigration. with a twist on his slogan. >> i think america is great. because generations of hard-working americans have made us great. >> although her toward win over female voters by touting today's endorsement by planned parenthood may be complicated by the fact that on the campaign trail in iowa former president bill clinton was pressed again about his personal life being fair game. >> i don't have any response. if he wins the republican nomination, we'll have plenty of time to talk about it. >> we asked the clinton campaign for comment, juanita broderick reiterating these allegations. although one official said they've all been answered years and years ago. brett?
1:24 am
>> ed henry traveling with the clinton campaign in los angeles. we're waiting for the latest batch of emails from hillary clinton's private email server and account. we're now being told we'll have to wait another four hours. the agency missed last week's court-imposed deadline. we're expecting about 2900 emails, although many will be without subject lines, or dates. 17 miners who were trapped about 900 feet underground for ten hours are back on the surface tonight. they were stuck in an elevator in one of the world's deepest salt mines in upstate new york. a spokesman for the company that owns the cayuga salt mine says the workers were never in any danger. a crane hoisted the miners to the top in small groups this morning. when "special report" from des moines returns, we'll go back to the other political shot spot tonight. new hampshire to see what carly fiorina is saying and doing to try to move up in the polls.
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tonight on america's election headquarters in-depth, republican candidates making a push to move up in the polls or try to. ahead of the first voting. senior national correspondent john roberts talked with one such candidate live in meredith new hampshire tonight. >> good evening, brett. with so many voters in new hampshire beginning to think about making up their minds who to vote for, carly fiorina is trying to capture some of the magic she had in september when the polls had her running second. at a town hall last night, fiorina had a full house, a lot of voters connecting with her new focus on the terrible drug abuse problem here and the fact that she lost a daughter, laurie, to drug abuse, fiorina told me earlier she's not concerned about recent articles that suggest she has no chance in new hampshire. >> you got to win over voters
1:30 am
one at a time. we have fantastic endorsements here. we see supporters show up all the time. so that's how you win in retail politics, it still matters, the media doesn't get to make the call. the people do. >> if not the nominee, some of the other campaigns are beginning to take a hard look as fiorina as a possible running mate. citing the fact she would be an effective counterweight to hillary clinton. fiorina has been very critical with hillary clinton and with bill clinton on the campaign trail, fiorina is taking aim at both would of them for the scandals of the '90s and blaming others for them. >> i can't get inside her head and i can't get inside her marriage. i'm just saying if my husband had done those things, i would have left him long ago and apologized to the women. hillary clinton needs to stand up and account for her life and her actions. >> on the idea of her being the running mate, something she has in her favor -- is the fact that
1:31 am
she has already been fully vetted in the harsh light of a national campaign. so really brett there's no surprises here, we should point out she has got a standing room only crowd at this grange here. so things seem to be going well for her the last few days. >> john roberts live in new hampshire tonight. thaug thanks. heading to news overseas, a man carrying a butcher knife and wearing a fake explosives belt was shot and killed today as he tried to attack a police station in paris. it happened almost to the minute on the one-year anniversary of last year's assault on the offices of "charlie hebdo" newspaper. that left 11 people dead. police say the man killed today carried a written claim of responsibility by isis terrorists. a big fight is brewing tonight between the president and fellow democrats over iran. secretary of state john kerry says iran may be just days away from complying with terms of the administration's nuclear deal. that would mean the u.s. would have to suspend many sanctions against the islamic republic.
1:32 am
but several of the president's closest allies in congress are urging him to hit iran with more sanctions. for its recent missile testing. this happens against the backdrop of increasing tensions between iran and saudi arabia. correspondent benjamin hall is following that story tonight. >> the middle east moved ever closer to chaos today, as iran accused saudi arabian jets of bombing its embassy in yemen. the latest confrontation between them, who have been fighting a brutal proxy war in the country. eye witnesses have cast doubt on the claim. saying no damage to the embassy was visible. today iran announced it was forbidding citizens from doing the pilgrimage to mecca. relations have deteriorated between the two, following the execution in saudi arabia of a shiite cleric which led to the storming and torching of the saudi embassy in tehran by iranian students. soon after both countries withdrew their diplomats and severed all ties, as did saudi's
1:33 am
allies. this breakdown between the rivals is a disaster for u.s.-backed syrian peace talks, which both countries have attended in vienna. it's seen as a proxy war. but hopes of an agreement seem bleak while escalation seems real. many blame iran for the crisis, not saudi arabia. >> iran is undermining every sunni government in the region. and yet the kingdom of saudi arabia is doing nothing to undermine the iranian government. yet, why are we cuddling up and nurturing the iranians as opposed to our allies in the region? >> yet another affront to the west, iran unveiled a new missile depot on tuesday with state television showing precision-guided missiles which violate a security council resolution. in october iran tested those missiles, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in defiance of the u.n. deal. leading many to question whether the deal should ever have been done. brett? >> benjamin hall in london, thank you. china sneezes and the rest of the world catches cold.
1:34 am
the global market meltdown and what's it doing to your money. plus policy questions on china and iran. we'll talk about it with our panel in washington, when we return.
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after monday's debacle when the circuit breakers, the provisions that stop trading losses, once these kicked in, i figured there was going to be calm for at least three or four weeks, a couple months. because chinese leaders couldn't really stand the volatility. but what happened? you know on thursday, today, you know the circuit braukers kin kik in again and the reason is because they took their currency, they dropped it lower and that caused a panic. so this was a panic caused by chinese officials. and we now have to worry about the the competence of beijing to manage their own economy. >> well at that closing bell today, the dow lost 392 points,
1:39 am
the worse single-day drop since september 1st. and you can take a look at the rest of the market there. the real big concern here is what happens going forward as china's economy looks to be faltering. and the world is taking its cue from china. >> what about that in the foreign policy decisions for this administration. let's bring in the panel, syndicated columnist george will. ron fournier of the "national journal" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> i think the world may be a hypochondriac in this case. international trade is about 23% of the u.s. gdp. of that 23%, only 16% is trade with china. as an interesting echo in the american presidential contest. because the leader for the republican nomination has for six months been telling the american people they should live in fear and trepidation about the strength of china. now the weakness of china seems to be preoccupying us.
1:40 am
and mr. trump with his unerring sense of how to make matters worse has said today what we need is a 45% tariff on imports from china. which would not only raise the cost of living for americans, but would certainly deepen the slowdown in china this is all very reminiscent of the late 1980s when we were told japan was at the wheel of the world, we were just going to be passengers in japan's world from now on. since then japan has had decades of stagnation. it's not clear that the china phobia that we've been urged to have looks quite so scary as it used to. >> yeah, china has problems, ron. i mean it's clear. >> they do. but george is exactly right. who was the leader of japan is going to take us over and eat our lunch movement? that was donald trump. and george is exactly right it's not china's strength that is the boogeym boogeyman, it's the frailty of their economy. our stocks were a little overpriced, there's probably needed a correction, any how and
1:41 am
our economy is relatively stable. unemployment is low as it should be and our growth isn't as fast as it, or as big as it feeds to be. but the fundamentals are certainly much better than china's. and chances are, most of the people i talk to today think that our stock market is going to snap back. and china has some serious problems that will have a ripple effect for us. but donald trump has got this back you know what-wards. >> charles, take donald trump out of this equation and the politics and 2016 out of this. and talk about you know, this situation in china as it relates to the obama foreign policy. and how it ripples through the world. >> well, look, the chinese are our principal rivals in the world. you could say the russians, but in the longer run, the threat is the chinese. i agree the idea has been that the chinese are overtaking us. you get the tom friedmans of the
1:42 am
world, i'll leave out donald trump here, who come back and speak about a command economy and the shiny new bullet trains. they have completely overbuilt. their infrastructure is essentially a weak one. but they have spent enormous amounts of money. they have a command economy. and the model, that was supposed to be the model that would supersede the liberal democratic capitalist model. it looks as if it's not working that well. in the short run, yes, it's obviously going to hurt our markets. and the chinese have applied a certain short-term stimulus. with this hunger for raw materials. and the spike in the price of them. and now that its demand is down, there's a collapse of the raw material prices. but in the longer run, is it not in our interests that our chief rival in the world expanding as we speak, in the south china sea and developing an enormous military and a sophisticated one, is actually may not be the
1:43 am
locomotive that we have been afraid of? i look at this as good news in the long run. lousy news in the short run. >> all right. secretary kerry talking about the middle east. and specifically iran. saying that this iran nuclear deal, the compliance with it, could happen within days, which would mean sanction relief for iran. take a listen to the secretary today. >> the joint comprehensive plan of action. from which we are days away from implementation if all goes well. the foreign minister made it clear to me they intend to complete their obligations with respect to implementation day, as rapidly as possible. and we are currently engaged ourselves in making certain that we're prepared to move on that day. and i think it could come without being specific, sooner rather than later. >> now, iran has shipped in recent days we're told, as you
1:44 am
take a look at the graphic. 25,000 pounds of low enriched uranium to russia. iran has yet to get rid of its supply of uranium enriched to near the 20% threshold which was only a step away from weapons-grade material. george there are democrats up on the hill who have a problem with iran on another front. on their missile testing, thumbing their nose at the world. >> missiles are what at the end of the day make nuclear weapons technology ultimately lethal and a threat to this country. missile technology was just left out of the entire framework of this agreement. we had that statement there, that x amount of or all of their nuclear material, their enriched uranium something sent. do we really know and whose word do we have to take for it on this, how much they had? we had the same problem with assad and the question of him
1:45 am
surrendering chemical weapons. and it turns out we didn't know how many he had. and he didn't surrender all of them. so we're still in the position of having to trust people we don't know. about things we can't confirm. >> ron and then charles quickly on iran. >> well that was always going to be the problem. we can't trust these folks, but we do have to deal with them. and my problem with this is in addition to missiles, something that was left off the table in the negotiations were our hostages there. we have a reporter for example with the "washington post," who is still sitting in jail after we've cut a deal and it gets down to as it does with everything else with this administration, a question of competence and credibility. even if you support this deal, do you really believe this administration going to be able to hold our end accountable and make sure that the worst-case scenarios don't come out of this thing? >> kerry is totally oblivious to the asymmetry here. once we say that the adherence starts today, that means that we
1:46 am
released 150 billion dollars and they have it and it's not going to be reversed. it means the sanctions are lifted. and the chinese, europeans and others are not going to lift them. not going to impose them again. on the other hand, we know that they've been doing the missiles illegally. and we have no idea of knowing what the baseline of their uranium was, with this ostentatious shipping of it abroad. if you don't know how much was held in the first place, you have no idea how much it has now. this is the administration hell-bent on doing this and we will regret it for a generation. >> charles, ron, george and our brady bunch panel set-up from washington, thank you. next up, hear from des moines, we will hear from two of this area's top political journalists on how things are shaping up here in iowa. need to hire fast?
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looking live here at the des moines river. it is cold. it is wet. you know what? it is winter in des moines. we are here with some local political experts. we are going to talk to them in a moment. first the real clear average of polls. look at this. this is the average of the recent polls there you see ted cruz on top by 4 points over donald trump. there you see rubio in
1:51 am
third. carson in fourth and the rest of the field. now our local political experts catherine lewis is jennifer jacobs chief politics reporter for the des moines register. thank you for being here. >> you are welcome. >> tell me about who has got ground game momentum. you know, i went around. i talked to a lot of people. there is a lot of different folks talking about a lot of different things. who really is making the moves? >> right now it's ted cruz who really has that ground game momentum. he can have 6,000 volunteers on the ground in iowa at the height here in the last few months. he is the one really going out. he has the bus tour going right now. going to 28 counties that's going to get him to 77 counties on his 99 county tour. he will finish those last 22. they don't just listen to what the candidates say. they watch what they do. and with ted cruz, is he taking time to really meet with the voters, one on one
1:52 am
where you have other candidates who might have good ground games as well. but someone like donald trump is just kind of jetting in and jetting back out. whereas ted cruz is going out to the smaller counties. he knows where the voters are that he wants to talk to and he is going out and greeting them. >> obviously, catherine, evangelicals factor in to ted cruz's group but also splitting that dr. ben carson, rick santorum who won here, mike huckabee who won here. does that present a problem for the cruz crew? >> cruz has done a really good job as jennifer says of coalescing a lot of that support. he is really the guy with the momentum right thought. is he really coming into the final stretch looking really strong. those other guys are still working and not giving up. i saw huckabee earlier this week. he is clearly saying it ain't over until it's over. reminding people four years ago and eight years ago there were some surprises here. >> i talked to a lot of people here today. what was surprising to me a lot of them just decided to they were going to caucus for or hadn't decided yet
1:53 am
and said they could switch. we are closing in on three weeks here. >> that's iowa. >> most people say they don't make up their minds into until the last minute. a lot of people have a top two or top three. they might wait and see the final debate. they are not going to be rushed. they have like to see everybody and kick the tires. >> jennifer, for people who don't know iowa, it's a commitment to get out there in the middle of the cold totxz some firehouse or schoolhouse. >> right. >> stand up and lobby for your candidate. >> right. i went to a mini mock caucus last night with some democrats. and 26 iowa democrats showed up and i'm wondering if it's an icy, slushy night like it was last night at this particular mock caucus bernie sanders won and hillary clinton came in second. and so those sanders' voters are worried that you know, he doesn't have it locked in. so they are really termed to get out and vote. they don't know what the weather is. the weather could definitely be a factor. >> let me put up the real clear politics average on the democratic sighted. you can can see what it looks like between bernie
1:54 am
sanders and hillary clinton the only two at the top of the heap here. hillary clinton still holds a lead here. she has a ground game. >> absolutely. >> she is motivating people. >> um-huh. clinton and sanders both have very strong gowned games-ground games. both have invested a lot in terms of paid and volunteer staffing. sanders and donald trump are both trying to do the same thing here which is motivate people who don't traditionally come out on this snowy or rainy winter night to participate and so that's kind of the question mark is can they get new people energized? >> back to the g.o.p. side to wrap it up. we have two debates on fox. fox business and fox fox news channel here in des moines on january 28th. how big a deal are they? >> definitely. like for example chris christie has done well in the debates and iowa has taken notice of that and they are giving him a second look. that's one example. the candidates who do the best in the debates are going to be noticed. >> you absolutely hear it from rubio supporters and his strong debate
1:55 am
performances have made a difference here. >> catherine, jennifer, thank you so much coming out on this cold night. that's it for our panel here. stay tuned i-to-see why it's all down hill from here for one local news
1:56 am
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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finally tonight from des moines it's as you can tell a little wet and cold in iowa. no major snow but it could be coming snow. snow is always tempting for morning news shows and live shots. our affiliate sent phoenix reporter out in the snow for his first snowboarding lesson. live tv, what can go wrong? did make it down the hill without falling -- almost. >> just a little more difficult. there you go, yeah. look right towards me. look right towards me. toes out. lift those toes up. there you go just like that. keep hanging on. woo! >> heck yeah! that's what i'm talking about. >> yeah. >> oh now he is down. [ laughter ]
1:58 am
>> it was a high five that got you. >> you knew that was going to happen. >> the high five, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. report" from des moines, fair, balanced and unafraid. please join us tomorrow on "special report." i will talk live with house speaker paul ryan in an exclusive interview. we will be back here in des moines ahead had of the fnc debate that we just talked about in just three weeks. that should be interesting. greta goes "on the record" right now. we leave you from des moines tonight. ♪ ♪ . it is friday, january 8th. fired up, the widow of the american sniper takes on president obama. >> i want the hope and the hope that i have the right to protect
1:59 am
myself. that i don't end up to be one of these families, that i have the freedom to carry whatever weapon that i need. >> she tears the gun control apart piece by piece. >> isis in america. brampbd new proof the terror group is using refugees to plot attacks. the two men just arrested and how long they've been hiding out in our country. >> and life in the fast lane, the brand new train that travels faster than a train. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. you're watching "fox & friends first." nice to have you joining us today. >> i'm heather childers and we do want to begin with that fox news alert for you. an attempt on a police officer in philadelphia. the officer shot multiple times at point blank range while he was in his squad car.
2:00 am
>> the suspect went up and fired 13 times. the officer hit in the arm fired back hitting the suspect who ran off before other officers quickly caught him. both were taken to the hospital. the officer is expected to survive. no word on the suspect's condition. police still investigating a motive. fired up and taking aim at president obama. all eyes on american sniper widow as she tells the president exactly what she thinks about his gun control plan at a packed town hall. we're live in washington, d.c. with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this town hall was a part of the president's push to build sublick sup part for stricter gun control laws that i can the executive orders he announced this week to subject more gun sales to background checks. these received plenty of pushbacks though and last night that included the widow of the country's


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