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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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see you next week. jowly band band is up next with the fox report. >> a possible terror investigation underway as the alleged attacker makes the first trip to court. i am julie banderas, good evening. edward archer arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault. he claims to have is pledged allegeance to isis and the fbi said he made two trips to saudi arabia and egypt. but officials are not yet calling it a terror attack. the suspect's mother said he was hearing voices receiptly and it started lated this and surveillance video showing the
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gunman walking to a philadelphia police officer in a squad car and opening fire. the officer was somehow able to get out of the car and chase after the suspect and return fire. the officer jesse hartnett is expected to survive. brian, no mention in the terrorism in the list of charges, could that be pending? >> reporter: hi, julie, that's right. there was no mention of terrorism in the charges filed against archer today. they were filed from the state and the government could file gdz has the investigation continues. it is still a possibility. and now including attempted murder. archer is charged with aggravated assault. assault of a law enforcement officer and slew of weapon's charges. he attacked the officer in name of islam.
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the exconvict with a long rap sheet told police he pledged allegiance to isis. we are standing on on the intersection where it all happened. hartnett in his police cruisers pulled up here and archer ran up and it was call on the surveillance camera on the corner of that street. it captured the horrific moment that archer fired from arm's length in the patrol car. despite being shot three times in the arm. hartnett manageed to call and shoot the suspect before collapsing. he has a severely broken left arm and bad nerve damage but expected to survive miraculously. >> any leads on the possible
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connection to terror. >> reporter: the fbi is continuing the investigation. there was two trips. one to saudi arabia where he went to a pilgrimmage to mecca and in 2012 to egypt and uncertain as to why he visited egypt, this has the fbi searched two homes and on line databases to see if there is a tie to terrorist groups. the fbi has not class foyed this as a terrorist attack despite archer's confession to police. >> he confessed to committing the cowardly act in the name of islam. he believes that police defend laws contrary to the teachings of the qu'ran.
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he knew who he was sitting at and my god the way he had his armed in of the vehicle, he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate the individual. >> reporter: his mother said she believes he did it because of psychological issues and hearing voices. his brother said it is not terrorism or mental issue. it is the fact that he had an issue with the way police treated african-american men. >> thank you for much. el chapo recapatured and sent back to the mexican prison. mexican investigators tracked hum down through actresses and producers that he contacted in hopes of making a film about his life. a biopick p. the cartel leader was arrested
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after a shootout between gun men and mexican marines. it would send el chapo to the u.s. to face drug trafficking charges. if it granted, the process will be slow. guzzman was captured in known 93 and managed to keep operations running and escaped in 2001. and çórecapatured in 2014. and escaped in a tunnel and embarrassing the president's administration there and putting a spot light in corruption in the mexican government. so whileñr el chapo's capture g attention. donald trump spoke about it at
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a rally. >> they caught el chapo today, did you know? that's good. he didn't like me. when i caught him, i said that is good news. >> donald trump maintaining a sizable lead naturally. he tops with 35 percent and a slight drop from the last poll before christmas. texas senator cruz is 20 percent. and rubio at 13. and dr. carson at ten percent. the rest of the field is in the low to single digits. kristin is live in washington tonight. what have the candidates beençóp to. >> reporter: in iowa, two front runners in that state.
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donald trump and ted cruz held rallies. if you pick me he said you will pick a winner and he went after ted cruz. questioning cruz's citizenship and if cruz wins, democrats would try to see hip. >> he was born in canada and i say to ted as a republican. i think it is very important. you go to get it straightened out on. i don't want to win this way anr a 24eg negative. i want to win fair and square. joishgs cruz disputes this line of attack. cruz is beating trump four points in iowa waand rubio at 15 percent and everyone else in single digits. and most of them spent time
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speaking at a forum. >> all of the federal regulations come at a price. and you have is people like bernie sanders and hillary clinton who say it is fault of the rich. it is not. it is it fault of the government. >> something that happen in a trump event. a muslim woman was kicked out for silently protesting. john kasich said what trump supporters did next does not reflect his republican party. >> if i saw a crowd booing a woman escorted. that is not the spirit of jack kemp. we can tolerate differences and respect peoplen:hc8w(y that is not the republican party. >> reporter: but right now in the republican primary trump is way ahead with a 15 point lead
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over the closest competitor. >> how about sanders beating clinton in new hampshire. >> nationally clinton is way ahead. but bernie sanders is boating clinton by 13 points. clinton's campaign released an ad saying clinton is the one candidate that can stop oomñthe >> think about this. carpet bomb them. >> sit down and shut up. joishgs things are heating up. and this is one month from today. >> can't1,,ñ wait to see it. you will not want to miss the next two republican presidential debates thursday on the fox
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business network. followed by the second prime time debate and the line up for each debate will be released next week. stay tuned. police work to keep protestors away from each other and there is it 400 cases was violence just from new year's eve alone. here's a look at the crowds. there are reports of demonstrators throwing firecrackers at police. at one point an officer had toous a water cannon to silence the crowd. and as i mentioned, it comes after a string of sexual assault and robberies on new year's oaf
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blamed on the immigrants from syria and other middle eastern countries. angela merkel is oppofaced critm for the country's open door policy in the past and that brought in 1.1 million new a sylum .ljñsoakers. >> details on the mother/son fugitive captured in mexico. what the mom did before they left the state. and what would you do with $900 million? >> and the the record- breaking jackpot raising hopes in the country. a look at power ball mania as we countdown to tonight's drawing. h yes, we are twins.
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>> we were not the first ones here. >> i would get a private helicopter. >> you are a lucky winner because? >> i feel lucky. and you have a better chance of getting bit by a shark or struck by lightning than winning the lotto. who cares? they are buying tickets in record numbers and hoping that today is their lucky day. power ball jackpot staggering $900 million. that's the biggest price in u.s. lotto history and if no one wins tonight, it could get even bigger. will had his tickets and going to share with me if he wins. the question is, how excited are people about the record jackpot p. >> reporter: we got that side
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bet going on, julie. one guy told me he's looking forward to being more famous than brad pitt. and two things that people are talking about, whether they would take 50060 million or 900 million and spread it out over 30 years and at the same time they are talking about what they would do with all of that money. >>r6#)x 12 weeks, whatever. >> i would pay off all of my bills and go on a six month family vacation. >> i would faint. >> i would have no idea what to do with that much money. i would hide. >> youy would share it with my family and friends. 1 million all i need. >> and that guy and me are the
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same. $1 million. >> and one bought 92 tickets and others buying more than a hundred. and everybody trying to get their hands on the winning ticket. and if they don't do it, and the shift to monday and goes to 1.3 billion. billion with with a b p. there is it no winner tonight can and they will hold out to cross theçó billion threshold. >> we'll talk about the odds. my floor director said you have a better chance of seeing julie to walk in on time before the show than the lottery. joishgs low blow. >> i am actually tardy. and what areñi the odds. >> reporter: you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning 200 times than hitting the jackpot. odds of hitting the perfect
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number. one in 292 million and that's not stopping people from dreaming what they would do if they hit the jackpot. >> spending $2 and the numbers. oh, there is one and another one. for that moment you are buying home for $2. and that is what you, to. >> you said you would pay off your mortgage. >> that's true. can you buy sleep. how expensive is. that i would buy slope and charity of course. >> reporter: buy the expensive pillow. >> give it to charity and annuity for my family and that's
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the question of the day. did you buy a power ball ticket and what would you buy? quit your job? tweet me the at julie band band. mother of the affuenza teen complaining that the jail cell is not comfortable. wah. as we learn more about what she and her son did before fleeing to mexico. and a arrest for tonya couch claims she took out $30,000 and phoned him to say they would never see him again tonya couch is held on a $1 million bond. her son ethan remains in custody in mexico after winning on a delay. and if extradited pack to texas, he could face jail time. he was sentenced for probation
2:20 am
for a dui wreck. he argued that his affluent lifestyle left him tooñi spoile to know right or young. mom thinkses that the jail cell is not comfortable enough. and the subject of net fliks making a murderer is getting a new legal tem. ste venñi avery was arrested fo the murderk:'9 of holbock. tonight, fox news is giving the case a look. stephen avery guilty or framed. ita airs right here on fox news channel. a wint row mess in the country. we'll have the latest on that forecast and what to expect forecast and what to expect after the break.
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>> a suspected jewelry theft in custody for several robberies. abgal was arrested. a second person was arrested and the name and possible charges were not yet released. the fbi not releasing the value. but she was fast. it is up to 4 million worth. and investigators are saying kemp and an accomplice hit six stores in the south including a heist in georgia just this week. fox extreme weather alert. a storm system in the midwest
2:25 am
bringing fresh round of snow to the mississippi valley and great lakes. janice? >> this one is not going to bring you snow. but look at. it if you would like snow you will get 8- 10 inches of new white stuff and there is it past 24 hours. and upper midwest and heavy rain in parts of the southeast and midatlantic and northeast. and heavy rain upwards to two inches of rain and heavy snow in back of the system where we have the coldest air of the season. how cold will it get. there is the snow in parts of michigan and ohio valley. our next cold blast happening. and upper midwest and great lakes. we'll have that coming in on
2:26 am
monday and tuesday. and a chance of snow in the northeast. and now for minneapolis and seattle. so little seahawks and minnesota vikings tomorrow, one of the coldest kick offs ever. and wind chills minus%&ae+n 10- past 24 hours again system in the great lakes and midwest. we are talking about more rain and snow for the west. that is pacific northwest and third system sneaks in southern california. and we can have problems with travel. and what we see in the el anyono year. and you heard the name quite a bit. and we'll get more as the storm
2:27 am
track makes a bull's eye for the west coast. we are starting to see the drought monitor look good. and we'll see more of that rain and mountain snow for california. did you buy a ticket julie banderas. >> no, it is it down in times square. >> listen -- >> i bought p several tickets and one of those tickets will go to you. >> no, no, no. i will take all seven. >> all right. >> you have to text casandra. >> no, you can shear the tickets. that's how niece and generous. >> we'll see once the lotto drawing comes in and you win.
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>> time now for the top of the news. a man pledging allegiance to isis charged with attempted murder after shooting the philadelphia police officer. edward archer made trips to saudi arabia and egypt and admitted to the shooting. the watch dog report revealed that feds paid transportation employees to spoi on passengers. the justice office said an amtrak worker more than 850,000. it arranged to pay a government airport screener to act as a confidential source. one year since the death of a police woman kill would one day after the deadly charlie hebdo attacks. there was a honor of her in
2:33 am
a paris suburb. the u.s. releasing the provocative act by iran. fó>4;@ iowa rannian ships firing missiles only 1500 yards away. and now we are told in the strait of hermos. that body of water is important. here's why. so much middle east oil exports pass through it. and 21 miles wide in the narrowest point. the navy said this is the third time iran has done this in the past 14 months. >> reporter: it is important to know that when we reported on this last week, the spokesman for the ref lugzary guyed denied
2:34 am
it happened. in the video released bite navy. the 45 second clip shows an oil tanker passing by that was in the area. and then as the camera zoms in. you can see five missile boats and then the streaks of light. missiles less aunch®yñ than 1500 yards from the warship. iranians announced the live fire exercises 23 minutes before hand and ordered all ships out of the international waters. the latest third time that iowa rannian ships have done this. it comes on the heels of iran conducting several missile tests
2:35 am
last year in violation of u.n. > thanks to one co issue, guns and the second amendment. president obama took about the call for tougher gun laws in a nationally televoiced event. and we saw an immediate push back association. it is it vowing to fight all of the president's proposed executive action. >> reporter: president obama making the case for to iter rules aimed at violence. >> if you are making a profit and is theing guns follow the
2:36 am
same rowels as every other gun dealer. joishgs he had an hour long gun debate. >> the laws don't help. >> at what point michelle said if i was living in a farm house where the sheriff's department is far away. i would want to make sure i had a shotgun to make sure i was protected and my family was protected. >> reporter: the nra said it was a public relation spectacle. >> he's trying to create an illusion. his policys failed miseribly. >> he is trying to curve unregulat unregulated. and the president failed to pass it through congress and now he
2:37 am
is going around congress and require more gun sellers to get licenses and buyers to undergo back ground check. republicans opposed to the president's pitch. >> i don't think the president has a lot of respect for the second amendment. joishgs there is a controversial open carry gun law came in to affect here in texas. >> casy, thank you. four people are missing as fire a threatens theirvûuu homes. australia, mother nature at its worse. wildfires burning out of control. 130 homes burned to the ground. 137 square miles of land
2:38 am
destroyed. officials telling people in four towns, to get out or risk your lives. kosovo, police had to use teargas to disperse the crowd. it began as a peaceful rally with thousands demanding the5.p kosovo current government to resign. >> egypt. two europeans are hurt in a knife attack. they were shot by police and one died. this happen one day after a similar attack. >> russia vladimar putin adding to long list of accomplishments. squaring off against the judo team in a friendly practices.
2:39 am
and he led the russian team in the 2012 olympics. and that's the wrap on the?÷ufo trip around the worltd in 80 seconds. >> caught on camera, a sibling arrivalry spilled out on the streets. a manacling to the hood of a car. ñi events that has events working togetherment -- together. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do.
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headquarters. and campaigns are working hard in new hampshire it get a good showing. see many hopefuls in the race and having a ground game in the granite state may make the difference. john roberts looked at how they are trying to rally supporters ahead of the polls. >> reporter: they are the same fresh faces that pound the new hampshire pavement and tip ton oe over voters. they are not campaign volunteers. supporting john kasich. >> the campaigns would do direct voter concontact. super packs are weilding more voters and armed with a voter data. >> they are and church memberships and then
2:44 am
you have consumer data to bring into this. >> reporter: with a crowded field, the ground game is more important. half of the voters could change their mind. marco rubio is using data to identify supporters. >> would they be surprised how much you know about them? >> i think they would. >> reporter: a good ground game can pull them back from the brink. chris christie's campaign to the brink. >> give it time. he's working hard. >> reporter: perhaps the candidate with most riding on the ground game is jeb bush. he went from 1st to eighth place. and battlingñi back. >> it is important to capture
2:45 am
the raindrops and who else they like and who they don't like and what issues they care about. many voters are only now beginning to look hard at the candidate. and the campaign with the most intensive ground operation may be the one to prevail. in manchester, new hampshire, john roberts, fox nows. and a massive fire destroyed part of the apartment building in america. missouri, the suspect's boyfriend said she set fire to his mattress and sparked the blaze in kansas city friday. two people went to the hospital. one jumping to avoid the flames and the other suffering smoke while trying to help nieshs. >> they are left homeless.
2:46 am
>> two brothers taking sibling rivalry to dangerous new levels. part of their fight was on dash can. you can see the younger brother clinging to the hood andvh:rb h crashes in the cruiser and knock him to the ground. he said it was a cell phone and >> if it you listen to it the video. i was trying to get him off of the car and the department in my belief his intent was to strike the vehicle. >> he is charged with reckless driving and the other with domestic violence. >> sword collector putting one of the weapons to use. and scaring off the burglars. he woke up to the sound of someone breaking in his nome
2:47 am
athens. he grabbed the sward and chasing them down the street. >> they were informed that a person with a sword chasing a couple of people. >> police arrested the suspects nor by and recovered the money in the united states of. georgia. >> and wisconsin. hoping to set the first world record for the largest ski location. representatives from the guinness world record to witness the firsthand. >> that's the box watch here in america. >> a one woke old dog recovering. he was found on the porch covered in hundreds of porcupine
2:48 am
squills after running away from a poster home. >> i tried to check his tag and got the police called. and managed to get him wrapped up in a blanket. >> he underwent throw hours of surgery to remove all of the quills. once he fullies recovers, he will be put up for attending. and will u.s. has a high spread rain. that is a blues a rinno trying to maa great escape, taos coming up wreligious the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral.
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railroad administration giving the approval for a high speed train that floats on air. the asian countries have been using them for years. abbey has more from new york. >> reporter: the united states used to be a railroad pion ear with tracks and fastest trains. but japan, china and europe passed us by. look at the bullet train. it is transporting millions of japanese for years now. and it is short of mag lift. it suspending it four inches off
2:53 am
of the round with 300 miles per hour. >> this is technology. and our fastest is the 86 miles per hour a cell train in the northeast corridor. you are jumping for 86 miles per hour to 311 miles per hour. >> the department of transportation has granted money to maryland to assess the train in the united states. it would run from baltimore to washington d.c. in 15 minutes. they will cut down the commute from new york to washington 60 minutes. the service is expected to cost 10 billion. japan will pledge to cover some of the cost. and shelling it now would put quality of life down the road. >> we are to do it.
2:54 am
this is no chose if we want to see the grow in the future. it is 36 minutes quicker. and the people can expect the train to run between baltimore to dc by late 2020. fox nows. nor escape in a dutch zoo. you do not see this every day. that's for sure. zoo keepers running for cover when a rinno nearly breaks out of the travel container. and apparently he didn't want to g. they secured the cage and sent the rinno on has way. it closed on new year's day after 80 years.
2:55 am
>> someone could wake up tomorrow very rich. the power ball jackpot more than $900 million. how would you spend that money and would you quit your job. probably not, full- time wife and mom. >> and mary rice would pay off debt and buy houses for loved ones. >> and if i won the power ball p i would invite you to go to bora bora. we'll give you more of your tweets and what you would do with the money and if you win, next. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support,
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chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
2:57 am
>> if you had dreamses of power ball jackpot, here's one thing you can baechlt the play boy mansion is for sell. there are strings attached and not necessarily of the bikini variety. who ever buys the play by mansion will have to allow hugh hefer. i would noefr buy and say
2:58 am
bye-bye hushgs. what would you do if you won 900 million. >> i will they arexúsu spoiled back. and take care can of my parent's boat. and nevada nails. i would call in rich to work monday. hell yes, i would quit. >> i work for just to it fire my boss. they were only kidding. that's how fox reports. see you next. stephen
2:59 am
3:00 am
hi, friends, good morning. it's sunday, the 10th of january, 2016, i'm anna kooiman and you will have to go to work tomorrow. we know it. no, you did not win the $949 million powerball lottery last night. but do not worry. nobody else did, either. and today, more long lines are expected as the jackpot reaches a billion dollars. >> and then mass murderer drug kingpin el chapo had a secret meeting while on the lam. met with hollywood actor sean penn. the anti-american activist. how an actor met with a global fugitive when authorities couldn't even track him down. we'll have the latest on that story. and donald trump doubles down on his attacks against senator ted cruz. >> it's not a


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