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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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i'm greg gutfeld. with 50% less odor, here's what's coming up. hi, i'm greg gutfeld. this gunman acted in the name of islam. lone shooter, target, is this terror in 2016? making a murderer. we'll talk to a guy who covered the avery trial as it happened. hillary clinton telling an aide to sell her info. the most honest man in america. >> your numbers are lucky, though, am i right? >> i hope so. >> can i ask you, if you want all the money, what would you do with it? >> bunch of hookers and cocaine.
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>> those are priorities. let's get started, america. i'm getting my eyebrows threaded at 11:00. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's a fox with. tucker carlson. she's as sassy as i am gassy. megan mccain. the host of red eye, here on fnc. and nutrients come from the olives in her martins. and she divides her time between loving nothing and hating nothing. it's catherine timpf. a police officer shot in another example of random gun violence on the streets of america. as you see in this photo, the officer was just sitting in his car, when he was shot by a guy in a white coat.
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obviously a pharmacist. because clearly, that's not muslim garb. and the gun, of course, made him do it. still, the police jumped to conclusions saying the ambush appeared to be isis inspired, because, of course, the perp said it was isis inspired. >> a 30-year-old male from yeaton, a philadelphia address as well, i believe. confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him, he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teaching of the koran. >> so he was dressed like a muslim, pledges allegiance to isis and spent time in the middle east. according to philly's odd new mayor -- >> no one believes islam or the teaching of islam is anything to do with what you've seen on that screen.
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that is abhorrent. it's terrible. and it does not represent the religion in any, way or form. >> the attack has nothing to do with islam. and cirrhosis has nothing to do with bourbon. let's watch the mayor again and see the poor chief behind him. >> in no way, shape or form does anyone think islam has anything to do with what you see on that screen. it's abhorrent. it's terrible. >> what could he be thinking? i'm guessing this mayor is full of [ bleep ]. the suspect, edward archer, fired at the officer using a stolen cop gun. the officer is in critical but stable condition. the suspect was then shot, yet another example of gun violence by the police. the mayor might think. after all, that's how he labeled the initial attack. not as terror, but gun crime. a coward's approach to jihadism that conveniently avoids judging the acts of other. it's the gun's fault.
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the incarnation of islamaphobia. we must watch our behavior, but not theirs. and then, of course, we move on. remember san bernardino? it's the forgotten terror attack that led to a presidential seminar on gun control which seems to me like the wrong approach. as we've hardened large targets, the only soft targets left are us. how do we defend ourselves? i say give peace a chance. by learning to use one. >> here he is! >> tucker, let's examine the motive of the mayor. is there any legitimate reason why he would say that, like it has nothing to do with islam? maybe that's the right thing to do? >> he's a progressive politician, so his first instinct to wake him up from a dead sleep and become complicit by intending to agree with it. people are overlooking the political motive. this applies to hillary clinton campaign. this guy got elected this month,
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city council for a long time, in part with a coalition that included muslim groups and endorsements. they signed pledges to be nice to muslims, et cetera. they're a part of the key constituency. the muslim population is growing very quickly. politicians are afraid to denounce islamists because they're a key voting block. the hillary campaign is part of it. you described the rest of it, but it is a part of it. >> you know what's funny, megan. by saying it has nothing to do with islam, it's almost inflating islam. he should say this is not islam. he's saying, whoa, i don't want to piss off all muslims, so i'll just deny the elephant in the room. and the elephant in the room is radical islam. >> i don't know how we expect to fight any war on terror or isis if we can't even identify what's going on. we went back and forth to saudi arabia. he screamed about isis before he shot the police officer. i'm not sure at what point people are going to start waking
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up to reality. we talk about it all the time, political correctness running completely amok. >> it's true, tom, it's run amok. do you think i'm thinking too much about this stuff? i'm obsessing over these new attacks. i'm wondering, am i overstating the risk? >> well, we're all thinking about it too much. maybe it's because we have people like this mayor who are -- it's the opposite of that old boy who cried wolf fable. this is like a wolf attacks a village every day, and there's a kid out there saying there's no wolf! and then, you know, it's like no one knows what to do anymore. so we have to talk about it, because everyone's in denial. >> yes. it's so true. it's an interesting contrast to say climate change, where you are encouraged, encouraged to see the apocalyptic consequences of climate change. but in this case, it's like, you know what, it has nothing to do with this at all. it's gun crime. >> i mean, yeah, you can call it whatever you want.
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it doesn't make us any safer. you can say it's road rage. because it happened in the streets. >> true. >> you could say it's a sports fanatic, because philly is full of them. but the way i see it is, islam, like alcohol, in my opinion, is inherently good. but some people get drunk. and they commit awful, awful crimes. does that crime that happen mean that alcohol is to blame? no, it's the person who got so drunk off of it, and ruined other people's lives. >> i love the fact that you tied it to booze. >> yeah? when i think of islam, i can go there. >> exactly. it's an interesting fact. you know what the thing is, any kind of extremism goes to a bad place. is what you're saying. extremism behavior with alcohol goes to a bad place. extreme negativity, like kat -- kat, is this the new approach to terror? always say it's gun violence? >> absolutely.
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people are so, so hell-bent on blaming it on guns, that they become disconnected from reality. based on some of the solutions they're coming up with, like the gun registry, dumbest things ever. the burglars should be able to look to see who has a gun when deciding who to rob. great ideas. you guys be doing a great job. it's got to change. less and less safe every time this happens. >> that's why i like the gun registry, because then people are going to buy guns because they don't want burglars coming to their house. if you have a region sti, burglars will look at it and think, they better get a gun so they don't get invaded because burglars are less inclined to go to a place that's armed. the next story is ridiculous. in germany, which is a country, let's get that clear. i want to make that clear to everybody at home. there was a big demonstration this weekend outside the cologne train station where a massive sexual assault took place on new year's eve. german police used water cannons to disperse the protesters.
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where were these water cannons on new year's eve? police say they received 120 criminal complaints of sexual assault of the 31 suspects identified so far, 18 came to germany seeking asylum from middle eastern countries. here's the thing, german chancellor and "time" person of the year angela merkel has all but rolled out the carpet for refugees. to add insult to injury, the mayor of cologne cautioned women to keep an arm's length from male strangers. which is so easy to do when there are 1,000 of them. how ironic that the mayor of cologne stinks. thank you, america. i could end the show there, megan, with that. so this is amazing. what's going on right now in germany, they're selling out of pepper spray. because the police can't protect them from these mobs.
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this is crazy. where are feminists? >> you don't have to be a feminist or not a feminist to not want to be sexually assaulted in the street. this is what people fear in the united states of america. "time" magazine of the year, feminist of the ages, icon of all-time, angela merkel, there is a lot of pushback, if you will. they're thinking about showing muslim men sex education classes, because that's how repressed they are and how out of touch with the world that we live in is. it's horrific and scary and thank god i'm an american right now. >> thank god you're born here in the moment. >> it's really going to take, until isis calls for repealing roe v. wade, i think feminists will continue to ignore it. this is what the future looks like here. the real threat to massive migration from this region is we're not all going to die in terror attacks. probably not.
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if we do, it's going to be quick. but you can't go outside without worrying about being groped, where you can't say what you really think without offending somebody. and everyone is suspicious of one another. this is multi-culturalism run amok. >> there you go, run amok! it was megan who said it. >> nothing binds society together. >> do you envision articles titled why do they rape us? it was like, why do they hate us? it's going to be our fault. why do they surround western women? >> why stop at men? look at the whole human race. aren't humans the problem, greg? >> dolphins, too. dolphins rape, we know that. >> i know. >> keep men at arm's length like if that helps at all? i get on the subway, and women have their arms out. >> you are a creepy looking man.
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>> women don't keep men at arm's length? >> you are a creepy looking man, tom. i mean that in the best possible way. you look like a really nice guy that kills people at night. it's true. we've discussed this. >> a gacy? >> a more attractive tend bundy, if you will. i'm sorry. jo ann, you're a young woman, for a while anyway. are you bothered by the idea that the mayor of cologne, which is, by the way, a lot like the mayor of philly, more upset with your behavior, whether it's in philly, don't say this, or in cologne, stay at arm's length, than the actual behavior of the bad pem? >> you hope that refugees or migrants will assimilate to the culture they're in. not only do they not want to assimilate, they want to destroy the culture.
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they want to destroy the respect that surrounds all of the people who are in that community. >> it's not everybody in the middle east. >> no. >> it's a particular -- >> the stuff that does stuff like this. >> a pernicious toxic strain of islam. it's a radicalism that hates success and envy. they look at -- instead of like learning from progress, they want to destroy it. >> definitely the destruction aspect for sure. but even being a woman. the respect is completely different. i could not wear this in many countries. >> yeah. you can barely wear it now. >> i'm going to go. >> i'm kidding. but look, eric, we saw this, kat. now it's being exported. we saw this with the number of journalists molested and raped. so now it's coming here. and we have to turn a blind eye and pretend it's not happening? >> how must these women feel,
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basically what they're telling them is, yeah, that's bad. but you know what, we don't want to be politically incorrect so that's actually more important than your safety, or what you went through. that's somehow less offensive than just saying, hey, let's look at everything here? yes, tom, they're definitely all men. but they also have something else in common that we need to discuss. we're really saying we don't care about women. >> right. interesting protest in cologne, a nude protester, this is pretty gutsy, not only because she's out there naked, probably not the best way to do this, but it's freezing out there. and she went out there to protest the attacks, holding a sign naked. this is where you just don't have a comment, because -- >> even the photograph who braved -- >> the men pretending to be photographers for newspapers and magazines. suddenly they're interested in the story. all right, we've got to go. still ahead, president obama
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about five weeks following the terror attack in san bernardino, president obama made an emotional pitch for his
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executive action plan for gun control on tuesday, calling for more intense background checks for those who want to purchase guns and requiring all licensed and unlicensed gun dealers to be registered to close the so-called gun show loophole. later in the week, he attended a town hall meeting and heard from a rape survivor who wants to protect her family. >> i have been unspeakably victimized once already, and i refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids. so why can't your administration see that these restrictions that you're putting to make it harder for me to own a gun, or harder for me to take it where i need to be is just making my kids and i less safe? >> you have to be pretty well trained in order to fire a weapon against somebody who is assaulting you. and catches you by surprise. and what is also true is there's always the possibility that that firearm in a home leads to a
10:20 pm
tragic accident. >> okay. while i completely credit the president for facing a tough question from an amazing woman, his answer seems shaky to me. that's because he's saying that because such protection can be used against you, it might be better to have no protection at all. maybe a baseball bat, or a gulf club instead? i don't know. meg megan, i have to say, i question the timing of this. but i can't question the fact that, that took guts for him to face these questions which i thought were pretty tough questions. am i wrong? >> i mean, i would have liked to have had an nra representative there, a few more republicans. >> he was invited about he turned it down. >> the nra came back and said we would have had a small segment. i would like him to do a town hall like this and talk to a lot more americans than that young woman who was brave enough to talk. my biggest problem, president obama freely admits never owning
10:21 pm
a gun. he said when running for president that the americans that cling to god and their guns, this goes far beyond him understanding second amendment rights. this is a cultural thing he doesn't understand. as a woman, he doesn't understand how a woman would feel more protected owning a gun, having a gun in your apartment. it's like trying to talk to someone -- like trying to talk to a person like president obama about this issue and no way to get any kind of middle ground. >> i think you can see that in his response about assuming that a lot of these people can't handle guns. without proper training. he doesn't understand that people across america with guns go to the range. >> born and raised. >> it's part of their life. tucker, this is where i agree with president obama, and i know you're going to rip me to shreds on this. >> yeah, probably. >> when we talked about the stolen police gun against this police officer by this islamist, why not a tracking device that president obama talked about, a
10:22 pm
tracking device on the police officer's stolen gun, we might have had that gun, right? >> maybe. just don't put them on my gun. it's absolutely none of your business. all of this is an attempt -- >> would you put a tracking thing on your car to find out if it's stolen? >> it's my choice. i'm not interested in having a tracking device in my car. we have them anyway, they come that way from the manufacturer. i have no choice. i don't want it applied to my firearms. it's absolutely nobody's business. this is an attempt to disarm the population, because a disarmed population is much more compliant. the core of this is just wrong. that is, increased gun ownership correlates to higher crime rates, and that is false. metropolitan h montana has one of the lowest gun violence. every committee chairman in congress, every cabinet secretary, they'll do whatever it takes using tax dollars to keep their families safe, at the
10:23 pm
same time trying to disarm my family. i'm not a conspiracy nut, but that's an ugly -- >> but your friends, the secret service everywhere, gs at the cnn debate, that was completely surrounded. so you're right. i agree with you on that. i think the thing that bugged me most, tom, i would be okay with the gun thing, if it hadn't been linked to a terror attack, san bernardino, which seemed incredibly incorrect. and where is the one on terror? where is the town hall on terror? >> i know. obviously he doesn't want to have a town hall on terror. he's obsessed with guns and climate change. that's what he'll ride to the end of his presidency. in watching this q&a session, so-called, it made me realize that americans are really good now, because of people like you and me, they're really good at just stating their opinion at the question, and they say, why is it that blah, blah, blah, or why can't your administration,
10:24 pm
and then she goes on and makes her political point. everybody knows how to do that now, at the debates and town halls. >> that is so true. >> like you and me, greg. >> i believe, too, joann, i don't think there was anything really new that he's trying to push. he's just being more emotional about previous things, like background checks. >> i don't know if this is new, but he says he does want to make sure that there are more background checks staffers, more people doing background checks. which i'm okay with. gun sales are up. you need more background checks. if they can happen in a more timely manner and make them more efficient, i'm all for that. and jobs, great. but he's doing this, like you said, in climate change, because it appeals to emotions more than terror or national security i think does unfortunately. i think we're all very concerned about it. where most of the country is more tied to what the media shows, which is, you know, these awful shootings that happen.
10:25 pm
and i think that he realizes his time is running out and he just wants to really have his name on something, and he realizes it can only be these insignificant small changes. >> it's almost -- if he's looking at his legacy of climate change and guns, ignoring maybe national security stuff, it's a bit selfish. but maybe he truly believes in these things. kat, were there many things about guns discussed in this? because i didn't watch it. >> no. i think that what we need to be talking about is the way obama manexplained to that woman. seriously. he said, look, chickadee, i know you think you could handle a gun, but you would probably blow your own face off. i as a man know you would not be safe. that is sexist and offensive. we should not let him get away with it. >> that's an -- do the corollary if this were about abortion. and a woman stood up and said she had been raped and she was
10:26 pm
impregnated and had the abortion by a relative or whatever, and a president saying, but you know, here's the issue and starts explaining to her why, you know, the problems with abortion. all hell would break loose. >> hold on a second, little lady. >> yes. making a murderer. we wasted hours watching it. but now how different was the actual trial from what you saw on netflix? we'll talk to a guy who was "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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. it's more popular than kittens, cartwheels and crystal meth combined. the netflix documentary series "making a murderer" tells the story of a wisconsin man who spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit, only to be later convicted of murder in a separate case following his release. for those of you who haven't seen it, we now pause to show you all ten hours of it uninterrupted. >> steven avery spent 18 years in prison for something he didn't do. >> dna had come through indicating that he had not committed the crime. >> we were getting ready to bring a lawsuit. >> $36 million. >> the county itself and sheriff and the d.a. would be on the hook for those damages. >> do we have a body or anything yet? >> i don't believe so. >> we have steven avery in custody though? >> since the show's release, several key pieces of evidence that were left out of the
10:31 pm
documentary have come to light, namely that steven avery called the victim three times the day she went missing and tried to hide his phone number. dna from his sweat was found on her car, and the bullet linked to the dna was forensically tied to avery's gun. for someone who watched more than five weeks of this trial, and tracking the arguments and evidence on both sides, brian tulley was a producer in wisconsin covering the trial back in 2007. he's now a "fox & friends" producer. what was your job each day? >> i was a producer every day of the court trial. we had to watch it, take notes on it. we carried it live, monitored it, write down what happened. it was intense and not nearly as exciting as this series. >> so what is the difference between what the viewer is seeing and what you saw? >> well, we saw something that was definitely a lot more -- it was boring.
10:32 pm
at times. there were days, at the time, where they would debate over what evidence would be allowed, what wouldn't be allowed. we would have to wait days between things. >> that's key. some of the stuff that wasn't included is the stuff that showed the dude might be guilty. >> exactly. the jury is taken out of the room for evidence hearing. and when the media has to watch hours of this testimony, will this be allowed, not allowed, it makes you wonder, why are they working so hard to get rid of this or that the? >> he actually greeted the victim in a bath towel. he had her come there. he creeped this girl out. he was calling her. they found nonblood dna on the hatch of her car after she was killed. >> but the difference here, all of these things were left out of the documentary. >> they were left out of the documentary. this is where it's interesting to me. i call myself a futon detective. this is somebody who watches this and thinks he knows the case. i watched the entire show, over
10:33 pm
24 hours. i watched it. i was convinced the guy was -- the guy should be free. then i started reading about the stuff that wasn't in the documentary and i felt i was cheated. i felt like i was lied to about the dna, the sweat. a cop can't plant that. why were these things left out? because it would have ruined the documentary, right? >> maybe. i don't know if 2 would have ruined it. i think it's also, the filmmakers, how they put the documentary together. they stayed with the averys and interviewed them. all the stuff you see on tv that -- or on netflix, rather, none of that has ever been public. this is the stuff the media has never seen before. it's shocking to us, too. we never saw that side of them. they were tonightly different people in public. then the sympathetic ma and pa you're looking at in this series. when these filmmakers put it together, staying with them, and telling only their side of the story, they didn't really interview anybody else. i think that there's a chance that they're not getting all the
10:34 pm
information. which is what happened to you when you only watched the series. >> i fell for it. what they left out, what about teresa, the victim? there wasn't much about the victim in her story, and her family. >> there was so much that we saw -- the family made themselves available. they welcomed our reporters into their houses. they would talk every single day after court. which the defense lawyers did well. but i think that if they're going to speculate that perhaps someone else did this, then don't you think that the producers should use her photo a little bit more, and show some interviews of the family and help find the person who did this? >> it just seems like this was an agenda-driven documentary in the start. >> i don't know there was an agenda intentionally. i would say for the first year of the case, when we watched -- all we had to go on was the press conference which was horrific. we didn't see the case that was suggesting it was inaccurate for a year and a month after that
10:35 pm
had taken place. you know, the media, for a long time, thought that was the story that was happening. >> brian, thanks so much for coming on. i appreciate it. don't go anywhere. we've got more awesome stuff on the way. th when i went on to ancestry, th i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer,
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orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. the topic, the netflix series making a murderer, tries to transform a rapist killer into an innocent martyr. i think the documentary hero, steven avery, is guilty as hell. and i'm right. just for fun i've invited some folks who disagree, just so i can embarrass the hell out of them. joann is still watching but leaning toward guilty, i think. arguing for the losing side is criminal defense attorney remy
10:40 pm
spencer. and our own futon detective, katherine timpf. your career is based on defending scum bags, how you pay for your expensive jewelry and club med, clothing optional. you know that the documentary was biased, yes or no? >> i know that the documentary couldn't possibly in ten hours show everything that took place over about 25, 30 years. that's for sure. yes, some things were left out. but if you look at what was left out, you'll see that all of the compelling evidence that the state had, whatever that was useful and compelling for a conviction, was shown in the documentary. >> you know, i think wasn't it compelling when they found her palm pilot and camera in a burn barrel belonging to the defendant? >> yes, everyone agrees that she was not burned in the location that they recovered the bones.
10:41 pm
>> they could have moved her anywhere. they found his non-blood dna on the hatch of her car. >> i'm glad you brought that up. a lot of people are saying that this is the piece of evidence that the filmmakers left out that shows he's guilty. respectfully, with that opinion i know you have, i disagree. i'll tell you why. >> why? >> the car was seized, right, from the lot. it was kept in law enforcement's possession. you know when they searched the car? right away. in every single case they search it right away nflt this case, six months after they had it. after they were trying to place her in the garage for dna, which they couldn't do, which they never effectively did, they were like, oh, my gosh, we're going to look under the hood. and it's not clear what -- >> what you're saying is, instead of this pervert who set a cat on fire, a live cat on fire, dipped in gas, involved in
10:42 pm
other strange perverted crimes, it was the police that found a tiny bit of non-blood dna and put it on the hatch? >> he may have done all those repulsive things, he may be a bad guy. but because he might have the propensity to commit murder is not evidence that he committed in this case. >> but we weren't shown all the evidence. tom, you have something to sgla greg, the thing that's good about this documentary is it's making people do their own sleuthing, which is good. >> what are they sleuthing about things in their own neighborhood? >> i care about my own blood. i want you to look at how slowly that moves. i don't know what that says, but it says something. >> you've been walking around with a vial of your own blood. this is very strange. and you're creeping megan and joann out. >> i'm not that creeped out. >> it looks like -- >> you know what's fun when you're sitting next with someone on a train, and you say, oh, do you have some blood -- oh, i'm sorry. >> you know what he's bringing
10:43 pm
up is the modern futon detect e detective. they're almost all women. the metaphor is the spinster who fell in love with avery in jail, the bored people watching the show. >> i'm surprised everyone is so sympathetic toward him. did we forget, cecil the lion? what about grumpy cat? everybody loves these feline animals. >> except the cat that he burns. >> that is glaringly obvious that he has -- he was prosecuted for burning the cat. what this documentary shows us is that the police messed up. he didn't follow protocol. >> the police made some mistakes, he's a murder. and if he burned grumpy cat, the public would go crazy. kat, you agree with me now, don't you? >> no, i do not. i'm a futon detective and i'm also an american. in this country, you're supposed to get a fair trial. he was suing people for $36
10:44 pm
million that were then allowed to conduct this investigation and determine his fate? does that sound fair to you, greg? does that sound like america? can i get an american flag flying behind me? because i'm picturing that in my mind right now. this is america, greg. >> i want to point out to the viewers that katherine has been writing letters to steven avery. and i think they're getting married. >> it was only one letter. i'm waiting for him to get back to me. i don't want to seem too needy. we have to talk about the hillary clinton e-mail that may be her undoing. and later, i told joann and katherine to hit the streets. not only did they come back, it not only did they come back, it turns out they
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a new batch of 66 have been deemed classified. that's one-sixth short of 666. state department claims none of them were classified at the time they were sent. one e-mail from june 2011 shows clinton telling her top adviser jake sullivan to send secure info through insecure means. sullivan writes they say they've had issues sending secure fax.
10:49 pm
they're working on it. she responds if they can't turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and sending nonsecure. translation, tucker, you break the law, so i don't have to. this is a big deal. >> she broke the law. republican direct mail guys have been making money saying hillary will be indicted. she's not going to be indicted. she's hillary clinton. how is she not indicted at this point. there's an fbi investigation into whether she broke the espionage act which only requires that you store classified information on an unsecure server. at this point can they finish this investigation without recommending felony charges? i don't understand how. >> this seems pretty bad. >> if you don't think hillary clinton say liar and something nefarious is going on, i don't know what it's going to take. i was under the impression hillary clinton was this grandma that couldn't use her
10:50 pm
blackberry? "send it to me in a nonsecure firm?" i do not know what to say if you are sending me that. she knows a lot about sending e-mails that can't be tracked. clearly she knows what she's doing. >> she plays the dumb cop and smart cop depending on who is asking her questions. you are a big hillary supporter. does this bother you? >> this is scandal fatigue. they've mastered it. the entire clinton presidency, bill clinton, was a setup to get hillary elected. all the scandals, they piled them on. like with trump. he's politically incorrect and says shocking things because it's going to help him because that's the way he is. she commits scandals. and now no one can deal with it anymore. i don't like her and i don't want to hear about e-mail anymore. >> is it going to end up being sanders versus trump? could it be? >> that would be wonderful. >> it would be wonderful. two great characters. think of the "snl" sketches.
10:51 pm
i am currently working on a netflix documentary about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> really? >> and the case surrounding that. apparently that's the way to get people to find faults with authority figures because otherwise she has all these blind mice followers who, it's no big deal. no big deal. even though the evidence is so clearly there that she has done wrong. >> that's a good point. where are the woodward and burnsteins? instead of investigating such things they wait for the stuff to drop and then pick through it like at a rummage sale and then move on. this is interesting. where is the woodward and bernstein. >> i don't really get the reference. i'm sorry. i'm young and cool. so i don't get it, but hillary clinton, we already know for a fact she's a nightmare. she's a liar and breaks the rules for her own benefit
10:52 pm
regardless of how it hurts national security. we already know that. what else is there? is it her dad's charisma, her girlish charms? there's nothing to like about this woman. i personally judge anybody who supports her. >> there may be something -- the juanita broderick thing could end up coming back, too. it speaks to hillary's character, not just bill's. don't go anywhere. up next, joanne and catherine quit their new year's resolutions because they're stupid. new year's resolutions, not joanne and catherine, of course. .
10:53 pm
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well, we're just over a week
10:57 pm
into 2016 which is right around people start dropping those new year's resolutions, so we hit times square to encourage everyone to fail completely and embrace their imperfect selves and also fulfilled our community service hours for january. >> so new year's resolution, who made one? who's yours? >> to go to the gym frequently so i can stay in shape. >> you don't want to go to the gym. i'm going to help you out. gyms are petrie dishes for germs and disease. so stay away. >> my resolution is just to enjoy. >> so you're into mindfulness? that's the way you get a healthy mind. how much will you charge me to be my therapist? >> i don't know. >> you know who else is awful at resolutions? celebrities. you have to guess who failed at
10:58 pm
what. who should stop taking pictures of food? >> kim kardashian. >> definitely. >> let go of the past? >> jeb bush. >> that's bill clinton's resolution for you, and for all of us. thank you. i love you. i really do. >> who should get a haircut? >> kevin spacey, i would say. >> so much hate for the space. no, it's people with man buns. >> to stop saying cha, cha, cha during all the pauses in "happy birthday." >> i don't know. >> jeb bush. are you a cha, cha, cha kind of guy? >> no. >> stop it, everyone. >> who should stop talking about the show "making a murderer?" >> i don't know. >> it's all of us. that's right. it's disgusting.
10:59 pm
eat a vegetable. is that jeb bush? >> no, that's michael moore. he's going to try to eat one. he hasn't done it yet. >> who should drink more red bull? it's a politician. >> i would say donald trump should drink red bull to fly away. >> oh, sensing a little trump hate there. but the answer is ben carson. to start water skiing? >> no clue. >> mike huckabee. he says just as much water skiing in 2016. who should stop being so awesome? >> donald trump. >> very close, but wrong answer. the answer is lou dobbs. >> to cry more? >> i don't know. >> taylor swift. she says it's great cardio. for me, panic attacks are my cardio. >> who should stop losing academy awards?
11:00 pm
>> special thanks to megan mccain, tom shillue, tucker carlson, remy spencer, us. "fox news sunday" is next. i'm chris wallace. with just 22 days until the voting starts in iowa, donald trump doubles down. questioning whether ted cruz is eligible to be president. >> honestly, do you have any doubts that ted cruz is a natural born citizen? >> i don't know. attacking bill and hillary clinton for scandals. >> a lot of people say this will backfire. >> hitting president obama's new gun control plan. you said soon we won't be able to get guns and the president responded that's all a conspiracy. >> the gop front runner one-on-one on "fox news sunday."


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