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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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cruz for a sunday exclusive live here in washington. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next "fox news sunday." this is a fox news alert. here's what's happening. some sad news out of the entertainment world to report. legendary british singer david bowie dead at age 69. his official facebook page saying this. david bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. while many of you will share in this lorss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief. bowie's son posting this on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's true. he was born david jones. he rose to fame with 1969's "space oddity" and later ziggy
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stardust during his decades long career. he dabbled in soul, hard rock, dance, pop, punk and electronica, just some of his memorable songs are let's dance, under pressure, china girl and modern love and who could forget fame. over the last few years, the chart-topping singer had kept a low profile after undergoing emergency heart surgery in 2004. his last live performance was at a new york charity concert in 2006. just days before his death, bowie released his 25th album called "black star" to coincide with his 69th birthday on january 8th. he's survived by his supermodel wife and two children. david bowie, a loss in the entertainment industry, dead at the age of 69 after his battle with cancer. i'm kelly wright. this has been a fox news alert. we take you back now to "mediabuzz" florialready in pro.
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and tries to sell his decision with anderson cooper. >> what do you say to someone that you aren't coming for their guns? >> keep in mind i've been president for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. >> some pundits ripping him for unilaterally changing the law. many are sympathetic to the president's move. i'm howard kurtz and this is "mediabuzz." when marco rubio declared that chris christie was president obama's favorite republican governor, chris christie said, i don't think rubio will be able to slime his way to the white house. the tone took a strange turn when donald trump started
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talking about the well-known fact that ted cruz was born in canada. >> senator cruz, you have now raised the issue of his birth. he was born in alberta, canada, to an american mother and a cuban father. why do you raise that now? >> i didn't raise it. "the washington post" raised it, because the worst thing that could happen is he gets sued by the democrats and he's not allowed to run. >> the texas senator says he's a naturalized u.s. citizen, born to an american mother. most legal experts agree. he tweeted trump with a funny video of the fonz jumping the shark. but reporters kept pressing him. >> one of the things the media loves to do is gaze at their navels for hours on end by a tweet from donald trump or me or anyone else. who cares? with all due respect our good friends of the media are playing into the democrats' play book. how about we talk about the real challenges. >> joining us now to analyze
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this coverage, mercedes schlepp, veteran of the bush white house. betsy woodruff, a correspondent for "the daily beast" and michael tomaski. and special correspondent for the daily beast. so trump says that he's not pushing the cruz canadian birth issue. he's just responding to questions first in "the washington post." is that right? >> i think it's a little twisted, another classic trump act, which is let me bring this up. yes, i was asked by "the washington post," but he has been able to carry on and feed this to the media. and the media in response has decided they're going to spend about five or six days talking about the fact of whether ted cruz -- he was born in canada, yes, and whether he's a natural born citizen and qualifies. >> why are the media doing that? >> again it partly -- we know two facts here. the conservative media are all in agreement this is ridiculous. this is just a joke that, why
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are we even covering this. mainstream media, they like the fact, let's bring up the doubt in the mind of these voters. >> cruz is in a strange position of trying to brush this off, and then producing a copy of his mother's delaware birth certificate. no one questioned whether she was an american. then giving it to breitbart. >> this is where i would take issu conservative sights that tons read are really driving this narrative. >> they're concerned the fact -- >> right, but they're covering it -- breitbart is covering it like a serious news story, like trump is asking serious questions, while on the other hand, our site, "the washington post," other outlets are saying, why are we even looking at this? i think a lot of -- >> breitbart has been both ways.
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they had a long article yesterday, very in depth. very much like a look at the documents. >> proving the fact he is a natural-born citizen. >> michael, what does it say about donald trump's ability to dictate the media's agenda, we have spent a week on this, and it seems to bubble up as the top story of the campaign. >> it says what we've known since june, if he opens his mouth, he says it in a way that presidential candidates in particular never do. he says it in a bombastic way, a somewhat demagogic way. a way nobody else would do. >> in this case he says, no, i'm just trying to help ted cruz because the democrats will make an issue of this and i want him to take care of his legal business. >> we know he's being coy about that. he does drive the agenda. every four days there's a trump mania thing. >> let's go through the handle rhetoric, now slamming each
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other as we get closer to iowa and new hampshire. the media rewarding them with lots of ink and airtime. >> absolutely, but it's fascinating to watch the mud wrestling. i think that's been the most fascinating part. especially the rubio and christie fight. it's been more recent we're starting to see this. >> every campaign heats up, but is the media guilty of elevating insults? over issues? >> i think perhaps what the media is guilty of is focussing on trump to the total execution of other candidates, unless they use the terms slimy to describe each other. the bar seems out of whack. >> so you're saying the other candidates have to engage in more outrageous rhetoric in order to break through the trump force field? >> without a doubt. the bar of what makes something outrageous is so high. it's amazing. >> we all know the media thrive on conflict. that's a given.
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journalists are disappointed when ted cruz deflects these questions, and they keep asking him again, but aren't you outraged? and cruz has been disciplined in not playing that game. >> cruz has been disciplined. he has his strategy. and it's been -- yes, every campaign gets heated. and the media always over-focus on these attacks, but this is a little different because of trump's presence. he has ratcheted up the insult level, and he's made it a confusing situation. they -- usually if you are in a multicandidate field, you know whom to attack to shed their support and move it in your direction. now that's totally confused. >> the media has a big challenge. they're having to cover multiple candidates. in the newsrooms, they're asking themselves, who do we cover? donald trump versus marco or christie versus cruz? there's only a limited window to give that time available. >> another way that donald trump
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has seized control of the media agenda, this began last week and continued to some extent, with his attacks against bill clinton. running against the nominee in waiting. and talking about past sex scandals. this morning on "meet the press," he asked trump if he was willing to bring up bill clinton's past only if hillary clinton continues to call him a sexist. let's look at that exchange. >> is that a threat to her? you want me to go down that road? you go down that road, i go down this road. is this public threat? >> i don't want to say it's a threat. but it is a threat. >> i can call it a nicer name, yeah. she was saying he has tendencies towards being sexist. >> talking about you? >> about me. wait a minute, she's married to an abuser, a woman who claimed rape, all sorts of things. >> so that was a candid answer. yes, it's a threat. >> america loves those types of answers.
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it is a fact that he's able to say, you know what? if she attacks me, i will attack her, and this is fair game. that's when you throw away the political rule book that we've all tried to follow, you know, if he's feeling threatened, he's going to go after her and attack her. >> michael, you have written that hillary clinton has an achilles' heel, and i'll ask you to come back on that, but juanita broderick, who accused bill clinton of rape and paula jones and kathleen williams, should be viewed in a different category than monica lewinsky and jennifer flowers. please explain. >> with monica lewinsky and gennifer flowers, bill clinton admitted those happened. with these, there's doubt. bill clinton says no. they say yes. there are some inconsistencies in their stories over the years
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we don't know the truth, and bill clinton certainly isn't going to change his story. >> so you're saying it's important for journalists to make distinctions, for example, special prosecutor ken starr didn't bring any charges or pursue any allegations. he pursued them, but didn't find any evidence in the case of juanita broderick, for example? >> in the willy case he decided not to use her. decided she wasn't a reliable witness. there are all these mitigating things that make it different from lewinsky and flowers. >> of course, bill clinton's past misconduct is fair game. he would be back in the white house if his wife wins, but is this again a case of donald trump acting as a media assignment editor? >> to an extent you can argue that, but on the other hand hillary clinton said she's standing up for survivors of sexual assault, and anyone who says they were assaulted need to be believed.
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she said that. now we have cases where people are saying we actually shouldn't believe these women? that gets back to how media holds hillary to her own standard. is hillary believing these women who made allegations against her own husband? >> you read about bill's team trashing some of these women. any evidence that hillary was involved in that effort or is it your view she was an enabler? >> it sounds like she was an enabler. looking back in the history of it all, it was clear whenever any of these women back in the day, again 20 years ago, would bring up their situation of rape or sexual assault, the clinton machine was clear in jumping -- trying to destroy them, attack them. i think hillary was disciplined to stay as far away from it as possible. we may not get a straight answer from her, but i think that's a question in the minds of american voters. >> brief response. >> what i meant by the achilles' heel, what betsy said, she said
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that thing about women should be believed. i think what she kind of meant was women should not be reflexively disbelieved. >> she opened the door to the conversation we're having now. send me a tweet. let's hear from you. you can also e-mail us. ahead -- when we come back, rolling stone has the sean penn interview. the notorious el chapo while he's on the run from mexican authorities. is that journalism? also, hillary clinton does a big sit-down on msnbc. was the show "hardball" or softball?
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will hillary clinton be hurt by her husband on the
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this is a fox buzz alert. "rolling stone" publishing sean penn's interview with el chapo,
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while he was in hiding and giving the notorious mass murderer veto power over the article. it was a head-snapping moment when we found out about it late last night and this morning. what do you think? >> i think the veto power is kind of interesting. you have to ask yourself the question, it's a drug lord, he can probably cut my head off, so maybe i do want to give him veto power? i think it works effectively for el chapo. >> on the other hand it's crazy for a journalist to do an interview where they only think they can cover something a certain way or they'll get killed. when i first saw the news last night, i thought it was from a parody news site at first. >> and that sean penn was doing the interview. >> obviously an actor, not a journalist, but functions as a journalist at times. >> it's weird. he asked pretty journalistic questions from what i could see. he doesn't ask him what your favorite food is. he asked some serious questions,
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but the media will chew over this one for a long time. >> does anyone think this is an effort on the part of el chapo, now back in the custody of mexican authorities, to soften his image a bit and explain himself? is that the role of "rolling stone"? >> i think he has a vision of el chapo goes to hollywood. that doesn't necessarily work when you're one of the fugitives out there they're trying to capture. you really have to ask yourself a question, he's a smart businessman. he's caused a lot of trauma and death in mexico. so i think it's interesting to watch what he has done. we will talk more about this later in the program, but first hillary clinton doesn't do that many tv interviews. she was on "cbs this morning." she sat down with chris matthews on "hardball." let's take a look. >> i want to say something nice about you. >> oh, please. >> are you personally responsible? you didn't cry. you didn't go away and say, gee
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whiz, why am i going through this? you acted like a champion for democrats. you said, something good can come out of this for me. i can become a hero to people. >> what they were talking about is the period during and after the monica lewinsky scandal and how she handled herself, great in chris matthews' view and how she went on to become a successful candidate for the senate. what did you make of that? it seemed chris matthews kept going out of his way to praise her guts. >> what i thought it was fascinating is it barely made any news. she pretty much regurgitate her talking points. the only real standout moment, when he said her a question, and she knew it was coming. what's the difference between a democrat and a socialist? and her answer was, i'm a progressive democrat who wants to see things change. that's not even remotely an answer to the question.
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>> what did you make of that whole question where he said i want to speak out now, and called her a hero in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal. >> i felt like it was the many of n.o.w. doing the interview. he honed in on the fact of the gender card, that narrative of the first woman president. again, it's one thing it plays well with the democratic base, the women who are supporting her. i guess he's trying to soften her image. for those viewers, it was great, but i thought it was an incredibly boring interview. >> back in 2008, chris matthews sid the following about hillary clinton. the reason she's a u.s. senator, a candidate for president, the reason why she may be a front-runner is that her husband messed around, and ten days later he apologized for what he called a nasty remark, so this whole interview struck me as a make-up call, to use a sports call. >> in fairness i would say i've
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seen in fox segments where cruz or trump are on, and they're not exactly given the third degree on this network. this network serves an audience. that network serves an audience. >> come on. that interview is what i would have to consider the cheerleading interview -- >> bret baier and chris wallace. tough interviewers at fox. >> to your point, i didn't expect an inquisition from chris matthews. he makes no secret of having liberal sympathies. it just seemed like a softball conversation and an opportunity to press her and make some news. >> she's a tough interview. i've interviewed her. and by design. she doesn't do this very much. she doesn't need to. it's not like there's somebody out there who doesn't know who she is. >> asking how great is it being a champion for women is a little bit -- >> how great is it? on that note, betsy, mercedes, michael, thanks. up next, we compare the
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coverage for donald trump and hillary clinton in our media microscope. you don't want to miss this. u d.
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the question, does donald trump get more media coverage than hillary clinton? the answer is yes, by a lot, according to the new analytics company which found more than 5300 mentions of trump compared to more than 3200 for the democratic front-runner. the gop race more competitive but the tone not that different. negative in red, positive in green. trump's coverage, 60% negative. hillary clinton, a bit better. now we'll drill down to only the media in iowa. the first column for each candidate is four days in the beginning of december. the second column is four days
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this week. trump was utterly dominant in iowa. 354 mentions. four times as much as the next guy, ted cruz, but it's almost dropped in half to 173 mentions, as his rivals ramp up their campaigning before the caucuses. trump is hot from 74 to 137 media mentions. marco rubio tripling his presence in iowa. 40 to 118. ben carson may be struggling nationally. in iowa more than tripled his media mentions. carson from 21 to 64. but look at jeb bush. he's fallen by almost half. 37 to 20. less than one-eighth of trump's coverage. it remains mostly in negative. cruz, rubio, trump, less negative by three to five
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points. all the candidates starting to change their image as they get more exposure in iowa. ahead on "mediabuzz," is it fair for commentators to scoff at president obama's tears when discussing gun control. are the media feeding our addiction it all these websites and apps and gadgets. gadgets.
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this is a fox news alert. good morning. sad news out of the entertainment world. legendary british singer david bowie dead at age 69. his official facebook page saying this. david bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. while many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief. and bowie's son posting this on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's
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true. i'll be offline for a while. love to all. the influential singer/songwriter was born david jones. he rose to fame with "space oddity" and later through his jump suit wearing alter ego ziggy stardust. during his decades-long career he dabbled in soul, hard rock, dance, pop, punk and electronica. just some of his memorable songs are let's dance, under pressure, china girl, modern love, and fame. over the last few years, the chart-topping singer kept a low profile after undergoing emergency heart surgery in 2004. his last live performance was at a new york charity concert in 2006. just days before his death he released his 25th album called "black star" to coincide with his 69th birthday january 8th. he's survived by his fashion model wife and two children. again, david bowie, dead at age
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69 after his battle with cancer. i'm kelly wright. this has been a fox news alert. we take you back to "mediabuzz" already in progress. radical islamic terrorism. my second criticism is they gave the president a platform. nobody else on the platform with him that represents the other side. they did have good questions, but the president, as you know he's a basketball player, too, but seemed to run out the clock filibustering the answers. even though cooper asked him good questions, cooper kind of laid back and let him finish, ramble on and didn't. >> there were voices on the other side, people like kimberly and others who challenged the president and i think cnn did a good job, particularly in the first half. there were people who challenged the president. a top nra official said his group didn't participate because
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cnn insisted on prescreening questions. is that's a problem? >> cnn has the right -- i think they held the president to that same standard. the nra doesn't need that type of platform. i think ander srn did give some pushback to the president. anderson cooper said, is that fair terminology? so i did see some actual pushback, and at least attempt to show some balance there. >> right. and president obama's supporters say expanded background checks. this is a very modest proposal. do you think the coverage has been simp theympathetic to that? >> oh, certainly. i think journalists unfairly criticized the president for getting emotional when they really should have challenged him on whether the actions would be effective at solving any of
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these mass shooting incidents. and more importantly about the issue of separation of powers. we know about president obama's famous quote about using the pen and the phone when he can't get legislation through congress. and this is yet another situation where he tries to steamroll over an issue he cares about. >> cnn did a poll afterwards, 67% support president obama on his gun changes, including a bare majority of republicans. eboni, have the media focused enough on the fact this is yet another obama executive order, yet another incident of the president, whether these are sweeping proposals or more modest, using his unilateral authority and bypassing congress? >> i think they focus too much on it. certainly executive power is there for that reason. if there's anything in these proposals? legally, i don't think so. that will be checked and balanced. if there's anything that overreaches or too broad beyond that executive authority he'll
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be sued and it will be struck down. many on the left feel this was too restrictive and conservative of an effort by the present they want something more like a registering of guns. and gail will know this as well. you have to narrowly tailored threshold to meet when talking about any time you are restricting an amendment right. so i think the president was between a rock and a hard place there. he had to err on the side of caution. i think that's the right decision. let me pick up on a point gayle made, with the president tearing up on that announcement. some people who are critics of this, critics of the president, kind of mocked him. let's take a look at a fox show. >> obama was clearly faking his crying. if you see -- >> there you go. >> he put pepper to his eye. that's how he started to cry. >> a good actor. what if he turned on the waterworks for political effect. can you blame him? >> i really don't think he did. i don't think -- it makes us look bad by saying that. >> hold on.
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>> come on now. >> that was red eye and eboni. do you think it makes commenters who were challenging the president, whether he was tearing up, does it make commenters look bad? >> it's just not my thing, howard. certainly if the president was moved to emotion on that issue, only he knows the authenticity. i'm going to take it at face value. i think it's a waste of time quite frankly to be sitting around and scrutinizing the authenticity of somebody's emotions. people criticize where is his emotion on isis and other major things we're dealing with in this country. but again, we don't know this man's heart and why something moves him to a more severe degree than something else. >> criticize him on the bypassing congress, criticize his conception of guns, but i watched that live. it looked like a genuine moment. >> i would, too, but he threw in the chicago violence at the end.
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kind of as an after thought. it all should be concerning us. and the women who are in dangerous neighborhoods who don't have access to firearms because the federal government has made the cost of firearms so high. he should be having tears for them. stick around. ahead on "mediabuzz," are the media spending time obsessing on marco rubio's boots? seriously? but first sean penn interviewing el chapo for "rolling stone." was the magazine compliceit in trying to promote his notorious criminal image?
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a fox buzz alert, "rolling stone" publishing an interview with el chapo, the mass murdering drug kingping. done by none other than sean penn. one of the questions from the actor -- are you prone to violence? do you try to avoid it? or do you use it as a last resort? >> translator: look, all i do is defend myself. do i go looking for trouble? never. >> rolling stone acknowledged penn and the magazine made an agreement to submit the article to him for approval. what do you make of sean penn meeting with this guy, at the time a fugitive from justice? i from sean penn. i don't understand. you look at them from outside of
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his film work, you see him constantly inserting himself in these news cycle stories. valiant effort with katrina, but this seems to have a different flavor, a different motivation, and quite frankly, i don't like it. >> let me read some phrases from the article, about 10,000 words, saying el chapo has an almost mythic repitation. a robin hood-like figure, providing much-needed services to the area. sean penn says i'm drawn to what may be inconsistent with the portrayals our media have. >> sean penn should stick with acting, stay in hollywood, because the article shows a complete moral inversion of journalism. basically "rolling stone" and sean penn are aiding and abetting a known felon with an international global conspiracy, a criminal syndicate. >> how are they aiding and abetting? >> they're allowing him to have a platform to get his message out. if you look carefully at the questions, a lot of what is in
12:43 am
there is talking how this mexican poverty drove el chapo to go into the marijuana and poppy fields when he was a youth, but that doesn't explain why he's the head of a global syndicate. he should apologize to all the americans whose sons and daughters have died in the heroin epidemic. >> sometimes journalists have to interview bad guys. dan rather famously interviewed saddam hussein and criminals have been interviewed in prison. i might have had a problem with the writing if sean penn had gone to prison and talked to el chapo where he's behind bars. the fact the mexican authorities were conducting this huge effort to find this man who busted out of prison for the second time and sean penn meets him at this secret location, that really made me uncomfortable. >> it shows again his motives. i don't think it was anything that was journalistic. i think it's offensive to
12:44 am
journalism to lump sean penn in with them. you and gayle have both talked about this robin hood-like figure, it's such a glamorization, but still looking at heinous charges, murder and tons of other capital offenses. i don't like that glamorization. "rolling stone" coming off the virginia/uva rape case, they have a credibility issue they're still trying to rebuild. i doint think this does them any favors. >> he was proven guilty. he was in prison. and i criticize this if it's done with a politician, but giving this criminal essentially veto power of the article. "rolling stone" said he doesn't exercise it, but it was submitted to him in advantage. >> "rolling stone" should have never agreed to that. they already have a credibility issue. they have lawsuits against them because of the uva story. so they shouldn't be denigrating their journalistic responsibility any further. if you read the article, sean penn uses it as a platform for
12:45 am
arguing against american drug policy. it's really an opinion piece, not an interview, journalistic episode. just briefly, eboni, ironically some news organization is reporting this morning that this meeting helped mexican authorities capture finally el chapo, but what about the fact that he said he didn't know quite where he was but he had clues that he could have given to law enforcement as to the whereabouts of this criminal. >> the ends don't justify the means to me. if indeed it helped law enforcement track this fugitive down, good for them. but i certainly don't want to give sean penn any credit. i think there were steps he could have taken to make this a better outcome. >> thanks for joining us. ahead, the political writer whose nasty tweets turned out to be too much for his bosses. first, some people are protesting how google and apple
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and microsoft have taken over our lives. much of that is promoted by the press. our digital download is next. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't
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perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. "the washington post" calls them digital dissenters, people who think we're too addicted to all these device and screens that apple and microsoft and google have us dependent to these devices. we're rarely fully present anywhere. is that true? joini ining us is shana glenzer. are you fully present for this? do you have any text messages? >> i checked some before i came on. i am definitely distracted by my
12:50 am
devices. this is google glass. have you ever seen it? >> i've worn one. >> the new one just came out. hyped on the media. >> how much did the media play a role in bomb bargd us. you have to get this new device, have this new iphone and be on this new social media site. >> by the time i get home i've read about new google glass on two different sites and three difference broadcasts. it's also the social pressure. you see all your friends talking about the latest iphone or new site you need to be on. that makes my feel like i'm being left out. i should get up to speed and buy my newest, latest gadget. >> they may be tilting atwi windmills but some of what they say on how dependent we've become on digital companies. >> one thing is data. over time you buy a new gadget, you are giving away a lot of
12:51 am
data about yourself and becoming purchased at these big companies. they end up buying back from advertisers where you're going, what you are doing. that's resonates with me, though some other ideas could be farther off from mainstream. >> don't we willingly trade our privacy for the convenience of google finding us a nearby restaurant or facebook fidgeting with our feed. we're complicit with this. >> we purpose it's a trade off. there are times we don't even think about the information we're giving away. that's what these digital dissupport di dissenters are trying to stress. people are selling what your habits are online. >> you do this for a living. there's a growing concern instead of listening to their kids read they're texting somebody, responding, check twitter because it's been an hour and there may be new stuff. >> do you find yourself doing that? >> i go for lunch and i go on
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twitter and i'm like, i'm out of it now. >> you feel like you constantly have to be connected. apple watch tells you immediately if you are getting noteifications, if you are missing something on twitter. >> the apple watch. tapping it while -- >> earlier today we were playing around with it. >> here's our exit question. does this backlash matter? are we now all captives of this hyperspeed culture and it's not going to change? >> i don't think this will change any time soon. i don't think changing the way they are involved in our lives. i think the way we can get compensated for some of the data they're pulling from us. i don't think it's going to change any time soon. i'm going to look for google 2.0. >> thanks very much. great to see you. still to come -- "newsweek" apologizes for a writer trashing ted cruz. a political reporter gets in a
12:53 am
vicious twitter war with jeb bush's people. and a kick in the pants for focusing on marco rubio's boots.
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politico's top reporter in florida got into a nasty twitter war with jeb bush's superpac. he's written such things as nothing mike murphy has done this cycle has helped jeb. murphy and his aide did a bang-up job with that $50 million spent. batman and robin can't get out of the bat cave. he called him a desperate right to rise orifice. when running a feckless effort and being his calamite has given him intellectual butt hurt. murphy is no shrinking violet. he said he is offensive and ought to get help. these tweetss were inappropriate
12:57 am
and mark has deleted them and this immediate action speaks for stafl. "newsweek's" editor apologizing for this article with the caption ted cruz has a strong ground game in iowa. wow. your top tweets. how much coverage should the media give to questions about ted cruz being born in canada. cruz is one of the front-runners. if there's a question about his eligible, it deserves scrutiny. that's easy. zero. >> considering he was born in another coverage, at least as much coverage as you gave to the obama birthers. >> it was a fake story and the media knew it was. #trump plays media like a drum. perhaps the silliest episode started with, marco rubio is rock something fashionable boots in new hampshire. a vote for marco rubio is a vote for men's high heeled booties which led to vanity fair
12:58 am
wondering how much the boots cost. which led to new york magazine likening him to a heartthrob from one direction which led to this. >> senator rubio was wearing a boot with a bit of a heel yesterday. >> oh, my god. look at that. >> those boots. >> rubio, it's 5'10". does he really need the booties? let's see him next to cruz without the heels. >> the rubio campaign told politico they were from floor shot. perhaps the duke. >> isis is cutting people's heads off, setting people on fire in cages, saudi arabia and iran are on the verge of a war, the economy is flat lined, the stock market is falling apart but, boy, are we getting a lot of coverage about a pair of boots. this is craziness. >> this is how the media stomp over all important stories. >> we need some light
12:59 am
heartedness in all of this. >> you love this? >> it's not that i love it but coming from miami, his shoes are more like the miami beach clubbing shoes that's i remember back in the day than what you connect with what would be like the republican conservative. >> which do you prefer? >> i prefer these nice muddy cowboy boots that's my husband wears all the time. that's what i think we have to send over to marco rubio's campaign. >> i understand this is fun but politico ran a piece saying the other candidates are using this issue to paint him as effeminate. >> i believe now they are taking this story a little way over the top here. come on. he's a dolphin fan. he talks about fantasy football all the time. we don't need to question his manhood. >> thanks. we've already given this way too much air time. it's time for me to say that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." we hope you like our facebook page. we have your buzz where i respond on video to your questions. let's hear from you.
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and as every week we're back here next sunday. you know the time. 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. legendary british singer david bowie dead at age 69. his official facebook page saying this. david bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. while many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief. meantime, bowie's son posting this on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's true. i'll be off line for a while. love to all. and british prime minister david cameron tweeting this. i grew up listening to and watching the pop genius david


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