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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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and as every week we're back here next sunday. you know the time. 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. legendary british singer david bowie dead at age 69. his official facebook page saying this. david bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. while many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief. meantime, bowie's son posting this on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's true. i'll be off line for a while. love to all. and british prime minister david cameron tweeting this. i grew up listening to and watching the pop genius david bowie. he was a master of reinvention
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who kept getting it right. a huge loss. the influential singer/songwriter was born david jones. he rose to fame with 1969's space oddity and later through his jump suit wearing alter ego ziggy stardust. bowie was known for changing his look and sound during his decades long career. he dabbled in soul, hard rock, dance, pop, punk and electronica. just some of his memorable songs are let's dance, under pressure, china girl, modern love and fame. over the last few years, the chart-topping singer kept a low profile after undergoing emergency heart surgery in 2004. his last performance was at a new york charity concert in 2006. just days before his death, bowie released his 25th album "black star" to coincide with his 69th birthday january 8th. he's survived by his wife, fashion model, wife iman and two
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children. david bowie, dead at age 69. after a battle with cancer. our condolences to the family. i'm kelly wright. this has been a fox news alert. we take you back to fox report sunday already in progress. demt and that particular democrat talked a lot about republicans. >> trump actually has a huge lead in new hampshire. 16 points according to the same poll. in iowa, ted cruz has the advantage. 28-24, which is why trump has been going after him on everything from ethanol subsidies to his citizenship. >> is he a natural-born citizen? i don't know. hone honestly, we don't know. who the hell knows. it's like hillary has a problem, too. she doesn't know whether or not she's going to be indicted. okay. she doesn't know. >> you should know by now that
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nobody is safe at a trump event and tonight on playoff night, trump even went after the nfl. he said football has become soft just like our country. >> thank you. now let's move away from politics for this fox urgent as fbi and local law enforcement are looking into a tip they are taking seriously and at this hour philadelphia officers are told no one will patrol alone. it has to do with the suspect who reportedly confessed to shooting a philadelphia police officer. that tip is that the suspect is part of a radical group targeting police. he's already charged with attempted murder. the fbi confirmed to fox news that the tip they are working was leaked online in the police report and the wounded patrolman jesse hartmann is hanging on at a philly hospital. brian? >> reporter: good evening. the philadelphia police department says that this tip came from someone who stopped a
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police officer last night telling them that the suspect is a member of a radical group interested in targeting police. the fbi and philadelphia pd are investigating this lead and in a statement tonight they are saying "the philadelphia police department has alerted all department personnel of this matter and will continue to have officers work with a partner until further notice." remember, injured injury jesse hartmann was traveling alone when police say he was ambushed by 11 gun shots. he was hit three times in the left arm but managed to chase and wound archer leading to his arrest. archer now faces charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault against a police officer. law enforcement sources say tips are not uncommon. they are taking it seriously. the only reason we're talking about it and they're commenting about it is because of that leak.
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they encourage people if they see something to say something and give tips as warranted. >> when you hear the word radical, people want to know what phase of radical? do you mean that and are you talking about terror? >> reporter: we do not know. the only thing we do know is that it's a radical group interested in targeting police. we don't know if it's radical islamic terror or anything like that. what we do know when it comes to this case is that archer said he attacked the philadelphia police officer, in the name of allah and pledged allegiance to isis. despite making those claims, he's not facing any terror chargers. archer could face federal terrorism charges if the fbi investigation finds that he's had ties with any terror groups and fbi is looking into trips he made to the middle east, saudi arabia in 2011 and to egypt in 2012. they searched two homes and
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looking into his online activity. the officer remains in critical but stable condition at the hospital at the icu. we're told he's surrounded by friends and family. he has a broken arm and nerve damage. long road to recovery but optimistic. we spoke to an officer that has worked with him that says that he's somebody who has a great relationship with officers and someone who has worked consistently over the last four years in muslim and middle eastern communities in philadelphia and highly respected there as well. there's a gofundme page reaching $20,000 to support his recovery efforts. >> we wish him the best. thank you for filling in that gap. when you hear the word radical in today's world, people are thinking is that radical islam? they are still working on getting that information out. thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's go back to the presidential race. candidate dr. ben carson is promising big changes. he's been struggling recently in the polls. this comes more than a week after his campaign manager and
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communications director both resigned. i sat down with the one-time republican presidential front runner and asked what to expect of him heading into the first major contest of 2016. >> i was having trouble getting things done. you would ask for a policy to be put out and people meant well and we had smart people but they didn't have the ability to execute and one of the things that i learned in my many years in corporate america is that you have to have an operator. you have to have somebody that can actually make things happen in a timely fashion. now, when i did put that in place, you know, there were some people that felt that they couldn't necessarily live with that so we gave them an opportunity to leave. >> and what will voters see that's different about you going forward because you're getting ready to see a lot of them in person in iowa. not that you haven't already but this is a different situation now. it's the first chance to see those voters and then they
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voice -- >> you'll see more energy on my behalf because i don't have that heavy weight on my shoulders anymore. >> that was a burden? >> definitely a burden for me. and also now you're going to see surrogates out for me. the campaign before really kept a tight lid on surrogates but we have terrific people and you'll see a lot more of our policies being talked about now so that people won't have to be guessing about what we think about things. >> all right. you and i have just a short, brief time together. i want to talk about your economic policy because you have rolled it out. one of the tenants of is that you would repatriate money overseas with companies outside of our country and how does that work and why is that good for the poor of this country? >> first of all, there's more than $1.2 trillion in american money assets overseas because of the highest corporate tax rate,
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highest in a developed world. what i would do is declare a six-month hiatus tax break on that money to let it be repatriated here with no taxes at all with the only stipulation that 10% has to be used in enterprise zones and to create jobs for people who are unemployed and on welfare. it would be the biggest stimulus since fdr and it wouldn't cost taxpayers one penny. the other thing is it gets our corporations used to the idea once again of investing in the communities around them. this is something that kind of left us when the government stepped in and started saying we'll take care of everybody and they haven't done a very good job of that. >> you hear politicians, candidates, talk about their way forward, which states they have to win. can dr. ben carson win in early states and where do you think you can win and how long do you stick it? >> i believe we can win in every
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early state. and i believe there's going to be a lot of shifting of poll numbers in the next few weeks as people begin to actually pay attention to what the candidates are saying. >> are you built for the long haul? have you thought about that? this could really be drawn out? >> we're built for the long haul. but i'm not one of those people who would be sitting around at 1%, 2%, 0% and hanging in there. if that would happen to me, i would be out of here in a flash. >> why? >> because then the people would indicate that they're not interested in you. why would you stay around in a situation like that? >> do i hear a message there for some of the people at 1% and 2%? >> i'm saying what i would feel. i'm not sending anybody any messages. >> we have about a minute left. i know it's a big topic. if you can drill it down for me a little bit, iran, saudi arabia, the situation that we're approaching now could cause such instability in the middle east that it's almost unfathomable.
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>> we've created it by a large extent by aligning ourselves with iran with this nuclear deal. i think that's been a tremendous slap in the face to our friends throughout the arabian peninsula. we need to first of all, reject the iranian deal and a new president needs to come in immediately and do that and start working on reestablishing the correct relationships. all we've done basically is initiate a nuclear race in that area. that's going to do nothing but destabilize the world. >> that was dr. ben carson. coming up, my interview with presidential candidate rand paul. we'll talk about the president's executive action of late, america's role in the world and how he plans to win the gop nomination and a new twist in the hunt and capture of that historical drug pin.
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he sat down for a meeting with sean penn. it's all for "rolling stone" magazine. you can't make it up. and brand new video from the tunnels where mexican marines nabbed him. stay close.
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actor sean penn met with tell chapo in a jungle while tell chapo was still on the run. and now he's writing about it in an article for "rolling stone" magazine. he was trying to make a film about his life when he was recaptured last week. sean penn and "rolling stone" are facing stiff criticism. not just because the actor met secretly with one of the world's most wanted fugitives but because he gave el chapo approval over the article before it was published. robert gray with the news you can't make up in los angeles. robert? >> that's right. the golden globes are going on and there are script writers
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getting busy this one. sean penn has played the role of journalist before which may be why he was welcome by the world's most wanted drug trafficker drawing a distinction between journalist and writer. there were no changes requested. the piece does paint the drug dealer as a hard working peasant that rose up the ranks by helping poor people. penn's meeting and interview came through some of the associates and was facilitated by a mexican actress that played a drug lord herself. she met with el chapo's representatives to discuss a film about the drug lord's life. in the end they reached out to film insiders that led to recapture of el chapo. his elaborate escape is flushed out by penn. he says he supplies more drugs
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to the u.s. than anyone else denies responsibility for addicts. mexican authorities may want to have a word with both of them after this incident. >> don't they realize it's illegal to do what they did? i know the white house reportedly is asking some questions about sean penn's involvement tonight. we'll see where that goes. what's next for el chapo? i've been reading about extradition to the united states. >> that's right. after a gun battle friday, they captured him in yet another tunnel. this time the sewers. may be more likely than in the past. some mexican authorities telling the media they are willing to send him to the u.s. to face drug trafficking charges. after last summer's embarrassing prison break, they have made motions to block that move and it could delay it for months. the chief of staff said the u.s. would welcome that extradition and that interview raises questions about both actors.
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>> robert, thank you very much. no one won last night's record $900 million powerball jackpot and hollywood award season is here. stars lining up to hit red carpet for golden globe awards right now and our guy who we on a white tux tonight. it's hot. we're coming right back.
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this is coming together very quickly and nicely tonight. hollywood's brightest stars are gathering in beverly hills for the 73rd annual golden globes.
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members of t come on. give us a taste. >> good evening. i'm here with a nomination for best supporting actor. what does this nomination mean to you and the show? >> it's fantastic to have the work we've been doing recognized. we've been stuck in the wind and rain in scotland so it's fun to be invited to the ball. >> this show is not like anything i have seen on television in a long time. did you know you were onto something special? >> i was excited by the people and the script. you never quite know. it may have surprised all of us. >> first time here? >> yes. first time. >> are you looking forward to meeting anyone? >> i'm a huge fan -- i'm glued
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to second season of "fargo." excited to see those guys. >> and what does he have to do after what your character did to him in that show? >> i know. it's unjust really. >> completely. i think his time will come. next year. >> thank you so much. good luck to you. >> take care. >> action is heating up on the red carpet. we're missing you. >> i know. my producer asked me, have you actually watched that show? i know it's for the 18 and up crowd. >> it's a hot show. a lot of people saying it will win for best drama in television. you saw it here first. >> you're winning for the white tux. i told the audience how wonderful it would be. always good to see you. >> thank you. the madness that is
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powerball is about to get even madder, i guess. nobody won the record $900 million jackpot drawing yesterday and that means the new jackpot tops $1.3 billion. it's so big it's causing problems for some lotto billboards that just aren't built to show billions. the estimated cash payout if winner takes the lump sum now more than 800 million bucks before taxes. the next drawing is on wednesday. i sat down with republican presidential candidate senator rand paul. the second interview with gop candidates that we talked to this week. and what about the size of the republican presidential field? 12 candidates remain. how many will be left standing after all of the votes are cast. political insiders are joining me at home base right now. we love when you chime in and tune in. take out your mobile devices. hit us up on fox news social
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pages, twitter and facebook. we'll be right back. informs ho
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you things. what is america's role in the world? >> the most important thing our federal government does is defend the country. national defense. defend and repel attack and to be strong enough, peace through strength that nobody daresif we attacked we obliterate them and
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make them know it's a bad idea they attack us. the federal government's responsibility is on making sure people don't come in the country, immigration, border security is part of our national defense, having weaponry to repel attack and to be able to engage with any enemy on the planet is important. having the modern technology. but then we have to have a debate whether or not it is part of national defense to topple regimes in the middle east and with the idea that we're going to make it a better place and if we topple qaddafi and if we have this idea we'll make the middle east in our own image, it hasn't worked. every time we toppled a secular dictator, we've gotten chaos and rise of radical islam and been less safe. >> iran and saudi arabia. some say it could be a hot war. others call it a cold war.
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you saw bahrain and qatar cutting their attachment. what are your thoughts? >> saudi arabia has a long history of association with terrorism. they supported the afghan arabs in afghanistan for a decade against the soviet union. unfortunately so did we. we said the soviet union being afghanistan is worse. many were arabs that had come from saudi arabia. saudi arabia poured hundreds of millions of dollars into afghanistan against the soviet union. that was the beginning of radical islam worldwide. unfortunately we supported it as well. saudi arabia 16 of 19 hijackers who came here on 9/11 were from saudi arabia. saudi arabia through their royal family actually funds and
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supports this radical form of islam that preaches an intolerance. you know that christians can't go to medinah or mecca or step foot in saudi arabia. as president, i would use our trading, our selling of weapons and i would tell saudi arabia you'll behave or you won't get anymore weapons. >> people are looking for something. some form of information. some light that will tell them that things are going get better. what is your message? you're getting ready to face february 1st in iowa. what's your message? >> i think people need to understand what made america great in the first place. i think it was freedom, liberty, being left alone, a small government that didn't interfere in the economy and we became the richest, freest, and most humanitarian nation ever known to mankind. we give away $400 million privately every year. i think what we need to do to be
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great is to make government small, taxes low, regulation low, have a strong national defense but not believe the government is the answer to everything. >> all right. that was senator rand paul. let's bring in fox news political insider from south carolina tonight, a former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor. john, i'll go to you first. two very different interviews. dr. ben carson and senator rand paul. what are your thoughts at this point? dr. ben carson double digits in most of the polling. not so much for rand paul. >> that last question was the question of the interview because it's calling upon him and all of these other candidates. what in a couple sentences are you all about? what are you going to do to make the country better? this has been an unrelentingly negative campaign and three of us with you for a year, right, doug, we've been saying the first candidate who offers an
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inspirational, positive vision for the future is going to take off. trump has a little bit with make america great again. >> you heard an echo of that. >> a little bit. it went negative, too. >> what we're hearing from ted cruz and donald trump, the two front runners for the republican nomination is a sense that politics as usual has to change. that we need to get rid of the corruption, the insiders in washington, and we have to shake things up. it is absolutely what you and i and pat have been talking about. they are the most conservative and they have the most clear positions on the issues and it's why in new hampshire and iowa they are doing as well as they are. >> one of the things we get to do on this program when we get interviews like this is see what the experts say. pat, i want to come to you and say what did you hear in either of those interviews particularly with regard to foreign policy
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that stuck out to you? >> well, i listened to constituti constituti constitutionality arguments. i don't agree with his analysis about afghanistan. we couldn't let soviets take that. his arguments on constitutionality are very important. we saw this week in the gun debate by the president that while people liked the proposals he made, a large majority thought they would be ineffective and we had a lot of people who said -- by ten points people said he shouldn't be doing it byve action. he needs a congress. we are seeing whether it's on iran, it is all of these things that he's doing on whether it's gitmo or whatever these things are, this president is determined as chief of staff today said basically when congress doesn't work, we have the right to abolish the first amendment and do what we want. voters really care about that. yet the republicans have been --
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other than rand paul and a few voices, have been very weak particularly the republican leadership, which has collapsed like an empty suit when it has come to fighting those issues. >> what it comes down to is who can win, right, doug? you have people who can extrapolate this particular issue or that particular issue. you have to find that candidate who can take on all. >> right now the general election polling shows that each and every of the republicans including donald trump and ted cruz are within a couple of points either way with hillary clinton. >> wow. what do you think about that? >> i think there is so much out there in the electorate, certainly toward hillary and indeed toward trump and cruz that what the electorate is saying is we're still angry and still unsettled. we have a long way to go. we really haven't cast a vote yet and candidly anger and frustration are dominant sentiments. >> who picks up on that?
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>> an addendum to this never reported to the media, if you look at these polls as of today, sanders of all people runs better in the general election against each republican. >> much better. he's a 72-year-old socialist from vermont is doing better in a general than hillary. number one, hillary has tons of baggage. the people have made up their mind on hillary. she's a weak candidate. number two, sanders and trump have got this lion by the tail. this thing that's happening in america that we've been talking about -- by the way, you watch sunday shows. you would think that these guys on tv have just realized that the country is in turmoil. they clearly haven't been watching political insiders. >> the argument is that people are just starting to pay attention. this has been a very different type of race. tony says the positive message is that the status quo must change. trump and cruz offer that in his
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opinion. hold tight. the white house says president obama is working to fulfill his obligation to close guantanamo bay. will he bypass you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> you are going to do it? >> sure we are. >> whether the congress says yes or not? >> the president will send the plan to congress. >> if they say no, which they most certainly will. >> guantanamo bay, not if, it's when. pat, what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are these which is what i was trying to say before. this is a lawless president. it's part of the thing that voters are angry about to go back to the last point. not only angry as the new establishment, it's the economy,
1:43 am
they were angry because the whole place is corrupt and rule by law no longer exists. it's ruled by partisan majority. the contempt that obama has shown, whether it's on guantanamo, which is i'll have a legacy if i have to impose one, the one that's unimposed by mr. ryan and republicans that laid down like dead dogs that i tried to suggest before will do what they want. they did it on iran. by the way, there are more critical issues going on than this. the iranian thing where despite what the law is and despite what the u.n. resolution, they were going to do something about these ballistic missiles. they pulled it back. our ally, saudi arabia is involved in a conflict with iran. we have an iranian led by
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mcdonough and national security adviser ben rhodes and susan rice, all of whom at the beginning of the administration told obama call the palestinians first, snub the israelis and go and encourage what was going on in egypt while ignoring iran. they are willing to sacrifice the security of -- >> the ir-- we do not have strategy or approach. pat was underscoring the problems we're facing. but face it. we lack leadership. >> i want to go back to an earlier point on the gitmo thing. if past is prolog, the president violated the law in the bowe bergdahl trade. he did not notify congress. traded the five guys for
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bergdahl. some of the five guys are back in battle. recidivism rate for guys we're letting out of gitmo is high. >> i want to interject with just a thought. i read if these are the last 100 or so, they weren't among those already released for a reason perhaps. they could be. could be according to what i'm reading, worst of the worst. this is a different situation than 1%, 2%, 3%. this is going to be -- these guys might be more dedicated to the cause than we've ever seen. >> that's the real fear. i have seen statistics that show that recidivism rate is as high as 35. >> the white house argues that. >> they're wrong. the large scale problem is we lack the strategy. we're releasing known terrorists. we now have seen that terrorists are coming into our country. isis has said that they're going to do bastardly acts.
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>> he doesn't care what anybody says. >> i want to get kim in from twitter. i feel story for the country that chose the power of politicians that think of nothing higher than their own interests. pat? >> i'll tell you, that's true. this country cannot afford to slide into banana republic. the real problem is that republicans have not fought him on this stuff to use the levers they have in terms of appointments and in terms of a budget. they go out and make these deals where they sell out their voters and on the other hand they sell out the country on these issues. this should have been stopped years ago. all it's doing is fueling the president who is literally, i believe, neurotic on these subjects. he believes he's king of the
1:47 am
country. he's going to take his party down the tubes. >> this is your party. do you feel like it's going down the tubes? >> weird logic he used after the 2014 race was that people who didn't vote ought to be heard as if the people who do vote don't count as much. >> 52-48 margin said i won, you loss, no need for bipartisanship. totally the wrong lesson. >> your friends the clintons, doug, on the defense about attacks about their past and specifically, you know, the president's former past and blah, blah, blah. is the relationship fair game? last week hillary clinton was talking about their dating life. we're coming right back.
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the clintonsre deflecting attacks from the campaign trail. hillary clinton said donald trump's comments about bill clinton won't sway voters because america knows what is important. it's been fair game going back to the republicans for some years. they can do it again, if they want to. that can be their choice. it's worked before. it won't work again because it's what people are focussed on not for the past but for the future. >> i thought she wasn't going to talk about it. if you're asked you have to. >> you do. i think she's basically right. i worked on the 1998 midterm campaign where the republicans made impeachment the top issues and republicans lost the midterms as a result. i think hillary is exactly right that in a general election voters will vote based on the future not the past.
1:52 am
i think, also, in a republican primary where voters want read meat certainly donald trump will get a great deal of attention and visibility from talking about it. >> in all fairness, voters want honesty and trust worthiness, correct? >> they don't trust her. she has the worst numbers of all the candidates. donald trump has the next worst numbers. >> you're talking about particularly -- all right. during the commercial break, if you'll allow me, i want to say you were talking back and forth about donald trump and his role in this. >> right. i said they -- the clintons are clearly bothered by what trump did. he's the one person who went after them who didn't take it. >> you said it didn't work for republicans. >> it didn't work. >> hold on, pat. we'll come right to you. >> what i was going to try to say quickly is trump is going in areas i think no one has gone so far and will attract media attention and visibility in ways
1:53 am
that could unnerve the clintons even if it ultimately does not have electoral impact. >> i want to come to you, pat, on this issue. more importantly you're saying something about michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york. i want to get your thoughts on that, too. in order, please >>well, let me first say about this. trump has been brilliant. the woman is a hypocrite. everyone -- remember there are many people who are were not born or too young who appreciate that the republicans go too far in their insanity in the '90s, in fact, she was an enabler for clinton and leading the fight to destroy women, that rape d wome should have the opportunity to be believed except if it was her husband. it goes to her character. >> i want to -- >> trump is has terrified her
1:54 am
because he sent them a or torpe they can't get away with it. just like the e-mails. she may have committed a felony. just like the ess in germany suppressed the information about the refugee rapes and sexual harassment of new year's in order to protect political correctness. our media is doing the same. someone is going to deal with it. later we'll get into corruption. what i said about bloomberg and whatever. if it's hillary and trump running as a third party candidate against the people. >> all right. i want to bring it back -- >> hillary and jump in the bloomberg tank. >> could you do it? >> i'm of great dexterity. i can't comment work on the work i'm doing. >> you would physically jump with both feet or have to swim from one boat to the other?
1:55 am
>> i can swim and run. >> all right. okay. i want to get this in here. on twitter ignore said bill clinton. hillary clinton has plenty of other vulnerables, before we go to break your quick thoughts. >> trump hit them. they hit him on this sexism thing. he's not going to take any attack from anybody. and the clintons have learned it. you better not hit trump he'll hit twice as humuch. >> does michael bloomberg know you love him that much? >> he does.
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we're back with final thoughts. >> yeah. frankly, bernie sanders has now being competitive in iowa, new hampshire, and on the cusp of winning potentially both primaries. >> i would go farther than that. i think the energy in this race. the passion. trump biggest crowds on the republican side. bernie biggest crowd on the left. they'll win quickly iowa and new hampshire. >> you think bernie sanders can win iowa and new hampshire. even though the numbers -- >> he's within three points. >> all right. talk to me, pat. >> not within three points and a huge sarp that nbc wall street journal did in both states. this is heating up. i want to say this both
1:58 am
sanders -- sanders and trump represent the american people against the political class. what is missing and particularly for trump now while the republicans fight each other and trash each other, step up one more ground to the higher ground and you can win this in a sanders would fight her instead of rolling over. >> he's not rolling over. he's giving her a big one. watch that. >> blowing the chance in the first debate to seize the initiative on the e-mail thing. he's now coming back again. it tells you how weak. >> we have a big week. the president in his final state of the union on >> it is monday, january 11th. this is a fox news alert. officers on high alert as a brand new threat emerges against philadelphia police. the extremist ties now leaked to
1:59 am
the accused gunman who pledgedal league gains to isis before executing a cop. >> breaking overnight the loss of a rock legend. >> just days after releasing a new album, david bowie loses his battle with cancer. and inside the escape, some brand new video from underneath the earth where the infamous drug lord el chapo was recapt e recaptured with help of sean penn. the new fallout and the white house reaction. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning everyone. time to rise and shine. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday. i am lia gabriel in for our ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. appreciate it as always. a bulls eye on the boys in blue.
2:00 am
philadelphia police are being targeted. this amid new evidence the gunmen accused of trying to execute a cop could have been part of a larger radical group. >> kelly wright is live for us with the breaking details. >> heather, lia, good morning as well. the philadelphia police, the fbi and joint terrorism task force are investigating a reported threat against police. this as an anonymous tipster says cop shooter efer archer is not line. archer said he shot the policeman in the name of islam may be part of a group -- the group. archer was the least radical of the three. philadelphia police department issuing this statement saying the department along with the federal bureau of investigation is actively investigating these allegations in an effort to verify the krezibility of the information given. the


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