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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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appreciate success that much more, i hope blair walsh gets another chance to take it in stride and come back. this minnesota vikings fan will be cheering for him. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and in mexico the drug kingpin "el chapo" is locked up. we have new video from the violent raid that ended his run. [gunshots] >> but the capture is only the beginning. ahead, how mexico is already trying to send him to the united states, and why making that happen could take months or years. this hour i'll speak with a former dea intelligence officer who went face-to-face with the drug kingpin him. also, could the actor and activist, search penn, be in trouble for that very strange interview with "el chapo"? protecting the police. days after a gunman wounded an officer in the streets of philadelphia, cops and the fbi are investigating whether
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extremists are plotting more attacks. >> the so-called affluenza mom who escaped with her spoiled son to mex, now trying to get out of jail herself. her court hearing set to start right now. so let get to it. >> breaking news. >> the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is due in court at any moment now. a live look at the courtroom in fort worth, texas, tonya couch accuse of helping her son escape to mexico. after video of him playing peer pong in 2014 he killed four people while driving drunk. a judge didn't send him to prison because the defense claim said he was so spoiled and didn't know right from wrong and had a bad case of affluenza. the judge bought. the teenager in a detention center in mexico but mom is back in texas, facing charges for
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helping her fugitive son. when she does go before the judge at any moment, we're expecting her defense team to argue for a big reduction in bond, right now, it's set at $1 million. as we reported here, tonya couch doesn't like her jail cell one bit. the sheriff says he has had to tell her, it's a jail, not a resort. cops busted ethan couch with his mom in the mexican resort town, not before a strip club employee followed him to his mom's room so she could pay his two-grand bill. he ran out of cash. casey is lying at the cruise in texas. what next? >> reporter: we expect a couple of different things at this hearing. first of all, tonya couch is expected to enter a plea. she was unable to do so at her arraignment on friday because her attorney was not present. remember, she got stuck in traffic on the way to court that morning. the lawyer for tonya couch said
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her client will plead, however, not guilty. she is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon, which carries a prison sentence up to ten years behind bars if she is convicted. today we also expect that the judge will consider this reduction in bail. tonya couch's attorney is seeking something around $15,000 instead of the 1 million, according to court paperwork, but if and win she does make bail, depending on what happens today there will be restrictions. the judge talked about that at her arraignment. she would have to do things like surrender her passport and wear one of those gps ankle monitors if she leaves jail. >> the judge addressing the court now. let's listen. >> all right. and miss couch is here also.%8s÷ who is going to open for the state?
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we'll wave opening. >> well, miss gordon. >> thank you, your honor. i filed an application for writ of habeas corpus on behalf of tonya couch. we raised two issues on the application for writ of habeas corpus. one is the issue of probable cause. she support the arrest warrant and whether there were false statements made in the arrest warrant affidavit that was the basis of the arrest warrant issued in the case. we have conferred with the state and we will -- we are not waiving that issue. however, we will just be objecting to the second issue in the application for writ and that is the amount of the bond set. >> very well. >> and at this time, we call -- we would ask that our witnesses that we have subpoenaed be sworn.
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>> where are your witnesses. >> we have anderson, ursula thomas,. >> come up here. >> come on up. is this it? >> no, there's a woman who is coming in. >> oh, okay. >> come on up, ma'am. all three raise your right hand and i'll swear you in. solemnly swear the tim you give will be at the truth, whole truth, and nothing bit the truth so help you god. >> i do.
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>> give your full name. >> -- [inaudible] >> you? >> steven james. >> all right and now? >> -- [inaudible] >> who is your first witness. >> steven mcwilliams and at this time i would also -- >> the rules -- you have to remain outside until you're called in to testify. wait, ma'am. don't leave yet, either. >> remember, this is about how much bail the affluenza mom will have to pay. they set it at a million bucks. there are reports he wants it as low as 25,000 buck, the same mom who paid the $2,000 strip club bill for the tide who shouldn't have been in mexico. so do you lower the bail, leave it where it is, and will tonya couch, the mom, speak.
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let's listen. [inaudible conversations]-ô >> all right, i'm waiting for one more. >> while we're doing this, let's bring in -- while we're waiting let's gripping in arthur aidala. one question here is whether they enhad a right to arrest this rom. >> that's basically what the defense attorney just said. she wants to questions the -- i assume the law enforcement investigators about what probable cause they had to even arrest her before they get to whether or not the bail should
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be set at all. obviously the judge found they didn't have a right to arrest her, then she walks without any bail. >> there's a matter of flight risk, isn't she? he already -- well-flighted. >> if they don't have probable cause to arrest her, there's not enough evidence. this is what we would call a fishinged and digs. the defense attorney is using the bail issue to find out as much as she can about her case before her case starts. it's a smart move by the defense attorney. >> listen. >> all right. >> thank you, your honor. you have stated your name. state your name again. >> steven mcwilliams. >> i have some questions. if you don't understand what i'm saying or asking, let me know. >> yes. >> do you know top ya couch? >> yes, die. >> how do you know her. >> she is my mother. >> how old are you? >> 29. >> where do -- what county do you live?
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atparent county. >> who do you with. >> my wife and two kids. >> your wife is how old? >> 2. >> now, we're here today asking for a -- one thing we're asking for, for your mom, is bond to be reduced. you understand that? >> yes, ma'am. >> are you aware of what the bond is currently set at? >> yes. >> what is that? >> one million. >> one million dollars? >> yes. >> is there any way that your mom could be able to post $1 million bond? >> no. >> are you aware of any prior convictions that your mother has? >> no. >> and is it your plan, if her bond was lowered and she was able to post the bond, she would go and live with you? >> yes. >> and that would be in terrant county.
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>> ell, at the people that live in your home, anyone with criminal convictions? >> no. >> are you aware of your mom's financial situation? >> yes, i am. >> its your understanding -- is your mom married? >> married but they're separated. >> and she is married bit separate from him. >> fred couch. >> who ills not your father? >> no, he is not. stepfather. >> and they have been married and divorced in the past. is that correct? >> yes. >> does your mom own any real property and. >> no. >> does she have any personal property that you're aware of? >> no. >> now, let talk about bank accounts. your mom did have a bank account. >> yes, ma'am. >> and you were given a power of attorney to -- [inaudible] >> uh-huh. >> and that was before, let's say, december of 2015. >> yes. >> have you recently tried to
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access her bank account? >> yes. >> are you able to make any withdrawals from the bank account. >> no, i'm not. >> what is your understanding of the status of the bank account. >> there's a court order and a large hold on the account. >> when you tried to access the account, you're not allowed to access it. >> no. >> what are you told. >> nobody knows. it's locked up and they don't know who did it or when they did it or why. >> said there was a court order. is that correct? >> yes. >> and so, either you or tonya or anyone else is able to access her account. >> no. >> are you aware of any cash she would have if she cannot access her bank account? >> no. >> is it your understanding that any property that she has in her possession when she went to california, is no longer in her possession. >> they can't find it.
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>> so, are you aware of any cash she can access to post a bond. >> no. there's no cash. >> no property that she can sell to post bond. >> no property. >> so, i guess you're not going to be charging her rent if she moves in with you, are you? >> no. >> at the time that -- well, let me retract. back in december of 2015, are you aware of any court order, ordering her to be in any court at that -- [inaudible] >> well, there we go -- the signal is coming in and out. you can see the photographers had to move from one window to another to get a clean shot of the guy. now he is giving us -- while we watch the pictures, listen to the feed. >> are you aware of her ever violating any bond conditions?
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>> no. >> the vehicle that is alleged that she owned, a truck, do you -- have you heard that? >> yes. >> is that truck --ed it belong to her or someone else. >> belonged to somebody else. >> did not belong to her. >> no. >> does she own any vehicles. >> no. does she have title to any vehicles. >> no. >> is it your understanding that the freeze put on her account is by -- >> the feed dropped out again. it's a digital feed and sometime wes hear it, sometimed won't, listen again. >> are you requesting her bond be lowered so she can be bonded out of jail. >> yes, i am. >> and at this point, say, even -- if the bondsman charges 10% of a $150,000 bond does she have access to $15,000?
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>> no. >> do you have access to that? >> no. >> would you be able to post $150,000 bond? >> no, i wouldn't. >> i pass the witness. >> thank you, judge. >> mr. mcwilliams. let's see. how much money is in that account if she were to have access. >> last time i saw it was negative 99 billion. >> i'm sorry? >> it was negative 99 billion, if you pull up her account. >> negative 99 billion? >> yes. >> okay. how much money were you expecting to be in at that time account before you discovered there was a hold on it? >> i had no expectancy. didn't know how much she had in there that's why i got the power of attorney.
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>> if that account was not frozen there was approximately $100,000 cash in that account. >> i wouldn't be surprised. >> where would that money have come from. >> from my house. >> the sale of the house? >> yes. >> now, your mother is separated but she is still legally married. correct? >> yes. >> still legally married to man named fred couch. is that correct? >> yes. >> and french couch is not debt constitute,ed he. >> i don't understand. >> he has plenty of money. >> never seen his bank account. >> ever see his house. >> i have. >> 7,000 square foot house. >> roughly. >> owner of a sheet metal -- >> yes.rmmz >> does he have. interest in a sheet metal company in mexico and el paso. >> not that i'm aware of. >> does he own lots of vehicles? >> yes. >> in short, fred couch is a man -- is a wealthy man.
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>> he has some money, yes. >> is that a yes? >> yes. >> all right. and they are still legally married. correct? >> yes. married but separated. >> ever been divorced. >> i have once, yes. >> did you lose anything ina%1ñt divorce? >> fred? >> no, you. >> no, i have not. >> this is a community property state. >> i understand. >> and your mother would have ownership interest in soming toos from the marriage. >> yes. >> you expect her to come out of the divorce with property and cash. >> you would expect, yes. >> you say that your mother does not have any of the property that she had with her when she went to california? did i get that question correct. >> yes. >> is it your understanding your mother went to california? >> from when she was brought
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back from mexico to l.a. >> she left from here and went to mexico. correct? >> as far as i'm aware. >> that where she was arrested. >> yes. >> and she was arrested in the company of ethan couch. >> yes. >> and ethan couch is who to you. >> my half brother. >> half brother. ethan couch, at the time that you -- it's your understanding also that your mother traveled to mexico with ethan couch? >> i don't know. i saw them there together on the news. that's all i know. >> you don't have any idea how they came to be in mexico together? >> no. i have no recollection. >> do you understand the fact that your mother is one of the people who is supposed to be helping ethan stay in line, keep up with his probation? >> yes. >> you understand that. that a yes, correct? >> as a parent, yes. >> i'm sorry. when you nod i have to make sure -- she has to take it 0 down.
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>> gotcha. >> and probation, judge or adult probation, has -- as part of it a lot of conditions that the judge ordered. you understand that? >> yes. >> in that way, it's a lot like a bond. bond conditions are a whole lot like probation conditions. you understand that? yes. >> things like don't drink. did your mary -- mother keep alcohol in her house. >> no. >> never? >> not since the -- he came out on probation, no. >> you don't know anything about lots of drinking that went on in your mother's house -- >> i object, your honor. i thought the purpose of this hearing was to determine whether the bond is too high. cause of her arrest warrant affidavit, we can do that i thought we were just limited the bond amount.
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>> have anything to do with the merit of the case against tonya couch. this has to do with her ability testified -- to comply with bond conditions and it's the state's position that she not only was aware of -- i can prove she was aware of the probation conditions of ethan couch and she knowingly disregarded them and that goes directly to are -- >> there are other ways to deal with this. arthur aidala is here. in this particular state you do this differently. >> yes in new york, the tri-state area, you just -- just the lawyers who make all these points to the judge. sometime usow have some evidence. here's the bank account. she doesn't have access. then the prosecutor says, but her husband does. look at this article on him in "the wall street journal." so they do have access to money, and basically the lawyers keep themselves in check. the judge listens and then right on the spot the judge makes a decision. the only time you do this actually is after the judge sets
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bail, if the judge or the prosecutor wants to know where is the money coming from to pay the bill, clean money or dirty money? money from a robbery or someone's hard-earned money. >> sounds leak the husband has a bunch of sheet metal. >> and trucks. >> and trucks. a lot of trucks. work trucks. so, this is all about, really, the affluenza mom, will the mom, who helped the son get down to mexico, to -- while the kid was on probation -- will the bond be reduced from $1 million to $25,000? >> it will be. i'll be surprised if he doesn't. i read accounts that it's accurate, it's six times more than the average bond on a class c -- level three felon y, which is a lower level felony in the state of texas. >> of course, judge gave this kid at the time certainly a kid by any standard -- just probation after he killed four people while drinking and driving because he was too rich to know better.
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breaking news. the affluenza mom who helped her son get to mexico after he was accused of violating probation -- not accused but there was video out on youtube that showed a fine game of beer pong underway, as he stood by watching the thing, whether he was drinking is another matter. there's the mom, the back of her head. she wants he bon reduced down to $25,000. we shall see. her son, who is the half brother of the teen, is testifying. now the prosecutor is on
12:25 pm
redirect or something. listen. >> who -- >> sheet metal owns the truck. >> a truck that is the property of the company that is opened by fred couch, correct? >> yes. >> but they were separated at the time she was driving around in that truck. right? >> yes. >> do you know who has been footing the bill so far for her legal representation? >> me so far, for every little built -- little bit i could. >> nobody else you're aware of. >> nobody else. >> that all i have. >> anything? >> since we'll bring up attorney fees, have you paid us anything. >> nothing. >> s to tonya paid is anything. >> nothing. >> are you aware of anyone paying us anything. >> no. >> nothing further. >> i have a few questions. you mentioned to the lawyers
12:26 pm
that your mother had no property, no real property. is that correct? >> yes sir you said her bank account was locked out. >> yes. >> do you know which government. >> no. nobody could give me information. >> do you have any knowledge whether your mother has any stocks. >> she does not, as far as i'm aware. >> bonds? >> not that i'm aware of. >> what about annuities. >> not that i'm aware of. >> inheritance? >> no,. >> so your testimony is there ising in. >> there's nothing. >> the truck she drove to mexico belonged to, i guess, mr. couch. >> the company. >> all right. tell me about -- you live where? >> right off 35 in fort worth.
12:27 pm
>> still in the county. >> it's terrant. right on the line. >> and do you know if your mother has any community ties to this area? if they are, what are they? you haven't told me that yet. >> i don't understand what your saying. >> she is a part of this community. >> yes. >> s to she have friends here? >> -- does she have friends here. >> well, yes and not. not in the county. >> does she have any other relatives here. >> not in the county. >> are you the only relative. >> in terrant. >> where are the other locates. >> one in johnson and the rest in another city. >> all right do you know whether your mother goes to church here? >> not that -- she used to but i don't know where, if it's in the county. >> you told me she does not work. >> no. >> is that correct. >> no.
12:28 pm
>> can she work if she is on bond. >> she could she has to renew her license as far as i know. >> brings up another question. if she was placed on bond, since she does not own a vehicle, at this time, how would she get around? >> well, we'd have to get her a vehicle. >> would you be willing to do that? >> i have two vehicles. i could lend her one until we can somehow get her something. >> because if she was on bond, she would have to make appearances before the probation department. you understand that. >> yes, sir. >> that's all i have. any other questions. >> she has another daughter. >> yes. >> she has three children. correct? >> yes. >> it's you, who live here, and christi lives in johnson county, correct? >> correct. >> her current husband, soon to be ex-husband, lives in johnson county? >> no. i think it'ste rrant county.
12:29 pm
>> her parents live in paris, texas? >> yes. >> when yaw -- did you mean they're in johnson county? >> no. they're -- they may be in terrant. it's north of whatever county that is. >> [inaudible] >> contiguous counties. >> yes. >> and the license that she has that you're aware of, he lbn, is a license in texas? >> i believe so. >> to work in texas. >> yes. i believe so. as far as i know. >> is it your understanding that when she was in california, that she waived extradition and voluntarily came back to texas. is that right? >> yes. >> and when she was in mexico, chev did not fight -- she did not fight extradition back to the united states. isn't that correct? >> correct. >> her son did but chev did not.
12:30 pm
>> correct. >> pass the witness. >> no further questions. >> thank you, sir. you can step down. >> well, sounds like affluenza mom ain't too affluent. >> no. be that prosecutor is trying to say her current husband is loaded. the point about nobody paying the lawyer is a big point. if the husband was going to help, the firsting in thing you do is hire a lawyer. right now the attorneys are doing it on a handshake and promise by the son. >> if you're affluenza mom and you want your bond reduced do you explain to the judge why you need to get your bond reduced. >> you probably let your lawyers argue it. people get so nervous in the chair, it's better to let the attorneys who went to school to speech in front of a judge to say, she's not going anywhere, only facing two year thursday jail. the bail is prohibitive. we'll give you her passport and even let you put a bracelet on
12:31 pm
her ankle and so you'll know 0, the company mo bonds her will know where she is all the time. >> then there's the kid, who is now 18, but in a predeportation, preextradition detention center where he is sharing the cell with some other people? doesn't sound like -- i don't know -- mcdonald's playland. >> no. and i'm thinking he wants to get out of there as soon as possible, but you never know. the issue is the kid is only facing 120 days. the mom, even with some sort of plea agreement, may do more time in prison because of this incident than the son did taking all of those lives. >> the process, the paperwork process of getting him extradited to the united states, that's "el chapo," actual limp everybody is in mexico and nobody wants to be there. >> except sean penn. he went there. >> oh, my god. we'll get into that. in fact, that's our next story. arthur, thank you. we'll watch this thing and see -- it's kind of minutiae. i want to know what happens but i don't care about the minutiae.
12:32 pm
so, we'll watch the minutiae for you, and then if anything good happens we'll take you back there next, all about "el chapo," sean penn, what are you doing and could he be in any trouble? and will "el chapo" get loose? a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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>> oscar pistorius appealing his murder conviction for killing his girlfriend. last month a court in south africa found him guilty of murdering refugee steen steen steen. he has been living under house arrest. >> wrinkling brothers announces it will retire all the elephants in may. they originally planned to stop the acts in 2018 but realized they could do it sooner. animal activist called the performances cruel. >> is hitting a golf ball with a club is too hard, trying to kick it.
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people around the globe taking part in a foot golf tournament. the goal, get he ball into the hole with as few kicks as possible. the u.s. team won the team competition of golf ball kicking. there's real news after this. hang tight with us.
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes...
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than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. well, whether he wanted to or not, sean 'n led mexican authorities to straight to the world's most wanted drug lord, according to officials in mexico who just released video of the bloody raid that caught "el chapo". [gunshots] >> this goes on for 16 minutes as the gunfire and grenade blasts stop, five of his henchmen were dead. he went through the bullets in the sures which seems appropriate. mexican officials tracked sean penn to his secret meeting with "el chapo" whose cartel murdered
12:38 pm
thousands of people. a mexican newspaper published this grainy picture of the actor meeting with one of "el chapo's" lackeys in october. the paper report it came from mexican intelligence file is. the man sean penn is meeting then took him to interview the drug lord for "rolling stone" magazine. over the weekend the magazine published the enter interview. here's a picture for your scrapbook. penn says he tried to remember the thousands of victims but the simple man from a simple place, surrounded by the simple affection of heir sons and his toward them does not initially strike me as big bad wolf of lore now. mexican officials want to speak to the actor and are working on extra dating "el chapo."
12:39 pm
mexican officials say it could take a year or more. who knows. until that happens he is locked up in prison. the very same prison from which he was able to escape last time. so -- trace gallagher is live on the west coast. tell us more about the raid. >> reporter: well, the video was taken on go pro cameras with the mexican marine. the video is 16 minutes long and was edited by mexican authority and then given the a journalist. you can hear the officer yelling to the marine to keep advancing. by the time the shots were fired, "el chapo" has lefted the building. there are pictures of the underground tunnelles beneath his property that he used to escape but rain filled up the tunnels so he had to emerge and did so through a man hole nearly a mile away from the compound. he then stole a car at gunpoint
12:40 pm
and was thought to be on the run again but was apprehended a short time later at a nearby motel in los mochis. >> anymore details on sean penn's involvement here? >> well, as far as the investigation goes, mexican investigators were superintendently tracking "el chapo's" cell phone and electronic exchanges. they were in the process of gathering information, but mexican authorities acknowledge that "el chapo's" ego led to his cap capture. they contacted a movie producer about making a bio-pic about his life. "el chapo" wanted a mexican actress to spearhead the project. it was del castillo who arranged the interview with sean penn. there's video of sean penn asking "el chapo" questions but it's impossible to hear. at one point he asked him, are you prone to violence? do you try to avoid violence or only use it as a last resort,
12:41 pm
"el chapo" says, i only defend myself. never look for trouble. sean penn described hit as well dressed and sipping tequila. there's a possibility penn may face charges that he has, quote, nothing to hide. >> certainly not. thank you. we know a man who interviewed "el chapo" and we'll speak with him live next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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12:45 pm
tragic killing of the catholic cardinal at the airport that occurred in 1993 in a shootout between chapo's people and a competing organization, the tijuana cartel. >> how did he seem to you? >> well, he seemed -- he had been in prison five years so he was pretty clean-cut, pretty trim. this 17, 18 years ago so a lot younger. he was very polite. there had been an ongoing process for us to get in to visit with him. he had requested to speak to dea at the time. >> what did you learn from him -- >> but he seemed -- well, we -- we wanted to cut a deal with the u.s. government. he was facing extradition even back then. and so he was wanting to actually turn or those people that had attacked him and in his opinion, killed the cardinal and also tried to take his life. he was incensed he was still in
12:46 pm
prison -- he was in prison and the other people who were the cause of it, were out running around. >> i want to get a sense how big and bad this person is. if you blew a line or smoked a bowl of the weekend, did it probably come from him? >> well, you know, he is a short in stature, very light complected. i was surprised. his hair was very light complected -- >> i'm talking about what he has done. why he is such a bad guy. is he responsible for that many drugs now to this day? >> i'm sure he is, yes. he is pretty significant trafficker. he didn't open up to it. he did say that he was not a white dove, he was -- his hands were not clean, but that he wasn't responsible for everything everybody was saying about him. he has always said that. that's fairly common for these types. >> word is he is responsible for thousands of deaths? is that true? >> there's been a significant
12:47 pm
amount of killings involved with his organization throughout mexico and central america. that last war that they had, the previous war, prior to his incarceration, took a lot of lives, and, yeah, i'm sure in the thousands. >> it's good to talk to you, thank you. you can't forget that the reason there's this supply, this thing, is because there's such demand in the united states that is not going away. the void that it left by his being locked up is not a void that will stay there somebody else will step in there and in sin low people are worried -- sinaloa, people are worried about it. and then there's this "rolling stone" article. 10,000 words, and it's horrible. it just is terrible. "rolling stone" is coming under fire after it gave "el chapo" editorial control. paul is a media reporter, i guess "rolling stone" didn't do the editing because "rolling
12:48 pm
stone" pieces are usually decent reads. this is a piece of garbage. >> i'll leave the opinions to you, but i am -- on my own part i didn't learn that much about "el chapo." i learned quite a bit another sean penn. i don't in the if that was the intent of the article but that's the way it read. >> unusual for "rolling stone," from your reading of their articles over decades? >> yes. i mean, they don't normally get secret interviews with fugitive drug lords, let alone by using celebrities to do it. this is a very unusual situation, and i would guess it's probably unprecedented. this is not the way "rolling stone" normally conducts itself. >> you wonder -- just got an alert from the mexican attorney general gomez through who says sean penn's meeting with "el chapo" was an essential element in the drug lord's capture. there's nothing to indicate from "rolling stone" or beyond they were aware they were helping the
12:49 pm
feds? >> that's right. i think this is just a byproduct of having made these elaborate arrangements to go down there inevitably he would be tracked. i think any reporter who had gotten that close to "el chapo" would have been tracked. that's not about sean penn. that just about interviewing a guy like this. >> our understanding is everybody kind of knew where he was. the feds, the mexicans, everybody seemed to know where he was. finding him was reportedly not the hardest part of this. it was getting him to talk, which somehow he did. >> well, if you read penn's article and maybe some value in it this way. you realize the ringsf people around "el chapo," and getting to "el chapo" required going through all of these various rings of soldiers and lieutenants and attorneys and what have you, and that does not sound like that was an easy process. you had to have an in. >> that part is for sure.
12:50 pm
nice to talk to you. thank you. we'll look for your stuff at "washington post."com. so, read that if you want to if you want to know more about sean penn. it's there for you. otherwise, man alive. clearly the mexican attorney general is speaking now. should we get more we'll bring it to you. >> there's word more officers in philadelphia could be in harm's way after police say a gunman tried to assassinate a cop in the name of the islamic state. we'll get the latest on a claim that the suspect is tied to other extremists. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon, right after this. is whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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a tipster claims a gunman accused 60 trying to assays nat a police officer in philly may
12:54 pm
be targeting other police officers. police sigh archer told the detectives the islamic state inspired him to shoot the victim. the fbi officials are investigating whether trips this man had taken to saudi arabia and egypt are connect ode to the attack. let's get to rick leventhal from philly. police are making some -- well, some changes. >> officer are partnering up, patrolling in pairs for extra security, since hartnett was alone when he was shot. but we're so far hearing that nothing has been found to substantiate that tip. the information contained in an incident report came from an unidentified woman who stopped a philly police officer on saturday night to tell him that the threat was not over, and he should be careful, especially in the neighborhood where the shooting took place because she said there were three others in archer's gang, who would also try to kill cops. again, this is unconfirmed, but
12:55 pm
the fbi confirmed it is investigating and homeland security. they've searched archer's home and travel history and internet trail with any connections to radicals. >> how is the injured officer doing? >> well, his left arm was badly damaged. he was shot three times at close range with a stolen police-issued nine millimeter handgun. still in intensive care. and he is in critical but stable condition. his arm was broken and he suffered extensive nerve damage, prompting surgery friday and again today. but fellow officers tell us his health is improving. he has family and friends at his bedside and obviously getting plenty of support. >> rick, thank you. we'll be right back. e me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira.
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just in to fox news. a former basketball star lamar odom will not face drug charges after his bender at a brothel nearly killed him. that's the word from a prosecutor in nevada. he says the cocaine in his system had already bren down by the time he hit the hospital so not enough evidence. odom was divorcing khloe kardashian at the time but we're told they have since called it off. >> on this day in 1922, a patient received the very first insulin shot. a surgeon and his assistant had been trying for eight years to fight diabetes, which was a deadly disease at the time. the first patient was a 14-year-old boy. the injection cleared his system of any signs of diabetes. doctors say insulin has gone on to save millions of lives after a revolutionary medical discovery. 94 years ago today. >> we have been watching the bond hearing of the aflew ena mom, the mom who helped her son
1:00 pm
get to mexico while he was on probation. still no resolution, still people on the stand, and we have been watching the dow, which suddenly has gone from way down to up 50. cavuto should know more on that. he starts now. >> i think this is under the category of perfect timing, welcome everybody, you're watching "your world," and your world of pressure now for all the front running candidates who will likely be biting at each other a few days from now in charleston, south carolina eric midst new polls that show the race could be tightening, not only in iowa bus in new hampshire and nationally as well, and concerns for ted cruz at being the guy on top can have it advantages and disadvantages, including now more scrutiny as to whether he is even an american citizen. it gets worse. but before i get into that, to conservative pollster what he makes of the numbers. it certainly shows a tightenin


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