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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 12, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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hillary clinton in iowa today continued running a conventional insider campaign, rolling out an endorsements from transportation secretary anthony fox. >> i feel really good about where we are but i'm not taking anything for granted. >> reporter: she no longer has that luxury since democratic socialist senator bernie sanders keeps soaring in the polls putting both iowa and new hampshire up for grabs. >> we have received two and a half million individual contributions, more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: three weeks from the iowa caucuses clinton's massive edge has vanished. she leads sanders 48% to 45% within the margin of error in a new "wall street journal"/nbc and maris poll. new hampshire shows bernie
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sanders ahead. and wrapping her arms around president obama giving gun manufacturers immunity. >> we vote nod. senator sanders voted yes. that is a big difference between us. because i believe we got stand with president obama now. >> reporter: in an interview with fox campaign chairman said the clinton team is still confident she has a fire wall with southern states in march. where her alliance with the president could help with african-american voters. yet in the "the washington post" today if sanders can win iowa and new hampshire, the momentum would be quota total nightmare for clinton period. another potential nightmare the ongoing fbi investigation over e-mail server especially after a newly released e-mail showing clinton told top aides to send
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classified information. >> aren't you violating it? >> no. as the state department said just this week that did not happen and it never would have happened because that's just not way i treated classified information. >> reporter: fox is reporting the fbi probe may expand to look at the intersection of clinton foundation work and state department business violated the public corruption laws but moments ago in iowa clinton told "the des moines register" that said that's an irresponsible claim and not true. clinton anticipated said she heard nothing from the fbi so it's unclear what she knows and does not know. >> obviously a game changer. e > on the republican sid tonight new polls suggest donald trump and ted cruz are first and second, or second and first just three weeks before the first votes are taken in the iowa caucuses. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel looks at a wealth of information tonight. >> reporter: the latest polling out of iowa feature as two man
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race in the hawkeye state between donald trump and ted cruz. a new quinnipiac virtual has t donald trump with 31%, ted cruz at 29% and marco rubio at a distant 15%. today in new hampshire trump continued his attack on cruz's citizenship being born in canadian to an american mother. >> ted cruz is a problem. he's got a problem. you can't have a nominee who is going to be subject took thrown out as a nominee. >> reporter: over the weekend in iowa cruz said he's always been an american citizen and fired back at trump. >> candidates are throwing whatever rocks they can. that's fine. i like donald trump. i respect donald trump. he's welcome to toss whatever attacks he wants. >> reporter: in new hampshire a new poll shows donald trump growing his lead in a three candidate race for second place.
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trump leads with 32% support up from 26% in november. then cruz is at 14, tied with ohio governor john kasich. and then marco rubio at 12%. in sarasota rubio ripped cruz's tax policy calling it sneaky like a european value added tax. >> republican candidates today try to hide their support for the value add tax by renaming it, a business flat tax. don't be fooled. fit acts like a vap and taxes as a vap and grows government like a vap it's a vap. >> reporter: superp.a.c. supporting jeb bush released this ad attacking marco rubio suggesting his opinions blow with the wind. >> he supported his own dream act and then abandoned it. marco rubio just another washington politician you can't trust. >> reporter: dr. ben carson was on trail in iowa today. even though carson has faded in recent polls after being near
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the top, he sounded upbeat with this reference to the powerball lottery. >> because i was born in america and i know the lord. >> reporter: that quinnipiac survey revealed 46% of those in iowa who named a republican candidate said they might change their mind. that suggests there could be some movement over the next three weeks. >> we are just few days away from the next republican presidential candidate debate in south carolina. the undercard begins with trish regan and sandra smith fold by the main event at 9:00 p.m. immigration will no doubt be a big issue thursday. but in germany tonight the practical and political dangers of the subject are in an especially sharp focus. new year's eve attacks on german women are putting pressure on chancellor angela merkel's open door policy towards refugees. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest tonight. >> reporter: it was refugee
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friendly germany's worst nightmare. a thousand rowdy and drunken men mostly migrants and asylum seekers from north africa or middle eastern countries on new year's eve in cologne, germany, cornering young women, taunting and molesting them. >> translator: these men began groping us and grabbed between our legs. they touched us every where. >> reporter: 516 criminal complaints have been filed so far. 40% for sexual assault. two rape were reported. police were overwhelmed. the mob was in charge. >> translator: they felt they were in power and could do anything with women out in the street partying. it was terrible. >> reporter: this past weekend police were out in force dealing with demonstrations including anti-migrant protesters upset about german immigration policy. >> it raises spectre of impossibility to integrate all these rivals and what do you do?
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you can't kick them out. >> reporter: also authorities now say the man claiming allegiance to isis killed trying to attack a pairs police station last week had been staying at a german refugee shelter. under fire for her open door refugee approach german chancellor angela merkel is proposing tougher deportation procedures for asylum seekers who have committed crimes. and a reduction of migrants coming to germany in 2016. the country took in 1.1 million last year. >> translator: now all of a sudden we're facing the challenge that refugees are coming to europe and we're vulnerable as you see because we do not yet have the order, the control that we would like to have. >> reporter: events in germany not overlooked on the u.s. presidential campaign trail. donald trump today describing the attacks there as incredible, angela merkel he observed has quote gone off the reservation and quote when it comes to immigration. >> thank you.
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pope francis is insisting europe has the moral responsibility to welcome middle eastern refugees. he says european nations must not let security fears replace the principles of respecting the dignity of others. the pope is calling for a bold and creative strategy to deal with the issue. up next, the new islamic tlor threat to police officers in one major american city. >> fox 4 in dallas as a judge lowers bond for the mother of the so-called affluenza teen, tonia couch's bail was reduced from $1 million to $75,000. she's charged with interfering with the apprehension of her son. fox 45 in baltimore with the delay in the start of a second trial in the death of a man in police custody. jury selection in the case of police van driver susan goodson was put on hold after a judge ruled last week that officer william porter whose trial ended
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in a hung jury must testify against goodson. this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5 the big story there and all over the world the death of iconic british singer david bowie. the pop and rock legend became a trail blazer in the packaging of music stars with his ziggy star dust persona. he battled cancer for a year and a half. david bowie was 69. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." as we go break a david bowie classic. ♪ ♪ just the
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. tonight isis terrorists are claiming responsibility for an attack on a rocky shopping mall that killed 18 people.
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iraqi officials say they stormed the facility in eastern baghdad after setting off a car bomb. four police officers are among the dead. officials say two terrorists were killed and four arrested. the threat and reality of islamic terrorism here at home don't keep the city of philadelphia and its police officers on edge tonight. there is concern that last week's targeting of a philadelphia cop by an isis inspired shooter could be just the beginning. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in philadelphia tonight. >> reporter: philadelphia police officers are now traveling in pairs on heightened alert after a tip that the gunman who said he shot the officer last thursday night in the name of islam may not have been acting alone. according to an incident report a woman approached an officer over the weekend and told him the threat was not over. that the suspect 30-year-old edward archer was part of a group of three others and of not the most radical of the four. the tipster said other officers
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could be targeted in the same neighborhood and police should be careful. >> it's the new normal. it's what police officers will face every day in this country from now on whether the person is radicalized or an agent of isis. this is what we'll see in the future. >> reporter: law enforcement forces tells fox they get tips like these all time and it may or may not be credible and wouldn't have been made public if somebody didn't leak the incident report. detectives and fbi are investigating, including searches of residents used by archer looking intoys hudson valley 0 to saudi arabia and egypt in 2011 and 2012 and checking his internet history for terror ties. the new mayor angered many in the department when he down play played archer's allegiance to
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isis. >> it has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the islamic faith. >> five year veteran remains in intensify care in critical but stable condition at penn presbyterian medical center with family and friends apartment his side. he had surgery last week and was scheduled for more today. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> the officer took three bullets in i had left arm at close range and he is still struggling according to the police commissioner. his arm is broken and he suffered extensive nerve damage. the white house is not calling this a terror attack. not yet. the press secretary said he's waiting on the philly police department to conclude its investigation. >> rick leventhal live in philadelphia. rick, thank you. the brutality of isis throughout syria and iraq has been on full display for months but perhaps no religious group has been a targeted more than the yazidis in northern iraq. isis goes by many names.
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in the region it's called daish. a woman is helping families brutalized by isis with an organization called seed. >> reporter: one woman is trying to put her life together after being held by daish for three months. it haunts her. she says she was eventually taken to mosul and held with other women in a wedding hall. some were beaten and stripped. her friend slit her wrist. women being captured subject authored rent douse brutality and violence. their husbands being killed. sometimes their children being killed. the women were abducted. they were sold all over iraq. some many times. and they are there to service the soldiers. i think t for them to
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heal at home in kurdistan where people speak the same language. if we had the same resource to support them in kurdistan they can rebuild their lives and communities where they are. >> there are many more stories of yazidi women escaping isis. see the full interview and more of that discussing the seed organization. still ahead, what you will not hear from president obama in tomorrow night's state of the union address. first, some teachers say paying mandatory fees to
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>> if one of these american actors that benefitted from the greatness of this country and made money from our free enterprise want to fawn over a
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criminal they have a constitutional right to do it. i find it grotesque. >> reporter: others say a scoop is a scoop. fellow actor had another explanation. >> i'm sure he was pursuing something creatively. >> reporter: mexico's attorney general said penn's meeting was essential to guzman's capture. they took the surveillance photo of the two men. guzman is in a prison under heavy guard. new video shows he almost escaped friday's raid slipping out of a back into a tunnel and sewer system. he came out of a manhole cover but acts caught him in a getaway car. getting guzman into a u.s. courtroom could take up to a year. preparations are under way for president obama's final state of the union address tomorrow night. don't expect a traditional send off from this president.
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>> reporter: optimistic how white house officials are describing the president's state of the union tuesday night. >> the speech is not about him it's about the american people and future of our country. >> reporter: the president is expected to paint an optimistic view for 2016 based on 2015 which saw u.s. auto sales hit an all-time record of 17.4 million. and the creation of 2.7 million new jobs second best for job creation since 1999. also on the president's checklist, renewed relation with cuba and iran nuclear deal and initiatives on climate change. >> the bigger things will make america more prosperous for our kids. >> reporter: the list of items the president promised on but failed to deliver on is long and well documented including the failure to get comprehensive immigration reform and the fight
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in iraq and syria and closing the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> i said repeatedly i intend to close guantanamo. >> reporter: a pledge eight years in the making but one he intends to keep. >> he feels an obligation to his successor to close that. that's why we'll do it. >> so, you were going to do it. >> reporter: critics aren't so sure. another detainee was release this week after 14 years in the prison leading some to believe the prison may attempt tomorrow ti the facility unilaterally or use more executive action to close it once and for all. >> what obama is doing is preventing any successor president from undoing what obama has done. if the president is going close off the option for the next president to re-open gitmo he's got to give it back to the cubans. >> question is will he rise to the moment? based on what the white house has been saying in the media it's unlikely we'll hear a unifying message for our country
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tomorrow. >> reporter: we're told the president will likely be very conversational in his style and tone tuesday night sort of a campaign mode if you can think of it that way. we also learned the family research council made it possible for kim davis to attend the state of the union on tuesday night. you may remember she's the county cleerk from state of kentucky who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses are a for their part the white house invited one of the plaintiffs from same-sex marriage that made it the law of the land. >> our state of the union coverage begins tuesday, 8:55:00 p.m. hillary clinton just can't put bernie sanders away in iowa. we'll talk about that, the closing poll numbers
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you directed him to quote
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turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure. aren't you ordering him to violate the laws on handling classified memorial there? -- material there? >> no. as the state department said that never happened and would never have happened because that's just not the way i treated classified information. headings are not classification notices and so oftentimes we're trying to get the best information we can and, obviously, what i'm asking for is whatever can be transmitted if it doesn't come through secure to be transmitted on the unclassified systems. >> okay. hillary clinton on "face the nation" this weekend being asked about this e-mail that came out late last week we first reported on, which was an e-mail with jake sullivan, an aide at the state department. you see it here. the line is they can't turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure.
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they say they had issues sending secure fax. they are working on it. she said essentially take off the headings. this comes at fox is reporting the fbi is not pulling back but expanding the investigation into hillary clinton, not just temp mail but also looking at she says the co-mingling of her work as secretary of state and the clinton foundation. just moments ago hillary clinton was with "des moines register" in iowa. jennifer suggest as very high
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level of denial when she says that you get the sense she believes it and this is of a piece with a lot of other evidence we have. that's not what i want reality
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to be and therefore it isn't. >> let's be clear. the investigation, the problem is the server, not any specific e-mail. but the server in general to begin with. the fbi is continuing its investigation. the real circumstances whether they move forward and suggest prosecution to the doj which then would have to make that decision. >> right. i got to say, i mean i don't -- nonpaper is a term of art within the state of department bureaucracy that means an unofficial document without the headings and so on. the underlying substance of this was these were talking points for some meeting she was going to have with a foreign official. not like nuclear codes. having said that i would not like to be hillary clinton today because it reminds everybody of an issue that bernie sanders had told her you don't have to worry. her own opponent. he's regretting that. it's always twoshs running for president with an fbi investigation going on against you than without one. >> up look at new hampshire.
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charles, the nbc poll in the new hampshire democratic polling you have sanders up within the margin of error there, it's 50-46 plus or minus. then the fox news poll which we reported on friday has sanders up much bigger in new hampshire, and there you see 50-37. so the reality is sinking in these early states may be difficult. >> even if she loses iowa and new hampshire, it's hard to see sanders goes anywhere particularly down south when his constituency is essentially rich, white liberals who live on the coast, some in university towns. it's a big constituency but not big enough and he has, as far as we can see, no appeal or maybe low appeal to minorities and african-americans. without that you can't win the nomination. but if i get to return to the
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explanation on the emails. i don't think it's denial. it's worse. it's cynicism. look at the logic of what she said. i asked him to do this but she says it didn't happen, well that's irrelevant. it wouldn't have happened. well why wouldn't it have happened? you asked him to do it. it wouldn't have happened because that's not how i do things. but she just did it. that was the instruction she gave. and the other part is this is completely innocent and routine, why would you scrub the heading? it makes no sense. she knows it. she puts a smile on her face. she brazens her way through it. i have to admire her for that. but i think she knows this is a real vulnerableilty. in the end it's about the legality of this and will there be a criminal referral. if there isn't her nomination isn't in jeopardy.
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>> the fbi does have notify the subject of the investigation, so it's important to note that in the clinton statement to "the des moines register" and also just breaking now the state department is going to release 29,000 pages of your honor m a's official e-mail. that's coming in tonight. that raises more questions and a lot more e-mails. >> that's for sure. i think charles analysis is absolutely right. nobody outside of the clinton campaign believes bernie sanders has a chance. it's a boutique campaign. but it's going nowhere. hillary doesn't know that. the hallmark of a mediocre mind is one who fights the last war. losing to obama during those primaries and she will do anything to avoid that happening. that's why she's moved so far less, endorsing drivers license for illegal aliens. everything she says is designed
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to fight off the threat that doesn't exist for bernie sanders. >> next up too close to call, three weeks ahead,
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i recognize that there are candidates in the field that don't want to talk about those you. and they want to instead encourage the good people in the media to go down rabbit trails and engage in circus side shows. i don't think the american people are interested in that. >> does natural born mean born to the land? meaning born on the land? in that case, he is not. but you nobody knows what what it means. it hasn't been adjudicated and it hasn't gone to the supreme court. i'm only saying this, and i speak well of ted, i'm only saying that ted has to get this problem solved because if he is running against a democrat, and they bring a
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lawsuit, he has got a hell of a thing over his head. >> well, talking again about ted cruz as a natural born citizen, donald trump, obviously he is getting asked these questions but he is bringing it up on the trail on his owns a well. let's take a look at the real clear politics average of polls in iowa. this includes new polls out today. here it is. cruz up 2 points in the average of recent polls. there you see rubio and carson. one poll out today had this question. we've asked this too before in fox news polls but the quinnipiac poll who would you definitely not support in iowa and there you see the top leaders there in not supporting bush, trump, tied at the top. christie, kasich and paul. we're back with the panel. what about this back and forth and is trump having success along the margins? it didn't feel that way but boy, it's not going away. >> look, this issue with ted cruz's citizenship, i have
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done my best to educate myself about the law and trump is wrong, okay. that because the man's mother wasn't an american citizen, not with standing the fact he was born in canada he is a natural born citizen. trump is right there. has never been a supreme court case on that. there is a sliver of ambiguity that he can exploit to raise in issue to pester ted cruz and try to get inside his head the way he got inside jeb's head. what it shows you is that there is really no substantive difference between the two. there is not much anyway on the issues. he is trying to can you tell him down as a person. both of them are competing in the same antiestablishment space in iowa. the most remarkable thing about the poll numbers that you put up add them with what little is left over for ben carson 63% of the iowa electorate is leading toward one of the antiestablishment candidates and jeb, as you showed is number one in terms of who they reject. >> what's interesting is rtd
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evangelical vote is obviously crucial in iowa. cruz plays heavy there so does carson and so does santorum and huckabee there is a split there. is that potentially a problem for cruz? >> he needs tofçp clean up as much of what is left over for the marginal candidates as he can. the race is neck and neck. the most recent quinnipiac that came out for today has trump up in iowa by two. >> all, you know, again, all these polls are within the margin. >> within the margin of error but they are basically tied. i disagree that trump is trying to pester cruz. i think you are all too cynical. tramp has explained he is just trying to help cruz. that's because he likes him. as he said, he would hate to see anything get in the way. so i think this is helpful advice. but you know what's so amazing. trump has the capacity because of his command of the media, the so he manship of creating issues at will. no matter how irrelevant. i mean, look at all the issues he has created.
1:53 am
the natural -- the birth right citizenship, the idea you can exclude muslims or not, i mean, all these issues never raised before. he says it and then all of the sudden the nation is seized with a debate over the merits of this. three days later, if he doesn't need it anymore, it disappears like the wind. >> by the way, wires reporting senator rand paul is talking about the debate coming up thursday and that he has been told that he is not on the top tier. and that now. actually officially comes out in about seven minutes on fbn. but if that's the case, what does that say, you know, you have got probably seven candidates, and if rand paul, he has threatened not to be on that stage second tier, what does that say about the paul campaign? there is going to be interesting postmortem hopefully some of them will be smart about why a lot of these guys didn't catch fire and most of the analyses
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will point back to trump. there was a huge market for someone who wasn't -- who was telling the truth or a version of it or at least seemed honest and direct. everybody in power lies all the time so the guy who doesn't is obviously going to do well, trump just cornered that market, unfortunately. i think where i live in washington, everybody thinks ted cruz is going to win iowa. i would throw up one caution flag here, a, the guy with the best ground game win. i was there in 2004 when howard dean had the best ground game ever. every teenager showed up in a orange cap to get out the vote for him he came in third. how many people do you know who kind of like trump but embarrass to do say so at dinner parties because they don't want to be attacked, a lot. if there is ever a candidate under polled, i know these people, they are not going to say it. >> new hampshire, real clear politics average of polls in new hampshire trump up big, rubio in second and kasich in third. kasich hanging around, chuck, and saying that he is going to make his mark in new hampshire. >> if he is going to make it anywhere it's got to be new
1:55 am
hampshire. he has poured a lot of resources and time in there it's the place where you might see the sort of liberallish ohio governor catch fire. but going back to tucker's point rand paul's flop in this campaign is going to be interesting part of postmortem. theory was libertarian lane opening in the republican party and people missed the authoritarian lane that was seized by donald trump. >> rand paul ran into isis and he never recovered. >> that is it for the panel. but stay tuned for questions you may have wanted to request ask the democratic presidential candidates. one late night host did. need to hire fast?
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to finally tonight the fbn is working on the debate. when moderating a presidential debate it can be hard choosing which questions to ask one late night host narrowed it down to the pressing question he had for the candidates in his version of the democratic debate. >> senator sanders, your hair looks terrific tonight. did something happen to your old hairstylist? >> we fired that person. [ laughter ] >> secretary clinton, question for you, who painted this picture? >> george w. bush did this,
1:58 am
and i give him credit. >> that is correct. this is a george w. bush painting. >> governor o'malley, a serious question, what would do you about people who still have their christmas decorations up? >> mark their homes for demolition. [ laughter ] >> senator sanders, what would you be doing right now if you weren't running for president? >> hanging around on street corners, potentially getting into trouble. >> oh, yes. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget the state of the union coverage tomorrow night 8:55 p.m. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ >> it is tuesday january 12th. inside the take down of the most famous fugitive. gunfire and grenades exploding
1:59 am
in a brand new video of the recapture of el chapo. sean penn breaks his silence about the secret meeting. >> boycotting the stage. >> i won't just say anything that's not first year because we have a first year campaign. >> why rand paul says his campaign is too good not to be featured on prime time. >> the morning jolt by putting buzz in your baked goods. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox friend first. i am lia chillheather chelledei. >> i am lea gabrielle. >> an explosion rocking the entire community, neighbors running to the rescue kicking down the front door and screaming for the family inside. but no one answered.
2:00 am
firefighters arrive to find flames shooting from the house so bad they couldn't make it inside. a mother, father and two daughters 8 and 12 years old all killed. a family dog managing to escape. fair crews remain on the scene at this hour trying to figure out what caused the blast. >> mama is now beigoing home. the mother of the affluenza teen, tonya touch. they posted bond after a judge lowered it from $1 million. she pled not guilty for helping her son escape to mexico. his defense claims he was too rich and spoiled to know better after killing in a


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