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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the free android app shows the winning numbers after they're drawn. next drawing tomorrow night. we may need to implement this with the crew. we've been buying tickets. it has been a little disorganized. >> 1 1/2 billion bucks. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us, harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. nationally syndicated radio show host, fox news contributor meghan mccain is back with us. today's #oneluckyguy, host of the geraldo rivera reports, one and only, most famous moustache in the building, no offense, mr. ambassador but geraldo rivera. >> i really am. andrea: you're "outnumbered."
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>> i love that. andrea: you like these odds. >> even i could. i go too far. andrea: big political day. let's get right to the news cycle. stages are set for very first debate of the 2016 year thursday when republican presidential candidates face off in south carolina. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ted christie, jeb bush and john kasich will participate in the later debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. rand paul, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum are slated for earlier debate starting at 6:00 p.m. what can we expect? is it do-or-die for any candidates with less than three weeks from the iowa caucuses? go to you first on this, geraldo. three arguably, i guess you could call them establishment candidates and three outsider candidates. who has the most to lose on
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thursday night. >> i think in a way rand paul, who you did not number, now announcing he won't show up at the undercard. i lament he is not on the main stage. he has unique message. others have more or less philosophical, idealogical place, he is unique, libertarian thing. fact not going to bluster and turning desert to scorch earth and taking on isis all rest of it. i will miss him and lament his passing. melissa: he is not dead though. >> i think he is. melissa: he is a alive. he is not going to the debate. >> i don't think he is going any further. >> the problem where he is acting is very unprofessional, talking like a whiney baby. how he will protest the debate. be happy you have this platform. you like his message. he was once considered most
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interesting man in politics but what he is selling america is not buying. >> clearly. >> libertarian movement at least if not died incredibly stunted. andrea: shift to the main stage, shall we. that is where focus will be, harris. all eyes on those candidates. i do disagree a little bit, geraldo, i think a very different perspective on stage. i think there are conflicting views in the republican party between the establishment and others like donald trump. that fault line is very, very obvious, harris. that will be a battle on a lot of issues that will play out. harris: i'm looking forward to who is going to battle each other on stage and who will take on democrats. who will see themselves somebody getting past the nomination process? voters begin to wake up and pay attention that will be the question in people's minds. they see the group fight for months. this is not fresh or new material. i can say there will be no mistakes. keep your mouth shut rather than
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say something that could get clipped and define you after the debate and really explode. essence who takes on hillary clinton, bernie sanders, outside of what polling is. poll something not voting outside of what people say who can take that on and make a difference from what we see now? andrea: melissa, playing not to lose, that is some good strategy for someone like trump, who has a good lead. ted cruz, they are neck to neck. he has to play to win to beat someone like trump. other candidates have to play to win to get noticed. melissa: absolutely. marco rubio shined in the past and very good on foreign policy. donald trump gets quiet in the settings. that is unusual to him. it is too bad he can't communicate his strength in this setting. everyone talks about the rink here in new york. people aren't in new york. this is this jewel, gem in the middle of central park. city had a monopoly on it. could make a fortune.
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they were losing money t was a wreck. he came in, let me take care of that for you. turned it around and made it this thing everybody goes to. amusement park in the summer which he hadn't thought of. sells you trump water at six bucks a pop with his picture on it. it is analogy for america. we've taken this thing that was a gem, that was a lay-up should be number one, that is easy sell and we've trashed it. he should be able to communicate i could turn around america the way i have done this rink. sometimes in the debate setting he is not able to communicate any of this. andrea: on heels of state of the union the president will probably talk about foreign policy but this debate specifically i imagine will be a lot about foreign policy. there is very different views in the republican party what we should do with regard to isis. who will you be listen to? >> i know you say there are very different views, and i think we can debate that but going back to the main stage and donald
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trump, donald trump is absolutely unasailable to me. donald trump is the republican nominee. i think others are little puppies kind of yapping at this big dog in the middle. i think this is basically over i don't think they have, jeb bush has no other cards to play. he spent all this tens of millions of dollars. gotten zero traction. people are scornful of him. i think what they're playing for now is pride. i don't think anyone is going -- >> i disagree. don't you think ted cruz right now is making a go for run for the money. >> what i'm looking for in the debate to see if gloves come off between ted cruz and donald trump, playing night but recently taking little shot as each other. donald trump is playing born in the usa not so subtle. >> ask me as a lawyer about that. harris: who agrees with what you're saying at least in part vice president joe biden, saying today it is very possible donald
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trump could be the nominee and could go on and further on even beyond that point. he said hopes it doesn't happen because he didn't agree with his politics. that is not breaking news. >> just going back to the ted cruz example, ted cruz has done everything to get the evangelical vote in the iowa caucuses. he will get shut out a week later in new hampshire. he will be absolutely wiped out. he might make a little noise in south carolina. i don't think so. ted cruz has made a strategic decision to invest everything in iowa and i think even there trump beats him there, trump will beat him in new hampshire. three for nothing in south carolina. and i think -- andrea: go back to issues because i think there are big differences geraldo. you have an establishment group, rubios, jebs, want to put active boots on the ground, that believed in the arab spring in the middle east. you have donald trump and ted cruz who have very different perpeck stiff. strong military but one that is
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used selectively. trump said that last time. four trillion dollars, what did it get us. immigration, hot button issue. you couldn't have more conflicting ideas between the trumps of the world and rubios of world. that is the battle royale for the heart and soul of republican party that will play out on fox business. >> i think that will be a great show. i love fox business. i think they did most competent debate we've seen. i think it was wonderful. i think they repeat that performance on thursday. i go back to my main point. these guys have had their best shots at trump. trump said things about immigration i find horrifying, i find them hateful. i love the guy. i've known him forever. if he modifies his position i might even vote for him. but the others are all nuance, oh, you can't do that, you can't do that. even trump knows he will not forcibly deport over 11 million people. president obama couldn't deport 1800 men and women from central
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america. he tried. he got deportation orders and chickened out. imagine that multiplied by millions. harris: here of late the administration pretty much buried via media won't be, with all the raids to deport people. the numbers are interesting. >> he is deporter in chief. deporter in chief. andrea: all this and all that important debate we've been talking about, that is coming up on the fox business network. that is this thursday. our own sandra smith and trish regan will host earlier debate starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. then maria bartiromo and neil cavuto take the reins at 9:00 p.m. eastern for the later debate. that is thursday on fbn. set your dvrs. you do not want to miss it. german chancellor angela merkel admitting europe doesn't have control over their refugee crisis. her comments as thousands upon thousands protest influx of migrants and mob attacks on
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young women that were covered up by law enforcement. should sheave seen this coming? is this one giant wake-up call for the west? plus the war of words heating up between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. why the vermont senator says the former secretary of state is in big trouble. how hillary is responding. we're going to debate it. who's right? after the show catch more on the couch from the web. log on to, slick "outnumbered overtime." fire off the questions. who will you be watching thursday night and what issue do you want to talk about? ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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♪ harris: it is now a crisis of refugees pouring into europe, particularly germany and german chancellor angela merkel is feeling the heat. thousands of citizens are protesting against the influx of refugees. she says the situation in europe is out of control. a local newspaper quoting her as saying, now all of a sudden we're facing the challenge that refugees are coming to europe and we are vulnerable as we see because we do not have the order, the control that we would like to have, end quote. protesters blaming the refugees for a night of terrifying sexual
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violence at new year's eve events in cologne and other cities. disgusting details coming out about that it is also surfacing that the police in sweden are investigating why the public was not informed by a similar incident, sexual assaults at a festival in stockholm last summer. young girls sexually assault by young men reported to be refugees. this is story exploding but so has the number of refugees. if you look at local media in germany they're calling that what is happening there an inferno of people coming in. it is actually, andrea, not breaking news they're having problems because back in september there was unrest between the citizens, among the citizens and people coming in. they felt like the sheer number was just too great. meghan: this is going on over a decade. i can attest to that personally having lived in paris, having lived through two attacks by northern africans when i lived there, one in nice and one in
9:16 am
paris. this is very real. this is very real threat. it is far worse than it was 15 years ago. harris, as you mentioned it is out of control. it is not just france. it is sweden and it is germany. also england. 1400 young girls turned into sex slaves by pakistanis. all the report, harris, covered up by law enforcement. which makes me wonder in middle of this refugee crisis here, whether or not we take them or not, administration insisting on 60,000. over 75% of that 60,000 number arab men. do you know how that would change demographic in this country here? they can't even vet them? it's a huge problem. i wouldn't be surprised, i would not be shocked if it were already happening here. it begs the question. harris: geraldo, comes to you. >> there is no support factually. andrea: we'll see.
9:17 am
harris: support for refugees coming from mexico, central america, other parts of the world. what are your concerns about refugees coming from that part of the world given what andrea just said? >> first of all, my feeling about immigration reform comes a lot formed by senator john mccain by his efforts with senator ted kennedy back in the day, original push for immigration reform. meghan: immigration reform is totally different thing than accepting syrian refugees especially. >> i totally agree. i totally agree. meghan: don't invoke my father that way unless it is warranted. >> i am telling you it was very warranted. i was complimenting your dad who i have tremendous respect for. jump to angela merkel known as competent leader led her to the cover of "time" magazine now says she should have put more controls in place. duh. what angela merkel absolutely wrecked possibility of logical immigration reform going forward
9:18 am
with all the refugees coming in. allowed a flood of people in. didn't vet anybody. in the process not only destroyed the civic tranquilty in her own nation, she devoid the possibility that europe as a integrated unit can exist without borders. melissa: the economy, there is big economic point, european union, idea was all one economy, predicated driven by germany on idea you could move freely. they would be one big group. this has done irreparable economic damage as well as people flooding overboarders. if she is forced to pull fences up that will have big damage. meghan: unke other cultures who don't want necessarily assimilate. german shops are sold out of pepper spray and safe bullets this culture is sexually harassing women. this is totally different thing. we can't help but think if we
9:19 am
let 65,000 refugees here will i be afraid walking down the street in new york city without being sexually assaulted? harris: as andrea pointed out, predominant number of men. men come first and families follow that would not be something unprecedented but what you're talking about the sexual assaults and details that we've read about men on new year's eve, hundreds of them preventing women from going along a route to walk home unless they were willing to be sexually assaulted. who would that be? now it is truly violent, right? aside from all of that, what does this have the hallmark of? isis. this is what they do to women that they take over. radical islam. this again is not breaking news. andrea: they don't even have to carry the isis flag to do this. harris: no. andrea: dragged into a cave basically by a gang of men. that video has gone viral, on my twitter feed. you know what really disappoints me the most? where are the feminists in this
9:20 am
country. this is something that every woman who believes in equal rights, true feminism, real feminists would stand up and speak out. they're not. i checked national organization of women's web page are not saying anything about this. i ask at what expense are we putting safety of women in this country around the world. harris: i want geraldo to take that question. 30 seconds. germany is a nation of 60 million. they let in a million people. we're a nation of 330 million, the president proposed to let in 65,000. let's not exaggerate or make hysterical the possibility of this happening in the united states. andrea: why? >> sheer number, 65,000 to 330 million and as opposed to one million -- germany altered demographic face of the republic of germany. andrea: somali refugees murdered up in maine in august. that story didn't get a lot of play. already happening here.
9:21 am
>> andrea, i take you to chicago. there is no somalians murdering other somalians. people's blood running on street. andrea: said same thing in england and germany. >> the german experience is reflection of government's absolute incompetence and their failure to comprehend. andrea: we're just as incompetent. look at our government. just as incompetent. >> absolutely know who they are. andrea: no we won't. >> to gin up fake fear is to avoid reality. andrea: it is not fake fear. >> it is fake fear. 65,000 to 330 million. andrea: same talking points you're spewing -- >> it is not a talking point. it is arithmetic. andrea: common sense and reality. it is reality for american women. >> 1/100 of one percent. i want to ask you this question. >> yes. harris: talking about the vetting process. clearly not working, vetting
9:22 am
process. we bottommen to the point -- >> tell me examples you have. meghan: i don't think the government will accept them accurately. not problem with talk taking a pause. >> what if they came as children. andrea: hold on meghan. murdered in maine, you want to address the somali my grants murdering family in maine? i could on and on. we don't have enough time. i have this issue nailed down. this is a problem. >> there are 60,000 gun deaths in this country. andrea: now you're shifting to guns? stay on topic. >> what percentage are refugees. you are voicing the demise of the republican party. you are voicing -- andrea: voicing demise of the west and of safety and security of women across the world. >> it will scare people. make people angry. andrea: women are scared, geraldo. for good reason. >> what good reason? do you know anybody been
9:23 am
accosted. do you know one person accosted by muslim immigrant. andrea: me. >> what happened? andrea: i told the story on the couch in paris. i can retell you details. >> i can't defend french -- meghan: you consider people like me moderates. put into demise of republican party. i agree with andrea. harris: they're asking us to move on. there is overtime today online. >> i will be here. harris: you will be here. >> if i'm still invited. harris: let's move on. we're hours away from president's final state of the union address, given this conversation you got to wonder if he will talk about this. >> i wonder. harris: comes as the president is speaking about his disappointment over deep political divisions in the nation and white house says tonight's message will be looking forward and optimistic. can he reunite the nation? or is it too late? stay close.
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♪ melissa: tonight the president will deliver his seventh and final state of the union address. the white house billing it less traditional, more of a conversation with the american people. the speech comes against the backdrop of anger and fear among some of the electorate as americans face a still struggling economy and big concerns over terrorism and national security. today the president giving an interview to nbc saying he regrets the deep political divisions in this country after being elects on a message of hope and change. >> it's a regret. i could not be prouder of what we've accomplished and sometimes we look at the past through rose-colored glasses. it has been pretty divided in the past. there have been times where people beat each other with canes and we had things like
9:29 am
civil war. there are times where it has been pretty rough but there is no doubt that politics in washington are so much more divided than the american people are. part of what i want to do in this last address is to remind people, you know what? we have got a lot of good things going for us. if we can get our politics right, it turns out that we're not as divided. melissa: the president also vowing to work hard to make sure a democrat wins the white house in november. harris, a lot going on there. harris: hashtag confusing. if we get our politics right, we can all get along. so we all have to agree then, right? nobody can have dissenting point of view. what happens to you if we do? maybe we should call general petraeus and a few others who disagreed with the administration on any number of issues but in all honesty i don't know if that is as important part of his message,
9:30 am
the politics of it all as we were talking about like terrorism. so will he stick his toe into the deepened of ocean or will he skim the top? melissa: exactly. the real point americans are feeling very insecure. that is a lot of what we saw in the last block, if you were watching. there is a lot of tension and apprehension. people are afraid based on everything going on everywhere. it didn't sound like that make began at all. meghan: seven out of 10 americans in a "wall street journal" poll. one. many reasons why i think president obama is unbelievable failure. he ran on hope and change this country is angrier than ever. we're more polarized than ever. right now my generation looking at future if first time in american history doesn't look brighter than one before us. it is total mess. i expect politics as usual and yelling about people gun owners and love second amendment are bad and baby killers. that is what i expect tonight. >> yikes! that good, huh?
9:31 am
melissa: they really tried trickle down approach, speaker paul ryan was talking about this earlier today, where money trickles down from the government both to the fed, from the fed and in form of government spending. things haven't gotten a lot better for families. they're marginally better than seven years ago but we were in financial crisis. you would hope it is marginally better at least. harris: millions of americans not working given up looking for work. you know this better than anyone, you cover stories. people's premiums going through the roof on obamacare. i expect president will check the box what he promised his liberal base. what he says about gitmo. first lady is expected to invite a refugee as her guest. i hear what he plans on doing next couple months and how much he uses executive pen. but i expect it to be the most progressive and most liberal president of his time. melissa: i expect it will be
9:32 am
rousing speech. he is good at standing there when he is passionate. he sees his words on poster with his face behind him. >> i wanted to kiss him after the gun remarks that he made with the sandy hook crowd, when he cried. i know andrea thought those were -- melissa: don't pick another fight on this couch, geraldo rivera. >> you were mad at me before and -- andrea: i'm more focused on fact you want to kiss him. >> i kiss. i'm a kisser. i think, and this is just strictly my constitutionally protected opinion i know you get mad at me but i think this, i think what is clear that the nation was not ready for a black president. and i think that the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when -- melissa: because he is black? >> when let me finish. since i stuck my neck out let me finish. melissa: pardon me. >> when you strip away all the gup rights and terror all rest of it, what you have essentially
9:33 am
a nation divided between white people and everybody else in broad strokes. when you look at the groups that overwhelmingly favor the democrats right now, the asians, hispanics, african-americans, the muslims, you see a nation where people are largely chosen up sides and if you strip away everything else, what you are going to find is a racial divide. it is biggest, unaddressed issue. i think it is why we can't deal with urban crime. it is why we are dysfunctional in terms of the ability to be bilateral, bicameral. bipartisan. harris: what is interesting? you and i got into a little bit of a spat, i don't know, about a year ago, nothing has moved forward. you really think it is all about race. by the way muslim is religion. belief in islam. it is not -- >> i agree with that but -- harris: just to let you know. >> jews also. i left jews out and i think jews and muslims there is ethnicity.
9:34 am
what we have to fight about? harris: this is not even fair. by the way if the president really cared about blacks in this country the way that you say it should be because it is divided along that particular line, not to say that he doesn't care but it should be according to you, more of a focus because we're so divided take a visit to chicago and look at the black on black crime. i mean really, geraldo, it can't just be about color otherwise we get nothing done. if you want to picks a color, let's pick green. pick a president who could have come in create ad jobs atmosphere. i think i might get an amen from melissa francis. >> i appreciate i appreciate the expansiveness and compassion of that issue. >> got to be bigger than if we're going forward as a nation. >> what we fought about was ferguson. i said there was no way those white cops were going to be indicted by a white grand jury for killing of black person. harris: you said that. >> you said i was going
9:35 am
low-hanging fruit making racial issue. it became the biggest racial sore for right or wrong that the nation has endured in recent years. harris: but when you look at facts of that case, what was it really about, about a horrible crime committed. >> you don't see that as black and white story, i can't convince you. harris: i see people wanting to make it that, becoming that over time. >> it is that. harris: evidentiary findings of a case as lawyer -- >> as president you mentioned black on black crime. harris: hashtag thursday with you, only tuesday. >> legacy of civil war. the civil war is over. north-south divide. i would have made that central focus of my presidency were i him. andrea: he made it far worse. >> he failed utterly and by benign neglect he made it worse. harris: you know i love you. >> i know. melissa: nowhere better to catch the president's address tonight what we were originally talking about here, bret baier will
9:36 am
anchor our coverage, bring you best analysis after the speech, and all starts at 8:55 eastern right here on fnc. if we make it to the end of this show. [laughter] war of words heating up right here on the couch. >> wonder what overtime will be like? [laughter] melissa: we're talking about war of words between bernie sanders and hillary clinton as polls show a tightening race. the vermont senator take as shot at former secretary of state saying her campaign is in big trouble. she is brushing it off but should she. we'll be right back we hope, we think. ♪ is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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♪ andrea: gloves are coming off all over the place, not just on "outnumbered" after polling
9:41 am
shows tightening race less than three weeks to go before the first nominating contest. vermont senator bernie sanders told supporters at an event in iowa, quote, secretary hillary clinton and her campaign is in trouble. the inevitable can date is now locked in a very difficult race here in iowa and new hampshire. clinton is brushing his comments off. listen. >> i always thought that this would be a close race. i've been, you know, around the track a few times as you know and it always closes. iowa is famously unpredictable. andrea: i wishing we had laugh track of hillary clinton when she laughs. like after that cackle, there no way she thought this was going to be close race. like she didn't think it was close in 2008. this totally caught them by you are prize. meghan: i love there is so much
9:42 am
infighting on. i think hillary clinton eventually wins. they're throwing total shade that bernie sanders has been against wall street longer and this is new thing for hillary clinton. i love democratic infighting. i hope they destroy themselves but i think ultimately hillary wins. andrea: dem on dem violence. think about this, geraldo, dem on dem violence you're sighing. bernie sanders leading in new hampshire. she is at ropes in iowa. if an indictment comes down what does this do to the democratic party? we saw over half of democrats don't care if she is indicted? >> first of all i can deal with the indictment first because that is easiest, andrea. there is as much possibility of hillary clinton and sean penn being indicted, you know, less than zero. neither will be indicted. it was never a case. i've been saying that for months. >> i totally disagree. >> telling you what i think. almost to me, hillary clinton hired bernie sanders to give her
9:43 am
stalking horse, one guy she could definitely beat. he will give her a run for her money in iowa. he may beat her in new hampshire. that will be end of bernie sanders way i see it. it will be hillary clinton against donald trump, get used to it. and you know, you can deal with their various foibles and strengths and weaknesses but i think that bernie sanders is not -- andrea: i agree hillary will -- melissa: she will get the nomination but i think in terms of the indictment, i think this latest wrinkle is really serious, idea of commingling of funds. >> something aside from the email? melissa: yes. i think email led them to the trail where it becomes very obvious there was pay for play within the clinton foundation. they were accepting money from foreign government, from companies, while the state department was looking very big financial favors. i think there is a lot of meat there. the email thing and server was always about collecting evidence on this front.
9:44 am
she even, clinton said on monday she heard nothing from the fbi. that agents, they're not investigating, the possibility of this intersection. there is nothing like this happening clinton says. guess what? the fbi doesn't call you and tell you when they're heading down the track towards you. i think this in particular where the fire always has been. harris: the fact that the investigation is moving forward for intelligence sources our reporters have been talking with, that is undeniable whether she wants to believe it or not. it is interesting to me with bernie sanders and also with donald trump and the republican party where did we get to the point what the people want is not respected more? bernie sanders is getting huge crowds, right? >> he would be great head of college association or something like that. he is a great independent senator from vermont. andrea: visual of sean penn and hillary clinton maybe in a cell together. madonna would be jealous. >> madonna -- andrea: penn defending interview
9:45 am
with mexican drug lord and expressing no regret over the secret meeting. new pictures appear that officials were watching as penn headed to that appearance. what the actor is saying now. ♪ kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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harris: it has been a hot one. more "outnumbered" in just a moment but first to jenna lee with what is coming up on next hour of "happening now." hi, jenna. >> 10 detainees from gitmo will be released this week. that is 10% of the remaining prisoners at guantanamo bay. we'll talk to tom joseclyn. these are some of the worst guys, so we're told. president obama prepping for state of the union address. will talk about the economy and gun control. oil trading at 12-year lows and setting up fears of bankruptcies in the energy business and what that means for the economy. market trading lower. china is a big problem area. we'll talk to go gordon chang about what this all means coming up at top of the hour. harris: sounds good, thank you. meghan: actor sean penn is defending his meeting with mexican drug lord, joaquin "el chapo" guzman.
9:50 am
in email with the associated press he dismisses criticism quote, i've got nothing to hide. they appear to show penn and actress kate dealt castillo before the meeting. this was part after government intelligence file. "el chapo" was captured friday in dramatic raid. we're getting a new look how it played out. [gunfire] [shouting] "el chapo" was eventually arrested and standoff bringing his six-month prison escape to an end. mexican officials begun process extraditing him to the united states but could take months before he is in u.s. custody. have to go to you, geraldo, on this. >> having been in the tunnel this, guy "el chapo" has amazing resources. he has all the military muscle in the world. that is why he must be extradited to the united states. we showed the dramatic shootout where the mexican marines went in force to take him down.
9:51 am
his bodyguards stayed right there to fight them to allow "el chapo" yet another opportunity to escape yet again. they stood, they died. that's my point. he has the money, he has the ability to instill fear, to kidnap, to torture. he can compromise and corrupt the mexican government at every level. he must being extra dieted to the united states emimmediately -- extradited. melissa: all to that, sean penn is his down you -- downfall. idea of sean penn to play in a movie that is hubris. that causes in large part his downfall. how can he be so smart and so stupid at the same time? wait a minute. i'm afraid of man. i retract that. >> john gotti same thing. you want to be on television. you want to stay a fugitive. you want to stay hidden.
9:52 am
then you don't invite one of the biggest high-profile movie stars in the world to hang out with you. harris: i am reading from you today you think sean penn is right when he was working truly in journalistic fashion. >> i have no doubt about it. harris: why do you say that. >> because, here's the question, was that interview newsworthy? were you curious about what "el chapo" had to say. harris: not everything newsworthy is journalism. we don't normally give our copy to person interviewing let him sign off. >> that is distressing although -- harris: distressing. >> gave husband full disclosure. harris: out of bounds. >> sean penn gave us full disclosure claims there was no changes made. i didn't say it was good journalism. i said it was journalism. melissa: asked him what is your favorite color and how many pets do you have. >> i wanted to know. andrea: i don't think it was good journalism. i don't think anyone looks at sean penn and take the man serious. he is not serious person. i agree with you it was compelling.
9:53 am
i wouldn't give him one of harris's enemies. you make a good point. pride comes before the fall. he was caught because he was so star-struck, i'm trying to think of his name in the movie -- sipc oli. he took down "el chapo." can't make it up. meghan: his god awful writing. it was written like a dumb high school paper. harris: it is "rolling stone." we're used to that. new jenny craig advertisement, celebrating her recent weight loss, actress kirstie alley getting very candid what she is looking for in a man. spoiler alert, you have to be really young, very young. young. ♪ hi i'm heather cox
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♪ >> actress and self-proclaimed cougar, kirstie alley isn't hiding her desire to date younger men. she turned 65.
9:58 am
released a new jenny craig ad celebrating maintenance of 50-pound weight loss. she has no interest dating men my age. because we're too dull. instead the "cheers" star prefers men in 20s, and captivated by their energy and lust for life. >> that is interesting way to put it. >> i got in trouble when i suggested that a woman's youth of a fragile and diminishing resource. is it true. melissa: why would you get in trouble for that? wow. >> what about, would you date, andrea? andrea: i would be in prison. i couldn't go that much younger because they would be like six years old. would i go that much younger? yeah. >> would you go 18. andrea: no. >> 20. andrea: no. >> how old? andrea: not that young. i moved pastfies in their 20s. harris: are you trying to fix up your son?
9:59 am
what is going on here? >> what you don't want to do be with a woman younger than your children, that's for sure. andrea: you have very young wife. you dated very young men. >> i dated over 10 years a woman almost 20 years older than i. i delighted in it. andrea: you're fair and balanced. >> fair and balanced in every regard. what i was going to say, melissa, you have rogaine and drugs for every aspect of aging you can prolong your flamboyant period there. melissa: i am learning so much on this show today. i am sweating up a storm. i can't imagine what "outnumbered overtime" will be like here. celebrate kirstie alley. whatever happens between two consenting adults you do. harris: amen. there you go. meghan was extremely silent.
10:00 am
>> rather talk about isis than viagra, that's what i'm saying. melissa: we'll stay hire -- harris: we'll stay here for the live off-line show you can be a part with the chat. have a great day. hillary clinton will. a month ago she had a big lead. we are covering all of the news now. (chanting) >> tensions mount in germany after sexual assaults on women by migrants continue to rise. plus. >> i feel he is evil. >> jury selection be


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