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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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long. >> for a long time. >> maybe rehearse just in case. >> always wear clean clothes. thank you for joining us today. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. president barack obama preparing right now for his final state of the union address. it's going to happen a few hours from now. happy tuesday. this is the real story. the president is expected to lay out a series of accomplishments and speak broadly about the country's direction and future challenges. last year he had the lowest rating in 16 years. this time it will be congress paul ryan sitting behind the president as speaker of the house and after the republican response will include disagreements with everything from the handling of isis to the president's plan to close guantanamo bay. mike, what does speaker ryan say to reporters today about the issue of isis and the authorization of military force?
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>> house speaker paul ryan said it was offensive s fight against isis. he hosted network anchors and correspondents at breakfast this morning. he noted the national defense authorization passed by congress requires that president obama offer a plan on defeating isis. ryan noted he does not want to do anything that would constrict the next president. there's bipartisan concern about isis and syria here on capitol hill. >> americans are so anxious right now about their security, about what's going on around the world. just look at what happened today in istanbul in the tourist direct where ten people were killed. we passed the law requiring the president to put forward a plan to defeat this threat. i hope he will deliver. >> i think we need a clearer strategy. i don't know that strategy is one we want to make public. i say if you're going to battle
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someone, you want the upper hand. i think we as with representatives of the people need to understand what the strategy is. >> that comment from a democrat at a house on services committee hearing today on syria, iraq and islamic extremism. >> for speaker ryan, this will be his first time sitting right behind the president. any concerns that he felt like sharing this morning. >> ryan told us he's an expressive person and he is concerned about his poker face. there is a new face that will be up there. they are having a good time introducing that new face to the american people. some people that may not be familiar with the new guy. >> hunting season is over. nobody paid attention last year. hunting season is over. there goes the beard. >> i can confirm he will be
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clean shaven tonight. >> while tonight will be polite, it sounds like the speaker is anticipating there will be a number of spikes this year. >> that's right. he thinks it will be five or six issues that president obama will take action on, trying to stretch his authority. ryan says lawmakers will have different options on pushing back. speaker ryan for the president's legacy to be saved, mr. obama needs hillary clinton to succeed him. congress needs to offer an effective opposition and must offer the american people a contrast and real alternative. >> i want to know the real story on this photo that we showed. there you are sitting prime right next to the new speaker of the house. is this like airline seating where you had to upgrade yourself and pay a $15 fee extra to get the seat.
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>> i thought i was in coach because chris wallace was at the other end of the table. i sat at the end of the table and speaker of the house sat next to me. got to ask him a couple of questions. >> prime seating getting ready for prime time tonight. thank you. >> thanks. >> for more on this congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers chairman of the house republican conference. great to have you on the real story. >> thanks. great to be with you. >> we heard paul ryan expressing to reporters this morning, he said as far as president and his options with regard to isis, these are awful options on isis because of bad decisions made by our president earlier. where does that lead you and the rest of congress? >> well, it leaves us hoping to hear from the president, the comprehensive strategy to defeat isis. you just go back august of 2014 when james foley, the american
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reporter was beheaded. the president talked about destroying isis yet over the past year and a half the threat has gotten worse. i want to hear what this comprehensive strategy is. this is on the hearts of people all across this country as we see isis growing around the world. >> it's top of the list on issues for americans if they were to go to the polls exactly today. the president has had ample time to change his strategy. we've had terrorist attacks at home. he hasn't done it. what do you think will change in his mind tonight to make change? >> we just put defense bill on his desk that was asking for this plan, calling on the president as commander in chief. this is the number one responsibility of the commander in chief, federal government. ultimately, it goes to the choice that will face this
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country in the fall. that choice is whether or not americans feel comfortable with the legacy, the approach that president obama has taken, his foreign policy versus a commander in chief for the security of this country first and foremost. >> here are a few facts. she was born nimrata randhawa on january 20th, 1972. her parents moved from india three years prior. she began working at her mother's clothing business and got an accounting degree from clemson university. she probably didn't like the score last night. there's a lot of buzz she would be a vp choice on the republican side. in selecting her, was there a definite message going out to
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donald trump? >> i think -- when i heard the news i was really excited that nikki haley was the one that was going to be giving the republican response. she will be on everyone's short list. she should be on everyone's short list for a vp. she's an impressive leader in south carolina and a proven leader as governor. i think it's an opportunity for her to highlight and the great work, the great leadership that she has shown in south carolina. >> the reason i ask if it's a message to donald trump is because they are so different in different ways. she's a lot younger. obviously, she's a woman. he's white and she's indian. she's from a small town in south carolina and she's from new york. it seems like there a stark differences. >> i think it's great to show people from all backgrounds and
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all different walks of life that are republican. we welcome the competition of ideas in this party. it's really been as a member of the house, we are younger now than the democrats in the house. two-thirds of our conference has been elected in the last five years or less. i think there's some -- it's the next generation of republican leadership. nikki haley is part of that. i think she's going to deliver a great message about the choice that faces americans in this election in the fall. >> you'll know how she feels getting ready for that because you did the same thing a few years ago. >> it was a great honor. >> as president obama readies himself to deliver his final state of the union, a time for the president to say what a great job they have done, it's equally important to show the american field. the president is not at his
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record low on peormance. that was in september of 2014 at 38% but not that much better, sitting at 42% approval. that's typical for two term presidents as they get ready to leave office. what about the mood of the american people? only 28% say yes to this yes. is the country strong and confident? 71% say no, including 51% of democrats. just 49% when asked how do you feel about the economy say optimistic down from 58% just this time last year. to me, mood is affected by our general feelings of safety and whether or not we feel we are delivering a better world to our children and especially with this president, those are issues i believe the american people are much less sure of. the president will no doubt say he's doing everything in his power to keep us all safe. that is the number one job. will americans listening tonight actually believe him?
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developing overseas, turkey's prime minister blaming isis for a deadly bombing that's killed ten people. the white house now condemning the attack saying it stands together with turkey in a fight against terrorism. john is live in our mideast bureau. what more do you know about that attack today? >> you mentioned turkish prime minister. he said the attacker is a 28-year-old syrian national and was a member of isis. again, take a look at that video. very scary. he detonated an explosive belt this morning just after 10:20 a.m. this is the city really historic and cultural center. the attack happened very close to the famous blue mosque.
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it's a very busy area, a popular tourist area. there's a heavy amount of security but apparently not enough to stop this attack. nine of the people killed were german tourists. >> thank you. shocking new report about a danger lurking online. these three killers and their connection to a popular website millions of americans use every day. set to release top hillary clinton e-mails as the fbi expands its investigation now. her legal woes are either grave or worse than grave. covergirl makes flawless as easy as... one... "tru"... three.
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welcome back. tonya couch, aka the affluenza mom released from jail after posting bond. texas judge reducing her bail from a million bucks to just 75,000. she'll stay with her older son. tonya and ethan were arrested in mexico. the mom charged with hindering the apprehension of her son when they fled the united states. they believe they fled while prosecutors were investigating whether ethan violated his probation. another shoe dropped as the fbi investigates hillary clinton's e-mail. state department will release thousands of e-mails from her
11:16 am
aid. this as the fbi e panxpands the investigation and will focus on corruption from mrs. clinton involving the clinton foundation. >> the fbi has come into the possession of independent investigation done by financial investigators who found two things, a lot of things but put into two categories. a series of accounting and financial irregularities. basically, tax free fungs without the approval of the authority to give you tax refund status and spending money without that. the state department conferred favorable status on foreign
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entities that made contributions to the clinton foundation or former president clinton for his speaking gigs. that's the more serious one with respect to allegations to public corruption by her. she made decisions to benefit financially. >> that's the corruption bucket. >> right. >> the fbi also looking in general into the e-mails and whether or not they were classi classified. >> there's two spokes guns. the smoking guns are two e-mails. one in which she was responding to a request from someone, i have an important document here. i have to fax it to you via the secured state department fax. i can't get it to work. answer, send it on a regular fax. another one where another subordinate is about to send a document marked confidential or secret. she says removing the marking before you send it to me.
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both of those show a propensity to avoid her profound obligation to keep secure the government the secure. this is red meat to those. >> you say grave or worse than grave. >> this particular crime, the familiar to secure national securities that require the government to prove intent, it only requires the government to prove negligence. the evidence is overwhelming. these two e-mails are in her own words and show a propensity to avoid and evade securing national secrets. >> i interviewed former u.s. attorney says there could be something coming down the pike in 60 days. >> i agree. mrs. clinton denies this. she denies she's the subject of an investigation. that's something she wouldn't be in a position to know about because they haven't notified her yet. popular website being linked to an unusual number of murders
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welcome back. a shocking report, more than 100 murders have been linked to craigslist. that's according to an industry watchdog group. >> most murders were committed by those who knew their victims. because of the internet and craigslist, stranger homicides are on the rise. according the the watchdog group, craigslist has passed the 100 murder list. in tulsa, oklahoma somebody posted this quote. i was wanting to thank tulsa for letting me have my first kill. it will not be my last. tulsa police say there's no open murder cases that match the post and it could be a hoax. craigslist is a platform for dangerous criminals to find their prey. there was phillip, the so called
11:24 am
craigslist killer who used the sight to rob three women and kill one of them. he later killed himself in prison. he lured three men into the woods in ohio with bogus job listings killing them. craigslist said they have had billions of fake transactions and that's correct. critics point out that craigslist allows users to be anonymous so they can pretend to be pretty much anyone and the site does not require a name or phone number. the watchdog group that compiled the numbers believe all transactions should be conducted in a safe zone where you have people, cameras and security. listen. >> the number of killings associated with craigslist and other online purchases drops because people start going to
11:25 am
the police department, then i feel i will have accomplished something. >> the same group says that ebay and some other online sites do have more robust security teams than craigslist. >> they do. >> craigslist did not respond to that. >> hard to bring your patio furniture to the police office. you know. depends on what you're selling. word to the wise. thank you. incredible video of the aftermath of crash outside a los angeles pickup truck hitting a fire hydrant and power pole sending the water gushing over the place. driver trapp eped inside. firefighters couldn't help the man until the power was turned off. the driver was not seriously hurt. brand new poll showing bernie sanders gaining serious ground on hillary clinton as vice president joe biden praising sanders. what does that mean for hillary clinton?
11:26 am
we'll debate that. gop candidates trying to secure support in early voting states as we inch closer to caucuses and primaries. we have it for you, next. >> we've got another young man who is very confused. son, thank you. this is not your stage. this is not your stage. st tuesd. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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big busy day on the campaign trial. just ahead of the republican debate on thursday on fox business network. where are some of the candidates today? john kasich is in nevada holding a meet and greet in reno. caucuses take place february 23rd. in new hampshire ted cruz holding a second amendment rally at a gun range. hillary clinton holding an organize event in iowa. in just about 30 minutes governor chris christie will deliver the state of the state at the state house in trenton, new jersey. >> they're fighting about whether ted cruz is allowed to
11:31 am
be president. he's asking voters to think about what would happen if someone who was not eligible is elected. >> he's a friend of mine. i like him a lot. you don't know whether or not he's going to be allowed to run or to serve. how can you be voting that way? i suggest he get a judgment from the courts. you go in early and get a judgment and settle the issue. this is an issue that's not a settled issue at all. it's a big problem. >> cruz had some excitement in the last hour when some anti-second amendment protesters stormed his stage. nobody was hurt. cruz is said to speak to reporters any minute. if he doesn't take a shot back at trump there. we are two days away from seeing trump and cruz next to each
11:32 am
other at the debate in south carolina. >> looking forward to it. why are people still talking about senator marco rubio's boots? >> there's a new ad where all you see is a pair of boot dancing around. that's the way a pac supporting jeb bush is trying to perceive as flip-flops. ♪ these boots are made for flipping ♪ ♪ that's what they'll do ♪ one day marco's going to flip-flop on you ♪ >> rubio's team doesn't think the ad is constructive. one tweeted with after spending 75 million with nothing to show, jeb bush campaign exists now for the seoul purpose of tearing down conservatives like marco rubio.
11:33 am
cruz is in new hampshire, not iowa. that boot ad, check it out on youtube if you haven't seen the whole thing. it's not marco rubio dancing. those are not his legs or his boots. >> it's not. we don't know who it is. >> who's the mystery guy with the boots. thank you. some big news for the race for the democrat nomination. ed henry tracking that. do you have boots on today? kidding. >> no. >> new trouble for hillary clinton in new hampshire. what do you know about that? >> she has an enthusiasm problem on the left. they endorse bernie sanders. they comes as a poll showing sanders is winning by 14 points in new hampshire. the same poll in november had
11:34 am
clinton winning by three points. we really saw her sharpening the attacks. >> i've got the scars to show for it. i'm proud of every single one of them. >> sanders fired back that clinton camp used to say he was a nice guy. now they are attacking him. he says that's because clinton knows she's in trouble and he can beat her. whether he can do that is another story. they are certainly feeling the burn now. >> those two polls not good news for hillary clinton. vice president joe biden, he continues to tweet hillary clinton. is he rethinking rather to get in this race as she struggles. he said you never say no in american politics but says he
11:35 am
sees no scenario as he gets into the race. he continues to hit her by sayi saying bernie sanders is doing a good job highlighting income inequality. >> no one questions bernie's authenticity on those issues. >> nancy pelosi said bernie sanders has developed a real connection with voters upset, angry about the financial crisis in 2008. the democratic establishment praising bernie sanders. >> very interesting. thank you. are you going to support sanders if he's the nominee? >> i think all democrats will get behind whoever the nominee
11:36 am
is. >> i ask because i find it fascinating that it seems that only republican pundits and republicans are asked whether they would support somebody that others see as an outlier. nobody seems to be asking the question. this sanders thing is real. he is a socialist. hillary clinton could not define the difference. can you? >> what's interesting about the race now is that trump is not really been -- i'm answer part of the question. trump has not been connected deeply with the republican party. sanders has not been deeply connected with the democrat party. it's a very volatile time. >> he's avoiding the socialism part of it. >> i'm not sure what part of the question he answered. it's understandable because there's no real difference
11:37 am
between socialism and the current economic policies of the democratic party. >> okay. he answered it. let's move on to the polls. here's where we see that you see sanders ahead of clinton. i'm going go back to simon and see if you can answer this question. what happened here? >> james said he sanders to win iowa and new hampshire. he didn't get a lot of press. it was the beginning from the clinton world. we know that the democratic race is very much up in the air. i think either candidate could win. just like the republican race, it's a lot of volatility here. >> that's fascinating. after the first democratic debate where hillary clinton did
11:38 am
a good job, foregone conclusion. i always say politics can change every day. >> it's not like the republican side. we have 15 candidates. you expect volatility there. on the democrat side you have hillary clinton who was the heir. she's running as the president that deserves to be president and you have a socialist. why would you have volatility there? she could very well lose iowa and new hampshire. i got to be honest. i still don't think that doesn't mean she doesn't get the nomination. she has such a southern strategy. i don't think they will vote for bernie sanders. it would take a tsunami of epic proportions. >> we'll come back and see what happens. >> i'd love to be wrong. >> president obama being asked whether he could envision donald
11:39 am
trump as president. watch this. >> talk to me if he wins then we'll have a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. >> when you stand and deliver that state of the union address, in no part of your mind or brain can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering the state of the union address? >> well i can imagine he in a saturday night skit. >> zing. he's not going to address him as a powerful force until he needs a nominee. >> everybody likes to talk about donald trump, the candidate. what about the people supporting him? this is barack obama ridiculing real americans concerned about important issues who are supporting donald trump. it's very insulting to the people. >> simon. >> i thought it was great that
11:40 am
barack obama was funny. i thought it was a pretty good line. you laughed a bit. this election is -- we just have to acknowledge three weeks out, fox is having two debates. there's a lot of life in this election. what's great is that voters are really getting to decide here. it's not the party insider. it's not being dict indicaated washington. i think this is going to be an exciting few weeks. >> yeah. no doubt. debate january 14th. this week and the 28th right before the iowa caucus. simon and larry. see you soon. >> simon, great job dancing in that jeb bush ad. we got to go back to serious now. scary new details we're learning about isis. the weapons, the terror group appears to be texting and why it's leaving al qaeda in the dust. the former acting director of the cia is saying about that. new video of the shoot out that led to the capture of el
11:41 am
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the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. coming up, why the white house says this year's address will be like no other. we'll speak with the fox news sunday host chris wallace at the top of the hour. welcome live from l.a. with the
11:45 am
details. the big question is whether or not sean penn knew they were tracking him. what did you find out. >> it does not sound that way when you look at the hoops he went through to get there. here is what you need to know about sean penn that made his essential. the woman in this photo is kate castilla. when he wanted to make a move of himself. he contacted kate who contacted penn. this is him arriving in mexico for that meeting.
11:46 am
amazing after 15 minutes of bullets and grenades, five of his body guards were still alive. take a look at this place. it is a dump. the guy lived like a peasant. no spa, no blow, no hookers like any responsible drug lord would have. he still almost escaped. down a secret tunnel into the city's sewer system out of a manhole where he stole a car and nearly got away. police caught him about an hour later as he tried to get out of town. now comes the question of who gets the drug life-support. the justice department in washington is going to decide who gets to prosecute him. >> all right. you had me at hookers. very good detail.
11:47 am
maybe they'll get him in vegas. very frightening development in the war on terror today as evidence mounts that isis is experimenting with chemical weapons. how credible is this evidence? >> two doctors, say there's growing evidence that isis is experimenting with chemical agents. these photos show burns and blising consistent with the use of chemical agents that are described as odorless, colorless ash soshed through the clothing causing burns or illness hours later.
11:48 am
he reached the same conclusion. >> interesting in using these chemicals in a confined space environment. >> separately, a u.s. government source said there was no reason to doubt the authenticity of these photos. >> you have new information about the number of foreign fighters going to iraq and syria. >> that's right. the nation's top spy told congress since the conflict began in 2011, more than 20,000 foreign fighters from 90 countries have traveled to the region. a year later the number has spiked with the u.s. int intelligence official confirming to fox news that number has doubled with foreign fighters now traveling from 120
11:49 am
countries. that means 60% of the world's population is affected with just 30,000 fighters. a former member of the cia testified about this on capital hill. >> isis has gained affiliates back than al qaeda ever did. from nothing a year ago there are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that have worn allegiance to isis. they have conducted attacks that killed americans. >> the president special assistant on hammering isis to give kryou the other side of th story told reporters that the administration does feel there's progress being made on the turkish boarder to stem the flow of foreign fighters and homeland security is working with authorities there. >> maybe we will hear about that tonight. you never know. thank you. remember the terrifying video. two hackers able to take over that suv. government finishing the investigation.
11:50 am
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i will say this. we are reaching the stage in the campaign where the voters are starting to seriously examine the candidates, to examine their records. it's easy for any political candidate to say we should stand against washington. every republican running says that we should stand against washington. and the natural follow-up question is, okay, when have you stood against washington? when have you taken on not just democrats but leaders in our own party? in that regard, my record is different. >> pretty good journalist asking a good follow-up question. you see ted cruz now speaking with a lot of mojo.
11:54 am
he took on another protester earlier at his rally there in iowa today, because he is on top of the polls in a lot of the polls in iowa and second place nationally right now. big debates coming up. could determine a lot on the gop side. let's move on to this. new follallout after a security breach throughout the auto industry. remember this? two cyber experts were able to remotely hack into a jeep cherokee, take control of the suv. now from fox business network, how did the hackers get into those vehicles? >> they got in through the radio entertainment system. so the real panic attack last -- this is one of the scariest hacks of last year. the government wrapped up its probe into this. they found fiat-chrysler were affected.
11:55 am
so the government concluded that only fiat-chrysler cars could have been breached and that they shut the security breach in the wi-fi entertainment system in the dashboard. >> it was through the audio entertainment system. but that's not just one little simple device. that operates a bunch of different stuff in the car. >> that's exactly right. the entertainment system was connected. this is the surprising, stunning finding. the entertainment system was connected to 200 separate electronic components within the vehicle. so that's why these guys were able to hack in and take over not just the brakes but the transmission, wipers and other electronic xcomponents. the government said they shut the porthole in there and that the other layers of security have been added to the epte er
11:56 am
ttan entertainment systems. it seems if you were going to buy a car and you hav the wi-fi system in the dashboard, you may want to ask the security layers on that. >> almost every new car would have that. the hackers now work at uber to make sure the hacking doesn't happen to them on their driverless cars. see you soon. just a dollar and a dream, right? if you are one of the countless people playing powerball, a sobering look at some of the cut uncle sam will steal from you. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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strange pet store robbery caught on surveillance. thief making off with a rare reptile by putting snake down his pants. video captures the thief. both still on the run. powerball estimated $1.5 billion jackpot tomorrow night. your chances of winning are one in 292.2 million. winner is subject to nearly 40% in federal taxes.
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government withholds a quarter of earnings, the winner doesn't have a social security number it rises to 28%. good luck. i'm going to buy a ticket. what the heck. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast as president obama prepares for his final state of the union address. we know he's planning to highlight some of his successes. with markets recently sliding and terrorism fears on the rise, can the president convince americans that he is moving the country in the right direction? the president's address coming hours after the islamic state claimed credit for bombing a tourist spot. new evidence comes in isis scientists are experimenting with chemical weapons. ahead, the intelligence and the photographs. the mother of the spoiled teenage killer who escaped with him to mexico is a free woman. she walked out of jail this morning and she's sporting some new jewelry. a nice ankle bracelet courtesy


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