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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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congress would actually not just shout and complain and moan about things that the white house does, it would actually enact legislation to make decisions and consider things. oh, well. those were the days. welcome, everything, to charleston, texas where they're getting ready for a big republican debate. you can imagine, whatever to the president has to tell the country tonight will be a big topic of conversation two nights from tonight. and all eyes are on one donald trump who leads the pack, and wouldn't you know that the president of the united states might have added a little bit of salt in this contest, by adding a -- that sort of monitoring a
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trump presidency would be akin to an "snl" sketch. let's just say the donald, when he was speaking with me on fox business network was not happy, take a listening. >> he was being the wise guy and that's fine. i'm very critical kl of him, he's been a terrible president, he's done a terrible job. the world has blown up around us. we have created havoc all a over the middle east and elsewhere. we're doing very poorly in our county tremendous, our economy is terrible. let's just say donald trump who's been bemoaning the case of this recovery. saying it's not much to write home about. when they gather here in a cull of days time. ahead of that, we have my buddy and south carolinian, pat codell, pat isn't wearing a coat, he doesn't feel it's mess. trump and the president are
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getting back and forth on, obvious ely the president tongtd at the state of the union is going to say everything is great. things have improved messabasur, trump is going to say things stink. >> he's going to go out there and talk about gun control rather than ekeeping people secure. >> there's going to be an empty chair next to the first lady, to represent all the people who have been killed in gun violence. >> we will also then talk about climate change as the great usual of our time rather than the question of american renewal, or the international situation. i can't believe how trump has helped. here he has a situation where the president would say -- which
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only makes republican voters like trump more, if he attacks them. he's got china falling apart in their markets, we a he's to the only candidate that's been really talking about that. now we have oil questions and some questions about the market. then you see these events seem to be moving to help trumpl, because of his campaign narrative, which is the strongest narrative in the party. they're running attacking each other at the lower levels, which i can't figure out why. >> one of the things you learn about the president when he's commenting on mr. trump is that you can't take the guy seriously, he doesn't really have the prescription that the economy needs. in other words he's dismissed them. the main stream media has been that way, and then donald trump is at the top of the polls.
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do you think donald trump will be elected president? >> i don't know about that. >> it's a yes or no question. >> could he? probably, here's the question if he were nominated. >> you're wiggling out of it. >> no, i'm not, i'm explaining it. my nonanswer is simple, he has changed his attitudes about many republicans since he got in. and is question is can he do that with the democrats. i know something you know, which is in 1980, everyone said reagan couldn't win the election. >> i remember sadly. >> and it was ---and yet, once he got on the debate stage with jimmy carter, he was able to solve those doubts. >> solve this puzzle for us. i think there were a lot of people back then who supported ronald reagan who didn't sad mitt to it. >> i don't agree that much. i think there were people -- >> me or the premise that a lot of people then as now.
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>> your premise was wrong. the question is did he gain was he answered doubts about hem? without that debate, i'm not sure he would have won. however i will tell you it does remind me of what the candidates in the past, particularly like george wallace who had a lot of protests, folks, and people didn't want to say. i have made a lifetime career out of proving that he was going to win when everyone said he wasn't. >> thank you, mike, even owe you dissed me. pat codell here with his final appearance with us. we got tray gowdy with us right now, he's a big backer of marco rubio. congressman, i don't believe the senator is going to be in the chamber for the state of the union. >> i can assure you, it won't
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bother me either way. i'm more likely to be wrong, but it won't bother me if he's there or not. >> you know the dust up that this has created with the senator, this happened with senator obama. they didn't make nearly an extent of it. john kennedy, when he was running for president. some of these republican rivals are champing at the bit to point that out. what do you make of that? >> well, i think almost anything is fair in politics, that's what i've lenaarned. i think marco is running to help make those votes consequential. one of those things would be the intelligence briefings that governor bush says he's missed. you learn more watching your show or reading the "new york times" than you go going to these so called intelligence
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briefings. marco is on senate intel and he certainly lows the issues better than his colleagues and certainly many of the candidates. >> all right, and by the way, you are correct, and i was wrong, congressman, the senator will be there. senator cruz will not be there. maybe there's where the confusion is so i apologize, senator cruz comes under fire as to whether he's a natural born citizen. hiss american mother gave birth to him in canada. but you mow to the drill. donald trump had his doubts, but we're going to delaya in a conversation. do you have any concerns, many in your party have said well, this is a legitimate issue, do you think it's a legitimate issue? >> i think it was a legitimate issue when this -- to me, to the extent anything can be settled by the supreme court, if you are
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the child of an american citizen, regardless of where you're born, you're an american citizen, his mother was an american citizen, i didn't think it was much of an issue with the president, when people raised it eight years ago, i don't think it's an issue now. >> okay, so when you look at this scenario, i know you support senator rubio, but all the polls continue, and then he he would tell you surprisingly so, that donald trump is on top. i'll can ask you what i have asked a number of other republicans and others in the c he was your party's nominee for president. >> absolutely. i'm going to work for the republican nom thee because anyone on our side is better than anyone on their side and if i have learned neck in the last five years, i have learned that if you want to the fundamentally change the direction of the country, you have to have the
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executive branch, you have to have the white house. i will do everything i can to elect the republican nominee whoever he or she is. >> from the fine state of south carolina, it is beautiful in charleston, congressman, as you know quite well. thank you very much. we are focusing on a lot of things here tonight ahead of the president's state of the union address, not the least of which are these volatile markets. that and oil dipping briefly under $30 a barrel. but this time no matter how oil weakened the markets held up. i don't know if that's a meaningful development, but i patched it your way because that's the first time anything like that has ever happened. donald trump says the market is notwithstanding, we are heading into some rough times, he says he was ahead of it for quite a while. he is not focused so much on the
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president, he's focused on to the fact that ted cruz, maybe they're runging neck and neck in the state of of iowa. donald trump is trying to raise yeses now as to what donald trump says about rubio not being a natural born citizen.
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at i want to go with doug kelley, i watched the latest on these ten navy sellers who were obtained briefly by your rainians in the persian gulf.
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>> we can tell you neil is that what we know is this up to ten u.s. navy sailors who were patrolling the persian gulf in these small craft, rivereen boats, they were drifted into iraqi -- taken to an island in the middle of the persian gulf by the name of farsi island. this is a tiny little island, almost uncharted. there are no civilian inhabitants of it, as far as we know. and i was just on my way to the studio here, you've got fresher information than i do that they now with be returned. this is a situation that is extremely test gimp the fresh geo political situation there, i can keep you posted, if you want to come back to me, my son
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happens to be on a riverine boat in that part of the world. so i know a lot about it. so that's what we know so far. >> i do want to go back with you with that. thanks for the update. i want to read a statement from -- john, they apprehend these men that hav wandered into their waters without international jurisdiction, but i am curious what you make of this, because it comes as these two countries are hammering out an agreement. but what do you make of all this? >> particularly where the border is uncertain, particularly at sea, there can be mistakes made. if this is absolved as a mistake, this is something that should be able to happen between nations, but if this is called
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aggression, then it will be a problem. i have had sons that operated on similar vessels, his job was boarding vessels over there to make sure there with respect terrorist devices on the vessels, that the vessels were not harboring munitions or other things. and when you get in these small craft and move to police the area, there's a potential for a mistake, so if this is a mistake, it's one thing, if this is an aggressive act, it's entirely something else. we have to with be very careful to make sure that we're not being tested by our opponents in the area. then i think we invite more difficulty. >> and there is a history with iran, if you think about it, obviously they think that's all their water, their land, their passageway for trips, and follow even launch missiles with a close proximity, and it included
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one of our owns just a couple of weeks ago, but it happened a couple of weeks ago, the chinese tempting that on those islands where they con the figured these military bases where they're landing jets on. there is a repetitive nation to this that concerns me. what about you? >> i'm concerned, and i think that's the reason why we need a president, which is a strategic president that understands northern policy, and that america is not to be apologized internationally, but it is to be defended internationally, and other nations will fill vacuums when we left or vacate by the efforts of leadership fail to defend our interests. the spratle islands -- that part of the problem with isis was our
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indecision and when we didn't act with clarity, in regard to sere where, we created a vacuum that was filled by terrorism. we have to be strategic and to be operating from strength not from weak js. >> thanks for your development. the former attorney general of these united states, we keep egetting updates on to the developments there. but to the latest on donald trump, it's one thing when we gots after barack obama, that's almost routine. when he really starts to unloading, ted cruz, well, it takes on an added sense of urgency and he and his candidates will be meeting face to face. to our broker. how much does he charge?
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one poll has come out earlier today that surprised some folks because donald trump moved back on top in that state. >> i really liked it in iowa, i'm trying to win iowa, i'm going to be there in a little while. we're way up in new hampshire, way up in south carolina, i'm trying to win iowa, i have a great relationship with some people, and as you probably know about two weeks ago, cnn came out with a poll that i'm 33 to 20, up. i'm doing great with the evangelicals and great with the
1:23 pm
tea party and we're doing well in iowa, we're going to try and w win it, it would be easier to the say i'll go to new hampshire and have a very big lead. i think we have a good chance to win iowa. >> do you think that the recent closer poll numbers for ted cruz owed to this concern that he -- is he an american citizen, a natural born citizen? you raised it, john mccain has raised it from his other opponents, you raised it, rand poll among some others. is this a legitimate issue? >> it's a very legitimate issue, even to the governor of iowa, he's a highly respected governor and he brought it up. and a lot of people are e ebringing it up. lawrence harvard, who's a constitutional expert, he believes something is totally unsettled. to the problem is if you have
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him as a candidate, and he's a friend of mine, i like him a lot. but if he's a candidate, you don't know if he's either going to be able to run or to serve, so how could you be be voting that way. i think he should go into the court and get a declaratory ruling. this is just not a settled issue at all and it's a big problem. >> i guess i'm curious -- i'm sorry, why now donald as this become an issue, obviously you have known him, the two of you seem to get along very well throughout this campaign, this long arduous process, why are people saying why now -- >> first of all, i didn't bring it up, this was brought up be "the washington post," this was one of the questions, and i said i have no idea, he was born a in canada, he was not born on this land. and a lot of people think it means you have to be born on the land, you have to be born here, that's one of the very big
1:25 pm
interpretations, and that was always what i felt, when i would hear about that, i always hear that you had to be born on the land and not in canada. and cruz was a citizen and actually gave up the citizenship 15, 16 months ago. >> he was a canadian citizen, he gave that up, probably 14, 15 months ago, the problem is you have a cloud over ted's head and that's a big problem, and i don't know how you can solve it other than getting a declaratory judgment, because the democrats have already stated that agoring to bring a lawsuit. >> rand paul said that since he's on the opening debate, before the major one that you all be on, that he's not coming. he's skipping the day all together. can you understand that? >> i can understand that, he was
1:26 pm
a senator and a lot of people conceivably believe that he could win. i know why he wouldn't want to do it. he was on the main stage and he was put on the center stage. i can understand fully why you wouldn't want to go to the second stage. >> what will still be a substantial audience. >> i don't think it's a mistake, i don't think it matters. i mean, frankly for him. i think what he should do is go back and run for the senator of kentucky and do a good job as a senator, i think it's not going to make any difference. but i can fully understand why he wouldn't want to go on the second stage. >> president obama was doing an interview withatt lauer on nbc this morning. and your name likely came up, and the president criticized you that you can't have a campaign in quoting him on simplistic
1:27 pm
solutions and scapegoating. he went on to say when discussing the possibility of a trump residency, i can imagine in a "saturday night live" skid -- >> i'm very critical kl of him, he's been a terrible president, he's done a terrible job, the world has blown up around us. we have created havoc all over the middle east and elsewhere. we're doing very poorly, our economy is terrible. the jobs have been taken away, not just the crummy jobs that have been reported, the third rate jobs and cut rate jobs, to the country is not the same, so he obviously is not thrilled with what i have to say about him, but that's the answer, you look at what's going on with so many different things, the illegal immigration that's pouring through, the obama care is a disaster, he's got to be repealed and replaced.
1:28 pm
but i speak the truth and that's why i'm leading in the polls. >> i know you carry on and you try to ignore these critics, when the president dismisses you or mocks you and you -- even still, the establishment media, many waiting for you to implode, you think you will, and it's been more than a half a year and it ehas not. do you ever feel like rodney dangero danger field that you don't get the respect that you're due? >> i have a poll of 46%, bleeding by many, many, double and triple, beating these people. and so you have to look at that, you have to look at the response, when i go out to speak, i'll have 20,000 people, i had 25 people in mobile, alabama. i have far bigger crowds, far bigger than bernie sanders.
1:29 pm
and you know, i think that's respect and i understand to the president would do that and i would do the same thing exactly. i would probably talk that way exactly. butthrilled with me and frankly the country is a mess. and i want to make america great again. yum you know who did that bigger than i do? he was told what does he know? he became a great president. i built a great company, a really great company, i have had tremendous success with "the apprentice," i have written "the art of the deal" and an opponent is going to stay that i get it from the republicans as well. >> i'm sure they're going to have guns ablazing for you thursday night where i stand.
1:30 pm
are you prepared for everyone focusing on your 45- >> i'm just saying that we have to take a tough stance on china. i don't even know where the 45% came from. but i said that is the equivalent of what they have done with respect to their deval situations, but china has to pay a price if they don't start behaving, because they're killing us on trade. >> you would not respond in kind with -- that would with be akin to a trade war. >> right now we're losing $500 billion a year in china. sometimes you're better off -- it might not be so bad, if you want to know the truth. i wouldn't do that, we need china's help with north korea, but china's not doing anything about north korea. we need fairness in trade, and china ask not treating us
1:31 pm
fairly, they deval you their currency all the time. unless we get strong, we won't have a country left. it's not only china, it'ser countries also. >> how do you prepare for thursday, i notice that the last fox business debate in milwaukee, you held back a little bit. they would throw a few barbs your way, it was almost like you were kind of holding back a little bit and waiting to be fired on, but not firing right away, are you going to keep that posture,or do you effect, given your lead, you said in a couple of polls you asserted that lead in iowa, that they're going to be going for you. >> i don't know what they're going to be doing. i think it's going to be very much last the last debate. people are going to say, why didn't use fight here or there. i won drudge who's an amazing
1:32 pm
guy by the way, i won drudge, i won "time" magazine, i won slate, every single poll, who won the debate, i won. and it's not my really job to go and interrupt everybody, i see there are certain people that are interrupting cob con stampbtly. i did a that at the reagan with debate and was criticized a little bit for it. i sat back and answered questions. then on the third hour, it got ridiculous, so in the third hour, they said well he didn't speak up in the third hour, they weren't asking me any questions. i feel that i should respond to equestions, i shouldn't necessarily interrupt. we have a couple of people who are constantly interrupting everybody and just butting in. i i could do that better than anybody, i just don't think it's appropriate. >> who were those couple of
1:33 pm
people. >> well, because i have become so diplomatic i won't mention their names, but would know who they are. every question buddy mann is cutting in. but swrjust like you just said, that he was quiet during the third round. you have to do what you have to do. i'm not going to be attacking anybody that i know, be if they attack me, i'll attack them back times five. >> all right, one of the ten u.s. navy forces aapartmently wandered intoer rain ran waters, we are hearing from ben rose at the white house, we are aware of the situation, i don't want to get too far out in front of this, but we're working ing on and hope to resolve it very
1:34 pm
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> >> ten u.s. sailors find themselves in enemy waters.
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1:38 pm
authorities. what we know at this point is that the iranians say they will be returned, but the two american vessels will be taken by the iranians and these navy sailors are estill being held by the iranians. probably does not like the sound of it. commander, they're trying to deescalate this, but it happened again with soldiers wandering in, we're told the iranians say to their waters, this is a constant source of debate between our two countries, where iran thinks it's their waters, we say they didn't wander in their waters, but this is three weeks after the iranians fired a missile just 50 feet away from the americans. >> i think what you're seeing is the iranians are testing limits. now given that we are still
1:39 pm
needing a lot of information, we don't have all the facts in yet. typically these initial reports tend to be incorrect or severely lacking. at this point i think both governments are probably trying to do the right thing, and that is, deescalate the situation, but by the same token. the iranians have done multipleal thingses over the past few mens that have sought to increase tensions, to provoke the united states to see if they can draw a reaction. and this keeps adding to the fact that you can't keep poking at us and when something ined inadvertent happens, that we're going to overreact. >> prior to occupying and are
1:40 pm
reeconfiguring all these islands into international waters, the chinese say these are our islands. i don't know what to the response is, but it's a pattern that's played out in this world quite a bit what. do we do? >> i think what you're seeing is to the short fall of the president's policies and that he refuses to engage when the united states is being challenged in international waters around the world. if you look at where those votes were transiting from, if they were like the pentagon says going from bahrain to kuwait, how did they get in the middle of the gulf from farsi island. even if they have a problem with their engines, they could have -- i'm not quite buying the story that is coming from the iranians or the pentagon. and when it ces to the chinese, quote honestly, it sure is convenient, neil, that
1:41 pm
immediately after the chinese send boats into japanese territory or waters, aggravating the whole situation with the man-made islands and the challenge over what they own in international waters, that we do not recognize, nor the international community, that north korea detonates a nuclear weapon. we have to look at this in the total context. >> as the commander was finishing speakings, we're hearing from the iranian foreign minister saying that the sailors will be allowed to continue with their journey. we'll be back. you can't predict... the market.
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last night when we were covering the president's state of the union address, you can imagine the that the president will have a lightly different take on the u.s. economy, as the jobs were created, he's come a long way from when he first stepped into office. better than any marcus begs to differ with the president. but bernie, as you know, the president's going to keep tampering with that, look at whether you were, look at are where you are. >> if you look at where we were, and where we are, you have to
1:46 pm
agree. he has some colored glasses that are just marvelous and the optimism that he sees ask just out there. trump resonates with people, mott just democrats but republicans as well. >> did you support trump, bernie? >> he's not my first choice, i will, if he gets the nomination, i will. but there are other people i support a lot more. i still support jeb bush, i think he's qualified and i think he e's a guy who can ask handle the white house and handle all -- i which we were just referring to all day today. >> you were mentioning the job thing in the beginning, a lot of them were part-time, a lot of them were not that great paying. but you have heard the argument before from the white house, you have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run and we're picking up the
1:47 pm
pace, are you agreeing with that? >> neil. if the president has gotten up tonight, and the first thing he said, eneil, was i have decided to take the next nine months and really work on my golf game, this -- i would be the happiest person in the world. i think he ought to work on his golf became and be the lame duck president that he should be, because everything that comes out of the white house and everything that comes out of the epa the department of labor and the nlrb, and i hope not the fbi, but i certainly know that the irs and everything else has been corrupted, and it's not the kind of -- you don't have the trust in government that you used to have, and i honestly always have a tremendous amount of trust in government. i just don't have it anymore. and part of the reason is, we
1:48 pm
hear, speaking, and then we see the actions and the actions don't work. there are more people out of the workforce today than ever before in the history of this country, we have kids out of college, almost 50% are living with their a parents, it's true, they don't have to the jobs that they were trained for in schools, they're taking jobs as waiters, they're working in places in order to keep alive. and this is not the america that we wanted. it's not the one i remember, and we see more small businesses failing than opening. the middle class has gone down dramatically, and by the way, this is not my idea and this is not what i think is happening, we have the numbers that tell us over and over again that this is where the world is. so -- >> i think the president will offer a different vision of that and a version of that, but i thank you in this breaking news, just to give your view on that.
1:49 pm
thank you, bernie marcus. we also have to find a way to cobble together the different sides, but your style, your base is to the same. but there's stuff piling up in the inbox, we got to get that stuff out of the inbox, how do we do that? the governor has an idea, listen to this.
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
you know i was talking with donald trump earlier in the show and a lot of people think it's his way or the highway. but he's part of this work that john hunt joir is leading, no labels, a group that tries to find a bipartisan solution for a number of crises facing our country. the former utah governor and presidential candidate joining me now. i was surprised to hear,
1:53 pm
governor that donald trump was among those interested in your platform. what you're trying to do. to solve intractable problems, what did you make of that? >> i think he's right where the american people want their next president to be. certainly the people in new hampshire. we recognized what the problem solver promised under no labels. six of the candidates, a very diverse groh group. so the talk is how you're going to get it done. when you start talking about the how, it envisions you're going to have a strategy, you're going to have a pathway. you're going to govern in a bipartisan fashion and deliver something for the american people. which is something that governors and mayors and everybody else has to do but for whatever reason, washington has gone without having to do this kind of thing so six candidates yesterday were recognized as taking the problem-solver promise, donald trump was one of them. it basically says they're going to take one of the big-issue categories that the american people feel strongly about. that includes jobs and energy
1:54 pm
security. fixing entitlements and balancing our budgets, not our issues, but through polling, these are the big issues that the american people want done. so choose one of those issues. >> we should include in that group. one was governor o'malley, running for the democratic president. what do you think it is that stops these guys? what is it that stops these guys? the base that says don't compromise? don't yield, don't talk? what? >> it's because we've gotten out of the habit of governing by goals. remember we used to govern by goals when ronald reagan and tip o'neill used to run things? they did tax reform and medicare and social security. we both remember that, neil. i know that you remember that well. and bill clinton and speaker begin grish, they balance the budget. they set a goal, they govern through different pathways to get there. but they ultimately got to that goal. we don't set goals any more. so the six candidates basically
1:55 pm
were embracing a goal-setting philosophy. you meet with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders within 30 days of getting elected president. you pick one of those big goals that the american people want to see done and you govern until you get it done. it's what you have to do as a governor, a mayor, a ceo. everyone else has to do it it's the only way we can get back on track to accomplish some of these big things for the american people. that's the winning formula and donald trump knows that, neil. >> i was interested in what you're doing. any picks that you have in this race? the republican candidates will be gathering here. you've been through this dog-and-pony show, they like to call it, you're trying to argue your main points, you did so last go-round. any candidates intrigue you? or you would consider supporting? >> i respect all of them who are in the race. i don't mean to sound overly diplomatic. listen i'm here as a citizen, i ain't running for anything. but i like to respect the will of the people here, there's a free market element to politics that i love and it's totally
1:56 pm
unpredictable. just like the way the marketplace responds to a company's performance. you get an outcome that you might not predict. donald trump is way up, a direct result of the obama presidency for eight years. you want to know why trump is doing so well, take a look at the president and what he's done. it's going to be an unpredictable outcomoutcome. i look at the upside of what it's going to mean for our country. governor thank you very much. we appreciate it. we do have that the aforementioned state of the union address. i know what you're thinking, neil i know you're covering it on fox business at 8:00 and continue it through the president's address and nikki haley address. i talk to brett, it's okay. dvr brett, he's okay with it. don't forget our big debate on thursday, the big presidential
1:57 pm
debate. the republican candidates will be here in charleston. we bring you the man and woman who want to become the next president of the united states. we'll be there. it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it.
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the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was stol x 4r 208 will test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. the state of the union is tonight and i don't care. you've seen it before. elected reps with more hair in their ears than on thundershower heads camp out early to get a good seat. test out their bladders as they seek selfies, groping for the handshake as potus passes through like a callous member of one direction. i think the state of the union should be writ on a bar napkin, posted on facebook and reads -- you're


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