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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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episode of "the five." that's it for us. brett baier, the guy with the harrell is up next. it's a compliment, i wish i had it. he loves rope. this is a fox news alert, i'm brett baier in washington. we begin with the detention of ten u.s. navy sailors by iran. what happened? and in context of other iranian moves lately. what does it mean in the big picture on the night of the president's state of the union address? correspondent doug mckelway is here to bring us the latest. >> a senior defense official tells fox news that the two u.s. navy were in maul patrol boats, headed from kuwait to bahrain, when the u.s. lost contact with the boats. he said it appears the vessels went into iranian territorial waters. ten u.s. sailors are being held on farsi island, a tiny island in the middle of the persian gulf controlled by iran's
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revolutionary guards. the navy tells us the patrol boats in question are capable in speeds of the 40-knot range there are conflicting reports about whether one or both of the boats may have suffered engine failure. if not, it is difficult to see how they could have been caught. unless they were forced to stop. both the u.s. navy and secretary of state john kerry were informed today by the iranian foreign minister that the sailors' safety and well-being was assured and that they would be allowed to continue their journey promptly. it's early morning there in iran and the persian gulf so it's unlikely that they'll be released in the next few hours. no further details about the timing of their release if indeed it happens. the timing of the incident is highly suspect. hours before the president is set to deliver his state of the union address and days after iranian missile batteries fired rockets 1500 yards in front of the aircraft carrier "uss harry truman" as it transited the suze canal. and days before sanctions are set to be lifted on iran if it
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meets the terms of last summer's nuclear deal. on that point new concerns, iran's deputy nuclear chief is denying a report that iran has dismantled the country's nearly-finished heavy water rektor and filled it with concrete which it is required to do under the deal. evidence of the new crisis in the gulf, senate ard services committee is demanding a briefing by the administration in advance of the state of the union speech tonight. a speech, which given this tense new development is likely being revised as we speak. >> breaking right now on the wires, iran's revolutionary guard confirmed the seizure of the two boats, said the sailors are safe and well. u.s. officials do not expect the sailors to be released overnight. the incident with iran comes as president obama at the white house is preparing to travel down the street to the u.s. capital in about three hours to deliver the final state of the union address of his presidency. coming up, i'll talk with republican presidential candidates marco rubio and chris christie about what to expect
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tonight. plus the latest from the 2016 campaign trail and their battle for the nomination. first we are anticipating a nontraditional address tonight from the president. however, there will be some familiar themes. such as his perceptions of what he accomplished in anne years so f seven years so far. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with more. >> the president has in fact been briefed on the unfolding situation in the gulf. according to senior administration officials. and as we get more details, we'll certainly share those with you. they're hoping for a quick resolution and that iran will follow through on its pledge to allow the sailors to continue on their journey from kuwait to bahrain. the latest entanglement with iran comes as the president is preparing to deliver his final state of the union address. for president obama, it's been a painstaking cross, searching for the right words to convey a sense of optimism in his final state of the union address.
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while still reflecting the serious challenges facing the country. in an interview this morning the president said tonight's address would focus on the nation's future. while recalling the long, hard road the country has traveled together. >> we're still battling terrorism. people are still recovering from some of the economic blows that hit. and it is sometimes important for us to step back and take measure of how far we've come. >> but not near lly far enough. according to the latest fox news poll which found 42% of those surveyed said they approved of the president's job performance. while 53% say they disapprove. said house speaker paul ryan, he'll present a glossy rendition of the last seven years, try to set some verbal traps along the way and it will be a very political and pointed speech. pointed perhaps, but the politics have been anything but easy for the president. whose failures over the past seven years have been credited with the resurgence of the gop which has overtaken both houses
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of congress on his watch and now has a lead in presidential candidate in donald trump, who seems to rise higher and high anywhere the polls, the more he takes aim at the president's policies. >> the message that donald trump is putting out has had, adherence, a lot of times during the course of our history. you know, he'll talk to me if he wins, then we'll have a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. >> can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering a state of the union address? >> well i can imagine -- it in a saturday night skit. >> a pointed, if not dismissive answer by the president. by the way, he said that sometimes the realities of the job overshadow the rhetoric of the campaign trail. something he has learned over seven years on the job. the shortest speech the president has ever given, the state of the union, lasted about 52 minutes. the shortest all-time lasting 29 minutes. we expect tonight's address to
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fall somewhere in between those two numbers. kevin corke live on the north lawn. republican candidates are making their way south for thursday's next debate in charleston on fbn. carl cameron joins us with the latest. >> at a rally in a new hampshire gun shop hours before the president's final state of the union address. ted cruz let donald trump have it with both barrels, implying trump's attacks on cruz's citizenship help hillary clinton. >> i'll say it's more than a little strange to see donald relying on his authoritative a liberal left-wing judicial activist harvard law professor, who is is a huge hillary supporter. it starts to make you think gosh, why are hillary's strongest supporters backing donald trump? >> trump named the harvard law professor on fox business network today. >> this is an issue as lawrence tribe said is not a settled issue at all.
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>> cruz says he's a natural born citizen because his mother is american born. trump contradicted him this weekend. >> trump is glib and says i'm a natural born citizen. the point is, you're not. >> jeb bush held a town hall in coralville, iowa and the mention of trump drew jeers. >> does he know what conservative principles look like? could they apply them in a way that would allow everybody a chance to rise up? or is it all about him? >> he's a putz. >> i'll just say he's not a conservative. trump believes that just the loud voice is a sign of strength. >> chris christie delivered his state of the state address in new jersey this afternoon. he's back on the campaign trail tomorrow. the gop contenders know that he'll be attacked in the state of the union address. they see obama's last state of the union as his first 2016 campaign speech for hillary clinton to continue his agenda
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in a so-called third term. the next gop debate is is in charleston, south carolina thursday, trump, cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, christie, bush and john kasich. rand paul and carly fiorina qualified for the undercard debate. paul says he's a top-tier candidate and will not participate in a second-tier event. and most of the republican field is spread across iowa and new hampshire tonight. they begin trickling in here to south carolina tomorrow. and then on thursday night they'll have the big debate. all except rand paul, who will instead be in iowa. brett? >> carl cameron live in charleston, thank you. joining me to talk more about the presidential race and tonight's state of the union address, republican presidential candidate marco rubio, senator, thanks for being here. let me talk about the breaking news about the iran situation with the 10 u.s. sailors. what do you know about it and how concerned are you? >> it sounds like the sailors
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were on a routine patrol. were riverines, they look for land mines and it sounds like they had engine failure and drifted into waters that iran claims. iran needs to release them and the boats immediately. >> is this provocative action? and how do you paint the picture about what iran has done? december 26th, they fired some missiles close to the "uss harry truman." there have been other actions including ballistic missile tests. what do you say about the administration and what they're doing or not doing? >> in this particular case we'll find out soon enough if the they are not immediately released, we'll know that something else is at play. v provocative, absolutely. iran is testing the administration's boundaries. you're only seeing this
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accelerate since the deal was signed with iran. that's why as my first day in office i will repeal the deal that barack obama has signed with iran. they'll use that money to build up their conventional capability, including the navy to continue to build their long-range missiles. to sponsor terrorism so i think you're only going to see a continued pattern of provocation, as long as a weak president like barack obama is in the white house. >> state of the union address tonight. his last. the administration is forecasting it will be different, more optimistic. looking towards the future. say republicans are pessimistic and are overlooking some of the positive things happening. >> i'm optimistic because barack obama is going to be gone in a year and i'm going to be the next president of the united states. on my first day in office i will begin to revoke and reverse all the damage this president has done to this country. this is a president that believes that america is an arrogant global power and needs to be weakened. i will reverse that. this is a president with
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destroying the second amendment, i will reverse that. and this is a president who doesn't believe in free enterprise, when i'm president of the united states we'll reverse all the damage he's done to to our economy as well. i'm optimistic, we're going to win the election and turn this country around. >> let's turn to the gop race. obviously elbows are being sharpened as we get close to iowa and new hampshire. your friend as you've talked about him, governor bush, superpac supporting him. is out with a new ad about your positions. and it focuses on your footwear as well. >>. ♪ boots were made for flipping ♪ and that's just what they'll do ♪ ♪ one of these days young marco's flip-flip-flip on you ♪ >> you get the gist, it continues on with many quotes, your reaction to that? >> this is a campaign about important issues, isis is setting people on fire in cages, we have a president who has undermined our national
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security. our military is about to have the smallest army since the end of the second world war, the smallest navy in 100 year and the smallest air force ever. the campaign can put their money however they want. >> your superpac has put out ads against cruz and christie as well. you don't control that? >> no, but i watch those ads, and they're factual. they're policy issues, there are policy differences between the campaigns and those should be debated in a respectful way. i do believe that the next president of the united states needs to be someone that will reverse common core, not support it like jeb bush does and chris christie. think the next president has to be someone that will protect the second amendment, not support gun control like chris christie does. those are policy differences. >> here's a policy difference on immigration. you say you've changed. that you, you obviously supported the gang of eight. legislation. you sponsored it. you pushed it. you say that that's not possible. first of all, is that a political decision?
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because it can't get through? or is principle decision that you litvy have changed your mind? >> i do not support amnesty. i never have. i always believe there has to be real consequences for violating our immigration laws. when i'm president, there will not be am nesty. and criminal aliens will be deported and sanction cities will lose their funding. >> in the campaign trail on 2010 and what you said when you were pushing the gang of eight bills were two different things. >> in 2010, that was in the context of mccain and a fast path to not just legalization but to citizenship. i believe there needs to be real and significant consequences to violating our immigration laws and that that should be triggered and linked to security. securing our border. that's why i supported the largest border surge in american history. 700 miles of fencing and walls, 20,000 new border agents. isis is did not come into being in late 2013, 2014. they have a sophisticated
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understanding of our immigration issue. they're using the refugee crisis and are trying to get people into the united states as engineers and students and doctors and this issue has become primarily a national security issue. >> the gang of eight bill came up today, would you sign it? >> we're not passing the gang of eight bill when i'm president. >> because 6 principle or politics? >> first of all, it didn't go far enough. i said at the time that was the best you can do in the senate controlled by harry reid, i wanted a conservative house to make it stronger. i warned it wasn't strong enough on border security. the when i'm president, we're 0 not going to have am nesty. you're not going to get in 23 we don't know who you are or why you're coming. we're going to deal with immigration for what it's become now which is a national security issue. >> you're getting attacked on this you're getting attacked on this issue. even in the fiancee visa. part of the gang of eight legislation. you factor in on the san bernardino shootings. >> the fiancee visa is an existing one. the problem with that visa is
3:15 pm
not that they're fiancees, they're not terrorists, the issue is the way the program is carried out. the people that were supposed to vet her missed key information. they failed to confirm that these two even knew each other before they got engaged. >> are you back in line with your party on this issue? >> i think the party is where has always been where i am now. which is number one. we have to enforce our immigration laws, especially that a group like isis is trying to manipulate the immigration process, to get people into america. and until we do that you're not going to be able to do anything else. that's always been where the republican party is at. and it continues to be now more than ever. because of the isis threat using immigration. >> well senator, thanks for the time. we'll see new a couple of weeks in des moines. stay with us all night. tonight for full coverage of the state of the union address, the gop response from governor nikki haley in south carolina and analysis from our all-star panel. up next, isis terrorists strike
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again in a major european city. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 8 in cleveland, two parents and two children died in a house explosion last night. no identified yet. the children were eight and 12 years old. the local school is making counselors available for students. fox 11 los angeles has a car strikes a fire hydrant in month bellow, trapping the driver inside the vehicle. the gushing water came down very close to power lines. the firefighters had to deal with that the driver was rescued. this is a live look at portland, oregon from fox 12. everyone there, and almost everyone else in the country talking about this. we've talked about it a lot. the powerball jackpot. now at a world record billion and a half dollars. and it could get bigger. before tomorrow night's drawing. stores are bringing in extra staff to handle all the business. a spokesman for quick picks say
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it's been fun, but somebody needs to win. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
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islamic terrorism, turkish officials say an isis suicide bomber blew himself up and took a dozen people with him in istanbul. correspondent john huddy has more. >> emergency vehicles and police poured into the square in istanbul this morning after a suicide bomber attacked the popular tourist destination. turkey's prime minister said a 28-year-old syrian national detonated an explosive belt near the famous blue mosque. the go-to landmark for any tourist in istanbul. ten people were killed. nine of them german tourists. turkish officials say the bomber was with isis. >> translator: apart from the grief we feel today, it shows we need to act decisively against terrorism. >> this man said there was chaos. people running everywhere. others said the explosion rocked nearby buildings. this isn't the first time that
3:22 pm
isis has launched attacks in turkey. the group is blamed for october's twin blasts in ankara. turkey has stepped up its fight against isis. and allowing the u.s. to use an air base in southern turkey to launch air strikes. but the country has been criticized for not tightening its border with syria sooner. stopping the flow of isis militants and the terror group's black-market oil. >> translator: this incident showed us once again we need to stand in solidarity, we need to stand as one as a nation against terror attacks. >> the white house condemned today's attack. saying the u.s. stands by turkey, a nato ally and strong partner in the fight against terrorism. bret? >> john huddy, thank you. isis may soon expand beyond the guns and explosives business into something even more dangerous. chemical weapons. and we're also learning the terror organization is gaining
3:23 pm
followers at an alarming rate. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has new information, a warning here her report contains images that might be upsetting. >> these photos taken by the kurds in northern iraq last fall and shared with fox news show burns and blistering consistent with the use of chemical agents which are described as odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing, causing burns or illness hours later. >> i think it could be a perfect testing ground. >> former fbi intelligence officer gills research for an upcoming conference suggest that isis is using safe havens in iraq, libya as laboratories to understand the chemical impact of agents on the battlefield. >> they were particularly interested in using these chemicals, in confined-space environments. soft targets. like shopping malls. movie theaters and so on. >> while isis tries to broaden its weaponry, the terror group
3:24 pm
has broadened its appeal. a u.s. intelligence official confirms that the number of foreign fighters has hit a new high since the conflict began in 2011. including 6600 westerners. this morning former senior intelligence officials testified on capitol hill. >> isis has gained affiliates faster than al qaeda ever did. from nothing, a year ago, there are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that have worn allegiance to isis. >> a u.s. government source says there's no reason to doubt isis is experimenting with rudimentary chemical agents. >> thank you. a good day on wall street, the dow gained 118, the s&p 500 finished ahead 15. the nasdaq was up 48. when we come back, new jersey governor and republican presidential chris christie on the state of the race and the state of the union.
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we are about two and a half hours away from president obama's final state of the union address. and we are just under three weeks from the first voting in the campaign to replace him. joining me now from trenton is new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie. governor, thanks for being here. >> happy to be with you, bret. >> the president we're told is going to make a speech that's not the traditional laundry list of items for congress to get through. but one he says is going to be painting a picture for the optimism he sees in the country's future. your thoughts before this speech about the president and the administration? >> well listen, bret, i wish tonight the president would stand up and acknowledge the fears and the anxiety of the american people. about our national security position on terrorism and admit to the american people we can do better. we can do better to keep us save and dedicate the last year of his presidency to make sure that the homeland is secure and
3:30 pm
people once again feel safe on their streets and in our country. >> when talks about foreign policy. he frames it saying they are doing a lot of things. and senior administration officials will tell you just like the eboebla situatila situ they handled that. eventually it works out, but it may not look like it at the time. what do you say about that? >> i say there are fewer democracies in the world than when barack obama became president. we have iraq on fire, syria on fire. libya on fire. egypt under martial law. yemen in the middle of war. we have people in western europe under siege by refugees from syria, because of the president's failure to keep his word. and we have a sense at home that both from isis and a rebuilding al qaeda, that we're not safe in the homeland. this picture, the president paints is a picture of the world as he wishes it was, bret. i see the world the way it is
3:31 pm
and so do the american people. if that's the picture he paints tonight, he's going to once again seem tone-deaf and completely out of touch with the american people. >> governor christie, on the campaign you're spending a lot of time in new hampshire. you're seeing some success there. you're seen as a straight-talker. but the front page of the "boston globe" today had this story. chris christie's shifting positions become fodder for rivals. here's a quote. the new jersey chief executive's record during more than two deck a i h aids in public life reveals an adaptive politician, whose opinions have shifted to a remarkable degree. your reaction? >> completely unfair anden true. the fact is when people look at my record. what they'll see is someone who is steadfast in their beliefs and who listens to the people that he serves. i think that's the obligation of every leader. the fact is that as governor i've taken a lot of strong steps
3:32 pm
that people never thought could be done. we've done them and for those folks who believe that somehow compromise is a dirty word, they're the same folks who are causing gridlock in washington and causing the anger and the cynicism that people feel when folks don't fight for what they believe in. and don't make government operate the right way. eve done both. fight for what i believe in and make sure that government operates and works for the people who pay for it. >> governor on the issue of guns, i interviewed you back in november, read you an assault weapons ban and read you a ledger that said it motivated you to get into politics and you said you didn't think it sounded like you. you told sean hannity that were you young and you changed your mind. which one was it? >> listen. you gave me a specific quote that i didn't remember and that's why i answered it that way. but i'll be clear with you, you need to look at my record as guns as governor.
3:33 pm
i have vetoed a reduction in the magazine capacity. i've vetoed a statewide gun i.d. system. and i've pardoned now six people beginning in 2010 who own their guns legally outside of new jersey and were arrested in new jersey. on and who are facing jail time. i thought it was unjust and wrong and i used my pardon power. i have never once denied that my opinions over the course of time have changed on guns as i've gotten better educated and more experienced. if you don't give people the opportunity to do those things, you're going to have people stuck in old ideas and the old way of doing things. when i learn something new and it changes my mind, i admit it and believe me, on guns my mind has evolved over the course of time. but look at my actions over the last six years as governor. they've been consistent in protecting second amendment rights and making sure that public safety is protected. i'm proud of that record and i'll stand about it. >> governor christie, you delivered the state of the state in new jersey tonight there is a new poll out today, the farley
3:34 pm
dickinson university poll that has your performance in office 31% approval. 59% disapproval. i've heard about, what's the legislative accomplishment that you want the legislature in new jersey to go forward what are you asking them to do and can you work with them? >> i definitely can work with '. just yesterday we came to an agreement that i negotiated between warring democratic factions. to put a question on the ballot about expanding casino gaming. in new jersey. we are expanding drug treatment in new jersey. we announced that we are closing a state prison, closing a state prison because of our success in lowering the crime rate 20% in the last three years and lowering our prison population by 10%. so now we can close the state prison. and what we're doing with it is we're going to remake it and
3:35 pm
make is a drug treatment facility. for those people in the throes of drug abuse as a disease. those are the kinds of things we're going to be working on with democrats. i called on them to abolish the estate tax. i hope they're going to work with me to do that. to make new jersey more competitive and not just one of two states that has a state and inheritance tax. >> see you in des moines in a couple of weeks. looking forward to it, bret, thank you very much. president obama expected to do some heavy-duty legacy shaping tonight. and the state of the union speech, we'll get thoughts from our panel, when we return.
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3:39 pm
there's a picket of the white house, the president will deliver to capitol hill to deliver the state of the union address in just a few minutes.
3:40 pm
today ten u.s. navy sailors being held by iran, two u.s. navy riverine vessels heading from kuwait to bahrain, apparently off track, into iranian waters thxts he were captured by the iranians. the iranian revolutionary guard said they are being held, they are doing well. and they will be released according to officials, promptly, but so far they haven't been released and the administration saying they're not going to be released overnight. moments ago the director of communications, communications director at the white house, jen psaki talking about the state of the union address, was asked whether the president will address this. >> there are no plans to address this issue. this is an issue like many others, that as president of the united states and commander-in-chief of the country. we address things that come up every single daynd a and he's working today even though the state of the union is tonight. he's tracking this closely. following this closely. but the state of the union, will not be about this issue.
3:41 pm
will y but in the state of the union address, tout the iranian deal. steve hayes, for the "weekly standard," former moderator of "meet the press" and author of the book "how's your faith" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> steve, what about this? >> i would be shocked if what jen psaki just said actually holds through the president's speech. it's inconceivable that the president of the united states would have ten u.s. sailors detained by a hostile powers and not address it if only to give us an update. maybe he'll have news, provide assurances that the united states is expecting their profit and safe return. certainly what we've seen from the administration differs from what we've seen coming out of iran's state news media you have the administration saying that this detention was not a hostile act. that's what they were reporting, that's what they were briefing reporters on background. telling them that the detention of sailors was not ann a hostile act.
3:42 pm
you have the news agency saying the united states was trespassing illegally. that the americans are under arrest. being detained. you have the administration now saying we can't really respect their prompt return because it's the middle of the night in iran. as if the united states doesn't have the capability to retrieve them in the middle of night in iran. clearly it's the early stages of whatever this is. we're getting two very different stories out of the administration and iran and i think that's troubling. >> the david, the broad context here is that iran has done provocative things. testing ballistic missiles, democrats going for increased sanctions, unguided missiles fired near the "uss harry truman" it kind of fits a picture. >> these are bad actors. the revolutionary gad are the baddest of actors. we know there's money that's being freed up for iran to do its business in the region. where it's likely up to no good.
3:43 pm
by all accounts. so there is a broader context to be skeptical about the deal there may be reasons why because whatever discussions this seems larger point is everybody is thinking about whether this closeness with iran is a good idea, whether the deal is ever going to work. the president has got to be able to talk americans through that. >> if he's going to tout the iran narc deal and not mention the other parts, it will feel a little weird, won't it? >> not to him. i think the story here is not that the iranians are bad actors, that's a 30-year-old story. the story is that the united states in responding to bad actions, is doing nothing. the appeasement of the highest order. the whole point of the iranian nuclear deal was to constrain the action of the iranians. in fact what we have seen since the signing the deal. it has self-deterred the united states from answering any provocation. as you say, the illegal, missile
3:44 pm
launch in october, we did nothing. the one in november we haven't acknowledged. then we said on the eve before new year's eve, we were going to impose sanctions. the administration canceled the announcement, has not announced any other sanctions. the sentencing of the "washington post" reporter, no response. the detention of two other iranian americans, no response and now this and the administration ak cyst septembers tseptember -- accepts the iranians saying it's the middle of the night. so we're not going to release them. the revolutionary guards don't close shop at 5:00 p.m. iranian time. the idea that that's an impediment and we're acting as the lawyers for iran on all of these. no action, only excuses and we're within a couple of weeks going to give them $150 billion with which to make mischief and to capture more americans at sea.
3:45 pm
>> david, the administration is touting this address as optimistic. as laying down marmers, not the traditional shopping list of what congress needs to do. in part because congress won't be pushed by this administration and can't get anything across the finish line that they really want to see. bids perhaps criminal justice reform. your thoughts on the political framing. >> there's no political business to be done in washington. it's all being done on the campaign trail. here's a president who has the bully pulpit at a great time. tens of millions of people watching. he wants to frame the debate for the campaign that he would like to see the democrats run and he would like to mobilize democrats tonight by not just taking on republicans, taking on congress, taking on washington. but more indirectly, taking on donald trump and cruz and others. the white house says they want to deal with the pessimism coming out of the republican party and the republican campaign. but there is pessimism out in the country. there is good economic news, bs
3:46 pm
there's real pessimism and real anxiety and he's got the opportunity to reframe the debate. >> paul ryan, speaker of the house this morning at breakfast said this -- the president will have five or six straw men in the speech and i'm sure he'll present a glossy rendition of the past seven years, he'll set verbal traps and it will be a political and pointed speech. he went on to say he thinks the president going to try to bait republicans on a number of issues to try to paint them as angry, revolutionaries. >> well paul ryan is always an optimi optimist. so he thinks there will only be five or six straw men. i would say probably a couple dozen. think this will be a political speech. i think david's right that it will help frame the debate that we're going to see in the campaign over the next 11 months. but it is crazy for the president to think he can get beyond this. if you have ten americans still being held as the president gives a state of the union, by
3:47 pm
iran, it's going to not only be part of the debate tonight. the broader discussion tonight. it will be part of the broad national discussion. and in this way it fits right into the critique that republicans are making of this president. you have the administration, the white house saying not a hostile act. it fits this long pattern that we've seen from the administration, from workplace violence to isolated extremists to one-off attacks, to al qaeda is decimated to al qaeda is on the run to jv squad. all of these things fit a pattern. it's the administration downplaying national security. >> when when we don't have all the information, there may be reasons why the president doesn't want to make pronouncements, from the well of congress if there's something sensitive about it. i agree with you about the broader context about the iran relationship without a doubt. i think without -- >> he may not want to go on and on if there's sensitive discussions. it would be insame for him not to address it, not to address it's not even happening. >> we'll continue the discussion about the speech and bring in
3:48 pm
the gop race and talk about that as well. after the break. test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test come on in pop pop.
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well, the president will be there delivering the state of the union address a little later tonight. we just received excerpts from that speech, here is one. the future we want, opportunity and security for our families a rising standard of living and a sustainable peaceful planet for our kids. all of that is within our reach but it will only happen if we work together. it will only happen if we can have rational constructive debates. it will only happen if we fix our politics. be we're back with the panel. charles? >> i think that's an excerpt from 2008. thats what the obama hope and change. rational discourse. respect your enemies. we will see, as paul ryan said, a dozen straw men. this as he the opposition and anything that somebody else opposes him on, he will say this is not who we are. as if he defines who america is what the values are. but, look, in this one speech, it's extremely unusual for a state of the union address because the one question we are not going to be asking, which we
3:53 pm
generally always ask before a big speech, what does he have to accomplish? he has nothing to accomplish. this is like a free play in the football when the other side is off side and you can throw a pass and not worry about interception. he is completely unleashed here. he is not trying to get healthcare passed. he is not trying to show as he did last year after the she lacking that he is still relevant. he simply will talk about what he wants and he embellish his own legacy. that's what this speech is about. >> as you mentioned republican candidates, obviously will take this opportunity to at least maybe not forcefully name them but indirectly take shots at them. >> he is basically on the ballot. i mean just like bush was. they are camp1#xcs'g against him. they will try to tie hillary clinton to him. this is his legacy. the biggest thing has to accomplish tonight is to try to help his successor and lay the groundwork in a way he feels nobody is doing as good as a job that he can do in making the argument in taking on republicans.
3:54 pm
within the confines of the presidency, i think he is going to do that. but more directly you try to speak to what sees as the pessimism out in the country that he thinks is unwarranted. that's what he tries to take on. all to try to get a democrat elected. that would be the big thing. >> on the g.o.p. trail, if the president mentions trump like he did today on "the today show" interview, he mentions new other candidate, that only goes to help those candidates. >> no question. precisely why i think in the back drop of this speech donald trump will loom large. he will be looking over the president's shoulder throughout the entire speech. the president is going to aim a lot of his rhetoric at donald trump or what -- what he characterizes as donald trump language in the republican party that's embracing him. i think it will basically be a shot at trump and the republicans on the one hand and a legacy policy exercise on the other. >> and the question is whether hillary clinton distances herself from some of the obama policies tonight or embraces it wholeheartedly. >> i think she is going to
3:55 pm
embrace all the way to her convention. and, after that as traditionally as done, she will try to distance herself, but i don't think she is going to have a lot of success with the latter part of that. >> that is it for the panel. stay tune to do see one reporter go to great lengths on the el chapo story. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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finally tonight, as we await the state of the union address, the capture of drug king pin el chapo has dominated the headlines in recent days. during the recent coverage, one cnn correspondent was on the scene at the mexican hotel where authorities held the fugitive. but that correspondent may have run out of things to report there. >> this hotel is located on the outskirts of the town. when you look at it, it's a perfect place for federal authorities to bring el chapo. look at this, this is a hotel room that has its own garage space. fairly standard room. got a toyota. it's got -- toilet, a shower and sink and wash-up area. it's located right by the highway so there are a lot of things that make this room almost ideal for the job that they had. >> is is he reporting on the hotel or advertising for it? [ laughter ] oh, martin, and he has the voice. the booming voice. thanks for unviolating us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and
4:00 pm
unafraid. please join us tonight 8:55 eastern time for full coverage of the president's final state of the union address. plus, we'll have the republican response with an expanded panel. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. iran has our sailors, 10 american sailors captured in the custody of our enemy, iran. those sailors grabbed by iranian revolutionary guard forces. it all happened when two small u.s. navy ships with a malfunction drifted into iranian waters. tehran saying tonight it will release the american sailors but if they say they will, how come they have not? fox news correspondent doug mckelway joins us. what's going on? >> greta, a senior defense official tells fox news that these two u.s. navy river marine small boats headed from kuwait to bahrain when one of the boats had issues and drifted into iranian


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