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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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please join us tonight 8:55 eastern time for full coverage of the president's final state of the union address. plus, we'll have the republican response with an expanded panel. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. iran has our sailors, 10 american sailors captured in the custody of our enemy, iran. those sailors grabbed by iranian revolutionary guard forces. it all happened when two small u.s. navy ships with a malfunction drifted into iranian waters. tehran saying tonight it will release the american sailors but if they say they will, how come they have not? fox news correspondent doug mckelway joins us. what's going on? >> greta, a senior defense official tells fox news that these two u.s. navy river marine small boats headed from kuwait to bahrain when one of the boats had issues and drifted into iranian
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waters. 10 u.s. sailors are being held on an aland mass in the middle of the persian gulf. secretary of state john kerry was informed early today by the iranian foreign minister that the sailors' safety and well-being was assured and this would be allow to do continue their journey, quote, promptly. it's early in the morning there. it's probably unlikely they will be released in the next iqitu$er details about the the release. if it happens, there was a similar apprehension in 2007 when iran captured 15 royal navy sailors near iraq and held them for 13 days. but the timing of today's innocent is highly suspect, just hours before the president is set to deliver the state of the union address, and days after iranian missile batteries fired rockets 1500 yards in front of the aircraft carrier uss harry s. truman as it transited the strait of hormuz. and just days before sanctions are set to be lifted on iran if it meets the terms of last summer's nuclear deal.
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some new doubts and iranian official is denying reports that it has dismantled the country's nearly finished heavy water reactor and filled it with concrete as it is required to do under the deal. now, evidence of the urgency of this new crisis in the gulf, the senate armed services committee is demanding a briefing by the administration in advance of tonight's state of the union address. a white house official said just moments ago that the president has no plans to address thefb issue in tonight's speech. something is not adding up here. we're not hearing the entire official. >> kept our americans from the embassy or the embassy in november of '79 for over 400 days. the second what were we doing drifting in that area and running aground? what's going on with our ships not working. >> ships lose radio contact. both of them? something sounds funny. >> something is not yet right. anyway, doug, thank you. and this disturbing news sparking ago debate about how the united states should respond to iran. california representative
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congressman duncan hunter goes "on the record." good evening, sir is. >> good evening. >> what's your explanation for all of this? >> it's amazing that this is even an issue, that they are messing with the united states. that's the nun one thing when we are about to release the sanctions that would give them $100 billion. this is how they repay us basically. this is what happens when you have an administration that has no foreign policy whatsoever. we are a paper tiger in the middle east right now. that's a sad state of affairs for the united states. >> if they are going to release their 10 sailors do you think they could throw in journalist redsian and tell us where bob levinson? s.? if they are going to throw in so sailors they are going to release them. what is taking so long? >> takes a long time to seal all of the technology off of those two ships though. hack all of our communications equipment on those ships. get all of the sailors, all their technology and all of their equipment, that takes
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a few hours. and that's probably what the iranians are doing right now. >> that brings us off topic that cuba has a hell fire missile that they just got that they can dismantle. we are doing a lot of exchange of technology that we are not getting anything for. >> pure belligerent from the iranians. we should never be in this position. could you imagine under a different president, president bush, president reagan thejb iranians doing this? no. because there would be hell to pay. in this case there is going to be no repercussions whatsoever. in fact positive repercussions for the iranians. the president is going to reward the iranians by lifting sanctions and allowing them to have a nuclear weapon. and, even if the sailors are there spying on the iranians, so what? they are a terrorist regime, right? so why not spy on them? i'm pretty sure the american people want to know what the iranians are up to. the israelis want to know what the iranians are up to >> should the president talk about this. >> he is talking about the
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future of america, right in the future of america needs to make sure -- we need to make sure we tonight have terrorist attacks in the future and the iranians don't get a nuclear weapon. that's something pretty important. however, going to defeat isis. that's pretty important, too. >> all right. why is iran still holding our marine heck mattedy, our journalist rezian, our pastor abedini and also bob levinson. >> this part of the world works on power. if you have power, people will respect you and they will listen to you. right now the u.s. does not hold is sway in that part of the world because they know that president obama backs off of his red lines, there are no red lines, the red line keeps going backwards and backwards and he will not confront them. you have to confront people like this. you have got to punch them in theíb face and say we are the united states. you're not going to take our american journalist prisoner. you are not going to arrest sailors in the persian gulf. we're going to smack you in the face.
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>> one to 10 scale, 10 being the worst what is this. >> in terms of what the iranians have done? >> this is small compared to a nuclear weapon but it's a definite provocation three or four. nuclear weapon is 10. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> stay with "on the record" for live breaking updates on the 10 u.s. sailors captured by iran. and right now president obama getting ready to be driven the 16 blocks to the united states capitol to address congress and to address you, the nation. but, just hours ago, also on capitol hill, all eyes were on isis at the house armed services committee. two years ago president obama referred to isis as the jay vee team. :(qident obama againtoday. talking isis. this time to nbc's matt lauer. >> ultimately, what isil represents is a blind alley for the region. and people will recognize that. the same way that over time they turned on al qaeda because they saw that this doesn't lead anywhere. >> a blind alley?
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well, that's not what his former cia director says. today, ex-cia director michael more relevant more relative growing fasters than taliban ever did. >> isil strategic threat to the united states of america. we have not faced the likes of it before. >> global jihadi has metastasized and time is not on our side. there are are thousands of isis sympathizers in the united states. more than al qaeda ever had. >> my fear being number two al qaeda will strike in a large are way because they are in a battle. >> isis has gained affiliates faster than al qaeda ever did. from nothing a year ago there are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that are sworn allegiance to isis is. they have conducted attacks that have already killed americans. and they carry the potential to themselves grab large amounts of territory.
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>> house majority leader kevin mccarthy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you hope to hear from president obama tonight at the state of the union? >> you know what i really want to hear? i want to hear a plan to defeat isis. think about it for a moment, from paris to san bernardino, to philadelphia, this morning in istanbul. this is a serious threat. and i don't want to hear a campaign speech. i want to hear a plan to defeat isis. >> all right. well, you know the jay vee comment of a couple years ago. today telling matt lauer as we have just heard that isil represents is a blind alley and people recognize that the same way they saw with doesn't lead anywhere. i guess that's sort of hoping in a way? >> listen, this president wants to just leave this problem for the next president instead of solving it. you look at what other comments have been said inside congress today that isis has grown into 20 countries, a threat that we have never seen before. you look what's happening around the world. and a lot of it is is the
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foreign policy that he has put forth. i mean, look at what iran has done. and he has rewarded them. >> do you think he thinks he has a successful strategy against isis? >> well, even if his had own words. remember when he came back from his golf, when isis first started moving after he made his first comment about a jay vee team and they asked him do you have a snran he said. no he still has not come up with a plan. he was going to contain them. he still has not put a plan to defeat them and they have only expanded. i don't know what he is thinking. when you talk to world leaders around, they question what we are doing. >> there is a a lot of attention on isisx qaeda. but there is also other groups that have declared allegiance with isis like boca can ha realm in boko haram in south africa. there is growing terrorism america has taken a step back. why do you think north korea went to test another3 nuclear weapon? because they saw what happened, the relationship he has with iran. of what did iran do today about picking up american navy officers?
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this is his foreign policy is making it more unsafe because america steps back, iran and putin step forward as well as isis. >> what's the danger to us? how do you describe it? >> well, the danger to us, just look around the world. look at the threats that are happening. we are losing our freedoms because we're fearful of what's going on. look at san bernardino, look at the movement that's happening on the internet of recruiting people every day. look at the success they are having in other countries as well. that's not the world we want for our children. >> how did that hell fire, i think it was probably a dummy missile. how did that end up in cuba by mistake? >> how could it even possibly be shipped into cuba? >> that's what i'm asking like how did that happen? >> what's even -- how did it even get to cuba and why don't we have it back and why aren't we doing everything in our power to make sure it getsbefore it goesr to north korea so everybody else has that technology? this is so-called friend.
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remember what's in cuba. that's a dictator that hasn't changed any of their philosophy or beliefs about america. it's only our president who changed his belief about cuba. >> why isn't there more outrage about that? when i saw that i thod thought this is terrible news we don't want technology going to these other nations. i don't hear a lot of people -- >> -- it's just now coming forward. the good part is the house isn't sitting and waiting. just today, we passed new sanctions on north korea. tomorrow we'll pass new sanctions on iran. you know, the4[ treasury department said they were going to pass new sanctions on iran because they broke with the united nations' agreement and their testing of missiles. and 42 minutes later this administration pulled it back. >> do you expect the president to sign any of this? >> well, if you look at the vote on the floor of the north korea, bipartisan, overwhelming both sides of the aisle. but this president is tone deaf. can't he see what's going on around the world? can't he see the feelings that's happening in america? it's a lot of his actions that is causing this to
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grow. isis is not a jay vee team. this is serious. they are in 20 different countries. we need to take them serious and have a strategy to defeat them. >> senator mccarthy, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> this is absolutely chilling there are new reports that isis is testing chemical weapons. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine >> that's right, greta. two sources, including a doctor who has been operating on the ground in northern iraq told fox news there is this growing body of evidence and we have obtained photos taken by the kurds during summer and fall last year, and they were reviewed by this doctor. and he said that the burns and blistering you see is consistent with the use of chemical agents. he also emphasized that he was told that the agents were odorless and colorless and they were able to penetrate through clothing, causing these burns and the blistering some hours later and in some cases very severe i willness. >> all right. well, the president said today that isis is going to
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go away and go down blind alley and everyone will realize isis is not the place to be. >> now we are hearing ice is testing chemical weapons. >> the key piece of this is both an outside expert from the fbi and doctor on the ground. they believe isis is experimenting in chemical agents because they want to perfect the recipe that they can export to their followers through social media it's not about taking the agents out of the region into europe and even the united states. >> it's instruction. >> it's instructions. pushing it out on social media so that a follower in another country, if they can get a hold of the right kind of materials, either through university or a home depot are able to use this kind of weaponry. >> all right. well it's obviously very chilling. >> it's a real deal. this is not like a maybe. these photos, i think, are very convincing. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome.r >> this is a fox news alert. a bomb blast murdering 10 people and rocking istanbul,
4:14 pm
turkey tonight, there is new information, it was a member of isis who detonated that deadly bomb and also injured 15 others. grn reporter laura wells is live in istanbul. what you can tell me the latest about this investigation? >> well, this happened at so:15 tuesday morning. a foreign national named nabil fadley detonated a bomb in the most popular destination in istanbul. it contains very famous historical sites like the blue mosque. church, as well as the grand bizarre. we -- bazaar. german nationals. we are not sure about the other two. certainly prime minister said he was an isis member. although there is disagreement as to where he is from. some media in turkey reporting he is a saudi national, turkish officials are saying that he is syrian. they also added that he had recently crossed from syria into turkey and that he was not on any terrorist watch list.
4:15 pm
this is also a big change for the isis attacks in turkey certainly they have been behind many since june. most of them have been against kurds and leftists. this is the first time isis has struck tourists on turkish soil. >> what is president erdyan doing. >> he said they would fight isis but that's not necessarily what is seems to be happening. let's remember turkey was very reticent to join the anti-isis coalition. only did so in august. many people have criticized the turkish government for turning a blind eye to all the foreign fighters transiting from turkeyn -- from syria into turkey that's how sands. the police issued an intelligence report and they said that they believed there were 3,000 isis members residing in turkey and that the government did not track them at all.
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>> laura, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and now to southern france where 15-year-old boy in the name of isis, armed with a machete viciously slashed a jewish teacher. the teacher suffered injuries, but it could have been a whole lot worse. the teacher managed to partially protect himself by using a torah to block the machete wielding teen. today a jewish leader asking jews not to wear their traditional skull caps in order to stay safe until, quote, better days. and breaking right now the obama administration preparing for a bulk transfer of gitmo detainees. in two days on thursday, 10 detainees described by one official as, quote, hard core will be shipped out of gitmo. former navy seal and montana representative ryan sinky goes "on the record." >> good to be with you you. >> what's your thought about the release of these 10 on thursday? >> remember why they are in there and what they did. we know that 30% of the detainees that have been released go right to that
4:17 pm
battlefield. now you are down to the bottom of the barrel and these guys are are bad. they are murderers that harbor an evil ideology. they should not only not be released but they should probably be tried and executed. they are the worst of the worst. >> do we have the evidence to try these people? >> well, i think so. under the u.s. if they would come to the u.s. court, the problem is how the evidence was obtained. you know, rules of evidence are a lot different within the united states than outside. there is reason guantanamo bay was set up and that reason is valid and remains valid today. >> the countries that they are going to, do you know what countries they are, number one, because i assume it's several countries and number two, what deal are we offering these countries to encourage them to take them? >> well, i think we should be concerned that a lot of them have gone to south america, which is our back door, very easy access between south america and the united states. there is no doubt that there is deals being made. >> why can't we know those deals? do you as a member of
4:18 pm
congress know these deals because the american people are sitting here and watching this and nobody tells us. >> it's troubling and we
4:19 pm
what their options are. how can we skirt the will of congress? how can we skirt the law, and what are our parameters? >> here is what i don't get with congress. congress was upset when he made that deal for bowe bergdahl because he didn't make that deal ahead of the time the five taliban for bowe bergdahl and now the president is releasing these 10. you as a member of congress doesn't know what the deal is the ameroan people don't know what the deal is nobody is telling us where they go. who is going to get us this information and why can't we know? >> well, you're right. and the constitution is pretty clear. the job of congress is to maintain a navy and raise an army. the job of the executive is commander and chief. i think he has crossed that line multiple times. and so what. >> are you going to do? >> we'll have hearings. we'll challenge him in court. we will take him to court. remember the department of justice, also, who is the number one law enforcement officer of the land? it's appointee. >> at this point, as we are just a short time away from his final state of the union, i think he is running
4:20 pm
out the clock on y'all. i don't think going to court is going to do much. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> delighted as always. >> and secretary clinton has a new and giant problem. i'll tell you next. also, out of jail but not out of trouble. on the record takes to you texas for the latest in the continuing saga of the affluenza case. that's coming up. ied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. and i make dog chow in denver, (vcolorado.e's nick one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog.
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only 20 days until the iowa call cushion and new trouble for secretary hillary clinton. a new poll just out showing secretary clinton is now losing to senator bernie sanders and in that brand new quinnipiac university poll of likely democratic caucus goers in iowa, 49%
4:24 pm
picked senator sanders only 44%, that's 5 points less than sanderses picked secretary clinton. this is a shocking turn around from just one month ago when clinton held a strong lead. the "on the record" political panel is here from the callly beast jackie kucinich and "fortune magazine" senior editor nina easton. secretary clinton drop seven points in one month in iowa. >> senator sander(&x> is winning the enthusiasm contest there. people are really turning out for him. this is happening more in new hampshire than iowa more women are going for him. that's interesting. she is very much in a position where now new hampshire is next to bernie sanders' state. that's a home state for him. but now she is potentially going to lose in iowa. she is in a position where she could lose both iowa and new hampshire. at the end of the day though, i don't think it matters because right fast on the heels of that comes nevada where she is 20 points up. south carolina where she is
4:25 pm
40 points up and a slew of southern states where she will do very well. >> jackie, what i don't get a lot of the voters for senator bernie sanders and i don't mean to pick on him but they like the fact that he wants to go after big banks and do all these grand things and the first thing i think of well, bernie, you have been in congress since 1988. what you have done? prove it. ijs mean, like you have introduced all these bills? and have you been successful? and that's -- that's what i don't get is how is she getting beaten by a guy who hasn't been able to do that. >> his progressive message is really resonating with that sector of iowa. message versus production. >> well, iowa has broken her heart before when a progressive candidate came out of nowhere and beat her. he i do think, i want to play a little bit of devil's advocate this could end up being good for hillary clinton. if she had this in the bag and at love of her supporters just didn't come out because they thought she was going to win, now they have got some fire under them. maybe it will get them out to the caucus. >> i you remember in 2008 it took a tear in new hampshire
4:26 pm
to all of a sudden turn it around after she got trounced didn't she come in third behind john edwards and senator barack obama. >> and, of course, she was the presumed mom knee at that point. so that was huge. i think it's a different beef this time though. she has all the super delegates or most of them. >> especially in congress. she has the ground game, she has got the money and support. >> she has the dnc chair. >> she has the dnc chair. let's not forget debbie wasserman schultz. brand new fox news poll showing the majority of americans think president obama is failing at one major issue. what is it? karl rove is standing by to go "on the record." no accidents. that is until one of younts. clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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this is a a fox news alert. 10 u.s. sailors will be returned in hours. sent to the uss truman. fox will keep you updated on this breaking news story. keep in mind that iran has made similar promises and they hold four other americans they might as a well send those home, too. also tonight during president obama's eighth and final state of the union the white house says the president will focus on his achievements but the majority of americans say the president has failed at one of not the biggest
4:31 pm
issues facing america, our nationali3 security. brand new fox news poll is finding 58% of registered voters say the president has mostly failed on u.s. security. just 34% say the president has mostly suck is seeded. -- succeeded. 55% say the president mostly failed and only 23% say the president mostly succeeded. former senior advisor george w. bush, karl rove goes "on the record." president under water on all these polls, u.s. healthcare, isis. this is going to be a tough night for the÷6ot president. >> >> his overall job approval rating fox poll 43 approved, 53 disapproved. pretty close to the national average of 44% to 51%. look, it's by tradition, after you have been in the white house for eight years have you tend to worn-out your welcome with the american people. the president tonight will be in a similar situation with one big difference that
4:32 pm
is that he has polarized the country. if you look inside the fox poll, democrats approve of him. better than half of independents don't approve of him. republicans disapprove of him. but the divide is deep. democrats overwhelmingly support him, but independents and republicans look aa like and they are furious with him. >> what i don't get though the isis number which is the most haunting one mostly failed 65%. mostly succeeded at 23%. he made that jay vee crack and i realize that was years ago they called isis jay vee but even this morning when he made some reference to matt lauer that it was like isis is just a blind alley and people were going to go down the blind alley almost dismissive that isis exists and isis blows up 10 people in turkey today. i could go on and on. i don't understand like, you know, doesn't he think isis is a real threat? >> you know, his numbers on terrorism and the world conflict and foreign affairs are v. all begown decline
4:33 pm
dramatically in the last couple of years. for example, you identified the number has made us safercy 34% say mostly succeeding in making us safer but 58% say mostly has failed doing so, well, you go back a couple of years and that number was 55% mostly succeeded, 32% mostly failed. what has happened the cumulative effect of all these foreign policy disasters and all of his comments and awful his feckless foreign policy has brought the american people to a point where they are pretty emphatic. think about that 23% say he has mostly succeeded against isis. that is about -- that allows for basically half of the democrats to say that he has mostly failed. >> all right. i have something for the viewers to do at home. they get to vote. they get to vote on twitter. and here's the question tonight. is the state of the union speech important? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will will show you the live twitter votes throughout the show. karl, what would you advise the president do tonight
4:34 pm
when he he talks? what's the message? >> it's not going to be what he ends up doing. what we have been told is he is going to talk about all his great accomplishments. this is one last moment where he shouldn't be out there touting what he thinks that he has done for the country. it ought to be one last shot where he could try and bring the country together to do something during 2016 but, instead, is he going to give a campaign speech and it's going to fall flat. >> karl, thank you, nice to he so you. >> nice to so you, greta. >> tonight's state of the union guest is pennsylvania state trooper alex douglass. trooper douglass invited by republican pennsylvania senator pat toomey. trooper douglass was shot and seriously wounded during a deadly ambush in 2014. so with trooper douglass in the audience, will president obama address the wave of violence against our police? trooper alex douglass joins me. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> first of all, how are you? >> doing well. you had a lot of damage to that hip. >> yes. i had a total right hip replacement. and my femur in my right leg was also replaced with a
4:35 pm
titanium rod. >> your colleague, of course, didn't make it he died. >> that's correct. >> you know, you were both barracks. if you are not safe at a police barracks, i don't know where you are safe. >> that's a good question. >> boy. anyway, tonight though going to the state of the union. excited a little bit? >> yes, i am. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. so i'm definitely looking forward to it. >> what do you want to hear the president say? and do you expect him to say anything about law enforcement? >> i hope that he brings up some issues with the community and different law enforcement agencies such as local state and federal agencies coming together as a community. and using different resources to promote that mutual agreement between law enforcement agencies and the community. >> it seems to me and i have done a lot of police shooting cases regrettably
4:36 pm
blifer has been shot. most recently i was in philadelphia friday night after the police officer was shot. a lot of members of law enforcement feel that there is a target on their backs. do you feel that way? >> i did when this first happened i don't feel so much that way now with the changes that are made. training, tactics that were developed since my incident. for example, theo$ the philadelphia officer that was shot recently this past week, he showed exemplary training tactics and, you know, he was shot, from what i understood three times in the arm. and exited his vehicle and continued firing back at the suspect which is amazing. >> in your instance, you were shot and you drag yourself into the barracks; is that right? >> i did. >> because you couldn't use your legs? >> yes. at the time both my legs
4:37 pm
felt like they were paralyzed. not long after i arrived at the hospital the initial hospital i was at, then my left leg came back and i gained feeling in it but at the initial time i couldn't feel either leg so i did drag myself. >> how long were you in the hospital? >> i was on anddídót for about nine months. i had 17 major surgeries in the nine months. >> and you were shot in the hip, the leg, what i understand is that this was really life-threatening where the bullet penetrated and what it did to your body. this was life-threatening. they had you in induced coma. >> yes. when i was first hit i thought oh, it wasn't so bad, i was hit in the leg area. but, as far as i knew, it was pretty bad. i mean, i lost so much blood that was one of the biggest areas, according to the doctors that carries your blood flow through. so i had multiple blood transfusions at the time. >> you are tough and i
4:38 pm
appreciate it let me shake your hand. >> i appreciate it. >> i hope you enjoy the state of the union tonight. that's pretty exciting. i have never been inside the chamber so you are one up on me. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> and affluenza mom tonya couch is out. she got out of jail few hours ago. she already has herself new jewelry. that's next. me research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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marcoto criticize him fornfair missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
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"one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. tonya couch, the mother of the affluenza teen now out of prison released on bond. fox news correspondent casey stegall is live in fort worth, texas. casey? >> greta, she didn't say a single word to all of etuz reporters that swarmed her as she walked out of the jail back here behind me this morning in fort worth, texas. there is a long list of conditions associated with her release. tonya couch was outfitted for a brand new accessory, a g.p.s. ankle monitor that will track her whereabouts 24/7. the judge has also ordered that she surrender her
4:43 pm
passport. abstain from using drugs or alcohol. in fact, she will be tested. the 48-year-old must report also to problems on a weekly basis and not be in the possession of any firearms. tonya couch will be staying with her other son from a previous marriage. 299-year-old steven mcwilliams who lives not far from here in tarrant county, texas with his wife and children. she has been ordered to stay there. she is estranged from her wealthy husband. steven took the stand on his mother's behalf asking for the bond to be reduced saying she did not have any money because her account had been frozen. she is also required to pay back the sheriff's department the more than $3,000 it costs for them to beings that diet her from los angeles back here to texas. now, there is a pending mental health evaluation that has also been ordered by the court, a different judge that's been handling matters so far according to court paperwork the magistrate asked for it because there is, quote: reasonable cause to believe she has a mental i willness or is a person with a mental
4:44 pm
retardation, end quote. that evaluation must be complete within the next 30 days. meantime the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch, 18 years old, remains in a facility outside of mexico city where he continues tonight fighting his deportation back to the u.s., greta. >> casey, thank you. get ready to speed read the news. the appeals hearing date for baltimore police officer william porter is now set on march 4th the maryland court of special appeals will hear argument on whether officer porter can be force to do testify against his fellow officer, officer caesar goodson. officer goodson was the driver of the transportgj van where freddie gray suffered injury. massive accident quickly escalated when a semi-truck jackknifed on snowy road. witnesses say cars kept coming and slamming into the growing pile.
4:45 pm
remarkably only three people were injured but the highway was closed for several hours. and the power ball jackpot just keeps on growing. the record jackpot jumping to $1.5 billion. now the drawing will take place tomorrow evening. for just $2 you you have a 1 in 1 the 92-million-dollar chance of winning the grand prize. compare that to the is 1 in 700 chance of being killed by asteroid. could buy and all the friends you would gain if you win. that's tonight's speed read. and a murder mystery in italy, a young american woman found dead. what happened? who killed her? we're live in italy next. ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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4:50 pm
american woman in italy. ashley olson found dead, murdered. it happened last week in her florence apartment with obvious"c signs of a struggle. grn reporter is live in rome. angela, what happened? >> well, that's a bit of a mystery ashley also was found dead on saturday morning saturday afternoon at 2:00 by her boyfriend who hadn't seen her for a couple of days. he was worried. he called her a couple of times. he a couple of days he couldn't get ahold of her. then he went to her apartment and found her dead on her bed in her apartment. what happened is actually still not really clear. she was last seen in a club where she hang out a lot in the center of florence. on frew day morning before she -- after getting out, she went back home and must have happened somewhere there. according to the coroner and
4:51 pm
the also reports that she was murdered around 9:00 a.m. on friday morning. so she was found almost more than 24 hours later in her own apartment on her own bed. >> how long has she been living in italy? has she been there a while? >> she lived in italy for three years. her father also in florence. -- several institutions in florence. florida where she after divorce and went to live in italy to join her father. and she actually came to be known as a person who was going out a lot. she was having a lot of especially on the -- among the community in the italian city. she was very loved, actually, by the people who knew her. >> that's a terrible story an american artist murdered in italy her boy friend has
4:52 pm
an alibi. they don't know when she died so i don't know how good the alibi is. >> he said he didn't do it. he has an alibi. it was proven by the italian police. he wasn't there or around her apartment in the early hours she was killed. the strange thing is, she was apparently she knew the killer because she opened the door. there was no -- any sign of force on her doing. on her locks. so she knew the killer. she let him in and probably he strangled her with a strap or with a chain. >> anglo, thank you very much. and commuters in southern california getting a crazy scare when a small plane is force to do land right on a busy highway. it was all caught on camera.
4:53 pm
>> literally just landed on the freeway, guys. i'm freaking out. >> we're either going to go on a dirt patch or we found the highway. >> a horrifying moment in the sky and on a freeway. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> a student pilot and her instructor making a terrifying emergency landing in the middle of a busy southern california freeway. >> i asked my instructor what's wrong, and he was like did you touch the throttle? i said. no he realized that we were having engine failure. >> when you hear those words "engine failure," what goes through your mind? >> oh, you're going to die. >> the student pilot and her flight instructor taking action gliding the plane down. >> we saw like the cable lines and we thought we were going to hit them but we went right over them. >> and a somehow making a safe landing. >> then got all at cars stopped except for one guy, he went right underneath us. and we landed and i was very shakmi; few deep breaths
4:54 pm
and -- i will still go fly tomorrow. >> remarkably, no one was injured during this emergency landing. but it did cause yet another traffic jam in southern california. and coming up, when we come back, i'm going to tell you something that will set your fire off-the-record. that's next. rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my
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♪ the new 2016 ram limited. you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪ let's all go off-the-record. your hair should be be on fire with rage. the level of government waste is disgusting. yet, not one 2016 candidate is putting government waste at the top of his or her list. today i read secretary clinton she wants to raise taxes on the big earners. without the billions and billions of dollars our government wastes year an year and each 2016 candidate should promise an honest audit of government programs. explain to us, and this is just the tip of the iceberg how and why the pentagon can
4:59 pm
spend $43 million on a gas station in afghanistan that should have cost $500,000? and do you know what? they should publicly name the bureaucrat who signed those checks. our nation's lousy economic situation is 100 percent the fault of politicians with their gross miss handling of the government. it's not new though. it's been going on for decades. politicians have a cavalier attitude about your money. when they run out, they either demand more money from you in taxes or they just borrow more putting us in greater debt. so, tonight, i hope president obama in his last state of the unionç7 commits to the american people to clean it up, find out where our money is really going, really going. yeah, i know. fat chance. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. is the state of the union speech important? here are the results. 11% say yes. uh-oh 89% say no. you all watch, right? >> don't forget to dvr us if
5:00 pm
you can't watch live. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington where i understand it's snowing tonight. anyway, good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> it's an unsourced, irresponsible claim that has no basis. >> fox news reporting the fbi now looking into possible corruption charges concerning the clinton foundation. mrs. clinton not happy and new poll numbers will not please her either. we'll have a special report. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> great britain debating whether or not to ban donald trump. don't they have freedom of speech over the


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