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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bill: that was a big day, huh? martha: we've got a big day coming up in about how many days? bill: 13, i think so. martha: you're good at that. be. bill: you're going to have a great weekend. i know you're going to have a great weekend. martha: you're going to have a great weekend. bye, everybody, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ jon: the sparks fly in south carolina. republican front runners taking on each other in the fiery first debate of this presidential election year. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. jon: good morning to you, welcome. heather: the gloves coming off in the very first hour when ted cruz tried to turn the tables on donald trump on whether the senator's canadian birthplace could disqualify him from the white house, and from there, well, the hits just kept on coming. >> i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you.
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[laughter] >> because it wouldn't work. >> you're an american, as is everybody else on this stage, and i would suggest we focus on who's best prepared to be commander in chief. >> here's the problem. we're running, we're running. he does great. i win. i choose him as my vice presidential candidate, and the democrats sue because we can't take him along for the ride. i don't like that. there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court, and i'll tell you i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> unfortunately, governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> i stood on the stage and watched marco rather indignantly and tell president bush and say to governor bush that
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criticizing me would get you into office. two years ago he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed. that was before he was running against me. now that he is, he's changed his tune. i'm never going to change my tune. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. she's under investigation with the fbi right now. if she gets elected, her first 100 days instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. we need to stop that. [laughter] >> in this country people are concerned about their economic future, and we gotta fight like crazy so people can think the american dream still exists, because it does. >> we have a war on virtually everything; race wars, gender wars, income wars, religious wars, age wars. every war you can imagine. we need to start once again recognizing that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and let's not let the secular progressives drive that out of us. >> i will gladly accept the
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mantling of anger -- the mantle of anger. i'm angry because our country is a mess. jon: bit of analysis now with dan henninger, editorial page editor for "the wall street journal." it was quite a debate. talking about it just now, i think just about everybody had their best debate of in this season. >> yeah. and that includes donald trump and everyone that's been calling trump the great phenomenon of the season. but donald trump came out there, and i think his presentation has gotten stronger. he's extending his remarkings more. i don't know about the substance. currency he is, to coin a word, a disaster. nonetheless, on the arguments he was very good. and ted cruz, who is a professional debater, i thought, had the better of trump on the matter of tariffs. but when he brought up this issue of new york values, that was basically a cheap shot. and, you know what? donald trump does cheap shots really well.
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when he came back and hit cruz with william f. buckley as a new yorker, i mean, that rocked him. and by the end of it after he talked about 9/11, cruz was standing there applauding. i mean, if a debater is applauding his opponent, he's losing. jon: cruz is the subject of a piece in the new york times today. they sort of suggest that, hey, we've discovered this guy has some real skills and abilities. >> yeah, he does. both he -- i think one of the things that emerged from this debate is that ted cruz and marco rubio are presenting themselves very clearly to voters as the substantive alternative to donald trump's persona. i mean, this is about two things, iowa and new hampshire. it's no longer opinion polls. people are going into the voting booths and focusing on why they would want to support these people. and i think both ted cruz and marco rubio, number two and three, are showing if you don't want to just vote for a personality, we're there for you. jon: later in the debate it seemed that trump got, kind of
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got eclipsed by those two senators, rubio and cruz. i want to play this exchange that illustrates some of their back and forth. >> you used to say that you were in favor of birthright citizenship, now you say that you are against it. and by the way, it's not just on immigration. you used to support tpa. now you say you're against it. i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in iowa. and last week we all saw you flip your vote on ethanol in iowa for the same reason. [cheers and applause] that is political calculation. >> i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the -- >> it's your record. >> do you think they like each other? >> at least half of the things marco said are flat out false. they're absolutely false. so let's start with immigration. let's start with immigration and have a little bit of clarity. marco stood with chuck schumer and barack obama on am necessity. i stood with jeff sessions and steve king.
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jon: what did you think about that exchange? >> i thought marco rubio went through that long list of particulars so he could get to just two words, political calculation. because if ted cruz has an achilles heel, it's the sense maybe he's an opportunist. marco rubio has been accused of the same thing. these two are bunched very close in new hampshire, and at this point all of these candidates are starting to go negative. we saw that all night, attacking one another. they're trying to push the polling numbers in another direction by putting into people's minds that these candidates like cruz and political calculation have a bit of a problem. jon: i think it was in a cnn debate, one of the early debates, ted cruz memorably said this is not a cage match. your questions are trying to pit us all against each other. well, they sure went against each oh last night. >> yeah. it is true that marco rubio. >> the past has praised chris christie, and now he's going
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after him on common core in new jersey. christie, jeb bush, john kasich -- john kasich, by way, is the one candidate who addressed people's economic anxiety, something that's real out there. i thought he did very well on the subject of economic populism. he relates to people. i don't think any of those candidates hurt themselves last night, and they're all bunched so close in new hampshire that i think new hampshire's going to be a bit of a history in the outcome, but they did not hurt themselves in the debate. jon: back to that exchange between cruz and rubio, when cruz comes back and his best defense is, well, half of that isn't true, that seemed a little weak to me. >> yeah. i think ted cruz has got to -- ted cruz is very smart, he's very effective, and i think he has to to find a way not to run a campaign that is essentially based on dividing the electorate, dividing it between conservatives and everyone else. in a sense, he's aiming to win
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super tuesday, the so-called sec primaries across the south. and he's telling people in the south the rest of the country isn't like you. people like donald trump and chris christie represent that part of the country. if ted cruz could elevate his message, i think, and unite more people, boy, he's going to be a real contender. jon: deputy editorial page editor of "the wall street journal," daniel henninger. thanks. we want to hear from you, which candidate do you think won the debate last night? our live chat is up and running right now. go to, get your thoughts into conversation. health health and now to a fox news alert. a search and rescue effort is underway off the coast of hawaii after two marine helicopters collided in midair overnight. twelve people were onboard the two ch-53 transport helicopters. the coast guard looking for survivors. searchers apparently located a fire and a debris field about
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two and a half miles north of oahu. witnesses report hearing a loud boom and then seeing a flare in the sky. the marine corps reported the two missing helicopters at around four a.m. ian time. we will have a live report from the pentagon coming up. jon: now this fox news alert, a rough start to the new year not getting any better on wall street today as the dow starts with another major selloff. you can see there down 390 points, erasing yesterday's gains. the dow getting hammered after another big drop in crude oil prices which just hit a new 12-year low. joining us now, eric bolling, co-host of "the five" on fox news, he is also a former oil trader. you've been predicting this for a while, eric. >> i have, jon. over the last year on fox business i've been saying lower oil price. it took out $100 on its way down, i said lower at 70, lower at 50, i said -- at 35 i said
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25, and there's a lot of reasons for that. number one, fracking has done amazing things for the american economy and america's reliance on foreign oil. it's almost eliminated it. down the road we could be self-sufficient in oil. number two, there's been global slowdown. we all hear about china, but it's real. china is slowing down. china's been a big demand user of energy products. if they slow down, there's more energy products on the market. and number three, this is the one recently. with this deal with iran, iran is one of the largest producers of oil in the world. they have somewhere around four million barrels per day capacity that they have really untapped because world, frankly, the free world is not supposed to have been buying their oil. they have, but on a black market basis. now that's oil that'll hit the market, a free market, and that's putting downward pressure. you look at the stock market, and you see 400 points lower today, 1500 lower for the year, and you say, boy, a lower oil price is bad for the economy. that's wrong. patently false. it's bad for the stock market but great for the economy.
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there are about 153 million households in america, each and every one of those households with a $2 lower price for gasoline that this is actually bringing means there's going to be somewhere around a $300 billion tax cut or incentive to spend in households in america going forward, and that's good news for the grander economy. jon: all right. let me flip that on its head n. the oil patch in louisiana and texas and up in north dakota, there are a lot of rigs that are being silenced right now. that's got to be bad for the economies in those places. >> it is. it's bad for local economies. it's not good for the oil energy industry because, frankly, it's been high paying jobs and a lot of high paying jobs. that will -- that's the sector that will feel the pinch, no doubt. they'll have to get a lot meaner, greener and cleaner like some of the people that, frankly, they haven't needed but have enjoyed $100 price for oil. think about when gas was $4.50 a gallon. we were paying for everything. we were paying an energy surcharge in every single thing we bought.
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you buy anything, they say, well, it costs us a lot of money to bring those tomatoes to the market, we're going to charge you extra for energy. that's going to be eliminated. not only that, there's a lot of money in everyone's bank account going forward because $1.80 a gallon is a heck of a lot nicer than $3.80. jon: the history of this nation's economy in recent decades, you know, there's that kind of a swing every six, seven years when we head into a recession, we had one, obviously, in 2008-2009, the so-called great recession. are we about to hit another one? >> i don't think so. see, now recessions are defined on growth shrinking, either stagnant or shrinking growth over two quarters going forward. i don't think this is going to slow growth in the american economy. yeah, the stock market's going down. remember, stock market isn't the only thing in the economy. there's a labor market, there are other forms of markets in the grander economy, and with all this extra money you'll be
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able to go to the movies, you'll be able to take your wife to go have a cocktail. people will spend those things, and that'll be good for the greater economy. not necessarily the stock market, but the greater economy. so i don't think we're going to have negative growth which would be what it would take to define a true recession. jon: it is nice not to spend $85 or $90 when i fill my tank. >> it is. and by the way, your heating bill this winter isn't going to be near as bad as the last four or five years. that's all good news. jon: eric bolling, thank you. heather: i always like some good news. well, some new developments in one city's water crisis with people desperately needing clean drinking water, the governor is turning to the white house for help. plus, the u.s. navy looking for answers on how two american ships ended up in iranian waters in the persian gulf.
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changes in urination, and runny nose. farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪i am everyday people. yeah. yeah.♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. jon: right now michigan's governor is asking president obama to issue an emergency
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declaration as the city of flint copes with a crisis over tainted drinking water. residents there relying on bottled water to drink because the tap water contains dangerously high levels of lead after the city switched its water source in 2014 in an effort to save money. governor rick snyder is seeking additional federal aid to supply the city with clean drinking water. according to a statement from his office, fema will advise the president on whether to grant that request. ♪ ♪ heather: well, defense secretary ash carter says a navigation error is likely to blame for u.s. sailors entering iranian waters this week. two u.s. navy boats seized by the revolutionary guard with ten sailors onboard were within three miles of iran's farsi island when they were taken. questions are now focusing on exactly how the boats went off course as the navy conducts a full investigation. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. jennifer, what did the defense
8:18 am
secretary, defense secretary carter, say about the incident yesterday? >> reporter: well, heather, it appears secretary carter still because not know all the details surrounding the detention of his ten sailors in the persian gulf by iranian forces despite their release early wednesday morning eastern time. he offered this explanation yesterday afternoon at u.s. central command in tampa. >> there was a navigational error of some kind. all the contributing factors to that, we don't know yet, and we're still talking to those folks. >> reporter: the ten sailors are currently being debriefed in qatar, i'm told. details of the incident remain sketchy. we know the two navy boats were not where they were supposed to be. i'm told mid-level military officers are furious over the incident. they are angry at iran for releasing this propaganda video, there are also questions about the planning and execution of this seemingly routine transit from kuwait to bahrain. we've just learned the name of the young skipper who apologized on iranian state tv, lieutenant
8:19 am
david -- [inaudible] 27 years old and a naval academy graduate. the lack of information coming out of the pentagon is noteworthy. heather: and we have another developing story we just mentioned, the two marine helicopters which crashed off the coast of hawaii, what do we know about that? >> reporter: two marine corps super stallion helicopters collided shortly after midnight during a nighttime training missioning two and a half miles from shore. there are 12 people missing, and a search and rescue effort led by the coast guard is underway right now. so far there is no sign of survivors. the ch-53e is a heavy lift transport helicopter used exclusively by the u.s. marine corps. each helicopter had six marines onboard. there were scattered showers at the time of the crash, the two marine corps helicopters are based in hawaii, the cause of the crash is under investigation. heather: twelve marines total,
8:20 am
let's hope somehow they find them. jennifer griffin, thank you. jon: police make three arrests connected to the terror attack in the heart of indonesia's capital. now authorities say isis funded the attack. and one widow is now suing twitter. why she blames her husband's death on the social media site. our legal panel weighs in on this unusual case next. if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? you'll lose interest. it's just a phase. it hurts me more than it hurts you. where are your manners - were you raised by wolves? you're going to give me a heart attack. when you have kids, you'll understand. this is the life of a rebel. sorry, mom.
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jon: indonesian police say isis funded a terror attack in the heart of the indonesian capital city yesterday. two civilians were killed, an indonesian and a canadian, and 20 others hurt in the attack at a starbucks and a police booth in jakarta. the five attackers died, and police have arrested three other men, recovering an isis flag from one of their homes.
8:24 am
♪ ♪ heather: talking a little bit more about isis, social media site twitter is facing a lawsuit from the widow of an american contractor. lloyd fields was killed in a lone wolf attack on a police station in jordan last november. his widow blames twitter for giving isis a platform to spew propaganda. she says that that access allowed the terror group to spread its message of hate to people like the terrorists who killed her husband. so can social media be held responsible for the rise of isis? and what kind of precedent could this lawsuit set? joining me now is fred fred teca former federal prosecutor, and emily, a former federal attorney and former criminal defense attorney. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. heather: so there's no doubt that social media like twitter aids in the recruitment of foreign fighters for organizations, for terrorists like isis, most recently paris, san bernardino, those being just two examples.
8:25 am
but can they be blamed or be held responsible solely? fred, i'll start with you. >> well, you know, it's interesting, it depends on a lot of factors, you know? under the anti-terrorism act people are allowed to bring a civil suit for people killed by acts of terrorists. generally, in our system of justice you can only hold someone responsible if they have a duty. for instance, your doctor has a duty not to violate the standards of care. so the question is, does twitter owe these people a duty? twitter does take it upon themselves to police their site, and i think if they can show they are negligent in doing that, they could be held responsible. heather: twitter had to say: violence, threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on twitter, and like other social networks, our rules make that clear. but, emily, do they make that clear? >> i think fred makes fair points. only last year did twitter
8:26 am
broaden its definition of violent threats so that terrorist propaganda was considered against their policy. i agree that if they are shown to have violated their duty and to be found negligent, fields would actually be found successful here. but i think the issue at the scope of the suit is quite broad. she's alleging that twitter is fostering terrorism in and of itself and that they themselves violated the usa act. if she alleged simply that particular account of the lone wolf that twitter had notification of it, failed to shut it down and failed to report it to the government, she has a better chance of success here. heather: fred, i wanted to ask you about some of the words used specifically in this case. they're claiming, fields in her complaint, twitter allowed isis unfettered access, the ability to maintain official twitter accounts. they go on to use terms like knowingly or willful blindness that twitter exemplified. how cothey prove that? >> right. you know, it's interesting, heather. you could say the same thing about the phone company, right?
8:27 am
the phone company allows people to commit violent crimes, rob banks and other things. the question is, can the phone company do anything? i think this is different. what they're saying is by twitter basically did the legal equivalent of putting its head in the sand. it knew that isis followers were using its site, i've heard allegations that nsa can't find them there, and it took no steps to do it, and it took no steps, as emily noted, to enforce its own policy, then they can be held liable in a court if it's shown that they knew and didn't do anything about it. heather: and is this an example of that? in their own transparency report, twitter itself admits for a period of time back in 2014 there were 25 requests from the u.s. government to shut down certain sites and certain posts and that they did none of that. all 5 from the u.s. government -- 25 from the u.s. government, but they said they honored 42% of those requests worldwide. emily? >> absolutely, that can be held
8:28 am
against them as an admission. note the turkish government recently fined them $50,000 for refusing to remove terrorist propaganda. so globally everyone is looking to them right now to have a measure of accountability and to step that up. i think the fact they widened their definition of terrorist threats last year, i think that shows they're responding to this. so this lawsuit, regardless of its particular success, it might have, hopefully, an impact of twitter's policy moving forward. heather: and let's talk about the policy beyond twitter. what impact will this, what precedent could this set for other social media companies, fred? >> i think it sets the bar that you need to be responsible, that you need to recognize. for instance, you mentioned that the u.s. government on 25 separate occasions asked twitter to remove accounts. if it ultimately gets shown -- and i don't think that it will in this case -- that someone died as a result of those accounts specifically asked to be removed by the government, that will ultimately result in twitter being held responsible. so the answer to your question
8:29 am
is facebook, twitter, instagram, all the social media is now on notice that these people who are horribly violent and ruthless and merciless are using their organizations and using their tools, they better take steps to stop it. heather: emily, final word. >> the government is meeting with execs, and they're still existing. they say it's going to render the information vulnerable, and they're going to move to other platforms creating a business issue for them and also a trackable issue for the government. heather: just last friday the obama administration announcing a task force they're putting together to look into this further. thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having me, enjoy your weekend. jon: the white house announces a freed on coal mining leases on -- freeze on coal mining leases on federal land. plus, republican candidates beating up on the news media in the debate last night, especially one major newspaper.
8:30 am
why our next guest calls it the poster child for institutions conservatives love to hate. >> thank you for passing on that hit piece on the front page of "the new york times." [laughter] you know, the nice thing about the mainstream media, they don't hide their views. is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >>
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heather: a fox news alert. the u.s. interior secretary issued a pause on new coales on.
8:34 am
>> environmental groups love this, but it is far from universally popular, especially with an industry like coal which is already on the ropes. senator grasso tweeted that the obama administration is in a war with coal and coal miners families. roughly 40% of coal in the united states comes from federal land. currently coal companies pay 12.5% of what they sell the coal for from the federal government as royalties. president obama thinks that's too little. >> we have to accelerate the transition away from old dirtier energy sources.
8:35 am
that's why i'm going to push to change the way we manage our coal and oil resources to better reflect cost they impose and tax pairs and our planet. >> the administration will turn to something they call the social cost of carbon from burning coal among other things. bottom line, it's a way to make coal more expensive and less desirable. though they say the current leases on federal land provide enough coal for 20 years. but the president has offered little on how he intends to offset the cost on community that rely on coal. in baton rouge he spoke of helping those community get a jump on wind and solar power. one could ask if he plans to retrain west virginia coal miners as solar engineers or has something else in minds.
8:36 am
jon: fox is america's election headquarters. one target that rarely escapes conservative fury and did not last night, the news media. bar report "new york times" is reporting you failed to properly disclose $1 million in loans from citibank. >> i made an error on disclosing it from one piece of paper to another. but if that's the best the "new york times" has got, they better go back to the well. jon: judy, you used to work at "new york times."
8:37 am
>> i think it was free detectivible because the only thing that unites all the people on that stage is their loathing of the "new york times" and the mainstream media. it's a predictable laugh line. but the "new york times" for all of its faults has done more investigative reporting against hillary clinton, on hillary clinton. they not only disclosed the steam scandal, but they looked long and hard and early at her connection with the foundation and the potential and perhaps actual conflicts of interest. we don't know yet. they have consistently looked at all the candidates. and i'm sorry, mr. cruz. you are running for president. if you fail to properly disclose a $1 million loan from goldman sachs, mr. outsider. the "new york times" is going to report it. if he wants to deflect crypt
8:38 am
civil of those actions he did so well last night. jon: you are saying you think the times in particular is even handled in its examination of republicans and democratic candidates. >> my problem with the "new york times" is too often. but that's not what was going on last night. any newspaper that attacks any of these candidates is going to be mocked and attacked back. but that's their goal. we are big, we like the guys on the stage and the one woman in the junior varsity debate, we can take it. jon: it brought applause when ted cruz bashed the "new york times." does he have grounds? >> no, no, and no. he's in the big leagues, but the senator as he admitted didn't file his paperwork properly.
8:39 am
the political problem he was trying to dilute by bashing the messenger was that his persona is mr. populist, mr. -- he was elected with the help of the tea party movement. but he went to princeton and harvard. his wife works at goldman sachs which makes them wealthier than most people with access to low-interest loans that most people don't have. that goes against the imagage narrative he's building. if he can't get it together to just report a paper properly of how he runs the campaign. what makes you think he can run the country? jon: there was the moment when donald trump asked about his chinese business dealing. he said that's the "new york times" they are always wrong.
8:40 am
>> it's an easy punching bag. it doesn't mean they are wrong. and one other thing that happens all the time, particularly in the debate is the con nation between the reporters sthor straightforward in trying to do political journalism and tell you things about people running for the presidency and the opinion columnists who get to do what they want. >> i would add, amazingly this morning the "new york times" pronounced ted cruz the most commanding performer in the debate. that's the "new york times." i found that very interesting. jon: donald trump we just saw him live from urbandale, iowa. >> i would like to think if anyone came to a reporter -- if that story came to life. if i started doing a deep dive on a candidate who always
8:41 am
looked, if you are looking at the paperwork, would you have gone to this financial disclosure and it would seem reasonable someone could put this together. one other thing it shows, this should have been caught by the cruz campaign. this should not have come as a surprise. so it gives you insight into how the campaign couldn't figure out a way to get ahead of that story. so there is more things going on than a paperwork error. heat report f.b.i. is trying to extradite a man from south africa accused of preying on hundreds of children in america. the feds say a common piece of technology gave him easy access to his victims. reporter: the f.b.i. and south african police say anthony evans
8:42 am
persuaded hundreds of young children, mostly americans, to perform sex acts which he secretly recorded with their web cams. women annen against child abuse says evans specifically preyed on american children. >> all the children in anthony evans' case are from the u.s.a. we believe it's closer to 1,000 minors who have been involved. reporter: the f.b.i. reports another thousand children worldwide have been coerced to touch themselves inappropriately at home without their parents knowing by maish americans off rating one other child porn website. the f.b.i. traced the pedophiles in america and south africa. he pretended to be a teenaged
8:43 am
girl. some of the children, mostly girls, all between 8-13 were tricked into multiple sex acts. the videos distributed to pedophiles. police found 16 hard drives and four cameras. the f.b.i. is expected to get evans extradited to face charges in the u.s. jon: overseas, skeletal remains found under a school. now archeologists believe they might belong to a 16 there century pirate. how do they know that? we'll tell you how they came to that conclusion. [♪] hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy.
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8:47 am
on skeletal remains discovered under a scottish playground. they could be the remains of a 16th century pirate. the school stand where gallos stool 600 years ago. it's believed the man could have been executed for piracy or some other crime before he was buried in a shallow, unmarked drive. haley, thank you very much for joining us today. how in the world do you go about determining first of all that this was a pirate, and secondly how you digitally reconstruct this skull that was discovered, but it was also discovered broken with it was found. >> it was. that's usually the case for a long cal remains.
8:48 am
the reason we believe this individual could be a pirate is the maritime context. the bodies were displayed on a device which is basically a take. the family and friends come and claim the relatives bodies after. but this man was never claimed, supporting the yesterday was not from the area and could be a pirate or smuggler. heather: some of the bones of his fingers were missing and that's an indication of the givit you were mentioning. the digitally reconstructed skull and face. the skull is first. take us through that process. >> the process is many parts. we get the skull. it is cleaned and reassembled.
8:49 am
then from the bones i derive the facial shape and the features like the nose as well as the sex of the individual. and i'm basically using forensic measurements developed over many years. once i have got this information i can start to create the individual's face through modern softwares. heather: how confident are you that he look like that picture we are looking at on the screen. what you were able to recreate in term of what he looked like? how confident are you that that's what he looked like? >> i'm pretty confident but no reconstruction should ever be taken as a portrait. it's a likelihood. i'm not saying it's 100% true. but it's close enough. heather: what is do you think we can learn in term of this
8:50 am
buccaneer you brought back to life? in term of what else we could discover about hip if he was from, say, scotland or if he has ties other parts of the world. >> he could have. the thing is we have no historical document associated this individual. the evidence collected from the early 16th, late 15th century. heather: have you given him a name? >> no. we don't do that. jon: a storm for the record book churning in the atlantic ocean. what happened there for the first time in nearly 80 years.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
jon: authorities say a crocodile that attacked a 68-year-old woman has been captured and killed. part of her arm was found in the crocodile's stomach. the woman was attacked during a shopping trip on the edge of town. heather: amateur snake hunters gathering in the florida everglade for the python contestants. who thinks they have what it takes to catch pythons.
8:55 am
the snakes came to florida via the exotic pet trade. they are now endangering the wildlife there. expert believe there are tens of thousands roaming free. so head down there. jon: need a new pair of boots. a fox news extreme weather alert and in florida a tornado watch. reporter: i saw on the graphic you mentioned that tropical system in the atlantic and you think of that during the warmer seasons in the springtime and the summer across parts of florida. but we have a tornado watch across parts of south florida. so you are looking at a widespread area looking at a risk for tornado as the store system continues to move through.
8:56 am
the other concern is heavy rain with these storms. if there is a tornado with any of these systems they may be rain wrapped and difficult to spot. we have a tornado warning in fort myers. seek shelter immediately. there could be a rain-wrapped tornado. a tornado warning is in effect across parts of south florida. switching gears towards the tropics. we did have a hurricane downgrade to a tropical storm. maximum sustained wind at 70 miles an hour. it has been pummeling the azores. i think the more significant story is it's rare to see a hurricane form during this time of year and the last time that happened was in 1938. and it's the strongest hurricane on record, maximum sustained winds at 85 miles an hour at one time.
8:57 am
. . . .
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>> we'll see you back here in an hour. >> noise to have you here. you will be back. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> bye. harris: here we go on a friday with the dow jones, take a look. this is "outnumbered." fox news alert we begin. we're off 410 points an counting. we tau the marketing tank at opening of this day. there was hope we saw a little stability in our markets yesterday because we popped up by 228 points sore so. the s&p, the nasdaq have been down as you know historically. just a horrible start to 2016. but today on track potentially to be one of the worst of those days, if not the worst so far if it does not rebound. oil trading below $30 a barrel. consider this news nugget. over the weekend in coming days


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