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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we'll see you back here in an hour. >> noise to have you here. you will be back. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> bye. harris: here we go on a friday with the dow jones, take a look. this is "outnumbered." fox news alert we begin. we're off 410 points an counting. we tau the marketing tank at opening of this day. there was hope we saw a little stability in our markets yesterday because we popped up by 228 points sore so. the s&p, the nasdaq have been down as you know historically. just a horrible start to 2016. but today on track potentially to be one of the worst of those days, if not the worst so far if it does not rebound. oil trading below $30 a barrel. consider this news nugget. over the weekend in coming days
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it is expected that the sanctions will be released for iran. billions of dollars, potentially in oil to put on to the markets to compete with the already low prices. so what does that mean? you have a lot more product. maybe less demand. those prices go down even more. looks at instability, the reaction to that. we're watching it. wee bring you up to speed. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us, harris faulkner. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, democratic strategist and fox business contributor julie roginsky, today's #oneluckyguy for very first time, editor of "national review," rich lowery. welcome, rich. you're outnumbered, inaugural time. >> about time. i'm a little surprised you will
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have someone like me with such strong new york values on the set here. andrea: that's right. you are new yorker. and conservative too. you do have values. let's begin, showdown in south carolina with a little over two weeks until iowa, seven republicans duking it out last night. but even with all of those white house contenders on the fox business stage, the two front-runners, appearing to dominate. trump trim and ted cruz. their bromance apparently over as the gloves came off. here they are brawling over cruz's citizenship. >> you know back in september my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. now, since september the constitution hasn't changed. [laughing] but the poll numbers have. [cheering] >> the fact is there is a big
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overhang, there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. you really can't. you can't do that to the party. you have to have certainty. even if it was 1% chance and it is far greater than 1% because he wasn't born -- you have a great constitutional lawyers say you can't run. and you know, i'm not bringing a suit. i promise. but the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. and you, you have to have certainty. andrea: the two also trading shots over cruz saying trump has quote, new york values. "the donald" not having it. neither is most of the couch. not coming back with an answer cruz could applaud. >> i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. you had two 100 -- [applause] people in new york fought and
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fought and fought. we saw more death and even the smell of death, nobody understood it. it was with us for months. the smell in the air. we rebuilt downtown manhattan, everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new yorkers and i have to tell you that was very insulting statement that ted made. [applause] >> governor bush -- andrea: that was one heck of a counter point, rich lowery. i was surprised. cruz was on fire both on citizenship response and also on the new york values, but trump both times counterpunched. that second counterpunch we played i thought he dunged on him. >> -- dunked on him. >> i have never been a trump fan but there wasn't any politician in america that could have delivered that answer better than donald trump did. my two take aways from the
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debate, ted cruz is showing in stature. showed he can stand toe-to-toe with trump. and he lost on new york values thing. won on eligibility. he willing to put himself in subordinate position to donald trump throughout this race. that is over. the other big takeaway trump is getting better. notable moment for me, at the end when you talk about the american sailors in iran he talked slower. he talked quieter and it was powerful. so he is showing a wider range than just the bombast and insults. andrea: especially when he responded to nikki haley's state of the union rebuttal when she took a shot that was very petty and trump's calm and human response to rich's point shows that he is growing. harris: he made it work for himself. one of the thing trump has been able to show, if anybody shooting inside the tent might as well be him and nobody else. he turns it around and makes the
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like she just called me a friend a short time ago. we're all in this together. our goal is to fight hillary clinton and not each other. he put everybody else on the range. we've seen him do it before. he did it. showed the power of range of this man. we know he has this because of the huge business deals you've done. you can't go be bombastic in every corporate courtroom around the world. you have to have some range. you have to have a different gear. what happens when you talk with a person who is not really moved by that but you still got to get his money? he's got that. andrea: last night for the first time i felt like all of his detractors were getting it. the observers were saying okay, he is real. took them a long time. others saw it first but liz, i was also watching you on twitter. you were fired up about the new york values. melissa: yeah. andrea: does this hurt cruz. he mentioned media and money. all the politicians come to new york maybe not for values
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but for campaign cash so it's a bit hypocritical. melissa: that really chaps my ars. i don't like that at all. nobody hates big government more than i do and i go to church every sunday, not just for the holidays. new yorkers are tiff. we're gritty. we fight. that is how trump responded. i love his range. i love what they said in the free beacon this morning trump was provocative, gauche, fawn any and fearless. he doesn't back down when the crowd boos him. holds his own against more polished opponents. he identified anger of many republican and independent voters. shows range and skilled turning argument around again and again. when neil cavuto said why raise it now on immigration because he is doing better. took exact argument. before i didn't care he was at 1%. now it matters if we elect him. >> no average politician would admit. refreshing and kind of funny.
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andrea: he came back at him, oh, you can't say that. yes you can. that is why people love him. >> i was not a trump supporter. he was spectacular. he dominated stage. what he said about new york, not so much you could have argument, liberal, republican conservative about new york, what he said about new york, nation, world, fell in love with new york. rivetted by new york. turn around decade 1/2 later to trashing new york after everything we went through, we're an american city. we're the american city because of what happened to us. for anybody to be trashing us i don't care how well it polls in iowa or new hampshire is inexcusable. trump is right. it was inches sincere. only scripted. only new yorker like donald trump who loves city could have said it the way he said it. it was fantastic. harris: 38%. time it went to trump. almost where he is in the polls, 22 to cruz. almost broke out where they are all in the national polls. toward end of the debate
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marco rubio seen by many as gop establishment best hope for the nomination came out with a strong attack against texas senator ted cruz. let's watch. >> ted cruz, you use to say you supported double number evergreen cards. now you say you're against it. you used to support 500% increase of guest workers. now you say you're against it. you used to support legalizing i'm peer illegally. now you say you're against it. you used to say you were in favor of birthright citizenship. now you say you're against it. by the way not just on immigration. you used to support it. pa now you say you're against it. i saw you on senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in iowa. we saw you flip your voight on ethanol in iowa for the same reason. that is not conservatism. that is political calculation. harris: much evidence of the fact that ted cruz is rising ins polls he was taking incoming last night. how did he do about that.
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>> take 45 minutes to respond to that. so much in that one little bite. i thought rubio is good but a little uneven and it was interesting, especially at beginning, a change in tone. he was much harsher and more emphatic and more negative than he usually is. which shows that he realizes that it's trump and cruz who had their finger on pulse of mood of republican electorate than he has. there is some talk this morning it is three-man race. i would say 2 1/2 man race. st will get over that hurdle to compete with the two top ones. harris: at some point, we'll listen to more of senator rubio just on isis in a second, at some point we should probably say what exactly are the criteria for establishment candidate? i'm curious about that watch this on fighting isis because it was a strong point for rubio last night. >> when i'm president president of the united states biel win the war on isis. most powerful intelligence agency in the world will tell us where they are.
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the most powerful military in the world will destroy them and if we capture any of them alive they will get a one-way ticket to guantanamo bay, cuba, and we'll find out everything they know. [cheers and applause] harris: we were watching social media, andrea. clear you have establishment supporters in the audience there because they really roused for the establishment candidate. what does it mean when we say that now? how important is it that rubio is seen as perhaps the establishment's candidate. >> well someone who typically is in the beltway and someone who, if you listen to the opposing candidates like a donald trump is bought an paid for by washington lobbyists. and they tend to toe party line rather than nationalist line like trump is towing. cruz mastered art of washington, d.c. but taking very anti-washington tone. rubio last night, he is very good at debating. i agree with you wholeheartedly,
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rich, cruz took his opposition research folder and dumped it on the stage the it was too much. he through everything at cruz that you couldn't even focus. harris he got tripped up himself on immigration, when he came back about muslim immigration and said they're manipulating system and then he said, this group over the last two years, two big points on that. more than muslims manipulating immigration system. there is a lot of immigration issues. two, we've been threatened by radical islam for centuries. not last 24 months. he doesn't have a good answer on immigration and highlighted weakness. >> here is what rubio had to do and he did it. he tad to distinguish himself from bush and christie. two men of not the establishment and half that is, and that man is marco rubio. everybody else lost from the establishment because rubio was able to do that so well. harris: i'm curious why that is necessary or interesting for them to try to do when voter are saying they want outsider?
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why do you need to come up with an insider if you will? >> there is the thought can you win with all outsiders? maybe number two person is someone insider. only way to rewed the party after the divisive primary. maybe is on the other side. everyone is looking at nikki haley in the party. harris: we didn't talk that much about the earlier debate. we'll do that sticking to politics, donald trump saying there could be a trojan horse among syrian refugees coming into this nation. jeb bush called his policy to ban muslims, quote unink haded. that exchange and who came out ahead. a lot of drama still to come. plus gun control getting a lot of attention last night. all of the republican candidates blasted president obama's executive actions on guns. we'll debate who said it best. stay close. >> the guns don't pull the trigger. it is people that pull the trigger. we have to find out what is going on. [applause] we have to protect our second amendment. listen up!
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harris: fox news alert. a lot of people watching dow jones on this friday. you have got your retirement accounts wrapped up in the stock markets. most people do through their jobs, independently, whatever. look at big number. take it full. more than 430 points.
9:18 am
you have melissa francis on. couch with us today, a fox business network. i know has been covering this all morning. real quickly couple questions for you. you have got this iran deal, potentially putting a lot more oil on the market. that already a saturated market, no pun intended with oil below $30 a barrel. how important is that? melissa: very important. the breakdown in the market is really predicated on the breakdown we've seen in oil both here and overseas. a lot has to do with europe supply, exactly what you're talking about. iran putting oil on the market. here at home it has to do with supply from domestic producers. demand every also. economies are slowing. that is what other people are reading into this, economies are slowing. that's why we see oil break down and stocks tank. harris: yesterday we saw silver linings. one of the indices in china they had been watching closely because it hit recent market highs was starting to stablize a little bit yesterday. you know our markets stablized. we got above the psychological
9:19 am
point of s&p 500 of 1900 today. why didn't we stay? melissa: that is exactly the point. there is no staying power. we've seen market rally 12 times. it can't do it or get there. people see it as opportunity to tell and take profits. there is no conviction. there is a lot of problem. walmart says they're closing more than 200 stores. harris: 159 or so in this country. melissa: yay. there are signs of weakness everywhere. that's why we're seeing market sell day after day. this is real. it is something to watch. not day-to-day up and down we've been watching. harris: sit pat with cash or -- melissa: i say never make big moves during this time. people ask me should i buy as i see it go down. that is scary thought. you don't catch a falling knife. you stay calm. watch the news. harris: we'll cover it as it happens. >> never catch a falling knife. harris: in life even. melissa: meanwhile donald trump's controversial proposal to temporarily ban muslims from
9:20 am
entering into the united states came up during the debate but he doubled down on that, repeating his warning about syrian refugees. >> what you have in that line of migration that could be the great trojan horse. could be people that are going to do great, great destruction. where are the women? they look like very few women, very few children, strong, powerful men. young. we can't let all of these people come into our country. >> is there anything you've heard that makes you want to rethink this position? >> no. [laughter] no. [applause] >> i hope you reconsider this because this policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out isis. we're running for presidency of the united states here. this isn't, this isn't, a different kind of job. you have to lead. you can not make rash statements. every time we send signals like this we send a signal of weakness, not strength. so it was an unhinged statement. melissa: very interesting.
9:21 am
rich i start with you. here is the problem in my view. he makes a very practical argument, until we know what the heck is going on here, we need to pause, we need to stop. but he hangs it on something impractical. the litmus test will be religion. first of all impact callty of that, you ask someone what their religion is they could easily lie. >> you would to really enforce this, there are lots of muslims in so-called visa waiver countries in europe. you would have to have airlines checking whether people are muslims or not and banning them coming here on planes. politics is completely brilliant. it polarized field with everyone against trump and only trump on position a lot of people in the republican party have sympathy with. you listen to the debate stage. there was no radical denunciations of this. bush just can't get it done. it is so flailing and so weak. what kind of hit, i hope you will reconsider, when you know the guy is never going to reconsider. bush is not good on the debate stage.
9:22 am
>> actually painful watching. i agree with you. i got to the point of bush, to point of reading for him the way you root -- melissa: charlie brown. >> a kid getting bullied in school. i kind of wanted him to do better. to your point, how do you check if somebody is muslim? get a plane, somebody asks you are you muslim? no, i'm not. how do you know? most muslims in the west aren't dressed in full hijab. how will you know somebody is muslim? completely i am practice cal. frankly seen phobe big and not american. andrea: that political correctness doesn't work this time around. at its base, what jeb bush and others are saying, no we can't. trump is saying yes we can. what he is really doing, that was obama message. putting a solution out there. let everybody else say we can't do this and get mired in details. where i thought trump missed opportunity was on heels of european rape crisis he might be running against a woman. a lot of women's safety is in
9:23 am
danger if we let refugees in. he was close when he mentioned men, being young. should have tied it to europe. should have hit women's safety hard. he missed that opportunity i think especially considering hillary clinton. >> germany is a test case. against conventional wisdom we'll welcome these people. andrea: that is jeb bush mentality, we can't be xenophobic. harris: you saw it in social media you benefit from a voice like jeb bush's on the stage he is flip side and balance to that. it did give the conversation a place to go instead being so deadly personal. it brought it back to what will work and what won't work. what we didn't get the answer what will work from jeb bush. we got it from donald trump. there was sort of that anticipation that the conversation is at least elevated to the point of policy perhaps? melissa: he keeps being offered
9:24 am
opportunity to say muslim nations but he is going to hang it directly on the religion thing. i wonder is it antithreat call to what our country is all about give people on religion test on way in when we're supposed to be for freedom of religion. andrea: given with current news cycle and radical islam, it hit so close to home that political correctness, prevented 12, 13, 14 people from being gunned down? i think american people are wide awake. as long as trump keeps hammering point. only one as rich said putting solution out there. the beltway blind spot. xenophobia and political correctness it is not working because how it failed other countries like europe. >> it a little bit of a symbolic issue. he will not deport 11 million people and ban all muslims. melissa: we keep saying that. harris: but he said it. >> willing to stand up to the conventional politics that is really attractive. harris: he did it again last
9:25 am
night. >> i love to hear from you who work in the republican politics i wonder if this is the end ever the mainstream republicans and jeb bush, conventional republican right, you say establishment republican we've seen? his father to some extent his brother was not mainstream in eastern sense as his father was? the end of bushes to me signifies something more for republican party, does it not? melissa: no, it is temporary. this is pendulum swinging back. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. melissa: really? >> mainstream plausible republican is ted cruz, who has the cv of an insider. melissa: no, it is marco rubio. >> marco could get there. this guy was insurgent in the senate race. he is insurgent in presidential race all the establishment money went to jeb bush at beginning. conventional wisdom marco can't run. he has been boxed out. no, i will run and make most of my native talent that i can. now he is ahead of jeb.
9:26 am
andrea: they have cozied up to democrats. you get hit with the establishment when you participate in these "gang of eight" deals. it makes you weak. i do, with a conservative base. but to your point, too, julie, i think we might be seeing this on the left. not end of the establishment. dem are having their own fight. this could be end of clintons. could put two family dynasties to rest in one election cycle. >> not what dynasties represent. more than that. end of philosophy, end of. andrea: politics as usual. >> politics as usual. people like cruz or trump for that matter, seizing republican nomination. the party of the bushes. the party of even nixon who i think was never would be allowed in the republican party today. >> a little different -- harris: how many voters haven't made up their mind yet. we're polling people who think they have been close to deciding. but we haven't looked at who, 50% of the people who aren't close to doing that. melissa: i wish somebody would
9:27 am
vote where already, wouldn't you? vote, vote. here it comes. harris: here it comes. melissa: as promised the showdown on the second amendment, which candidate came out on top of the issue of americans right to own guns. we'll do that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ ♪ andrea: the president's executive action on gun control not getting much love from the candidates last night. in fact there seemed to be a bit of a come to show who is the biggest champion of the second amendment. watch. >> everyone is going to say they support the second amendment. unless you are clinically insane that's what you say in a primary. but the voters are savvier than that. they recognize that people's actions don't always match their words.
9:32 am
i've got a proven record fighting to defend the second amendment. >> i am a second amendment person. if we had guns in california on the other side where the bullets wept in different direction you wouldn't have four tine or 15 people dead right now. even in paris if they had guns on other side going in opposite direction you wouldn't have 130 people plus dead. >> we have reduction in gun violence, because in florida if you commit a crime with a gun you're going a way, going away for a long, long while. >> the second amendment is not option. it is not a suggestion. it is constitutional right of every american to be able to prothem themselves and their family. i am convinced if the president could confiscate every gun in america he would. andrea: a lot of love for the second amendment. who didn't make the mon mon montage. governor chris christie. he has achilles' heel on guns in
9:33 am
new jersey. >> chronologically. andrea: does it matter. >> this is the problem for christie. he is excellent performer. he also gets the republican mood. lands punishing blows against obama and clinton but his record is such a problem. rubio hit him on it. and christie just can't really acknowledge where he was on a lot of this stuff from gun control to sonia sotomayor to common core. andrea: julie a little more liberal on this issue. does that make you like him a little bit more? >> i love governor christie's record on guns. as recently as 2013 he said he loved new jersey gun laws. they're strongest in the nation. thank you governor christie for doing nothing to roll those back. he said he got into politics when he first ran for county office in the '90s, specifically in republican primary. have to give him credit for being core rain just because he wanted to preserve new jersey's assault weapons ban. thank you, governor christie, somebody's family lives in new jersey.
9:34 am
thanks for standing up the new jersey assault weapons ban. he is amazing on this issue. i don't think republican cost agree but as liberal i love his gun record. andrea: last endorsement he does. >> he does a political ad for -- >> everybody who thinks i trash governor christie all the time. governor, love you on your gun record. harris: if it were interpretation you were making -- >> it's not. harris: based on the facts. those are stubborn and immutable in this case. my favorite thing when we dot montages, everybody's chance to say i'm only one on the stage who, i'm the only one on the stage who. they all said the same thing, i'm only one on stage who, second amendment except for chris christie. andrea: he can't say it. like iran deal. you will not have much dissent on the stage. i was looking for a solution to what president obama is doing. we know what he is doing is wrong. we know you love the second amendment, blah, blah. what will you do about executive
9:35 am
orders. i didn't hear that from anyone. melissa: solution to turn the president back to isis. stops talking about isis brings up guns every single time it is incredibly frustrating to me. he has a problem moves to inanimate object like guns and environment. instead of talking about people around the world he needs to confront instead he talks about doing something against inanimate object. >> can i talk about why? democratic coalition need to elect democratic president. that is who the president is trying to talk to. he passing along his coalition to whoever the nominee is. that coalition, a surprise to lot of people watching, guns have well above and beyond a concern much more of a concern than isis is, as is climate change. isis and homeland security is well below guns certainly gun safety but certainly below even climate change. that is why you see that. he is talking to -- audience you want him to talk to, maybe you
9:36 am
is a different audience. >> the other audience is listening to him, peel own guns or think they want a gun. they all immediately run out and buy guns. big story on this debate, early '90s, everyone thought gun control was inevitable. republicans are winning debate going away. >> you're right. melissa: let me turn your attention to this right now. look at dow, trading down 521 points. this sink today has been precipitous. started out when oil dipped below 30 bucks a barrel, a big signal of a breakdown in demand out there. breakdown in the consumer and around the world. things slowing down. too much oil on the market because of this iran deal. also a lot of production here. there also has been avalanche of news that things are slowing down. you look at walmart closing hundreds of stores. bad data on consumer slowing down in europe, china, elsewhere and we're watching markets sink. this is significant, because all major indices are in correction territory. we've seen traders try to jump
9:37 am
in, try to buy, try to rally, turn things around, try to seize what could be an opportunity, it continues to not work out. we see the dow sink lower and lower. this is the biggest drop this week. harris: big question for you for people who have 401(k)s, you said you never catch a falling knife you don't jump in, don't jump out, you ride the numbers. this is down almost 3.25%. this is happening quickly since we've been on the air. what do you tell people to calm them at this point? it is friday afternoon. that oil isn't on the market yet. we're talking about that already happened. we actually haven't seen reaction to the iran oil hitting market yet. this is the anticipation of it. melissa: well a lot of times the anticipation is worse than the reality when it comes to traders but i would say this. that if you are in right now it is not the time to get out. because that means you realize those losses. you lock them in. if you're on the sidelines, i don't think you get brave and
9:38 am
jump in because seems to be professionals are saying beginning, rather than the end of this. i think you sit tight and you watch what's going on and you pay attention but when we've seen the other big downdrafts in the past, the market does come back over time. so there is no need -- harris: usually better than ever by the end of the year. this is melissa: we'll see where we go with this. we'll be right back. hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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♪ harris: happy friday. hillary clinton's numbers are dropping faster now than at the same point in her doomed 2008 campaign. "washington post" has been crunching numbers from the "real clear politics" average and according to the analysis, hillary was in much better shape actually nationally in her first campaign than she is in her second time around. newspaper is likening her to a favored thoroughbred in the kentucky derby that manages to come up short. melissa: ouch. harris: while the candidates battled one another last night
9:43 am
they also had their eyes on hillary clinton and the general election. >> here's my warning to everybody out in the audience tonight. if you're worried about the world being on fire, you're worried how we'll use our military, you're worried about strengthening our military and worried most of all keeping your homes and families safe and secure, you can not give hillary clinton a third term of barack obama -- >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. think about it. she wants to continue down the path of iran, benghazi, the russian reset, dodd-frank, all the things that have gone wrong in this country. she would be a national security mess. she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. we need to stop that. [cheers and applause] >> i would go first of all one step this further in this description of hillary clinton. she wouldn't just be a disaster. hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. [cheers and applause] harris: julie did you say that was priceless line. >> no, no.
9:44 am
i said, poor jeb bush, he practices these lines and they're good lines and he can't deliver them well. i -- harris: let's take the content of what he said, the white house to the courthouse. that is pretty serious stuff. >> it's a good line, a great line especially for audience he is trying to appeal to. i don't understand, never understood, christie got this early on better than most people, why they don't go after her better and harder? harris: he was here in jersey when she was senator in new york. >> they were friends. harris: yeah -- >> no i think he understood the mood of republican electorate. i don't understand why they weren't going after hers settings themselves up as the messenger in the election. if i was runnings i would go after her. awed diggings in the republican primary the person to take on the democratic frontrunner in november. harris:ry, why do you think she is doing worse now than before the campaign in '08?
9:45 am
>> it is really amazing. we were talking about this earlier. it is understand to lose to barack obama one of the most talented politicians of this generation but what's the excuse to perhaps be losing to bernie sanders, a 70-year-old socialist? and the answer has to be that no one really believes in her sincerity. she doesn't excite anyone. and it is a little bit like, if republicans succeeded running everyone out of the race except for jeb bush and ben carson. in that circumstance ben carson would have 45%, be challenging jeb and have enormous crowds. if she loses in iowa and new hampshire, it is going to sake her campaign perhaps to the core. melissa: i think it is even more simple than that. people just don't like her. when i talk to my democrat friends they both say, i really like -- i would vote for her but i really like bernie sanders. the other one says, i would vote for her but i really like
9:46 am
kasich. people think i would reluctantly vote for her but i don't like her. that is why i can never get any traction. why the at beginning seems like people are enthousand as ticks on the left then they sort of peter out. harris: light bulb went on over my head. remember when then candidate barack obama said she is likeable enough. what is bernie sanders is smart like a fox. what if he is not going after her at the debates, boy he is doing a good job doing that because he stays likeable in that sense? so much easier than foil the size you just mentioned people don't like what you see. >> he is not that smart like a fox or he wouldn't have said i'm sick and tired hearing about her emails. you have a democratic candidate under investigation by the fbi. never happened in history before and they say that it's no big deal on the left? it's a huge deal. but melissa, you hit on it. she is not a likeable candidate and she is a bad candidate. she is always has been a really bad candidate. no coincidence, harris, making
9:47 am
comparison she is thoroughbred who can't get over the line. she is on her way to the glue factory. >> oh. >> xi went there. she went there. andrea: it is true. i didn't make the horse analysis. it wasn't me. somebody else did. is a metaphor. calm down. harris: commercial now. president obama is doing it again. sitting down at the white house with three youtube stars to talk about the big issues. is this best way for the president to promote his agenda and his final months? is it better than actually talking to the traditional white house press corps? we'll talk about it. >> do you believe it? i'm going to be sitting right next to the president. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. definitely need to wear dehe -- deodorant that day. peanut of the night. come on in pop pop.
9:48 am
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harris: more youout numbered -- more "outnumbered" in a moment. first to jon scott for the second hour of "happening now." >> markets down 500 after a big drop price in oil. some feel we're at a crossroads, are the bulls or bears winning? we'll get analysis about that. we'll look at last night's
9:52 am
republican debate and which candidates had breakout performances in south carolina. spacewalk terminated. why nasa suddenly pulled a plug on a mission more than 200 miles overhead. all ahead "happening now." harris: i love space talk on a friday. >> i do too. harris: thank you. >> see ya, harris. >> i thought i loved fruit loops. you remember her, internet star glozell last year. president sat down with her and a few other youtube sensations. it is happening today. the interviewsers are destin sandlin of the science channel, smarter every day. dande thorn, known as to the online fans as woozy. ingrid nielsen, known about her youtube name, miss glamortzy. they have three million subscribers.
9:53 am
they're excited to talk about the president about issues that matter to them. >> i would love for this to be different. i want to ask questions about scientific topics something i care about. what about the personal things about being the president? wouldn't it be cool? >> every issue you want to ask the president about which is his favorite kardashian, his favorite videogame. we'll keep it fun but i'm sure he will stick to important questions. >> from women's issues i want to talk about, from lgbt issues to health care, unemployment and lots of other things as well. andrea: so the president he does well in these settings. i give him that. he does it better than anybody. he knows how to inject his positions into the culture which is so powerful but is the tone off given what is going on, or does anyone care anymore? >> lesson for me i will never score interview with the president, unless i drink milk from bathtub or enormous youtube following. harris: you would never do that any way.
9:54 am
>> touche. this is part of a bigger trend. what is defined as media has expanded. used to be three broadcast networks a couple newspapers and that's it. now anyone who is interested in public affairs or just has a following. so i find it kind of annoying and distasteful. but for the president's uses it makes complete sense. a way to reach an audience he might not otherwise. andrea: julie he has been annoying and distateful for years now. he jumped in the bathtub with glow sell. he jumped with a pimp with a limp. he has been on these interviews. got to give him credit, he does do it well and gets him headlines. >> you're not audience. i keep saying this, i shouldn't say only, his major priority for him to turn over his presidency to a democrat because that is the only gains he made will be solidified in his mind. this is a what you need to do to get to, put together that democratic coalition. younger voters who may not be excited about hillary clinton
9:55 am
but have a lot of time for him. minority voters. you know, across the board. this is him delivering that coalition to her and passing it along -- andrea: does it help her, harris? i don't think so. harris: it may or may not depending if she is nominee. i would argue probably not because she is not able to continue the conversation with them the way he is. by the way the question, where did all the young voters go? they got eight years older. so i mean now, typically if you look for research, you get more conservative older you get. statistically that has been true. but you know for president obama, what is really interesting about this is it still like a evening talk show. it is still in that realm of, well, it is media but not quite journalism. you get your message out there and not necessarily be challenged. that's a platform. andrea: is hillary clinton going to dive into hot tub of apple jacks with glozell next? melissa: she might try.
9:56 am
it will look totally insincere. i think? -- if he is everybody's president he no problem -- i wishing he were dealing with isis. too bad he can't do both both. i see nothing wrong with this but i would like him to keep us safer. andrea: americans watching 401(k) drop as dow is having worst start to a in history. holiday sales falling short. what does it mean for your money? we'll tackle that next. lds with, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. lds with, shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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harris: just enough seconds to say these words. thank you for your inaugural visit on "outnumbered." fabulous. >> enjoyed it. harris: loved having you on friday. you have a fabulous weekend. see you monday noon eastern for more "happening now," stay tuned. presidential debate. >> i will gladly accept the mantel. >> i will not take legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have no >> who came out on topnd


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