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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington and go to my gretawire and facebook page. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> we don't need a weak person being president of the united states. okay? [ laughter ] >> because that's what we would get if it were jeb.g i will tell you what, we don't need that we don't need that. [crowd booing] >> did donald trump hurt or help himself in the debate last night? how about all the other candidates? talking points will assess them one by one. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully. >> trump did best cruz on the new york values issue but cruz got the donald on the canada controversy. [o canada]
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>> powers, beck will all analyze. >> i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in iowa. >> also ahead, senator marco rubio will join us. and we will give you the latest poll numbers. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a lively republican debate and that is the subject of this evening'sx36á talking points memo. okay. let's assess all seven of the candidates on the stage last night one by one. however, i want to start withv this ridiculous ted cruz born in canada business. why are we wasting time on this? why? senator cruz is an american citizen. he is entitled to run for president. that's it. it doesn't mattera÷ what some harvard lawyer says. it doesn't matter what his
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political opponents say. cruz is eligible to run. so i'm not going to spend any time on it ever again. as to the debate, i felt sorry for ben carson last night. in the first hour we saw him twice. in fact, the doctor spoke for only 8 minutes 26 seconds last night compared to 18 minutes for ted cruz. it's simply impossible for ben carson to compete under those circumstances you will see his position in the polls not um prove very much. dr. carson is a good man. he has run a dignified campaign but he is not going to win. jeb bush had his best debate last night. he was strong on foreign policy, did not back down from donald trump. in fact, when trumplpg attacked the governor, the crowd didn't like it. >> we don't need a weak person being president of the united states, okay? because that's what we get if it were jeb. i will tell you what, we don't need that. [crowd booing] >> jeb bush spoke for 12.5
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minutes last night and he helped himself. how much? i don't know. the governor will hang in there and hope lightning strikes something because he needs divine intervention at this point. john kasich got as much air time as mr. bush and, again, kasich has been a terrific governor in ohio. but his record is simply not enough in this age of anger. governor does not reflect the mood of the republican voters. evidence prefers to be a policy guy when the folks want emotion and confrontation. in another time john kasich might have carried the day he would not this year. >> governor christie was his usual feisty self. i believe he is a contender for vice president. christie is competing well in new hampshire but does not seem to have enough juice to defeat the frontrunners. he is, however, very effective in attacking >> if you are worried about the world being on fire and how we are military.
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worried most of all about keeping your homes and your families safe and secure. you cannot give hillary clinton a third term of barack obama's leadership. i will not do that if i'm the nominee. she won't get within 10 miles of the white house. >> so, i will not be surprised if chris christie gets the v.p. nod on the republican ticket.viously the gs votes from the northeast. that leaves us with the three main contenders right now. trump, cruz, and rubio. let's take senator rubio first. he is an excellent debater. weave all know that and he displayed his skills last night. he filleted ted cruz on his voting record. >> you use to do support tpa. now you say you are against it i saw you on the senate floor flop your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help new iowa. and last week we all saw you flip your vote in iowa for the same reason. that is not consistent conservatism that is political calculation. >> cruz hammered rubio for being a guy soft on illegal
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immigration. that back and forth between the two men was entertaining. they also went after each other on taxes. marco rubio has a legitimate chance to win the nomination and is feared by the clinton campaign because he is articulate. his demographic profile works in a general election and makes hillary clinton look older. whether rubio can convince hard core conservative americans to back him we mains to be seen. the senator will be with us in just a few moments and i have some very specific questions for him. ted cruz also very strong debater but got in trouble challenging donald trump on new york values. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. but everyone understands that the values in new york city proabortion, pro-gay marriage. not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying.
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[ laughter ] >> when the world trade center came down i saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers. i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. [ applause ] >> trump won that exchange, but cruz won the canada between the two men. ted cruz had the most speaking time last night mere nearly 18 minutes as we mentioned donald trump right behind 17 minutes 15 seconds. mr. trump did not back away from his tough anti-immigration stance concerning mexicans and muslims. he also hammered china but was a bit vague on the terrify issue. as we all know, it's all about demeanor for donald trump. not policy. continues to lead in the polls because he is perceived as an avenger. a person who will knock down the political establishment. that's what many republican
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voters want this time around. and trump delivered again last night. trump also set the agenda onka4a immigration. he continues to support a temporary ban on all muslims entering america from abroad. including syrian refugees. in deference to that stance, all the other g.o.p. candidates, except senator rubio said they would prevent any person from is syria coming here until better background checks could be developed. rubio is a bit nuanced on that. i will ask him coming up. so, one more debate here on the fox news channel before the iowa vote on february 1st. the race is still fluid. anything can happen. stock market is blowing up. who is that going to help? donald trump. however, realistically, it looks like cruz, rubio, and trump are best positioned to secure the nomination. and that's the memo.
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now-+uez next on the rundown, we have reaction from bolling, rivera, powers, and glenn beck. up ahead.
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and the best place to find the job that's right for you ♪ is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. rivera, what you the most. >> the debate. >> the debate. >> ted cruz. i'm mist find by your stance that ted cruz is in some way surging or that this is part of his momentum. >> the end of ted cruz? >> i think donald trump has stopped him in his tracks. you have no idea how this whole canadian thing is resonating. there is a difference in people's minds putting aside the constitutional aspect between a born citizen and a naturally born citizen. yes, he is a citizen. but he is he a naturally born citizen? i can make the argument
5:12 pm
statutorily and more importantly it is pooh n. people's minds now. >> we polling numbers this weekend and on monday i'm going to pull that sound bite and see where cruz is do you think the canadian thing. >> nothing. terrible. >> it's two against one. okay. i'm the only lawyer. >> so last night i think there is a clear winner and there is a a clear loser. for me clear winner is donald trump. he showed a side you talked about iten n. your talking points. he showed a sign of himself they haven't seen. empathetic side. he has never shown empathy. >> that was a good moment for trump. >> he has now proved he has become the best politician of all of them. most likeable. now the best politician. i disagree with your talking points on jeb bush. i think he was a clear loser. >> why? >> because he sat there. he was more of the same. there is nothing -- he needed to strike out. he needed to stake his claim. make his case for why. >> i thought he made his case. on everything national security, he made his case
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-- >> -- can i just add one more thing? when lindsey graham spent 15 or 20 minutes today and the two of them saying that he supports jeb bush for president, the two of them standing there, you know, donald trump said jeb bush has no energy. no energy in the campaign. they epitomized it today. 12 of them standing around long faces. no one smiled. >> martin van burn was like comatose. >> i think it wasq jeb bush's best night. no doubt about it but one thing that nobody is mentioning and that you have to really lay this at the door of ted cruz. we are in new york. new york is the center of jewish american life. i have heard from more jews than i can tell you as one, saying that ted cruz was really really saying new york values,/aka jewish values. >> that's bull. >> anti-semantic tones to that. >> oh, stop it. >> that is so far out i
5:14 pm
can't believe it. >> you are projecting that. >> now, now, now. would you both agree with me and bolling answers first that there are really three contenders now? >> absolutely. >> it's cruz, it's rubio, and it's trump. you both concur with that? >> yep. >> more or less. i think that jeb bush will surprise. >> he will hang in. >> chris christie on the heroin issue. >> can i talk about christie for a second? >> sure. chris christie had a great debate. i would have put him in the top one or two last night except he lied about everything he said. new jersey is not easier to get a conceal carry license in new jersey. >> you live in new jersey. >> i live there. common core is not going way. he did kind of support sotomayor and there are many, many accounts that he wrote a check to planned parenthood. >> in 1995. >> whatever. he says he never has. >> he is running in a blue state for goodness state. republican running in a blue state. >> we can't --gz i tried to vet these things. it's a gray area about all of this. but that doesn't really matter because what i said is absolutely true.
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>> going back to your -- >> -- vice president is where chris christie. >> what does everyone get christie. >> i like that idea. i had not thought of that idea. >> christie is going -- i'm telling you he is going to be considered because jersey could go for christie. they need some northeast presence. but, more importantly, christie can destroy hillary clinton on the trail. leaving the candidate -- if it's trump, you don't need him because trump will do it. but if it's the other guys, that makes them look presidential. >> what about trump p)37ájjt @&@ marco rubio. now you have florida. trump is going to need ohio or florida. >> if trump gets the nomination rivera is vp. [ laughter ] >> at least i can speak spanish. [ laughter ] >> then he gets all the jewish and puerto rico can votes. what else are you? jewish, puerto rican what else? >> i'm new york born and raised that's what i am. rubio's cross-examination of
5:16 pm
ted cruz was so cutting, so effective. when he went through that list of i was there when you changed your mind on ethanol. you don't like him personally. >> that is true. >> you don't like him. >> i saw him come to new york and beg for money. >> so what? >> i was at the event and there i was. you can't say new york values and then come say give me your money. come on. >> i'm a new yorker, too. when cruz says new york values, i'm not offended. i understand that this city is an ultra liberal city. who is the mayor? moussaouiy ton. who is is the mayor of new york? come on. >> ted cruz wears cowboy boots because he settles in texas. settle in delaware where his mom is from he would be wearing thongs. it's such an opportunist. >> poor ted cruz, look. i don't want analysis based on people who like and don't like. i don't like that. >> trump is the winner. trump is the nominee. >> all right. you say? >> trump wins and if he is
5:17 pm
smart he will pick rubio as vp. >> not a bad idea. >> you see trump/rubio and you see. >> can't lose. >> i think the trump christie idea. >> if trump is watching this program, he is happy tonight. these guys are crowning him. all right. directly ahead, kirsten powers, a democrat will give us her take on the debate. glenn beck will do the same. factor is coming right back. right now, all hp ink is buy one get one 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great. [so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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impact segment tonight, it's estimated 11 million americans watched the debate last night on the fox business network, one of those kirsten powers who joins us from washington. you can top those two that bolling and rivera? >> oh, yeah. i'm going to bring it, bill. >> okay. what was the head line for you in the debate?
5:21 pm
>> i would say the winners were trump and cruz and the losers were jeb and carson. that's interesting there seems to be a little bit of a divide here about jeb's performance last night. you seem to think he did a good job and so does geraldo. i'm with bolling on this. i think it was actually one of his weakest performances. >> okay, why? >> because, it's actually has a lot to do with the fact that he seemsx(f very uncomfortable. he has this dear in the headlights look on the face. he doesn't land any punches. made that stupid attack on trump on the muslim issue which was just a set up for trump to call him weak which i think we could all see that coming. he hasn't been able to really -- to break through on the stage. at this point, if he can't do it by now, we will cut him some slack earlier on in the race you are getting comfortable and rusty. at this point he should be able to bring a game at this point and he is not. >> i don't know what the a game would be. i'm analyzing these guys for who they are not who people
5:22 pm
wish they would be. >> right. >> jeb bush is a reserved man. he is not a bomb thrower. not an entertainer. doesn't go out for rhetorical excess. running on a platform, look, i know what i'm doing. i can protect the country. can i revive the economy. i have done it in florida. i have experience. and i am your guy if you want stability. i think that came"55w across last night. that's what he is running on. >> well, everything you just said, actually, isn't what the primary voters are looking for. different conversation about those things. >> that's true. anger, and that's what's holding him back. >> right. >> i don't think you can say he did a bad performance if he was himself and that's who he is. >> well, i disagree. i don't think being yourself is what you are being asked to do. i don't necessarily think that people are up there just here i am. they are trying to make a case that they are going to represent the people who are voting. and i don't think that he is doing that. >> so you say donald trump won the debate last night? >> i would say cruz and
5:23 pm
it was certainly in my mind trump's strongest performance to date. >> outside the new york values thing which everybody acknowledges was very, very well put. what else? >> well. i think we can't discount that i think it was incredibly powerful moment. separate from that i think he is starting to come across little more presidential, less bombastic. still very strong and' uncompromising. uncompromising is extremely important. he is able to find that balance. some things he hit on like his answer on trade even if i don't necessarily agree with what he is saying. he has tapped into the feeling in the united states which his answer would appeal to democrats and republicans, frankly which is that they feel that workers are getting a raw deal and the government is not looking out for them and china is taking advantage of us. when he was questioned on the muslim question, again, i don't agree with him on that, but he is uncompromising. he stands by what he believes. i think that's what the voters really want right now. they want somebody who is willing to say unpopular
5:24 pm
things and stand by them. >> the other candidates like chris christie and kasich and carson, you know, do you think they have a chance? >> no. well, definitely carson does not have a chance. i would make him probably the biggest loser of the night. he just is out of his depth. he is not -- there is really no reason for him to be there anymore. before you can say well he was surging in the polls. at this point he just seems sort of lost and, he wastes his time complaining about not getting enough attention when he is not at the top of the polls. >> far and away the less amount of time. i didn't think that was fair, did you? >> yeah. i totally thought it was fair. he is not one of the top tier candidates why should he be getting more time. >> all the other candidates got substantially more time. he only got eight minutes. i think he should have been called on more. >> i don't think so. because i don't think he is a serious contender. and i think the other people are serious contenders. >> not fair. >> and spent the most time on the people who are the most serious contenders.
5:25 pm
christie is a good debater and he is very strong. he is not my kind of person. he is a little too nasty. he is not somebody that the republican base is going to go for. i just don't think he can overcome a lot. >> he will do well in new hampshire. >> new hampshire. new hampshire is not exactly -- the average conservative voter. >> you can see him as a vp?nd >> i see kasich making a little more sense. i mean, what do you need new jersey for? that's not really necessary. and, like i said, he has a lot of baggage he has to overcome with the republican base. i don't think that he is somebody that's particularly beloved by them. rubio makes much more sense. i mean, if i was to say who would make the most sense it would be rubio, hands down. >> as a vp candidate. >> as a vp candidate. >> andvm cruz wins? >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it, pawrs. thank you. senator marco rubio as i mentioned will be here. i have some questions about his immigration outlook and his tax proposals. also ahead, glenn beck only god knows what beck will
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personal story segment tonight, hollywood and politics. the big short the collapse of the mortgage led to the recession we are still6v feeling. nomination for best picture of the year. i like the movie. but you should have7bnt a
5:30 pm
bear eat some of these brokers, you know, just like leo. if you had a bear eat carell that would have been really good. you tried to keep politics out of the movie. i was waiting forzé7÷ñ the left wing spin. there was an antigovernment message overall, correct? >>v well, you know, we really looked at this issue as something that goes beyond right, left wing. it obviously effected everyone. as far as the questions on the government, i mean, what we really questioned were the areas where the government took a lot of money from the banks and sort of neutered itself as a regulatory body. so, yeah, there was some shots at the government. there were some shots at the bank. clearly it was a giant corrupt system. >> there is no doubt about that. you made the point very vividly and explained it well during the film. you yourself are a liberal guy, right? >> i guess technically you would call me a liberal guy, although i just am against corruption. i'm against our government
5:31 pm
being bought and paid for. >> by high finance and wall street. do you remember my interview with barney frank? did you ever see that when he came on the program to freddie mac at the beginning of this whole collapse in the mortgage securities? did you ever see that interview? >> i did not see that. no but i'm familiar with mr. frank or senator frank -- congressman frank. >> we had a real shootout because he was overseeing the government end of this corruption and didn't do anything about it and then came on and said oh, no, no, you know, everything was swell and it wasn't our fault and i just took him out. but my point is that a lot of americans are distressful of the federal government and they are also distrustful of left wing, right wing, depending on where you are. there really isn't any trust at all in the country right now, is there? >> will, you know, i have always thought the answer is really simple. is if you have a representative and they are taking a lot of money from the banks or oil companies or billionaires, don't vote for them. because if they are taking
5:32 pm
that money, you know for a fact they are going to vote in support of those people. >> rather than you. and you make a point in the big short that the folks ultimately had to bail out all those brokerage houses which is true. bernie sanders loved the big short, i liked'g it. bernie sanders liked it. that's his whole campaign. i, bernie sanders a socialist am going to come in and clean it up. do you like sanders? >> i do like sanders. what i like about sanders is he takes no money from banks, oil companies, billionaires. and i think we have just had too much of that i don't want to have someone -- i want to have someone in office that i can trust. >> sanders would basically come in and take your stuff, you know that right, mr. mckay. all your stuff from your movies, he is going to take it from you. >> well, you know, we have been very lucky with the top tax bracket. if we had to be taxed a little bit more, it wouldn't bother me that much. >> you are willing to give bernie yourself. if you are willing to walk the walk. >> i'm willing to give
5:33 pm
bernie my stuff. >> we have it on record that bernie. and does he know your address so he can come and start early? >> i will put my money and furniture on my front lawn, bernie can come and have it. >> not me, boy. i have six dobler doberman pinchers are going to go for bernie if they see him. anchorman, i saw myself as the main character. farrell ripped me off although i have a much better physique than he does. what were you trying to get across here? those movies really did well. >> you know, i think most of all willío and i love to laugh. they are clearly silly absurdist comedies. it was a little bit of a poke at how ratings driven the news has become. how profit-driven it's become. but most of all we want to do make people laugh and we were poking fun at the perfect hairdos of the anchors and the perfect ties
5:34 pm
and but, yeah, you know, it's definite definitely a comedy with a jab at the for profit. >> shallow news people. but i'm telling you, you should have had had me do a cameo. i know will ferrell is a big factor fan. he texts me all the time. bill, you are right on. i love the talking points. i love the tip of the day. next time you make anchorman 3, i expect to be on that set. because, mr. mckay, if you want shallow, here i am. [ laughter ] all right? i'm the sholls. >> god bless you, sir. >> okay. >> we appreciate it. and you will be called next time. >> thank you. >> we wish you best at the academy awards. sit next to a bear, mr. mckay at the awards. you have a much better chance. [ laughter ] >> adam mckay, everybody. >> thanks for your support of the movie, bill. we appreciate it. >> sure. when we come why the lack, senator marco rubio and glenn beck moments away.
5:35 pm
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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5:39 pm
coming here. you had a bit more nuanced answer. would you stop them? >> it wasn't nuanced at all. i said if we don't know how are, is hundred percent for sure and we don't know why you are coming we are not going to let you in whether you are a syrian refugee for anybody for that matter. in the syrian refugees i don't know that we can know who they are 100 percent for sure. there is no date base to check them against. there is no government we can call up and see what they know about them. >> the u.n. is starting to run interference there. >> yes. but the u.n. doesn't have -- there is no database for syria. not even the u.n. has them. >> you would not take any syrian refugees at this point then. >> not unless someone we know who they are. a priest or a 3-year-old orphan. obviously there is common sense here. the vast and overwhelming majority of the refugees are not people we can vet. they can't come because of that. >> okay. talked about tax plans last night. most of the tax are flat and low. you still have a 35% top tax
5:40 pm
bracket rate. cruz went after you a little for that. why do you have that rate up there? >> well, because we also have a per child tax credit increase which is a substantial savings for the vast majority of americans who have children. we also have a flat tax of 25% for all businesses, which means that our individuals today, who are paying on their personal rate, because they have a small business. and it could be as high as 39.5%. under our plan it would only be 25%. so -- and the top rate today is 3 the .5. it would come down to 35 for people over $300,000. again, the child care tax credit, the 25% tax rate for businesses. a lot of that income at the top levels are being earned by people that are self-employed. higher rates today itaying 5% they would pay under our plan. ted's plan is a value added tax. very dangerous. >> you guys were entertaining last night going back and forth. i don't want to get that that. >> i only debate on policy. as i said i did the same with governor christie.
5:41 pm
he supreme court supported sonia sotomayor. there is a press release with his name on it. >> he supported sotomayor. i wouldn't say he was jumping up and down on her. >> i can read you thel/ words. i actually have them with me. what he basically said is i support her nomination. said how proud people should be of her and how qualified she was. it was not lukewarm. but irrespective he supported her nomination. he supported gun rights and common core and internet sales tax. and it's not personal because i like chris very much. but it is a policy difference. i don't think our president -- our next president can be someone who holds those positions for those barack obama do. >> that's what you guys do. you present yourself, you challenge each other and that's what the debate is all about. final thing. i want to get this down on the record. illegal immigration. do you support a wall, building a wall along the southern border? >> yeah. 700 miles of the border need to be walled or fenced off. and the remainder needs toév have sensors and cameras and
5:42 pm
20,000 new border agents. we need an entry-exit tracking system. we need everify. we need those as president. i have been pushing for that for three years. in some kind of situation to deport? would you deport them? >> well, it depends. number one, if you haven't been here long enough, if you have been here less than 12 years you are going to have to leave. >> 12 years is the -- >> -- at a minimum. >> correct. the other one -- if you are a criminal alien you will be immediately deported. >> you support, i know, kate's law. >> i do. >> and so it's a 12-year thing. if you are here, less than is it years, and you are apprehended by the authorities, no matter what the circumstance, you're deported; is that correct? >> right. you are going to have due process and then you will be deported. and that's the law now. that's not new. that's the law now. >> but it's not enforced. >> actually the law is for anybody who is apprehended.
5:43 pm
>> it is. there are people who are deported. you can argue not enough or they haven't been enough of that enforcement. >> mostly a ticket and they come back and you know -- you know how the game is played. >> well, yeah. right. >> i have more. government entitlements, food stamps, things like that. you are not an american citizen, you don't have working papers, do you get those? >> no. you don't get those now, by the way. if you are in this country and you are -- even if you are a legal resident of the united states, a legal permanent resident, do you not qualify for federal benefits for the first five years that you are in this country. you don't qualify for that now, there are states that award benefits to children and other things like that. >> yes. in state tuition. >> you don't qualify for them and you don't now. >> the states don't have -- if you are president, you can hold the states responsible for breaking the law like sanctuary cities. so, my question is -- >> -- correct. >> california gives illegal aliens drivers licenses, in-state college tuition. benefits, food stamps, are
5:44 pm
you going to crack down on the state of california? >> i'm going to crack down on sanctuary cities or any jurisdictions ignoring our federal laws. if you are ignoring the federal laws on immigration, absolutely. if you are ignoring federal law, especially on immigration, and you brag about being a sanctuary city, you will lose your federal law enforcement funding. >> all right. senator, always a pleasure to speak with you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> glenn beck on deck. that rhymes, right back. carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior.
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back of the book segment tonight, our pal glenn beck causing usual mayhem in lone star state both on radio and tv. he joins us now from dallas. >> i don't know what that means. dear, good, old emphasis on old friend. how are you, bill? >> i'm rapidly aging but you would be too, if you were
5:48 pm
number one for as long as i am. [ laughter ] >> your assessment of the debate last night, beck? >> oh my gosh, it was actually good television. they talk substance. they actually mentioned hillary clinton who they are actually going to be running against, which i appreciated. i thought -- i'm sick of the -- well, did you hear what he said about you? how do you feel about that? i'm sick of all of that. but, i thought the two winners last night were cruz and rubio. i thought rubio did really well. i thought cruz handled himself really well. i think donald trump -- i don't understand the donald trump thing. i mean, what is -- let me just -- honestly, if you ever watched my show. >> yes. >> do you remember when i used to talk about how the progressives were in the republican party as well? that's donald trump. remember when i said the
5:49 pm
pendulum would swing back just as far the other way and you will have a guy who is a great showman? you have a guy who will say nothing just like hope and change and you will be for it? warning? do you remember those shows? here he is. donald trump. >> okay. but trump, you know i have known him for a long time. >> i know. >> he is not an idealogue. all right. so when you say he was a republican or now he is+[> a democrat. >> he voted for obama=1kz in 2008. come on, bill. >> look, you have to understand something. >> yes. >> at his point in life back then, in 2008, all he cared about was putting up another building or two. he wants a hotel in washington. he got the hotel in washington. okay. so all of his prior political commitments -- >> -- so as long as -- so what you are saying is as long as it's in your interest, you can do whatever you want? >> i'm not justifying, i'm explaining. >> you don't have to explain it to me, bill.
5:50 pm
i'm not a moron. >> you are not? [ laughterf7$w >> believe it or not. i mean, i get it. i understand what he did. >> right. >> i just think that -- where did the people who the pe actually stood and said you know what, we stand for the constitution. this week don aald trump said, t me tell you something, the executive orders that barack obama said, i'll get rid of all those. so the reporter said so you won't do executive order? he said, no, i'll just do good ones. >> when you think about it, that's a pretty good answer. >> he is doing good ones too, dude. >> look, donald trump is a unique politician. he's unique. you cannot put him in any other category. you either like him or you don't like him. >> i can put him in a category, and he fits perfectly there. he is perfectly in the progressive politician. >> i don't believe that for a
5:51 pm
second. >> you -- you didn't believe me when i said that barack obama is a marksis. i got this one down. progressives i know. he is a progressive. >> i don't believe it. but if you're right, you're right. >> here eat evidence. simple evidence. he believes that the government isn't the problem. he believes the wrong people are running the government. that's what a progressive believes. that's what woodrow wilson talked about. i talked about phillip drew administrator. >> that's what bernie sanders believes. >> yeah, it is. >> okay. i'll cg that point. but where you're making your mistake is, trump doesn't care about the government per se. he's a problem solver. i'm going to solve immigration by building a wall. >> exactly the point. he's an administrator. that's exactly the point. when is the last time you heard him talk about the constitution in-depth. >> he is never going to talk
5:52 pm
about the constitution in-depth. never. >> when he says, when he raises his right hand, what does he say, bill? i'm going to get things done. or does he say, i will protect and defend the constitution of the united states. i'm sorry, i know you weren't with me when we did tea party stuff. but there are a lot of -- there were millions of people that have joined the tea party and that's what they said they were standing for. >> i don't think you're getting trump essence. >> oh, i'm getting his essence. >> it is about two things. blowing up the establishment, which he did on the republican side -- >> wait, who is slid fuddenly f him? the establishment? they know set deal maker. donald trump will make deals. whatever is in his best interest, he will make a deal. the and the establishment knows that. he is all about exchanges and deals.
5:53 pm
ted cruz said i'm for these principles. just like reagan was. i'll be tethered and tied for these. >> so cruz is your guy? >> yeah, cruz is my guy. >> cruz is your guy. >> cruz is my guy. >> if rubio wins, would you vote for rubio? >> yeah. i would vote for rubio. i have deep problems with rubio. >> you have problem with me. >> no, no, no. there's therapy issues with you. >> don't go to therapy, beck. i like you. you're my pal. you don't need to go to therapy. >> you're my pal. >> you're my pal. >> all right, glenn beck, everybody. thanks for helping us out. back for the tip of the day. do you see things clearly? do you? the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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moment. but first quick reminder, tickets for the who wants to be president tour starring dennis miller and me going fast. los angeles march 12th, fairfax virginia, may 7th. big father's day show in connecticut. info on now beaverton, oregon, i thought ways watching a cnn debate. cavuto and maria bartiromo baited cruz and trump to go after each other just for ratings. i don't think so. they just asked what people wanted to know about. dr. tom williams portland, oregon. here is what can be done. deport all illegal alien felons. fine all immigrants who can't prove they are here legally and deny all federal handouts. >> as to deportation, if
5:57 pm
e-verify were mandatory, millions of illegal aliens would self-deport. forged documents are all over the place. the underground economy supports millions in this country. o'reilly, your talking points was confusing. you said poor illegal people are not villains. but they are villains because they broke the law. bill, excellent talking points on immigration. we cannot allow extremists to redefine our country as anti-immigrants. and my talking points from last night is posted on i would love to see the tarentino movie but i will not because it of his anti-police stance. o'reilly, the geneva convention applies only to the declared war. iran and the u.s. are not at war. therefore the treaty does not apply in the navy story.
5:58 pm
get your facts straight you bumptious buffoon. >> that's exactly what i said, there is no declared war so the geneva convention doesn't automatically apply. since i said it one may be a pin head. o'reilly, my wife and i just got back from a warm-weather vacation. i was so engrossed in the book that i kept for getting to join my wife at the beach bar. i hold you and martin duggard responsible. mr. o, who decides which e-mails are read? that would be me, jesse. i like the pithy ones that have a bold headline. and finally tonight, tip of the day, as to jesse's question, every week we give out 15,000 e-mails and i would say 20% of the mail is lunacy. flat out craziness. feeling no ome people write
5:59 pm
pain. also, all of set moods, but some folks are prisoners of misguided preconceived notions. that means they have a belief system and no matter what they're going to justify it. even if some of their opinions turn out to be wrong. here is the tip of the day. and it's not an easy one. discipline yourself to keep an open mind. base your beliefs on faith and religious matters but on facts and secular matters. if you do that, you will be respected. and that is it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website, different from also, we would like you to spout out from anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be scurrilous. when writing to the factor. on monday we will look at how the media is trying to help hillary clinton's campaign.
6:00 pm
thanks again for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. and please remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. . breaking tonight just 24 hours after the big republican debate. many outlets across america are now declaring this contest a four-man race, respectively. tonight, two of the four will be right here. i'm megyn kelly, welcome to "the kelly file." one of the most entertaining debates of the 2016 election cycle but analysts declared the regular season is now over and the playoffs are finally here. but are they right? we'll have more on that in a moment. first, national journal saying south carolina debate crownes a gop final four that trump shows he is a front-runner. rubio and cruz duke it out and christie hangs tough. town


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