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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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well done, you guys. >> thanks to kristin solstice anderson, allan combs joe ann and bath rin. i love you america.
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>> he voted for immunity from the gun sellers and makers which they said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 24-hours. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. i have the voting record from the nra. >> i have listened to secretary clinton and bernie sanders get into which has the most inconsistent record on gun safety legislation. i would have to agree with both of them. the both been inconsistent when it comes to this issue. >> secretary clinton didn't answer your question. because what her campaign was saying, bernie sanders who fought for universal healthcare for my entire life, he wants to end medicare, end medicaid, end the children's health insurance program. that is nonsense. >> i have to say i am not sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or we are talking about the plan
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you introduced nine times in the congress. tear it up and start oef again pushing our country back into that kind of contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. >> nobody is tearing this up. we are going to go forward. i helped write it. >> instead of attacking each other on healthcare we should be talking about the things that are working. >> you tall yourself a democratic socialists. >> i don't get money from the bank i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sax. >> i am the only candidate who said i will not raise taxes on the middle class. i want to raise income not taxes. >> the result would be the middle class family would be saving 5,000 dollars in healthcare costs. little more in taxes do away with private health insurance
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premiums. it is a pretty good deal. >> our coverage begins in charleston where he had hed hen live. more fights in the debate than the ones we have seasen previously. >> in the fist three debates a lot of hype turned out to be fizzle instead of sizzle. my take is bernie sanders was dominating the agenda. he was energetic, he was strong. he was tough, pushing back. sometimes he might come acrosss a too strong, too angry. he is trying to tap into what donald trump is tapping into in the republican debates. you saw sanders who remember at some of the earlier debates took the e-mail to have him. isn't he went after her. all he could sees donald putting
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her harm around him. this debate that you see co sponsored. large af condition american terminal was on defense tonight. they are preparing what -- she was look to go wrap herself around the president to have a fire wall with a strong african american turnout. >> big news. right before the debate because there has been a lot back and forth about healthcare where bernie sanders stand on this. sanders introduced his plan shortly before the debate. how is he going to raise money for this. now you say you are going to tax. money important issue is the issue of healthcare.
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>> this is where he has been volume ner articles. where he is vulnerable is once he lay s out the details of som of his socialist plans. he wants a 2.2 percent healthcare premium he would pay based on what your income taxes are. then 6.2 percent of payroll tax. your employer would pay for that. he wants new he is span the he is skate tax. if you make 250 to 500,000 a year, it would go up 30 percent. you are pe very top. that's not going to effect a lot of people but for the it does have makt. rifing ut free healthcare. once the e-mails p ached apart.
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we were a good ways from the debate in their top issue which is national security and terrorism. they said number 3 was lice sis maybe because glon of the dhem kratic it pif god. if not the issued a hand ring. hillary clinton had a lot of explaining to do as former secretary of state. that could be a key vulnerability for her moving ahead as well. i spoke to google officials what
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was being searched, the biggest debate. bern sn >> well, they seem to be getting ataks with these undecided in africa. he had henry. that to see you. >> did they have pauk talk. we start with pros proximate news con train water and whose birthday we waufrned this weekend. of the heek which standard. doctor king, what schud dilt if newers. >> i thought that it was really
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good mrs. clinton secretary therein ton says i won't raise t -- clinton says i won't raise taxes. bernie sanders talked about his record and he did good bringing that forth. mr. o'malley said he's really good at finding things that, would. that all sounded good. much of that will unravel. i am not going to raise taxes but how are you going to pay what you are going to do. it shows us what you want to do. with bernie sanders records if they are so good why are they still so bad. then i thought of them always ha havity, well, if you xreez and we finalized they still have the ability to go overseas and take all of the prophets. wh dfsh dfb profv gsh gs-- profit.
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how can we bring america back, and i hope he don't sound like anybody else who is running saying that. see, i don't know. i like all of them. i was westerned, i was not condemned that they don't need to raise daxes -- taxes. you hear about 19 million people who have more healthcare and you hear about 29 million who have non. i mean due knock to sauk about the icon. i didn't make hundreds of thousands of dollars from speaking fees with goldman tax. she admitted she has more.
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that's one thing we should be easy on wall street. there's a lot of difference -- >> he's oo status quo president. she is presenting herself as somebody who would offer incremental exchange. he is somebody who would blow up the system essentially. that's what she is saying. he took the gloves off with her the way he wasn't in the past was going right for. it is interesting he's very different from trump. but he hits on a lot of these same kind of ideas. he would have people so frustrated and kiered of the incremental change. nasa know. it is sending a message i am going to do something very different. she is playing a little bit on the one hand wrapping her arms
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around obama to attract african american voters but trying to do a general election type of candidacy talking about i am not going to raise taxes. let's just d-dot frank. on this issue of healthcare reform thit sounds like senator sanders said he would blow up healthcare. she says now we a pass word universal healthcare. they want us to reveal how far they have come. i am going to thit bandy. the plan like ax increases for just about he have been. when she too ate remember falling to a draw.
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he maids thes point. >> if the people daeed a little more in it cans as now at the same time she is been basically saying, she saint her daughter out to say he was going to dismantle the healthcare we have. that's not true. so tonight you saw she visited to the conscientious political fight when it tock us so lock as we get around tooz. she admitted bouz really he started a healthcare battle. 5 days ago. >> what he kept saying is i wrote it. hipped write it. there's no way i am going to blow it up. innocent issue of guns she said if he flip flopped he has changed whether he would go for jun manufacturers or race he would of aed he grab the he was
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re clear tonight he wanted to go after gun mafrers of any kind anybody who works in a corporation. anybody who has had any dealings with corporations. birney sanders may come after you. i was struck in particular by the first question was this open ended question to all three candidates. what are your doll. >> none of them mentioned national security. that tells us in a certain respect everything you neeto know about the contrast. every republican candidates would not issue some 67 i thought that was a striking contest from the bget go. >> we about will talk a the
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black lives ditter movement. any one sun dies you should have an investigation. demilitarizing police storeses. they need to look like the community in which they serve there has to be a way to force that. >> tehey were playing straight o the african american minority base. it is obvious to me. in either party each party needs a certain amount of the african american vote. george w. bush shows when he brought up african american community to 13 percent it really helped it. that bothers me. especially on points of black lives matter and minimum wage? what else goes up? milk, gas, clothing, daycare. every time you raise something without a feeling or a cap people get excited about it but not seeing what it really goss them in the end.
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as op yub why yous to me i am sure the african motion. >> climate change kirsten. there was definitely some pumping at the gop saying on this stage we democrats believe in science unlike the gop. bernie sanders said the gop is owned by the pfossil fuel city. where satan saturday that's a big issue. >> it is. that is just a soft paul for them. they agree on is and wron on to watch hillary din clon's awe'll to see she want kin the election
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without it, bern nonsanders. he doesn't do as well with black voters. it is interesting she talked about flint michigan and what's happening there. but she also pointed out this is hatching because they are right silly. >> talking about black i believes matter it's a reality that black lives matter lasts. so i think that it is clear this is something that she is taking sear yously. >> she is the fist lady of the united states as the senator and secretary of state for african americans make the aspect we question. >> she is beating minority voters. >> what are she gotten for the community. all politics. is it genuine concern that is just the question.
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our job is to train and provide support for those coming you have incredibly wealthy countries in that region. countries like saudi arabia, countries like qatar. it is the wealthiest country per capita in the world. they have to got to tart putting in skin in the game and not just ask the united states to do it. >> let's bring back our debate. >> there was a lot of talk about bringing troops on the ground. you heard sanders say it he wants muslim troops on the ground we will support and help but this is their fight not ours. >> when he quoted jordan that was when he was most co gent. bernie went off the rails in the foreign policy section.
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wasn't only republicans wondering it took until 10:15 from foreign policy to come up with the debate. i two noted it. this helps hillary shine. the debate is the best settingment tonight she was given a run for her money. on foreign policy she got to tease him about his random plan to send iranian troops to saudi arabia and people who are laughing at. he couldn't find the word inscription or space. lester holt ton got to hear about that after the commercial. i have never seen her being when she was asked about her relationship of putin. she was able to see she advised president clinton in the situation room. she was able to stay the most x experienced and most ready and
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capable without being a hawk. she was able to filibuster around and not differentiate herself with bernie sanders. they wouldn't allow ground troops. they want more skin in the game from the countries they want an air campaign and on and on. i thought it was -- he actually said it is a priority to destroy them. he was trying to use firm language. this is not his wheel house. he is not well prepared and he hasn't tried to study up to sound really clear on this. it is a lazy factor much like donald trump says we are going to bomb them he doesn't say one sentence about foreign policy and bernie sanders is the same way. >> bernie sanders we heard him say we will deal with isis. deal with assad later. we have to work with everybody who would help us on isis including russia. the only issue you talk about secretary clinton. her conversation about her with. she says we have an interesting relationship i think was the word she used.
8:24 pm
this is after lester holt laid out the criticism. she went on to say you have to stand up to putin. he will take whatever he can get away with. he's sort of a beule lee. he s >> she said i will negotiate with him and negotiate hard. it was clearer when she was asked that question. i thought the same thing you ask. it was lining she was trying to hear in her own head what the focus group would tell her to say. she didn't want to say the recent has been successful. she also didn't want to say i am not going to do anything because that wouldn't abeal to the democratic base. she tried to do it both ways i thought it was an interesting response. she had several miss steps. i agree that bernie sanders wausz incoherent. he doesn't have a newspaper readers with the subject matters it shows when he tries to answer the question. hillary clinton also had question answering these
8:25 pm
question had trouble answering the questions. do you agree president obama maids a mistake when he walked away from his red line. i think everybody would give the answer the answer is yes. she was in her defend barack obama at allst coulds mode see she didn't want to do it. she had a discussion about bish char assad and use of chemical weapons. she answered it in a sense that he hadn't used the chemical weapons. >> we may have a sound bite of secretary clinton on the chemical weapons issue. >> the president's decision to go after the chemical weapons juanes there was a potential opportunity to build on when the russians opened that door resulted in a very positive outcome. we were able to get the chemical weapons out. i know from my own experience as secretary of state that we were
8:26 pm
deeply worried about assad's forces using chemical weapons. >> then he said -- then she went on to say what would have happened if he would have used chemical weapons. the problem is he did use chemical weapons. barack obama's was move or use chemical weapons. it was well documented that he had used chemical weapons and had done so more than a dozen times. for her to talk about it in that tense suggests she is either unaware that he actually did which i find hard to believe or she sdoodoesn't want to deal wi that. >> i understand we have governor o'malley fresh off the debate stage joining us now. governor, are you there? >> i am here. how are you? >> very good tonight. i know tonight at times had to be from us a stating to you. there was battling up there and
8:27 pm
you had to fight to get that you are voice heard. is it do or die time with you in the polls with iowa two weeks away what are your hopes for turning things around? >> every more format has been like that. each time we are better and better. the people of iowa you'lls have a way of surprising the pollsters and the pundits. i am taking the campaign to the people. i am going to let the people decide. others determine the rules and format of the debate but it sounded like from the audience tonight people wanted to hear more from me. if that's true in the general public i feel good about the future. i believe our country is looking for a new leader someone who can heal our divides. i believe i can do that better then the other two fine people on the stage. >> i have to ask you tonight there was a lot of back and forth about guns and healthcare. there was a question what you would tackle in your first 100 days. my panel is discussing.
8:28 pm
how dom there was no mention of isis of the threat that voting and polls continue to show us that's at the top of the worry list for voters. why wasn't that in your top three? >> the top three i believe it was framed in initiatives we need to have wages go up and we need to ploy other people and recognize climate change is the greatest business opportunity to come to us in 100 years. all of those are the things that make us strong at home that allow us to fund foreign policy of a better national security policy. i am glad to go hoe to toe to answer homeland security. i am better prepared in terms of combatting lone wolfs in the home land in terms of fusion centers and protection of our critical infrastructure. the first job of the commander-in-chief is to protect the people of the united states.
8:29 pm
i have been a governor and mayors. i was glad to talk about those questions as well. i believe the call of the question leads to all of us heard it on the stage was about domestic initiatives. >> all right. i think now that we have a live look of secretary clinton and former president bill clinton of course her husband at her watch party tonight making the rounds checking in with folks. we will get back to that when we have it. i want to talk about the issue of iran. obviously it's a top news topic right now. secretary clinton was quick to repeat numerous times she was proud of her portion in cracking the new field that we have. also maintaining this very fine line of they are still doing bad things in the region. but i am proud of the nubbing deal we got. does that work? >> i don't believe it works.
8:30 pm
as i listened i heard the reference to filibustering and dodging the bullet. for her to say that she is proud of what she did and maybe taking credit where she can't really say she even did it those are the things that are beginning to concern me more and more as we are considering her as a possible candidate for those who are. so i don't -- i don't trust that. >> does she get credit on the iraq nuke deal? >> she was secretary of state. she played a role in it. it is not a particularly popular deal right now but maybe over time it will gain more popularity. i think one of the things she struggles with is trying to distinguish herself from president obama who shows a very different form of policy. i think she is more hawkish. i think that's what steve was saying earlier she has to walk the fine line of not criticizing president obama. >> we have to leave it there now. thank you very much.
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>> dnc chair is joining us lye from charleston. i got to say this was a more spirited debate than we have seen tonight. the polls are tighter than they have abobeen towards secretary clinton and sanders. your take away? >> well, i was so proud of all three of our candidates. we continue to show the american people how we have and deserve to have the 45th president of the united states on our debate stage. they were substantive and really talked about the issues that are important to the american people, education, healthcare, how to keep people safe from harm and making sure we can build on the economic progress we have been able to make after president obama helped pull us
8:36 pm
out of the worth economic crisis since we had in the great depression. con pras that with the debate stage on thursday night with the republicans which was such a food fight and so much personal sniping. i think that as we move into the general el lek campaign once we both have a nominee it will be even more clear that americans want to continue to build on the economic success we have had with a democratic president. >> president clinton holds a double dig get lead nationally. if she does become your nominee there's polling that suggests there's trouble. the latest says she loses to rubio to cruz and to donald trump. tied with jeb bush at 44 percent each. your reaction to those numbers? >> we are focused rate now getting ready at the dnc for our nominee when our primary nominating time is over.
8:37 pm
national polls in january don't mean very much. we know that the state by state polls in primaries are the ones that are especially two weeks out from iowa is where the focus should be. we can worry about national polls later on. >> last time you and i had the chat it was a saturday night before christmas. we a sunday night on a holiday weekend nfl foot gall playoffs someone mentioned downtown abby on tonight. the debates have been bury. you said today i did my best to make sure along with my staff and debate partners to come up with a schedule that we thought would maximize opportunities for voters to see our candidates? really? >> by any measure we actually succeeded. we have had record viewer ships for our democratic debates. we have 58 of the 61 debates that were held in the primaries in 2008 and 2012.
8:38 pm
we have had really when it comes even though we don't have a reality tv star who is leading our polls and not the dozen pack of candidates that we have got we have had pretty good numbers comparatively to the republicans. because we have our debates on almost all broadcast networks some of those debates have been on weekend just like the republicans were. our next two debates will be on the weekdays. three on the weekdays three on the weekend. no matter what day it has been on we have had record viewer ship. americans are idea in what candidates have to say. >> senator and sanders his campaign is in new hampshire. is the democrat party prepared to fully back and push. >> the democratic party? >> ready to push someone who describes himself as a
8:39 pm
socialist? >> we are focused on getting ready for whoever wins the democratic primary. that's the responsibility of the democratic national committee. we are not sure what is going to happen. it has been a pro bust and spirited campaign. it will continue to be. what i know is that any one of our three candidates i am confident will win the presidency if they become our nominee because they are talking the issues that matter for the american people. they are not talking about barring ran entire religion. they are not talking about supporting 11 million undocumented immigrants who want to that i can a better life for themselves. i don't want to alienate important groups. they will decide who is elected that's why we won five out of six in the last elections. they said if they continue to alienate large group of voters
8:40 pm
they will continue to lose elections they are dooming themselves again with the doom and bloom. we ant wait. thank you so much. >> didn't take long for them. mike emanuel that the evidence was tuned into this debate? >> some of the candidates went radio silence night on ditttwit. senator rubio tweeted it is hurting americans and killing jobs. in 2016 we need to have someone who can repeal and replace it. jeb bush says bernie and hillary debate is like a debate without a difference. we heard the other night at the
8:41 pm
fox news debate sir news contrast. if she gets elected she is under investigation of the fbi now. she might be going back and forth between the white house and the keert house. i wouldn't be. she is qualified to be commander-in-chief of the united states. it will be a an even greater war before we have had earlier in the years. >> i haven't spend tie niem running for office. >> i had opportunities do love spending time with my husband. >> you heard senator bernie sapped ders mention donald trump several times. martin o'malley mentioned him
8:42 pm
once. >> there are other comments that could have been withoabout him without saying his name. what about the issue of guns? e trying to out flank c tonight, each other to the left on this issue. >> that's right. you had several candidates trying to debate about who had the worst rating with the nra. you have a night on the republican debate on fox business of course you heard a lot of people talking about the e ven. >> we have a huge mental health problem in this country. we are closing hospitals and wards saying so many. you have to look back who's the gunmen who pull the trigger. we have to find out what's going on. >> you have to forget the second amendment. ks a cons fusionnal right to that they could point to as the
8:43 pm
reason he is going ties things. >> when ark obama came after our right to defeat the arms. the other individuals on this state were nowhere to be found. tlooits a lot of questions whether build hill country would em grace him while bernie sanders did not. >> it was an interesting contrast for that. it took a long time to get foreign policy. thanks for bringing us some of the reaction tonight. >> thank you. >> always great to see you. >> so coming up south carolina prepares for the first nfl primary night. he's lit interest.
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>> i can tell you that the huj fund billionaires running ads against me right now and carl rove who started running an ad against me right now funded the money from the financial services sector, sure thing, i am the one they don't want to be up against. >> it is amazing to me, and i think we will have agreement on this up here, we have a major party called the republican party that is so owned by the fossil fuel industry and their campaign contributions that they don't even have the courage, the decency to listen to the signissign -- scientists. it is beyond my comprehension how we can elect a president of the united states, somebody like trump who believes that climb what the change is a ho-- clima change is a hoax invented by the chinese. >> donald trump wants to start a registry with people of faith.
8:49 pm
i am totally opposed to the fascist appeals that wants to vilify american muslims. that can do more damage to our democracy. >> of course no surprise the democrats would be going after the gop in it debate when they weren't busy going after each other. the motto translates from the motto while as i breathe i hope. for some of the republican contenders it will take more to keep their hopes alive in the south. matt, good to have you with us tonight. your state is very important in the south primary. what do you think is the most important thing for gop voters there? >> well, voters are concerned about a lot of things. first and foremost not continuing the policy for the past seven years that have made us less safe abroad given us opportunities to middle class taxpayers across the country. that's the biggest concern tonight. we have heard nothing about national security. they had to be forced to talk about it.
8:50 pm
i think tonight's big story was hillary clinton struggling to hold on to her mantle as a frontrunner. she had a hard time tonight with bernie sander's tough questioning because she flip flopped on a lot of issues. hard to keep up with where you are when you flip flop so much. more than anything it's the huge surge left here it's the huge surge left here from hillary clinton and forced by bernie sanders and very aggressive democratic party base. >> you may have heard dnc chairman moments ago saying that the republicans are going to lose because they are turning off immigrants, muslims, minorities, women. how do you respond to her criticism? >> americans are interested in new policies that will lead to greater opportunity for the middle class and keep our country safe abroad. if you look at where we have come in the past seven years,
8:51 pm
anywhere that hillary clinton and president obama hillary clinton engaged. we're less safe. that includes in the middle east. and i have to say tonight we gave out copies -- >> matt, we have to leave it there. i'll be right back. it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten.
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well, there was a lot of back and forth at tonight's democratic debate in charleston, south carolina. some of the hot topics guns among them. with the candidates arguing about who is best on the issue of gun control. hillary clinton accusing bernie sanders of being too soft on gun manufacturers, and him bragging about his b minus voting record with the nra and saying he's always stood up for protection and safety, but respects the second amendment as well. they also argued quite a bit about health care. senator sanders released his health care plan. and after saying he wasn't going raise taxes, a lot of folks looking at the plan said it looks like raising taxes because there are increased taxes on a lot of different segments of society. hillary clinton said he flipped on the issue and criticized his plan. all the while, of course, former maryland governor martin o'malley trying to taunt his own
8:56 pm
record. he got in when they ended up on wall street and who will be tougher on them. senator sanders pointing out the hundreds of thousand of dollars that hillary clinton raised from goldman sachs. o'malley said he's tougher than most. you want to stay with us in the coming weeks. republicans meet again for a fox news debate january 28th, 11 days from now. the countdown to the iowa caucus which takes place in 15 days. and the new hampshire's first in the nation. survivors will head to the first southern primary in south carolina. we'll bring you everything you need to know as it happens, stick with fox news. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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and bath rin. i love you america. me to "ameri election headquarters." i'm shannon bream in washington. the 2016 democrats hope to follow president obama into the white house, it is crunch time. two weeks from today before voting officially begins in iowa. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley squared off in front of lester holt and andrea mitchell. this their final debate before the all important iowa caucuses. it got very heated. here are some of the highlights beginning with the tough words back and forth on guns. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five


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