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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 18, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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fu miss it, watch it back at your convenience. we'll be back next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern when we bring you the latest buzz. the beginning of the end of what an american prisoner held in iran is calling a 545 day nightmare. as our people are leaving iran, others are reportedly taken inside iraq. first iran. for hours we have been watching as three americans freed in a prisoner swap began their long journey back to their homes, their families to freedom. here is the video showing a plane landing with three of the freed americans on board. they then boarded another plane where they are right now in germany. those three are at the top of your screen that you see here. washington post reporter and a
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former marine and a christian pastor. many of their family members will meet them in germany. the other two americans at the bottom of the screen also freed but not on this plane out of iran. more details on them coming up. president obama addressed the nation this morning at the white house. he says it's all, quote, historic progress through diplomacy. watch this. >> today's progress. americans coming home and iran has rolled back its nuclear program and accepted unprecedented monitoring the program. these things are what we can achieve when we lead with strength and wisdom, with courage and resolve and patience. america can do and has done big things. when we work together. >> we have fox team coverage now. koj r katherine and will. let's go first to amy live in
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rome. how we can expect to see them back on u.s. soil, how soon. >> reporter: i know. that's what everyone wants to know. the three who left iran today are going to be in europe for a little bit longer. they have been transported to a medical center where they will be examined and possibly treated. jason of the washington post and amir and said, the three who left irrab todan today, some hat many years in jail. they have had some level of health problems while in iran. we simply don't know the extent of any abuse they suffered while they were in captivity. so that is what's going to have to be determined in the coming hours and days. this is the first image we have seen of washington post reporter jason since he was freed. he was accused of espionage. actually, his reporting done by
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this dual u.s. iranian national was advocating improved relations between the u.s. and iran. they are at a military hospital in germany. it's the largest military hospital outside of the united states. the three former president owners who just made it to germany are all iranian americans. jason for "the washington post," saed, a pastor accused of trying to convert muslims in iran to christianity and amir arrested on a trip to see his grandmother and accused of espionage. originally sentenced to death. friends and family members were not rdz to say much or celebrate in many way until they knew their loved ones were out of iran. family members of each of the three are traveling to germany to meet the men. in the case of amir, his father has cancer. his eventual homecoming will be particularly powerful. president obama just called
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today a good day and reiterated why the recent deals with iran are so important. >> for decades, our differences with iran meant our governments almost never spoke to each other. ultimately, that did not advance america's interests. over the years, iran moved closer and closer to having the ability to build a nuclear weapon. from roosevelt to kennedy to reagan, the united states has never been afraid to pursue diplomacy with our adversaries. >> now, probably harrison response that this prisoner exchange is actually setting a dangerous precedent. president obama said that this is really -- this was a one-time gesture. this was done because the release of, of course, the iranians who were imprisoned or about to be tried in the united states. it was a one-time gesture because of the particular
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circumstances, taking advantage of the moment. he indicated that this is not something we can expect to see a pattern of down the road. >> something you said is sticking. some level of health problems for the men. we know they were held in the prison that is notorious for beatings and horrible treatment of people inside. prayers are with them as they begin a road to held alth. you mentioned the profitable deal for iran that's about to become more of a reality with the lifting of $100 billion in sanctions. can we expect any further cooperation down the road? you said this was a one-time deal. what are they talking about in the future? >> one-time deal, in terms of a swap for prisoners. i think everyone's hopes are that cooperation between iran and the united states can continue. particularly on the level of dealing with isis. tackling isis, defeating isis. that is far from assured.
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i think that's most important to use here for context is the fact that it's very clear that there is a strong fight going on between iran's super hard liners who always are trying to stop the deals and the more moderate fang factions which would include the president. we will know about the elections in iran next month when the two sides will be up against each other and there will be concrete results. >> interesting. amy, thank you very much. let's get more details on the prisoner swap for you. four of the five were released in exchange for seven iranians being held here in the united states. they were charged with or convicted of trying to violate iranian sanctions. one u.s. official says the weekend was a one-time deal. you heard amy talking about that. iran's leaders are reacting to all the developments. the president calling the remove afl nuclear sanctions a golden page in his country's history.
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>> translator: as of today, it's clear that our country has the power called the power of diplomacy. >> team coverage continues with katherine harris live in washington. katherine, what can you tell us about the timing of all of this? i mentioned the sanctions. >> reporter: the prisoner swap is a culmination of 14 months of diplomacy. the president said the americans' fate was never tied to striking a nuclear deal. >> as i said many times, the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all of our differences with iran, but still, engaging directly with iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues. >> the prisoner swap came on the weekend that international sanctions were lifted against iran as part of the deal that
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was struck in the summer of last year. those international sanctions unfreezed tens of billions of dollars in assets and iran's oil and gas reserves will be available to the global market. whatever you think about the release and the lifting of the sanctions, it's hard to buy the argument that this was somehow coincidental and the two were not tied together. >> i know you and i have talked many times about just doing away with the word coincidence and replacing it with interesting times. what sanctions remain in all of this? >> after the americans were out of iran, the u.s. treasury department announced limited sanctions in response the missile test. this seems a carefully choreographed and based on respond was no surprise to the iranian leadleadership. this affects s 11 people and companies who are accused of supporting the missile system. the acquisition is that they
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were obtained in violation of exsiftie existing restrictions. the president used the statement for iranian prisoners convicted of crimes that the insist of the pressure is still on.iran's mis violation of its interenational violation. we are going to be vigilant about it. >> critics are sounding the ala alarm tonight. the technology is in iranian hands here. >> thank you very much. the fifth face on the picture we showed you a few minutes ago, robert levinson, an fbi agent that went missing in iran in 2007. as part of the deal, iran has agreed to help find him. >> iran has agreed to deepen our coordination as we work to
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locate robert levin, missing for more than eight years. even as we rejoice in the return of others, we will never forgot about bob. each and every day, but especially toward, our hearts with with the family and we will not rest until their family is whole again. >> his family released a statement online saying in part -- for years the federal government told us he was working as a private investigator. in 2013 we reported to you his family acknowledged he was actually working as a freelance spy for a rogue cia operation. this is developing. several americans are missing inside iraq. according to local media, they have been kidnapped. the three americans reportedly vanished in baghdad. that section of the city came under control of sunni muslim extremists during the war. the americans are thought to have dual citizenship with iraq. the state department has yet to
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confirm that particular fact or provide details. it says iraqi authorities have gifs given them full cooperation. the focus tonight on another american abroad. he is among the victims of a terror attack in west africa. militants with tied to al qaeda opened fire at a hotel. among them, a missionary and/ orphanage director. we are looking into it. brian? >> reporter: he was a pastor, an american miss aionary and a fatr of four. he had been working as a missionary since 2011. he and his wife ran an orphanage there while operating a women's crisis center shelter for abused women and widows. on friday, al qaeda linked militants attacked the hotel and
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cafe across the street. he was inside the cafe with a local pastor when gunmen opened fire. the pastor hit in the cafe and survived but he did not. in all, 18 people were killed in the hotel. ten people died in the cafe. the forattaur attackers were ki. they left south florida five years. they sold their possessions and moved there opening the island of refuge orphanage together where they cared for children. they built clean water wells and adopted two children of their own. today, at a mass in the hometown, friends and family gathering at the hollywood community church remembering a man they say had an incredible love for people. >> we feel that mike was a modern day martyr. who lost his life doing the work of jesus, doing what he felt like god had called him to do. we will greatly miss him.
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>> the white house releasing a statement saying the united states condemns in the strongest terms the recent attacks. noting terrorist attacks like this will not stop brave americans like michael from helping the world through humanitarian efforts. >> thank you very much. in flint, michigan, a water crisis. the drinking water is contaminated with lead. the calls for a political shakeup in response. a democratic debate, clinton and sanders preparing to go head to head later tonight. this is a problem for mrs. clinton, the race is tightening in iowa and in new hampshire. the first primary contest, very tight. stay close.
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michigan's governor is facing calls to resign. the critics are accusing people
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to exposing them to water with lead. federal aid is pouring into michigan on its way. in the meantime, people there are relying on bottled water. cher is getting involved among other celebrities. she's donating 180,000 bottles of water. we're hours away from the -- did you know it -- fourth democratic debate. tonight's showdown likely to take on a new today as sanders is posing a serious threat for hillary. in the keearly voting states of iowa and new hampshire. the first of the three debates were, you know, tame or lame. whichever you might decide on. what can we expect this time around? >> reporter: you are right. this is a different time though in the campaign. just over two weeks before iowa, the latest polling there suggests bernie sanders is within two points of the front-runner in new hampshire, a series of polls have him up big.
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so this is a chance for him to chain the momentum of the entire race. remember, in the early debates that you mentioned, he was taking issues like the e-mail server off the table. tonight, we may see a clash not just on issues like that but on healthcare in particular. hillary clinton has been hitting him hard in recent days, suting that bernie sanders wants to dismantle the press's heident's healthcare plan. the fact that her daughter has been attacking bernie sanders. sanders fired back on the sunday shows. list listen. >> i didn't use her. she gave a factual answer. >> i was disappointed that what chelsea said was not accurate. >> so interesting because hillary clinton has been on defense all week. just in the last few moments, a new development. sanders, because of the pressure from clinton in part, has announced details of his healthcare plan, a single payer
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plan. says a 2.2 healthcare premium based on personal taxes, a tax from your employer. he will expand the estate tax. if you make over $10 million a year, he wants to raise the income tax to 52%. that is going to come up tonight. he wants to raise taxes. to pay for this. >> this is just coming out in response. very interesting. they are talking to each other, but the debate hasn't started yet. i understand as of the dnc -- this has been happening. but it's taking heat for the timing of tonight's debate. >> yes. here we are on a sunday evening, the last debate in new hampshire was a saturday night. the saturday before christmas. the idea that the dnc set it up to be kind to the front-runner. hillary clinton not going to get as much grieve abof about that. the ratings have been lower, especially compared to the republican debates.
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more excitement, more candidates and the like. interesting today in the "new york times", a lot of democrats saying that this may have been a mistake by the dnc and the clinton camp. if she had more debates, she might be in better political shape. instead as you noted, she is playing a lot of defense right now as she goes into this big, big debate. s >> this is familiar territory for you. if you look back, research was showing last week in 2008, she actually was fairing better against obama than she is now. it has gotten worse for her. >> absolutely. three weeks before iowa in 2007 and 2008 she was in the low 30s. now she's lower. it's tighter with bernie sanders. you are right, she was in better shape back then and came in third in iowa against obama and john edwards.
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>> all right. thank you for covering it for us. have a good one. republican presidential candidates weighing in on iran
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and a police shooting to tell you about. we're following this developing situation in utah. a police officer reportedly down, shot and killed. an involved shooting incident with a suspect. the sheriff says a unified police officer was shot in the head by the suspect. the officer was responding to the scene of a car crash when a man pulled a gun and opened fire. that suspect who shot the officer reportedly died at the scene after he was shot by another officer. we're told then another officer was wounded.
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he is in the hospital. police reportedly still searching for a woman who was in the car whom they call a person of interest. any new developments on this and we will bring them to you. the americans released from the iran prisoner swap are on their way home a happy homecoming. some candidates are saying they are glad they are coming back. but it's complicated. >> this deal is a really problematic deal. and it reflects a pattern we have seen in the obama administration over and over again of negotiating with terrorists and making deals and trades that endanger u.s. safety and security. >> more reaction from washington. >> this is one of the issues where almost all the republican presidential candidates are in agreement. they say they are releefieved t four americans have been released. but they are worried the
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president paid too high a price. we get four prisoners, they get $150 billion. this will be a great incentive. most of the rivals agree. chris christie pai weighed in t. >> i don't know how many more times these folks have to kick him before he realized he is being kicked. the iranians have treated him with such disrespect and for our country. >> i'm glad these people are out. but they were there on trumped up charges. the reporter held there for a long time who every journalist in america said, you know, was falsely taken. >> we don't want the iranians grabbing people. what the president is doing, not just with this, but what he did with the castro brothers and bergdahl, he put a price on the head of every american abroad.
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>> rand paul, he has been advocating for the release for three years. he sees this as a sign of hope. said, i am pleased our government did not sit idly by while an american person was persecuted abroad. he was opposed to the iran deal. but he told a crowd yesterday in new hampshire, don't we want to see if it works before we rip it up? element all of his rivals disagree. ben carson said if elected, he would withdraw from the agreement on day one. >> thank you very much. american prisoners freed in iran. one step closer to coming home as we learn they are in germany at this hour. the latest on their long awaited journey back to the united states. the administration is posing new sanctions on iran one day after lifting nuclear penalties. you heard us talking about.
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more than $100 billion in sanctions. the fox news political insiders are weighing in on the new phase. we love it when you crime in and tune in. break out the mobile device. hit us up on our fox news social media pages,
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let's get you caught up with headlines. three of the five americans are now safe at a u.s. military base in germany. here is video of a plane as it
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arrived hours ago. they are among those released as part of a one-time prisoner exchange with iran. that's what the white house is calling it. the u.s. released seven iranians being held for alleged sanctions violations. here as you can see is what it looked like when they were released in texas from their side. also in iran, iran's president calling the removal of nuclear sanctions a golden page. plenty of reaction from here at home. >> reporter: good evening. a mix of emotions from the families. some saying they were wary, especially while dealing with the iranian regime. then they were excited. some say they couldn't stop crying after they learned the news. we heard from saed's wife. she said the first thing she did was tell her kids who immediately wanted to know how soon they would see their dad. >> i knew there was things in
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the works. i knew of the possible exchange. but they wouldn't give me a time line. it's surreal. it came at a time i was not expecting. it doesn't feel real until we see him. i know it's real. >> reporter: we heard from matth matthew's family. they say he is on his way back to the united states. he was no the one of the three americans on the plane that ended in germany. he was studying in iran when he was arrested. >> we're excited to he is coming home. we're grateful for everything. >> we're very happy. we appreciate everything everybody has done. >> reporter: jason's family is happy as well after the bureau was released. they released a statement saying, now a free man, he will be reunited with his family. we look forward to the joyous occasion of welcoming him back to the washington post newsroom.
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as for the fifth american, we haven't heard anything from him or his family. we know that he was not one of the three who was on the plane that landed in germany. >> thank you very much. the fox news political insiders are here with me. a former pollster for jimmy carter. good to see you. a former republican congressman for new york and a former pollster for bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well. doug ish doug, i want to go to you. >> we are gratified. it's not a time for politics. the point i would make is our iranian strategy is deeply flawed if one week we're sanctions iran for their missile program. then we're not. then we're going to give them $150 billion when we effectuate the nuclear deal which happened this weekend. then we're not sanctioning them. all the while engaged in a
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prisoner exchange. there's a degree of incoherence i see which is substantial. we have to celebrate the release and be proud. >> what about the photograph, the humiliating pose of the ten captured navy sailors on the two boats? this happened before the iranians got the $150 billion we're about to give them. what are they -- how are they going to treat future americans after they get the $150 billion? >> here is a question. we saw in 2007 when they took british sailors the same way, it took up to two weeks to get them home. the argument is that, was the -- knowing you had $100 billion to play with what caused our situation to go fastfaster? >> we had leverage. they wanted to make sure the money wasn't held up. after humiliating and violating the genevafilming the
1:36 am
sailors. >> and a capitulated stance. >> all improper. they did let them go. a month from now, if another thing happens, will we have any sway now they are cocky and rich and the sanctions are off and they are playing the europeans against the americans? will they cooperate or they will be even more arrogant? that's the question. >> that's the government that you are talking about. for the people themselves -- >> the government. >> pat i want to go to you. obviously, you were there when what was happening back in the late 1970s when our hostages were taken. those coming home have spent more time than those others were held. it's a day of celebration as doug said. but it's complicated. >> yes. let's understand something. some of them have been held longer. they were hostages. they were people who were taken
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to be pawns and were treated very, very badly. that's what the iranians do. meanwhile, we have the bergdahl deal. we give everybody what they want. we save them seven convicted criminals on sanctions on 17 more that we will not prosecute of iranian nationals. we have all the incidents with the -- let me say something. we don't know what happened with the boat. i guarantee you, given benghazi as an a prequel, it will be -- we will hear lies for a long time. the real thing,we are now having a political issue of being cut. you have the president -- i'm afraid his party will go along with him, the democrats. they will say, isn't this wonderful? we can deal with them every time they do something to us. we kill call them up. versus a public that i believe thinks the humiliations that you can't trust iran. they are against this deal.
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if so, we may have a new issue, which is do you believe that the president's point about i can help iran even though we deserve it versus the picture which someone tweeted, i picked up a tweet on which somebody said with the people on their knees, guns at their head, they said obama's foreign policy. >> i have a quick question for you. you heard cruz, trump, others who responded to this. there was at least in part some message about do they have us in terms of how they can treat us in the future? does this set up a situation where people could be taken all over the world if this is what you are giving up? >> i think that's right. we are at risk. it effectively rewards kidnapping and holding our people as hostages. we have had violations of the agreement already. even before we give them up to
1:39 am
$150 billion. it's part, i think of the incoherence of our foreign policy. i think pat is right that it's a potential wedge issue. but it speaks to the impotence of the united states. >> that is why i will tell you that next fall, whoever the republican nominee is, he will or she will be running tv ads with that picture of the ten sailors on their knees and the statement will be, it's either their foreign policy or ours. ours will not allow this ever again. >> you know the pushback will be, if women react tomorrow, how could you not just simply celebrate those americans coming home? i want to give you the last ten seconds. that's all we have. >> yes, we do. look, we are in the position of both not only being appeasers of iran, but apologyists for them. these people should have long -- they should never have been taken. this is ridiculous that we should be -- i'm happy they're home.
1:40 am
but you know when it's -- once they have the money, you think things as -- it's going to bet worse and it's going to get worse quickly. >> we will move on to politics at home. sanders is closing the gap on clinton. now reporting clinton's campaign is regretting not targeting him sooner in the campaign. i guess you would call it hillary clinton late gate. do they think it's too late ? chime in while you tune in on your mobile device. would you rather see your party's favorite launch attacks at each or across the political aisle? chime in. that's either party. what would you rather see? hit us up on facebook and twitter. stay with us.
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we're back.
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i'm reading this. ed henry said when we were talking about the democratic debate that happens in an hour and 15 minutes, bernie sanders has just rolled out in detail and its hitting the wires, universal healthcare plan, individuals making e ining $10 or more would pay 52% tax rate. all the tax hikes -- the entire plan is being unfolded. what do you think about this? >> it was a smart move. the clinton campaign has been attacking furiously, hillary and chelsea saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. by saying that, he refutes that and suggests that he is for what the majority of democratic primary voters want, which is single payer universal healthcare. smart move. good rebuttal. >> you do this an hour and 15 minutes before the debate? >> absolutely. that's why do you it. the first question after they -- >> he gets to sell his healthcare plan.
1:45 am
>> at 9:00 they introduce these two. 9:02, we are happy the hostages are home. 9:04 we get into this. he is to the left of her where the party is. universal healthcare on the one for you. you are not for it. boom, boom. >> kokay. are you going to be at tonight's debate? >> no. i'm going to go home and watch it. i spent enough time watching debates this week. it's too late for me now. i will watch it on tv. >> is hillary in trouble? >> i think she's in deep trouble. she's in trouble. i said so last summer. i think what we're seeing now, particularly with the millennials, young women, where she's losing apparently all n a all the polls. what i talked about last summer, that you could see in the last
1:46 am
in-depth polls done, by fox, cnn and abc, there were seeds of doubt. it's coming up and showing up. i think she lost a lot of lead. i have to say this. bernie sanders has been an authentic candidate. if an inept one. by the way, you know, i think that if i were him, i would start announcing -- he ought to be like trump. i'm the electable democrat. because in every public poll, he runs better than she does among republicans. >> that's an interesting point. you generally have somebody who is chosen. i don't know if you have intensity for hillary clinton. do you have electability? >> first, what the clinton campaign is scared about is that
1:47 am
in iowa in particular there is no intensity. they are worried that the true believers on the democratic left, which john was alluding to, are all for bernie sanders and there will be a big turnout in iowa. the other thing that pat was suggesting, the general election polling is showing that hillary is getting weaker and weaker. both are problems for hillary. sglu know, we we >> we were talking about the fact that in 2008, hillary against obama was actually doing a little bit better than she's doing now. what fell short for her? why isn't she getting it done better than the last time? >> listen, the more you see hillary as a candidate, the less people like her. >> even within her own party? >> yeah. she does better when she's out of the limelight. when she was secretary of state, politically her standing went up. the minute she's out there every day, she's not a good candidate.
1:48 am
this honest and trustworthy thing say problem. >> pat? >> she's going to have problems on with this. i watched her the other day. talking about calling the families of the benghazi families liars, that they were somebody with lying and it wasn't her. i talked to ty woods' father in the green room more than a year and a half ago. he showed me the notes. all of these people testified. he is totally non-political. he had no interest in politics. none of these people do. they were told a lie. now she's calling them a liar for it. announcing she's too busy to go to the movies at the same time. i think these are the things that undermine her. democrats may not care about benghazi. but when she does that, when she sends her daughter out to be an attack dog, which was really embarrassing, then tries to fluff it off, the problem she seems to say whatever you want to hear any minute and none of
1:49 am
it you can believe. that's a problem. >> and you are in the democratic party and that's how you feel. >> i'm rooting for sanders. >> how are things in the tank? >> let's just say a little more complicated than you might imagine. >> donald trump ramping up attacks on senator ted cruz as we count down to the first caucuses. fox news political insiders are coming back. we are together. would you rather see your party's favorites launch attacks at each other or across the political aisle? i'm seeing answers. we will include them in our conversation next. stay with us.
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test it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. we want to get a quick final thought from john on how much trouble hillary clinton is in. it's about an hour away from this democratic debate. and the answer is? >> she is in deep trouble. i think she'll lose iowa and new
1:53 am
hampshire. and the first thing that happens the next day after that, talk of someone else getting in the race. it's already brewing. the most obvious choice, vice president joe biden, who already took shots at her on tv this week. >> wow. and he said the week before last he regrets every day. >> he is leaking it out. >> we could have a democratic race in turmoil after those two. >> and what would happen to your party if that happens? >> well, who knows. we really can't say. the republican party is just as divided. harris, as we sit here, we are in prerevolutionary, we're in a revolutionary moment. >> but also have something in the democratic race think wisconsin is unique, sway justice department investigation. >> i was just going to say. >> if she gets indicted, the whole thing is -- >> divide over a field of candidates that people think is really strong is a lot different than a candidate who is being looked at, investigated by the fbi. let's talk a little bit about the feud between donald trump and senator ted cruz.
1:54 am
it's getting a little bit more intense. the two are running neck and neck in iowa, ahead of the first caucus in the 2016 race. the fox news political insiders will weigh in on that. i want to start with pat. pat, what do you think about this? it seemed like they were friends at first. >> oh, yes, they were friends for a while. and now we're seeing what happens when you start -- when the polls change, with intensity. when it narrows down. >> he was honest about that. >> i think that is a mistake. what? >> he was honest about that. he is making course changes and going after cruz because he has gone up in the polls. >> that debate was interesting. let me just say, i was there and i was back in the hall, and i had a chance, i ran into trump. and he said to me, he said -- i think he was really feeling it, thought it was his best debate. i agreed with him that was his best debate he had. i saw heidi cruz and some of the cruz people. they were very happy with what had happened. none of the other candidates i
1:55 am
think could be very happy. marco rubio did what he does. but it doesn't seem to connect. you had an audience, though, out there that was filled with establishment republicans. >> yeah, i read that. >> and i must say, oh, no, you have to know the south carolina republican. they are so bush establishment. >> i want to come back to john and let him get in here if i can. >> let me say one thing. i think in iowa, cruz peaked a month too early. he peaked in december. he is still ahead. but the lead has shrunk six points in the des moines register poll. trump sense vulnerability. now here is what happened. this week he went after him on this canadian citizenship thing. and what cruz did he deflected wit the new york values thing. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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quick final thoughts. john? >> i want to finish up on this thing. i think hillary will be in huge trouble. i think if this indictment come, it will royal the political -- >> but no one seems to be she is going to be indicted. >> oh, yes, they do. >> is that wishful thinking on the part of the republicans? >> i don't think she is going to be indicted. >> you have to say that. at the moment you're backing the clinton camp. >> i'm in the fox news camp, really. >> we don't know. but we hear this thing is a big deal. 100 agents. it's a big deal. >> your thoughts? >> well, i would just say if
1:58 am
they recommend and the justice department doesn't deal with this, it's going to be another saturday nice massacre story. this administration has done enough. i will tell you this. bernie sanders, i won't tell you how far out the democratic party in iowa was. i'm shocked this week. they asked people in a poll, 43% of the democrats planning to attend the caucus said they were socialists. and 38% said they were for capitalism. i went oh, my gosh, this is bernie -- this is another -- >> your party. >> we are seeing so much division on both sides, harris, we really can't predict what is going to happen. >> all right. >> we're going to have four candidates before this is over. >> we know from polls that voters haven't made up their >> it is monday january 18th. this is a fox news alert. three americans missing in iraq this year on the heels of controversial prisoner swap
1:59 am
sending americans back to america. the worry, there's a target on the backs of all americans abroad. >> breaking violence. sean penn silenced after an interview with mexican drug lord el chapo. >> my article failed. >> why the actor is blaming the american people instead of the murderous drug lord. >> and this performance. how about paying for an interview. the company charges candidates for applications. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first on this monday morning. i am lia gabriel in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am lheather childers. we have a busy day ahead. three americans missing in iraq at this hour. there are you fears they were
2:00 am
possibly kidnapped. >> this coming on the heels of a possible swap of iranian prisoners that put a bounty on the head of every american abroad. kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. >> what do we know for now? >> this is a good day for iranians and the five americans released from iran. they will rejoin the world markets for the first time in decades. although the u.s. did impose new sanctions over iran's ball lis sticks program not nuclear. today is also the day many of the families of the recently freed americans will finally be reunited. three left iran yesterday the final destination is the united states. right now they are at an air base in germany. many family members are on route to meet them. one of the wives talked about after she got the news. >> i couldn't start my testop my


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