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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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possibly kidnapped. >> this coming on the heels of a possible swap of iranian prisoners that put a bounty on the head of every american abroad. kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. >> what do we know for now? >> this is a good day for iranians and the five americans released from iran. they will rejoin the world markets for the first time in decades. although the u.s. did impose new sanctions over iran's ball lis sticks program not nuclear. today is also the day many of the families of the recently freed americans will finally be reunited. three left iran yesterday the final destination is the united states. right now they are at an air base in germany. many family members are on route to meet them. one of the wives talked about after she got the news. >> i couldn't start my testop m tears.
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the kids are beside themselves. we are still in shock this day has finally come. >> one americans still trapped in iran is robert leaven svinsl. obama promised his family he would not be forgotten. >> we still are trying to locate robert levinson. even as we rejoice in the same return of others we will never forget about bob each and every day. but today our hearts are with the levin son family. >> the levinson family says in a statement we truly hope he keeps his word. our family needs to be whole again. >> the same day several more americans have redisappeared in iraq. the state department says it is working with iraqi authorities to locate them. there are reports they may have been impacted. as some report the return of their loved ones others may be
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beginning the similar nightmare. >> the presidential candidates men time are reacting to the stunning prisoner swap with iran. those on the republican side agrees it endarrenings our security while hillary clinton says she is proud. >> this deal is a really problematic deal. it reflects a pattern we have seen in the obama administration over and over again of negotiating with terrorists. and making deals and grades that endanger u.s. safety and security. >> what the president is now doing not just with this but what he did with the castro brothers and he did with bergdahl he has put a price on every american abroad. >> this is an invitation to find a hostage. hold him for a few years, humiliate the united states of america and demand something of ridiculously high value and know as long as this administration is in power you are going to get it. >> this is the kind of smart
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diplomacy i was proud to be a part of in the first administration of president obama. the fact that we have put the lid on the nuclear weapons program, the fact that we got our prisoners back is reason for good news. >> there hasn't been any polling yet about the swap. but the latest fox news poll on the nuclear deal finds 56 of americans oppose it. >> the democratic presidential candidates putting their dukes up in the final debate before voting begins. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring on gun control healthcare and wall street. carol an shively is in south carolina with more. >> tensions fuelling a fiery democratic debate tonight. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley with sharpening exchanges over policy issues including obamacare.
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>> there i think we can do to improve it. but to tear it up and start over again pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. >> we are not going to tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it. but we are going to move on top of that to (indiscernible snchl (for all. >> i have supported from day one background check to make certain that people who should not have guns do not have guns. that includes people with criminal backgrounds, people who are mentally unstable. >> he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. let's not forget what this is about. 90 people a day die from gun violence in our country. that is 33,000 people a year. >> polls are tightening between clinton and sanders. the latest from nbc wall street
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journal shows clinton leading sanders by 22 points nationally. >> in the early voting states it's a different story. iowa is almost a dead heat and sanders leads in new hampshire. carol ann shave lee, fox news. with sparks flying on stage in the first democratic debate of the year kirsten powers like ens socialist eabernie sanders someone on the republican side. >> took the gloves from her like he hasn't and went for the jugular. i think he's hitting -- it's interesting he's very different from trump but he hits on a lot of these ideas where you have people so frustrated and tired of the incremental change and the system that is really broken. that's another phrase he used through out the debate, the system is broken. it is sending a message i am
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going to do something very different. >> this is the last democratic debate before the caucuses. the next time they will be there is february 11th. protest after a police officer guns down an armed robber at a kfc restaurant. hundreds taking to the streets shouting no justice, no peace. police officers say the robber pointed his gun at the officer forcing him to fire on the suspect who died. fellow officers calling that cop a hero. this act by this didn't very courageous because the number of not only employees but customers who were inside. >> the officer was not injured. no word whether he will be placed on leave. meantime a veteran police officer is dead and a suspect is on the lose after a car crash investigation ends in gunfire.
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doug barney -- the police officer fired on barney shooting him in the head. the officers caught up with him another gunfight broke out ending with the suspect dead and another shot in the leg. a woman who henderson took off with and that woman is still on the run this morning. off the north coast of awe roy hee. the pilots shopped over the weekend. they are flying in a time if i am training exercise. rescuers expanded sore dench. 12 marines michiganing. president obama signing an emergency funds to help with the tap water crisis involving led contaminations. a deadly legionnaires outbreak in the city that began in 2014.
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10 people died as a result. that is the same year the city switched its water source to save money. authorities are trying to determine if there's some sort of connection. >> twoe people are dead and at least four children injured after a trailer flipped over south of tampa. winds reaching 127 miles per hour can noing o knocking out p. >> good morning. a lot of rough weather over the week. we had heavy snow across parts of maine and florida. the effect is lake-effect snow and lirnging snow showers across portions of new england through out the morning hours. you can see the lake-effect snow bands already developed on lake
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erie and looking up to 20 inches possible. because of that we have warnings in effect and watches downwind of the great lakes and we are expecting that to continue through out the day today and possibly even into tomorrow. they are going to be persistent across new york state. across the western u.s. higher elevations looking at snow and lower elevations dealing with heavy rain moving through as another system impacts the area. another frigid start to your day across the midwest. it is 12 keyings below zero. it's not the windchill it's the actual temperature in chicago. 3 degrees below zero and temperatures are forecast to remain above average over the next several days. >> nascar driver tony stewart takes on more than just a fan. the new consequences he is facing for this video that went
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>> we are back with a fox news lart. hundreds of volunteers taking to the tennessee woods overnight in tef search of a missing 2-year-old. officers are expected to ask for more volunteers today in the search for noah chamber land.
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the toddler disappeared>> the autopsy now revealing that ann suwanee a web producer in chicago was strangled to death while on vacation. pl employees of the resort where she was saying say they are also being interviewed. her body was floating in a river near the resort in a district that is a popular tourist site. she was just 39 years old. he is now defending his controversial interview with el chapo, guzman. he is now blaming the american people instead of the mer derrous drug lord. kelly wright has the details. >> sean penn said he had no role in the arrest of drug king pen el chapo. in an interview he has regrets
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about doing the interview. he disputes mexican authorities explaining it helped recapture el chapo. he met with guzman last october after being contacted by his associates. we are not smarter than the dea or mexican intelligence. we had a contract in which we were able to facilitate and allowed us in. >> penn said he was surprised el chapo the most wanted men in mexico at the time could take a risk being captured just to meet him for a story in rolling stone magazine. >> i was stunned he would risk our trip. i was stunned. my article should not have made this much noise.
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el chapo should not van this popular figure to read about. >> we all want the drug problem to stop. if you are on the moral right or far left just as many of your children are doing the drugs, just as many of your brothers and sisters, teachers at schools are doing these drugs. >> he describes his article on el chapos a a form of experiential journalism. he is not fearful the drug cartel would try to harm him with any kind of retaliation. >> oo 24 is coming back to your tv screen but not the way you might wish. >> you are running out of time.
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>> it will have an all new cast not with kiefer sutherland. they are looking at an african american jack bauer to create diversity. mad max dominating the night with a whopping 9 trophies. tom hardy and charlise theron winning best actor and actress. >> the critics choice for best picture is "spotlight." >> right there the drama spotlight was the big winner. it focuses on a team from the boston globe investigating a brees abuse scandal. >> comedian amy schumer loses more than her mind. her high heel busted as she is walking up the stage.
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scene steeler in the form of michael trembly. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. i know where to put this. right on the shelf right beside my millennium falcon. >> the pint sized man picked up best young actor award for his role in "room." the frontrunner feud is firing up. >> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. the new battle brewing two weeks before they decide. >> the way uber wants you to get around.
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>> one of the most hated men in america, that man right there, he is speaking out former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli. he became known as the most hated man in the world last year after he jacked up the price of an hiv drug to $13 and change to $750. people he talks with actually don't hate him. >> when i do find someone like that they will almost always be supported. >> the drug price went up more than 5,000 percent.
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he claims that's why he was arrested. >> dozens out raejed after the fi plant threatened to fire him. they are no longer able to take two five minute breaks to pray. the company says the environment doesn't allow for unscheduled breaks in their production. >> are you looking for a new way to get around. uber's new partnership is taking things to new heights. >> fox business is here to tell us what to lack out for. uber wants you to get around town via helicopter. they are teaming up with air bus to do so this week during the sundance film festival. no word yet on the costs.
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chocolate prices are going up. there are big demands for the stuff after bad weather hit the cocoa making countries. netflix has more original programmipro programming announcing love, place and the ranch. the fourth season of alpha cards and the orange is the new black is march 4th and june 17th respectively. ride along two top star wars ends bringing in $34 million. david bow bowie's album is number one. the legendary artist died of cancer days after this album dropped ladies, back to you. >> to find the fox business network log on to >> it is now time to brew on this. low budget airlines charge for
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everything. >> they are illegally charging prospective employees for an interview. >> they were forced to pay a $65 fee to reach the final stage of the application process. it is illegal because it is seen as discrimination. >> send your comments to facebook, twitter and e-mail at fox friends we will share them later in the show. >> 25 after the top of the hour. the democratic debate heats up against the nfl playoffs. debbie wasserman schultz says don't worry. >> we don't have the tv star leading our polls and not the dozen pack of candidates that they have got. >> that's not all she says. crash around burn the dramatic
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>> three american missing in iraq. new fears they were kidnapped. five men make it back to the united states in a controversial prisoner swap. why the new deal puts a target on the backs of american citizens. >> the democrats duke it out. >> 90 people a day die from gun violence in our country. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off on the stage. a oo trouble on the tracks for
2:30 am
nascar star tony stewart. this confrontation is caught on camera. >> and good morning to you and welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am lea gabrielle. we are back with a fox news alert. >> this is on the heels of a controversial swap of americans for iranian prisoners that many say puts a wount de on the head of every american abroad. this is the latest on all of the developments. >> as soon as the fooi americans were safe the u.s. imposed saipgss on iran for the ballistic missile testing in actions iran isser king illegitimate. several more americans disappeared in iraq according to the embassy in baghdad. it is working with iraqi
2:31 am
authorities to locate them. there are reports he may have been kidnapped. others are celebrating the return of their loved ones. three of the recently freed iranian hostages are in route to the united states. right now at an air pace base i germany. they spoke to the wife yesterday about what she thinks will happen next. >> our family have been separated for 3 and a half years. there's a lot of adjustment a lot of feeling that needs to happen. it was time for this to be over and to move forward. >> one american still trapped in iran is robert levinson. he promised his family he would not be forgotten. >> iran has agreed to deepen our coordination as we work to locate robert missing from iran for over eight years. as we return the safe return of
2:32 am
others we will never forget about bob. our hearts are with the levinson family. >> levinson family said in a statement quote we truly hope he keeps his word. our family needs to be whole again. despite all of the new sanctions by are against 11 individuals or companies involved in iran's ballistic missile program it is still a very good day for iran. this is the day iran will finish the world markets for the first time. heather and lia back to you. kristin fisher in washington this morning. they are worried they will take advantage with no consequences. we are an open atm so let's start grabbing people. it opens the door for other terrorist organizations and
2:33 am
simply put it is not diplomacy. this is cash politics cash on the hands of americans. they have put a price on the citizens in the united states outside of our territories and they are fair game for the gran. >> let's keep talking about the iran deal. should we have swammed iranian prisoners for americans? let's go toi talk live on the debate with the hashtag keep talking. we are american election headquarters. meantime a head to head battle between bernie sanders at last night's debate. the top two-tiered democrats taking the gloves off in the last debate over the iowa caucuses. dug luzader is live in washington with the highlights and low lights. >> a much more heated debate because bernie sanders is doing
2:34 am
so well in new hampshire and iowa additional to that. we saw the two clash on gun control and healthcare. >> i have supported from day one an instant background check to make certain people who should not have guns do not have guns. that includes people with criminal backgrounds, people who are mentally unstable. >> he voted for immunity from gun makers and sellers which the nra said is the most important piece of gun legislation in 20-years. this is a significant debate. it is the last one before the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primaries. the next debate february 11th. despite bauer reing the debate behind the nfl playoffs another crime time television say they have a record number of
2:35 am
viewers. >> even though we don't have a reality tv star who is leading our polls and not the dozen pack of candidates they have got. we have had pretty good numbers. no matter what they are on we have had record viewer ship. >> the last democratic debate had the lowest numbers of the election cycle. >> on the republican side the frontrunners is intensifying. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody hikes him. >> trump and cruise are a little bit apart. they will keep the gop candidate from traveling to the u.k. more than half of the people who
2:36 am
signed this kick started this. they temporarily banned muslims and they have been sparking the out try. >> frigid temperatures. lake-effect snow blasting buffalo new york with six inches of snow. we are tracking what is ahead. >> there's a little bit of snow. you are seeing that accumulate at times. it is also the great lakes where you are seeing the heaviest snowfall. you are seeing a foot of snow through out the day even into tomorrow. heavy snow in ontario so western new york is dealing with the snowfall early today and will continue to deal with it through tomorrow. because of this we have lake-effect warnings in place in
2:37 am
buffalo and syracuse. taking a look at areas further west we are dealing with another storm system out here. looking at heavy snowfall moving through. in the great lakes we are looking at big stories. in minneapolis in chicago three below sdmreer row and you factor in the wind and windchill temperatures are much colder than that. you can see as far south as atlanta and rally highs aren't going to make it out of the 30's. let's head over to you. >> thank you, maria. falcon 9 rockets from vand burg air force base in california.
2:38 am
>> 3, 2, 1. lift-off falcon 9. >> it can measure the surface of the world's oceans. the problem about 25 minutes after takeoff the rocket landed on a drone in the ocean. a broken landing leg caused the whole thing to tip over. >> wow. >> boom. >> the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. in a fiery rescue captured on go pro camera a family trying to escape their burning apartment forcing to handover their baby. >> a call caught on life television where a television reporter comes face to face with a gun flashed right at her. >> that is scary. >> why this little fan right there is making big news at the carolina panther's game. perfo.
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>> welcome back. they are investigating tony stewart's confrontation with a heckler. this was at the chilly bowl nationals in oklahoma. a oo the fans flipped stewart off. the fan is corporal kyle hess off duty at the time. >> the nascar sprint cup champion is known for having a short temper on and off the track. >> game set fixed. the world of professional tennis rocked with a major scandal. new reports say investigators hired the association of tennis professionals found signs of corrupt match fixing by gamblers
2:43 am
like wimbledon for example. they offered them 50,000 dollars or more to fix a match. up to 70 players could be involved. this comes adds the u.s. open opens today. serena williams joke vich and federer have all won their first matches. there are two more playoff games before super bowl a 15 for the win. final divisional games done. we move on to a championship round. you look so cute. >> i am leaving it on. >> sirius xm 115 is here with the highlights. both of the games down to the wire. >> both featured last minute on side kicks. we will begin with denver colorado. >> john roth less burger a
2:44 am
shoulder injury could not keep him from this playoff pick. >> the first touchdown fitzgerald would later fumble in the 4th quarter. that would set up the touchdown for the denver broncos as they would go in front and then denver would set up the most important play here. denver makes a big stop. broncos are into the championship game. 55 game winning driys in the 4th quarter or in over time. it is tom brady against payton manning one more time. the nfc divisional playoff yesterday in north carolina. cam newton the carolina panthers had it going early on. he busts out early. carolina is up 7-0. this didn't last too long it was 14-0. he kicks off the pass goes in
2:45 am
for the score. it goes to 31-0. seattle still ahasauerus el wilson who put together a heck of a comeback after carolina had gone in front. 31-0. watch what russell wilson can do we have seen it so many times before with this quarterback. they come back with the quick touchdown. russell wilson germane curse in the nfc match up with the set. it will be the cardinals verses the panthers next sunday. this will be the 7th time they own a match up. everybody is saying the panthers are going to win the super bowl after that performance. >> we may need a tether for that one if it happens. >> people will be there if that happens. >> i hope so. how about the fan who got the football in the end zone
2:46 am
yesterday. >> it was wonderful. every touchdown the panthers give the paul to the kid. that went viral that little girl. >> looks like a little heather childers. a oo that is what i looked like in my apartment watching it. >> you can hear jared on fox news headlines sirius xm 1:115. >> the time is now 46 minutes after the hour. deadly tornadoes pupilble florida leaving thousands of homeless or without power. we are live on the ground with a clen jup effort. >> that's a serious story terrifying moments to tell you about. elephant decides to ram their van. first we have steve doocy with what we have on "fox & friends." >> morning ladies. coming up on "fox & friends" who won the democratic presidential debate? the news not good for hillary clinton. plus the frontrunner for the republican race is going to join us live here on "fox & friends."
2:47 am
secretary of state john kerry talking about iran and a deal and the pos taj release. dr. oz said he found a way to get into a patient's head simply listening to their voice. what happens when we put the politicians to the test? they will grade the democrats. hillary, bernie and the guy from baltimore. busy three hours kicks off right here on your channel you trust for your morning news. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> deadly tornadoes hit dozens of homes:
2:51 am
>> you are looking at a home where the weekend tornado caused so much damage some people cannot stay in their home. a yard so much damage. a yard littered with debris. to the side, a car smashed. this is only one area hit by the tornado. multiple counties continuing that cleanup process. you're looking at the areas in -- thousands of people without power. and we learned also that one county is even estimating one
2:52 am
town could be in the millions of dollars of damage. this is strong and unusual to have something like this in january. back to you. >> live for us on the scene. thank you. in a daring rescue. crews in los angeles meantime save a man clinging to the side of a cliff. you can see the rescuer shadow behind the man as he swings in to save him. crews lowering that hiker to the ground without a scratch. it's still unclear how he ended up stuck on that cliff in the first place. a dramatic rescue caught on go pro camera. a woman seen handing her baby to firefighters in fresno, california through a window. they had been trapped on the second floor. seven people had to be saved in that fire. no one was injured. and time now for a look at what is going viral. a target employee who we begin
2:53 am
with in indianapolis getting praise for how he handled an elderly customer paying her entire bill in change. the cashier lost his cool. another customer took a picture and it's taken off online. a police officer dazzles a crowd at the west virginia basketball game when he steps up to give an impromptu performance of the star spangled banner. >> the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> what a great sight to see him doing that. that's officer carlton smith. he stepped up to the plate when the scheduled singer got stuck in traffic. smith will join "fox and friends" at 8:50 this morning to share more about that knockout performance and he will sing for all of us. >> looking forward to that. >> a cat with some skills. manny is going viral online for
2:54 am
his outdoor selfies. this kitty loves to take pictures of himself using his go pro. dozens of his pictures have been posted on instagram. >> guess he's into the way he looks. >> i don't know about that. the time is 54 minutes after the hour. forget about paying for a performance. how about paying for a job interview. would you do it? your answers are coming up. gas around the country. prices just hit less than $.50 a gallon. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap,
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it's about ten minutes until the top of the hour. here's what you need to know. three american contractors are miss being in iraq. believed to have been kidnapped south of baghdad. the state department is working with iraqi authorities to locate them. officers are expected to ask for more volunteers today in the search for noah chamberlain. the tennessee toddler disappeared thursday while hiking with his grandmother and sister. celebrations across the country in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. day. many businesses and schools are closed in recognition of king's birthday. the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good: 47 cents. yes, that's what a gallon of gas is going for in one michigan town. michigan is the first state to see gas prices below a dollar. now the bad.
2:59 am
an elephant takes drivers by surprise in africa. the animal went charging after a car as it turned a corner. the drive sped off as fast as it could. the ugly. a moment for a serbian news reporter. a man flashes a gun between her face and the camera. somehow she keeps her cool and the man walked away. no one was hurt. heather? now, it's time for your brew on this responses. accused of illegally charging prospective employees for an interview. pilot and flight attendant applicants were forced to pay a fee to reach the final stage of the application process. would you pay for a job interview? >> jesse on facebook says if a company is seeking employees, it seems ethically wrong to charge the applicant for an interview. >> brian adds, it's not unusual for a job that has far more applicants than positions available. finally, if it were a job i
3:00 am
really wanted, yes, i would pay for the interview. >> you betty would. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. hi everyone. good morning. today is monday, the 18th of january 2016. i'm anna kooiman. it's a fox news alert. three u.s. citizens, civilians, kidnapped and missing in iraq. the frantic search to find them and the hunt for who may be responsible. and the gloves came off last night. hillary clinton going after bernie sanders full force just days before iowans cast their votes. watch this. >> i think we can do to improve it. but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that contentious debate, i think, is the wrong direction. >> we're not going to tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it. >> okay. that's on health care. they also talked about a bunch of other stuff. wait until you hr


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