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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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sotloff and james foley. killers proved they were ready to sacrifice that was dearest to them for the sake of responding to allah. parents, students and teachers on edge after dozens of schools across 10 states are threatened with bombs and mass shootings. many received phone calls from a robotic caller. they forced the schools to lock down or evacuate. last month you may remember the entire los angeles school district closed over similar threa threats. >> was ooet tan couch taken to mexico against his will? that and agreeing to fight his deportation back to texas. couch and his mother were arrested last month. they took off to mexico after
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ethan missed a probation appointment. he plead guilty to killing four people in a drunk driving accident but didn't get prison time after saying he was too rich to know the difference. >> the former secretary of state's server contained intelligence even more classified than previously thought. dozens of e-mails were at the quote presidential secret and top secret sap level. even beyond top secret less people had access to that kind of information. el lex headquarters. donald trump reeling in a ringing endorsement from former alaskan government sarah palin. we are live with more. good morning kristin. >> good morning, heather. yesterday was a bad day for ted
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cruz. first the republican governor of iowa said cruz must be defeated. then his biggest rival donald trump picked up a highly coveted conservative endorsement right when they need it most. sarah palin has endorsed donald trump. she still carries enormous wait against tea party supporters. yesterday at a rally she urged them to jump on the trump train. >> no more pus see footing around. our troops deserve the best. you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and kick isis ass? are you ready to stump for trump? i am here to support the next president of the united states donald trump. >> trump says he's greatly honored to endorse have her endorsement. trump says we are still friends.
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he's focusing his eye on the establishment. >> it is no surprise the establishment is in full panic mode. we said from the beginning the washington cartel was going to panic more and more. as on conservatives unite around our campaign you will see the washington cartel firing every shot they can. every cannon they can. >> as for the democrats hillary clinton's lead is continuing to decrease especially in new hampshire. bernie sanders pulled 27 points ahead of her. 60 to 33. that is a 17 point jump in one month. no doubt those numbers are making clinton's campaign increasingly nervous. >> surprising a lot of people. kristin fisher live. thank you, kristin. >> political analysts like brit hume seem to agree sarah palin's endorsement should hurt cruz more than it will help trump. >> the person it effects more than donald trump is ted cruz. he is running as the consistent
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conservative. sarah palin as a reputation to be a true blue conservative. the doubts raised about donald trump is whether he is a conservative. that's part of what cruz is saying with him. now comes sarah palin who injury tans the afeks and loyalties of a certain amount of american conservatives to vouch for him, to vouch for trump. that hurts cruz particularly in iowa not enormously. endorsements doesn't matter that much any more. in their margins it makes a difference. >> he is also saying if cruz doesn't win iowa he may be out of the race. sad news ben carson cancelling campaign events of the day after a member of his staff is killed in a car wreck. 25-year-old braid den joplin was in a van with three other staffers when it slid on icy road it was then hit by another vehicle. jocelyn was rushed to the hospital where he then died.
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carson traveled to omaha to meet with his family. driver fatigue may be to blame for a deadly greyhound bus crash. two people killed 8 others injured when it plowed through safety barrels and flipped on to his side. he admitted getting coffee 30 miles south of the crash site. last american held captive in iran make their way home. we are learning shocking new details about the prisoner swap and why it may not have been a swap so much at all. kathy ibanez is live for us. >> here to stay. 7 iranians free from custody returned home. former inmates declined a flight to switzerland for the swap this weekend. 6 have iranian dual citizenship. many former prisoners have families living in the united states. all have been convicted of or
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crashed with crimes. but while the iranian prisoners choose to stay put three americans held captive in iran jumped at the chance to fly back home speaking out for the first time former u.s. marine says it was a surreal experience to finally be let free. >> it's like being born again. i feel proud to be an american. i didn't want to let my marine -- fellow marines down and reputation of the marine corps so i tried my best to keep my head up and with stand all of the pressures that were put upon me. as soon as we got out of iranian airspace the champagne bottles were popped. >> congressman dan kill dean has been trying to help free him for years. the american hero story should serve as an example to others. >> i told him here today, his story is not just an amazing
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story unto itself but it is a testament to anybody who ever thinks there is no hope all hper is loss. 4 and a half years later he walks out not just a free man, a kind, thoughtful articulate young man who we can all be proud of. >> the white house continues to praise the deal with iran. the former prisoners are expected to return to the u.s. after a few more days. >> thank you. now to extreme weather. 50 million americans staying bundled up as a brutal winter storm is brewing. it is expected to drop a foot of snow or more on some northern states over the weekend. >> maria molina tracking what we are in for. >> good morning. it looks like things are going to get a little interesting across places like the northeast. we are looking at the pot models closely and it is hinting at a major storm. after a long period of time of unsettled weather.
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but before we get to the end of the workweek we want to talk about today and tomorrow. we have extreme weather before then. right now the current windchill temperatures across parts of the northeast and into the midwest. take a look at the values further west. in minneapolis feels like 1 and 6 in pittsburgh and 10 in buffalo. bundle up in the midwest and parts of the northeast. we are tracking one winter storm bringing snow now across western parts of tennessee and kentucky and indiana. most snowfall accumulations are staying generally on the light side 3-6 inches in some areas especially as we get into higher elevations out here. because of that we have winter weather advisories winter storm warnings. in southeastern parts of missouri we are looking at some of the warnings in place out there. then we have a second system bringing in not only more precipitation but eventually moving across parts of the
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eastern u.s. and it could be developing out there. then again into friday and also into saturday. that will be something to watch very closely. it does look like temperatures should remain cold enough. we will keep you updated as the latest information comes out. let's head over to you and heather. mariana, thank you for that. governor rick snyder vowing to release all of the e-mails from his office relating to the lead contamination this as he takes full responsibility during his state of the state address. we have the latest on that. >> michigan governor rick snyder tuesday is at the state of the state address to talk about the ongoing water crisis in flint. >> the government failed you, federal state and local leaders. schneidnooi snyder pledging a new response. >> in schools, daycare facilities and other high risk locations. >> including a plan to help families dealing with led exposure in children.
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>> treatment of children with high blood levels including dying no, siric testing. >> flint's water source was replaced with river water. elevated led levels were in children corrupted river water made the pipes leak. they returned to the flint system but damaged pipes could still be leaching lead. they are still forced on bottled water and testing kits daily. >> i have to walk over to get water i live at least 2 and a half miles away. >> they have lawsuits claiming contaminated water is responsible for legionnaires disease, hair loss and potential developmental problems in children. they knew there were problems but gave false assure rans before taking action. the white house appointed a sglar to oversee federal systems for flint and says the justice department investigating. >> there have been questioned raised about the conduct of state and local officials.
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>> so far 5 million federal dollars have been approved for flint but the need is around 55 million. kirsten mcnairy, fox news. don't mess with a mom and her kids. wait until you see what happens when a would be car jacker picks the wrong target. >> we are now less than two weeks until the iowa caucuses. want to stay up to speed on elections? we have the app for that. >> why restaurants that jumps on the no tipping bandwagon? remember that? they are certainly having a change of heart. >> this morning twitter went down for almost three hours. it wasn't good. in fact i heard donald trump had to fax his information.
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>> we are back with a fox news lart. a deadly attack at a pakistan university. four militants opened fire killing 20 students and one professor at the university p. government troops now control the campus but not all of the victims may be accounted for yet. the taliban is claiming responsibility for that attack. the crisman monetary in iraq completely destroyed by isis. they say it is reduced to just a pile of rubble. the site has stood for 1400 years. it was viewed as a place of worship for u.s. troops. saint elijah's is one of the
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religious historic sites destroyed by isis in iraq and syria. >> thank you, abby. nearly half a million foreigners last year over stayed their visas. a large majority of those are still believed to be in the country. they have new data composing of tourists or business travelers. >> this could be called the year of the gun. more than 23 million background checks for the gun virus in 2016. that number is up. it is at an all-time high tracking back in 1998. >> it is now time to brew on this. we have heard the debate on guns in college campuses. they are proposing a plan that would allow them to have gun ons
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campus. students should have some form of defense since state law for bids them from carrying defense. >> is this a good idea to keep them safe or does it send a dangerous precedence? send an email at the time now is 17 after the top of the hour. a dangerous weapon found at el chapo's hideout. how he got his hand on a gun that can take out a helicopter. >> jum or yuck. get this. chocolate covered french fries. where the new menu item is being served up. >> big yuck.
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fallout to the trend. lauren? >> tips are back at two san francisco restaurants that did away with tipping last year. they did add a gratuity. they made less money and 70 percent of them quit. the restaurants have brought back tipping but they have not lowered prices. well the rounds were turned -- rams returned to los angeles with the world's most expensive stadium costing over $3 billion. it could seat around 500,000 people. it has been dubbed the disney world of envelope. netflix users paying 7.99 cents a month to stream may go up to 9.99 if they want to continue in high deaf. prices are expected to stay the same for standard definition. forget ketchup.
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mcdonald in japan is serving up french fries smoothered in chocolate. they come with white and milk chocolate sauces. back to you. not quite sure about that. fox business network log on to finder. all right. less than two weeks away from the iowa caucasuses. is your politics knowledge up to par. we have four apps to keep up with one election. >> the first vote in the 2016 presidential election is happening. a few weeks the old way of doin things. interknowledge systems. they are going to work on an app to more likely count caucus votes so the clear winner is known faster and we can avoid confusion in who said winner is like the problem last time
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around. it's an app and web site that let's your voice be heard behind your vote. you can see what congress is working on. more exciting than c span a description of what a yea or nay vote is. you can see whatter ohs are saying about ongoing legislation. i citizens is another way to let you know what your opinions are on key legislation. you can pick from a list of legislation like technology, education, healthcare. you will see what's happening on the issues. you can get information to contact your representative in congress and let them know how you feel. voters this is kind of like tinder for your favorite politicians. you won't swipe left when your favorite one comes up. you have a series of issues and based on your answers you will see if there is a match. you give a list of the candidates you match with and even the bio so you can learn
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more and contact them. >> no excuse this time. you can hear more of brett larson fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm. >> political tinder. >> the time 25 after the top of the hour. tax filers beware. >> is it too late to say sorry. zach he have fon apologizing after a tweet that created a firestorm of controversy. the fist on this day in history country star jerry lee lewis played the grand old opry for the first time. in 1981 the iran hostage crisis ended.
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>> it's wednesday january 20th. this is a fox news alert. the executioner executed. isis confirming to the world the infamous butcher jihadi john is dead. the brand new threat raising fresh fears of attacks. >> stumping for trump. sarah palin throwing her support behind the donald. >> work ethic and dreams and drive in the almighty what a combination. are you ready to share in that again iowa? is that is what is going to let you make america great again. >> who this move impacts the most. >> it all worked out the right way. >> jamie foxx why he is being hailed a hero. this is no movie role. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> good morning to you. to you as well. i am heather childers. >> i am abby hunts man. we are back with a fox news alert. the executioner executed. confirming in the magazine jihadi john is dead. he targeted a car he was riding in last year. >> the ruthless butcher appeared in several beheading videos including the execution of american steven sotloff and james foley. the magazine praising the terror attack in san bernardino saying the killers proved they were ready to sacrifice what was dearest to them for the sake of responding to allah. the terror group also warning it is here to stay. warning enemies to quote get you to the sounds of explosions and the image of carnage. more u.s. troops could soon be on their way to iraq. defense secretary ash carter announcing the possibility siting recent success and taking back ramadi from isis fighters. the u.s. troops could be joined
2:31 am
by military members from several countries including britain and france. sad news for the families of 12 marines missing off the coast of hawaii the search has been suspended. the coast guard is calling it a recovery and salvage mission. officials have been scouring the waters since tuesday that's when two choppers collided during a training mission. a memorial in the marine corps base is planned for friday. >> on the campaign trail donald trump reeling in a ringing endorsement from former alaska governor sarah palin. kristin fisher has more. >> yesterday was a tough day for ted cruz on the same day he got picked over by a darling of the tea party he took a big hit from
2:32 am
the well-known well respected member of the establishment. the governor said ted cruz must be defeated. he called him the biggest opponent of renewable fuels and says he is heavily financed by big oil. not something cruz wants to hear from the governor of a state when they will caucus in four-days. sarah palin endorses donald trump in a spirited speech at a rally in iowa. listen. >> know that the united states military deserves a commander-in-chief who loves our country passionately and will never apologize for this country, no more pus see footing around. our troops deserve the best. you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass. are you ready to stump for trump? i am here to support the next president of the united states donald trump.
2:33 am
>> trump says he's honored to have palin's support especially because she supported ted cruz during his last campaign. don't worry palin and i are still friends but he is blasting trump accusing him of being a deal maker who would come to washington and compromise the conservative cause. >> donald trump yesterday said the problem with me is that i wouldn't go to washington make a deal and go along and get along with the democrats. well, if you are looking for someone who is a deal maker it will capitulate even more to the democrats who will give in to chuck schumer and harry reid and nancy pelosi perhaps donald trump is your man. let's talk about the democrats. hillary clinton's lead issen itting to shrink especially in new hampshire. a new cnn poll out yesterday said bernie sanders pulled ahead of her by 27 points in that state. 60 to 33 percent.
2:34 am
that is a massive gap. no doubt that is making clinton's campaign very nervous. palin's endorsement could help trump in iowa. more than anything it is a blow to ted cruz. >> this is all about iowa. again he is way ahead in new hampshire. he is unstoppable. the reason he could be decisive is not because he helps trump or brings him additional support but it hurts cruz. he attributes the success she now turns against him. i think this is a major blow to him. >> most analysts agreeing with that saying endorsements don't win elections but palin's support may turn the tied in the
2:35 am
fight for the evangelical vote. >> the controversial iranian prisoner swap may not have been a swap after all. it turns out none of the iranians are leaving the united states. jackie ibanez is here with the latest. >> home sweet home in the united states. the seven former prisoners would be throflown to switzerland whe they would be held captive in iran. six are iranian dual citizenship while many have families in the united states. all of them have been charged with or convicted with crimes. while the iranian priz negotiates choose to stay put the americans held captive in iran. amyre heck mattie couldn -- hek
2:36 am
couldn't believe they were going home. >> i was really proud to be an american. i was at the point where i accepted the fact i was going to spend ten years in prison. this was a surprise. i was blessed to see my government do so much for me and the other hearns. >> congressman dna kilde has been working to set hekmati free for years now. >> every time i hear amyre's voice. i met him yesterday for the first time. seems odd. it feels like i know him so well. i get choked up. isn't he an amazing american? the way he spoke is incredible. >> killthe former prisoners are expected to return to the u.s. after a few days. >> 50 million americans staying bundled up. brutal storm is brewing. it could go up to a foot or more
2:37 am
over the northern states over the weekend. maria molina is here to tell us what's next. >> really watching the storm closely as we head through friday and saturday that's one we could be looking at. significant impact with heavy snow and also strong winds. we have windchill temperatures as you head out the door it will feel cool out there. we have calmer winds today. in pittsburgh and indianapolis we are in single digits this morning. in the teens in places like chicago and also in detroit. layer up it will stay chilly out there as we head into the next several days as well. cold air will set the stage with snowfall in the area. one area right now dealing with snow is across indiana, kentucky and also into parts of tennessee. we have an area of low pressure rolling through.
2:38 am
because of this some areas could see up to 3-6 inches. we have winter storm warnings in effect and also winter weather advisories. they extend into western parts of north carolina and into northern parts of georgia. accumulations not all that much until we track our next storm system and this is the one we were mentioning that could impact parts of the mid atlantic on friday. before that on thursday it will impact some of the same areas across places like tennessee and also into parts of arkansas as well northern arkansas. it will be a little warmer out here by then. many areas are going to be seeing rainfall. across the mid atlantic it should be cold for snow. we are looking at strong winds with the storm system and potentially very significant snowfall accumulations as the model continues to come out we will give you the forecast and bring you the latest. for now let's head over to you. >> maria molina. thank you. >> the time is almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. don't mess with a mom and her
2:39 am
kids. car jackers learn the hard way when their women fights them off with their bear hands. >> dropping the word man in their combat title the new changes that hadz the army considering doing just that. >> i call him my best friend. >> calling a state trooper his bestest friend. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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>> in a business alert the irs
2:43 am
warning scammers are taking millions from americans. jolene kent from fox business here with how to protect yourself. good morning, joe. >> good morning, heather. it is only day two of tax filing season but scammers already out in full force. the treasury department issuing a new warning yesterday to be on high alert for fraud. the agency says people pretending to be irs agents are making ruthless and aggressive calls telling taxpayers they owe back taxes and threatening if they don't pay up right away. 900,000 fake calls have been made since october 2013. 5,000 victims have paid now over 26 and a half million dollars to scammers. to avoid all of that be on the lookout for any call asking you to pay immediately or any one who demands your credit card information over the phone f. you think you owe back taxes call the irs yourself. the tax inspector general at c
2:44 am
fc -- they never make demands for payments over the phone. they always send a letter first. thank you, joe, always nice to have you here. >> the cop next to the capture of el chapo. now revealing a rifle strong enough to talk down a helicopter was discovered at the drug kingpin's hideout. that operation let criminals buy guns so the atf could track them. the actress helped sean penn introduce el chapo is in a money laundering investigation involving the drug lord. agreeing to review a proposal to shield millions of illegals from deportation.
2:45 am
this comes after they block the executive order back in november. they call the move unconstitutional saying the president is trying to boost bypass congress. they are trying to argue the case in april and will likely have a decision by june. >> what do you think about this? the infantry man could be a thing of the mast. the military army navy marine corps now looking at the gender specific titles to remove man from any combat titles. all restrictions are lifted on women taking on the most brutal combat roles. the air force doesn't plan to make any changes. meantime? >> more than 700,000 dollars of your tax money wasted sending text messages to latino men. also encouraging them toexercis. the grant by the institutions of health promote physical activity for latino men. >> tax payer money. the time now is 15 minutes to
2:46 am
the top of the hour. >> passengers tossed like a rag doll when the car flips over. how he somehow survived. >> an unbreakable bond the adorable video that is going viral. >> steve dos sees always going viral with what's coming up on "fox friends first. talk about last night's big endorsement from governor sarah palin. she says donald trump should be the next president. also rudy giuliani america's mayor will be dropping by. we will talk politics with him. plus this new development regarding hillary clinton's e-mail. she has a bunch of super duper stuff on her computer. >> have you heard about the oscar boycott? there is one going on. stacy dash an actress and fox news contributor joins us live. plus the scoop on the taco diet.
2:47 am
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." get this story. two hijackers to protect her children. surveillance video from a florida gas station shows the men trying to steal her car. the mother -- throws one of the men out of driver's seat. rips his mask off. the carjackers make a run for it. her children, luckily, were unharmed. the two masked men and the
2:51 am
female driver of the get away car were arrested shortly after that. what a mom. it was like a scene out of a hollywood movie complete with a celebrity. jamie foxx jumping into action when a car crashes and bursts into flames. this is outside of his home. the oscar winning actor saved the driver's life. >> i said you got to help me get you out. i don't want to leave you. you got angels around you. i don't look at it as heroic. i look at it like you just had to do something. >> did you see that car? >> the driver was arrested for drunk driving and is expected to be survive. foxx met with his father. you can see that here after the crash and posted this picture of their meeting. >> overwhelming. one program taking a different track to combat pds. the secret to its success. the bond between man and animal. we take a look at that. >> heather, this is an unusual approach to a challenging
2:52 am
condition. so many of our combat vets are struggling with. healing emotional wounds by forging a bond of trust between man and horse. >> you guys going to work today, you going to go to work today? >> it's been said, there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse. bob nef ins is a vietnam veteran who knows the truth of those words. at these stables in new york, he puts stirrups in a ringo omen badly damaged by war, suffering from ptsd or suicidal thoughts. >> nice. eyes on eyes. beautiful. >> they're coached on connecting with the animal. between a predator and natural born prey. >> there he is. beautiful. really nice. >> when the horse came to me, that's probably the calmest i have been in the past six years. >> the three-day saratoga war horse program supported by private donations is provided at no cost to the vets with the
2:53 am
goal of allowing them to emotionally reconnect with themselves. >> good job. you're doing fantastic. >> participants say it's worked. they're able to relax and sleep again and reintegrate with their families and the world. >> we don't talk about their experiences. we just bring them here so they can have this experience and experience itself is what facilitates the change. >> the program hosts veterans several times a month in saratoga, new york and also in aiken, south carolina. >> love it, rick. anything we can do for our vets. the heart tugging moment when a premature brother and sister show off their special bond. >> actually hold the hand. how is that possible? >> twins christiana and christian, born two months early. they're holding hands resting on
2:54 am
their father's chest. two pounds each. moms posted her angels to facebook racking up over 2.3 million views. >> that is the sweetest thing. >> bless their hearts. the time is currently 54 after the hour. a new push to put stun guns on college campuses. a good idea or an accident waiting to happen? your e-mails are pouring in. that's next. a retraction and an apology from actor. >> caller: zac efron. the tweet that made social media explode. ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive.
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back to "fox and friends first." here's what you need to know this morning. set a resume a desperate search for noah chamberlain in tennessee. the sheriff still calling it a rescue mission. they're set to release e-mails related to the flint water crisis. during the state of the state address he took responsibility saying government failed the people. donald trump hitting the campaign trail a day after being endorsed by alaska governor, sarah palin. how will that affect trump? you can weigh in on our facebook page. #keep talking. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. >> an idaho state trooper sends a little boy involved in a crash a care package in the mail.
2:59 am
>> i would really call him my best friend. an a hero. >> the boy is now considering a career as a police officer. so cute. next the bad. a passenger thrown into an air like a ragdoll as a car loses control and flips over in brazil. somehow he survived. finally, the ugly. zac efron says he's sorry after being called insensitive about martin luther king day. on monday, the star wrote he was grateful for mlk and 10 million followers along with dark brown hand emoji. he apologized saying he has the greatest admiration and respect for dr. king. time for your brew on this response. pushing a bill to allow college students to carry stun guns on campus. is this a good idea or does it set a precedent? >> tasers should be outlawed. at the least, they should have strict guidelines.
3:00 am
desiree think why do they think you should be a sitting duck? i would take one anyway. professors should be required to carry guns. have a great day everyone. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it is wednesday, january 20th. 2016. i'm heather nauert. this is a fox news alert. terror on campus. begun men storming a university overnight. at least 20 students are dead. the details moments away. and trump's big surprise. we told you about it yesterday. turns out to be sarah palin, the former vice presidential candidate. from iowa, she threw her support behind donald trump. >> you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors go do their job and go kick isis ass? >> so is mama grizzly joining the trump train a


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