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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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anybody need a play date? look who wrote back, jasper perino says come by for breakfast any time. >> i think i see a date. >> are you asking the dogs? >> i'm asking the dogs if they want to date jasper? >> thanks for watching. bill: a fox news alert. a terror attack targeting students in northwestern pakistan. 20 are dead. dozens are injured. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the taliban first claimed responsibility for this attack, but now a spokesman for the pakistani taliban said they had nothing to do with it. the terrorists slipped into the campus through a barbed wire fence as the students and teachers ran for cover.
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bill: where are we at this hour? is the campus under control? >> this was a ferocious firefight. the attackers, a nearly 3 1/hours between both. the attack happened earlier this morning. it's in the town basically 20 miles outside of peshawar. the gunmen got through a security fence and scaled the university's walls under a thick cover of fog. they scaled the fences yelling allahu akbar which is god is great. some of the witnesses reported hearing explosions and we heard about students jumping out of
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windows, hiding in classrooms and bathrooms to get away from the attackers. 20 people were killed. the death toll could go up. some were critically injured. one military faction of the taliban in pakistan claimed responsibility. another political faction condemned the attack. but it would not be the first time the taliban carried out an attack like this on a school in pakistan. martha: another fox news alert. a loud explosion is heard a short time ago in afghanistan's capital city near the russian embassy in kabul. no word on if anyone is hurt. in the meantime. back to politics as a potential game changer in the republican
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race rolls out just days before the iowa caucus. former alaska governor sarah palin returning to the campaign trail endorsing donald trump for president. she said trump she believes is the person to take on the status quo. he's perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. are you ready for that, iowa? no more use -- no more pussy footing around. our troops deserve the best, you deserve the best. are you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and kick isis' ass? are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. martha: john roberts is live at
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a trump event in norwalk, iowa. good morning to you, john. reporter: she is a back. the alaska governor joining trump. it's a smaller venue. that's the way iowa voters like the. a big event in ames, iowa. what big question people are asking, what does she bring to the table for him? she is very popular with conservatives. she'll give them more confidence to vote for trump. evangelicals in the state love her and she inoculates the attacks that he's not a real conservative? >> how about the rest us, right
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winging proud gun swingers of our religion and constitution coming from the establishment, right? he being the only one who has been willing. he has the guts to wear the issues that need to be spoken about and debate on his sleeve. where the rest of some of these establishment candidates just wanted to duck and hide. reporter: that's a pretty strong endorsement for trump. it's also about the senator ted cruz. ted cruz said he wouldn't be in the u.s. senate fit weren't for sarah palin. that she knows how to pick winners. what she is saying is donald trump is for her type of conservative while his campaign was critical of her, the senator was magnanimous. >> i love sarah palin. she is a friend of mine.
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i would not be in the u.s. senate if it were not for sarah's friendship and incredible support. whatever she chooses to do in 2016, i'll always be a friend of sarah reporter: sarah palin's daughter bristol wrote an op-ed piece slamming cruz. martha: ted cruz may have been softening those comments and the back and forth with the comments he made with bret saying he loves sarah palin, she was very responsible for his senate race. is there any way of knowing where she specifically -- where palin can help him? this is still tight in that state. reporter: if she can help get him over the hill that can
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change the calculation. where she could help him out would be states like south carolina and then that big sec primary in march. she is also tight with the duck dynasty clan. that could help out in arkansas and louisiana after that. she could be a big help with those ties to conservatives. it remains to be seen how much help she can be. but it's better to have her on your side than not. bill: one person who probably knows donald trump better than most. we'll find out the state of the trump race with him after last night. what is the impact of palin's endorsement on trump and cruz. chris, let's start with trump. what does this do 13 days away
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from iowa. why did he need her on stage last night? >> he's still going to contest see you what. ted cruz is better built for iowa, he connects bet whether religious christian voters that dominated the caucasus. but donald trump is not going to cede any ground. sarah palin is an effort to stop the bleeding. ted cruz and his supporters and conservatives have been vicious on trump. once trump started the fight, unlike prior victims, team cruz has been right back in his face. their central assertions about trump is trump isn't that conservative. on fiscal issues and a host of things, he's much more a centrist than ted cruz. they are trying toy build a new coalition that involves
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disaffected democrats. the cruz people are saying they are not conservative republicans. sarah palin fits that brand for donald trump. but i don't know how it goes with the super conservatives in iowa. bill: what he said in that interview is that he would not be in the u.s. senate without sarah palin. cruz goes back to iowa very soon. what is his next move? >> he went up to new hampshire to say to the folks up there, i'm here and ted cruz doesn't expect to win in new hampshire. but he needs to not get run out. iowans will spend a lot of time with cruz the next 10 days or so. he has glenn beck coming in for him. so you can expect to see that
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ted cruz is going to close strong, close strong and close very conservative. bill: iowa is very tight between trump and cruz, or so it appears right now. >> iowa is bonkers when it comes to polling. rick santorum, he's not in the running. it's all about ron paul and romney. mike huckabee people saw coming differently. but this race will scramble and rescramble. it wouldn't surprise me if somebody else showed up and snuck past both of them. who knows, it's iowa. martha: let's go to germany, jason rezaian, we are getting our first look at "washington post" tehran editor who has
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finally been released from captivity. this is the first time we are getting a live shot of him. you see his mother and brother on the left side of your screen. he fought so hard to get his brother released from captivity in tehran. he said he wasn't going to make a comment. he seems to be doing that. let's listen. >> what's the first thing you are going to do when you are home? >> [inaudible] martha: so that's what we get. a wave. this man has been through an extraordinary ordeal over the last 18 months. the "post" has fought hard for
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his release. you can see the calm on their faces and the happiness and joy to be back together. jason rezaian as everyone will respect has made the decision he's not ready to talk about this yet. he's been checked out at the medical facility. and they appear to be in pretty good condition. bill: i love this shot of the rezaian we have been watching for a couple years. unfortunately he has been behind bars in prison. there is a reason why he's not talking right now. you heard palkot ask that question. we'll talk about that next. voters in new hampshire feeling the burn. a new poll showing a huge lead
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for bernie sanders in that key primary state. martha: stunning revelations in the hillary clinton email scandal. fox news learned clinton's server had more highly classified intelligence than anybody thought. including information that could put american lives in danger according to the attorney general who oversees our intelligence agency. >> they are the crown jewels of the intelligence community of the united states government. if this information is compromised we'll suffer very serious national security damage and people will die.
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what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya.
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we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at bill: cia inspector general finding hillary clinton's emails have intelligence from the most secret classified intelligence. it's called sap. joining us is judge napolitano and charles faddis. how do you now it's s.a.p.? you know his based on what? >> there is zero ambiguity. hard copy, electronic, it's clearly marked.
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if it's electronic you are probably accessing it in a separate channel. bill: you say to move out of that channel it takes a deliberate act to move it to unclassified. is that accurate? >> absolutely. completely separate systems. something that is specifically forbid on make that happen. bill: if you worked at the cia today and found guilty of doing this, what would happen to you? >> my career is over. my career is over. i would love my clearance, lose -- i would lose my clearance, lose my job and i would probably go to prison. bill: if someone were to hack your system what would happen down the line. >> the consequences are enormous. the reason these are in this
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channel is it would do enormous damage to our national security in it gets out. bill: does it cost lives? >> absolutely. bill: general david petraeus apparently signed the same non-disclosure job hillary clinton signed january 22, 2009. we see what's happening with petraeus. what will happen here? judge napolitano: it's hard to believe the f.b.i. will not recommend indictment of mrs. clinton. the crime is the negligent treatment, the failure to protect national security secrets. the government does not have to show she intended to treat them negligently. the government does not have to show harm. it only has to show negligent treatment. the evidence is overwhelming. what came out yesterday is that she failed to protect information of the highest
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possible category. i'll give you an example. we don't know what's in there because the people who said it's an s.a.p. aren't going reveal what's in there. but the type of information, the names of a mole, a person working for a foreign government also working for us. a black ops program that the government knows about what want to deny exists. the names of people participating in it. the fact that she failed to safeguard that and put it on a non-secured, non-government server after she swore an other to secure it make her a prime candidate for prosecution. bill: before she signs this form, the government tells you what? judge napolitano: she has an hour-long instruction by two f.b.i. agents who co-sign the form with her.
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they tell her what charles just explained about the various categories of national security secrets. they tell her she could be prosecuted she doesn't safeguard them. they say she can't remove a designation because it's the substance that makes it protected. bill: her team is saying it's politically motivated. they are saying it's fabricated by republicans. we'll see if that's the case. martha: jason rezaian, the reporter and bureau chief for "the washington post" who was held captive for iran for almost two years making his first public appearance. gregg palkot was there asking questions. we'll go to hip live next. reporter: what's the first thing you will do when you are home?
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don't miss a day of brilinta. bill: today we wake up to the news that isis destroyed the largest christian monastery in iraq. the historic structure has been reduced to rubble. it was a place of worship for 1,400 years. u.s. troops were there for a time. this is the latest in a string of religious and cultural structures in that part of the world destroyed by isis. martha: iranian prisoner and
6:26 am
"washington post" reporter in tehran was released. in landstuhl germany we just witnessed this happy moment. reporter: more good news coming out of this story. we are in front of the landstuhl medical center. jason rezaian, "the washington post" bureau chief coming out smiling with his wife, mother and brother ali. he wasn't going to be answering questions. we asked him the most important question, i asked him how do you feel? he gave me a so-so reaction. he has been experiencing some ailments. he was in detention cells and in
6:27 am
solitary confinement for 49 days straight. now he's here in important down time, being medically tested. that's first and foremost. the staff here is topnotch. then being psychologically checked out and a very important decompression period with his wife, mother and brother. when he will return is a big question. it was a very good feeling. he said very firmly with a big smile on his face, i can't wait to go home. i asked what is the first thing you are going to do when you go home, he said i'll pass on that. martha: no doubt we'll hear from him very soon. gregg palkot, great news from landstuhl this morning. bill: a shocking discovery after
6:28 am
the mexican drug lord el chapo. one of the rifles found was bought through the u.s. begun running operation fast and furious. cruz saying trump is not a real conservative. we'll get reaction from trump's son. >> as we are approaching election day the voters are asking who has been a consistent conservative and there are real differences on the issue of life and marriage.
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♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ bill: stocks are trading remarkably lower. we'll get to that as donald trump gets ready to hold a rally. this after sarah palin joined him on stage last night in iowa
6:32 am
endorsing the billionaire from new york. what an interesting moment that was. martha: battling on who is more conservative. ted cruz spoke out on that forcefully. >> looking for someone who is a deal maker who will give in to chuck schumer and harry reid and nancy pelosi, traps trump is your man. he supported the tarp bails. i disagree. we should have no bailouts of wall street. mr. trump enthusiastically supported barack obama stimulus plan and said the on the problem was it should have been bigger. martha: senator ted cruz escalating the battle for frontrunner status. cruz painting his rival as the establishment pick, but trump
6:33 am
picking up what could be a major endorsement in sarah palin. eric trump is the executive vice president of development and acquisition for the trump organization. this is a fascinating battle shaping up in iowa between your father and ted cruz. the suggestion ted cruz is making is your dad is becoming embraced by the establishment. that there is a washington cartel made up of media elite. the political power players and lobbyists. your dad because he likes to make deals if he goes to washington, will be making deals like everybody else. >> my father has received exactly zero campaign contributions where his whole campaign is funded by wall street and everyone else. it's kind of shock. that's the political spin americans are sick of.
6:34 am
non-politicians, the antithesis of a politician. martha: they want to know for real which one of them is truly the reform for when push comes to shove. your dad said things on the campaign trail that give people pause. he said in the first debate, i believe. i have given money to republicans and democrats who ran for office. it makes people say that's not and i outsider. that sounds like an insider to me. >> if you work in new york which is primarily obviously democratic. you are not building buildings and getting approvals if you don't support everyone across the board. that's what business people do. now obviously the allegiance is to the republican party. his values are republican in nature. but you have to play both sides of the field.
6:35 am
otherwise nothing will get done. >> i think everyone understands that to a certain extent. i think we all grew up sitting around dinner tables and we hear our dads rant. when you were growing up, what did your dad rant about at the dinner table when it came to politics in washington? >> first of all, all talk, no action, he says that a lot, but it's true. they are talking about, well, in article one of this bill this person said this, no, i said this in article 2. people want someone to cut through the red tape and get something done. the fed has no more ammo left in its gun. we have practically zero interest rates. it's a disaster what's happening in the dow. it's down another 300 points today. the world is falling apart.
6:36 am
the world is in shambles, our vets aren't being taken care of. our education system is in shambles. my father doesn't need this job. ' we have a great company, we are building hotels around the world. he doesn't need the job but he wants to fix the problem. he's built an incredible organization by being able to cut through the nonsense and fix problems and get things done. that's what he would do for america and he would do such an unbelievable job. martha: when you have conversations about who's going to win. you have say is donald trump doing this because of his ego? he woke up saying i do believe in what conservatives are saying. a lot of people make different political evolutions in life and i want to be president. f do you want to be president because he wants to be president or because he believes he can
6:37 am
change the country. it takes a lot of hard work and busting you have the washington cartel as ted cruz calls it. what is he doing specifically to bust up that cartel. >> this is hard stuff. this is hard work. you are on the trail every single day, you are giving speeches all day long. you are getting hit by the media on the right and the left it's a hard, hard job and you only do that if you are passionate. you only do that if you are incredibly passionate and want to help. if you look at the best commanders and chief we've had as a nation, they were business guys that went over to that side because they wanted to help this country. it's very different than the other people on that stage. martha: there will be people on the establishment side scoffing at the sarah palin endorsement. >> sarah palin in certain ways is a little bit like she is. she has been hit very shard by so many people.
6:38 am
she has a large following. i respected the speech. she got great grades for the speech. it wasn't on teleprompters it was a little bit ad-libs it was energetic. you have a generation that i think it's disenfranchised in a way. they want nothing to do with politics. if you have people out there who are more vocal and fun, it could bring this country back together, and that's what we need. bill: while eric trump is talking in new york his far it back on the stum in des moines. we expect sarah palin to appear again. let's drop in and pick up the message today. >> can you believe we are almost at the finish line. february the big day. you start it all. if we can win iowa, which is the
6:39 am
only state in the union where i'm close. florida just came down on "morning over" and the different newscasts, 48% in florida, and you have a sitle senator and he was at 11 or 12. you have a former governor bush who spends a lot of money, and he was less than that. it's amazing and people couldn't believe it. they said there must be a mistake. nor days an important state not only in terms of this. but i love florida. and i have a lot of investment in florida. i employ thousands of people in florida. before it's a special place. very big, very powerful in terms of the process. i have this massive lead in florida everybody was saying, who sarks, it was a mistake, they thought the poll was a
6:40 am
mistake. i'm doing great all over. if we've can do well in iowa we'll run the tape. if not then i have got to windham *. -- got to win new hampshire. if trump loses iowa it would be a terrible thing, the press. i don't know what the impact is. but i can tell i think we are going to win, it's probably the closest state. good luck everybody on the first. if you busy yourself don't bother. you have got to go out and caucus. if we can win iowa -- i'm not going to say anything is over. but even the biggest pun did, the worst liers, some guys said we would never run. even if he runs he will just have a good time.
6:41 am
i love you people, but i could be someplace else right now. i could be very happy being someplace else. they say it. if we win iowa we'll run the table. we may not lose a state because it will feed. i've what is very important. there is a lot of talk about moving iowa to the middle of the pack other back of the pack. it won't happen if i get elected. i developed so many friends. i have been here a lot and i'll be here next week. you will be so sick of me. you are going to say get the hell out of here trump, don't worry about it. you are going to win. one of the reasons i say i spent very little money. but now i'm spending money. i feel guilty because i'm $38 million under budget.
6:42 am
they give me so much television air time. can you imagine, this report, that report, then they have a commercial. if i have a trump commercial, then they go back to trump. the whole show plus commercials. if i put commercials on they will o.d. on trump it's no good. we'll put them on now because i feel guilty. i haven't run commercials. so i just started, some good ones, i think, who knows. a couple commercials going up, a lot of money. and i'm so far under budget. i don't want to take a chance. i feel confident. the polls are saying we are leading in the nationwide by a tremendous amount. i don't want to be accused -- i don't have to spend. so i'm not taking a chance. we are spending some good money. you will see good commercials going up shortly. some of them are up in iowa. i think they are pretty good. so iowa is so important because
6:43 am
if by doing that we are sending a signal, and that's why i want to win it. i don't want to lose by two votes. look at these people, they don't stop. no matter where you go. they don't stop. would you like me to stand up. it doesn't matter. i can't lose them. look at them, the paparazzi. look at them. they are taking pictures all day long. you say all that work for one picture. but they are good. we are all doing our thing. they are doing their thing, you are doing -- we are all doing our thing. the one thing we all have in common is we want to make america great again. we really do. the polls that have come out, and i love talking about polls. my favorite subject as long as i'm number one. i always get killed on the polls and the other candidates couple
6:44 am
to me, why do you mention polls? because i'm number one. i think i brought polls to a whole new hart and a whole new level. i'm a little bit different. i talk about them because when you are number one you talk about them. so we have a new poll came out, nbc news national. 38 for trump, second place is cruz in this one, 38-21, and third is rubio at 11. south carolina we are way, way, way above everybody. it's been incredible. reuters has us at 1%. gravis41%. the one that just came out 48%. georgia we are in the mid-30s and probably the low 40s. connecticut, 35%. other guys are 12 and 10 and 8 and 2 and nothing. some guys are at nothing.
6:45 am
i see them on television. yes we'll never leave the race. you know they are leaving the race right away. i watched a couple of politicians at or 2. he said no i'm not leaving the race. his people are already calling, will you hire us, please. politicians, all talk, no across. that's what we don't need. in iowa we have a great cnn poll. trump 33, cruz second at 20. cnn report and they show other people's polls. by the way, they spent a lot of money on the poll. i think we might be better than that. i said why are you not using the poll that says 33-21. why are you using the one that
6:46 am
says 21-20. they have no answer. it's unfair stuff. it's caldwell come to the world of trump or welcome to the world of being a conservative republican. they pay for their own poll and they don't put it up. i want to just -- so the polls are looking good. it's so important. and i stayed here last night and i had good steak. i always heard that. you should have. if you don't have good steak, who is going to have good steak. bill: you want to get the steak while you are in des moines. donald trump echoing some of the comments he made last night. we expected sarah palin. the polls show cruz and trump in a dead heat. the public policy institute. you know the state better than anyone. we have relied on you every four
6:47 am
years and we come back to you yet again. is the race in iowa as close as the polling suggestions? -- suggests? >> i think it is close. this whole spat with ted cruz over ethanol is significant because donald trump -- and he mentioned it in the clip we just saw, he's in a battle for every vote he can take away from ted cruz. when the governor this state said ted cruz should not get elected, should not win iowa. it's a huge story. it's designed to chip away a few votes from ted cruz and send them someplace else, probably donald trump. bill: explain to viewers outside of iowa. he's a popular governor pane's
6:48 am
blasting cruz because cruz made a vote to shoot count subsidies and came back and changed his vote. what sort of weight does the governor hold right now how much weight is on this issue? >> polls show us caucus-goers in both parties support ethanol subsidies. but it's not the only issue. and it's certainly not an issue where i have seen people go with a checklist and say you have got to be this way on ethanol. people are look at character and electability in candidates, how they like them, can this person be president, and what's their position on ethanol. for the governor to weigh in, he's putting his status on the line. he's trying to convince people not to vote for cruz. but i also think this
6:49 am
politically could also help marco rubio. there is a dynamic in these states. when two candidates get into a fight with each other the odd candidate out can oftentimes be the guy who wins. people have visited donald trump, they might not like hip so they have gone over to ted cruz. ted cruz is moving in the polls and taking more incoming and the governor hits hip on ethanol. i think that can move vote maybe to marco rubio. bill: cruz would argue this is the kind of stuff that got us $18 trillion in debt. let's see if he goes back to that argument. ben carson had an absolute tragedy in your state. what is the effect of -- you have four young workers, their van flips on a piece of ice. one is killed. >> it's a very sad day in iowa today.
6:50 am
this state is filled with 20-somethings working in campaigns, and working for network television. it's exciting to see people engaged. when this kind of tragedy hit, the car hit an ice patch and rolled over. this young man, 25 of lubbock, texas, was killed and it's a sad day in iowa. bill: i thought dr. carson's statement was heartfelt as well and it should have been. we'll talk again as we get closer. martha: wall street is getting hit once again today. down 268 point right now. a lot of pressure coming from falling oil prices again. the s & p saying fourth quart or earnings will be down 5%. we'll take a quick break. bend me shape me, any way you want me
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martha: a rifle strong enough to take down a helicopter was found in el chapo's hideout. the mexican drug lord was captured earlier this month and sources are claiming the rifle was funneled through the fast and furious program, u.s. gun running sting that backfired with tragic results. william lajeunesse is with us in los angeles. reporter: every gun has a serial number and every serial number tells a story from the manufacturer to the buyer. there is a list of all weapons sold through fast and furious. when police raided el chapo's
6:55 am
home they found two .50 caliber sniper rifles. one of them you see here was sold through fast and furious with the approval of the u.s. government. this is the fifth fast and furious weapon found at a high-profile drug seen. the irony, the intent of fast and furious was to find out how high up did u.s. guns go in the sinaloa cartel, now we know, the very top. martha: this comes as a federal judge is making a major ruling against the administration in that fast and furious case. reporter: this is a huge decision by the government's attempt to with hold documents
6:56 am
relating to fast and furious. the southern yearn and high-ranking officials claim to know nothing about the plan and blamed rogue agents in phoenix. they were stopped from obtaining documents by the president's executive privilege claim. i have been told the u.s. justice department will seek a city to turn over the the documents by february 22 and will seek a second opinion. bill: new details on what happened here and who may have been behind it. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®.
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martha: donald trump and ted cruz facing off on the campaign trail. the iowa frontrunner and national leader holding dual events. trump live in iowa. we saw some of that a few moments ago.
7:00 am
cruz is over in new hampshire as the race for the first in, first one comes up in just a few days from now. as we welcome you to hour two of "america's newsroom." glad you're with us today. i'm martha ma maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. sarah palin jumping into this contest and telling america is ready for this kind of change. >> those of us who have bonn through the wringer mr. trump has makes me respect you even more. you're putting efforts, putting reputation, putting relationships on the line to do the right things for this country because you are ready to make america great again! [cheering] martha: in new hampshire where a brand new poll shows bernie sanders crushing hillary clinton in the primary according to this new number. a whopping 27 point lead over hillary clinton. who would have thought you would
7:01 am
see numbers like that at this stage in the game in new hampshire. there they are. bill: chief political correspondent carl cameron covering republicans in concord, new hampshire. good morning to you. palin endorses trump, campaigning with him ben in iowa. what the effect of that endorsement on ted cruz, carl? >> on rest of the field it amounts to a big shadow, a big cloud and a very, very high wall for them to get over in terms of attention. donald trump has made his whole campaign about dominating media with his rallies and his sort of bombast i can interviews. bringing sarah palin on campaign with him in iowa and beyond it immediately focuses attention back on donald trump through sarah palin who is every bit as electric in her speech making as trump is. so for cruz it becomes harder and harder to get attention. which means he will have to
7:02 am
become more and more critical of the very candidate he spent the last year say he wouldn't criticize. cruz had a lot of success, nicking, ankling, biting at trump and had pretty good moments in the last debate. there will be one more before iowa in the caucuses but it is hard for chris to catch up in new hampshire where sarah palin is dominating headline. headline of the union leader, new hampshire is undecided and proud of it. how half of voters will not make up their mind until after the iowa caucuses. we have six candidates here campaigning. they're all going to be racing around the state doing multiple events. it is open question who will come in second in new hampshire. all the pack is bunched together unlike in iowa, cruz is basically in the lead, and question is how close it will be late night on caucus night.
7:03 am
bill: talk to you later. carl cameron in new hampshire. >> thanks. martha: warming him up today. more on this, tucker carlson, editor of daily caller, host of "fox & friends" weekend. good to see you this morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: very interesting numbers. you heard carl talk about what is going on. start with the republican first. you have the battle between ted cruz and donald trump right now. sarah palin weighing in on the trump side of the equation, what do you think of it. >> i may be only one thinking this but sarah palin may not help trump at all. she squandered great political capital she had eight years and hasn't achieved anything since and gives disjointed speeches. the whole point of donald trump he doesn't take endorsements or need them. he is outside normal channels. an that is one of the things he looks so uncomfortable. i'm sure i'm only one who think this is, he looks like a guy out
7:04 am
of his element all of sudden. that is opposite why trump is appealing. he is appealing in the first place because he is always comfortable. he is donald trump. he is a winner. martha: i think he got a little restless watching somebody else at the microphone for such a long time. maybe that is what it is. i want to get to the heart of the matter debate between the cruz camp and trump cam because issue comes down to one thing, what ted cruz calls the washington cartel. >> right. martha: are strength of conservatives out there do not want to see same old, same old candidate. they want to get in there and bust this thing up to be a true reformer. they're battling over which one of these two people it is. >> i think this latest critique of trump by cruz is the least effective. first one was he is not real conservative. cruz people discovered even a lot of conservatives are not orthodox on issues as maybe in republican party in washington thought they were. the new attack, trump is part of the establishment.
7:05 am
i'm not taking sides. doesn't seem a plausible attack. nobody is despised more by the washington establishment than donald trump. people know that intuitively to try to convince voters -- martha: i don't know about that. >> really? martha: we heard charles krauthamer said what trim trump said about 9/11 was electric. we heard newt gingrich say, not talking about endorsements but softening ground around donald trump you know what? he is looking a little bit smarter and looking better on issues. you can feel that boeing on, can you not? >> you can see people starting to acknowledge he is the leader and that maybe we'll have to live with this guy. i can promise you lobbiest on my street, republicans and democrats hate him more than obama, more than hate everyone ever. they see him as uncouth and culturally in north world from them. they see him as threat to their livelihoods. they really, really hate donald trump. and make that's a good thing, maybe that's a bad thing. i think it is very hard to make
7:06 am
the case he is the choice of you know john boehner's washington. that's not true. martha: i think that's true but i think ted cruz is arguing he is deal maker. he is used to making deals and he will do it again. >> i think that may be, that is species of the case he is making before but he is actually not that conservative and he will cut deals with the left. i think trump basically said that keep in mind trump's attacks is basic republican catechism on economics and foreign policy he is not neoconservative and social issues he is not evangelical. he has raised middle finger to the republican orthodoxy and people don't care. maybe they will start to care but they haven't yet. martha: as i thought about bernie sanders did you ever think this close to new hampshire this was race you would see not only in new hampshire but very tight in iowa as well between bernie sanders and hillary clinton.
7:07 am
>> hillary clinton people are really worried not just about sanders but the weakness this showcases that it will spur biden, possibly bloomberg, elizabeth warren to jump in the race. how worried are they? they're sending minions to make the case bernie sanders is bigot. there is piece of a hillary minion saying bernie sanders is in effect a racist because he is not for reparations. you will see a lot of this. because this is the way they undermine him in the southern states. martha: she wants to shore up the southern states because she needs that firewall to be sure. tucker, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. martha: you bet. bill: they will meet today in washington over the water crisis in flint, michigan. temperatures getting hotter. some blaming governor rick snyder saying he is the one, he is the reason rather, for the lead contamination of tapwater because of a cost-cutting measure. mike tobin is live in flint, michigan, this morning and what is it like there other than cold? what are they saying today, mike?
7:08 am
reporter: bill, if you look behind me you see new normal, despite bitter cold, people need to get in the cars to pick up bottle resource, bottled water, filters and things along those lines. to add to your question the number one gripe we're hearing from people here, through it all they're still getting a hefty water bill. >> i'm paying the city of flint money to poison myself and my family. reporter: and also as you like behind me you see some national guard troops. they will be supplemented by 130 additional troops as per the governor's announcement last night, bill. bill: the governor was talking, talked extensively about the flint crisis because that was his state of the state address. reaction to that was what then? >> sadly the way things go, at least in lansing the reaction fell along party lines. democrats highlighting shortcomings of government and
7:09 am
all problems out here in flint. republicans looking to the fact that governor apologized and verbally attempted to take ownership. >> i'm sorry and i will fix it. no citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. government failed you. federal, state and local leaders by break the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry, most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops with me. reporter: bullet points from the speech, additional 2million dollars being dedicated to water crisis here in flint. governor snyder promised to release all of his emails related to the flint water crisis. that is in response to the people who say that he knew about the problem long before he took action. should also be noted that the president will be in michigan today. no plans so come to flint. bill? bill: mike tobin in flint,
7:10 am
michigan. that story continues today. martha: brand new allegations against hillary clinton saying that the emails on her server were a higher level of top secret than people originally thought. legal experts say this could spell big trouble for the democratic frontrunner. we'll tell you what is going on. >> if i were hillary clinton defense lawyer i would treat the situation with grave urgency. the conduct we've now see she engaged in is the same type of conduct that led the justice department to charge david petraeus under federal law. martha: what will the justice department do in this case and what might that mean for the clinton campaign? our panel weighs in on that fair and balanced coming up. bill: actor jaime foxx goes from playing hero on big screen to a real-life hero. how he helped save a man's life. >> i just kept watching it, going, my god, my bod. he didn't have to do a thing.
7:11 am
♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
7:14 am
all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at bill: another deadly and heartless terror attack targeting college students this time in pakistan. at least 20 are dead and we know four of the gunmen are dead too after hours long gunbattle with the army and police forces. a taliban militant leader claiming responsibility of a siege of a university in northwestern pakistan but the main taliban faction in that country apparently disowned the group behind the shootings calling it, unislamic. well the prime minister of pakistan vowing to fight to the
7:15 am
end and destroy all terrorist groups in his country. ♪ martha: brand new fallout now over hillary clinton's email scandal. bombshell revelations that emails from her time as secretary of state apparently had an even more highly-classified level than was previously thought. beyond top secret. who knew there was such a thing but turns out there is. critics are saying they believe there is no way she won't be indicted. one of those is rudy giuliani who was this morning on "fox & friends." >> my days in the government, which in large part was pre-internet that could not be taken out of my safe, out of my office. >> right. >> i never took top secret material out of my office. >> do you see an indictment? >> i don't know how you avoid it. tell me how you avoid it? martha: we'll see. let's bring in alan colmes, hoist of alan colmes show, fox news contributor. brad blakeman, deputy assistant to president george w. bush. welcome, gentlemen.
7:16 am
good to have you both here. i didn't know there was something called a sap. it is a special access program is apparently only allowed to be communicated about those with very highest level of clearance for all of these classified documents of the alan, are you concerned about this? >> i'm not horribly. i think that, from what i understand, a lot of this material, some of it was already published in the "new york times," for example. it concerned drone strikes, stuff that was already public. i question whether this is information that was selectively leaked by a couple of senators who clearly are out to get hillary clinton this is political play. martha: this comes from the inspector general for the intelligence agency. >> right. there is is dispute between the inspector general and state department exactly what is classified. in fact we know that various agencies argue all the time about over what is classified or not. and whether or not we don't know whether, what hillary clinton knew at the time. whether she knew this was
7:17 am
classified information or was it already out in the public domain. martha: brad, what do you think? >> here is what we know. she came out in front of the cameras and said nothing on my server was marked quote, unquote classified. >> right. >> we know last week she instructed her staff how to get around classified markings by taking them off then sending them her server. this is cumulative. we know for a fact over 1000 classified documents appeared on her personal server. now we know most highly classified is alleged to have been found and compartmentalized top secret where only handful of people have it. we don't know if there is damage assessment on information already been put out on her personal server. the damage that can be done to this, alan, you have to take this seriously. the damage that can an be done to this country by leaking this information, not only information that is contained there in, the way we gather information. they will be able to glean things that will be so damaging to us. martha: the fbi, this is really
7:18 am
in the fbi's hand for a large part now. they are in the middle of an investigation. they will determine under fbi director james comey, whether or not because it's a crime to negligently handle top secret information. that is what this really boils down to. that is what, basically what general petraeus was accused of doing. so you know, do you think what he did was wrong, alan. >> i don't know how you compare this to petraeus. he allegedly or was accused of sharing lastfied information with a mistress. that is not the same thing what is happening with hillary clinton. martha: no, in this case they're afraid it could be obtained by foreign governments. >> i like to know to respond to something brad said if you can demonstrate what damage has been done to the country. >> that we don't know. alan, that is the problem. >> can you demonstrate where harm has come to the united states. >> yeah. let me put my lawyer hat. you can presume damage has been done to this country if in fact top secret code word material has been on a personal server. >> where is the damage. please show me where that is.
7:19 am
>> you can't figure out that if chinese or russians -- >> where demonstrably has there been damage? >> damage has been done the fact others could have that information. >> we don't know that. >> it is presumed the damage is done. >> information already in the public domain. this began allegedly. >> you don't know that. >> allegedly in "new york times" article already published. martha: like i said the bottom line the fbi investigation and whether or not they determine that she at any point negligently handled by either removing classified marking on it, or allowing it to be on a server that was vulnerable to incursion but other countries that is really in their domain right now. alan, i want a quick thought on this, there are a lot of people out there with many conspiracy theories who believe joe biden is waiting in the wings on this that is why he said he regretted not running. there has to be a backup plan in the democratic party what if, right? >> i don't speak for the party, believe it or not but you know, bernie sanders is doing very well. bernie sanders could potentially
7:20 am
be the nominee. he is surging in new hampshire right now. backup plan, hillary clinton is not being coronated. there is in fact a battle going on in the democratic party. martha: twice, thank you very much. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> thanks. bill: 20 minutes now past the hour as we get the supreme court gets ready to weigh in on immigration. we'll talk to the attorney general, who brought a lawsuit over the president's executive actions. why he says he is confident of victory. you will hear his case in a moment. martha: an attempted carjacking that was caught on tape. we're going to show you how one woman made it very clear she was not going to take it. ♪
7:21 am
marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015
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martha: sorry to tell you this. this is what is going on. the dow down once again, down 340 points right now. oil prices continue to tumble and that is putting pressure on the dow as well as corporate earnings outlook that came out from s&p which makes it look like the fourth quarter was pretty rough for a lot of american corporations. all that together points to a negative day so far for the dow jones industrials. we will keep an eye on it. bill: sliding for a while, huh? supreme court will decide whether the president's executive action on immigration. both sides say they welcome the news. both sides say they are confident for victory. state of texas led the charge fighting president obama's orders, and attorney general of texas with me now. ken paxton, good day to you. confident of victory, how come? >> we think the president clearly violated constitution. he made a massive change in
7:25 am
immigration law that congress should have done, authorizes new benefits for these people including work permits, unemployment insurance, social security, medicare, driver's licenses and even international travel. we think congress has to do that, not the president. bill: so, if i have it right, deferred action for parents of americans, right. the dapa. >> that's correct. bill: that includes people, dapa, have been in the country more than five years illegally and have children who live here. this is who that affects, right? >> that's correct. bill: okay. among those people, you believe you win this case based on what merits? >> well, if you will remember the president over a six-year period of time said he didn't have the authority to change that. that it was up to congress, that he couldn't wave his magic wand. he was not king this was up to congress. we believe that congress has the constitutional authority to change the law. they set this framework in place. and they are the only ones that can change it.
7:26 am
this isn't just a little tweak. these are massive changes. bill: the white house said this quote, like millions of families across the country immigrants want to be held accountable to work on the books, to pay taxes and contribute to our society openly and honestly, we are pleased that the supreme court has decided to review the immigration case. it sound, they're making the same case you are, that they believe they can win on the merits. what would you argue? >> well, look, we don't, we don't have a problem with immigration law being changed. we actually think that immigration needs some change. but we fundamentally believe that this is a congressional job. it is only in their authority to do this, not the president. if the president is allowed to do this, then any president can come along and change any law and make congress pretty much irrelevant. bill: many republicans argued executive actions have done just that. they have been talking about that for seven years. >> absolutely.
7:27 am
bill: as the judge will tell me here in new york, only four justices have to agree in order to take up a case. so we don't really know where this closely-divided court will come down here. >> no, we don't. what we know we have 26 states, which is pretty remarkable that are behind this. everyone of those states will be affected by this decision, including states not involved in the lawsuit. the cost is not just to the federal government. the cost is also to the states. and as you know, we haven't had a chance for our representative government to work in this case. bill: i think they will hear probably oral arguments in april. get a decision in late june. that is just a couple weeks before we kick into convention territory for the race for the white house. it will be loaded with politics as you know. sir, thank you for your time. >> yes it will. thank you. bill: ken paxton, the attorney general there in texas. thanks. martha? martha: back to another good story of the day. jason rezaian, the reporter held
7:28 am
captive by iran, made his first public appearance this morning, flanked by his family and looking pretty relieved and happy. what he plans to do next. bill: donald trump and ted cruz dominating race in iowa. has the contest become a a two-man race? we'll debate it next. >> if you're looking for someone deal maker who will capitulate even more to democrats and give in to chuck schumer, harry reid and nancy pelosi perhaps donald trump is your man.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: former iranian prisoner and "washington post" reporter jason raise sane is a free -- rezaian, is free this morning this is first look as he was released with his family this morning waving outside of the u.s. military hospital in germany. he released a statement. he didn't say much this morning but he said this. i want to get back to writing the u.s.-iran story some point
7:32 am
in the future. i won't say anything for a little while. i hope people respect my need for privacy and some time for myself and for my family. i want to catch up on the word and see a game and a warriors game or two and see the "star wars" movie. bill: conversely bob levinson's family, they are really shattered among the fact he is not monk those coming home. that story will continue. 32 past the hour. head back to the trail because the republican field is running a marathon to try to reach the convention in cleveland come july. you have what appears to be two front-runners, donald trump and ted cruz. who some believe might be pulling away from the pack in places like iowa. bill o'reilly asking trump specifically about the race last night no iowa. this is what he said. >> in iowa you could lose.
7:33 am
it's possible because cruz is very formidable there. does it matter, does it matter if you lose in iowa? >> it only matters to me. it matters to me because i have a great relationship with iowa, the people of iowa. i have a great relationship with evangelicals and the tea party. i think i'm going to do really well. bill: ed rollins, campaign manager, ronald reagan, 1984, joe trippi, campaign manager, howard dean 2004, both fox news contributors. how are you doing gentlemen. nice to see you both now. ed, do you believe the polling that you've seen given experience you have specifically in iowa? >> polling may shift slightly but it's a cruz trump race in iowa. i think comes down to organization. i would say traditional voters turn out, meaning republican, and you have to understand, there never been more than 120,000 people ever vote in a caucus. 140,000 in a primary and 40,000
7:34 am
is the most anyone has ever gotten, mike huckabee when he won. the reality who turns out and who has the best organization. right now, clearly cruz has the best organization. trump is trying to build an organization, working hard. endorsement create ad more media attention not that he needs more media attention. bill: sarah palin. she was suppose todd be at an event and did not show up. we're looking into that. more to come. joe, what do you think about that? >> i agree with ed, at least today it is a trump-cruz race but i would warn, i was with howard dean and dick gephardt. both of us were leading the pack there. we got into huge knockdown drag-out fight the way cruz and trump are in now and kerry and edwards snuck up and went by both of us. i don't think that will happen but you could see a rubio or somebody else, a surprise second
7:35 am
could happen with what's going on -- bill: with these guys going at it. i think that is interesting. i remember the howard dean orange hats from 2004. i still have mine as a matter of fact. cruz responded to the back and forth here. watch. >> listen, i like donald. last couple of days he has been getting rattled. he has been throwing insults my way. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> excellent. >> i have no interest in engaging in insult fight. i don't think the american people care about a unbp of politicians behaving like petulent children. bill: on inside, i want viewers to understand this, a popular governor took a shot at cruz yesterday. steve king, a popular congressman will campaign with cruz in iowa. does one have an edge internally there or do they offset each other. >> i have a great respect for governor branstad who was in governor in white house in '80s. longest serving governor ever. he has parochial interest.
7:36 am
ethanol. son is involved with ethanol. big political issue. cruz is one of the people crazy enough to ethanol. we don't need it. it is subsidy. i don't know what kind of influence that will have but certainly he will go out and campaign actively. at this point cruz is the real true conservative. trump is defining himself as conservative at this point in time. we'll see whether real conservatives and supporters come out. bill: joe, quick answer, we'll move to one point here? >> i think, i did a race against branstad back in 1990 when he won re-election to governor. so he has been, you know, probably the most popular governor anywhere in the country and definitely very popular in iowa. i think yesterday boat with sarah palin's endorsement and the governor's stepping out, he doesn't do this, stepping out and taking cruz on is not a good day for cruz. i think ed's right though. the question is, do trump supporters without.
7:37 am
of an organization, not the traditional kind of organization, do they come out in big numbers. if they do, he is going to win iowa. i think that will be very hard to put that genie back in the bottle and donald trump comes out with a win. bill: start with you on this one quickly. put it on the screen, fellows, for joe, new hampshire polling from cnn are you ready, guys? bernie sanders at 60%. hillary clinton at 33. look at national poll by the way. this from monmouth. clinton now up 52-3but that is down from december -- 52-37. this new hampshire poll, you don't know until the end when they vote, is this number for real, 60% for admitted socialist in new hampshire. >> i don't think it is. i think it is very real sanders is ahead but probably by not that big of a number. remember in the end barack obama
7:38 am
defeated hillary clinton in iowa was ahead of her going into new hampshire and in matter of 48 hours, she turned the tide and won new hampshire. so -- bill: it wasn't 2point in 2008. that's what this is showing. >> no, it's a big, good sign for sanders, no doubt about it but i certainly wouldn't be looking for that big of a win there. >> new hampshire i don't think of him as socialist and think of him as neighbor. they have been kind to their neighbors. from vermont. been around the media market all the time. i certainly think he will win new hampshire. bill: ed rollins, joe trippi, we talk again real soon. >> good to be with you. martha: want to update you on the san bernardino terror investigation. it has been nearly two months now since a jihadist couple fatally shot 14 people at an office holiday party. authorities there still say there are a lot of unanswered questions about what happened
7:39 am
that day, including an 18-minute gap in the timeline after the shooting. so where were they and what did they do with any of the evidence? adam housley reporting on this once again from los angeles. so, adam, you sat down with the assistant director and he was very candid about many soft challenges that they're facing in this case. tell us. reporter: yeah, martha. they're very focused as you might imagine even as other things have gone on in the world, here, locally, especially in this case they have not taken their eyes off the ball so to speak. they're talking about frustrations involving encryption. there was a couple of really headlines that came out of this interview. first of all there are a couple of devices they have not been able to break into two months after that attack. two cell phones had added encryption on top of encryption in the cell phones and hard drive they're not able to find. they're desperate to find the hard drive to get into the phones. they believe it will help them to determine what happened during those 18 minutes and possibly any other
7:40 am
communications that may have taken place. they say imperative to get help also from the outside. they have brought in a couple of private folks to help them and private companies to try to help get into these devices. you might imagine they want to know what happened. they think these three devices will provide that. take a listen. >> those devices we said obviously from day one, digital footprint is incredibly important to learn any contacts, any context and ultimately any intent on their part. i think that's very, very important. reporter: as one investigator told me, you don't try to destroy stuff like that unless you're hiding something, martha. martha: so what he suggests is that they may have been connected to somebody, they need to get into those devices to figure that out. does he have any, any other information about a possible international element that may have been involved in this case? >> you know, make a good point. they're very careful to say they have no, so far, no evidence to show connections to other people
7:41 am
here or abroad. however, they don't toe what is on the three devices when she talk about the international element, she came from pakistan. there is clearly a international connection here. they don't know whether she was directed by any other groups. take a listen. >> we know she did pledge allegiance to abu bakir al-baghdadi. that is of great concern to us. we will continue down the vein to insure which do the very best of our abilities to insure that we know anyone who participated in any form or fashion. reporter: as you can see, martha, the investigate very, very serious. as you might imagine very serious event but they are not giving up. they're very focused. if they get into the phones to find the hard drive, there may be some bombshells coming out of this case, martha. martha: let's hope they can. thank you, adam.
7:42 am
bill: what is happening to david petraeus? the four-star general admitted leaking classified information, lost his job at cia. paid a big price. what is behind the move to demote him even further? martha: oscar-winning actor jaime foxx channels his inner action star you might say and saves a man from a burning car. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i look at it like, you know, just had to do something, you know, and it all just worked out, man. without going too far into it, it all worked out. you're late for work.
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7:46 am
in 2012 general petraeus was forced to step down for disclosing classified information to his mistress and biographer, paula brakedwell. he pleaded guilty and sentenced to probation but did not lose his rank as part of that agreement. retired navy captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst. good morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: a lot of people are asking the question why it is being raised now? it appears the petraeus issue was dealt with and he served the probation and paid the fine and it was behind him? >> it does, it seems like double jeopardy in this case but, there are two-ways looking at things. one, what appears to be on surface, other from inside the beltway and looking at politics in washington. from what it appears to be on surface, it appears to be double jeopardy, hey, this guy has been punished enough, embarrassed enough. why is the secretary of defense dragging this out four years after his retirement, whether as you say he already served his
7:47 am
time so to speak? he took $100,000 fine. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor of mishandling classified information. okay, case closed. not if you look at it from the lens inside of washington because inside washington you've got a former secretary of state who appears to have miss handled classified information and there are even further things hanging over her head, like potential corruption charges that the fbi is rumored to be working on. you could look at this either way through political lens. is this happening to petraeus to affix the maximum penalty for mishandling classified information, i.e., misdemeanor, fine, probation, have a nice day? or is this being brought out to reopen that case and heighten awareness on things such as what the secretary of state has been charged with? martha: you raise excellent points. i want to take a look at a quote from max boot who wrote about
7:48 am
this and he is, in "commentary "magazine. he is unpaid advisor to the campaign of marco rubio. this is his take. broadwell, mind you, had security clearance. petraeus was not guilty of sharing secrets with our worst enemies as edward snowden was, he is not guilty of evading rules by using private email server as hillary clinton did as secretary ever state. do you agree? >> absolutely. you look what she and her staff were doing. there are over 1340 emails now have been judged classified, some which you point out go up to special access program level which is the highest. to put it in context, of the 1340 emails some are confidential which would be equivalent of a bullet. some are secret, which is equivalent of to a hand grenade. some are top secret which is like a bomb. sap information is like a nuclear weapon.
7:49 am
those are the most dear precious secrets we hold as a nation. they're such limited access to them because the information is so valuable. martha: what do you think is going to happen? what do you think ash carter will do here? >> if i had to put money on it right now what i would say secretary carter will take a look at this, realize army secretary mchugh before he retired made the correct decision that general petraeus has been publicly humiliated for his actions, has served time. it's done. it's over. to make the statement that well, we have to punish him even more so all the yeps understand that they're not immune, they already understand they're not immune. as for secretary clinton, that is to be decided. martha: very interesting what it has done, forced conversation of comparison about the two different divulging information.
7:50 am
bill: jon scott coming up next on "happening now." good morning to you. >> good morning to you, bill. countdown to iowa is getting closer and race is getting tighter. we may see a surge of john kasich in new hampshire. bernie sanders gains more ground against hillary clinton. latest on the race for the white house. also stocks resuming that big slide today. the dow down 400 points at one moment. how worried should we be? we'll get into it on "happening now." bill: tough to look at. been going on for a while. thank you, jon. see you in ten minutes. doctors call it a miracle. a young man goes back to school one year after his father found him without a heart beat. >> he was laying face up like this. he was blue. his face, he was lifeless. i checked for a pulse. i checked for a heartbeat. there was nothing.
7:51 am
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bill: pennsylvania student sharing his amazing story of survival one year after he was found without a pulse. after a night in subzero temperatures. senior correspondent rick leventhal has the story from our newsroom in new york. i understand the coroner was called to the scene when his father found him, rick. reporter: state police started work on a death investigation. it is remarkable story of medical science and resilience of human body. even when man become as pop sick kill. it happened during a bitter cold-snap in peps vain. justin smith, 25, had gone to local firehouse, to have beers with friends. he thinks he tripped, passed out in the snow, found in sub-zero temperatures by his father 12 hours later. >> looked over and there was justin laying there. he was laying face up like this. he was blue. he was lifeless.
7:55 am
i checked for a pulse. i checked for a heartbeat. there was nothing. >> next thing i know i'm waking up in cedar crest hospital. family is all around me. i was shocked. i mean they went the extra effort and i can't thank them enough. they're amazing. i just can't thank them enough. reporter: justin did not come out unscathed. lost his pinky fingers and toes to frostbite. he is back in school with new appreciation for life. bill: no question. how did doctors save him? reporter: he was unconscious with no pulse or blood pressure. they s you're warm and dead. they asked them to perform chest compress shuns for two hours. he was flown to a hospital by helicopter with a machine that could warm his blood and oxygenate it and pump it back in hours. he was clinically dead but disoriented and weak and brain unharmed. the doctor is glad he trusted his own brain. >> our mind is supposed to run
7:56 am
the show, not our hearts. if your heart rines the show you can run into problems. i went, threw that to the wind, no, not today. reporter: dr. coleman said frigid cold preserved smith's brain and bod i confident the case is changing the way medicine looks at extreme cases of hypothermia. bill: wow. >> amazing right? bill: amazing indeed. rick leventhal. martha: miracle. sarah palin saying now or never endorsing donald trump full-throatedly yesterday. new reaction from the campaign trail in iowa.
7:57 am
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you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ martha: jamie foxx save a man's life. pulling him from a vehicle after it skidded off a road. the truck then explode into flames. the driver had broken bones and a punctured lung. he's being charged with a dui
8:00 am
but he's expected to be okay. o'reilly today. let's go do it. see you tomorrow, everybody. jon: bloodshed on a college campus after terrorists storm a university in pakistan, gunning down students and teachers. welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers. it's 100 miles from islamabad. they say all four attackers were killed. jon: now questions about who is responsible.


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