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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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skunk, turtles, and chicken cheerleaders. it's to raise awareness about pet adoption. i always getting my fix of puppies on that day. thanks for being part of the "real story." i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. our country is going to hell in a hand basket. >> ahead, what donald trump had to say about giving palin a cabinet position. a new poll shows bernie sanders is trouncing hillary clinton in the first primary state. now bill clinton is coming out swinging. and it was a free fall on wall street. the dow plunging more than 500 points earlier in the session, and 10% on the year. it's rebounded, obviously, significantly in the past hour. but big picture, today the financial analyst who says there is a bright side, and that we're not headed for another recession. let's get to it.
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>> announcer: now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news desk. according to donald trump, sarah palin will have a job in his administration if she wants it, for sure. they hit the campaign trail together in oklahoma, now that she's thrown her support behind the billionaire from queens. back in september she said she might be interested in being the secretary of energy. drill, baby, drill. she was a no-show at an earlier event in iowa today. a trump spokesman said he didn't know why she wasn't there. on sunday, her son was in court on domestic violence charges. his girlfriend accused him of kicking her and punching her in the face. the girlfriend said at the time he was drunk and waving an ar-15
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rifle, threatening to shoot himself. he bonded out of jail the same day his mother endorsed trump. the speech she gave was in essence word for word what she said yesterday except when she mentioned her son. she linked his troubles to her time in the army and blamed president obama for his policies. >> when my own son is going through what he goes through coming back, i can certainly relate with other families who kind of fill the ramifications of ptsd and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. it makes me realize more than ever, it is now or never for the sake of america's finest that we have a commander in chief who will respect them. >> sarah palin's support for donald trump comes less than two weeks before the first presidential contest in iowa. polls show trump neck and neck with his rival ted cruz there, who now appears to be on the
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defensive. cruz is striking back after iowa's republican governor broke the tradition of staying neutral and said ted cruz's stance against ethanol subsidies would be a disaster for his state. today ted cruz stuck to his position and suggested that his rivals are merely saying anything to score votes. >> i am the only major candidate in iowa who is taking that position. right now my opponents are all attacking me for it. and they're all promising just yesterday, donald trump promised not only to protect the ethanol mandate but to expand it. >> as the top candidates battle in iowa, a shake-up in the polls in new hampshire. donald trump is still leading there according to a survey from the american research group. look who's had a sudden surge, ohio governor john kasich is at 20%, double what his closest rival is getting. john kasich seems to be placing all his bets on new hampshire. he's been holding small rallies there and picked up three endorsements from local newspapers.
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john kasich credits having an upbeat campaign and even compared his republican rivals to satan. here is a quote: "we have a lot of candidates who are like the principals of darkness. i consider myself the prince of light and hope." which of his rivals does kasich consider an lucifer? kasich is not naming names. >> reporter: he's clearly talking about donald trump. john kasich has a pretty sharp tongue on the campaign trail. he would argue that his crowds are pretty small, but a lot of rallies in new hampshire tend to be smaller. the ted cruz/donald trump battle is not so much about crowd size as conservativism. cruz is criticizing trump for his new york values and making democratic contributions in the
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past, praising the clintons. and trump keeps on questioning cruz's nationality. he made references to him being a canadian today. he said the senator had dual citizenship. trump was asking, how can he be an american and a canadian citizen and a u.s. senator at the same time. it's about character as much as policy. the policies are what they use to attack each other's integrity. >> trump and cruz have been attacking each other at every campaign stop. what are they saying? >> reporter: that both of them shouldn't be trusted. cruz was saying today about ethanol that he is against all subsidies, not just the renewable fuel standards, which is the regulations in the law under which those subsidies go out. it's a big and obvious problem in iowa. it's the biggest corn grower in the country. the vast majority of which never gets eaten by an animal or person. 90% of it goes into ethanol. a lot of folks say it's an
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energy state rather than a farm state, and it's subsidized, and cruz wants to end them all where is trump would expand them. cruz is under fire from marco rubio about taxes. in new hampshire, it's not ethanol, it's not social issues, in iowa they're 65% evangelicals. rubio has been pounding mr. cruz for his plan to do away with the irs code and replace it with a flat business tax. rubio calls that a value added tax, says it's european. here, accusing someone of raising your taxes is almost like in iowa accusing someone of not appreciating the bible and christianity. bernie sanders is scoring big in new hampshire, leading hillary clinton now by 27 points. that's according to a new survey from cnn and wmur television in
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manchester. some analysts and some of sanders' own supporters say they're not sure he's up by that much. but he has been leading in most new hampshire polls for weeks now and they show him closing the gap in iowa. let's turn to ed henry live in washington. former president clinton exchange in new hampshire, right? >> reporter: that's right, shep. that's because hillary clinton has been behind closed doors raising money. he's out there, and the clinton camp is saying today in new hampshire that look, this is an outlier poll, there's no way bernie sanders is up by that much. you can debate what the margin is, but the very bottom line is that bernie sanders has been winning in poll after poll in new hampshire. and what the clinton camp is trying to do is push back, as bill clinton did a few moments ago at this event in concord, by saying she is most ready to be president of the united states. listen. >> we should vote for hillary because she's the only person in either party ready to be
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president of the united states and defend the country and promote shared prosperity and deal with the healthcare issue and make college affordable and get equal representation for women in the workforce on day one. >> reporter: one of the problems for the clinton camp, of course, they made that same argument in new hampshire and around the country in 2008, remember that 3:00 a.m. phone call ad, about how barack obama was not ready to be commander in chief. it didn't quite work then. the fear in the clinton camp is there may be a repeat of all of that right now. >> and clinton also going after sanders on foreign policy experience. >> reporter: yes, it goes back to the commander in chief test. he's a democratic socialist. in the debates, for example, over the weekend in south carolina, he talked about normalizing relations with iran, the clinton camp jumping on that, putting out a letter from a foreign policy expert saying sanders appears to be out of his depth. sanders is citing a republican
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to say clinton is wrong. >> experience is important. dick cheney had a lot of experience. a whole lot of people have experience but not necessarily the right judgment. >> reporter: what he's saying is that he heard all the talk in the run-up to the war in iraq and ended up voting against it. hillary clinton of course voted for it, shep. >> ed henry, live in dc, thank you. we're learning more about the terrible conditions and torture that one of four americans endured while behind bars in iran. one family reports on the horrific details, coming up. plus another former detainee speaks out about what he planned to do after the prisoner swap between the united states and iran. plus this brutal snowstorm is on the way, that's coming up.
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"washington post" reporter jason rezaian says he's looking forward to watching basketball and the new "star wars" movie after being released from an iranian prison. in statement he says, quote, feeling fine, and he wants to catch up with what's been going on in the world for the past year and a half. he made a brief appearance outside the hospital where he and the other prisoners are being treated, all part of the prison swap between the u.s. and iran. marine amir hekmati addressed
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reporters yesterday. he said he stayed strong through inhumane pressures, which he didn't elaborate about. on their website, amir hekmati's family says for the first four months of his detention, amir hekmati was held in a cell 3 feet by 3 feet, his hands constantly shackled. they say he was placed in stretch positions for extended periods and cold water was poured in his cell to keep him from sleeping, the family writes. they say amir hekmati was forcibly given drugs including lithium by prison officials, then they say they would abruptly stop giving the medication so he would go through withdrawal. they told amir hekmati that his mother was dead. she was not. we don't yet have a full idea of what "washington post" jason rezaian went through during his time behind bars.
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we have the latest from landstuhl, germany. you were there when jason rezaian spoke outside the hospital today. >> reporter: that's right, he looked good, an stolid spirit. he came out flanked by his wife and mother. this was not meant to be a full-fledged press conference. his answers were a bit brief, if there at all, but you do get a sense of a strong guy. here's a little bit of our back and forth. >> how are you feeling, jason? good to be out? what's the first thing you're going to do when you're home? >> reporter: in fact after his appearance he put out that statement which you quoted from, shep, so at least we know what he's going to do when he goes home. hello "star wars." >> any word on where the americans will go once they get home? >> reporter: it's not being made
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public where or when. we don't even know if they're going to leave together or not. for example, jason rezaian, we know that he will be here for a few more days, arguably his health condition is the worst of the three. we have indications that ex-marine amir hekmati, as you noted, he made that remarkably strong presentation yesterday, he could be leaving as early as today. he is still here. as for pastor saeed adedini, we're told he's in good mental and physical health. we have not seen a picture of him and his wife did not come. all these people deserve all the time they can get. they've been through so much. the islamist state has turned the oldest monastery in iraq to piles of rubble. we have pictures of those in our slide show this afternoon. here is the location. it's just incredible. this is the before on the left, and the after on the right.
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you can also see, it's just gone. it's terrible. this was st. elijah's. it stood as a place of worship near the city of mosul for 1400 years. monks and pilgrims along the way would come and light candles in the chapel. this is the easter service in 2010. american troops during the iraq war would come to pray. militants likely used bulldozers, sledge hammers, and even explosive to, quote, pulverize the stone walls. isis has destroyed and looted more than a hundred religious and historic sites, including this ancient ruin in the city of elmira. the dow is down big, triple digits, now down 1.5%. this is an enormous rebound. we were down at 550 at one point today. but my next guest says with all the downside push this calendar year, there is a silver lining.
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he'll bring us that. the governor of michigan apologies profusely for the ongoing water crisis in flint. but the victims say they're getting bills for the toxic water and some of them want the governor to resign. that's coming from the fox news desk.
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here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. michigan governor rick snyder says he failed the people of flint, michigan, during the crisis over the city's water supply. the republican apologized during his state of the state speech last night and vowed to fix the problem. it was the state that switched the city from detroit's water supply to the flint river to save money. not the city, but the state did
12:21 pm
the switching. city officials say the state knew months ago even as they were telling the public to relax. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> and many of them are asking him to resign. meantime, people in flint say that officials are still billing them for the contaminated tap water. >> i'm paying the city of flint money to poison myself and my family. >> it really is incredible. doctors say lead contamination can cause learning disability and behavior problems in children and kidney damage in adults for years to come. the president happens to be in detroit right now. a live look at the motor city. president obama is about to speak to auto workers but how he says the industry has, quote, come roaring back from the financial crisis. we have this for you online. we're streaming it live at
12:22 pm let's get a report from doug mcelway, live at the white house. >> reporter: hi, shep. the automotive industry does have a lot to cheer about. in 2015, domestic and foreign automakers set new records for sales last year, meeting the previous record sold in the year 2000. equally encouraging, the industry is in better health than it was in 2000, when it was facing dwindling market share, a recession was looming, and it was idling several auto plants. it's another question whether the industry can sustain that level of production. the feds have begun the process of easing low interest rates which of course makes automobiles more easily purchased. that, coupled with the wildly fluctuating stock markets, all
12:23 pm
raise doubts. president obama came to sing the auto industry's praises. after touring the auto show, he'll be speaking at the uawgm human resources, a place where you cannot park your car in the parking lot unless it was a uaw american-made automobile. an increasingly difficult threshold given that so many parts come from other parts of the world these days. >> indeed they do, doug, thank you. if you've been watching the dow today? if not, you can be forgiven. it's safe now. those are live numbers. we're off about just over a percentage point. it was 3% at one point. and not just in the dow, all across. the dow was off at one point more than 10% for the year. crude oil dipped below $27 a barrel. the pricing of oil is now down 75% since a high of $107 back in
12:24 pm
june of 2014, whoo. rick newman is here, a columnist for yahoo! finance and a trusted source. scary today. >> an unnerving day, even this rebound. so much volatility. people are definitely getting spooked. >> i was watching the fox business network, as i do when these things happen. they reminded me there are two wakes to look at this. nobody knows or seems to know whether this is about something bigger, a recession, or just how things go. >> right. it could be either. and there's a lot of heads cracking right now trying to figure out what this is. you know the old saw, markets hate uncertainty. it's an uncertain everywhere right now. the u.s. economy is still doing pretty well. the housing market a little weaker than expected. it's worth reminding people, none of this means a recession is coming anytime soon. unnerving for investors, yes. we've been expecting volatility
12:25 pm
like this, we've had it really for a year, year and a half now. we're sort of on course for that. the economists are all saying, look, the odds of recession in the united states, still 15% or lower, 10%. it doesn't seem likely or imminent, so hold on, that's the message. >> and that's because employment is good, fundamental things are sound. >> fundamentals are good, job creation has been good, 200,000 per month. it seems likely that pace is going to continue. there are some positives in this. we keep hearing cheap oil is causing turmoil in the financial markets. cheap oil is supposed to be a good thing. and it still is. it still is a windfall for consumers. and it's a windfall for a lot of businesses that consume energy. they're saving money. so there should be some payoff from all that in the future. we're not seeing it show up in spending so far. but that money is going to into businesses' accounts, going into people's pockets. layoffs are scarce. people have pretty good job security.
12:26 pm
this ought to show up in the real economy at some point in time. >> with the required disclosure that i do own shares in an oil index fund. historically, time to buy. >> a good thing to do, by the way, there are big dips like we've seen, the question here is could we possibly be seeing the beginning of some transformation away from the carbon-based economy, with, you know, more efficient cars, we're hearing about new rules against carbon. we had the climate summit in paris, seeming to suggest maybe things will be a little bit different in the future. if the world is sort of beginning to step away from the carbon economy, we may not see a familiar pattern in oil. but i mean, this is a guessing game at this point. if you're feeling lucky, go buy. >> good advice. rick, thank you. back when oil prices were much, much, much higher, the u.s. navy decided to go a little bit greener. and today, it launched a few warships powered by in part
12:27 pm
biofuel. biofuel? is that a good idea? ryan has some details. this thing is powered by biofuel? >> this one is actually nuclear powered. the navy launched its so-called great green sweep, all these ships are used to go alternative energy. in this case a nuclear powered supercarrier. in 2009, oil prices were high so they came up with a plan for alternative energy to power their ships. in this case biofuel is rendered beef fat. the navy argued the biofuels stay at sea longer because they don't have to refuel as often. critics say they're much more expensive and use many more resources to help produce them in the long term. so still a little bit of a debate. >> if it smells like a steak house, i'm down. >> i would enjoy that. donald trump telling people in iowa they better bringing it when they caucus for him. he says anything short of a win
12:28 pm
is a waste. plus a lawmaker wants journalists to register for the government. that's a u.s. state in america. if you're like, i hate the media anyway, they shouldn't have to register, check that constitution and maybe think about it as we will as we approach the bottom of the hour. the news is coming up.
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here's the "fox report." exposed electrical wiring is likely to blame for a fire at a high-rise in dubai. investigators released photos of the wiring on the 14th and 15th floors. the actress from "the sopranos" says she's battling multiple sclerosis. she can't walk or run without resting. she said doctors diagnosed her
12:31 pm
when she was 19. a court in britain refusing to allow nestle to trademark the shape of its kit kat bar. executives say they want to protect the classic design. cadbury has complained about the application. nestle plans to appeal. we'll have more from the news desk after this. ♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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12:34 pm
battle for first place in iowa, just 12 days before the nation's first presidential contest. some analysts say they're not sure that the billionaire can turn out his big crowds for big caucusing. john roberts is live in des moines on a snowy white day, hello, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, shep. that's the million dollar question with donald trump, how much of his support is real and will be realized on caucus night and how much is just people who want to come out and be part of the spectacle. we did some informing polling at trump events around iowa and found a typical mix of people. some said they would caucus for him. some said they wouldn't support him. and some are still looking around. >> right now i'm undecided. i am kind of looking at different candidates. >> i've made a decision to caucus for him, way back, three or four months. we've been to christie's events,
12:35 pm
cruz's events. we're still undecided. >> reporter: the big difference between trump and ted cruz is, cruz's support comes from the most reliable of caucus-goers whereas trump is trying to appeal to caucusgoers who have never gone at all. >> president obama was trying to goat new people to caucus in '08. >> reporter: he was, and he did get new caucusgoers to come out. hillary clinton sees a similar level of enthusiasm that president obama met with in '08. she says the big difference is trump's ground game operation appears to be far smaller. >> the ground operation matters in iowa. it has traditionally here both for general elections and for presidential nominating contests.
12:36 pm
the fact that he doesn't have the depth of a ground game that obama had, i think, you know, could be a missed opportunity for him in harnessing and actually getting those people to caucus. >> reporter: that said, she says she expects because of republican enthusiasm overall for there to be a record turnout, which could certainly play in donald trump's favor. >> thank you, sir. straight out of the campaign book in north korea, a lawmakerer lawmaker in south carolina is proposing that journalists register with the state before doing their job. mike pitts's proposal calls for journalists across south carolina having to meet certain requirements before working for us in outlaets. it's not clear what those requirements would be. they would have to pay fees to be listed in a registry. there would be fines and possible jail time for breaking the law, like if you came to south carolina to report a story
12:37 pm
and didn't inform the local government. opponents say this bill is a clear violation of the first amendment. there are the ten most sensored countries on the planet when it comes to the press, places where you would expect to find such a registry. why is a lawmaker in america suggesting this? last year the same representative, representative pitts, tried and failed to keep the confederate flag from flying on capitol grounds. of course officials took it down following the deadly massacre at a historically black church. also the "post and courier" newspaper in charleston questioned pitts's spending, including thousands of taxpayer dollars for trips to the west. representative pitts claims he's not a press hater. he says he proposed the bill to stimulate discussion over guns and religion and how media covers those issues. today, on facebook he wrote, "i
12:38 pm
filed this legislation as an experiment to make a point about the media and how they only care about the constitution when it comes to the first amendment. in doing so it put the media under the microscope and they did not like it." glenn hall is here, a u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal." it's the constitution that doesn't like it. >> it is the constitution, and that's where it would ultimately fail. many courts like freedom of information acts and that kind of protection. >> of course people out there are screaming, the press should be regulated, and maybe there are some people who should be regulated who are tossed out on their butts. there's not anything clearer in the constitution than this freedom of the press idea on which this nation was really founded. >> it is the first amendment. it speaks to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, which are intertwined in many ways.
12:39 pm
i think what representative pitts forgets is we have laws that curb the media, defamation laws and libel laws. if you cross the line, you could be libel. >> you can't curtail media's activities unless and until they do something to hurt someone. >> the idea of prior restraint has come up in many cases before the supreme court. they've always erred on the side of saying prior restraint is not a good thing, it takes it too far. this is a case where you could see a chilling effect of having a registry, having the state decide who can and cannot practice journalism. that's where it would fall afoul of the freedom of speech. >> imagine if a journalistic operation came up with some corruption on a politician and he or she were able to say, you're no good, we'll have to credential you all. that's where the people would be hurt. it's about the people, it's not about the press. >> that's right.
12:40 pm
i think that's a good point to make. the idea of freedom of expression and freedom of the press is out there to allow democracy really to work. and while we journalists ten to champion it for our own cause, we i think also believe firmly that getting the information to the people and letting the people decide what kind of action to take is really what our job is all about. >> glad to talk to you, thank you. weather alert. unless you've been under a rock, you know people from dc to new york and south of there as well, all the way to boston, for that matter, are preparing for the year's first east coast snowstorm. of course the east coast is freaking out, because that's what we do. the national weather service issued a blizzard watch for dc and baltimore. this will get better. forecasters predict heavy, perhaps crippling snow to hit the two big cities, especially dc as well as philly. by our estimates here, the storm will impact in one way or another about 50 million people. of course it will hit some areas harder than others. that's what always happens.
12:41 pm
here's a look at the expected snowfall throughout the northeast. forecasters say the heaviest hit places could get 1 to 2 feet beginning on friday through sunday. the meteorologists, including our own chief meteorologist, say they don't have exact numbers. this storm hasn't even hit california yet before people in washington were going, whoa. >> and that's why this is really difficult. the word gets out a little faster than we want it to sometimes, and you can't get that precise and the storm is still in the gulf of alaska. you see the snow that's moving across the mid-atlantic, that's a little, beginner storm. this storm is centered over ohio. that's what's going to get here starting friday morning. where it goes from that point is really difficult to pinpoint. that's why people get angry, you didn't get it exactly right. it's really hard. we know there would be a bulls
12:42 pm
eye that gets a lot of snow. blizzard watch is in effect, including washington, dc and baltimore. this is the area, virginia, especially the higher areas in terms of the appalachians probably going to see the bullseye. friday morning, starting the snow across virginia, kind of a friday central appalachian thing. friday night begins in dc. and then watch this here, we get dc is all snow, philadelphia all snow. moving a little bit closer, everybody in new york goes crazy. and they want to know. the line between snowing and not snowing is right there on new york city. so that's the typical forecast for here. the models that we look at, this is the latest on them. you see the bullseye. baltimore is going to be the bullseye. new york, right now the molds saying 10, 12 inches. i could see that going down a little bit.
12:43 pm
boston the same thing. it's a mid-atlantic storm, but a really big one. >> washington is looking promising. >> that's looking really promising. fortunately for them, it's a weekend, that will help them a little bit. >> the government never works anyway. >> there you go. >> thank you, rick. looking for something to do in the freezing cold? how about freezing some pants? that's what some cold and apparently bored people in minneapolis are doing. people say they're placing their dance pants outside and allowing them to freeze, then standing them up in the yard. if you're bored, i suppose you could do the same thing. or something. prosecutors say a drunk driver is to blame for the death of a police officer, even though the suspect was never behind the wheel. how is that possible? we'll have the details on this very unusual trial and what the driver's lawyer has to say about all of this. you're not behind the wheel, yet you're responsible? that's the question, coming up.
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a driver is on trial in the death of a police though cops behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck and killed the officer. prosecutors say this guy, james ryan, was driving drunk when he crashed along a highway on new york's long island back in 2012. they say he got out of the car after the crash and then an suv smashed into it and hit a police officer who was there and investigating. prosecutors have not charged the driver of the suv, but they say it was ryan's recklessness that caused the officer's death. ryan's lawyer argued that the prosecutors are overreaching here. the case has already sparked a series of legal battles and an appeals court has upheld the indictment. if convicted, ryan, who was not driving the vehicle that killed the officer, could spend 25 years in prison even so.
12:48 pm
a fox news legal analyst is here. when you're driving drunk, things are going to happen, and it's your fault? >> how attenuated is this? there were two accidents. the first, he hits one car, goes down the road, hits a second car. obviously the suv driver didn't kill the officer. is it bad judgment, certainly. civil liability, negligence, absolutely. murder, not so much. the underlying court says it didn't cause the death of the officer, it was the suv driver, and you, prosecutors, chose not to levy charges against the suv driver. >> there's nothing to indicate the suv driver was impaired in any way. the underlying court, i guess what it's trying to say, correct me if i'm wrong, if you hadn't had your drunk driving crash, none of this would have happened. >> exactly.
12:49 pm
>> defense lawyers are arguing they're overreaching. >> he's being overcharged. they're talking about aggravated homicide. the statutes are clear. you drove recklessly. you start off by saying, he wasn't even behind the wheel of the car. this kid was against the guardrail with his arms crossed. then the accident with the suv driver killed the officer. he's not behind the wheel of the car. it's just an accident. that overreaching is because it's really tragic. an officer lost his life. someone has to pay. someone has to pay. and the suv driver wasn't impaired, he didn't see ryan's car, then so be it. but it is overreaching, especially the charges. there are 16 charges that they levied against him. >> in your estimation, what would be appropriate, for instance? >> certainly negligent homicide. negligent homicide, because it was negligent. it was negligent. he was driving, he was impaired, he was significantly above the legal limit, .13. something like that with negligence is -- there is some
12:50 pm
level of foreseeability. levy that. but aggravated homicide where the penalties are up to 25 years? pretty extreme. >> it reminds us all. >> don't drive and drink. >> thank you, a man who nearly death almost a year ago is now back healthy and back in college. he really almost froze to death. his survival story's pretty incredible. we'll have it for you next. before earning 1% cash back . . and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this.
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a remarkable story of survival now about a man whose body froze solid after he fell in a snow bank. his father found him without a pulse at all. no one knew if he would survive. he's now healthy and back in college. representatives at the hospital say justin smith, no relation,
12:54 pm
was walking home after a few beers with friends one year ago when he blacked out and spent hours overnight in the snow. the temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees. his father says he found his son unconscious the next day. doctors at the hospital say they couldn't pronounce him dead and couldn't get any accurate body temperature because he was too cold. now a year later after months of recovery we're told the victim is doing fine. rick levinthal's here. paramedics thought he was dead. they had to have. >> he had no pulse, no heartbeat. someone covered him with a sheet. and the coroner was called. but at least one doctor wasn't ready to give up. this happened in eastern pennsylvania last february. smith had beers with friends at a local firehouse and may stripped while walking home. he spent all night passed out in the snow in subzero temperatures and wasn't found by his father until 12 hours later. >> i looked over, and there was justin laying there. and he was laying face up like this. he was blue. his face.
12:55 pm
he was lifeless. i checked for a pulse. i checked for a heartbeat. there was nothing. >> the next thing i know i'm waking up in cedar crest hospital and the family's all around me and that's about it. i was shocked. i mean, they went the extra effort, and i can't thank them enough. they're amazing. and i just can't thank them enough. >> justin says it was like he woke up from a dream except it wasn't a dream. he lost both pinkies and all of his toes from frostbite. >> but now doctors are looking again at how they hanltd situations like this. >> yeah. turns out being frozen can save your life. if your body chills at just the right rate, it's almost like being in a state of suspended animation and you're not dead until you're warm and dead according to the e.r. doctor in justin's case who ordered paramedics to perform cpr with chest compressions for two hours. then they hooked him to a machine that could warm his blood and oxygenate it and pump it back into his body.
12:56 pm
within hours his heart was beating on its own and a couple of weeks later he woke up disoriented and weak but his brain was unharmed. smith says he considers himself a miracle and the doctor says he may be the coldest person known to have survived in this type of extreme hypothermia. >> incredible story. >> yeah. good for him. >> yeah. >> but you said don't drink and drive. don't drink and walk in the snow. >> apparently just stay at the bar. >> probably a good idea. >> rick, thank you. this day in history coming up. then top of the hour headlines. stay with us. this is joanne.
12:57 pm
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on this day in 1981, 52 american hostages walked free from iran. it had been 444 long days since students stormed the u.s. embassy there in a protest over america's support of the ousted shah. it took 66 hostages and released only a few of them early on. an attempt to rescue the remaining americans ended in tragedy as a helicopter slammed tone a transport plane and killed eight u.s. troops. the u.s. eventually cut a deal to release billions of dollars
1:00 pm
in frozen iranian assets. and the hostages were finally headed home. 35 years ago today. well, of this day the markets are the very big story. and when news breaks out in the markets, we turn to this man. >> thank you very much. as you've been reporting, it could have been a lot worse. i know you're looking at a number like that and saying my god, 246 points, we're just drip, drip, dripping away. and we are. but that's the good news on a day we had been down north of 560 points. and we were staring in the face of a potential bear market. that's when the dow slides or any market slides 20% from its highs. we're well into correction territory, down 12%. these are hardly numbers to brag about but like i say they're editor than they could have been. a big plunge in oil. the reason, look at nap we've not seen that in the better part of 13 years. now to gerri willis with what's going on. >> a


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