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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 21, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier in washington, millions of americans, perhaps you, are poorer tonight. at least on paper. but it could have been a lot worse. the dow dropped as much as 566 points today. the price of crude oil hit its lowest level in almost 13 years. and that sent wall street running for cover. when it was over, the industrial average was down almost 250. the s&p 500 lost 22. the nasdaq fell just five. it's being said the first dozen days of this new trading year -- have never been this bad. let's get some analysis tonight from melissa francis of our sister network, fox business. good evening, melissa. one of the things we've been
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talking about driving this collapse is the price of oil. >> absolutely. i mean the price of oil is back to where it was when i first started covering energy back in 2003. it is amazing to me, i'd like to buy about six barrels and put them in my office. it's very good for the consumer. it means the price of gas is going to go a lot lower so of course, that's something to celebrate. but it is tough for the stock market. because it's bad for oil companies. they drive the dow. it's also going to mean a lot of layoffs in the industry, that's inevitable. it's bad for the big banks. they back a lot of these trades. back a lot of the contracts. the real question is, what does it say about the economy going forward? that's why there's so much focus on the price of oil. even though you think oil going lower would be a good thing. >> besides putting barrels in your office, are there other people who see this as an opportunity? >> you know, not quite yet. when you look at the stock market, a lot of traders and professionals saying that they're looking for a wash-out here and we haven't quite seen
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it yet. that's scary. also, on the price of oil, you've got a iranian tankers sitting out there filled with oil, ready to hit the market that could push it even lower. you want to see what all this means for the economy. what does it portend ahead? there are folks that think that the first quarter at least we're going to see a very low print in the growth of gdp. that's going to be a disappointing number. thinks in china are slow. so it doesn't feel like it's been a washout yet. >> melissa, as always, thank you. all right. now to politics. we are less than two weeks from the first voting of the election cycle in iowa. the members of the republican field are cannibalizing each other. led by front-runners getting nastier and more personal by the day. democrats are getting scrappier as well, as the shadow of the hillary clinton email investigation and its possible consequences looms large.
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we have fox team coverage, ed henry with hillary clinton supporters going after bernie sanders for being socialist. unelectable and a whack-a-doodle. james rosen on what happens if the fbi probe puts hillary clinton in legal jeopardy and can dump count on his followers to show up. but we begin with carl cameron in new hampshire and the increasing acrimony and stakes in the final two weeks before iowa. good evening, carl. >> and a new poll here in new hampshire from wmur tv shows that donald trump is still dominantly ahead in the low 30s and three rivals, ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush, are all statistically tied in the low double digits. his rivals didn't think he needed it. but today on the campaign trail. donald trump had a new amplifier. endorsed by sarah palin, donald trump was a solo act this morning. questioning ted cruz first on his citizenship and honesty. >> he was a joint citizen of the
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united states and canada. but how do you do that? and he said he didn't know about it. which is interesting. >> and then on failing to report two big wall street bank loans. >> he never put it in his personal financial disclosure form. that's a big no-no. >> trump and palin stumping together could further overshadow other candidates. jeb bush was join by former president detention candidate lindsey graham. ted cruz will be joined by glenn beck. palin used her appearance in oklahoma with trump to demand better care for veterans, including her son. >> when my own son is going through what he goes through, coming back, i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some ptsd and some, some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. >> palin's son was arrested monday in an alleged domestic dispute. despite palin's support, trump is under fire for supporting
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rivals in the past and the clinton presidential library said in response to a foia request, it will release 450 pages of documents related to trump. a day after the first caucus state's governor said he should be defeated for it and turned the tables on the rest of the field say all of them support government subsidy, which cruz says should be curtailed. >> i'm the only major candidate in eye high who is taking that position. right now my opponents are all attacking me for it. and they're all promising just yesterday, donald trump promised not only to protect the ethanol mandate. but to expand it. >> both john kasich and marco rubio took their turns addressing new hampshire's legislature. in the live free or die state there's no income tax and no broad-based sales tax and any proposal that raises taxes could be lethal. do a i way with the irs tax code and replace it with a flat tax.
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>> it's a sneaky tax. the voter doesn't see it. >> here in new hampshire, accusing any republican of a proposal that would raise taxes, is akin in iowa, where evangelicals make up 65% of the caucus vote of being anti-christian. big-time fighting words. bret? >> carl cameron live in dery. america's election headquarters in-depth. will the people who show up to donald trump's rallies in iowa show up on caucus night? senior national correspondent john roberts is in des moines tonight. >> with 12 days to go until iowans vote, donald trump has added a new appeal to his stump speech. >> february 1st, you got to get out there, you got to bring your friends and i joke and i kid. if you don't feel well, no matter what's happening, if you have to the worst day of your life, it doesn't matter. >> his crowds are usually huge. packed with energy and enthusiasm. but charlie gilbert. who just made up his mind to
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caucus for trump is worried. >> my concern is will all this enthusiasm, all the people that show up, will that translate into votes? >> the big question with donald trump in iowa is his support solid? or is it just air? >> yeah. i think it's solid. i mean this is someone who is you know, really been at the front of the polls in iowa for over six months. >> while sarah palin's endorsement may help trump with conservatives and evangelicals, the most reliable voters, trump's path to victory relies on the holy grail of iowa voters. first-time caucusgoers. >> the crowds started to get bigger and bigger. there were probably more people at those events that had never been to the caucus. >> emily parcel knows a thing or two about first-time voters. she was a member of president obama's worker. >> the kind of new person you see come to caucus might be different for donald trump than what you saw for obama. but i think it's a shared sense
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of frustration. >> but certainly not everyone who comes to a trump event will caucus for him. >> right now i'm undecided. i'm leaning towards rubio. but am looking for other candidates to wow me. >> the secret sauce is identifying those who will and getting them out on a cold iowa night. >> to do that in 2008, barack obama's campaign put together a massive ground operation that included some 200 paid staffers and dozens of campaign offices. the trump campaign has been playing coy about the size of its ground operation. but what we've learned from the campaign so far, doesn't amount to a tenth of what obama had. so it's difficult to see, brett, how he's going to get all of those first-timers out on february 1st. >> john roberts live in a chilly des moines. we'll be there next week. a few days ago, hillary clinton could not articulate the difference between a democrat and a socialist. tonight, it seems there has been a steep learning curve. chief white house correspondent
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ed henry reports the clinton camp is making an issue of senator bernie sanders' true colors. >> a classic good cop/bad cop routine is playing out as hillary clinton's poll numbers nose-dive. today in new hampshire, former president bill clinton insisted there's no quarrel with senator bernie sanders. as a new poll in the state found the democratic socialist winning by 27 points. >> they're both passionate and they're both good. let's, this table -- >> less than 24 hours after sanders' socialism was put on the table by david brock, the bad cop. >> he's not electable in a general election. thaus bas of the elephant in the room. he's a socialist. he's not a democrat. >> he's got a 30-year history of affiliation with a lot of whack doodle ideas and parties. >> clinton runs an outside pac supporting her. the attack comes as some of clinton's old senate colleagues are slamming sanders. democrat claire mccaskill
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declaring to the "new york times," the republicans won't touch him because they can't wait to run an ad with a hammer and sickle. it makes it impossible for democrats in state like missouri and it makes it very difficult for democrats in states like ohio, pennsylvania and florida. except when clinton was in the senate her record was not much different than his. they voted together 93% of the time. plus, the democratic national committee has allowed sanders to participate in the debates, and when fox asked the dnc chairwoman on sunday if the party was prepared to back a nominee who calls himself a socialist, she suggested yes. >> anyone of our three candidates i'm confident will win the presidency if they become our nominee. >> and last year, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz could not articulate the difference between a democratic and socialist. something clinton struggled with, too. >> i can tell you what i am, i'm a progressive democrat. who likes to get things done. >> bill clinton was on the trail today, in part because for the second straight day his wife was
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holding fundraisers to keep up with sanders. whose money is pouring in through the internet. and she got more bad news when billionaire tom styer, a big doan tore clinton and other democrats, said he's open to backing sanders. styer told "reuters" that on the big focus of climate change quote i don't find what she said inadequate. but i don't think it's complete yet. >> why bill clinton was easy on sanders, a clue may be in a new poll that found a big sanders lead. in new hampshire, his favorability among democrats is now 91%. slamming him a boom rang as chelsea clinton found out. for a year now, the clinton campaign has been besieged with allegations of impropriety of one kind or another. today it's the campaign itself hurling accusations. including one that may be unprecedented in presidential politics. it came in response to the latest findings of charles mccullough. the third, he's the inspector general of the intelligence community. who conducted concluded this
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week that emails classified above the level of top secret were sent to secretary clinton's private email server. clinton spokesman brian fallon himself, a former justice department official charged that mccullough is colluding with republicans to try to force mrs. clinton out of the race. >> so i think that he put two republican senators up to sending him a letter so he would have an excuse to resurface the same allegations he made back in the summer that have been discredited. >> hillary clinton is dismissing the report, too. she tells npr that the story is another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. the questions now politically sent her around what the fbi probe into clinton's handling of classified material will do to this race. and if worse came to worse. from the clinton perspective, would the democratic nomination fall to bernie sanders? or could a different last-minute candidate emerge? donald trump has some ideas about who that might be.
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chief washington correspondent james rosen investigate. >> i've never quite seen him this way. >> few would challenge vice president biden's view of this volatile election cycle and developments surrounding democratic front-runner hillary clinton have led gop front-runner donald trump to speculate about the circumstances that could cause mr. biden to reconsider his decision in october. to sit the season out. >> if she, for instance, gets indicted. if she has to go on trial. they're going to have biden or somebody else come in. i wouldn't mind that, either. >> in recent days, the state department released an email, in which then secretary of state hillary clinton appeared to instruct an aide to send classified feerl in a quote nonsecured way. and shot down a colleague's request that clinton stop using her personal email account. >> there is no classified materials. >> the intelligence community's inspector general said several dozen emails classified above top secret arrived on clinton's private server. no one has formally accused
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clinton of wrongdoing, the stakes would seem to be heightened with a probe into her email practices. with early voting days away and clinton still the favorite to clinch the nomination, would the democrats have any option to nominate someone else at last minute? to democrats cast as candidates is highly unlikely. but one said both have escape hatches. >> if there's a problem the convention at any time can decide to change its rules. to throw the vote open onto the floor. and put somebody else in. >> there's nothing that bars a convention from nominating a joe biden, or even forwarding a donald trump if they want to. >> there isn't a lot of precedent in either party for a party having to, having to replace a nominee. i don't believe that the email scandal that has plagued her campaign is going to be in any
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point enough to knock her out. >> the dnc's convention rules specify that delegates pledged to a given candidate quote shall in all good conscious reflect the sentiment of those who elected them that leaves delegates some wiggle room for last-minute defections. what do you do when a half million people overstay their welcome? the latest on the immigration fight. first, what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 45 in baltimore. a judge heard motions today, on the effort to force a police officer to testify against four colleagues in the freddy gray trial. william port certificate await reeg trial after a hung jury. the trials of two other officers have been postponed while the question of porter's testimony is decided. fox 13 in tampa, scientists report evidence of a true ninth planet in our solar system. you'll recall pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet. new one is said to be almost as big as neptune.
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size is not the issue. but scientists have not seen it they base their findings on math and computer modeling. and new york fox 5, nypd officers on alert after a phoned-in warning of violence and a reference to isis. the department's chief of intelligence, says he knows who the call certificate and officers are looking for him. tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report."
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we are learning tonight that hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants to the u.s. have worn out their welcome as far as the law is concerned. but as correspondent kevin corke tells us from the white house, the obama administration seems to have a different interpretation. >> while president obama was hailing the rebound of the u.s. auto industry in detroit today, a department of homeland security report was telling a decidedly less favorable story about illegal immigration. in a first of its kind accounting, the agency reported in 2015, over a half million people who entered the u.s. legally later overstayed their visas. dhs checked 45 million visitors and said while 99% left on time. over 527,000 overstayed. joining the estimated 11 million
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people already in the u.s. unlawfully. and many of the overstays came from places considered by the government to be training ground for terrorists. with 11% of the overstays coming from afghanistan, 7% from iraq and another 7% from yemen. for perspective, consider that at least five of the hijackerers involved in the september 11th attacks, were in the u.s. illegally after they overstayed their visas. >> the federal government is on strike. they are deliberately and systematically refusing to deal with visa overstays. this is unbelievable. >> on capitol hill today, alabama senator jeff sessions questioned dhs officials about the failure to construct and implement a congressly mandated biometric exit system. >> it's apparently the policy of this administration to do nothing about that. and that's wrong. >> the report comes as the supreme court considers whether the president has the power to bypass congress and grant deportation amnesty to millions
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of illegal immigrants. >> we think the president has clearly violated the constitution. he made a massive change in immigration law that congress should have done. >> this, you know ultimately is a reflection of a president is determined to do everything he possibly can. to try to fix our broken immigration system. >> a high-stakes separation of powers case, bret, that the high court is expected to weigh in on by the end of june. >> kevin, thank you. the president was in detroit. he just left a short time ago. he was there to visit the big auto show and meet with union auto workers. representatives of the teachers union say they timed today's mass sick-out to coincide with the president's trip. more than 85 of the city's 100 public schools had to close because of the action today. detroit's mayor is calling on teachers to return to their classrooms while legislators address the district's financial crisis. flint michigan's mayor is in washington again today, trying to get federal dollars for the city's water crisis. governor rick snyder is asking
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president obama to reconsider his denial of federal disaster status for the city. the president declared an emergency instead. last night snyder offered an apology during his state of the state speech. >> i will fix it. no citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. government failed you. federal, state and local leaders. by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry, most of all that i let you down. >> this afternoon, president obama called the water situation a terrible tragedy. and a reminder of the importance of government. >> you can't short-change basic services that we provide to our people. and that we together provide as a government to make sure that the public health and safety is preserved. >> the white house says while the president will do what he can to help, the primary
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responsibility rests with the state and local officials. a new government report says air traffic control operations are getting worse. despite the fact that funding has doubled. the transportation department's inspector general says productivity is declining. and reform efforts are ineffective. the report blame as consult tur resistant to change among the federal aviation administration. some lawmakers and airlines want the faa to relinquish control and turn it over to nonprofit corporation. el chapo goes shopping. at the "fast and furious" store, what the mexican drug lord was packing when the federals found him.
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jason reizan, the "washington post" reporter freed
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from iran after 18 months of captivity. made a brief appearance today. he says he's anxious to catch up on what's going on in the world and see the new "star wars" movie. a statement released by the "post" quotes rezaian saying he hopes everybody will respect his right to privacy. >> the pair of attacks today left nearly 30 people dead. correspondent connor powell has the story from our middle east news room. >> the taliban launched a pair of attacks in both afghanistan and pakistan today. proving once again, insurgents can carry out large-scale operations despite efforts in both countries to defeat them. armed with grenades and assault rifles, four gunmen stormed a university in pakistan's volatile northwest territory. the school normally home to more than 3,000 students was hosting an additional 600 today, for a poetry contest.
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>> translator: there was so much building that a friend of my jumped from the university building. the building is very high, yet he jumped from it because he was so scared. >> many of the 20 killed were shot at point-blank range in an execution-style manner. a taliban spokesman claimed responsibility, saying militants attacked the university because it's supported by the pakistani army. pakistan security forces have long backed the taliban in neighboring afghanistan. but view the pakistani wing of the insurgent group as an enemy. in kabul, the taliban killed seven people today when a car bomb exploded near a bus carrying employees of afghanistan's largest tv station. >> pakistan's policy of differentiating between the so-called good taliban in afghanistan and the bad taliban in afghanistan has long angered u.s. officials have who have so far been unable to convince their pakistani counterparts to end their support for militants.
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bret? >> conner powell, thank you. defense secretary ashton carter says his counterparts in france and five other nations have agreed to intensify the campaign against isis in iraq and syria. carter met with fellow defense chiefs today in paris. ? >> we agreed that we all must do more. i believe today's discussion gave every minister the opportunity to discuss with their governments, what else they can bring to the table. how they can better align the efforts with our common goals and strategy. >> carter says there is a coordinated broad agreement of a plan to battle isis over the next year. and take back key cities in iraq and syria. >> isis terrorists have destroyed anothering an shent religious site, the oldest christian monastery in iraq. satellite images reveal st. elijah's monastery has been reduced to a field of rubble. the compound had survived 1400
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years worth of assaults by nature and man and analyst says isis used bulldozers, heavy equipment and possibly even explosives. a setback for president obama over operation fast and furious. a federal judge has rejected the president's assertion of executive privilege in his refusal to let congress see records pertaining to the failed gun-running scheme. congress has held then-attorney general eric holder in contempt over this issue. we're also learning tonight that one of the and furious was found during the capture of the mexican drug lord known as el chapo. correspondent william lodgeness has that part of the story. >> inside e & p chappo's home they found a handgun and eight rifles, including a $13,000 weapon designed to stop a vehicle. penetrate armor or bring down a helicopter in a single shot.
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according to federal sources an atf trace, matched that weapon's serial number to a master list of some 2,000 guns sold through operation fast and furious, a u.s. government sting operation that inadvertently funneled thousands of weapons to a cartel. killing among others, a mexican beauty queen, the brother of a mexican border patrol agent. and it also brought down this military helicopter. >> the obama administration knowingly and willingly gave the weapons to these drug lords. what do they think was going to happen? >> house oversight chairman jason chaffetz and charles grassley are writing a letter demanding the atf turn over the serial numbers of all the weapons found in el chapo's possession. the entire purpose of fast and furious was to see how far up the chain cartels smuggled u.s. weapons. now we know at least one made it all the way to the top. >> we're worried that so many of these guns, are still in the
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possession of the drug lords. >> the the justice department has not as congress requested, provided a complete list of fast and furious guns recovered in mexico and refused comment about those found with el chapo. donald trump and ted cruz scrapping, hillary clinton struggling. does this lead to more opportunity for the rest of the field? >> we'll ask the panel.
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just yesterday, donald trump promised not only to protect the ethanol mandate. but to expand it. to have the federal government do even more picking winners and losers by mandating ethanol be a larger part of the marketplace. >> he was a canadian citizen while he was a united states senator. he was a joint citizen of the united states and canada. but how do you do that? and he said he didn't know about it. >> i will protect you from goldman sachs. i will protect you from
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citibank. and i will protect you for the base. because i'm robinhood and i'm this wonderful senator and i'm going to protect you for these banks. and then he's borrowing from the banks. >> well donald trump and ted cruz going at it. some new polls out today. nationally monmouth out with a new poll on the national front. you can see donald trump with a big lead. 36% over cruz at 17. just released, the cnm/mur poll in new hampshire. also donald trump with a huge lead in new hampshire over cruz in second, which is new. bush in double digits, rubio and kasich at 6%, which is dramatically different from the poll we saw yesterday. and in iowa, the real clear politics average of all the polls. there you see trump and cruz together at the top. let's bring in our panel. start with the republicans and steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard," david gregory, former moderator of new brunswick's "meet the press" and author of the book "how's your
1:40 am
faith?" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> we thought the race couldn't get any crazier and the race is getting crazier. sarah palin offered her endorsement to donald trump. promising donald trump will be the person to end crony capitalism. within 24 hours of donald trump coming out in strong favor of ethanol of the renewable fuel standards and ethanol subsidies. that just i think typifies exactly what kind of a race we've had and frankly the confusion inside the trump campaign. think it's been a tough couple of days for ted cruz. i think stands up well particularly in the face of these attacks from the ethanol industry in iowa. that makes cruz look good. he's willing to stand up and say, you're not going to fl influence me. i believe what i believe. >> i have had two separate
1:41 am
conversations with republicans in iowa, who said those attacks from the ethanol lobby on cruz in effect will help him more than hurt him. but still i think the trump attacks have had an effect on cruz and the fact this these guys are going at each other. >> what about david, the cruz line that the establishment has now embraced donald trump? >> well there is some, we were talking about this, so much more resignation among people who think well okay, maybe donald trump has toned it down a little bit. maybe he won't be so bad. i spoke to republican consultant who said he was talking to guys who ran companies and corporate america who maybe they wanted to mount some kind of opposition against trump and cruz. they said well maybe not. maybe we won't do that maybe we'll pull back. there's also a bigger test out of iowa. which is if you're ted cruz, certainly a populist, an unconventional candidate. he's running a very strong ideological campaign. really reaching the evangelical who is are disproportionate number of the vote. 57% four years ago and hitting
1:42 am
trump as not being a real conservative. if that doesn't pass must anywhere iowa, where is it going to work for him? >> exactly. now speaking of which, cruz supporters are pointing to a donald trump tweet back in 2013. on the issue of immigration. hot issue and this is the tweet. a congress must protect our borders first, amnesty should be done only if the border is secure and illegal immigration has stopped. it's that word amnesty should be done. obviously charles that the cruz folks are pointing towards. >> i think the last six months have shown that nothing that trump has ever said in the past, even in the present, can ever be used against him. because for some reason, he is immune to the laws of contradiction. to take a trivial example in the last debate he said i promise ted, he brought up of course the canadian citizenship. he said i'm protecting you against what the democrats will do. i promise he used the word promise, i will never sue over this.
1:43 am
and then what, three days later at a rally, he said i might just sue. i mean those laws don't apply. i'm not sure that's in any way going to help him. i do give cruz credit for sticking to his guns. on ethanol. on just about every candidate ever. has caved or trimmed or shifted on ethanol. but i do think actually it's going to hurt him. it cost him the support of the longest-serving governor in the country who is rather popular in iowa. who specifically singled him out. that republicans should oppose him. but and i do think there this is where he's got to make his stand in iowa. if he doesn't win in iowa, i think it will be a real damaging blow. >> he just took a shot at governor branstead at an event saying let me encourage other members of the establishment. keep supporting donald trump. every time you do it, it's telling conservatives all over the country where you stand and who stands with you.
1:44 am
>> this is also about conservatives not being the same kind of litmus test we thought about in years past. conservatism in this campaign is a feeling. it's a sense of what's going wrong in the country. it is not the stuff that you put in a direct mail and say, you see him toe the line on this particular issue. to charles' point, with trump, he doesn't have a well-developed political ideology or even philosophy that has grown over the years, he's all over the place. he seems to be able to go in front of audiences and say what's going on here. something has changed, now i've changed with it and that's how it ought to be. and it seems to work. >> that's what's remarkable about this cycle. here we are days away from the iowa caucuses. donald trump, a former democrat, had liberal positions on many, many issues. sort of all over the place on the issues has had virtually no ads run against him. he's an opposition researcher's dream. and there's virtually nothing on the air. >> why is that, because of the backlash? >> they're all fighting with one
1:45 am
another under him. >> you look at the polls and he's so far ahead. all this stuff about are they going to go to the polls or not. only some of them have to go and he still wins. >> well i think part of it is because you've got people like bush and rubio. the second part of my point is marco rubio, who just a couple of years ago was being described as the face of modern conservatism. the face of the future of the republican party. has had the overwhelming number of ads, negative ads attacking him and it's all because you've got these people with the money. the establishment types with the money. trying to climb above rubio. to become eligible to take on trump or cruz. just the moment that we're in. where donald trump who hasn't been a republican certainly hasn't been a conservative, is getting no attacks, virtually no attacks and marco rubgarikoitz rubina rube, is being hit with the overwhelming number of negative attacks, tells you how screwed up the cycle is. >> or interesting.
1:46 am
one of the two. >> yes. we're going to talk about democrats on the other side of the break and hillary clinton just weighing in. on the email scandal.
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the state department has confirmed i never sent or
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received any material marked classified. and that hasn't changed in all of these months. and the department of justice is doing an inquiry to determine whether there were any issues around the email uses that i had. this seems, to me, to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. >> hillary clinton on npr today talking about the email scandal. we mentioned that story about the inspector general of the intelligence community saying that there were dozens of emails that hit the highest classification for classified material,i=o s.a.p. the campa saying that the i.g., president obama's inspector general of the intelligence community is working with republicans to get this into the campaign cycle. we're back with the u7c9ñ david, it's kinds of interesting to hear the campaign go if a far on attacking this ig. >> and to talk about it, but
1:51 am
she made a reference, too, about this being an internal issue within the government, within the intelligence. >> what is classified and what isn't classified. >> not only what's classified as what isn't but also this classification within the fbi and the intelligence community about the handling of classified information. this goes back to the petraeus matter as well. he was charged and ultimately pled to a misdemeanor. a lot about the justice department not taking a harder line about the handling of this material. now she is dealing with it and, like you said, i mean, her campaign going out there to say it's not just the i.g. but working in coordination with republicans. >> this is not, it doesn't seem, steve, having a great effect on the trail, because these polls, the real clear politics in iowa, neck in neck, in new hampshire, bernie sanders up big. >> yeah. i mean, i think we may have already seen a lot of the effect this is likely to have on her because her honest and trust worthy numbers are so low already.
1:52 am
if you look at the internals of some of these polls you see even among democrats her numbers are rock bottom. that partially is why you see people fleeing from hillary clinton's candidacy. one thing to note about new ig letter. the inspector general for the intelligence community, according to nbc news, had to be read in to this new program. [ laughter ] >> nbc news. >> the inspector general had to be read into this program because it was so highly classified. he had to have his classification levels upgraded in effect. in order even to evaluate this program that was discussed on hillary clinton's server. i talked to three national security lawyers who deal with this for a living. this is all they do today. and they all said without exception there is no question this person would have lost her clearances if
1:53 am
this were a senior gs 14 or 15 employee. probably would have lost his or her job and possibly would have already been indicted. >> not only that but the emails then go to hillary clinton's lawyer who doesn't have the classification or the access either. i want to put up this pew poll, pretty large sample nationally about hillary clinton would make a blank president, good, great, average, and you can see the breakdown, 28% terrible. charles? >> let me just start by saying that the spike, steve's innuendo, david is not a double agent. [ laughter ] brazenness of her denial. for her to say today i never sent or received because, remember, earlier she said i never sent, which allowed you to do a clintonian and what is and talk about
1:54 am
receiving. the i.g. had reported this is several, many of the absolutelily highest top secret and it's reminiscent of her reaction with the beginning of the lewenski scandal when they denied the truth and she said this is the vast right wing conspiracy. the go-to initial answer always is to brazenly say a lie, there was no relationship. and then for her to come in and to say you this is just imagination or cunning on the other part, or that november lent conspiracy, she does it again in the face of an ig who clearly is not an agent of the republicans. but i don't think it hurts her among democrats. i think it hurts her among the general population, the general election, and, again, i think it all depends on the head of the fbi. either he does a referral or he doesn't. >> quickly, the campaign now has found the desks of -- definition of socialist and they are using it a lot.
1:55 am
one surrogate saying he hangs out with doodles. interesting. >> no reason to start calling him names or suggest he is wacky. all you have to do is say he believes in socialism. he wants to raise your taxes and wants a single pair system and do other things to social security. it's not realistic. he is more liberal than mcgovern on domestic policy. she needs to stand up to the party and say look, if you want to win, we are going to have to get real here. i don't know if she can do that in this populist moment on the left. >> her sur fat, sitting senator says republicans are going to run ads with hammer and sickle. they are accusing him of being a communist. i thought it was only republicans who do that. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see one father's
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falls from the sky. [giggles] >> and it blankets everything. [giggles] >> it covers it, completely. [giggles] >> daddy's funny. >> no, it's a true story. [giggles] [ laughter ] >> she is great at parties. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and >> it is thursday, january 21st. this is a fox news alert. on high alert. police in two cities targeted in a brand new threat linked to highs sis. the hunt right now for the person behind it.
1:59 am
>> the american college professor accused of recruiting for the terror group. that is just the start of his extreme story. >> and the cause for the storms, not so calm after all. the nation's capitol nearly dar paralyzed just a dusting of the snow. maria molina tracking in a big winter wal lulowallop. >> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first. i am patricia stark in for ainsley earhardt. >> nice to have you with us today. i am heather childers. thanks for starting your day with "fox & friends first". let's get to a fox news alert. targeting police. officers in police and philadelphia are on high alert after threats involving isis. >> jackie ibanez has more. >> police say they aren't taking threats -- are taking threats
2:00 am
very seriously. philadelphia police got an anonymous phone call saying someone wanted to shoot an officer. that information was forwarded to the nypd then the nypd got a call from the same man mentioning isis. a new york city man wanted for questioning turned himself in. however, police don't not believe he is the one who made the calls. so far no charges have been filed. officers in both cities are on edge with the person who threatened cops still out on the lose. >> when you have people threatening the lives of police officers just because of the uniform they wear we take it serious. >> we are taking it serious after what happened in philadelphia a few weeks ago. >> jessie hartnett was ambushed and shot four times in his patrol car. the shooter said he allegedal league against to isis. officer hartnett is hospitalized and has a long road


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