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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that is dream job. sandra: buffalo bills, we'll be rooting for you. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. we're on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts alert. we are waiting a news conference on the massive winter storm bearing down on the northeast. that storm could drop two feet of snow in places including the nation's capitol. we are monitoring what the forecasters are saying and we'll bring you the update. >> the deadly reach of terrorist networks. where do we need to hit to stop them in their tracks? but wall street's dizzying ride. the driving force behind the
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financial roller coaster and what will stabilize the markets? also, it is hard to put a price tag on a beloved family pet? the highest court in the state is asked to do just that? we'll tell you why on "happening now". but we begin with a fox news alert. a massive winter storm in the eastern u.s. targeting a big chunk of the eastern sea board. welcome to the second how. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. this is a huge one. blizzard warnings and watches across 15 states. forecasters say more than a foot of snow and up to two feet in washington d.c. where this happened, it slowed to a crawl. >> dc does not handle snow well. even the president was not
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sparred after touching down from detroit, his motorcade creeping down the highway. he needs a plow. worst is yet to come, rick? >> maybe it was not a bad thing. it gave them an idea. an inch of now cripples us like. this maybe if we get two feet we need to watch and stay off of the road. there are two pieces or 4 or 5. one of them is severe weather. tornado watch in parts of texas and louisiana. we'll see that extended to the east today. this little now not really the big problem once the storm gets the south. wol see an ice storm. we could see a quarter to a half everyone of ice. and charlotte to greensboro.
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look at how far- reaching this is. winter storm warnings for arkansas, mississippi and ohio valley and in that red, blizzard warnings in effect for washington d.c. and baltimore and blizzard watches from new york, long island and delaware and new jersey. we'll talk about wind quickly. wind coming out of the east. that is coin siding with full moon and we'll have high tide and a lot of wind, we'll have coastal erosion especially on new jersey and delaware. we'll watch that part closely and then we'll talk about the now. bull's eye will be right here in the midatlantic. parts of virginia, west virginia and dc, looking at 18- 24 inches
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in dc. certainly see spots well in exess of two feet. we go from snow to no snow. 6- 12 and that might vary a bit. one bright spot, a lot of times it gets cold after it. sunday, go to monday and tuesday, by tuesday, 45, and new york 44. and so whatever snow we get in here it will melt and things will not be bad for long which is good news. it is a rough weekend. good thing for dc, they can't handle the snow. >> as i said they don't handle it well. >> not good down in charlotte. there is a championship football game. >> that's going to be tough. >> we'll see what happens. >> well, the hits keep on coming
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for hillary clinton. some e-mails from her home server were so highly classesified members of congress were not allowed to read them which contradicts the clinton narrative that confidential information never passed through her server. here's more from catherine. >> reporter: fox news said the newly identified e-mails are so sensitive that senior law makers with the over sight state department cannot read them unless more security steps are taken. the republican chairman for the senate foreign relations committee have high level clearances but not enough to read the intelligence from the special access programs that is highly restricted to protect sources and methods. the viewers who handled the special intelligence identified by the aemgss in mrs. clinton's
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e-mails had to sign additional nondisclosure agreements even though they had hssci. top secret compartmented information. that undercuts mrs. clinton's claim. and a short time ago, we got response from a senate who sits on the intelligence and foreign relations and it seemed to suggest that the matter is extremely sensitive. >> we have looked at that and we'll have more to say about that and the chairman of the committee will be your source on that. >> reporter: mrs. clinton claimed that the finding was not related toing and and politically motivated. >> this is another effort to inject it in to the campaign and it is it is another loc. and i will leave it up to the professionals at the justice department because nothing that
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this says changes the fact that i never sent or received millionaire marked classified. >> reporter: it is the content that is classified. the markings on the document don't change its status. and in addition this is not from the watch dog inspector general. he's simply the messenger. he is relaying the finding of the agency that owned the information. and the agency that owns the information has final say on classification. so the state department can challenge that but there is no formal appeal's process. that final determination is in affect. heather? >> thank you. >> for more on this. we'll bring in chris wallace from the fox news channel. you have seen hillary clinton's campaign numbers and they are not looking so great in iowa or
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new hampshire. is this the issue and driving the train? >> not this specific issue. but the whole question of the private, mails and mishandling of classified information, the dealings with the clinton foundation and whether there was a conflict of interest between the private interest of the clinton foundation and what the state department has been doing. that is gone on for months and baked in the cake of honest and trustworthiness. more people don't think she is honest and trustworthy than do. this has broken with the catherine's great reporting. we haven't seen this reflected in the polls. the hit on honesty and trustworthiness has been going on for sometime, and number two, clinton hasn't excited people on the trail. democratic voters in iowa, new
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hampshire or nationally. and the fact is bernie sanders, the 74 year old self democratic socialist has. >> he's out drawing her all over the country, really. and so she is stepping up her attacks on bernie sanders and going after her rival for calling groups like planned parent hood part of the establishment. this is what she said about that. >> i got to tell you, i was confused when senator sanders said well, planned parent hood and human right's campaign is part of the establishment and that's why they are supporting hillary clinton because it is it all part of the establishment. i said boy p, i wish it were i wish we were not fighting to protect women's health. and if it was part of the establishment it would be time for us to stop fighting so far.
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>> it seems like a year democratic and republican being part of the establishment is not a good thing if you want to be president. >> it is hard for hillary clinton to say she is not part of the establishment. she's been a major democratic figure for a quarter of the century now. in terms of the politics of the democratic base, planned parent hood and human right's campaign are part of the democratic establishment along with the teacher's unions. what is more interesting to watch clinton herself and surrogates going after bernie sanders. they have taken off the gloves. david brock, who is an important surrogate for the clintons talked about bernie sanders as a socialist. and clare mccaskil, a senator for missouri and surrogate for hillary clinton.
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in if sanders wins the republicans go after him with hamems and sickles. she is calling him a communist. clinton and the surrogates are worried about the sanders surge. >> we'll pop it up. she's at one of the organizing events in iowa and hammering bernie sanders very hard. also using a teleprompter which she doesn't always do. and so interesting, we'll see where this one goes on the democratic side. thank you very much. this weekend on fox news sunday, marco rubio sits down with chris with an exclusive intruchlt fox news sunday. here on fox news channel. and check the local listings for when it runs on the big fox network in your area.
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an alert for you now. the u.s. air force confirms an f-16 crashed near baghdad, arizona. the aircraft was a signed to the 56th fighter wing in luke air force base. it is the largest fighter wing in the air force. it went down 8:15 local time this morning. there is no word yet on the condition of those involved in the crash. we'll bring you the latest out of arizona. a major change to the visa policy in this country sparked by the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino. how the new restrictions will be put in effect and ho how will they benefit. and reporting targeting isis in afghanistan. our next guest said it is no surprise that security is deteriorating there. >> isis and radical islam is a global movement.
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new word that the pentagon gave the green light on the military to attack isis in afghanistan. it puts the terror group in the same group as al-qaeda allowing u.s. forces to target militants at will. there is growing criticism for the obama administration's strategy against isis in iraq and syria. the focus turns to another front, how does the big picture look in the fight against isis? our next guest testified on a panel that included a former u.s. embassy to afghanistan and iraq. general jack keane, he is a fox news military analyst as well.
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and thank you so much for joining us. >> glad to be here, heather. >> so the desination of isis in afghanistan what does that mean? >> as part of the untroindicated, now we have forces in afghanistan, and for that, they could only defend themselves from an isis attack. now we can go on a limited offense. we have 9800 troops. they are training and assisting afghan forces and so they are not conducting combat operations and have not done so for the last year. however, we have special operation's forces whose mission is to attack and target taliban leaders and now isis leaders in afghanistan. so they will conducting offensive mission against them. >> before hostile intend had to be shown before action was
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taken? >> that's correct. >> when will it go in affect? >> i continuing is already. isis in afghanistan is not yet a consequential force in afghanistan. certainly the taliban are and they are familiar with them 14 years and the haka ni network. and they are a derivative of the taliban. it will take time for isis to grow into that kind of a force. >> we don't want that to happen. >> we don't want it to happen. secondly when i think about what they are doing in afghanistan. this is close to the al-qaeda leadership who are across the border of pakistan. i think it is it to undermine the stature of the al-qaeda leadership in terms of the world islamic movement and we are right at the doorstep conducting our operations in front of them.
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>> you have al-qaeda and isis, and both groups trying to show who is the tougher bigger group? >> this is a problem we have. we are 14 years after 9/11 and never developed a comprehensive strategy to deal with radical islam as a whole. the thumb numb commission recommended a global a liiance to do that and united states would have a major role and putting that together doing what the europe did with with dealing with communism did. we still have not done it. it is bouncing from al-qaeda to isis if we don't get everybody involved. >> some people argue we don't have strategies in place to deal individually with those groups as well.
10:20 am
isis has an on line magazine. in it, they call not for attacks against westerners but attacks against muslims. >> certainly they do, isis is a sunni based organization and consider shia nonbelievers and death for nonbelievers according to their political religious ideology and have the right to kill them and they have done that and they are exploring that more and i think the reason is, iranian backed shian are fighting them in iraq and fighting them in syria. and i think that is why they put a spotlight on it. i am speculating here. and i don't want the audience to think that isis is simply a sectarian upon conflict between shia, their goals in the region are dominant the muslim countries.
10:21 am
and most of them are sunnis. they will go in to those countries and kill thousands of sunnis to take over control of their country as they killed hundreds of sun nis in iraq which is to take care of the territory that they own. >> and the differences between the groups have gone on for years and years. >> yes. >> >> we appreciate you coming in and i know you you have to head somewhere. but we appreciate you coming in. >> two americansy are released by iran about to it return. hillary clinton cozying up to president obama as we countdown to the iowa caucus. what are the motives behind that strategy? will it work in the fair and balance ped debate. yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this...
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>> new information on i the prisoners released. they are land nothing debate a short time ago. and pastor say-ed will be arriving as well. jason rezaian could be in germany for a few more days. gregicalcot is live in germany with the latest. >> reporter: good news for two of those released americans. 32-year-old who made a strong presentation for us a couple of days ago, he will have a public arrival back in flint, michigan depiet a four year detention
10:26 am
period in iran held up well. and 35-year-old abedini. he will be reunited with his parents and his wife had public and long-distance issues with him and their marriage. he is remaining for a moment in the guest house. he is with family and getting terrific care and beginning of a recovery. the psychologist involved with his treatment described what the treatment is like from detention to freedom. >> they didn't have any sense of predictability of what would happen on a day-to-day basis and no control over the decision making. and when you bring someone in to freedom, where the sky is the limit, it can be overwhelming.
10:27 am
it is our understanding that jason rezaian will be back in his bay area home in a couple of days and getting well deserved downtown. >> good for him. we have watched his case closely: >> right now hillary clinton singing president obama's praises and touting efforts on gun control and improved economy. and the love fest sparks speculation maybe clinton is running to preserve the president's legacy. pete snyder is a candidate and fox news contributor and executive director of the new york state democratic party and former aide to then senator clinton. peter what do you make of this? >> i think joe biden's head is
10:28 am
spinning now. hillary clinton who is a long fellow of the president ran in 2008 as a clinton republican, a pro war and neocon pro wall street and now getting heat from bernie sanders, trying to embrace and become the heir to the obama throne. it is not credible and that's why bernie sanders is having effectiveness on the campaign trail. >> she referenced president obama ten different times. you think it will work for her? >> i think it will work for her. in 2014, democrats ran away from their president and i am glad to see hillary clinton is going toward our president. and his policies have worked for the country. and from a strength position it helps her in south carolina. whatever happens in iowa and new
10:29 am
hampshire between her and bernie sanders. south carolina is her fire wall. eight years ago today, in south carolina she hit hard for president obama and so the exact opposite happening this time around. pete? >> hillary clinton will do going to get elected. if she thought she would win iowa by wearing a sweater and hairpiece and railing against morgan stanley and goldman sachs and wearing a jumpsuit, she would do it. she changes her tone and mode every time for political expediency. and that's why democratic voters don't care for her that much. >> she has another president for her now, that is obviously former president clinton. do you think that both of those individuals in tying herself to
10:30 am
them and their policies et cetera is a way to pivot away from her, being the e-mail scandal. >> referencing one for carter and sweaters. >> looks good on bernie but not hillary clinton. >> it is appropriate and fair to attach her campaign to the current and former president in terms of bill clinton. he's still a popular democratic leader nationally. and my guess is you will see more independence from him than you did in 2008. she needs to stand out there on her own. >> and who is she? >> but who is she? is she awe clinton democrat or elizabeth warren democrat? it depends on the polls. >> but you are assuming they are mudually exclusive. i don't think they are. >> we don't have a party for obama. >> finish that statement.
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you guys, we have run out of time and thank you for joining us and we'll continue the debate. the u.s. is putting new visa requirements in effect. and plus, can you put a price on the pet? are they members of the family or just property? that's what one supreme court is debating. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort
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>> welcome fwook "happening now". a fox news alert with new requirements to european travellers linked to sir scombrachlt iraq and iran now effect. hi, doug. >> reporter: this is a law that congress passed. the department of homeland security announced how it would be implemented. it will block european visa how olders with dual visa holders with iowa ran or syria. and it is very controversial as you can imagine in iran that said it violates the nuke deal
10:36 am
by depriving travel to the united states iranian businessmen with business purposes here. it is all coming to it a head in washington this week. senate democrats blocked the bill that require every incoming refugee from iraq to syria to be vetted by intelligence agencies. they tried to have a ban on muslims coming. here is harry reid. >> by advancing the bill, the republicans are creating a distraction for embracing hateful rhetoric from the republicans donald trump and ted cruz. but i guess that this is not a surprise to anyone. >> reporter: meanwhile texas governor greg abbot defended the
10:37 am
lawsuit that blocks any syrian refugees from being resettled in the texas. >> people ask whether or not texas could stop the amnesty and now the supreme court is taking the case can. we hope to prevail in the same way here. >> reporter: meanwhile trump's call for a temporary ban on muslims seems not so racist in the critics in the aftermath of what happened in jernl no when hundreds of women were sexual assaulted by recent refugees. >> thank you, doug. could you put a price on your family pet? how much is your cat or dog or
10:38 am
bird worth? georgia court is looking at the value of the dog. the kennel gave lola the wrong medicine. the kennel argued that the dog was from the shelter and they didn't pay going to begin with. is a pet simply property or more as a member of the family? ebony williams system a fox news attorney. and keb is a contributor. part of what happened they placed the dog in the kennel and when they picked the dog up, she was sick. they spent 70000 in veternarian bills trying to nurse the dog to health and it ultimately was not successful. they are suing for. ebony, do they deserve the money? >> i think they have a good claim. here's why. even if the court decides that
10:39 am
they didn't pay money and adopted the dog. they can argue they invested 70000 plus in veterinary care expenses. there is a financial investment made by the the family and the dog. the issue is, it is hard not to empathize with the extension of your family such as the dog was for this family. >> case law is important in cases like this, ken. what does the law say in georgia? >> when i grew up. kenny the cat was a member of the family and i think pets by most people think it is it a member of the family. but the case law is unsettled. in some states they say pets are like a piece of furniture. i think that is terrible. in hawaii, pets are nothing like furniture, it is it a member of the family and you could easily get money damages.
10:40 am
you ask about georgia, poor lolla lived in georgia and this law in georgia is unsettled. however, there was a 1996 case in georgia in which georgia court ofs opened the door to treating pets like a member of the family. that case suggests that the family in this case may win. i think they have a good chance. it will come down to did the clinic that allegedly kill her, did they act recklessly and were they malicious in doing that, that may be what the case turns on. >> i don't see a lot of proof. they say they believe a kennel employee gave the wrong medicine and covered it up later. but the facts are little thin. >> there you are right, jon scott. it is a two prone tort case analysis. you have to prove damages.
10:41 am
and that is arguable. and the other, you have to prove a breach of duty of care. that is tough. the kennel gave the wrong medicine or did something that was in breach of their duty of care, and absent that type of evidence they have a tough hill to climb. you have to prove bofth those points. >> we'll let our viewers know what the court decides. >> thank you. >> and wall street recovering long with crude oil prices. selloff. and the price of oil is on track to make the largest gain since october after reaching a 13 year low yesterday. it is lifting stocks all over the board. not just energy. but a strong fourth quarter earnings report from verizon giving the market a much needed lift. it is up 178 points.
10:42 am
>> the iowa presidential caucus just days away now. senator rand paul is joining us to talk about his strategy in iowa and beyond. and which candidate should be compared. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. america's election headquarters heading to the first contest in the white house race with the iowa caucus ten days away and the new hampshire primary the following week. senator rand paul giving advice to republican voters with the recent facebook post about donald trump. electing column should not be our objective. golum is a power obsessed character in the lord of the ring. it is hardly a flattering comparison.
10:46 am
joining us is senator paul. that post was directed at donald trump. >> well, you know, he said he is very rich and there foremucht be smart and he will fix all of our problems and pointed to his head and like there is intelligence. there is another tradition in english history is that we should limit power p. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. many of us see the constitution as a restraining force of government. we don't want to grasp the reigns of but i want to see it restrained with the power of the constitution and send the power back to the the people. i think donald trump wants power and he thinks he is smart enough to fix things. that worries us.
10:47 am
>> i don't want to be an apology gist for the trump campaign. he wants to make america great again and hand over it is reigns of his company to other people. he just wants to be a good president. >> i think implicit in his message, he has the sufficient knowledge and presence of mind that he will be in charge and can fix things. but he does want power. make no mistake. he wants power. since there is no under lying philosophy of limited government. he comeses from a progressive movement and been a progressive democrat. pro-choice before pro-life and for a state run system before he became something different. many of us distrust what is his political if i los foe. is he conservative or liberal.
10:48 am
many are uncertain. we are certain he wants power. that is concerning of us. >> voters are not skeptic. how do you explain that? >> i think it depends. we haven't had votes yet. i am skeptical of the polls, i don't think they are accurate. we are polling a smaller grouch land line people and difficult to get sufficient polling. i was going to come on and it is different to poll the caucus because few people show up. we have a thousand presifrpth chairman and made 500000 phone calls in iowa. and hopefully people will learn that the polls are not what they are cracked up to be. >> you have said you would like a federal government so small you can barely see it? president obama extended the reach of the president obamaial
10:49 am
power as president bush did ahead of him. it seems to be going in this direction. do you think that electing rand paul for instance would undo presidential power and federal power? >> if you ask young people if the government went too far in collecting phone records, 83 percent of the young people believe that. a lot of people stand for what i believe government shouldn't collect records without a warrant and putting young people in jail for marijuana and sending half a million men and women back to the war. and i think carpet bombing may create more terrorist than it actually kills. >> many more questions. it is good to have you on. >> thank you, jon.
10:50 am
>> we love to get viewer feedback. do you agree that donald trump is a better candidate for the republican party than ted cruz? we took to the sfreets of new york city and this is what they had to say. >> i can't say i am familiar with ted cruz. i think what a lot of trump's saying is outlandish and far off stuff. that being said he relates to people and they like he is not a politician. >> i am a bernie sanders person. >> if we give the other guy eight years, why not give donald trump eight years. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. you'll hear senator ted cruz weigh in on the domestic assault
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charges against sarah palin's son. guess which gop candidates iowa supporters are overwhelmingly evangelical christians? a mansion murder. her husband now in handcuffs. famed activists and gutsy mom eric brockovich gives you the real story on the flint, michigan, water crisis and whether your drinking water to be contaminated. join us at the top of the hour. right now u.s. naval history at risk of being washed away. the uss hornet saw battle in world war ii and brought the apollo ii heroes home. now the aging ship is in need of major repairs. reporting live from the hornet in california. hi, claudia. >> reporter: hello, heather. this mighty aircraft carrier steamed through the front lines
10:55 am
of history. now a museum. the "uss hornet" has a new foe, rain. from fighting the japanese in the second world war to recovering the first astronauts who walked on the moon the uss hornet is one of the most famous ships in the navy. >> there could be a leak, for example, in this area. >> reporter: after 70 years the roof of this floating museum has cracks and leaks. >> the rains have the potential of creating great havoc for us. and not only on the flight deck, which is one of the most visited parts of the museum, but also to the exhibits below. >> reporter: the captain's conference room now looks like this. >> you can see some of the damage where the tile is coming up and has actually lifted from the deck. so we placed these tarps here to funnel the water into buckets, to catch it. >> reporter: water has also
10:56 am
harmed this mural and caused metal support beams in the ceilings to rust. with damage stem to stern on this enormous ship repairs carry a hefty price tag, about $800,000. back in the day sailors would have patched the wooden flight deck, but now and in between storms the task falls to contractors hired by the hornet museum foundation. the non-profit entrusted with preserving the ship and its legacy. >> the generations that created and served on this are now passing. the less ons are important. and we're eager to share our mission with people. >> reporter: you can see where the sealant has been applied. it is working, but this is just a temporary fix. the museum wants to replace all 100,000 square feet of what's essentially its roof. the folks are working hard to raise $10 million for a new flight deck. >> claudia from alameda, california, thank you. i remember watching the hornet on tv as a kid when the
10:57 am
astronauts came back on the apollo 11 mission. the hornet was right there. >> and the world war ii veterans as well. thank you. we'll be right back.
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11:00 am
thanks for being here. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. a big fox news alert. get ready. major winter storm that could impact tens of millions of people barrelling towards the east coast. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. this is the "the real story." states of emergency declared in virginia, washington, d.c., maryland and pennsylvania. d.c. crippled by an inch of snow causing rush hours last night and this morning. national guard deployed in some state. virginia could see up to two feet of snow. the storm stretches from the carolinas up into new england. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is very busy today. he's live in our studio right


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