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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thanks for being here. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. a big fox news alert. get ready. major winter storm that could impact tens of millions of people barrelling towards the east coast. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. this is the "the real story." states of emergency declared in virginia, washington, d.c., maryland and pennsylvania. d.c. crippled by an inch of snow causing rush hours last night and this morning. national guard deployed in some state. virginia could see up to two feet of snow. the storm stretches from the carolinas up into new england. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is very busy today. he's live in our studio right now. what do we make of the storm?
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>> d.c. got an inch of snow and it was crippling for them. now they'll get two feet. the bright side is this is happening on a friday night into the weekend so you won't have to be on the roads as much. this is a complex storm on a lot of facets. one of which is a severe weather threat and a tornado watch in effect across parts of texas and louisiana. we could be seeing tornadoes -- this one until 7:00 but we might see it go later and tomorrow across parts of florida. a severe weather side of this. to the north of it, you'll see an ice storm develop first across parts of the carolinas as well as parts of kentucky and tennessee. this ice here that we'll see in south and north carolina may be up to .5 inches. it will cause power outages with snow on top of it. to the north it is all snow. winter storm warnings are in effect where you see the pink and blizzard warning now for washington, d.c., baltimore, and blizzard watches across parts of delaware, philadelphia, new jersey, and new york city and long island.
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it's going to be a big wind event here. the wind will have big impacts on the coast. we'll see a lot of beach erosion, coinciding with a full moon, meaning higher tides with that. and then all this wind going on, a lot of beach erosion. big snowfall totals here. the bull's eye has consistently been central parts of virginia. i think we'll see less towards the new york city area but look at this right here. at least 1.5 feet for d.c. and spots likely around 30 inches of snow, gretchen. >> that's a big storm, rick. thanks much. new attacks against bernie sanders from overseas at the world economic forum in davos. joe biden slamming him over his rabid support of economic socialism. ed henry live for us today. as sanders keeps rising it looks like it's not just hillary clinton who is attacking him now. this is surprising. last week joe biden said something very nice about bernie sanders.
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>> he was praising bernie sanders and attacking hillary clinton. the vice president said she was kind of a late-comer to the idea of battling income inequality. maybe joe biden is just trying to let both democratic candidates at the top of the heap, let them know that he is still keeping a close eye on the race even though he opted out. a lot of speculation about what might happen in the future if hillary clinton continues to stumble. or maybe it's just the new reality, which is that hillary clinton is no longer the frontrunner here. all of a sudden bernie sanders has a big lead here in new hampshire. where i am. also, neck and neck in iowa. and so joe biden was maybe sending a little shot across the bow about some of sanders' socialist policies. listen. >> we need not only in my country but in other countries, more progressive tax code. not confiscatory policy. not socialism.
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a tax code. everybody pays proportionately, a fair share. this is not meant to penalize anybody. >> reporter: what's interesting is when the republican establishment has attacked donald trump, that has often backfired and only helped trump, who has been the outsider candidate. we'll see whether attacks from both biden and clinton actually end up helping sanders. >> it's a very, very interesting development. how is bernie sanders responding to all these attacks that he's getting now from all sides? >> reporter: you know what, we were just at the community center behind me. bernie sanders had a big crowd, several hundred people. basically a town hall style meeting. what was most fascinating is he did not engage hillary clinton at all, did not respond to any of the attacks. she was going on his health care plan in iowa again today. her aides are about to have a conference call saying bernie sanders is not fit to be commander in chief. he didn't attack back.
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instead. he did two things. he was going after donald trump as if he was the democratic frontrunner taken on the republican frontrunner then he released this ad that is all positive about america. watch. ♪ ♪ >> i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> reporter: very interesting ad. however, allies of the clinton campaign immediately noticed there are almost no non-white faces in that ad. in a democratic primary it may not fare well especially when you get beyond here in new hampshire and iowa. the clinton campaign keeps talking about the southern firewall where african-american voters will be key, gretchen. >> we'll cover that extensively tomorrow. brand-new poll numbers shedding light on the state of
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play in new hampshire less than three weeks before voters head to the polls. the latest cnn mmur poll. donald trump 33%. ted cruz 20 points behind at 14%. followed by jeb bush and marco rubio tied for third at 10%. but, things may not be that cut and dry according to the latest wbur poll, one third of undeclared granite state voters, still undecided. time for real talk with tony and alan colmes, host of the alan colmes radio show and fox news contributor. tony, we have a massive amount of people. and new hampshire historically decide late in the game which way are they going to go? how do we know? >> i think what you have now happening dynamically in new hampshire is you have exciting races on both sides. you saw bernie sanders now jump over hillary clinton in the mur poll, leading 60-33. independents don't just have one side they can pick.
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they get to declare the day of in 2000. it went against george w. bush when independents went to john mccain. i think you'll see the independents in this case more evenly split. i don't know if the impact will be as great on one side or another. >> i find that fascinating. what you're saying is that the independents will either go for sanders potentially or trump, or somebody else in the gop side. >> trump or kasich, yeah. >> alan, two divergent candidates. >> they're both anti-establishment. they're not the establishment lane. that's the direction things seem to be going this year. we'll see what happens in iowa. bill clinton in 1992 -- he did not win iowa or new hampshire. became the comeback kid. i wonder how important it really is at this point. bernie sanders, it's his back yard. he was always favored to win new hampshire. >> look at this net favorability among the undeclareds. sanders at 27%. kasich at 6%. everyone else is under water, tony. >> this could be a problem more
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outside of new hampshire if independents have negative views of these candidates. it's a much more important constituency when you get into the general election. the bigger news coming out of new hampshire is number one trump with the astronomical lead. combining rubio, christie, kasich and bush. they're at 32%, trump is at 34%. now you have ted cruz in second place, who has barely been competitive in new hampshire up until now. that shows you what will happen if cruz is able to win iowa and pivot into new hampshire with real momentum. >> i want to move on to donald trump now. he says he suggested the former alaska governor, sarah palin that she should bring up her son track's domestic violence charge at a campaign stop yesterday that you saw here on "the real story." he said it was fair for palin to link her son's problems to the broader policies of the obama administration with regard to veterans. senator ted cruz is weighing in, still refusing to criticize sarah palin. >> he should leave our family members out of it. going after our kids, it's
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dirty. it's unprincipled. it's wrong. and i'm sorry that sarah and her family are going through that. >> all right. so alan, ted cruz was probably hoping for sarah palin's support. she supported him for his senate run in texas a few years ago. he is still immensely supportive of her and defending of her. >> he wants the people who likes sarah palin. >> even though she is endorsing trump. >> whatever the palin had or has or used to have. but this idea that somehow you can blame barack obama or the trump -- for what his -- her son did, an act of domestic violence. having ptsd and it's obama's fault because he, in her view, did not do enough for veterans is insane. it's pathological. it'sen a illness, this hatred of obama. >> you had me until pathological. it's not a smart strategy. >> you can't blame obama. >> we know the obama
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administration's failure of properly managing the v.a. you will always have blaming the mainstream media as a unifying theme among republicans. whether you agree with sarah palin's politics or not her family has received an outside share of negative, unfair attention, particularly with the kids. even to the point, if you remember they criticized her down's syndrome son. >> they did. more when she was the vp nominee in 2008. >> when she does a reality show, uses her family as props. bristol goes on "dancing with the stars." she makes over $100,000,000 from it and has two kids out of wed locke and making six figures -- >> you sound judgmental for an open-minded man. >> it's hypocrisy. >> continue your open-minded discussions outside of the cameras. i have to run. obama administration releasing another alleged terrorist today from gitmo. defense department says they transferred the prisoner to bosnia and will be announcing the release of another gitmo
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detid dedetain ye shortly. a parole board ruled he changed his ideology and renounced violence. scary moments at a zoo caught on tape. a worker falls into a gorilla pit and falls 20 feet in doing so. details on that coming up. why evangelical christians and conservatives could be critical in this election. especially in the race between frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz. as senator lindsey graham blasts both those candidates. >> if the past is any indication of the future in terms of these three people, i think america would be in trouble if any of them got to be president of the united states. >> could you prefer a cruz over a trump nomination. >> it's like being shot or poisoned. what does it really matter?
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welcome back to "the real story." cr crews rescuing a zoo worker after he fell 20 feet in a gorilla enclosure. firefighters lifting him out of a moat. the worker reportedly in fair condition. no word on what caused him to actually fall. back to politics. ted cruz making a new pitch to conservative voters two weeks away from the iowa caucuses. >> i would s voters, don't listen to what any of the candidates say on the campaign trail. campaigns, rhetoric is cheap. ignore what i say, ignore what donald says. look to our records. who has actually stood up and fought. if you say you're going to take on washington, when have you stood up and led the fight? >> a new poll breaks down the percentage of candidates' supporters who identify as
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evangelical christian. 69% of ted cruz's supporters consider themselves evangelical. marco rubio 52%. jeb bush, 45%. real talk from guy benson, fox news contributor, political editor for really interesting numbers in here. there are groups of people, not to label folks in iowa, but this is the way it works. groups that are going to come out for one candidate or the other. how do you see it from the evangelical side? >> ted cruz has the highest ceiling among evangelicals in iowa, a crucial voting block in that state. he also has the highest ceiling, by double digits among voters who consider themselves conservatives in the hawkeye state. ted cruz has cbeen courting tha vote his entire career. he speaks fluent evangelical. donald trump less so, as we saw this week with the two
11:17 am
corinthians biblical reference. i think he has the substantial lead. >> you mentioned the very conservative voters. i want to put that up now so our viewers can see how ted cruz does. 49% of them. trump much further down in this category at 27%. rubio, 16%. bush, 10%. it's interesting because all along cruz has really not been able to get traction on the fact that he is that different from donald trump, at least in his conservative area. even though he has been sending out tweets today that show as close as 2013 trump felt totally different about amnesty. >> then trump coming back with a video that purports to show cruz flip-flopping on birthright citizenship. it's crunch time here. both campaigns are trading barbs. i find it interesting to see a presidential candidate at any level basically imploring voters to listen to not a word that he says. >> i know. that was pretty honest. >> it was like, whoa!
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>> he said look at the record. why is he saying that, guy? he doesn't believe donald trump has a political record. if at all, he has one that is mixed. >> mixed is putting it generously, yes. if it comes down to trump and cruz, as it appears to be doing at least in iowa, one of them has been a consistent conservative, with some issues and problems, some slipperiness on certain issues like any politician. one has been a conservative. that's ted cruz. donald trump has been all over the map. although i'm not sure that that really bothers many of trump's supporters. >> i agree. >> i think they're more about his persona and strength rather than his policy position. >> first a second choice when you combine them, cruz jumps to 48% but marco rubio also has a very high number. >> right. he gets a big boost. if you take first choice and second choice combined in this poll, trump is behind cruz by 9 points. 48% is a very good number for ted cruz on that metric. marco rubio goes from 13% to 30%. that's a big jump for him as
11:19 am
well. overall heading into this major early state, it looks like the momentum might be on trump's side but cruz has a very solid base off of which to build. >> guy, great to get the real story from you in the studio. thanks. murder in a mansion. in a small, wealthy new york town that hasn't seen a homicide in almost 40 years, a surprising person suspected of killing that woman. on the first big storm of the winter season creeping towards the east coast. we're all getting ready. tens of millions expected to feel the huge impact. our question of the day. what's your favorite thing to do [ laughing ] during a winter storm? tweet me @gretchencarlson. keep it clean! today don't keep it clean. tell me how you really feel. it's the real story, for gosh sakes. what do you do when you can't go anywhere else? let me know. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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welcome back to the "the real story." the driver of this bus, right here, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when it crashed earlier this week. two female passengers died and seven others were hurt when the bus skidded on a highway before flipping on its side. the force of the impact throwing both of the women from the bus. officials trying to figure out exactly why it happened. >> throughout the next few days we'll be gathering factual information and documenting the crash scene. we will not be determining the probable cause on scene, nor will we speculate to the cause of this crash. >> the driver has at least admitted that he was fatigued. so we'll have to see how that factors into that investigation. here is a good mystery for
11:24 am
you. affluent new york suburb rocked by its first homicide in nearly four decades. police charging now a prominent financial expert in the brutal killing of his pediatrician wife. trace gallagher live with more on the story. trace. >> reporter: not only is this the first murder in scarsdale since 1977. it reads like a page out of "psycho." reports that he attacked his 58-year-old wife with a knife while she was in the shower. she had apparently been stabbed multiple times. police have yet to confirm exactly how the murder happened, but we know that yesterday morning jules reich called 911 to report that his wife was seriously injured. by the time paramedics arrived on the scene goldman had died. she was a well respected pediatrician at a new york city children's hospital. the husband is a partner at a manhattan accounting firm who specializes in mergers and
11:25 am
acquisitions. police say the couple had no history of domestic violence y'all tho jules reich petitioned for a divorce last summer. the case is still pending. apparently a mediation meeting was scheduled for the couple next week. the two had two daughters, a son and four grandchildren. the synagogue attended by robin goldman issued a statement saying, quoting here, as a community we are grief-stricken and our hearts are filled with pain to know that robin, who was so good, so sweet, and so pious, has so suddenly been taken from us. goldman and reich lived in a multimillion-dollar house in scarsdale 26 miles outside manhattan. jules reich was arraigned on second degree murder charges late last night and is being held without bail. he could also be facing additional charges in this case. gretchen. >> a sad and tragic story. trace, thank you. new outreach to tell you about. isis continues its assault on christians in the middle east. now the terror group destroying
11:26 am
the oldest christian monastery in iraq. as seen in this before and after satellite image. the monastery of mosul stood for 1400 years and was used as a place of worship recently for our troops in iraq. the reverend now in exile says christian history in the region is being barbarically levelled and exterminated. emotional homecoming. we'll talk to the congressman who helped to secure abedini's freedom. even members of congress could not open some of the super-secret emails on her server. they were not allowed to because they were so top secret. really? marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
11:27 am
"one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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bottom of the hour. time for headlines for you now. u.s. forces taking control of an air base in syria. under an agreement with kurdish forces. pentagon moving military operations against isis closer to the battlefield near the turkish and iraqi borders. an f-16 fighter jet near phoenix crashing in northwestern arizona today. no word on the pilot's condition. schools back in session in detroit after a union sick-out by teachers. the teachers protesting deteriorating school conditions. right now two americans who had been detained in iran are on
11:31 am
their way back home to the united states. retired u.s. marine amir hekmati heading home to michigan and pastor saeed abedini set to return home to north carolina. robert pitten jer has been working to help free the detained americans. he is the chair of congressional task force. great to see you. what is the real story about what finally happened? what finally happened to get their release? >> well, it is a wonderful story. i was so encouraged to be able to go there and see pastor abedini. got to know his wife very well over the past couple years. he looked great. his spirits were great. he had a wonderful perspective of life and what he has been through. he said, you know, i'll never be the same again. he is a different person. he was there of course, a christian, a pastor. building children's orphanages.
11:32 am
he happened to lead a muslim to christ and that put him in jail. we worked hard. a lot of people prayed hard and were involved and we're grateful he's released. >> we're showing the photo of you and he together. when he says that he will never be the same again, what does he mean by that? >> i think the isolation for three and a half years, a lot of torture, a lot of cruel treatment, a lot of perspective of his life, you know. when you're 37 -- he's 35 years old now. he went in when he was 31 1/2. it gives you even a greater dimension and understanding of what god's plan is for your life. and i think he is even more reflective and desirous to please him and to do what he wants him to do with his life from now on. >> he is going to north carolina. he is going to the billy graham training center at the cove. it's my understanding he's going to meet with his parents there and then he will be reunited with his wife and small children on monday. >> exactly. >> what's going to happen at
11:33 am
this training center? >> i think it's a time to begin to reassimilate back into life. he has been through a lot. emotionally, mentally, physically. i think franklin has been incredibly gracious and the whole team, to invite him to come there and to bring his wife and the kids and spend a length of time there where they can regroup and re-assess their lives and rejoin together. >> what was his sense of -- i just -- nobody can imagine what he has been through. as a mom and a wife myself, with small children, i am trying to just fathom what he went through without them. and i'm -- then trying to imagine how does he put himself back into that environment? did he express anything about that to you? >> yes, he did. we talked a little bit it. he talked mostly about his future and his desire to be a good husband to naghmeh and father to the children.
11:34 am
i think he is just sobered with the reality of what god's calling is for his life and he is even more passionate about telling people about christ. he knows what that means to him and how he endured and how he sustained because of that relationship with him. and he is frankly full of joy. he had no resentment, no bitterness. no ill feelings. he was a man i frankly was -- had a wonderful time just being with him. it was a great discussion and time together. >> imprisoned because he was a christian in a land that does not allow their people to believe in any religion. amazing story. you were part of it. congressman, thanks for sharing the real story with us today. >> great to be with you, gretchen. god bless you. >> thank you. fox news alert now. yet another bump in the road for hillary clinton with less than two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses. sources telling fox some of the emails on the former secretary of state's home grew server. so highly classified even some
11:35 am
members of congress were not allowed to read them. they didn't have the clearance. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. what have you learned today? fox news is told some of the newly identified emails that go beyond top secret are so sensitive that senior law makers with oversight for the state department can't read them without additional permission from the agencies that generated the intelligence. sources with knowledge of the intelligence reviewed fox news republican chairman of the foreign relations committee and his democratic counter part have high level clearances but that's simply not enough to read the intelligence from what's called special access programs which is highly restricted to protect the sources and methods. fox news is also told the reviewers who handled the special access program intelligence identified by the agencies in the emails had to sign additional non-disclosure agreements even though they already have the highest level of clearance known as top secret
11:36 am
sensitive compartmented information. this alone seems to undercut mrs. clinton's claim and those of unknown officials that the material is innocuous. a short time ago we had response from a senator who sits on the intelligence and foreign relations committee and seems to suggest the matter is extremely sensitive still. >> we'll have more to say about it and the chairman of the committee i think will be your source on that. >> we also understand that the number of emails involved is much larger than this several dozen, the several dozen reflects what they call sort of the parent or the root email. it does not reflect the number of times that that information was copied to other individuals or forwarded to other individuals, gretchen. so the number involved here at these high levels of classification is in fact much larger than what's indicated in that letter to congress. >> very interesting. so have we heard a response yet from hillary clinton? >> her response came in an interview with national public radio. mrs. clinton claimed the latest
11:37 am
finding does not change anything and suggested it was politically motivated. >> this seems to me to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. i'm just going to leave it up to the professionals at the justice department. because nothing that this says changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked "classified." >> the three key points for context, one is that content is classified not the format it's in and the markings really don't have any bearing on whether something is considered classified. number two, this is really about the finding of the agencies that own the information. the inspector general is like the messenger in this. he simply relays the information as a neutral party. so it's hard to understand this politically motivated accusation because, in fact, the inspector general is someone who was nominated by president obama, not by the republicans, gretchen.
11:38 am
>> very interesting. catherine herridge, thank you. time for my take. one of hillary clinton's most important talking points has been her ability to say she would be the first female president of the united states. and that women would be a key focus in her presidency. but i don't think she or president bill clinton expected donald trump to be so up-front in bringing up bill's past indiscretions with women and how that would confound mrs. clinton's ability to continue with her always supporting women platform. as the clintons are now being forced to call in the heavy hitters to try to bolster her campaign. senator cory booker of new jersey. pop singer katy perry, et cetera, and bill clinton is being forced to admit on the campaign trail that things are a lot closer between sanders and his wife than he ever expected, the bigger issue will be how does hillary clinton get around her old but new woman problem? how could she two decades ago say the women who had
11:39 am
relationships with her husband were, quote, bim bo eruptions yet now be a supporter of all women? donald trump had no qualms saying this, quote, she is not a victim. she was an enabler. even if trump is not the republican nominee, the women issue will be a major counundru for mrs. clinton. police say distracted driving is getting worse with the use -- you won't be surprised -- smartphones. but this incident is one for the books. officers pulling over a minnesota man after cops say he was caught reading a novel while driving on a highway near minneapolis. sorry. it's not that funny, but gosh. dash cam video released of this conversation between the officer and the reading driver. >> i was reading. >> you were reading? why are you doing that? >> i don't know. i'm sorry. >> what are you reading? >> a james patterson book. >> that darn james patterson. if he didn't write such great
11:40 am
books, right? the driver was given a ticket. police reminding folks it can take just two seconds looking down to cause a major accident. state of emergency declared in virginia, maryland, pennsylvania and washington, d.c. as a massive storm expected to bring up to two feet of snow to the east coast. it will start tomorrow. it's also -- well, it's frigid in other parts of the country like minneapolis where it's 24 balmy degrees right now. take a look at this -- isn't that favorite story of the day, folks. if you're not watching your screen, come right now. if you're listening on radio, i'll put it on my facebook page. prankster leaving the frozen jeans around town. he soaks them in water before sculpting them as they freeze. took him less than 30 minutes to pull this off. what happened to what's inside? check this out. cops shot by a pedestrian walking by a routine traffic stop. and he lives. what the police department is doing now for that officer. >> shocking details about what
11:41 am
caused this wild scene an a fire truck drove into a dairy queen. eric brockovich will give me the real story on the flint, michigan, water crisis and whether your drinking water could be contaminated. she is next. >> the reason that we have taken our time and trouble to file three separate lawsuits, each raising these problems, is because the state of michigan has done so little to fine-tune or protect these people. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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remember the reports of republicans? leaders in a panic over donald trump? now there is word the opposite could be true. the so-called republican establishment could actually be rooting for donald trump to win. that's giving trump's rivals a brand-new line of attack. how does that work? that's coming up when i fill in for shepard smith reporter.
11:45 am
. back to the "the real story." new details about the freak accident you saw yesterday on "the real story." fire truck crashing into a dairy green outside of dallas. three injured but all expected to be okay. folks now calling it a miracle no one got killed. witnesses say the truck missed one person in the store by inches and happened minutes before the store would have been packed. the driver told police the steering wheel locked up. michigan governor rick snyder releasing nearly 300 pages of emails related to the flint water crisis revealing potential problems for some members of his administration. over what appears to be a slow and seemingly dismissive response to lead contamination in the impoverished see's water supply. many of the documents look like this, completely redacted. so much for transparency. time for real talk from earn brockovich. consumer advocate.
11:46 am
great to have you on "the real story." what is the real story? what the heck has been going on in flint, michigan? >> this has clearly been going on for well over a year. it was more than a year ago that the community members originally started to reach out to me. we were out on location. we could clearly see what was happening. we actually wrote a protocol for that city emergency manager on how not to let this disaster happen. and they disregarded everybody's advice. it's important to remember we can't just come in willy nilly and start changing water systems and not deal with the outcome of what's happened. this is a community that was in bankruptcy and, to save a buck, the appointed emergency city water manager made this switch, which the governor knew about, and they did anyway and they knew for quite some time that this was causing all this corrosive lead to leach out and
11:47 am
it was being delivered to all of the consumers. so it is a terrible lack of leadership. they've created a horrific situation. and they've impacted tens of thousands of children's lives and assured them not a promising future. >> i want to take a look at your facebook post. this is from a year ago when you were on top of this. now is not the time for the blame game, you said. detroit has failed and flint jumped ship. so much for local control. everyone is responsible from the top down. that was shared more than 5,000 times. and "the post" gave much needed air time this to fight for what was going on in flint. what's so fascinating, erin is that usually you might have contaminated water and you wouldn't be able to see it in the water. when you see video of what this water looked like, it was yellow. there was stuff in it. it obviously looked like it wasn't safe. >> well, and that is one of the things that, even, you know, in
11:48 am
this community they started to immediately realize was common sense. and that, when your water is yellow and it's coming out brown, you have this general idea you shouldn't be drinking it. that's what's so frustrating. they were told it's absolutely safe and that can't hurt you. that's for me is what is so egregious. you knew of a situation and yet continued to allow them to be in harm's way. this community has done a fabulous job of really pushing back and standing up and being heard. they were in fact correct. it's a very bad situation. >> so the governor asked president obama to come in and declare some sort of a federal emergency. there was a declaration for that for i believe $5 million. it won't be a natural disaster situation like a hurricane or tornado but who is to blame and what needs to be done to fix it? can it be fixed? >> it's going to take a very long time to fix it. i'll use an analogy. if you have on a white shirt and
11:49 am
you spill red wine on it and you go to blot it it can take months to get it out. it will be a long haul. way more than $5 million. that's for certain. because the entire system is now corrosive. there are steps that they can take. first and foremost will be the people's health and the state and funding that will be available to monitor this population and what's going to happen to the children and being able to get them help. secondly, they're going to have to revamp -- i know they've gone back to their original water but the damage is already done. you could be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars to replace the entire flint distribution system. and they're going to have to make certain that these people have a safe source of drinking water for as long as it takes until they can prove to this community that they are being delivered safe, potable water to drink. they've got a long road to go. >> long way to go. you are on top of it and you were from the beginning and you continue to be an advocate
11:50 am
across the country. great to get the story from you. capturing a cop shot at point-blank range. car pulls over. you see a man with a baseball cap walking on the left when the -- thereficer approaches th. the map with the cap reappears, this time with a gun. it jams, and he walks out of frame. man then surprises the officer, shoots him in the back at point blank range, right here.> we're going to look at this
11:51 am
evidence next.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
a british judge pointing a finger of blame at russia's president vladimir putin in the assassination of a former russian spy in london. benjamin hall is live with the story. what did you learn? >> reporter: incredible findings today. and point directly at vladimir putin and a claim that he ordered an assassination on the streets of london.vfp"q06 u$is n alexander litvinenko died an agonizing death from a mystmjyvus illness. he defected to the u.k. in 2000 after publicly clueing at the russian domestic service of assassinating enemies of the
11:55 am
state. he told his wife that putin almost certainly ordered his death and today a decade on the inquire agreed. investigators found that litvinenko had been poisoned by a laced teapot at the hotel in london with a rare radio active material. that left a trail across london, leading to the two main suspects, both former kgb members. they were able to escape to russian and the russian government has refused to extradite them and went so far as to give one medal by putin and made hebe him a member of parliament. but today's announcement is important. russia rejected the accusations. today. >> i'm of course very pleased that the words my husband spoke on his death bed went to accuse mr. putin of his murder have
11:56 am
been proved through an english court. >> reporter: russian relations after their actions in syria and ukraine;&j7çqayç but there is an understanding to find a solution in syria the west has to deal with him. >> no doubt. they're trying to outlaugh donald trump come.coming over there. what about vladimir putin. just question. thank you. we have the story behind this epic bear hug. did you know it's national hug day? come on, get up out of your chair and hug somebody right now. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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what? sending police officers on a wild chase. the animal escaped from a slaughterhouse before it was tracked down in a parking garage what will happen to cow now? i'm gretchen. here's harris faulkner in for shep. >> trump trump -- donald trump gets new help in hump. the republican front-runners target each other, and the democrats agreed to a last-minute town hall right before the iowa caucuses and u.s. >> time for hillary clinton to face new questions about records some of her e-mails on the private server winds beyond top seek cent. also, you don't have to cover your eyes just at this moment when you look at the stock market. stocks bouncing back as oil pricers rebounding for the moment, but what will a flood of new crude from iran mean for the market and your(5yj retirement dollars? an expert on deck as the news happens now.


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