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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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what? sending police officers on a wild chase. the animal escaped from a slaughterhouse before it was tracked down in a parking garage what will happen to cow now? i'm gretchen. here's harris faulkner in for shep. >> trump trump -- donald trump gets new help in hump. the republican front-runners target each other, and the democrats agreed to a last-minute town hall right before the iowa caucuses and u.s. >> time for hillary clinton to face new questions about records some of her e-mails on the private server winds beyond top seek cent. also, you don't have to cover your eyes just at this moment when you look at the stock market. stocks bouncing back as oil pricers rebounding for the moment, but what will a flood of new crude from iran mean for the market and your(5yj retirement dollars? an expert on deck as the news happens now.
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>> i'm harris faulkner. donald trump is now seeing his highest standing in a poll yes. he is 20 points ahead of his closest competition in new hampshire. that's according to a new at 34%, ted cruz in second place at 14. marco rubio dropped into third, tied with jeb bush. bush just starting to climb from the middle of the republican pack. with trump still on the rise less than two weeks before the first presidential contest in iowa, seems some of his early criticses are starting to change their tune. g.o.p. donor whose say they're warming up to the idea of a president trump. that's only fueling his closest rival, ted cruz, saying that trump's growing support from the g.o.p. elite shows he is just looking out for big business. james rosen is live with the
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story. g.o.p. establishment can be a little tricky business. >> yes, harris and not least because of in this singularly confounding cycle, an outsider candidate can be a u.s. senator with a prisonston and harvard pedigree but there dismiss evidence that ted cruz's confrontational style in the senate, where he branded his open majority leader a liar andá trump have led some from the g.o.p. establishment to backç e front-runner. bob dole told the "new york times" yes -- yesterday the would lose if cruz was the nominee would be a disaster, and trump is a dealmaker. >> republicans in congress, elect republicans, are starting to assume, donald trump will be
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our nominee. do we run a separate campaign or run with him? the establishment are saying i'm not sure i want to put more money into a candidate against him. so my fence is before a vote is cast he is almost wrapping this thing up. >> iowa governor terry branstad urged iowans to vote against cruz, a move cruz claims shows they're in full panic moat. >> some analysts are saying it's premature to portray trump's momentum as irre -- irreviserrible. >> lindsey graham of south carolina, who endorsed jeb bush after dropping oust the primary last month, expressed disgust with both of the self-proclaimed outsider candidates. >> if you nominate trump and cruz, i think you get the same outcome. hot poisoning, does it isn't that right.
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>> strong words. campaign consultants are cautioning donald trump not to assume he has boxed ted cruz out. >> if he believes nothing is going to change and it's locked in, then the best thing, the rational thing to do would be results. but he know does. >> he is working very hard? >> working hard. >> do you not think he will win? >> i don't know. i think there's a good chance that ted cruz$pm32qu wins iowa. >> it's way too early here to count everybody else out. iowa, new hampshire in particular, is capable dis would getlr people's attention d make this a three-way race, not a two-way. >> indeed. the real clear politics average of reliable major polls shows only a point and a half separating donald trump and ted cruz in iowa right now. >> it's heating up. thank you very much. that tees us up for our guest, kathy lee taylor, former adviser
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to president george w. bush so gad to have you on the deck today. is this about the most sold lead you have ever seen from a candidate preprimary send. >> it is. it's pretty unprecedented. 20th century, it was generally the case that whoever led at this point would be the nominee, particularly in the g.o.p. side. but in the last 20 it has not been the case, and so for trump to sustain this lead over so many months is really, realup usual. >> can you talk about the establishment? a lot of love. i guess if you're in that category you're not wearing a t-shirt that says i'm part of the establishment but seems to be. who are these people exactly? >> well, look, all parties are made of voters, of americans, and in this case the g.o.p. has had a long loyal following of voters who have represent certain characteristic and as
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the country involves the characteristics have einvolvement you look the 11 key swing states in which the election will be decided the hatt has changed tremendously. a larger number of nonwhite votes and parties are starting to listen in new![ç ways. >> they're singing a different tune today. the members that people say are part of the establishment, like words about donald trump. is that endorsement light? >> i think it's smart. it's too early. it's hard to realize when all we hear is trump is in the lead, trump is in the lead but we're still very early in this election. >> really? >> in eight weeks we're late but right now it's too early to start talking ñ.>?;sx a party at brokered conventions or having secret meetings. we're a spatter -- it's time to see who voters want and that the
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right thing to do. >> you can probably understand while people don't feel like the establish. has much supported donald trump. >> absolutely. this is the right tone to tame. >> the right timing? >> the right timing. >> let's shift to ted cruz. we saw the polling in new hampshire, the first contest being in iowa. this talk bat loan he says he didn't fill out the proper paperwork, do voters -- are their eyes blazing over? -- glazing over? >> i don't know if this issue matteres. what does matter is that ted cruz is wrong on two fronts with this. it's important. it's a credibility issue and it's an hospitale issue, a trust issue and issue this what voters need weigh help has been consistently conservative, which is very important to a lot of the g.o.p., but anybody who has a goldman sachs loan knows they have that loan, and if you have spouse that works at goldman
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sachs, you really know you have that loan because as a bank employee you go through very frequent complaints and regulatory training about not only what you can disclose on behalf of the banking clients but also about your open assets and liables. so for him to say he missed this or didn't recall it, is really not being completely forthright and in that case it's important. >> so does he punch back hard on this? the fronthz page of has re-tweeted pictures of cruz's face and head by donald trump that count, and some tough words from ted cruz. this is getting nastier or not? >> it is. i think silence would be the lest strategy for ted cruz. let got away. these or two guys that everybody seems to love to hate and until voters start weighing weighing e caucuses and the primaries, he should let it go. >> cathy lynn taylor, thank you.
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oil prices on the rise today. we haven't heard those words in a while consistently. but there's word america's controversial nuclear deala.w
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>> reportedly endured torture and horrible conditions behind bars in iran. now one of those prisoner maize not be able to take a proper shower. amerihekmati is on his way to flint,ing which, which has been facing a crisis over poisoned tap water, containing dangerous levels of lead. hekmati'sv=7g#ç family says he s shackled in a cell three feet by three feet. placing him in stress positions, pouring cold water on him to keep him from sleeping, and we're learn of another american who is on his way home, too. a congressman from north carolina says pastor saeed abedini was set to land this afternoon. jason rezaian will stay in a
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hospital in germany. family members are staying in a guest house nearby. >> the price of crude oil rose by a dollar a barrel, still stuck below $30 but moving in the right direction in terms of the mark. oil's biggest gain since october and it's that instability that has driven the craziness on wall street. analysts say it could start sliding again because iran is preparing to put a huge stockpile of its oil on the market. all can'ts a the u.s. and european union lifted some -- the markets are flooded with oil and that's why the prices are so cheap. researchers confirm a bail of oil costs less than the barrel itself. petey doocy is live in washington. >> reporter: iran used to pump out the second most oil of any to that level yet but could be
12:14 pm
soon and that could be a big problem. >> we see oil staying in the 20s for a while. the new supply from iran is a serious weight on oversupplied markets. see geopolitical risk on the horizon. so you have is not a lower for longer scenario but a more volatile, more frequently scenario. >> reporter: there are some sanctions on tehran but they have more flexibility than they've had in years to make a lot of money. >> what is iran doing with all this money without all this punishments from the west now? >> today our top diplomat, secretary of state john kerry, says he expects some of the money to fund terrorist groups but did not say that's a deal-breaker. >> we stand by our sanctions. we think they've been used judiciously, and effectively, and we're ready to move on now
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to put the test -- the willingness -- put to test the willingness of iran and other countries to reduce tensions. republicans on capitol hill who announced plans to good around the white house to further punish iran. >> we're going to be introducing sanction legislation that i'm working on to impose tough new sanctions on iran for its behavior with its ballistic continue to hold iran accountable for its support for terrorism. ,. >> and senator mccain wants iran held accountable for humiliating american sailors and congress has to too something because the white house won't. a powerful iran-backed militia is one of two groups which may have kidnapped three american contractors who are now missing
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inside iraq, according to a western security official in baghdad. investigators say the kidnappers took the americans on saturday before all communications stop. the leader of the group is music -- muqtada al-sadr. an explosion near the pyramids in egypt killed at least people people and injured according to the local arabic news channel. it reports the blast happened in the cairo suburb of giza. no@ word on the nationalities of the victims. millions of tourists, including a lot of americans, still visit egypt every year despite security concerns and warnings as the country has been fighting radical islamists. a big winter storm headed to the east coast. this has been coming for days
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and now possible blizzard conditions will roll in people from d.c. to new york, prepping for major snow. i saw this at the stores yesterday. they are buying up everything. we'll have a live report from the fox weather center next. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing
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fox weather alert. from washington to new york people preparing for possible blizzard conditions beginning tomorrow. officials in washington, virginia, maryland, past, declaring states of emergency. the national weather service issuing blizzard wards from virginia to new york city. the storm will likely hit the d.c. area the hardest and could dump two feet of snow there.
12:21 pm
rick reithmuth now in the fox news weather center. boggles the minden. one of the first things to happen is you lose your power. >> you have to have a manual can opener, not an electric can opener. lots to go along with this storm. d.c. had also snow last night and caused big problems, an inch of snow. enough with two feet of snow it's going to cost a lot of problems and the southern end of the storm, we have tornado concerns. one tornado watch until 7:00 tonight, and then a new one just issued, including southern parts of mississippi and new orleans area until 10:00 tonight. that's going to go overnight tonight, and then tomorrow, across parts of florida. so that's a severe side. now you go just to the north of that and get into the cold air and that warm -- we'll see this fall and freeze on contact, so an ice storm across north georgia, south carolina, and north carolina, we could be
12:22 pm
seeing some spots here maybe half an inch of ice and that will cause all kinds of power outages including potentially charlotte, greenville, ashville. so we'll watch that and then get a little snow on top of that. look how i widespread the winter to the atlantic, and then the bull's eye for blizzard warnings, d.c., baltimore, new york city, long island, jersey, and delware. a lot of things going on. going to be incredible wind with this and happens with the full when the get those cycles and the winds that are 50-miles-an-hour, we'll be looking at beach erosion and flooding here in coastal jersey and delware. now, does d.c. get 24-inches? difficult to say where thebands
12:23 pm
line up. se, over two feet of snow for sure. not sure if that will happen in d.c. but likely 18 to 24-inches there. the bigger questions once you go towards the north in new york city, we're right on the line there between a significant snow and no snow. so where this goes, it's still too early to say. right now we're saying six to 12 inches but it might be a little lower than that, but a lot of wind so problems at the airports. a a lot going on with this storm, a dangerous one for many people. >> there was a lot of red on that map, particularly around baltimore, areas that don't typically see two and three feet of snow. how long will this stay on the ground. get big storms and is really cold. but sunday we're back above freezing in d.c. and new york, push hog degrees and -- pushing 40-degrees on monday.
12:24 pm
on tuesday, d.c., 46 degrees so we'll start to see this melt very quickly, and that is going won't stick around -- it will be there for a bit. >> in minnesota we used to call it the refrigeration effect. just chills until it breaks up. we'll come back to you as the news warrants. thank you very much. do not try this if you end up in the middle of a storm. 80-year-old man drive a car almost completely covered in snow. the man cleared a small spot on( the windshield. police gave him $100 ticket for driving with an obstructed view. the man claimed he was too old and weak to brush off the rest of the snow. bless him. so the officer cleared the windshield for him and sent him on his way. oceanfront home owners in new jersey are fight egg state's plan to seize some of their land
12:25 pm
to build sand dunes to prevent flood damage. 17 property owners went to court calling the move a land grab. officials say it would protect spire communities and areas with dunes did much better in hurricane sandy. that storm damage ordinary destroyed nearly 350,000 homes in new jersey and caused an estimated $37 billion in damage. forecasters predict this weekend's storm could cause additional coastal flooding. home owners claim the officials are using the dune project as a smokescreen to take control of private beaches. critics say batch of newly released e-mails could spell49ç trouble for hillary clinton. what it could mean especially with bernie sanders nipping at her heels. we'll ask a democratic strategist on the deck. stay with us.
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more headlines. if you're going to use a hoverboard, better have a fire extinguisher nearby, a warning from the consumer product safety commission. the federal agency investigating companies after reports of them bursting into flames and amazon is now offering refund for anybody who purchased hoverboards on their web site. >> scientist us may have found a ninth planet on the edge of,bs/e solar system. the giant object has a mass about ten times that of earth. so it's not at of demotion to dwarf planet like pluto. a woman just made history as the first full-time female coach in the nfl. catherine smith is a special teams coach. she started as an intern with the new york jets. the news continues right after this on the deck.
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classified even higher than top secret, and some members of congress did not have the clearance to see them for themselves. that's what u.s. officials are telling fox news. secretary clinton insists this receive was marked classified at the time. her staffer are accusing an inspector general who is an appointee of president obamas' some republicans of leaking allegations to try to hurt her campaign. we have team fox coverage. ed henry is live on the campaign trail in new hampshire. first, let's go to catherine her more. >> knocks -- we are told some of the e-mailed that go beyond top secret are so sensitive that senior member lawmakers can read them without getting an okay from the intelligence agencies who control the information. after allegations the process was politicized the white house responded today. >> the decisions to pursue a particular review and the
12:32 pm
results of those reviews that are presented to capitol hill or made public are entirely decisions made independent of the administration. so, it's hard for know pass judgment on them one way or the other. ultimately it's the responsibility of the inspector general to describe what he or she is doing. >> fox news is told the reviewers who handled this intelligence from what are called special access programs, or staff intelligence, that were identified by the agencies in mrs. clinton's e-mails had to sign additional nondisclosure agreements even though hey had the highest level of clearance. this would seem to undercut mrs. christian top's claim and those one unnamed officials the material is innocuous, and this afternoon we had a response from a center who is on both committees of oversight which suggest how sensitive the matter is. >> we look at that and will have
12:33 pm
more to say about it and the chairman of the committee will be your source on that. >> and also this afternoon, the state department said they are unlikely to meet the end of month deadline to get out the rest of the e-mails. my understand is part of the wrapped nest of problems they're dealing with is how to handle some of these highly classified e-mails and whether they can be even released in some form even if it's highly redacted. >> it is complicate. beyond top secret. well, i understand if anybody thinks that hillary clinton isn't watching, she has responded to your reporting. when sheoáyoçç was. >> she didn't respond to my reporting. she responded to letter from the intelligent community inspect juror general, which we were the first to get. she did speak to national public radio and indicated the finding doesn't change anything and suggestled that the letter was politically motivated. another effort to inject this
12:34 pm
into the campaign. it's another leak. i'm just going to leave it up to the professionals at the justice department because nothing that this says changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked classified. the content that is classified. doesn't matter what the format it. and just because it's not marked, doesn't change the classification. the other thing to emphasize from this new letter from the inspector general is the fining of the agencies that got the information in the first someplace they have final say on classification, is that this information was classified at the highest levels when it hit the server. that is their determination, and that is simply something that the state department can challenge but they have no authority to change here. >> and also from your reporting, i was doing some deeper reading that details on the gruel from drone hits and that sort of thing that reportedly were in
12:35 pm
those e-mails, that's inherently classified without a marking necessary. >> the reference to the drone report in "the new york times" my assessment of that is it's like going home with a reporting card with six d's but the other grade is a d-minus so that's what you point to. this seems to be the least serious of the infringements but especially a high level clearance, you cannot even confirm the existence of the drone program as strange as that may sound up certainly cannot discuss it in an unclassified setting like a principle e-mail, and you certainly cannot expand on the details of that program because the drone program is one of these special access programs. again, what i understand is that the findings go way beyond just a single program and a single incident. there will multiple incidents over significant period of time,
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12:37 pm
>> you see the simon and garfunkel song, "america" and then sanders trying to be positive amid all the attacks. the issue for sanders is he is somebody who admitted he i
12:38 pm
particularly to african-american latino voters because when it gets beyond iowa and new hampshire, thenmkz clinton camp believes they have a firewall with african-americanqñ voters. >> you're in new hampshire right now. hillary clinton is in iowa. debate bernie sanders roll out his health care ideas on the heels of him criticizing. what is it about bernie sanders and heck think that hillary clinton hopes to reveal of whatever she is doing? >> reporter: what she is trying to do is say the health plan as a singing payer plan is too far left, will cost too much money. this problem for hillary clinton there is a lot of people in the democratic primary who like the plan in a general election would be far more unpopular. nonetheless, in this prime carry campaign she is hitting sanders hard. >> i know senator sanders, cares about covering more people, as i do, but rather than build on the
12:39 pm
progress we've made he wants to start over from crash with a whole new system. now in theory, there's a lot to like about some of hisçñ:"z id, but in theory isn't enough. a president has to deliver in reality. >> reporter: what is interesting in the final days before iowa here, the primary in new hampshire, bernie sanders mond responding in kind and said he may make history and may shock the political world by winning both iowa and new hampshire. we'll see. >> we'll cover it as it happens. you. julie is here to talk on this, a democratic strategist, fox news contributor and often so, let's start with where ed just left off. >> it would be unprecedented for somebody to win iowa and new hampshire and then not win the
12:40 pm
nomination, something clearly on troubling to the clinton campaign. the firewall is minority voters make up 50 parts of the states following, south carolina, supertuesday states and her strength is with minority voters. bernie sanders, if he cuts into it, would create a huge problem for her. iowa and new hampshire are whiter than the general primary population. >> let's talk about a demographic and that's women. some place where hillary clinton today again, weak among certain sectors of women, why? >> younger women don't subscribe as much to the feminist plan as opposed to he is putting forward this hope and change ad, the ad says i'm more about you than i am about myself. this campaign is about all of
12:41 pm
us. it's brilliant ad. that's -- he is appealing to millenial woman and others to say this not a cult of personality around mrs. clinton, you, the voters, the ones i'm concern about, not myself. >> how much indication that she could be in trouble early on that bill clinton is out in full force. >> he is out in full force in places like new hampshire, he was the comeback kid in 1992. she is down by double-digits. she was the comeback kid in 2008. she came from behind and won new hampshire over barack obama. they're trying to replicate history in 2016. democrats than bill clinton. >> and i want you to respond to the e-mails and the investigation and e-mails surfaced in a specialo(0au catey
12:42 pm
of access, the supersecret e-mails. what are your thoughts how she deals with this? she cannot ignore this. assumption is she shouldn't focus on this, especially a week or two before the crucial contests in iowa and new hampshire. what she is saying is this is secondly, late wait and see what the doj comes back with. she needs to keep her base solidified and not thing they're problem down the road and this could bite the democrats. >> you heard what former obama white house adviser said, david axelrod. and just to hear the words -- justice department coming out of his mouth, interesting, and where she is going into iowa and new hampshire and what your concerns are for her. >> first of all she needs to shore up and has tried to do that and you see her embracing
12:43 pm
the president this way. she needs to make sure she is okay with the minority community. if she loses these two states the nomination is not lost. just needs to main her support in minorities. she said she wasn't running for anybody's third term, her husband or president obama. >> that wasn't try. >> that was yesterday today she is running for president barack obama's third term. he beat her among those same voters whose support she needs now. >> she was doing better at this anytime 2008 than now. untrue, that was just yesterday. >> harris, see you later. >> on wall street, keeping an eye on the markets. the dow on a tear following what's been a rollercoaster ride of a week. all ten of the s&p sectors coming up.
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wall street now let talk about your retirement plans, all that you're putting into your 401(k)s. the dow is up triple digits as the oil drop has snapped its losing streak. 148 points up now, my guest says she wouldn't be surprised if we rebound hundreds of additional points over the next couple of trades days. so, as your looking at this, you don't have to side-eye it. yesterday you didn't want to look at it. as investors we're told, don't touch it, but it's hard not to look. where are we with this? i was reading about analysts who we're easing into a recession. >> so let me give you the definition of a recession. a recession basically, according
12:48 pm
to the imf you need two consecutive quarters of gdp slow you. we're not there yet. that's just according to the imf. we're taking into consideration retail sales, and employment. if we're starting to see unemployment start to waver. we're not really on the pathway to a recession. what we are seeing is a lot of market volatility, and a correction going on. we have seen a lot of growth. right now we're seeing that market stabilize agent built more, and you remember in december, the federal reserve, there was talk they were going to raise interest rates. they raised it a little bit and when we see the federal reserve start to pulle.p( back a littlet more -- i should say start continue crease those rates -- that is when you start seeing people say, oh, my gash, where are we going to go? are things going to be more expensive -- >> wait a minute. we were at zero percent for so long. >> exactly. >> that anything you would do
12:49 pm
would fool lime you have taken away any favorite thing, zero percent. >> we are at a point in the economy, -- people can argue with me. >> some are. >> we are at the point where the federal reserve feels good enough to raise interest rates. so that's what we're seeing. >> that's one stiletto we're wearing. >> exactly. >> if the other one falls if, -- falls off, is that the oil about to flood the market from iran? >> well, we are going to see the market flood. there's about 50 million barrels in the persian gulf right now. that's going flood the market. the u.s. also has two million barrels as well. so we're probably going to seal the price of oil come down a little bit more. so in terms of the stock market is tied to the oil market. you're going to see the fluctuation as we have been seeing the past couple of days, how it just -- once the oil prices come down, the market
12:50 pm
tanks, it goes back up. you'll see then market fluctuations, however, because of this, oil prices come down, the consumer has a little more morning. >> that's a silver lining. >> exactly. so consumer spending, according to figures i've pulled here, consumer spending was up .3% in november, going into december and i was talking to a company that looks at consumer spending online across the board, and 1.8 million reviews done on companies, and consumer spending for the fourth quarter, from bird eye, up ten percent. from last year. so it's a good, healthy consumer spend. people are saving -- >> silver lining. always good. good to seeut÷hç you. congratulations on the new marriage. a judge now point freeing finger at russian president vladimir putin and the killing of a form kgb agent. and just wait until you hear the
12:51 pm
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russian president vladimir putin probably approved a plan to poison to death a former spy who once accused putin of./q5ñ g a pedophile, a word from a british judge. alexander litvinenko died after drinking tea laced with radio active poise son this judge believes two russian men were acting on orders when they gave the former kgb agent the tea. litvinenko left russian for britain after becoming an outspoken critic of putin. on his death bed he ordered putin of ordering his killing and wrote it was an open secret the kgb was a pedophile and then
12:55 pm
had video of putin having sex with young boys. a kremlin spokesperson says the investigation may only, quote, further erode ties with the british government. >> the british government is freezing aspects on the russian suspects and says there are international arrest warrants out for them. british prime minister -- the british prime minister, david cameron, says this came as no surprise to the government, it only confirms what the government already believed that the death was a state sponsored death. listen. >> no doubt this shocking event was reacted to years ago when it happened and we're toughening our action again today. >> now, a white house spokesperson says because the happened on british soil, the white house is not planning any direct action as a result of the report, but the white house also said that doesn't mean they have
12:56 pm
ruled anything out. >> what their suspects saying? >> the suspects are speaking on this and in fact the report named two russian suspects and says they knew what they were doing and that they intended to kill litvinenko when the put radio active poise son in his tea pot. one of them, dimitri consecutive opportunity says false evidence was used, and the other one is a russian lawmaker named andre lugovi and he says thet0h accusations are -- >> interpreter: it's a bold faced lie, delusional and misleading the whole community and anybody who watches tv or reads the newspaper. >> russian -- russia has refused to extra date either of the men. and a i was told russian is known for using poison because it looks like the person died of
12:57 pm
natural causes. >> unless they investigate. >> like in this case. >> thank you very much. we'll stay on the news here on fox news channel. i'm in today for shepard smith. "your world" right after the break. ♪ melodic, calm music.
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if as a voter you think what we need is more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, then i guess donald trump is your guy. >> yesterday we told you that the bro maps4t> -- bromance was over. today the war is on. you're watching "your world" and a world of anger and accusations back and forth among the establishment part of the party and those considered the renegades. the latest from james rosen in washington as both donald trump and of course ted cruz are at separate events separated by almost an entire, well, country. the latest now from


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