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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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if as a voter you think what we need is more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, then i guess donald trump is your guy. >> yesterday we told you that the bro maps4t> -- bromance was over. today the war is on. you're watching "your world" and a world of anger and accusations back and forth among the establishment part of the party and those considered the renegades. the latest from james rosen in washington as both donald trump and of course ted cruz are at separate events separated by almost an entire, well, country. the latest now from james.
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>> that's a good thing so no actual fights. the latest new hampshire poll puts g.o.p. front runner in donald trump so out in front in the grandit? state, the margin of error hardly matters. the cnn-muv poll finds the new york real estate mogul leading his nearest rival, senator ted cruz, by a full 20 points, 34-14%. however, the survey found both many making huge strides in favorability ratings, each gaining 20-points and now well over the 50% mark. the poll comes as bob dole, the g.o.p. residents 1996 presidential nominee, is telling "the new york times" that the wholesale losses of the party would be cat click. -- class chris mick and that donald trump is a dealmaker. >> what bosh dole is saying is the one guy that shares heck out
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of us is cruz because cruz actually will stand with the american people against the career politicians in both parties. >> at this hour, donald trump is scheduled to make at least his second appearance of the day the las vegas, speaking in the familiar setting of a major hotel and casino, south point. former president bill clinton is stumping four his -- for his wife, hillary clinton in las vegas. there you see donald trump taking the stage in las vegas. we'll keep you posted on what he has to say. don't forget iowa, where the caucuses are just 11 days away and the real clear politics average of major reliable polls shows misters crump and cruz sprayedded by a point and a half. >> we will keep our eye on the events in las vegas. see if he makes in reference to ted cruz. what is so shocking is these
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guys used to be nope for not even alive a glove on each other, all the accusations and ranting and raving against donald trump were going on, ted cruz stood back and when it came to the criticisms of ted cruz, donald trump stood back. not now. what former ge ceo says we're anywhere. >> we're narrowing down to two. >> one of those two. >> lookers that way itch don't see anybody gaping real momentum yet. we have three electses coming up quickly and we'll see if there are some moment chippings but bright enough it's a two-person race. >> you were way ahead of the cruz phenomenon. you were eyeing him before he formally entered the race, but you saw something then and it got my attention because for want of a better term you've might be deemed an establishment kind of guy, so what were you seeing in him early on and i
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assume you still see it? >> there are couple of thing is really like about ted cruz. one, he does what he says he's going to do, whether it be an obamacare and shutting the government down, doing something, he says it, and he does it. the second thing i really like about him -- i like you the think about this. people don't recognize the value of anaz=y insider outsider combination coming into a job. he knows what he doesn't like. i go out -- i was an insider outside 35 years ago when i got the job at ge. we didn't have to win the election. we gone appointed and we retired 20 years later, we had over 95% approval, but we cleaned the place out. >> they were nervous with you. you were just a kid. >> and they were bob doles and there were all these guys out establishment, if you will, telling my predecessor,
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don't pick this wild map. this is nuts. so if you ran a popularity cop test, ted cruz is calling him a cartel. >> if he became president, what donald trump is saying you have to go to these people and work with those people. i. >> you're the boss and you can make things happen. >> it's different in washington, jack. >> they'll all line up. i guarantee you. the establishment will be behind him like ducks. >> the bob dole line and they hate him, you don't buy that. >> may not like him because it rupees their game. they have a nice game there they stay for 25, 30 years, pass things for each other. hayes going to -- >> you think he'll absorb the blowses? one thing that happened and we noticed it at the end of of -- that whether it's the issue, whether he is a natural born citizen, whatever donald trump is doing has at least stalled cruz's rise in iowa.
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now, polls are. fleeting but what do you make of that? trump is succeeding in planting seeds of doubt? >> trump is a masterful politics. a great campaigner. >> whatna, kind of president wod he be? >> here's my view. we had jimmy carter, and we couldn't bring the country back a little bit at a time after that disaster. bad as jimmy carter ever thought of being, and we -- >> talking about barack obama. >> yes. >> i always thought you liked him. >> we can't nudge this thing back. donald trump is a great guy, >> are you surprised how well he is doing. >> yes. >> what do you think its. >> he is articulate in these debates and says things a lot of people are thinking. think he might be underpolling. i know a lot of people, i'd never vote for him, but when they go in the booth they'll
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vote for hip. we'll learn a lot in the next couple. if he outpolls or gets the votes more than the polls were, then he has -- >> i talked a number of democratic operatives and they tell me, this is a dream come true for us. donald trump, ted cruz, hello. what do you say? >> i think that the biggest thing the republicans have to worry about is hillary might get yanked and old joe might ride in on a white horse because she is so vulnerable. >> do you get a sense it's going to get crazy or the republicans are going to rip themselves up here, arrive in cleveland without a nominee, and -- >> no. same people will come onboard. there's no question that with the environmentalists and all these people, with immigration, the democrats have lost some of
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their natural constituency in the midwest and unions, and i think that's going to be a different vote. >> this is the freed u.s. marine returning to the united states, to michigan, i believe. we'll keep an eye on that. he was held captive for four and a half years, he went to iran to see his ailing grandmother. the iranians felt he was a spy. held him up. the iran agreement got him back here. we're monitoring but back with jack welch. bailouts becameóxómz a very bige at the debate, not the least of which because of what has been going on in the markets. a lot of people say it could be repeated, the financial meltdown. no two crises are alike. i asked christie and cruz,. they said to a mon, no, we don't rescue again but if the bank of america were up against the wall ork]kñt)urák would a president let thatn%cé happen?
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>> i don't think the market fallout fear is something that's going to create that yet. we still have a reasonably weak economy but we have been saying that for a year. >> it can sputter on a while. >> i don't think the economy is falling off a cliff. >> you don't thinking this presames anything horrible. >> the market, the assets were inflated. the economy isn't catching up with the assets people hoped they were. earnings are going to be weaker but they're not disastrous. >> you're hillary clinton and looking at the market. today we were up but you know how it's been going one day, down the next. and we have lost a trim bucks in market value. do you get a sense that hillary clinton figures, get this out of the way early, don't need it happening in the fourth quart center. >> i think she is so scrambling day to day as to what is happening. i got a theory -- you can laugh
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at this one -- do you think the -- losing a stripe on her shoulder? that was teeing up with her to let old joe come riding in on the horse? do you think that? would -- >> now that -- if they take a stripe off of petraeus, a star, if they do that, now you say, gee -- >> they've took it off for far lesser offense. >> do something to her. not me. i just have to -- >> what if the party's only alternative is this guy, sanders, and he wands advocated loser. will they try to bridge in a joe biden. >> that's my two bits behind the -- >> but too late to do that. that it have to do it at the convention. >> they can do it at the convention easily. >> in this race, the way it's constructed now, you always hear
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want a republican but many of them tell me republicans have grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory so consistently that they have serious doubts nip can pull this out. >> that's true because we picked middle of the road players. >> is that the reason? >> i actually believe.=>%.! romney got viewer votes than mccain, fewer actual votes, you have to say, a lot of people had to be staying home. >> they weren'tas jazzed. >> hope any we'll jazz them now. i was with a guy never involved in politics. he and i went at it for an hour. we had more fun. he said, donald trump has gotten me into this game. >> is that right? there's something to what you a and i agree, think trump support is understated, to your point a lot of people who will never
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admit voting, they're very different gentlemen, those who were asked would you support ronald reagan and the said, former actor, guy thinks trees cause pollution, no, no, no, something changed. a lot of other factors. >> misguy is cruz. >> i understand. i understand. but when people say that this race could be compromised by, let say, trump winning, because he is alienating so many, latinos, women. do you buy his claim? i know you're a cruz guy. trump is saying, i'm bridging -- i'm bringing more in. >> that a possibility. when you think about trump, do you know where he's going to go to combat what we just had for eight years? you don't know. he's going to make deals. he is very good at it. >> what's wrong with that? >> the deals may end up being nudging us back -- i want to go back. >> you think cruz would make more -- you just said he is the
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inside-out guy. >> he knows what is there. not firing out where the men's room is -- not finding out where the men's room is. and in private equity we look for a ceo who is a rebel, who love to put him in the job, and insider rather than pull an outsider that would take six months -- >> you're a modest> great to be back in flint, my home town. i love the city. i love the people. they've been so good to me and
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my family and we're very grateful. happy to finally be home. it's been a very long road, very long downy. unfortunately many peel traveled this road with me but thank god to everyone's support, everybody from the president, congressman kildee, everyday americans, i'm standing here healthy, tall, and with my head held high. so i'm glad to be here. >> can you talk debt. >> nick else debt. >> what now? what now that your home? >> i plan to -- [inaudible] >> he is known to be very focused just on getting home. waited four and a half years for thus. the story has become almost lorre now here where he was going to iran.
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ad to visit an ailing grandmother. the iranians said he was a spy, held him in this back and forth negotiating bit where ultimately he and the other americans were part of a deal between the %9m to finally close the iranian deal, and in part bring him and his three colleagues and american friends home we have amber smith. i think you have expressed happy to see that guy come home. an american marine, but you worry before the the means under chit was done. right? >> it is absolutely a great day for the united states ofíy amera to have our fellow americans back on u.s. soil. i think it's able to say that everybody is cheering for him, that he is home, but big picture i think we need to remember why we don't deal -- do deal with terrorists like we did with the bergdahl swap, and the represent we don't do deals with rouge nations, state sponsors or terrorism like iran the way we just did with the nuclear deal,
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it sets an incredible, dangerous precedent, and it puts a price tag on every american residents head that travels overseas. so you'll see everybody from low-level terrorists to nation -- rouge nations like iran trying to get their hands on american citizens because they know the united states is now going to negotiate, and we just saw three american -- >> you know, amber, they say -- we tried to get a represent different of thed a manufacturing. the argue this wasn't a separate swap deal. we were trying to iron out the last remaining details. this is very important to us. this iranian deal was important and this is an extension of that you. don't buy that. many others do not buythat. but these guys are home. you're saying it's going to incentivize bad guys to take more of our guys. right? >> it absolutely is. i do think the timing is a little suspicious in terms of the u.s. people that were being
1:17 pm
held inside iran were released just hours before secretary kerry announced that iran had complied with the terms of the deal, and that they would be releasing these crippling economic sanctions as well as over$100 billion in frozen assets, and so i think the united states -- they sort of have been nervous about iran walking away from the deal, so i think they wanted to make sure at the very end, see it through. it's why they didn't want to put any sanctions on when they fired these -- the recent ballistic missile testing they did. they just wanted to make sure iran stayed in the talks and went through with the deal with them. >> we'll never know but we know it's become a hot political issue, as you know, donald trump says you don't make deals like this. ted cruz saying much the same thing. but i always wonder, you know as a former pilot, these are dangerous areas, and people are going to be taken. we just had three taken the other day in iraq. and i'm wondering what our
1:18 pm
possess sure -- posture should be. we don't pay ransom. should we talk -- whatu÷ábñ do ? >> well, i think we have to have a very strict guidelines in terms of there are throughout our hoyt, it is standard that the united states does not negotiate with terrorists, and we don't do prisoner swaps other. countries do, but the united states doesn't, and so i think that needs to be what is known across the world, especially in these terrorist organizations where if they capture someone, they have got to know that obviously the united states is going to do whatever we took get them back and we have ways of doing that, but it ills not going to be through a prisoner swap or we're not going to pay3z you a ransom and not going to negotiate politically with whatever you're ideals are because you have captured one of our open. >> all right, very good having you. amber smith, former helicopter pilot, u.s. harmy. thank you for your -- army. thank you for your service.
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>> we're keeping an eye on that and the political fallout. brief reminder on the dow, this comeback today. you know the drill. we're down one day, up the next, so i don't want to place to permeance into this as i did yesterday. the campaign for hillary clinton to become the president of the united states, they're worry erred. i mean, this goes all the way to heir. husband. he's worried. he thinks they're botching it. yikes. u owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we have wounded warriors, our greatest people. our greatest people. honestly. >> donald trump is speaking in las vegas, nevada.
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part of the super tuesday lineup in march and he has quite an operation there in these extended states so help holiday capitali the success. we do know that this is the same speaking to supporters of his wife, hillary hillary clinton. he has been very concerned how the campaign has been!e handling bernie sanders. ed henry has the very latest on that. ed? >> reporter: great to see you, neil. you mentioned the report in politico suggesting bill clinton is all over the campaign manager other, officials in the clinton high command, not a shock because hevj'áu a political animal. everyone knows that. he has been out for a couple of weeks are so solo campaign evens in iowa and new hampshire, and questioning whether or not they have enough troops on the ground for the ground game beyond iowa
1:24 pm
and new hampshire. we'll get to that in a moment. for now, just in the last few moments cnn revealed a new poll in iowa that suggests bernie sanders has an eight-point lead. that would be major development because the last big poll out of iowa showed bernie sanders gaping grounds but down two points, a dead heat. if this poll says he is up, it assaults momentum on -- it suggests momentum on the sanders side. hillary clinton in addition to her husband -- hillary clinton in iowa today. look at the cnn poll from a couple of days ago here in new hampshire. very interesting. suggested 027-point sanders lead over clinton. clinton campaign says, this an outlier, no other poll here in new hampshire suggested that bi. but again, any point about iowa,
1:25 pm
whether it's 27, 15, there's a sanders lead here. poll after poll showing that, and the second number on the screen, in this cnn-dmur poll, it shows the -- hillary clinton over 60%, good news for her, but bernie sanders, 91% favorability among democrats in the granite state. it says some of the attacks from hillary clinton and bill clinton and chelsea clinton about bernie san dears a socialist, wants to tear up obamacare and start over. that something in the general elect that might resonate with the republicans but there are a lot of democratic voters who like the idea of a singing -- single payer health care plan. and it's hard for the clinton campaign to attack sanders without it roomer ranging.
1:26 pm
>> --[í boomer yanging. >> bernie sanders is feeling iowa-new hampshire dish and pursuing supertuesday statesbql. i assume he's confident he will have some momentum. what's the latest.
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
forgot about iowa and new hampshire? if you go back 30 or 40 years, the winner inlutkl both parties] the nomination have to come in first or second in at least iowa or new hampshire, and really there'syzirñ no threat to hillay clinton on coming in at least second place. i think they're playing the long game but does shake them off their initial strategy, which was to really just kind of run the table with all of these. i think you're seeing a recalibration that they weren't expecting in the clinton camp to have to deal with. >> mike, thank you very much. so many things change is. so focused on the republicans that somep@3 people forget whate democrats. >> folks in minnesota and michigan, i'm hearing from you, you east coasters are wimps.
1:29 pm
under an inch, and these guys are letting me know you have to deal. but we're seeing upwardded two feet of snow and a weekend from hell. so then what happens? after this. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it.
1:30 pm
marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. the storm that has a lot of east coasters and northeasterners worried.u÷ 75 million, it hasn't arrived yet and in d.c. we are hearing the metro system will close and may close all day saturday and sunday. so if you're hoping to get around washington, good luck. bring skis. well, that's the fear, it's going to be a big old storm.
1:34 pm
first we go to rick reithmuth to find out how big and then abby huntsman at la guardia airport where they're dealing with anxious and angry passengers. rick? >> a really big storm. and d.c. looks like it will be the epicenter, all models have been pointing to that for a number of days so you have a lot of confidence in the forecast. for , lots to talk about. there's a severe side on the southern tier, and we have threat of tornadoes today and tomorrow. this watch box in effect until 10, this one until 7:00. by tomorrow, tornado threat in florida. then go just to the north and that's where we'll see the water fall and freeze on contact, and a really big ice storm in effect here for parts of north and south carolina and the north georgia mountains.
1:35 pm
then we'll see snowfall on top of the ice. look how far reaching the winter weather advisories are. goes into towards the mid-atlantic where we have blizzard warnings in effect from d.c. and baltimore, and then look at this blizzard watches in effect for new york city, long island, new jersey, philadelphia, a lot of snow. the bull residents eye is for much of -- bull residents -- bull's eye, virginia, and we could likely see spots here that see an n excess of 30 inches. where the bands line up, very difficult to say. what we know is a big area is going to get a lot of snow. it becomes less reliable once we get up towards new york city. see that cutoff happens quickly. whether the track is 50 mileses to the north or south will be
1:36 pm
difference between ten or three inches. one last thing to tell you. a lot of times it's january, it's cold, and you get cold air behind the storms and can cause the problems to go on. not the case this time. we'll warm up a little bit. by tuesday, we into the mid-40s in d.c., new york, and boston. it is not a new england storm. but the mid-atlantic will be one of the worst in a very long time. >> thank you very minute. this is where you folks in minnesota and michigan and utah and montana who have been sending us e-mails to man up. if you're looking to fly, you're affected, because you know how it works with the network of planes to get in and out of areas. there's things called hubs and hubs can be frozen. ian huntsman on how the airlines are dealing with it and likely
1:37 pm
angry passengers. i. >> reporter: the delays are billing up along -- building up along the east coast. -- lagarde -- la guardia. hit feel -- it feels leak the calm before the storm and people say we're lucky that we can travel before the heart of the storm. >> playing on saturday. >> getting out today. >> yes. >> my stepdaughter is flying in and is not -- at delayed. from arkansas. >> were you worried you wouldn't get out? >> just come from=[֖ washingtoo we all dodged it but the guy in boston, might be stuck. we're getting out.
1:38 pm
>> it's a different story across parts of the east coast. american airlines canceling all of friday's flights at charlotte douglas. that is some 654 flights. the three watches an baltimore airport, flight cancellations are starting tomorrow afternoon and flights cancelled on saturday. delta issuing an advise ricer saying people travel through certain parts of the northeast, from friday to sunday, can gate refund if their flight is cancelled. think the big takeaway if you're planning to travel over the weekend, the next couple of days, they're saying you ooh should cancel that flight or change it. all major airlines are going to give you a refund if you change your flight. so, that is the takeaway here. have a flight here tomorrow night out of this airport so things could change quickly. we'll keyupáupdated. >> thank you very much. i know a lot of you when you
1:39 pm
hear these iranian stories and you can't trust the iranians and they do some pretty sly moves when it comes to just reneging on what they said. there's something serious doing that makes iran look like ireland. after this. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. we have some indications with isis that are scare something folks, more than we got oust iran and isis might be using a dam in syria to hide prisoners and they know we won't attack the dams so they're like literally, well, shields. former army ranger sergeant nick irving on that. what do you make of this? >> um, i don't think isis knows what the dish guess exactly what they're dealing with the moment. of course they think weu)r won't bomb the dam, but if you look back in early 2000's, 75th
1:43 pm
75th rayner regularment, they specialized in take over dams. we don't have to drop bombs. we can also go covertly and eliminate the threat where it needs to be eliminate. >> you think now that we know this or there's good reason to do this, that's that what we'll. >> it's a possibility. i think isis right now at the moment are getting a little too cocky. they're cowards, and it's only a matter of time before guys like us, rough men, start to do rough things and bad things to them. >> what is interesting -- i know this is a tool of terrorists who knowing we're leery of collateral damage and hurting innocent folks, we generally avoid places where large part of the civilian population or even when it comes to valued artifacts could be endangered. even as isis continues to destroy centuries-old artifacts. the last millenia. so we hold back.
1:44 pm
isis knows that. what next would you think would be sent if we didn't go in there with troops, just bomb those dams. then what? >> i wouldn't say bomb them. you run the risk of having a flood and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. what needs to happen is we send a team of 25, 35 identifies guyd eliminate the a threat. we're good at what we do and only takes a phone call for us. we're always on standby and can he anywhere in the world and isis needs to understand that. >> obviously if we're finding out about this, russia knows about this. i'm not asking you to conduct foreign policy here but this would be a perfect moment for us to coordinate what we want to do. if we both say we're focusing on the same enemy, this is a chance to do something in tandem, is it not? >> it is. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. i wouldn't put too much trust in
1:45 pm
the whole russia deal. i'll stick to what we're go at. we have doon this for 13, 14 years plus, russia has not. sending troops of special operations, seals, del dark -- delta, rangers, you name it. we're got at what we do and strike the fear of allah, god, whatever they believe in in them. >> i touched on how they're destroys artifacts and with abandon. what do you do about that? >> we got cut the chains off the guys to be hospital. we have to cut the chains off. 20, 50, 100 years from now when we look back and can't see these artifacts or things that span back thousands of years and we can't have that, it's a disservice or it's not right for the people in the future. in order to cut that and eliminate that we have to send guys like news there to
1:46 pm
eliminate isis. whether that be in iraq, afghanistan, syria, pakistan, wherever. the the guys who are hunters hunt them down like animals and kill them like the cowards they are. >> thank you, sergeant. >> thank you. >> we always seem to find out something new and disturbing and maybe far reaching in these hillary clinton i'ms but there's something here that is so disturbing and so jarring that some are saying this is far, far bigger than just a campaign race. this could possibly be criminal. stick around. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar?
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>> there is total gridlock. ted cruz is, no, you cannot have that. i told you.
1:50 pm
trying to paint me as part of the establishment, and somebody said, establishment? well, how come sarah palin just packed him. >> donald trump speaking in las vegas and a lot of hollywood ce every time they hear his hiss name. they just recoil. a number of them are joining the stop hate dump trump movement. robert good to see you. >> great to see you, neil. >> what do you make of this? a lot of your colleagues are saying, this is reprehensible, donald trump. they don't flip over ted cruz, but they still seem to hate him more and they want him out. you're not joining them. why not? >> because i believe donald trump is the last stop for america. number one. number two, think all of these people coming out against trump and calling it hate speech should find out why the christians in iraq, why the last monastery, the earliest monastery was blown up.
1:51 pm
why not talk about that hate speech? they want to blame donald trump because he said he wanted a temporary ban on muslims, because the system is broken. to me that's an egregious misrepresentation of what they're trying to say. this is propping up hillary clinton. it's hollywood getting ready to prop up hillary clinton. now there's some great people involved in the whole thing. the great norman leer, a world war ii veteran. he started people for the american way in the lerl i 1980s, against the ideology of evangelicals taking over america. so this whole thing is a much deeper, if you go into it very deep. it's really i think it's just the same kind of stupidity they did in london, trying to pin this on donald trump. >> you wonder what i hear, robert, something that sounds very familiar to hollywood recoiling also at ronald reagan. yes, he's from hollywood, yes, he's an actor, but he's not one
1:52 pm
ev of us, and we think he's a bad idea. if memory serves me right, ronald reagan won in a landslide. i'm not saying he and donald trump are similar in any respect. i know that hollywood's track record tends to favor liberal democrats, that's their dna, that's fine. but convincing the general population to join or glom on to their cause, not the case. certainly not this crowd that's gathering as we speak in las vegas. just -- in the same room with donald trump. >> and i think it kind of sends the wrong message. they're about free speech. they're about freedom of choice, aren't they? now they want to limit because someone is saying certain things in terms of immigration needs to be fixed. there's a different agenda, neil. you and i know it and most of the american people know it. it's a different america. they see a different america. you brought up ronald reagan. they debated reagan through letters, there's a very
1:53 pm
interesting exchange of letters between norman leer and ronald rag bn prayer in school and freedom of religion. what is confusing to me, think part of the fear is when donald trump says to, in speeches that he wants to see merry christmas brought back, which is kind of an innocuous statement, but it does send a message of fear to athiests. that have been fighting, and have been winning battles. they won't go to deerborn, michigan to stop the five times a day prayer call. but they will stop christians and call them. so there's -- you know it needs in hollywood, neil? hollywood needs a summit. a nice left/right wing summit about these issues at the hollywood bowl. i would love to see that then we could put it out in the open. >> you know that community better than i, robert. i wouldn't hold my breath. but jack welch is a big cruz guy, likes donald trump. is impressed what he's done. but said trump would in the be able to get much done.
1:54 pm
when i raised the issue that that ted cruz has been running into from the likes of bob dole and other who is says that he's hated and people don't get along with him, et cetera. he said cruz will do just fine and they'll all line up behind him. >> what do you mank of what donald trump is saying that cruz couldn't get deals done. that a president with enough popular support can and will. >> well we've been there and we've done that over and over, neil. it's time to have a guy like donald trump in office as president. let's give that guy a chance to see what he does for america. he's built, he's been able to cajole and get things done. now yeah, okay, they want to say who's -- now it's a battle of who is more establishment, another ridiculous argument on ted cruz accusing that donald trump is establishment. donald trump in my estimation, is the only one that can be electable. i don't think ted cruz would win a general election.
1:55 pm
that's just from my assessment, looking at it objectively. in terms of what he projects to the american people on a broader base. i think donald trump will be able to galvanize this country initially in a much bigger way. that's my assessment, in my humble opinion. >> don't do the humble thing it demeans. robert davi. he has survived the hollywood culture and succeeded. hillary clinton speaking right now, a lot of concerns as she tries to sell her case in iowa. as to whether she's in a heap of trouble with these emails, more after this.
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oh!! fight it! with jublia! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. all right. hillary clinton live in iowa right now. now catherine herridge in washington, d.c. with some news that could make things very difficult for hillary clinton in iowa and elsewhere. catherine? >> neil, three main updates this
1:59 pm
afternoon. first and foremost, the intelligence community's watchdog known as the inspector-general has concluded that there are several dozen new classified emails and among them, emails that are beyond top-secret. what are called special access programs. they're so sensitive that even members of congress who have oversight for the state department cannot read these emails unless they get a special clearance from the intelligence agencies that ran those programs. mrs. clinton is also accusing the inspector-general of working with republicans to leak this information and to politicize the issue further. but what's interesting is the inspector g actually an obama administration appointee. and thirdly, mrs. clinton has been pointing to the fact that she thinks the intelligence is simply a reference to a "new york times" story about the drone campaign. that is a special access program. but the deal is that security clearance holders cannot confirm that program's existence. they cannot expand upon it and unclassified settings. we understand the emails really
2:00 pm
go beyond a lot more than the drone campaign. neil? >> all right. catherine herridge, thank you very much. i don't know if it's going to come up in the iowa appearance. but more news that could be troubling for campaign clinton. hello, i'm eric bolling, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams and dana perino and he surfs on a -- just kidding. greg gutfeld. this is "the five." well it's crunch time only 11 days to go until iowa. things are heating up in bolt races. on the right. the anti-establishment sentiment is palpable. being linked to the d.c. elite class has become so toxic, candidates are trying to paint their competitors as establishment in order to turn off voters. >> a lot of the establishment had been behind marco rubio, they've decided he doesn't have a path to victory. they're moving to donald trump. we're seeing it more and more, the establishment seems to have made a determination, donald


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