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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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"special report" is up next. some senior members of congress are not even authorized to see and some of the classified emails from hillary clinton's unsecured private server. and now the white house weighs in on the clinton campaign's attack on the intelligence community inspector general. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm bret baier. what was once referred to as a drip-drip of damaging information in the hillary clinton email scandal. has now become a cascade. the biggest question now resides with the fbi. and its expanding investigation. a decision about the next moves, that clearly threatens clinton's presidential campaign.
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we're learning tonight just how far above top secret some of clinton's unsecured emails were. and white house aides are weighing in on clinton's startling accusation against one of the president's appointees. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> the white house seemed to distance itself from hillary clinton's attack on the intelligence agencies reviewing her emails and their conclusion that some were beyond top secret. >> these kinds of reviews conducted by inspectors general are done independent of the administration. these are decisions to pursue a particular review. and the results of those reviews that are presented to capitol hill. or made public. are entirely decisions made independent of the administration. >> as the liaison between the intelligence agencies and congress, inspector intelligence charles mccullough iii, appointed by president obama is now providing his own judgment. nonetheless, secretary clinton questioned the motives and the findings. >> this seems to me to be
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another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. nothing that this says changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked classified. >> two sources tell fox news that not even senior lawmakers with oversight of the state department are permitted to read at he mails from highly classified special access programs, without additional permission from the intelligence agencies. a senator who sits on the relevant committee seems to choose his words carefully. given the sensitive nature of the emails. >> we're going to have more to say about it and the cham of the committee will be your source on that. >> the clinton campaign claimed that the intelligence is nothing more than a news report about a drone strike. >> how a "new york times" public article that goes around the world. could be in any way viewed as classified is one of the difficulties that people have in understanding what this is about. >> but security clearance holders cannot confirm the drone program's existence and expand
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upon the details in unclassified settings like personal emails. the next batch of emails is due two days before the iowa caucuses and the state department spokesman said they may miss that deadline. >> i can't say definitively that we'll meet the next deadline for the release of the next charge of emails. >> it's not clear whether the highly classified emails will be released with retaxes. fox news is told is that when the emails hit the server, they were beyond class dpied, top secret. not after the fact, bret. >> she says it's a "new york times" article about the drone program. your sources telling you it's broader than that. >> i was told that this is just a little slice of the pie. that you have to look at this as not a single email or a single specialized access program that was suspected that there were multiple emails, programs and it was over an extended period of time. >> so they want to focus on this one. >> like the little bright shiny thing beyond the egregious stuff that's over here.
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>> catherine, thank you. the president's top diplomat is reluctantly confirming what experts have been telling you for months. some of the billions of dollars of sanctions relief heading to iran will likely be used to fund terrorism. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is on capitol hill. >> a stunning admission from secretary of state john kerry that the iran nuclear deal will likely fund terror activities across the middle east. including iran's revolutionary guard. >> some of it will end up in the hands of the irgc or other entities. some of which are labeled terrorists, but i can tell you this. right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i'm sure at some point some of it will. >> and kerry's prediction was met with swift criticism here on
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capitol hill. >> you know, well we think some of this might go to terrorism -- duh. i mean really? it's been so obvious all along that if they're willing to do it, when they're on their knees, with their economy, they're certainly going to pump the money into terrorism when they have more economic relief. >> these five key senate republicans announce plans to introduce new sanctions legislation against the regime in tay ron following recent ballistic missile tests. the senate armed services committee chair wants to keep the pressure on iran since in his words the obama administration quote won't do a dam thing. >> this president and this secretary of state have pandered to the iranians, no matter what they have done. no matter what offense they've committed. they have steadfastly pursued this illusion and mirage in the deserts of the middle east. >> republicans here on chill have repeatedly warned about the
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risk and danger in iran with more financial resources. their only surprise is that kerry finally acknowledged it. bret? >> mike emmanuel live on the hill, thanks. this is a fox news alert, breaking now one of the president's people appears to be taking the fall on the water crisis in flint, michigan. correspondent kevin corke is live tonight at the white house. with the breaking details. moments ago. kevin? >> good evening to you. the region 5 administrator for the epa, that's an area that covers flint, michigan, susan headmond, has offered her resignation and will be leaving her post on february 1st. this as the investigation into that city's water crisis continues. in explicable and inexcusable, that was president obama's reaction to news that flint, michigan residents were told that their drinking water was safe despite warnings from the environmental protection agency, state and local officials that the water was in fact unfit to
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drink. >> it's also an indication of sometimes we downplay the role that an effective government has to play in protecting the public health and safety of people and clearly the system here broke down. >> broken down like the lines of communication between flint's residents and the epa. which despite knowing for months that the city's water had dangerously high levels of lead, never directly warned the public of the danger. and it had ample time to do so. in fact emails show as far back as february. an epa expert identified potential problems with flint's drinking water. confirmed the suspicions in april. wrote about it again in june. but it took until october for the state to change flint's water source. epa's regional administrator susan headmond. saw the memo in june warning of a lack of water safety in flint, but did nothing to warn the public. >> that's what's so frustrating, they were told it's absolutely safe and that can't hurt you. for me that's just what's so egregious. you you knew of a situation, and
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yet you continued to alarm them to be in harm's way. >> in statement the epa said michigan was responsible for implementing regulations that it worked within the framework of the law and was impacted by failures and resistance at the state and local levels. >> we don't want a situation where the epa is unnecessarily obstructed from being able to share information with the public that has a direct impact on the health, safety and well-being of the public. >> while michigan governor rick snyder and flint mayor karen weaver have faced increased scrutiny in the wake of the crisis, critic says this like the toxic spill intole colorado river is that the epa is in dire need of an overhaul. >> the fact that we see the same kind of negligence for which a private party would be criminally prosecuted, occurring at a state level is not a great surprise. >> bret, the president told the mayor of flint that her city would be getting more money to fix its water infrastructure, perhaps as soon as the end of next week. you may recall that was part of the bipartisan budget deal that set aside some $80 million for
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michigan. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn, thanks. more on the breaking news with the panel a bit later. residents in the northeast are preparing for what the national weather service is calling a potentially crippling winter storm. it's expected to dump more than two feet of snow in some areas. including metro d.c. governors in virginia and maryland have declared states of emergency. schools up and down the atlantic coast are canceled for tomorrow already. airlines have scrapped many flights for friday and almost everything saturday. boston's mayor is offering to let washington, d.c. borrow his new truck-mounted snowblowers. if they can be spared. there are two fewer terrorists at guantanamo bay prison tonight. the pentagon identifies them as an egyptian with health problems sent to bosnia and a yemeni transferred to montenegro. "the new york times" reports in 2008 the defense department described the yemeni as a high risk, likely to pose a threat to
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the u.s. a government watchdog says the pentagon poured hundreds of millions of dollars into failed development programs in afghanistan and did not seem to care. the "washington times" writes the special inspector general for afghan reconstruction portray as culture of carelessness and says the pentagon may still be trying to derail his investigation. stocks rebounded today after wednesday's big nose dive. the dow gained 116. the s&p 500 finished ahead 10. the nasdaq was up a third of a point. tonight, a judge in britain says russian president vladimir putin has blood on his hands. it involves the murder ten years ago of a former russian agent. turned kremlin critic. correspondent benjamin hall has details from london. >> i'm of course very pleased, my husband on his death bed when he accused mr. putin of his
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murder. have been proved true. in english court. >> alexander litvenenko died in 2006 after drinking tea laced with radioactive isotopes, a decade on and a british judge said the murder was most probably approved directly by vladimir putin. litvenenko had been an enemy of the russian state since 1999 when he accused the intelligence service, the fsb of a domestic bombing campaign, assassinations and corruption. he defected to the uk but in 2006 became suddenly ill and died 26 days later. investigators discovered a trail of radioactive plutonium 210 spread around london. that trail led them to the two suspects. and you rye lugovoy and dmitri koftin. lugovoy received a medal from vladimir putin.
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today was business for usual for putin as the russian foreign ministry rejected the findings, saying they were politicized and biased. and the obama administration responded. >> inside russia we see critics and political opponents of the russian government are often subject to threats, intimidation. and in some cases, death. >> ties with russia are already strained by moscow's actions in syria and ukraine. but there remains an understanding to deal with the syrian crisis there must be a relationship with moscow. so it remains to be seen what if anything will be done after the latest accusations. bret? >> benjamin hall in london, thank you. up next, are more republican big shots coming to terms with the prospect of donald trump heading the november ticket? first what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox carolina in greenville, word that a pastor who spent years in iranian prison is on his way back to the u.s. the billy graham training center says saeed abedini was one of
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the four prisoners freed in the exchange with iran. a crash of an f-16 fighter jet from nearby luke air force base, 85 miles northwest of the base no word on the condition of the pilot or the cause of the crash. and this is a live look from los angeles, our affiliate fox 11, one of the big stories there tonight, the rescue of a worker who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the l.a. zoo. authorities say the 61-year-old employee was carried from the location after the animals were secured. no word on the extent of his injuries tonight. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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president obama is making it easier for some european travelers who have visited iran, iraq or syria in the last five years to come to the u.s. without a visa. the rule covers humanitarian. this comes as the administration puts new limits on its visa-free travel program. house homeland security chairman michael mccall says the president is breaking a law he signed himself.
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the good book says to turn other cheek, but it is what scripture says about giving that has two republican candidates getting cheeky with each other tonight. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story tonight from hamilton, new hampshire. >> campaigning in new hampshire, ted cruz got hit by mike huckabee, a former baptist pastor for donating less than 1% of his income to charity, including his church. >>fy tell you that god is first in my life, he's last in my budget, you're going to wonder about that. >> cruz who has aggressively courted iowa's religious right and quoted scripture, held his fire. >> i'm not going to stand in judgment of anyone's faith and i don't intend to attack anyone's faith to try to score political points. >> donald trump has been hammering cruz daily. >> ted is getting nervous, he should, a lot of polls are coming out, not looking good for ted. his new line of attack? is that i've become establishment. give me a break.
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>> cruz unleashed a new criticism of trump as a flip-flopper on immigration. tweeting trump supports amnesty. while i was leading the fight to defeat gang of eight rubio. he cited a trump tweet amnesty should be done only if the border is secure and illegal immigration has stopped. trump took his attacks to a new level. suggesting that cruz's admitted failure to disclose to the ftc, about two business loans combined with his dual citizenship with canada make him suspect. >> with being a canadian citizen, oh, he said i didn't know that how did he not know that? he said with the loans -- oh, i didn't know that smart guy, he doesn't know that? yeah, that's worst than hilary, when you think about it. >> a new poll of registered undeclared voters in new hampshire has trump in the 20s.
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bush at 10, marco rubio at 7, christie and fiorina at 4. when it comes to which party primary they will vote in 33% of registered undeclared voters say undeclared or independent to vote in either party's primary. cruz suggested the gop establishment is embracing trump and for saken rubio. >> the washington establishment is rushing over, to support donald trump. >> with a major winter storm bearing down on the mid-atlan c mid-atlantic, candidates are racing to new hampshire before flights cancel tomorrow. there's a major cattle call for republicans in new hampshire on saturday. they got to get to iowa as soon as possible because the caucuses with a week from monday. >> thank you. america's election headquarters in-depth tonight. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports on the emergence of what may be a subtle, but real change in attitude towards donald trump by some of the big shots in the
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gop. >> i make trump and cruz, i think you get the same outcome. with the death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? >> what seems like a hobson's choice for senator lindsey graham of south carolina, who endorsed jeb bush after dropping out of the gop last month is increasingly being depicted as a stark choice by other establishment republicans. like bob dole. the party's 1996 nominee. who told "the new york times" yesterday. the wholesale losses that the party would suffer if ted cruz wins the nomination, would be cataclysmic. by contrast. gop front-runner donald trump has the right personality to work with congress because quote he's kind of a deal maker. >> what bob dole is saying is the one guy that scares the heck out of us is cruz. there's mounting evidence that cruz's confrontational style in the in the senate and the impact of his efforts to attack trump are causing members of the gop establishment to embrace the
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flashy gop mogul. >> the elected republicans are starting to assume, donald trump is going to be our nominee. how do we deal with it? the establishment are basically saying i'm not sure i want to put more money into a candidate against him. >> the gop establishment is they can read the writing on the wall. the fact is that trump's popularity holds true to actual voting, then they have to accept the inevitable. which may than he may be the nominee. >> others caution that polling in iowa remains volatile and tight and a cruz victory remains highly plausible and a potential game-changer. >> iowa and new hampshire is capable of launching somebody from the establishment wing into a third or second-place finish. a surprise finish, that would get people's attention and make it a three-way race, not a two-way. >> with the gop badly fractured, trump is casting himself as a unifying figure for the whole country in a video he posted late today.
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>> i will bring our country together. we will be unified. we will be one. we will be happy again. >> trump adds that he gets along with people and has brought them together his whole life. even if he concedes that a lot of people don't know that about him and think it's not true. bret? >> pro lifers come to washington for their annual march for life. while pro choicers try to silence one of their most effective critics. that's next.
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tomorrow is perhaps the biggest day on pro life calendar. the annual march on washington. we'll be keeping our eye on how the expected snowstorm affects the plans. but tonight chief legal correspondent shannon bream looks at a more long-term issue for the movement. >> ahead of friday's march for life, planned parenthood is hoping to shut down one of the pro life movement's most prominent voices. the man behind the undercover videos that sparked a national conversation about the fetal tissue market. i spoke with him exclusively about the lawsuit against his group, the center for medical progress or cmp. >> i don't think that a lot of people, myself included, were
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expecting planned parenthood to take the risk of opening up the details about their abortion practice and their baby parts trafficking business. opening all of that up into the court system and bringing it into the life of the law and the legal system. the video shows conversations with senior planned parenthood officials who think they're discussing the transfer of body parts and organs to a fetal tissue procurement company. in its lawsuit planned parenthood calls cmp a complex criminal enterprise, saying false statements, illegal recordings and a video smear campaign constitute a conspiracy to demonize plaintiffs and costs plaintiff millions of dollars and put the security of planned parenthood's personnel and patients at risk and investigative journalism has solid legal protection. >> its done every day. this is part of freedom of speech. we're going to be arguing that
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aggressively. the court should be very cautious about shutting down. avenues of communication, including investigative journalism. >> early march the the supreme court will hear arguments over a texas abortion law that requires among other things that doctors have admitting privileges within 30 miles of their clinics. bret? >> shannon, thank you. if you have a driver's license from one of these five states, illinois, minnesota, missouri, new mexico or washington, you can no longer use it as proof of identification to get on military bases, other defense installations and many federal facilities, it has to do with the effort to tighten standards for government-issued i.d. eventually the ban will extend to air travel. right now only 23 states are in full compliance with law. but many have received exemptions, the five states we mentioned have been denied further extensions. bernie sanders is taking fire from two fronts tonight. hillary clinton, which is expected. and vice president joe biden. which might not have been.
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chief white house correspondent ed henry is covering the democratic race from new hampshire tonight. >> while hillary clinton continues to raise doubts about bernie sanders' socialist health care policies. >> a president has to deliver in reality. >> vice president joe biden decided to use the friendly venue of the world economic forum in davos to take a shot at how sanders would handle the economy. >> we need in my country, and in other countries, a more progressive tax code. not confiscating policy. not socialism. >> it could be that biden, who last week hammered clinton, by suggesting she's a newcomer to fighting income inequality, is letting both candidates know he's keeping a close eye on the race, or biden who skipped running and says he regrets it. may just be part of a democratic establishment that is slowly come to realize sanders has a shot at at least winning iowa and new hampshire.
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>> we are looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the united states of >> team clinton is ne enough that today, they questioned his readiness to be commander-in-chief. >> his position, it's safe to say is the very caricature that republicans like to put forward of democrats like president obama and hillary clinton. >> while clinton is charging sanders offended two key liberal groups that endorsed her. when he told msnbc he's taking on the political establishment as well as wall street. >> hillary clinton has been around there for a very long time. and some of these groups are in fact part of the establishment. >> a prime opportunity for clinton to cue the outrage. to try to rev up her base. >> i got to tell you i was somewhat confused when senator sanders said well you know, planned parenthood and human rights campaign, they're part of the establishment. >> sanders ignored the attacks and tried to stay positive with a new tv ad that allows him to avoid controversies over his socialist policies by wrapping
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himself in americana. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm bernie sanders and i approved this message. >> and clinton allies are now injecting race into their attacks. david brock charging that ad you just saw project what is he called a bizarre view of america. because it's mostly white faces, picking at sanders' struggles with black and latino voters and the clinton camp fired back. clinton now has more trouble tonight in iowa, a new cnn poll shows she's trailing sanders there by eight points. bret? >> big move. ed henry live in nashua, new hampshire. another revelation in the hillary clinton email scandal. is this all affecting her presidential campaign? an update on 2016 news of the day on both sides, when the panel joins me after a quick break.
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you're right there's a bunch of big money in this race. the washington establishment right now, they're abandoning marco rubio and they're rushing to donald trump. so that's where the big money is that's where the corporate lobbyists are. that's where the wall street interests are. >> he's trying to paint me as part of the washington establishment. how about sarah palin just left him. we got to get things done, folks, okay? believe me, don't worry, we're going to make such great deals. but at a certain point you can't be so strident, you can't not get along. >> donald trump, ted crust today on the battle of the establishment. one person who definitely is establishment, former republican nominee, bob dole weighed in on this race. the former kansas senator saying in an interview wednesday. that the party would suffer cataclysmic and whole sael losses of if mr. cruz were the
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nominee and donald trump would fare better. i question his allegiance to the party the. dole said of cruz. i don't know how he's going to deal with congress, nobody likes him. if he's the nominee, we're going to have wholesale losses in congress and state offices and that he falsely convinced the iowa voters a that he's kind of a mainstream conservative. >> mara liasson and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this back and forth on establishment. >> dole has a point. cruz is going to have i think a tougher time in a general election. than trump. and here's why. cruz is playing by regular political rules. conventional political rules. he's a hard right conservative and based on those rules. it's going to be very hard for him to tack to the middle and i think he potentially will have great losses in a general
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election. donald trump has been an incredible at rebranding himself, right? we watched him doing it during the primary season. he has ties to the clintons, who once supported single payer health care and he gets away with completely rebranding himself. because he's the entertainer. and i can imagine him in a general election, rebranding himself once again and then he's going to become the i'm the guy who can negotiate. i'm the guy who can get things done. i'm git had can reach across the table, i've done it before. i think he will have a better go at it in the general election, i hate to say. >> cruz has the theory. the theory for the missing conservative voters, that they stay home, because the republican party nominates people like bob dole. and that if he, nominate a conviction conservative. a real conservative. then all of these people come out of the woodwork and they vote and that's how you win.
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not by reaching out to the middle. but by expanding the conservative voter universe. that's his theory. it hasn't been tested. and the question about trump is how much can he etch-a-sketch the trump he became in the primary. can he convince hispanic voters that he's not the person who called them rapists? i don't know if that's possible. if he's the nominee. >> i think we're getting to a moment where there's a scenario that one can see. which is, you get bob dole, who represents the oldest establishment, if you like. essentially choosing trump over cruz. now if cruz loses iowa, trump wins convincingly. i think all he will need at that point is to have a single current establishment figure. meaning a sitting governor or a sitting senator endorse him. nobody has, everybody stayed away from him. but if there are people who think he's the winning ticket,
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he's going to win the nomination. i want to be on the right side of this. and you get one standing out there endorsing him, sarah palin doesn't -- meet that bill. bob dole does, but you know, he's yesterday's man. if you get somebody today from the so-called establishment. who endorses him, i think it becomes a flood. at that point the dam breaks and you will get a rush of other establishment figures. who will rally around him. and that could be the point at which he becomes inevitable as the nominee. >> why is it that no senator has stepped up to endorse ted cruz? not even his ally, jeff sessions as of yet on immigration? >> well i think the short answer is everybody who knows him in the senate hates him and i think hate is not, is not an exaggeration. the enmity which he wears on his sleeve as, with pride, is
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something that he's now, you could almost say cultivated. to make him a freshman senator with no particular record into a national figure rallying everybody against the washington cartel, you know republicans in the senate, in the house have been out there half of their lives, don't appreciate being called essentially traders to the cause of conservatives. and then you get antipathy and they will put that antipathy perhaps even over what's best for the party. >> clearly he's stirring up the anger with washington. >> and the other reason for hatred for him on the hill, there's a sense that he's hurt the republican brand and he very much did so when he led the government shutdown parade back in 2013. when the republican party's favorability rating dropped to its lowest in modern history.
1:44 am
i think there's an anger towards him about that. >> nina, you know what they say, 2014 ended up being a major landslide and they showed backbone. >> i would say to all the people who are going to tweet me and attack me for that, 2014 was a very low turn-out election. lowest since world war ii and it's not the same as a presidential election. the party came in and picked candidates very electable very early on. the chamber of commerce and the party got electable candidates outthere. so it was an outliar election in that sense. >> but that was the election where the empire struck back, the establishment got its act toot. they beat down the tea party people and it coalesced around candidates, why aren't they doing that now? you've got jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio, now granted bush had his shot and didn't make it why haven't the establishment -- coalesce around the candidate. they're attacking each other.
1:45 am
why isn't there an alternative to trump other than a hard right candidate? >> there may be after new hampshire. jeb bush spent $22 million attacking marco rubio, or his superpac has. >> i think the answer is because the establishment is largely a fiction. exaggerated by the so-called anti-establishment candidates. as a way to create a boogeyman. if you take the four establishment candidates in new hampshire, for example. so-called establishment, you bush, rubio, kasich and christie. add their numbers together, that exceeds the trump number by ten points, the fact is they're cannibalizing their own part of the spectrum and are actively attacking each other. bush is unloading tens of millions of dollars attacking all the other establishment candidates. in a scorched earth policy. thinking that if he knocks them all down. knocks their numbers down, he will emerge. i think that's an illusion. and i think the result is, that you get a trump and a cruz
1:46 am
emerging out of the rubble. >> we didn't talk about hillary clinton this time. we'll do it again, i promise you. next up, the first bureaucratic head is rolling right now in the flint, michigan water crisis.
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i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> certainly the president believes that the principle accs important, particularly when the stakes are this high. and the president does want makeke sure anâ sure if there were errors or wrongdoing that was carried out by officials at the epa that they are held accountable for those actions. >> the president said it was inexplicable, inexcusable and now someone at the epa has lost their job. susan hedman, the e.p.a. region five administrator offered her resignation effective february 1st. they have accepted that resignation. they -- that oversaw the drinking water in flint. the epa put out a statement
1:51 am
yesterday saying under the safe drinking water act, the state of michigan was responsible for implementing the drinking water while the e.p.a. worked with the framework of the law to urgently the steps it need to do properly treat its water. those necessary actions were not taken as quickly as they should have been. our first priority is to make sure the water is safe. we must also look at what the agency could have done differently. obviously the agency could have done something differently. we're back with the panel. marah, this woman is not resigning for no reason. >>. no she is resigning because she didn't do her job properly sounds like a lot of blame to go around, especially michigan. this is probably -- i don't know if rick snyder could have about on the ticket but this is a huge blow to his political future. i'm surprised that more heads haven't rolled in michigan because of this. this is a state responsibility. the e.p.a. has an important role to play. they didn't play it so she was fired. but this is really an incredible tragedy. for months and months and;>
1:52 am
months. residents have been bringing dirty water to these meetings and saying something is wrong and nothing happened. >> nina. >> dating back, they have this foul odored water that's brown. and they have been raising concerns since 200014. the local officials quote a state official back then saying the water has been tested. it's fine. the e.p.a. knew back in, you know, early this year, february, that something was wrong and didn't act on it, so, yeah, there is a lot of responsibility to go around there. i wouldn't single out rick snyder. i think there is plenty of democrats in this who need to be held accountable. i don't think we should make the mistake that was made in katrina. where all of the blame was put on a republican president, when, in fact, the local democratic local officials dropped the ball on evacuations. i think we have to be get out of the partisan business and look at all the responsible people here. because it really is a tragedy as marah says.
1:53 am
>> the local officials did make that decision to change where they got the water from. that was the original sin. >> you have to get it from the river instead of from detroit because it was more expensive to get it from detroit. >> look. ultimately as in katrina, the disease is legalism. which is that the responsibilities are spelled out in a way where it's supposed to be local and state. and the feds, this is what happened with katrina, the feds, in a kind of respect for local authority stayed back until it became impossible here is the same thing. the e.p.a. says and you see it in the emails that it was the responsibility of the local authorities to regulate the water supply. but they knew that what was happening and that the water was contaminated. the least that they could have done perhaps outside of regulations would have been to let the people know. instead they stayed within the regulations and only hectored the local and the state authorities but they never let the people of flint know that the water was poisoned.
1:54 am
and they will claim legally that they weren't authorized to. but that's a point at which you simply have to say, especially in an administration that oversteps the boundaryies of executive authority, every other day at the highest level, this is what happens when you have authorities debating and arguing over who has got the power. you end up with this kind of legalistic gridlock. >> you know, mara, the other thing is just the response. and the time it took to get them bottled water. it was just awful. our fox affiliate, actually, out of detroit one of the anchors organized a bottled water campaign one of many because it wasn't happening. it was shocking. >> it wasn't happening. and, you know, the other thing is that part of this is this is a very depressed minority community, and this is a lot of questions have been raised what if this was an affluent suburb of detroit. >> i was just going to say
1:55 am
we are seeing this rebellion against authority in election year. he see why now. not everybody drops the ball. the statement the e.p.a. put out now sort of hair splitting. no wonder people are frustrated with authority. >> panel, that is it. we will follow this story, because there will be a lot to follow on the health i in flint. but, stay tuned to find out why president obama is emptying his pockets.
1:56 am
1:57 am
finally tonight. what do you carry in your pockets? maybe some spare change. handkerchief, maybe a comb. president obama dug into his pockets recently during a youtube video and some are saying he might be a pocket hoarder. >> this is what i had in my pocket today. this is rosary beads that
1:58 am
pope francis gave me. this is a little buddha that a buddhist monk gave me. this is hindu little statuette of the monkey god and i have a coptic cross from ethiopia. this is a lucky poker chip that this bike are gave me. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> is he a president or a monopoly board? [ laughter ] >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ >> it is friday, january 22nd. the east coast in a bulls eye. o potentially record breaking storm.
1:59 am
maria molina tracking its path. >> conservatives coming against donald trump. they are issuing a dire warning about the gop frontrunner. their records awords and how he responding. >> are you afraid of the tight squeeze in airplanes? they are now offering more leg room. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning you are-watching "fox and friend first. i am patricia stark. >> good to have you with us. i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day right here. we are going to get right to the extreme weather. 35 million americans up and down the east coast now bracing for what coulden a historic blizzard. >> state of emergency in effect for several states stretching from pennsylvania to tennessee.
2:00 am
salt trucks and snowplows getting ready to hit the roads for the first snow of the season. >> also preparing for dangerous flooding. thousands of flights already canceled today and tomorrow. >> residents not taking chances scrambling to stock up on milk to ice and water. we are live in washington, d.c. where the storm is expected to hit the hardest. good morning, maria. >> we are expected to feel the inpact later this afternoon and continuing potentially through sunday morning. it will be a prolonged storm system. we can see as much as 2 feet of snow out here are potentially even higher rounds. there are other areas that will be hit hard as well. approximately 75 million people in the path of what is


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