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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 22, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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salt trucks and snowplows getting ready to hit the roads for the first snow of the season. >> also preparing for dangerous flooding. thousands of flights already canceled today and tomorrow. >> residents not taking chances scrambling to stock up on milk to ice and water. we are live in washington, d.c. where the storm is expected to hit the hardest. good morning, maria. >> we are expected to feel the inpact later this afternoon and continuing potentially through sunday morning. it will be a prolonged storm system. we can see as much as 2 feet of snow out here are potentially even higher rounds. there are other areas that will be hit hard as well. approximately 75 million people in the path of what is predicted
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to be a significant snowstorm and also bringing in white out conditions across the mid atlantic into the northeast. we are also looking at coastal flading being a major concern. we are planning to declare a state of emergency by friday morning dc, maryland, virginia, pennsylvania, north carolina and tennessee. on wednesday a light snowfall accumulation brought the city of dc to a stand still. the mayor offering as pollings. >> we are very sorry for adequate response. we didn't provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference. our city has a responsibility to visitors to deliver essential services every sij day. >> the people of dc are not taking this storm lightly. they have already started preparations. take a look.
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>> i am not used to wanting to jump on a plane to go to california, but i can't do that so i have gotten the ice melt. i have the shovel. i have the brownie mix, i have the bread and milk and a little bit of whiine for mommy. >> a lot of people need to continue to make the preparations not only in dc but further north where the blizzard watches have been upgraded to bliz arted warni/* -- blizzard warnings. we are tracking our storm system that has already started across the southeastern u.s. yesterday and into the nighttime hours we are dealing with storms and flash flooding along the coast. the storm system will be ramping up intensifying quickly and heading northward. it is already producing heavy rains across parts of the southeastern u.s. the other concerns is for ice accumulations. we could be seeing half inch of ice or potentially one inch.
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that is very significant. that is going to be crippling travel across the areas and winter weather advisories warnings, blizzard warnings. anywhere from the appalachians to the northeastern u.s. other areas could be spared. could be a sharp end to the precipitation could be some areas of new england not even seeing any snow. it is dynamic storm and powerful and it will be interesting to see it develop across the eastern u.s. we have watches that have been issued through new york city even into delaware and new jersey where they could be looking at coastal flooding for sel days as the storm continues to batter the northeast. >> folks in north carolina
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showing us pictures of snow from there. a fox news alert breaking overnight. an american student arrested in north korea. he's accused of committing a hostile act aimed at destroying the country's unity. what actually happened remains unclear. he is from the university of virginia identified as north korea media as otto warrior. the u.s. embassy in south korea said to be aware of the incident. >> a nightmare scenario coming through. america could be funding terror. secretary of state john kerry admitting some of the billions in sanctions relief given to iran as part of the nuclear deal could end up in the hands of terrorists. some of it will end up in the hands of the irdc or other entities some are labeled terrorists. i am not going to tell you
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everything that could have been prevented. >> ab dini and hekmati returned home both released as part of a prisoner swap. >> happy to return home. very long road, very long journey. many people traveled this road with me unfortunately. >> "washington post" reporter jason raizon is still getting medical treatment. >> slamming secretary of state john kerry saying he should be embarrassed. >> i want to give props to secretary john kerry. he can embarrass himself endlessly and not even smile about it. he was asked wouldn't some of the unfrozen asset go to terrorists or the nuclear
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program? is he said no iran can't do that. there are u.s. resolutions against using money for the ballistic missile program. now he admits the pieces of paper do absolutely nothing to stop iran from allocating these funds anyway they want to. >> we are america's election headquarters. turning to that, american conservati conservatism. that's what they are calling republican frontrunner donald trump in today's cover story. we have how trump is responding. no doubt he has something to say. right, garrett? >> absolutely. he is continuing to dominate the polls but now less than two weeks before the iowa caucuses the nacional review is ep whoing that will change.
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in an editorial against trump the conservative magazine calls the donald a menace to american conservati conservatism. that is followed by anti trump essays from 20 other prominent conservatives. last night national review editor told megyn kelly they published the piece because mainstream republicans aren't stepping up to donald trump. >> it is up to conservatives who think donald frufrp whatever his virtues are don't understand the ideas the principles that make this country great. it is up to those conservatives to stand up and say no, sorry. we oppose this. >> didn't take long for trump to respond. >> the national review is a dying paper. the circulation is way down. not very many people read it. people don't even think about it. it's a dying paper.
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really. pretty much are dead. >> lease than a year ago trump tweeted this, really important to save national review from going out of business. we need a true conservative voice. this as trump is locked with ted cruz who is trying to portray trump as being in line with the washington establishment. >> if you went someone to continue the krohn , -- cronyism and continue the corruption of washington from washington picking winners and losers then we are saying the washington establishment run behind donald trump. >> looking at the latest cnn orc poll you can expect that back and forth. trump is leading 37 and cruz at 26 and marco rubio at 14. less than two weeks to go a lot
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can still change. >> garrett tenney live for us this morning. thank you, garrett. >> despite the magazine telling conservatives to toudump trump, political columnist says the national review campaign likely won't impact the front reasoner. >> i don't see how it is going to be all that effective. most of the people supporting trump are not reading the national reviews sorry to say. the policies many of which came from republicans over the past 15 years out of washington, why didn't we have the outrage over that? where was this unified conservative out raej over the bank bail out in 2008? where was the unified out rooifrj launching the trillion dollar plus award we were going to pay for with nothing but debt? where has been all of the
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unified fore russ of o-- chorus outrage when they supported amnesty. >> john switzer confirming the mag glean is now uninvited to the february debate. >> a woman is shot during the showing of "13 hours in benghazi." a drunk man was fumbling with his gun when it went off in the seattle theater hitting the woman in the shoulder. people in the audience thought it was part of the movie. the suspect later turned himself in saying it was an accident. that woman now in stable condition. >> the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan is shaking up the epa. susan had heingmegman is resign. this comes a day after governor rick snyder's office released
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e-mails blaming local and federal authorities for the contamination. the city switched the water source to the flint river to save money. since then thousands of children are struggling with possible led poisoning. the time is 11 after the hour. drunk at the controls. the airline pilot accused of flying planes packed with people nearly twice the legal limit. the major recall you need to know about before you leave the cause. >> the weather maps you might really need to going viral. need to hire fast?
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of a bomber jet bursting in flames lighting up the night sky. two of the fooi people on board were killed. engine fire is now blamed for the blast. >> a pilot is accused of flying passenger planes while drunk. david hans arm stan was arrested after his blood alcohol level came up nearly double the legal limit. he flu two flights that day one from san diego to portland another to santa ana california. he was removed from duty and has since retired. winter whiplash about to hit ten's of millions of americans. thousands of flights already canceled. >> good morning to you for those people leaving philadelphia or the greater philadelphia region. it will be a mass exodus for people getting out of town this
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weekend. let's show you the big board here at philadelphia international airport. all flights for the most part are on time for today, tomorrow a totally different story. that's because major airlines have announced major cancellations. american airlines canceled all flights to and from philadelphia international airport for saturday. american canceled the bulk of their flights. snow and wind will be effecting the major airlines. frontier have canceled some of their flights saturday to and from philly. meantime philadelphia's mayor has been talking about the overall response in dealing with this weather. let's listen in on what he has to say. >> i would love for all of this to be wrong and the sun comes out on saturday so let's prepare
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for the worst and hope for the best. >> here in philadelphia they have until 10:00 before it starts tarping off. >> a fox business alert could be hidden in your medicine cabinet. we have the recall you need to know about. >> good morning, ladies. voluntary recall for containing morphine. respiratory depression and even death. lick wish flavored cough medicine is affected. 71,000 instant car seats called back because the handle can break and the seat can fall. 49,000 strollers recalled
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because of foam padding can cause a choking hazard. they are sold for $500 and the seats for 150. >> you might want to stretch out on your next united flight. the carrier is cutting in half the number of seats. 120 feeters from boeing. >> uber verses seamless. the ride sharing app is delivering food all day long by rolling out uber eats in major cities. the fee 5 bucks. >> adelle's hello music video has been watched 1 billion times on youtube in 87 days. that beats the record held by south kau reyaw. >> the time is now 18 after the hour. a bold statement from a mississippi gun store. why they are refusing to sell to terrorists or democrats. >> making a run for the cow
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>> 22 after the top of the hour. prison is for joaquin el chapo guzman this time around apparently. he is depressed and was given a book to cheer him up. in order to keep him safe behind bars dogs are taste testing his toed first to make sure no one is trying to poison him. they have a scent just in case
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he tried to escape again. the owner of down range sporting goods putting out that sign and another that says quote if you go to park obama you are too stupid to buy a gun. he came under fire for encouraging him to to this. they had intelligence classified as special access programs which members need additional clearance to access. clinton claims the information became classified after she opened it. >> turning now to the gop hoping to avoid a disaster like 2012 when the winners of the iowa
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caucuses were not declared for two weeks. john roberts takes a look at the new technology. >> they hope to find out on caucus night who the winner was unlike 2012 when we were told mitt romney won only to be told 6 days later never mind all that rick santorum won all of the iowa caucuses. the less of a chance of a similar mistake they are turning to technology training up 1,681 caucus leaders on how to use a new smart phone app designed by microsoft. they tap in the results which are sent back to party headquarters and put out for everyone to see on the internet. a far cry from 2012 when the results from 8 precincts simply disappeared. we have a precinct leader in guthrie county. >> we as party members want to have it perfectly accurate this time.
2:25 am
we don't want that two blook eyes mighted cause us not fob first in the nation. >> they have safeguards to prevent someone from entering the wrong numbers. in 2008 someone reported on the telephone 3300 votes for rudy giuliani when the actual number was 33 votes. even with the new technology with such a crowded field the race could be too close to call. we have the iowa republican chairman. >> i am going to have to make a decision do i make an official announcement or not. you will be seeing the exact results that i am. you can draw your own conclusions. you can criticize why didn't they declare a winner or why didn't thdid they declare a winner too soon? there will be no secrets. >> even if they are close to call we will know sooner because they dictate all of the handwritten votes have to be
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turned in within 48-hours. if it is too close to call we will know in two-days rather than two weeks. >> going viral this morning the weather app that you might really need to make it through this weekend's big storm. this app showing how many cases of wine you need. >> or the amount of beer you need to stop your purchase with. >> or if you are a reader here are how many books you need. >> i like the one with the lady talking about going and buying brownie mix. >> changing grades on the report card. it is not the students giving them food it's the teachers. >> blizzard. there's an app for that. what you need to know to weather around the weekend storm.
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>> an extreme weather alert bracing for a blizzard. the east coast in the bulls eye of a potentially record breaking storm. maria molina live tracking its crippling path. >> conservatives coming together against donald trump. dozens issuing a dire warning about the gop frontrunner their words and how he is responding. >> call 911. >> call 911, oh, yeah, call 911. >> a doctor caught on camera attacking an uber driver. the hospital she works for taking action. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am patricia stark. it is 30 minutes after the hour. we begin with extreme weather
2:31 am
hunkering down the east coast. 75 million americans now in the path of what could be an historic winter storm. >> the satellite images from nasa show the storm stretching up the eastern sea board several states under a state of emergency. >> some areas could see up to 2 feet of snow in parts of new jersey and new york flooding is a very serious concern. crews now building up dunes to try to protect coastal communities. >> rez defrnts ry where scrambling to do this. stock up on everything from bread and milk to ice milk and snow blowers. >> meteorologist maria molina is life in d skrshg tracking the storm -- live in dc tracking the storm's path. >> we expect to see people in and out of dc depending on what they are trying to do with the blizzard that is impending.
2:32 am
yesterday it brought severe storms across the bugulf coast. we saw potential for flash flooding because of the storms rolling through and producing heavy rain and possibility of tornadoes. we continue to see the tornado warnings issued this morning across parts of florida. that threat is very real. be sure to seek shelter immediately. we will see the winter side of the storm on the northern end of it. we are seeing the storm in places like arkansas and kentucky. the big concern isn't so much the snowfall accumulations but the ice was seeing potentially half an inch of ice on the roadways that will produce dangerous travel conditions. in some areas even through tomorrow. we have winter storm warnings that stretch as far west as places like arkansas and also into the northeast. some of the blizzard watches and
2:33 am
places like new york city and places like philadelphia have been updated to blizzard warnings. the worst of the conditions are forecast to begin the worst of it through the overnight hours and through the day on saturday. places like dc and baltimore could be looking at potentially two feet of snow and some areas are forecasting more than 30 inches. it will be the bulls eye, if you will, across parts of northern virginia western parts of maryland and also across west virginia. a significant storm system. the other significant impact will be strong on shore winds that will bring threat for coastal flooding. we have watches in effect in places like delaware and new jersey and further north across the tri-state area. back to you. after wednesday's dusting of snow in the capital officials in washington, d.c. aren't taking any chances with the impending
2:34 am
blizzard. doug luzader live from capitol hill with how the city is preparing. >> the snow is still a ways off. we don't know exactly when it will hit but the city is throwing in the towel today. >> trucks are deployed. store shelves are empty and from space you can see it. >> guess what, it is coming>> with forecasters saying it could rival 2010 snow megiddo n. schools closed. the federal government shuts its doors at noon. washington subway system, even a large portion of it that runs under ground is calling it quits later today not to reopen until monday. and from washington's mayor an afollowing for failing to adequately handle an inch or two from falling on wednesday.
2:35 am
>> our city will have businesses deliver essential services later today. last night we didn't meet the goals. for that we are very sorry. >> for those who revel in winter weather around there there is good news. this will be the first major snowfall since congress told capitol police to knock it off and stop enforcing widely ridiculed rules that banned sledding on capitol hill. >> even though the were you not of the i am mampact may be here washington, that's why virtually every major airline giving breaks to travelers allowing them to change their tickets without necessarily incurring additional fees. back to you guys. >> doug luzader and it begins. >> to another fox news alert breaking overnight an american student arrested in north korea. he's accused of committing a
2:36 am
hostile act aimed at destroying the country's unity. that's a quote. what actually happened that remains unclear. the student identified by north korean media as otto was there as a tourist. south korea is aware of the incident. >> one man slated for release from gitmo wants to stay. a lawyer for a yemeni tied to al qaeda and the taliban reports he's too scared to go to a country where he doesn't know any one. for now he's staying at guantanamo bay. the two men are al qaeda affiliates both with explosives training. there are now 91 detainees left. >> oo donald trump getting attacked on all sides. this time from the national review with a scathing new editorial from multiple
2:37 am
journalists. garrett tenney has reaction from his conservative counterparts. >> the national review is hoping to accomplish the editorial entitled "against trump." the conservative magazine called the donald a menace to american conservati conservatism. trump is a philosophical opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus within the gop in favor of a free flowing populism with strong over tones. essays from 20 prominent conservatives. last night on megyn kelly's show national review editor rich lowery said that trump is a danger to conservatives because the core ideals of conservatism are after thoughts for the donald. trump shot back in classic trump
2:38 am
fashion with this. >> the national review is a dying paper. circulation is way down. not very many people read it. people don't even think about the national review. i guess they don't want to get rid of publicity. that is a dying paper. >> it is pretty much a dead paper. >> trump is also facing attacks from his chief rival sex as s - texas senator ted cruz who says trump is in line with the washington establishment. >> if you want someone to continue the corporate warfare to condition the corruption of washington, from washington picking winners and losers then we are saying washington establishment run behind donald trump. >> despite those attacks, trump continues to dominate the polls. in the latest orc polls he is leading the field in iowa with
2:39 am
37 points followed by cruz 26 and marco rubio with 14. we are now less than two weeks away from the iowa caucuses. >> hard to believe. thank you very much. >> let's keep talking about this. will the national review's push against trump have any impact on his campaign. log on to the fox friends -- fox and friends first facebook page #keep talking. >> shutting down an entire school. they will make the sickouts illegal. if passed teachers could lose their certificates and face massive fines. the district sued the teacher's union in an effort to force them back to, would. teachers say they are fighting for better work conditions, smaller class sizes and more pay. and may plan another sick out on monday. meantime a jewish private school in new york trying to shield their students from
2:40 am
potential bad grades. this is part of a letter shared on social media saying if after reviewing the enclosed report card you would like us to develop a second version of the report card for your son with higher grades call the school. students don't feel bad about getting bad grades. critics say it is just coddling. you think? >> the time is now 40 minutes after the hour. a close call the moments a quick thinking officer takes action to safe the li-- save the life of toddler on a busy highway. >> a good idea or too much time off. the district offering a three-day weekend. >> a trumpet fail. he nails the song but it's not until after he's finished when he botches the performance.
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>> the east coast preparing for a blizzard. fox business has the apps to weather around the storm. >> great pun intended. here we go. as this winter storm does approach there are several apps that can help you survive snomeggedon. the app will tell you when it is about to hit your neighborhood right at your individual location. winter survival kit is great if you find yourself stuck somewhere. it will call 911, send notifications to family and friends and will monitor your car engine to let you know if you are about to run out of gas can ich could be important. if you didn't get groceries it
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is available in 40 cities including new york, philadelphia, boston and dc. load the credit card into the app. it will give you tip options as well. you might want to be generous to drivers this weekend. privacy flush is a great flashlight app that provide extra bright lights more than the one already on your phone and you may need to see in the dark. you beer bas-- uber snow remova. it is on demand snowplowing. it is available in 30 cities in boston, pittsburgh, buffalo, new york and more. all of the options to survive your cold weekend. got your snow boots i hope. back to you. >> a violent attack on an you beer uber driver in miami caught on camera. >> call 911. oh, yeah. >> the woman in this video
2:46 am
filmed punching and kicking the driver is a doctor. the fourth year neurology resident refuses to get out of the car and throws his cell phone and other belongings in the street. she is on leave from work and could be fired. the driver isn't pressing charges. oo toddler caught on dashcam video wandering alone in the middle of a dark highway in oregon. a lincoln county sheriff's deputy noticed the 2-year-old running down the middle of a lane. the he left from a community gathering center. >> the police officer scooped him up as a big rick went past. >> super bowl is ready to kickoff. >> it will be a great weekend in football. a final four for the envelope. by the time most of us go to bed
2:47 am
sunday evening we will know who is playing who in the super bowl february 7th. meeting between tom brady and payton manning. the carolina panthers and the arizona cardinals. the nfc match up never before have any of the players met that averaged more than 30 points per game. the envelope's eyest scoring team in the game. cam newton can run as well as he can throw and lead this team. between newton and carson palmer this is the first time in nfl history is playoff team will be started between two quarterbacks who won the heisman trophy. will it will be last time payton manning will be playing. one was payton manning with the colts. all in all brady won 11 of the 16 games he has quarterbacked opposite manning.
2:48 am
it is going to be an amazing weekend of football. i think the carolina panthers, my prediction they are going to win by two touchdowns. >> i have to put this on. they are going to win. >> i think it's a coin flip. tom brady is 2-6 lifetime in denver. payton manning is the aging quarterback i am just rooting for the great story. >> i root panthers broncos. then the panthers win it all of course. >> many would like to see tom brady get the vince lombardi trophy with everything from deflate gate. >> sirius xm 115. >> how a skier goes down an avalanche unscathed. >> the crocodile looking to cool off. first let's check in with steve
2:49 am
doocy on "fox & friends." good morning to you. >> good morning to you, heather. coming up, did you hear about this? it's going to snow big time. a weekend winter storm set to sit up to 75 million americans impacted. we will have wall to wall coverage to let you know what's going on. plus jeff and jessica robertson from duck dynasty. see you in 7 minutes.
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wicked winter weather. we're live in north carolina with preparations there. how are you doing this morning? >> reporter: good morning, heather and patricia.
2:53 am
things are certainly developing here very quickly. we first started seeing precipitation in winston-salem around 4:00 in the morning. here we are nearly two hours later. it's coming down steadily. it started as just flurries and then some of the thicker, more moist flakes and now it's the really tiny ones and they're accumulating very quickly. if you look behind me here, this is spruce street and then downtown winston-salem. this ises the city of winston-salem, department much transportation broadening this road. they will be on sand all day trying to improve the road conditions. the road conditions here are pretty much throughout the city and on the highway. >> michael hennessey live for us out there. be careful if you're headed out. unbelievable video meantime out of alaska as a female skier tumbles down a mountain like a ragdoll.
2:54 am
look. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> amazingly, angel colinson appears to lose her balance before hurdling down the mountain for 30 seconds. and yell out, you heard her, i'm okay. she's a free-skiing world champion. unbelievable that she was not hurt. look at that. >> i know. so lucky. a four-day school week, that's what one tiny school district in texas is trying out. the 56-student, independent school district in central texas is set to start the new school week next year. students have to go to school on friday if their grades aren't up to par. most kids live 30 miles away, making the logistics of after-school tutoring difficult. it says opening up friday for tutoring will be beneficial to students and parents. the time now, six minutes until the top of the hour.
2:55 am
breaking for a blizzard. what you need to know about the timing of the storm. that's up next. >> a trumpeter going viral. what happens after he nails the performance. >> fist pump there. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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for a big one. the snow already coming down fast and furious in arkansas causing a mess on the roads there. further north, several states now under a state of emergency as snow, ice, wind and flooding threatens states up and down the eastern seaboard. washington, d.c. and baltimore expected to be hit the hardest. those areas could see more than two feet of snow starting this afternoon. the storm expect today reach the new york area tomorrow afternoon. trouble has begun in the skies. thousands of flights grounded ahead of the storm. the best trumpet solo ever. >> he's so happy that he tooted out the right notes that he had to celebrate with a moonwalk. his excitement may have gotten the best of him. he took a tumble off the stage. a crocodile takes a -- wildlife officials tried to get him out. the 8-foot reptile left on his own. the ugly.
3:00 am
an animal caught on camera runniruing the streets of queens. the cow was taken back to the slaughterhouse. >> so scared running around. you have a great weekend. be safe out there. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning everyone. it is friday, january 22nd, 2016. i'm san tra smith. take a look at this incredible shot from space. that's a massive winter storm brewing bearing down on the east coast. maria molina is track tg live from space, i mean washington, d.c. >> that's right. conservatives coming together, some are, against donald trump? >> if you truly are a conservative, you believe in ideas and principles. they are basically after thoughts to donald trump. >> rich lowrey doesn't like donald trump. the national


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