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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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to be braving the storm down in washington, d.c. when you've got cabin fever and stuck inside with the kids. what to do with the kids in the snowstorm. and we're going to make desserts out of snow. >> is that sanitary? >> we'll figure it out. bill: another possible international incident brewing. an american college student arrested in north korea. pyongyang saying he was plotting to undermine the unity of north korea. he was a member of a chinese tour group. u.s. officials said to be working to bring him home. a leading in the conservative voice unleashing an all-out assault on the republican frontrunner donald trump.
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the "national review" cover says this, "against trump." welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the editors of "the national review" uniting saying trump must be stopped at all cost using words like to -- like wannabe and charlatan. >> it's up to conservatives who think that donald trump whatever his virtues are doesn't truly understand the ideas and principles that make this country great. it's up to those conservatives to stands up and say no, sorry, we oppose this. if you truly are a conservative you believe in ideas and principles. it's not just how dislike. it's limited government, it's
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the constitution. it's liberty. those are the things that truly make this country special and those are afterthoughts for donald trump. bill: here we go. this hit like a stone. how much will this matter? >> donald trump is not running as the conservative candidate. that's not his jam. let's say 70% or more of self-identified conservative voters back somebody other than donald trump that's not what he's talking about. he's talking about building a coalition that includes democrats, independents and republicans. it's the bipartisan ross perot thing. conservatives dominate the republican party. they say trump will go away.
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he's no big deal. an never went away. now the republican establishment sees trump as a man with whom they can do business and they are lining up behind him because they are afraid of ted cruz. the establishment is saying we waited too long. bill: it says trump is an opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus in favor of a free-floating temperature strong-man overtones. are they right? if. >> it's about left, it's about
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center, it's about fed up americans. a lot of people left behind or hurt by economic disruption. people who don't have high educational attainment. the blue collar americans who feel like they are getting screwed in this process, he's not bound up by ideology. 70% of the conservative republicans want somebody from trump. unfortunately they are dividing their vote. so they can't get anywhere. bill: it would not be a trump story without a trump response. >> the "national review" is a dying paper. its circulation is way down. not have many people read it. so that's a dying paper. it's pretty much of a dead paper. >> where does this go? does it have legs?
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what else your guess? >> if the conservatives can figure out who they back, if they will reject and shine other candidates. otherwise it's too little too late. if they don't line up behind a candidate they won't be able to stop it. martha: there is that muche coming up. you will see former governor jeb bush. he says donald trump is neither conservative nor is he electable in his opinion. first up we'll speak to florida senator marco rubio and that comes up a few minutes away. it's said donald trump is the proponent of trumpism and it's not conservatism that can be labeled in terms of political groupings. perhaps that's the case. we shall see.
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the east coast is bracing for a major snowstorm. the first one of the winter and it could be one for the record books. the potentially paralyzing blizzard making its way up the east coast. 75 million people are in the path of this storm. half of them are already under blizzard watches or warnings. 2 feet of snow is expected in some areas. it's making traveling in some areas kinds after nightmare. first we go to peter doocy who is alive in washington, d.c. where they are never prepared well for these things. now they are trying to be prepared for the worse. are they in full panic mode yet in d.c.? >> they are. this is very serious business today. the mayor had to apologize yesterday for not having roads ready for the 1 inch of snow that crippled wednesday night's
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commute. she is not taking any chances. watched you see behind us, they have 345 pieces of equipment and city employees ready to go retreating street surfaces with the beet juice and salt mixture. cars parked along busy roads will soon be towed. power outages a big concern in many areas. crews are getting ready for that. and the eastern suburbs are expecting a wet snow which makes for a lot of broken branches and downed power lines. there is such worry about a whiteout in washington, d.c., the schools are closed. federal employees are working from home. when president obama moved to washington from chicago in 2009 he said he thought the people here were weather wimps because they shut things down for a
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little bit of snow. but everybody at the white house, the government and washington, d.c. is bracing for a worse case winter weather scenario a few hours from now. martha: i'm sure everybody is scooping up every last bit of orange juice and bread and milk off the shelves. reporter: inventory is running low at local markets. but people have been remarkably patient in long lines and they seem content to get whatever is left on the shelves. one thing that's interesting. our local affiliate found out, one of the biggest sellers is beer. their big beer trucks can't work in the snow. they are trying to get it to people who are off today. they are trying to take the edge off. martha: the storm is coming over the weekend and there is a lot of football this weekend.
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priorities, peter, you know what i'm saying? reporter: oh, yeah, i have got my beer. bill: flying won't be easy today. several thousand flights canceled or delayed. reporter: it's not going to be a fun travel day for a lot of people. delays and cancellations are building up at dozens of different airports. we are at lookin la guardia. i talked to some of the passengers. some are frustrated about delays and cancellations. but for the most part they say they are feeling lucky to get out before the storm hits. according to flight away, 3,000 delays and cancellations. many of those coming out of charlotte-douglas within
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raleigh-durham international airport. you should plan on major delays and cancellations today. tomorrow no one will be getting out of the baltimore-d.c. area. they will give you a refund for delayed or canceled flights. if you are planning to fly, contact your airline and they highly recommend changing that flight. bill: i'm 50-50 on these storms. you have these brand-new cross-fit skis. martha: you just walk out your door and ski wherever you want to go. by i hope it happens. but we have zero snow so far. martha: a possible shift in the strategy for our fight against isis. what defense secretary patch carter is saying today about
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america's evident to wipe out this terror network. plus this. bill: an 18-wheeler out of control forcing police to do some quick thinking. how this ended up in a moment. martha: a startling admission by secretary of state john kerry across knowledging some of the money we are letting iran get their hands on will probably more likely than not end up in the hands of terrorists. >> this secretary of state and this president have pandered to the iranians no mat wear they have done, no matter what offense they have committed.
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martha: breaking news on the fight against isis. now more the defense secretary ash carter saying there will be no boots on the ground to fight in iraq and syria, that's not new. his comments coming during a television interview, and we heard a lot of tweaking of the plan over the next couple days. we'll see where this goes. bill: bernie sanders has taken
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the lead over the race against clinton in iowa. juan williams, and mary katharine ham. good day to both of you. we'll make this quick so you can go home. sanders is up 8. clinton was up 18 in december, juan. do you believe the numbers? >> yeah, i think that's true. there is a highly energized space for bernie sanders. if you like simon and garfunkel he's got a great ad out with simon and garfunkel music "america" in the background. the poll also indicate among people who have gone to caucus previously, clinton is up substantially.
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while bernie sanders is up in his latest poll, that's anticipating you get newcomers to the caucus. bill: i think it's a great point. 55-38, she lead among those who showed up in 2008. it's a great spot. a populist spot on behalf of sanders. >> i'm not sure i believe bernie is this far ahead. but the no one can deny his trajectory has been up steady the last several months. he's relying as trump is to to extent on non-traditional voters to get out and do the caucus thing. and they may do that because people are not all that ready for hillary. but she has so often as she did in 2008, relied on this inevitability and electability argument.
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bill: she is doing a lot of tv, a lot of interviews. she was on with wolf blitzer. he said is america ready for a socialist president. her answer. >> it's up to the voters. i know a number of democrats. people i highly respect are concerned and are expressing that concern to me, journalists and others. i'm going to repeat ba what i believe, i'm the best choice to be the u.s. commander-in-chief. bill: 43% of caucus-goers label themselves on the democratic side, describe themselves as socialists. 43%. >> you have people like david brock who goes out and is very aggressive on clinton's behalf
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spreading the idea that in the general elect republicans would eat up a bernie sanders who is labeled as a socialist democrat. of course, you have carl rose group, crossroads. and you have others running ads pro bernie in iowa. so this socialist thing now being put out by the clinton camp has real resonance among democrats who see the general election as the goal. >> for both republicans and democrats, republicans aren't the on ones upset with the establishment. you have got a desire to go a different direction. even if it involves recruiting a socialist to be your candidate, maybe if we do things differently, things will turn out differently. i get that feeling from voters. you also have bill clinton,
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allegedly her greatest asset and ever-supportive husband on the trail saying wow, this is turning into a fight, adding legitimacy to the sanders candidacy. bill: he lead her by 22 points on the economy and she leads by 42 points to on foreign policy. you are now released to return to your caves. martha: new concerns about the timing of america's release of $1.7 billion to iran. the u.s. handing over the dough. was this a ransom payment? bill: a pilot accused of flying while drunk. his response and what the airline says about that today.
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bill: a former pilot for alaska airlines is accused of flying a plane while drunk. the u.s. attorney releasing a statement saying those in command of passenger jets or any other form of public transportation have an obligation to serve the public in the safest and most responsible way possible. the pilot denies these charges. if guilty he will face up to 15 years behind bars. martha: pro-life supporters gathering in washington. u.s. lawmakers joining organizations speak out against abortion this morning. shannon bream joins us live on the national mall. what are organizers saying about
6:25 am
the decision to move ahead with the march? >> all week long knowing this blizzard is coming, organizers said they are convinced that they want to come here on the anniversary of roev wade every year. some are coming from around the world to be here. we spoke to the head of priests for life about what why it's so important and here is what he told us. >> this is the kind of people taking this march that do not care about their own convenience or comfort. that's what opinion expires them in this movement in the first place. >> a new poll from maris shows 80% of americans think abortion should be limited to the first
6:26 am
three months of pregnancy. folks here are arguing there is common ground and they say rather than fighting, they hope they can finds that. martha: do you expect opposition along the route given the conditions? reporter: it will be interesting to see. last year we've did see some here who wanted to represent the other side. not surprising along the route in washington, this new protests every day. it's interesting the pro-choice community is speaking out saying they now it's a big event. we heard from several of them talking about the supreme court case coming up in march. it's challenging a texas abortion law. to make sure they have admitting privileges within 30 miles. here is what congress one and donna edwards says. >> there hasn't been an issue of safety in our clinics and it's wrong for the anti-abortion
6:27 am
industry to use that as a ruse to shut down clinics and prevent women from getting the healthcare they deserve. reporter: organizers say they want to keep things positive. several politicians including the only 2016 gop contendser we know, carly fiorina will be here sat 12:30 eastern to speak as well. bill: the president unleashing a whole bunch of gun safety proposals. but could the new rules make things more dangerous for the agents who serve and protect. could the gun laws backfire? martha: north korea in the headlines. they arrested an american college student from the university of virginia who was studying abroad. the country turned fire for testing weapons already.
6:28 am
senator rubio said they should not let them get away with this. >> he believes mayor case an arrogant power that needs to be cut down to size. he apologize for america then guts pour military. this is the barack obama foreign policy and john kerry carries the water for that. ♪
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bill: washington, d.c. the mayor has been under fire. updating the latest as the capital city gets ready for the big storm, the big dump as that city is expected to take a direct hit. washington could get 2 feet. city government shuts down at noon eastern time. we'll keep you updated on developments on the forecast and how they are getting ready. stands by. martha: breaking news out of north korea.
6:32 am
an american college student from the university of virginia is being held by the for korean government at this time. the state department says we are work to learn more about what happened. we spoke with republican presidential candidate marco rubio and got his reaction. senator, good to have you with us. news the north core rans have taken a student from the university of virginia, he's a student there, they say he committed hostile acts. >> we don't know all the facts. but it would not surprise me if this exactly what happened. there is now a price on the head of every american abroad because barack obama has shown he will make trades with enemies of the united states and foreign governments who take americans hostage. an act against the state of north korea is almost anything. so obviously would i not advise
6:33 am
people to travel to north korea for any reason. but this would not surprise me if this is what's happening. if you take an american, barack obama will cut a deal with you. martha: what would you do as president. your options are limited. the swedish are apparently trying to negotiate something since we don't have diplomatic ties. >> your options are quite limited. the man who governs north korea is a lunatic. we would use every measure after he available to us to gain his freedom. but what we are not going to do is continue trades that actually allow for this sort of thing to hatch. it's an incentive for foreign governments and enemies of the united states to take americans hostage. martha: john kerry asked whether any of that money was going to end up in the hands of terrorists, here is what he
6:34 am
said. >> i'm not going to sit here and tell you every component of that could be prevented. but i can tell you this. right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i'm sure at some point some of it will. >> not some of it, a lot of it. iran is not going to use this money to build roads and bridges. they are the biggest funder of hezbollah. and they will use it to send the quds force to strike back at any country that would strike them. you will see them extend their reach into the western hemisphere and europe. and you will see them build up their own it in and acquire
6:35 am
nuclear weapons. martha: if the money starts to flow in the wrong direction, the deal is over and there is an attempt to claw back. >> the deal is going to be over when i'm president. that said, i have no explanation for barack obama's foreign policy other than the fact he believes mayor case an arrogant global power and we need to be cut down to size. that's why he cuts deals with enemies and goes around the world apologizing for america and guts our military. john kerry carries the water for that. they were obsessed with this deal. they would have signed this deal on any terms and iran flew that and took advantage. martha: "national review" out with 20 conservative writers, the title on the front cover is "against trump. trump." it's an unprecedented move by a
6:36 am
political publication to trash someone running for president. >> i haven't read that edition. i gets' a new one. i don't think donald is running as a conservative. he's running as a populist, someone who is upset about the direction of this country. but we have to know what we are going to do about it. one of the reasons i feel so strongly about my candidacy. i think we are someone who offers consistent conservatism and the abit to beat hillary clinton. we cannot let her win. we need to remember hoik cannot be elected. she is disqualified from being commander-in-chief. she lied about benghazi and stored choosified information on her personal server. someone like that cannot be commander-in-chief. martha: ted cruz says in the end
6:37 am
there's going to be a conservative standing and populist standing. he says donald trump is now that establishment guy. you have got bob dole and trent lott and the governor of high what lining up behind donald trump. >> they are not lining up behind donald trump. they are telling their opinion about ted cruz. ted cruz is a very calculated person. he said he's against epto ethanol in new hampshire and for it in iowa. he was for the trade deal. martha: he said he would not stand for ethanol subsidies in iowa and he got credit for that. >> he had somebody in the line ask him a question about that an changed his position a little bit. i saw him vote against crop insurance and came back and changed his vote.
6:38 am
he's incredibly calculated. this thing he's saying about trump is part of that calculation. i'm a consistent conservative. i know write and on the issues. on immigration it number one issue has to be to keep isis out of america. fact change, you change your approach. this is part of that calculation. in the end it sounds like for ted cruz anyone who is not for him is part of the so-called establishment. meanwhile the establishment spent $20 million attacking me. i feel great about our chances. we are going to win the nomination. if i'm our nominee we'll beat hillary clinton. martha: senator marco rubio. good to have you here. he's right about the money spent against him. almost $50 million the bush campaign has spent. $20 million has been spent creating ads against marco rubio.
6:39 am
their rivalry has been unprecedented for two guys from one state. bill: he's coming up next hour. we are 10 days from iowa. it's remarkable to me how much more gravity and weight the word of the candidates carry. and we listen more carefully, and listeners and viewers hear it in a different way, too. we are reaching that point. and as he day particulars by the closer we get to the first of february, it will continue -- martha: there will be one poll that matters. bill: you were talking to him about this criticism about iran. donald trump has a few words for secretary kerry about this comment over iran as well. >> he says the money we gave them will be used for terror. if that's the case, why did they give them the money, and why don't they have clauses that it
6:40 am
can't go to terror. bill: is iran making off like bandits. the growing questions about a so-called deal that some have calling nothing more than ransom. martha: a taker flies around the bend which caught a few police officers off guard. we'll show you incredible video. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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6:44 am
there are new questions about the iran deal that helps bring self american hostages home. some casting doubt on the white house's assertion it was merely a prisoner exchange that won the release of five americans. the $1.7 billion to tehran coincided time wise * with that release. was this actually ransom money? mark teasen, i don't know if you believe in coincidence but the typing makes you shake your head. "wall street journal" has this report, $1.7 billion. can you prove it? >> i don't think you can prove it. but fit walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. when you give $1.7 billion to a terrorist regime on the same day or close to the same day that
6:45 am
they release 5 american whose tanks, that's a ransom under anybody's calculation. it's not just an isolated incident it's part of papa turn. this is a government, the obama administration, that gave five senior taliban leaders in exchange for an american hostage. they gave it cuban government three convicted spies in exchange for an american hostage. now they have given $1.7 billion in exchange for these hostages. the price is going to be paid in more americans being taken hostage. bill: there is a militia general in iran who gave a statement to state media. taking this money back in return for the release of the american spies and doesn't have to do with the american talks. the way to take back our rights from the arrogant americans is to become powerful and we must
6:46 am
grow strong and stronger every day. that's the way they are thinking in iran. >> the iranians are clear about what this was. the reality is they grow strong and stronger every day. when you give a terrorist regime $1.7 billion. what are they going to spend it on? terrorism. this money is going to fund the iranian revolutionary guard quds force. this is a group that was behind thbehindthe bombings in saudi ad behind the shiia militia that killed hundreds of american troops. it's going to fund terrorism that will target u.s., israel and our allies. bill: didn't john kerry all but admit that yesterday? >> absolutely he did.
6:47 am
he said this is a group labeled a terrorist organization. who were they labeled by? they were labeled by his state department. the reason they were labeled is because they are a terrorist organization. his own state department said -- this is their assessment of what's happening. there has been a marked resurgence in state sponsored terrorism. terrorist activity has reached a tempo unseen since the 1990s. we are giving these people billions and billions of dollars. bill: the obama administration says it's a victory for taxpayers. because it goes back to a case in 1979 where a deal was reached and it never went through. so the money was frozen. what the white house is saying is the iranians would have beaten us in court anyway if they had taken this to the haig.
6:48 am
so wee -- to the hague. >> it's not a victory for the american taxpayers. the obama administration has told all the terrorist regimes of the world that it pays to take american hostages. when you pay hostage takers. when you give senior taliban leaders and cuban spies and billions of dollars to the iranian regime, the message around the world is unmistakable, take american hostages because u.s. will pay up at the bar. bill: our math is terrible. that was a 5-1 deal. this was 7 iranians plus another 14 where extradition proceedings were dropped. that's a total of 21 in exchange for five americans. >> every american life is precious. but we are glad to have all those americans back, even the
6:49 am
deserter. but the problem is the price is more americans getting taken hostage. it's not just the $1.7 billion. it encourages the bad guys of the world to take american hostages. bill: if you don't believe that timing is suspicious. check out this story in the "wall street journal" today. martha: so it could be snowmaggedon 2016. but it's being build as an historic snowstorm and it's hitting north carolina and virginia right now. they are getting the brunt of it. we'll showing you the latest path. how much is the white stuff different states along the way will get.
6:50 am
>> we need an midwest this country to look at the gun violence. knot the collector, not the sportsman, not the enthusiast. but the violent criminal on the streets selling guns.
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like stomach ulcers. a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. martha: president obama's executive action on guns could make the job of atf agents more difficult. william lajeunesse in our west coast newsroom to explain. ways their complaint. reporter: cops can't enforce every lawb so they focus on the top problem. right now a gun dealer is defined as someone in the
6:54 am
business of selling guns. not the collector or hobbyist. atf says the president the directive will change that. anyone selling a gun at a gun show will have to undergo a background check dan have a license. but they say that's not where the guns come from. they come from straw buyers who sell them on the streets. that's different than people dealing with a license and getting rid of their personal collection. reporter: federal gun prosecutions are down 35% since the bush administration so fewer bad guys going to jail. martha: what about the state? what about their side of it?
6:55 am
>> let's consider california where lawmakers are proposing limiting begun sales to one a month. background checks just to buy ammunition. every gun owner must carry gun insurance, and it would be illegal to own a magazine of more than 11 round. and convicted felons must turn in their guns to police. several states are proposing making it a crime to privately sell a gun. bill: trump release his first attack ad. we'll play that for you. and fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will join in. bill: top conservative mind with some choice word. bret bow zell is one of them. he's here live to react.
6:56 am
>> this is a man who said he was a proud deputy crate and supporter of hillary clinton. he said he was a proud supporter of planned parenthood. this is what he said he was. people have to say it's been a lot of fun up until now.
6:57 am
. . . .
6:58 am
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio.
6:59 am
just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. martha: fox news alert. washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser holding news conference updating everybody in the nation's capitol the snowstorm that is hitting parts of north carolina and virginia and heads-up the east coast. we'll let you know what you need to know as we get it on that. stopping donald trump. that is the move by a group of high-profile conservatives. the editors of "the national review," uniting trying to keep him from going forward with his campaign. they think they can stomach trump with their editorials. we'll talk about that this morning. welcome to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum.
7:00 am
bill: i'm bill hemmer. good mornings. leading conservatives joining forces to attack donald trump. "national review" magazine dedicates an entirish to oppose his campaign. the cover says simply against trump. inside there is a scathing editorial attacking billionaire. quote. donald trump is menace to american conservatism and take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of populism as heedless and crude as "the donald" himself, end quote. martha: strong words. joined by bret bozell he wrote one of the articles against donald trump. good to see you. >> good morning, martha. martha: why do this? >> we have to come to our senses collectively. what is going on out there, there is fury, absolute fury against washington for years of betrayal, especially from the republican establishment. i share in that. i don't think there is anybody has been more furious than i
7:01 am
have been, but, you just can't tap into that and into that vein and pretend that you are going to do something about it when in fact you have a record, a real record of being the opposite on everything. and you are a, a shameless, self-promoter. you're a huckster and you're selling only yourself. god help this country if this man were president and continued this way. that's why i was speaking out. martha: bret, when you look at crowds, right, you listen to his supporters, we get messages from them like everybody else's supporters all the time on twitter and social media. they believe him. he has connected with them. and he is not claiming to carry the conservative mantle. he is claiming to carry his mantle and many have said, as "national review" has said, he is a populist candidate. at the moment he is extremely
7:02 am
popular with the people. so i guess some might say who are you to tell them they don't know what they're hearing and seeing? >> well, because, just asked people to listen to donald trump and what he has been. this is a man -- martha: he says he changed his mind about things. >> you just can't overnight after -- people have been saying this, this is road to damascus transformation. okay, your entire career you've been one thing. and suddenly on the eve of the republican primaries, suddenly you're the exact opposite. you're no longer a democrat, you're a republican. you're no longer for planned parenthood, you're against planned parenthood except you're actually for it. the wall in mexico somehow going to build it, these things sound so good and if i believe them, i would behind him on them right now. in fact you have real conservatives with real solutions and they're really going to change the country which is why i endorse ted cruz for president personally. let me say one more thing,
7:03 am
martha, i take this personally. i would ask donald trump to stop invoking william f. buckley at this moment. i take this very personally. my uncle would never, never, support his candidacy. he would never get behind this outrage. and for donald trump to tap into that vein is offensive. i wish he would cut it out. martha: i mean, well, he basically invoked william buckley when he talked about new york values. he said william f. buckley from new york. >> who didn't even live, martha, didn't even live in manhattan for god's sakes. >> regardless of that he is not saying that he is carrying man tell as i said of you and other writers who work for, write for "the national review." so, people of this country about this speak. they will speak in iowa. they will speak in new hampshire. you all have spoken out about your opinions on this many people when it comes to ted cruz who you support, say he also has
7:04 am
been quite nimble in changing his opinions on things over the years because he very much wants to be president of this country. that he also changed his opinion on things. what do you say about that? >> very simple. there is the whisper campaign going on right now from the establishment saying they support trump over cruz. why? because they believe trump is malleable. they previous they can work deals with him. they don't believe him and his rock-ribbed populism and conservatism. they believe he is out for himself. they know ted cruz can't be bought. they foe they can't play that game for him. they have seen him in action in washington. he has been a steadfast supporter of limited government, strong national defense, traditional values and they know he will not put up with any of their nonsense. so if you are a populist, wanting to fundamentally change washington, d.c., understand this, folks, establishment wants trump, not cruz. martha: what you just said
7:05 am
really reminded me a lot of what sarah palin said the other night. she said the same thing. that the people inside the beltway are fighting so hard to preserve their way of life, that in fact some of them, gopers, would even want hillary over trump or over cruz. but she says, you know, you watched her, she stood out there and supported donald trump said he is the guy. set one we need to get behind. people see ted cruz as unable to pull together any sort of group of people on the hill when he had trouble getting his own gop senators behind him. >> martha, they said the same thing about ronald reagan, the establishment did this to ronald reagan. they did it to barry goldwater. they have done it to conservatives for years. he can't work with us. he can't get along with anybody. he is a disaster. he is an extremist. this will be the republicans. by the way, then they invoke the 11thth commandment and say you shouldn't criticize him. the anger and hatred they're showing toward ted cruz.
7:06 am
why did bob dole say he supports donald trump over ted cruz? again, they believe trump is malleable. i don't know why sarah did what she did. they believe he is malleable. they know ted cruz isn't. if you're conservative wanting to change america i think it's a clear-cut choice. martha: brent bozell, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. martha: you bet. one of donald trump's rivals, jeb bush will join us from new hampshire this morning. what i has to say about this big matter of discussion this morning and a whole lot more. bill: feels like a civil war of sorts, huh? martha: it does. bill: looking forward to talking with governor bush in 25? minutes. meantime, another big story happening outside, your window? folks. millions of americans in the? path of a massive storm. washington, d.c. officials? updating people what they need to know. they took a lot of heat after an inch of snow hit washington, paralyzed the place. forecasters say two feet of snow could hit some areas. whoa. winter storm warnings issued
7:07 am
across much of the eastern seaboard. the storm affecting parts of the southeast, volks in virginia are stocking up on everything they can get their hands on like this guy. >> fastest moving thing has been snow shovels. we're down to last few of them, like three or four. >> i want to get it now in case the weather is bad. >> better prepared than not. bill: team fox coverage, jonathan serrie in asheville, north carolina where it is starting to snow where you are there. good morning, jonathan. reporter: good morning we noted a steady snowfall this morning. we saw freezing rain mixed in with the snow and that is creating some potentially hazard does driving conditions. earlier governor of north carolina declared a state of emergency. >> winter has finally arrived in north caroline and our goal with this potential winter storm coming to north carolina is to
7:08 am
be overprepared and hopefully underwhelmed. reporter: out of an abundance of caution local school districts are canceling classes today. not only here in asheville but also major cities such as charlotte, north carolina, nashville, tennessee, memphis, knoxville and down in up state south carolina in cities such as greenville and spartanburg. back to you. bill: jonathan, wee see how much we get. jonathan serrie leading our coverage live in asheville. martha has more. martha: who is getting what and how much of the white stuff? meteorologist maria molina live in washington's union station. she has been there throughout the morning. how is it going there, maria? >> people here are fleeing martha away from the blizzard trying to get out of trains and out of here. some areas picked up significant snowfall totals. in places in arkansas up to eight inches of snow already received. in north carolina some areas also seeing eight inches. we're expecting some of these numbers to be much greater than that across the mid-atlantic
7:09 am
including washington, d.c., also baltimore across places like new jersey. taking a look at radar right now, you see the storm system is ramping up. bringing in snow across other areas like kentucky. some ice even occurring across parts of south carolina and north carolina. that will bring in big-time issues of ice accumulation and dangerous travel. some areas could see potentially more than a half-inch of ice, potentially even an inch of ice. that will be crippling travel across those states. otherwise winter storm warnings in effect as far west as arkansas, extending portions of northeast. we have blizzard warnings in d.c., baltimore, new york city and also in philadelphia. not so much because of the snow totals but because of the wind. we could see wind gusts up to 50 miles-an-hour. that will produce blizzard conditions. here is what everybody wants to know, how much snow are they going to get?
7:10 am
across mid-atlantic, d.c., baltimore you could see as much as two feet. some suburbs west of downtown area could see more than 30-inches, some models hinting 40 inches. significant snow out there. we'll see severe impacts, severe weather across the southeast and coastal flooding in places across the northeast. martha? martha: thank you very much. bill: what do you think? three feet? martha: on friday not so bad, right? everybody will be hunkered down last year. felt like last year, every storm was sunday night making monday mornings difficult. bill: you remember the day hemmer walked to work two miles. martha: doesn't everyone remember the day hemmer walked to work? bill: epic. we'll see what we get. donald trump releasing first attack ad against his closest rival ted cruz portraying cruz confused. >> of course i wanted the bill to pass, my amendment. >> you said bill. >> it takes citizenship off the
7:11 am
table, but it doesn't mean, it doesn't mean that supported other aspects of the bill. bill: so gloves are off. we're tern days away. can we expect to see more of the same? we'll analyze that coming up in a moment. martha: gloves are off on democratic side. bernie sanders is surging in the polls and the campaign is taking on a whole new tone. live report coming up straight ahead. bill: also there is a shooting inside of a movie theater, left a woman critically injured. what police are saying about the alleged gunman there. >> looked like he was probably intoxicated the way he was slurring his words. he seemed very agitated that the movie wouldn't start.
7:12 am
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bill: this group in pakistan, a taliban group, making new threats yet again against schools and universities. it is described as a breakaway faction. it was behind wednesday deadly's shooting that killed 21, mostly students at a university in pakistan n a video posted on social media, the leader of the group vows to what he calls the evil democratic system, ebbed quote. ♪ martha: we go back to politics now. republican frontrunner donald trump firing off his very first attack ad and it is against rival ted cruz. of course the two are neck-and-neck in the latest polls out of iowa, with the caucuses just over a week away now. so here is part of that ad that
7:16 am
will air in iowa and other early voting states that paints cruz as pro-amnesty. take a look. >> i want immigration reform to pass. and that allows thoseare here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> that amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status so how do you square that circle? >> actually, bret, it wouldn't have. martha: there is piece of it. chris wallace joins us now, anchor of "fox news sunday." chris, good to see you this morning. as i said that is first attack ad. >> good morning to you. martha: attack ad at donald trump. no surprise aimed at ted cruz. how effective do you think it can be? >> it is a pretty good ad and based on really good interview bret baier did on "special report" with ted cruz. i think it works on a couple of levels. it basically, the interview that bret did and the ad, points at
7:17 am
the fact while cruz says that he is a consistent conservative and he has always been against a path to citizenship but legalization for citizens in this country back in 2013 during comprehensive immigration reform he proposed an amendment that would allow people illegally in it country to stay here, not citizenship but legal status. he says, i think there is every reason to believe it was poison pill. he was trying to kill the legislation not to pass it. but looks like kind of thing says he isn't, which is a washington politician, saying one thing but actually trying to accomplish another. i think it hit chris one on of how consistent of a conservative, whether you like him or not he is silver-tongued guy. he is always completely smooth in articulation and literally sputters in interview and does in the ad. martha: i remember that moment. he is someone never off his game when he is comes to speaking.
7:18 am
was an expert debater in college and we've seen him sort of strut that very strong stuff on the debate stage. it is a very rare moment for him. what does it say about the trump campaign they sought that very small moment out, seized upon it? they're getting pretty good at this. >> i was going to say that, it not to say that many so of the cruz ads or some of the other ads are not also strong but this is really good ad for guy supposedly -- this is one of the things i learn learned about trump over course of last couple months and all of talk he is flying around in his jet and it is off-the-cuff, he is a very smart guy. they have a lot of data. they have very sophisticated ad team. he has become a very effective presidential candidate. martha: we spoke a few moments ago with bret bozell. obviously "the national review" coming out with 20 plus editorials written by prominent conservatives bashing donald trump is a big story today. what do you make of it?
7:19 am
how powerful do you think that magazine can be at this point? >> honestly i don't think it's a big deal. "the national review," which was the kind of bible in the early days of the conservative movement under william f. buckley is not what it once was nearly. so you know, i think most people, they will, a lot more people will see our coverage of it than are actually going to see the magazine. look, if you want ad consistent conservative you were never for trump in the first place. he openly admits he has shifted on a lot of these positions over the last 15 or 20 years. so, i just don't know how much impact it has. the fact he got the endorsement from sarah palin this week who obviously is pretty rock-ribbed conservative may blunt it. to the degree you were concerned about this i'm not sure you would have been for trump anyway. to the degree that you're worried about where he is stands right now, i think palin's endorsement means a lot.
7:20 am
i think this will largely do for more "national review," reminding people it exists than it will do to hurt donald trump. martha: before i let you go, quick look at iowa polls. donald trump looks strong there at this point. and there are plenty of articles being written now about the fact that donald trump could run the table here. you will talk to marco rubio i know this weekend. oxygen has been sucked out of the room by the top two players here at this moment. >> yeah, but here's the point. and we're going to have a piece on sunday where we talk to cruz's campaign manager, fellow named jeff roe running unbelievably sophisticated data campaign. they talk about they will run in all 50 states. they have support all places but iowa is state because of the strong evangelical movement that would be particularly well-suited one would you think to ted cruz. if donald trump beats ted cruz in iowa and much more favorably disposed in new hampshire in terms of the voting base there,
7:21 am
it really gives him a tremendous head of steam heading into south carolina and rest. i will not predict he will run the table but that is one of the reasons i think trump is striking so hard now. he wins iowa and new hampshire he is really on his way. martha: he wants it badly as he made clear. he is going after it. chris, thank you so much. see you this weekend. >> thanks, martha. bill: 21 past, bill clinton, dismissing bernie sanders's claim she is part of the establishment saying she's not but he is. you got that? oh. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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bill: north korea claiming it arrested an american college
7:25 am
student. pongyang claims this man, at otto frederick warmbier was plotting against the government. james rosen with us now. he is college student from ohio. what do we know about his background and current status, james? reporter: good morning, bill. according to the university of virginia website and otto warmbier's linkedin and facebook pages he is third year student studying commerce. he is well-traveled, reportedly visited ireland, israel and cuba. destinations that caught attention of north korean ren game when they inspected his passport. they say the arrest occurred while he was perpetrate as hostile act. he was visiting under auspices china piece based tours. one of the offices say detention occurred on january zick. adding their family a have been informed and we are in contact with the swedish embassy ho acts
7:26 am
as protecting interest with the u.s. citizens working with ministry of foreign affairs to address the case. statement adding we are as siss the u.s. department of state. a man earlier this month said he was being held in north korea on charges of spying, bill. bill: a lot of tension for the family. picked up on 2nd of january. made public today. james rosen in washington. thank you for that story, james. martha: coming up here we have republican presidential candidate, former florida governor jeb bush back and forth with donald trump and familiar faces in the bush family now helping in the campaign. he will join us live next. bill: talk about unwanted houseguest. would you like to go for a swim, my lady? maybe not today. martha: quite comfortable. bill: maybe not there. ♪
7:27 am
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7:30 am
♪ martha: brand new poll numbers out of iowa that show bernie sanders surging past hillary clinton. live look now as the vermont senator is holding a town hall in north conway, new hampshire, right now. some polls have him leading clinton by 30 point in new hampshire. the clinton folks have got to be concerned about these numbers. of course he has strong new england roots but what is surprising this new cnn poll in iowa, sanders gets 51% of the vote. clinton only 43. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live from new hampshire this morning. ed, it is getting tight for democrats in iowa and new hampshire and as you would expect the attacks are getting pretty ugly from both sides. reporter: they are. even race now being injected, martha. in rochester, new hampshire, where hillary clinton will have event in short time. as you notice she has a lot of work to do. as we've seen bernie sanders
7:31 am
surge there are more and more attacks from clinton allies. yesterday they even went after the ad you can see bernie sanders put out. positive ad set to simon and garfunkel's america, david brock, clinton ally runs one of the super-pacs supporting clinton campaign said there were too many white faces, not enough minority. this suggested bernie sanders to him, black lives do not matter to him. obviously a very heavy charge in a democratic primary. sanders camp fired back. said that was ridiculous and hillary clinton should be embarassed to be associated with david brock. very bottom line the attacks are getting a bit nastier. what is really at work here, there will be a big fight for the african-american vote in the south and clinton camp is getting nervous, if sanders wins either both iowa or new hampshire, all of sudden the race goes south and they think they have a firewall down there. they want to make sure to rev up the african-american vote.
7:32 am
that is pretty heavy charge to throw at sanders to basically suggest he is racist. martha: that ad has gotten a lot of attention. they think it is well-done politically, regardless what you think of him. thank you. see you next time. >> thank you. bill: no love lost between governor jeb bush and donald trump. bush's campaign releasing a new ad warning voters if trump is the nominee hillary clinton wins the white house with ease. watch. >> we can not project -- now project that hillary clinton will win. >> i'm watching hillary clinton receive the victory tonight. >> they look at donald trump as the greatest gift from heaven. easy person to beat in the general election. >> then she will become the next president of the united states. >> thank you all. god bless you! may god bless america! bill: the ad goes on to say, imagine that. joining us from new hampshire former florida governor, presidential candidate jeb bush. good to have you back on our program today, governor. thank you for your time. >> thank you, bill.
7:33 am
great to be with you. bill: i have a list as long as my arm. we'll see how up we can get to today. the news rnc split from "national review" after it released this long, i guess full-page magazine i should say against donald trump. did the rnc make the right move do you think? >> no, they didn't. "national review" is a cherished, conservative mouthpiece. it has been in existence for two generations, consistently conservative. i think the fact that they would have all of these distinguished journalists and thought leaders of the conservative cause join together to say donald trump is not a conservative, they're just telling the truth. and to punish them when, look there are a lot of other people critical of me and other candidates for specific things. that's fine. that's fair game. they're not being kicked off the debate, the debate stage. i think it was wrong thing to do. donald trump needs to defend why he was supportive of hillary clinton and bill clinton.
7:34 am
why he gave money to the foundation. why he gave money to her campaign. why he thought hillary clinton would be great negotiator relates to iran. not that long ago he was anti-second amendment, he was pro-choice in terms of abortion. called for highest tax increase in american history. all of this within the last decade. this transformation he claims he has done needs to be tested. bill: that's pretty much what the piece says. but you and trump -- >> well -- bill: you and trump still continue to go at it. i don't know if you saw this from last night but he brought up the common core, he brought up immigration. he was with sean hannity. >> yeah. bill: watch this here now. >> we're getting rid of common core even though some people like jeb bush, who doesn't have a clue, some people like common core. jeb bush likes common core. some people like him are weak on immigration. they're very weak, remember he said they come in as act of love. we need people that know what they're doing. bill: now i know those comments don't surprise you but then two weeks ago you called him a jerk.
7:35 am
you made that -- he made that into an ad. you have been more aggressive. do you believe that is winning strategy in the final weeks before iowa and new hampshire? >> we need a conservative to be elected president of the united states. donald trump is not a conservative. he would get beat by hillary clinton. called him a jerk. probably could have use ad different word. very fact when you disparage disabled women, that's horrible. denigrate women, call john mccain a loser because he was caught as p.o.w. this is not the way you build towards 50% to win presidency. we need someone with conservative message to draw people toward our cause. someone with proven record. common core, he doesn't know what it is. he repeats stuff over and over again. i'm for higher standards that are state driven. federal government should have no role. i consist at this lent said that i wrote a book four years ago, that on immigration that
7:36 am
outlined a plan and protect the border, transform the immigration, to get on higher sustained growth for all americans. detailed plans are what matter. having proven leadership what we need. bill: get back to your campaign. you have a bump in new hampshire. back in double digits. still in iowa you're in single digits. national polling has you in single digits. why do you believe the big bush bounce has not happened, governor? >> well it is working. we are working hard here in new hampshire and south carolina. we're making great progress in . these polls are all over the map for starters. more importantly we're getting to the point where people will decide. i trust, put my faith in the voters in iowa and new hampshire, south carolina, nevada to start with rather than pundits. we'll see how it plays out but the message of a proven leader being able to, proven leader being able to offer a compelling alternative to the path we're on i think is winning message. it seems to be resonating little by little. bill: two more topics here.
7:37 am
mike murphy runs your campaign. been close -- >> no, he doesn't. bill: he runs the super-pac that supports you. do you. >> yes. bill: given the amount of criticism that has been directed towards him on behalf of apparently a lot of donors who support you and your cause, does he still have your support? >> well, we can't coordinate at all. and it is a totally uncoordinated effort. i think, here's the deal. the scrutiny that every candidate has to go through is nothing new this time as previous times and the voters have a chance to decipher all this and filter it all out. i'm committed to discusses my record and my record of accomplishment and my ideas. and i will let the rest of the people figure out who has done well and who's done not so well. but i'm happy that i have support from the right to rise pac supportings my campaign. i'm totally happy about it. if they go after other candidates, as long as based on actual facts that is fair game.
7:38 am
they're going after me, this is not bean bag, bill. this is, we're electing someone, you think it will be tough in primary. wait until you get general election against the clinton hit machine. bill: speaking of a person who knows that well, you have a brand new ad that features someone you love quite dearly. this is your mom in a new ad. just watch this here. >> jeb has been a very good father, a wonderful son, hard worker. his heart is big. when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has real solutions rather than talking about how popular they are or how great they are. bill: she looks great by the way. and it's a touching spot. >> she does. bill: i watched whole thing earlier today. when will your brother join you on the campaign trail? >> you know, i'm asked that a lot which is good news, people seem to be interested and i'm hopeful he will. the details haven't been worked out. he is a popular republican, that's for sure.
7:39 am
most of the polls show he is the most popular republican in the country and i would love to have his support. he wants to help. i have to earn this as well. so there's balance here. that's what we're all about right now. working hard out here in new hampshire. bill: south carolina on the 20th of february. will it happen before then? >> i don't know yet. there are people thinking about it and working on it but my expectation he'll be out there with me. i would love to have him. bill: thank you, governor. see you in about a week's time. >> thanks, bill. bill: jeb bush, thank you for your time. by the way governor bush posting a op-ed on abortion hits the same day the march for life event in washington, d.c. you can read that at 20 minutes now before the hour. martha: all right. so hillary clinton says that she is not the establishment candidate. bernie sanders is in her opinion. really? we're going to have a fair and balanced debate on that big question.
7:40 am
bill: go at it. ever wonder what it is like to be old blue eyes? now you can if you have the cash. how about that? ♪
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these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. bill: how about your early morning surprise in the florida keys? more than coffee, folks. couple waking up to find this unexpected guest. a eight foot crocodile hanging out in shallow end of their swimming pool. wild five officials responding to the call, convincing the unwanted visitor to get along now. >> we didn't have to capture. we didn't have to persuade it other than our presence there. crocodiles are very cheyenne mall. once it was center of attention and lost his concealment, decided to go back into the natural hab tateat that time of ocean. bill: i will hang out in the eight foot end.
7:44 am
new homeowners moved from pennsylvania a few days ago. they had a houseguest. martha: didn't look shy to me. bill: apparently got in their car and drove back to pennsylvania. martha: hillary clinton fire back at bernie sanders after he painted her as part of the political establishment. she didn't like that. tried to turn it around. if anyone who is hooked in, she says it is bernie sanders. >> i just don't understand what that means. he has been in congress, he has been elected to office a lot longer than i have. i was in the senate for eight wonderful years representing new york. he has been in the congress for 25. and so i will let your viewers make their own judgment. martha: no dirtier word than establishment i guess at this moment in this whole thing. kevin mccullough, talk show host with salem media group, columnist, jessica ehrlich former democratic congressional candidate. welcome to you both. good to have you here. they have them pointing at each
7:45 am
other. he's the establishment, no, she's the establishment. kevin, do you find that surprising. >> i don't think hillary is the past establishment at all. i think she is level of elitism outranks the establishment. she is part of political royalty and there is certain am of trappings come with the part of the establishment but she has taken that to whole new level, way beyond establishment. martha: jessica, what do you think about her argument there? >> well i think it is sort of the part of the whole tenor we've been hearing during this presidential campaign season, whether you're far right or far left, nobody wants to be part of the establishment. i think the establishment for hillary is sort of still white guys cronyism sort of thing there in the senate. why she is sort of trying to put bernie more in that corner but certainly i don't think you can be much more left of bernie sanders. hillary is not someone considered not left. they're duking it out who is most left.
7:46 am
like republicans duking it out for who is most right. martha: if there is a thread we see running through whole campaign on both sides, people in america, people think are genuine and authentic, speaking to them in real way. also people who will bring about change. it is sort of ironic, that once again that's the big question. here is "wall street journal" poll asking people if bernie sanders or hillary clinton will bring change? 63% say he's the guy when it comes to changing how things are done. in another poll connected to this one, kevin, they ask people what is more important to you. they all said change. >> yee. martha: do you think we're looking at situation, kevin where bernie sanders could win the democratic nomination? >> i do. i think there is lot of momentum behind the sanders ground game in iowa and new hampshire, whoever gets momentum first, hillary learned that in 2008. here is part of what people are
7:47 am
talking about establishment. i agree with jessica. it is terrible term. doesn't mean anything. not defined by it but there are things about people that they identify as being part of the establishment that hillary certainly has the trappings of. relationships. lobbyists bureaucrats she worked with for years. they owe her favors. she owes them favors. there is back and forth reciprocal in that way. there is another element of this. when you know people long enough, they say familiarity breeds contempt. in her case i believe it has gone beyond contempt to corruption. we see that with the quid proquote with the corruption and state department approvals and see that with the server and even con it to say to senators in benghazi hearings, what difference, senator, does it make. certain elitism that has hurt her. martha: all that beyond the polls. look at sanders ad that is getting a whole lot of attention. ♪
7:48 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ martha: jessica, really well-produced. i would defy anybody to watch this ad, not get sort of a well of good feeling when you watch the whole thing but afterwards you got to ask yourself, these people are smiling and cheering at bernie sanders and apparently they're in favor of socialism. that's where we're at, right? >> it's socialism but it's not. we're not talking about old school russian type things. more of this idea, sort of me smacks of 1969 revival. literally simon and garfunkel tune. martha: he calls himself a democratic socialist. wants to pay for college for
7:49 am
everybody in america, pay for health care in america. i don't think even quibbles with the label. >> no, he sort of created it. but i don't think that is classic definition where you're getting rid of, everything just people living off the state as opposed to having capitalist society and economy functioning. he has sort of a different way of looking at it in this way he created but crouching it in 1960s, hippie-dippy sort of way, this is good for everyone. this is more of that idea. interesting, a lot of debate has been had even if he were to win nomination or president, he would still deal with republican senate or congress and would there be actually any changes. sometimes having relationships and having people you work with there make a difference. rubio is only one gotten endorsement from actual other senators and sitting governors. martha: bernie sanders wants democrats to warm to the idea of having a democratic social it as
7:50 am
president of the united states. you have another dynamic on other side. wow, this is race. thank you, kevin. bill: they were laughing on the bus, playing games with the faces. martha: exactly. bill: in the suit. martha: great song. bill: man in the gabber dean suit. jon scott coming up next. check out his suit. >> his bow tie is really a camera. major blizzard set to plow into millions today. bringing heavy ice to parts of the country. by the time it's done it could impact more than 50 million americans. we have fox team coverage. more bad news for hillary clinton today. a new poll has bernie sanders passing her in iowa as new hampshire appears to slip farther away. meantime "national review" targets donald trump and trump targets cruz. it's all ahead. "happening now." bill: digging it, paul simon, ten minutes away. see you then. >> see you bill. bill: big foot ball weekend.
7:51 am
tom brady and new england patriots face off against peyton manning and denver broncos. who has the edge adding another ring in their collection. martha: here we go. here we go folks. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
7:52 am
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bill: nfl championship sunday this weekend. panthers and cardinals, nfc. broncos patriots, afc. storylines are amazing. here is one of them. peyton manning against tom brady. here is brady talking with jim gray about the rivalry. >> i think it has been one ofhig against such spectacular player that many times. he on other side of the field and watching him, being involved in those games it is awesome. i have a lot of respect for him and what he has accomplished. i have a lot of respect for how
7:55 am
he has done things. all the milestones in his career. he has been. he has been one of the very best to ever play the position. bill: nfl, they're just licking their chops. jim gray, fox news contributor did interview. covering the sunday's afc championship game on westwood one. how are you there in california? >> doing great, bill. bill: you have braced did i and manning in. you have cam newton, the future against carson palmer who made one heck of a come back in his career. what did brady tell you about sunday? >> well that everything that happened in this season and everything ha happened in the past has absolutely no bearing what will happen on sunday. one-game season for the guys going forward. one and done now. playing for the championship. brady playing in record 10th afc championship game. 31st playoff game. also nfl record.
7:56 am
he knows the stakes. defending champions. trying to get his fifth super bowl ring. defense a guy everybody identifies him with is peyton manning. peyton manning had a tough season. came back from planter park shiite is. he threw 17 interceptions. not a good year for peyton. one game situation he can roll the clock back. this will be a tough game, bill. a matchup everybody wants to see. bill: no doubt, 3:00. the later game at 6:40. predictions? do you have any? go. >> i don't want to make predictions broadcasting the game. this is one and two seeds. it is not comfortable circumstance for me. bill: we'll flip a copy for you, and call one out. jim, thank you. >> who are you picking? who are you picking? bill: i like new england and i like carolina. that brady and cam newton. that is what i'm thinking. thank you, jim. look at hemmer showing today. talk to you later. martha: thinking what i'm thinking.
7:57 am
wicked winter coming this way. we'll tell you what is going on. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be.
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>> get your snowshoes. cross country skis out if you got them. a little hot chocolate. snowy weekend. enjoy it, everybody, stay safe. bye. jon: fox news alert to start this friday. a major winter storm walloping the nation right now with the worst yet to come for the east coast. the washington, d.c. area almost completely shut down today, bracing for at least two feet of snow. hello, welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. are you ready for this one, jon? forecasters say it could be one of worst storms ever forecast in the region. dumping six-inches of snow in arkansas all of places before spreading misery to the northeast atlantic.


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