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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> get your snowshoes. cross country skis out if you got them. a little hot chocolate. snowy weekend. enjoy it, everybody, stay safe. bye. jon: fox news alert to start this friday. a major winter storm walloping the nation right now with the worst yet to come for the east coast. the washington, d.c. area almost completely shut down today, bracing for at least two feet of snow. hello, welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. are you ready for this one, jon? forecasters say it could be one of worst storms ever forecast in the region. dumping six-inches of snow in arkansas all of places before spreading misery to the northeast atlantic.
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government offices closing at noon today in washington. road crews salting streets and highways. jon: meteorologist maria molina is at union station in d.c. but we begin with peter doocy who is live at the salt dome in washington. crews are loading up and fanning out the city. the salt dome, peter, what is that? reporter: look behind us, a truck in the way, somebody about to go to help us out ahead of this storm. but just full of salt. that is, they have got preplanned routes. it is green so still be effective in colder temperatures. big battle is about to get brewing. that battle is mother nature with some. worst snow washington, d.c. has ever seen, sending 750 city employees and 345 pieces equipment. hour from now, ahead of front edge of the storm they will start pretreating roads in teen with salt brian and beet juice
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mixture. it is blended in to the salt doesn't blow away. blowing winds are among the biggest concerns in the d.c. area. power crews are standing by especially to the east where gusts are expected to be the worst and snow is expected to be wettest. heavy branches to break, power lines more likely to come down. that is part of the reason here in washington, d.c. in the last hour safety officials urged everyone in the area to get home within in the next week within the next four hours. >> this is life-threatening type of storm. so if you do not need to be out, what we're asking folks is, by 3:00 today you need to be where you're going to be throughout this storm. reporter: and that is big because there is a washington capitol hockey game downtown at the verizon center tonight. it was moved up to 5:00 p.m. that is still later than officials want folks outside. the d.c. metrorail will run till
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11 and shut down all day tomorrow and all day sunday. which is very unusual. there is not much toilet paper or bread on shelves or stores. d.c. affiliate reports that beer distributors remarking would overtime. that is such a big seller ahead of bad weather. part of the reason people are so frantic today because two days ago an inch of snow and ice the city did knot prepare for crippled the city. the evening commute was a mess. taking people seven hours to go 20 miles. so residents today are rightly skeptical of the city's response and their planning. does seem like most residents are heading home ahead of what could be a historic storm here in the nation's capitol. jon? jon: you know in minneapolis they're laughing at you right now, peter. not you personally but d.c.? >> three feet of snow nowhere in the mid-atlantic is used to and remember up until christmas it was up close to 70 degrees here. this is the first snowstorm of
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the year and it could be the biggest in most people's lifetimes here in washington, jon. jon: we do hope everybody stays safe there. peter doocey, thank you. heather: for more on this, go to meteorologist maria molina. she is reporting live from union station in washington, d.c. on the transport talks side of things. good morning there, maria. looks pretty calm right now. >> yeah it has been relatively calm. it has been very organized out of union station. we've been seeing a lot of people entering the station and telling us they really want to get home before the blizzard gets going as we head into this afternoon, especially tonight and into tomorrow where some of the worst conditions are forecast across places like d.c. and also baltimore. i want to look at broader picture. not just mid-atlantic that will feel strongest impacts from the storm. places likes arkansas have seen significant snowfall, more than six inches. reporting close to eight inches north of little rock, arkansas. in north carolina some areas
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also seeing eight inches of snowfall. looking at other areas reporting already five inches of know -- snow across virginia. you can see on the radar it is very fast-moving storm system bringing areas of rain and storms across florida and into georgia. on the northern side of it where we're looking at the winter weather one. major concerns is ice accumulation. we could see half an inch of ice coming down across the carolinas. that will bring very dangerous traveling conditions across those regions. even northern georgia could look at ice accumulation. winter storm warnings stretching from areas in northern mississippi all the way to the northeast. where we have the blizzard warnings in anywhere from d.c. to new york city. not so much because of snow accumulation. more so because of the wind. that will be producing whiteout conditions in these cities and also along i-95 corridor all along those cities. we're talking about more than 40
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are or even 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts. again whiteout conditions forecast there. now what everyone wants to know, how much snow are we expecting? places in d.c. could see two feet of snow. some western suburbs could see up to 30-inches of snow. so very significant. for new york city, it's a very tough forecast. meteorologisting out there, some models are hinting they could potentially get more than a foot of snow but overall consensus is six to 12 inches of snow or so for places like new york city. we'll watch that very closely on the northern side of the storm. its very tough to tell where that will be setting up. another concern, because of those strong winds, we'll be seeing coastal areas potentially dealing with some flooding. strong onshore winds pushing water onshore causing beach erosion and coastal flooding. back to you, heather. heather: thank you, maria. good advice to stay home. remember what happened a couple years ago, all the folks stuck in atlanta in stores overnight.
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better be safe and stay home. maria molina thank you very much. we'll check in with you later. jon: foxnews is america's election headquarters as we watch heated battles between so calls establishment candidates and outsiders. according to new poll out of iowa the outsiders are ahead a little more than a week away from the caucuses there. donald trump leads ted cruz in a poll of republican voters released yesterday, 37 to 26%. marco rubio and ben carson are a distant third and fourth. on a democratic side hillary clinton might be feeling the bern. according to new poll she trails bernie sanders in iowa by eight points. let's get to our political panel. ileana johnson, washington editor of "national review." james holman, national correspondent from "the washington post." which surprises you most, the republican numbers or democratic numbers?
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>> jon, i'm not surprised by either one. reality both races are neck-and-neck. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go back and forth with lead on democratic side and same with donald trump and ted cruz on republican side. what we have to look for are turnout numbers. on voters who turn out to vote in caucuses in 2008 and 2012, ted cruz is definitely ahead on the republican side and hillary clinton is definitely ahead on the democratic side. so if turnout surges on caucus night, february 1st, that is good news for donald trump and good news for bernie sanders who's success depends on bringing new voters out to the polls. jon: james, said that iowa is notoriously hard to forecast because the caucus process is labor intensive. people have to go out. they have to sit there for hours. they have to cast their votes. if you look at people who have voted previously in the iowa caucuses ileana is right, ted cruz is winning iowa a couple points.
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he is not eight points behind as he is among so-called likely caucus-goers. will come to turnout and who has best effort there. >> that is crucial point. donald trump does not have the organization other candidates do. his supporters have not participated in the process before. and this is not like a primary where you get to go show up between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the way to and from work. you have to make time commitment and show up on potentially snowy monday night and stay there two hours. a lot of people show up to donald trump rallies. they're really fun. but are those people going to show up to vote? and polls show clearly that really will decide whether or not trump can win and, and that's true in both iowa and new hampshire. he has significant leads but in both states it's people who have not voted before. jon: if those people don't show
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up, ileana, that is a pretty big slap in the face to him, right? it could potentially suggest that his support is a mile wide and an inch deep and voters will take that into account in the primaries that follow. >> absolutely. donald trump's ultimate success relies on people turning out to vote for him and if he, i think donald trump can afford to lose in iowa but he has got to win new hampshire to show that he has any real staying power. and absolutely that relies on people turning out to vote. what i think actually is being a little bit overlooked in this poll, jon, marco rubio is in solid third place. that is very good news for him, a candidate who i think isn't talked about as much perhaps he should be right now, who is being maybe underestimated. somebody who could have really strong showing longer down the line though perhaps not in the early states but the poll is great news for rubio and we'll see what happens as we proceed but he is somebody to watch.
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and somebody who needs that third place finish in iowa. >> it is bad news for ben carson who continues to drop off in iowa. the rubio strategy to finish third in iowa, second in new hampshire and win in south carolina, the third primary and potentially have two or three-man race. jon: chris, your colleague, james, at "washington post" wrote a piece about hillary clinton has had the worst week of anybody in washington. her poll numbers are sliding. is that because of the questions about the emails an so forth that continue dog her? is it self-inflicted or is bernie sanders doing that much better? >> i think it is a mix of all of those things. i think the emails aren't necessarily hurting with the liberal democratic base voters. maybe they do raise questions about whether she is the most electable candidate. no question she looks a lot less inevitable than she did. it is kind of deja vu all over
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again as she repeats same mistakes that plagued her in 2008. bill clinton expressing a lot of nervousness and concern to folks, calling campaign manager at brooklyn headquarters nearly every day, expressing concern about the clinton campaign ground game. a lot of people are uncomfortable with the dynastic implications of hillary clinton just like they are with jeb bush on the republican side. i think hillary is not exciting enthusiastic voters way bernie sanders is. he really has tapped into something. jon: all right. we're going to have to leave it there. james, i will le yana, thank you both. >> thank you, jon. heather: heading overseas, hunger is gripping many parts of the african continent with war and also weather blame. the united nations says millions of people could starve across the southern half of the continent. that crisis hitting especially hard in one nation. check in with paul tilsley. he explains what is happeninges,
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south africa. hi, paul. reporter: hi, heather. 2 1/2 million people, half of the poplation of the central african republic are suffering from hunger says the world food programme, adding number doubled in last year. the u.n. agency's david orr explains why. >> that's largely as a result of continuing conflict, huge numbers of people being displaced within the country. and just not having means to sustain themselves.
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when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. heather: 18 minutes after the hour. right now crime stories we're
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following. feds arresting a former pilot with alaska airlines on charges with alaska airlines on charges while under influence of alcohol. he faces 15 years in prison if convicted. chilling details of. is-year-old said i think i almost got kidnapped, before she was murdered in michigan. james van callous is charged with first-degree murder, kid map napping and attempted sexual assault. jury sentencing former oklahoma police officer daniel holtzclaw to 263 years in prison. he was convicted of raping, sexually victimizing women on the beat in low income neighborhood in in oklahoma city. his attorney says he plans to appeal the case. jon? jon: a former russian spy was probably assassinated on orders of vladmir putin after he
8:19 am
accused russian president of being a pedophile according to official inquiry in great pretty taken. ex-kgb ageagent alexander litvinenko was poisoned with his tea laced with radioactive substance. a report said putin was angry after the spy called him a pedophile and likely ordered killing which took place a few months later. let's bring in a expert on counter at this terrorism and covert operations and special forces trainer. thanks for being here. >> thanks, jon. jon: does it all sound plausible? >> i know nothing about the pedophile aspect of things. i do actually know more about the litvinenko case. when we were tasked with taking care of him to the point where we aided him in africa. berosky was putin's number one enemy and litvinenko was targeted to assassinate him.
8:20 am
jon: litvinenko turned on vladmir putin. said he was corrupt. he was running a little fiefdom in russia. he also made this charge of him being a pedophile on the side? >> yeah. i mean he defied putin and he basically befriended berosofsky an helped his cause. which he was a great enemy of putin's government. at one stage wanted to overthrow an attempted coup on the russian government. that is how he became putin's number one enemy. the case with the, regarding the pedophilia, that is a dirty charge often used in espionage world that i know nothing about. jon: right. but, the british are not able to say with absolute certainty that vladmir putin ordered this hit but they're saying that it is highly likely. i suppose that kind of thing you're not likely to find, text messages, phone calls, and that sort of thing. but they say with a high degree
8:21 am
of certainty the man on the right of the screen there, vladmir putin was involved? >> yeah. pole loan yum 210 was radioactive poison used. polonium. it leaves bread crumbs that lead back to the kremlin. being enemy of the state and enemy of putin puts you in vulnerable position. as one of the most powerful men in the world you don't want to be in his cross-hairs. we saw it before and seen it with litvinenko and bersfsky who decide two years ago under suspicious circumstances. jon: nothing would surprise you when it comes to putin. >> you know i always say if you're in cross-hairs of any really intelligence organization on this planet your days are numbered. if you're enemy of the state, there are policies that allow, that execution, right? jon: tony schian good to have you your expertise.
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>> thank you. heather: a brand of cough syrup pulled off the shells because of what was found inside. we'll tell you what could be so dangerous when we come right back.
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those terrorists. hampton, let's talk about our mission. commission is technically to train and advise but a lot of fighting as well. talk to us about the impact of the rules of engagement. >> first off, this should have been the way we have been doing business all along and it demonstrates the administration's efforts, are inefficient.
8:27 am
the fact the we are now saying it is in afghanistan, of course we'd do. the policy was to destroy isis but we have not been bombing them, waiting them to show hostile intent, and that makes no sense at all. your point about combat is we are providing the air power that absolutely positively against all of our enemies, isis, al qaeda, the taliban. all of them. >> folks in the pentagon mentioned that, air strikes in eastern afghanistan. i want to share with viewers the previous rules of engagement or current ones until changes are made, and basically that the u.s. can carley guess out at or affiliated groups if there's hostile intent and un forces, close air support to afghan forces so the new changes at the pentagon described to as would
8:28 am
mean they could kill isis for showing up at a picnic. how helpful is this? >> we should have been doing this all along. we have been fighting isis in syria and to say we are not fighting isis in afghanistan is nothing short of ludicrous. we are and we should have been. it is an embarrassing revelation if we are now finally going to say isis is isis and al qaeda is out, no matter where on the planet. martha: is this a game changing in helping troops on the ground? >> at this point my frustration is so high with rules of engagement i don't know. i would hope we can pursue them and go after them with tenacity now that the rules have been
8:29 am
lifted and embarrassment. martha: the special forces officer served in afghanistan earlier today and he says this won't loosen the bureaucratic process. even if they are engaged in something over there, he claims they have to pick up a phone and call a general who might be miles away to get some sort of approval to shoot back. what do you think about that? >> that is part of our insistence on trying to fight war surgically and war especially nasty kinds of combat found in iraq, syria, afghanistan, those wars a difficult to prosecute with surgical precision. connell: engage and probably a going to go up the chain of command and by the time they get up there and get approval and get all the way back down to unit level the enemy may have dissipated back into the woods or the mountains and you have to
8:30 am
wait for that to come out and demonstrate hostile intent again. >> a soldier said that is what is getting our guys killed in new un report said that more territory is being controlled by the taliban now than at any point since 2011. are we looking at afghanistan that is totally controlled by the taliban? something like pre 9/11 levels? >> i think the taliban has been gaining strength, it is clear to them they have seen our timetable, they know when to ramp up and have things -- the president announced we are going to draw down 5500, 5500 if you considered the embassy and the three bases we are talking about, we're talking about scattering a few people all over the place in those four areas and the main airfield at blogger am i am sure they are counting the troops as air force
8:31 am
personnel who are maintaining service and flying those airplanes so if you look at the ground effort that we have, they are doing -- i am concerned they are going to be very vulnerable. martha: i spoke to a military officer who said the same thing, they are concerned about personal safety and security as a result of that, too few u.s. troops and too many of the other guys. thank you so much, fox news contributor jack nash. jon: forecasters call this a historic blizzard, a major transportation hubs are impacted by the storm.
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jon: a quick look at what is coming up on "happening now," donald trump's bombastic language, what critics are saying about the gop front runner and the role of the media in his rise to the top of the field. and what the stepmother is saying about the alleged murder for hire plot against her ex-husband pluses is what country songs are made of, miranda lambert's difficult year is fuelling the latest work. martha: washington d.c. in five states declaring states of emergency ahead of the winter storm, blizzard warning issued for the washington d.c. area beginning later today and lasting until sunday morning,
8:36 am
subway and bus service will be suspended through sunday, airlines bracing for the storm canceling more than 2,000 flights in that region already. peter barnes is live from reagan national airport with more. how are things looking so far? >> the snow is about to start any second and as a result lots of cancellations on the east coast and that reagan national, 2600 flights canceled just today in blizzard affected areas, 125 canceled, passengers scrambling all morning to get there early flights out including one couple we caught up with, christopher and angelica, his flight to florida a few months ago because he wanted to take angelica, his new girlfriend to st. augustine to meet the parents for the first time. >> wanted her to meet them for
8:37 am
the first time, that would have been a bit of a blow her not meeting parents for the first time so i was hoping we could still go and especially -- i really wanted to go, not be stuck here for that. >> the search for specific airlines, united suspending service here and at dulles airports starting at 4:00 today, suspending all flights starting saturday and tweeted out that the storm which some are calling jonas is, quote, snow joke. all the airlines are waving cancellations and read booking fees, the federal government by the way is closing at noon, less and 30 minutes from now. >> what are the guy and a girlfriend going to do? >> they said their parents, christopher's parents bought a new house with a pool, says they're going to sit by the pool
8:38 am
and drink. can i go with you guys? they made it. they made their flight. martha: thanks so much. >> a number of celebrities taking tough standss against donald trump, signed on to a new group that is condemning the media coverage of the gop front runner. bill o'reilly way in last night. >> with all the media attention from has taken his lumps in the free-market place, but that is not enough for the trump haters. there is a new group called stop 8, dumped from the tried to intimidate the media. according to a playwright who is part of the group campaign intends to, quote, put the media and political institutions on notice that they are accountable for normalizing trump's extremism by treating it as entertainment, giving it inordinate and unequal air time
8:39 am
and by refusing to investigate, interrogate or condemn it appropriately. that sounds like a threat, does it not? jon: pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor, lynn sweet, washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. are you at the sun-times and other media being unfair to donald trump? >> no. he is getting as much coverage, this is a television issue more than a print issue, he is getting overwhelming coverage, he is getting news conference, speeches live for the duration. i have never seen this before. i don't think he has anything to complain about. the group of riley was talking about is a democratic allied
8:40 am
group. their strongest point is when it comes to equal time. no one is going to be intimidated, trump is a big story, now it is a challenge for outlets to figure out as we get closer to a vote do we have to do as much live coverage of trump's speeches and not cover the others? there is a question there and that is what they're trying to raise as the other side would if it was happening to them. >> give your take of the media coverage of donald trump overall. is it fair? >> is fair because news is about what is new and trump is certainly new comment as the quintessential outsider in this campaign, someone who came in and has gotten ahead and stay ahead in the polls, someone who's comments should have offended some americans that he shouldn't even be in the polls in the top tier but he is, that is news and we have an
8:41 am
obligation to cover. >> one news outlet, the "national review," noted conservative magazine has taken on donald trump with a comfort issue, we have a shot of it, 24 or so prominent conservatives all saying it is time to dumped donald trump or release stop him from getting the republican nomination. trump responded with a tweet of his own 30 clever saying it is important to save the "national review" from going out of business. we need a true conservative voice. who wins that particular skirmish? >> it is a republican primary. internal family fight. the "national review" has its influence and what is interesting is that trump is so skilled's pivoting and diverting the questions of what these people have to say about him or
8:42 am
wyatt they said it, a lousy thing, he moves on. but since there are so many candidates out there, what this particular tactic is trying to do is shave a few points off of trump so someone else can come in a strong second and maybe reposition this historic difference outsider candidate. >> if you this and to donald trump, he is getting unfair coverage. listen to this. >> the "national review" got circulation way down. not very many people reading it anymore. people don't think about the "national review". that is a dying paper. like i said pretty much a dead paper. jon: he complained at his
8:43 am
rallies you only see the camera focused on him. you don't see the cute adoring crowds. most of those are shot by the political pull sent out with him. they only have one camera so they can either focus on him or the crowd. >> trump is a genius at diverting the media from where the media would like to go to where he wants them to go and when he turned the attack on him from of a right wing of his own party, conservative wing of his own party, that is the message he wants out there, he had another tweet that said he never even heard of the "national review" until the declared war on him. he is going to continue to do this. is part of his marketing genius and it is as if the republican party has woken up and said oh my god, this guy could actually be the nominee and everyone has gone into full panic on the left and the right, donald trump is
8:44 am
loving it. jon: we believe that as your assessment, thank you both. martha: as the west fight terror across the middle east our top u.s. diplomat is now admitting that some of the many that iran received will actually go to fund terrorism andrea: advisor, four u.s. ambassadors will join us to put that into perspective. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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>> some of it will end up in the hands of the i r d c or other entities, some which are labeled terrorist, to some degree i am not going to sit here and tell you every component of that can be prevented but i can tell you this. right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i am sure at some point some of
8:48 am
it will. martha: that was secretary of state john kerry conceding a disturbing reality on the iran deal, that some of the billions of dollars iran received from the united states would go to groups the u.s. considers to be terror groups. to talk about this astonishing admission a former adviser to four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. and fox news contributor. when you first saw that, what was your reaction? >> first he said they are labeled terrorists, like he doesn't quite believe they are actually terrorists. to use that word labeled i think is a way almost to undercut what we know which is they are terrorists. he also said we haven't seen them get the money yet. hello, it has been three days. if they did get the money that would be unbelievably fast, but then he goes on to admit i am sure they are going to get it meaning at some point in the
8:49 am
future, next week are going to get a did three weeks? martha: a report in wall street journal says that money was transferred as some u.s. treasury department as our guys get on the plane to fly out of tehran. i want to ask about this because a lot of folks are saying this sounds a lot like it was ransom money and an iranian general said this and it was reported on state media in iran, quote, taking this money back for the return of the release of american spies and doesn't have to do with the nuclear talks and north korea and other countries may take a cue from this. explain. >> there's no question that iran insisted that the money be transferred before they released any of the americans. no question, they wanted to see the money and payment immediately. the u.s. government is trying to say technically that money was going to come later so it is not quite a ransom. the timing is very suspicious.
8:50 am
the point about north korea grabbing an american college student is all our enemies, all the hostile countries are going to see capitulation of the obama administration and now the price of an american head is going up. north korea is going to say look what iran got? they got a whole bunch of money and a welcome entree into the international community and maybe we should try the same path. a slippery slope. >> one of the ironies is congress may be doing something with sanctions against iran but didn't we just get rid of sanctions against iran? >> yes we did and congress was largely silent while it was slipping away so now they're going to come back and try to do sanctions, u.s. sanctions, we're not going to get global sanctions at the u.n. those along on because john kerry gave about. u.s. sanctions are limited, they can work in some instances but
8:51 am
unless we have the world behind us, europeans and others are going to do business with iran. >> thanks for your expertise. jon: miranda lambert making waves. we will tell you about that next. with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. i then i could maybe ifupgrade a little, ifi'm gettingr tha fair price. know we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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jon: check out what is ahead on "outnumbered". what is coming up? >> excitement about friday in your voice. with eyewall fast approaching serious concerns for hillary clinton's campaign. bernie sanders is taking the lead in a major new poll, even bill clinton now worried? >> one of al qaeda's topics those of experts once praised by usama bin laden is now freed from gitmo. is the president's obsession with closing the detention center putting us all at risk? >> a school is offering report
8:55 am
cards with a second, better set of graves, the effort is to keep them from getting discouraged. is that necessary? >> plus one lucky guy, we will see you at the top of the hour. jon: miranda lambert singing little red wagon, but the winner is getting attention for an unreleased song she says she couldn't perform until recently. >> a rough year former randal lambert, her personal troubles are no secret to us all with recent divorce from blake sheldon but the emotional toll this past year has taken on her bitterly to center stage on wednesday night. while day be mr. jenna new song called scar during a show in nashville, she has known as long for more than a decade, written
8:56 am
by her close friend scotty ray who has been singing and all these years but now miranda has reason to sing it herself, pouring her heart out if and explaining why she has never sung it until now. >> i was never famous enough to sing a song about stars. is something you have to sell and really live and go for crew [bleep] >> as the theory when-year-old stood on stage tears rolled down her face, no longer winning -- where not wedding ring, her marriage to glacial and over after the concert, lambert think fans for a magical night and wrote about her performance saying sometimes you have to live it to sing it. sometimes we have these rumors as to what broke up that marriage but there are reports that she was unfaithful twice. she is now with glen stephanie. do they get together when they are still married? either way. jon: thank you.
8:57 am
we will be right back. ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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thcompetition, it's protecting buscustomer trust.not every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers.
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jon: see that you're in an hour. martha: number of starts right now. >> a fox news alert blizzard and winter storm warnings now stretching from the mississippi river to the mid-atlantic, 75 million people are in the half of what looks to be on the map the beast. snowfall in some parts of the south weather is expecting two feet or more. the worst will be the wind, damaging icy conditions. coastal flooding. we have lived through this so many times, the electrical outages on you can already h


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