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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: see that you're in an hour. martha: number of starts right now. >> a fox news alert blizzard and winter storm warnings now stretching from the mississippi river to the mid-atlantic, 75 million people are in the half of what looks to be on the map the beast. snowfall in some parts of the south weather is expecting two feet or more. the worst will be the wind, damaging icy conditions. coastal flooding. we have lived through this so many times, the electrical outages on you can already hear
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it howling. >> no one is going to get missed month this. this will be a storm, honda northern end of new york city we have some questions. look at those storm right now, severe thunderstorm watch in florida we will see throughout the day and this mix, snow going on here but we will watch this icing going gone to the south of the raleigh area on interstate 85, that will be a major problem. across arkansas end of year, incredible snow fall totals especially in places like north barack, eight inches of snow and north carolina lot of them towards eight inch range. that is the beginning. the bulk of this storm has not gotten going. throughout the day more severe weather including tornados, third weekend in a row we have had the thread for tornadoes in january. more so in an el nino year like we have now. this is going to be the eyes. a lot of ice causing power
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outages in places like charlotte, raleigh, power outages and snow, the roads a disaster. winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, look at the red. blizzard warnings from washington d.c. baltimore, philadelphia and a lot of people in this interstate 95 corridor, blizzard conditions starting tonight going through the entire day tomorrow and because of that we have all the airport and flight cancellations. this is the latest on the snow fall total forecast. washington d.c. one of the reliable malls putting out a potential snowfall, 40 inches over three fee. not saying that is what is going to happen but reliable models are saying that, projecting the snow fall totals for some time we have to watch closely and 40 inches completely paralyzed the city. very good bet that washington d.c. is well over 18 inches and to the north you see this,
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really quick, often here between where we have snow or not snow. depending how far it goes we can't say is that. new york city, 6 to 12, can't rule out that it could be more than that. a couple hop models, not a great model but a couple calling for more than that so we can't rule it out but 6 to 12. look at this, a big area getting a lot of snow and wind, coastal erosion, big problems on the jersey coast, places are recovering. harris: you have likened it to sandy which was the wind driven storm. it only takes a little bit of snow it blizzard conditions to make visibility unworkable. international airport shutting down and we will see that as we get closer. rick will come back with more.
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andrea: this is "outnumbered," i am andrea tantaros, and co-hosted after the bell on fox business, melissa frances is back, stay see is here, veteran trial attorney and fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr.. you are back and you are "outnumbered". welcome, happy friday. >> i sit up and listen because he is usually right and doesn't exaggerate. he is sending a strong signal, from the east coast some problems. >> getting socked in, the downside. my kids are beside themselves. >> what do you doing -- >> right to the news ten days before the iowa caucuses one of america's leading conservative
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voice is launching a blistering assault on donald trump. the latest cover of "national review" says it all, quote back against trump, in an issue devoted entirely to taking on the donald. the magazine with essays by 2 dozen prominent conservative thinkers unleashing a torrent of criticism on the republican front runner with words and phrases like charlatan, wannabe, astoundingly ignorant, menace to american conservatism. john b. kelly file "national review" editor richard lowry questioning trump's conservative -- saying he has been on the wrong side of issues held dear by so many on the right. >> if you are truly a conservative you have a consistent record. we all change our minds on a few things every now and then when the facts change but he has been on the other side on hot-button defining issues like abortion, gun control, taxes even
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immigration. >> trump is not only blasting the magazine but insists the republican establishment and many conservatives are now rallying to his side. >> i want to be honest, i have received so many phone calls from people who are establishment, generally speaking conservatives, republicans, way up in every poll so we are getting calls from everybody that it is amazing. i am surprised. >> this is the big political story of the day, peter johnson jr.. what do you think of "national review"'s reviewed and will it have any affect? >> it is a hit job, a papa job. i don't have any sense of credibility about it. some of the folks who had grudges between donald trump and themselves, ridge lowery, they have been in a tweeting contest back and forth for a week or so
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in september calling each other incompetent, rich lowery said something on the air about donald trump, there is bad blood but somehow these folks are supposed to be in you or above the political fray. this is a totally political statement that they are making. they don't like donald trump and they want the world to understand that and believe it and follow them little lot of americans don't know who "national review" is that the impact is going to be zero. we will talk about it today, tomorrow will be a snowstorm and it will be done. whether donald trump wins oresn is a different issue but in terms of their affect a lot of fury, a little bit of sound but not much effect in my view. >> is like the dell mary and i have tremendous respect for the people on that cover. >> rich lowery said here last week. >> as someone who considers himself deeply conservative i
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have seen this battle play out. they would have more credibility at "national review" in my estimation if they would fire at the reason trump is rising and that reason is so many people feel that the establishment that the bush big spending nation-building irra ran it into the ground. "national review" should take its fire and directed at those folks, not donald trump. >> to take it furtive look how much power republicans have had in the house and congress in the past couple years and where did they take the power? what have they done with it? these words should disturb every american. he is not deserving of conservative support in the caucasus and primary. whose job is it to decide who gets to be where? it is the voters to decide. it is not any particular party. that is on its face. we love rich lowery, we do but it is up to the voters, it is
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not to him or anybody else. they can write about what they want about but if i were part of the establishment i would walk as far away from this article, this magazine as possible if i wanted ever to gain the respect of those people who call themselves the voters. they hold the power. >> some of the bedwetters in the establishment believe they can build a coalition with millennial women, latinos but when you seeing is trump garnering support from blue-collar voters. the crossover could be feud. building a coalition, african-americans with a stance on immigration, he is more conservative and so many candidates on issues like immigration. >> more conservative and anti-establishment which is what we want which william f. buckley was anti-establishment when he started the "national review". i don't understand their argument at all. i think you are allowed to
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change your mind and understand he wants to make america great, whatever it takes to do that he wants to do that and he is the man to do that, he is the man with a rolodex to do that and the power to do that and the man who knows how to make deals so he is the man to get people to cross the aisle and close the deal. >> the rebuttal to the "national review" is leaked today by man named brandon doherty. he quote samuel francis, no relation to you i suspect. this specific advice in 1996, here is what he writes today, the fight in the conservative movement about trump is he reveals just how thin the support for their ideas really is. his campaign is a rebuke to their institutions. it says the republican party doesn't need all these think tanks. all the suppose a policy expertise. it says look at these people calling themselves libertarians and conservatives, the ones in both ties.
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have they made you more free? and their policy presents studies and books can serve anything for you. these people are worthless, they are defunct, you don't need them a you are better off without them. that is the message, at trump is taking it and that is the counterpunch to "national review". >> a lot of people will hear about the coverage of the article that will actually read it because that is one of the criticisms, people who don't read the "national review". i think vote rebuke helps him in my opinion because -- he says he is not part of what has been here before. he is different. folks from the right are attacking him, helps him with people he is trying to win over. like rich lowery said, he has been on the couch with us but the choice is clear anybody but from. not anybody but from, people on the right are saying. i don't want hillary. i want someone who can win.
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brent bozell said that the right is supporting him because they can control him. no, they resisted him for a long time. they are only supporting him at the very last minute because they think he can win. >> bob dole. >> so many republicans never met a blue collar worker and less to fix their jacuzzi. trump is tapping into something different. >> you hit it on the head. the end of indeed, that is what donald trump has tapped into. the elites of screwed this country of the net, left and right. let's have somebody who can do something effectively. >> democrats better be watching because they are making the same mistakes with bernie sanders. with hillary clinton the uncomfortable flashbacks to 2008, they keep coming, polling shows are falling behind bernie sanders in iowa. bill clinton appears to shows signs that even he is starting to worry about his wife's campaign. can help return things are
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>> is it time for hillary clinton to hit the panic button, a new cnn poll shows bernie sanders nell leading her 51-43% among likely democratic presidential caucus goers. just last month clinton was in front by 18 points. clinton indicate hillary has hurt caught out for her. >> got a lead, solidifying. we are on home field disadvantage here. but the real issue is this who can win the election? who is prepared to do the job? who can make real change?
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>> might need a break from the trail. some heavy hitters for help on the trail, all-star team of surrogates includes cory booker, actress lena doneham, katy perry, soccer bureau, former secretary of state madeleine albright. you are looking at that list, some political problematic past and present for different reasons. lean as we learned this week may not be as in love with hillary clinton as she once was because feminists question the treatment of some of the women that accuse bill clinton of all sorts of things. selena may not profess that much loved and cory booker dealing with his own situation, perot is real groups a angry about the state of the union guest who supports the muslim brotherhood and has since they were kicked out of egypt and she has taken
9:19 am
some things too because she is a angry at the it usa team manager for having people who were not american enough for her. i don't know who is democratic enough, they may ask questions that have nothing to do with hillary clinton. >> that is quite a crew. let me ask you about bill clinton. >> vitamins supplements, energy drink, eight years has been a long time. >> you touched upon this in the last block and i want to expand on this. the same thing happening on the right is happening on the left. you are seeing the democratic base sick and tired of the arrogance of the clinton establishment, the duplicity, doublespeak of saying we love women, we want to protect women, when the clintons have a history of going after women. the hypocrisy of hillary saying i'm not on the side of big banks
9:20 am
when they take their campaign cash, people have figured that out, figured out they have been lying for decades and a democratic party is not better off with them at the helm they finally realize. >> let me bring this up, talk about lying, the issue on the trail. >> lawyers never lie. on the trail she gets confronted by somebody on the rope line who asks about the e-mail scandal and she says it is not true i never sent or received and the woman interrupted her and said you never received top-secret information on your private server and she said no i did not, i never received -- you don't like that. >> how can she just bling we live that way? the mac and asians, i can't --
9:21 am
>> she did receive -- >> she thinks people i that stupid. >> you would think she would wrestle the woman to the ground but the issue is they are good and they are good at that, putting at jingle bell production on or comedy channel roast. the perry, that will swing it in these important state for hillary clinton. absolutely. >> you think she is big in iowa? >> she might be on the radio. >> what hillary is saying is everyone else is lying. she is the only one telling the truth. >> that is probably the case. >> you were sarcastic about that. >> people listen to her. i have been to her concerts. >> i don't get it. being sarcastic, it is part
9:22 am
radio -- >> i went to the king will ball. >> you go on. >> i love it. startling admission by secretary of state john kerry acknowledging some of the sanction money being released to iran could end of funding terrorism. what do we make of his remarks and can iran be trusted? guess what president obama release from gitmo? one of al qaeda's most skilled bomb experts who may have known beforehand about 911. is this the kind of detainee who should be released?
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for those of us who are keeping score. confession must be good for the soul. melissa: this isn't first time he said this, he was confronted six months ago, when he said this, i'm sure some of the money will go that way. will go that way. kind of stating obvious. i don't understand why this is acceptable? harris: already seeing the guard stacy is complaining. of 100, 150 billion by the time they pay off other countries they owe, looks like they will get 55 billion, still not a small amount of money but the barred says not enough. >> of course they say it is not enough. this is the funny part. lawmakers that were opposed to deal argued that some of the money may possibly be funneled to terrorism. they argued this before the deal
9:29 am
was even made, right? melissa: right. >> they knew this was coming. they knew it would end up in hands of terrorists but they let it happen anyway. harris: one thing we've seen when government officials start to talk about something usually because it is already reality. melissa: great point. >> it is weasel words in the first degree. he talks about terrorist groups and one you talked about, some of which are labeled as terrorists. as if to walk away that i don't really believe they're terrorists groups. number two, we know where the money is going. what is it direct deposit? i mean u.s. writing checks where we decide, we'll pay the mortgage, we'll pay north korea for your nuclear development. we'll pay pakistan the debts you owe on nuclear development but we're not going to pay irgc because that has been labeled a terrorist group. i mean, come on. it makes me really angry. it is like the dumbest thing i
9:30 am
have ever heard. if he has been asked the question in congress before, i bet you would have given a different answer he gave today. now it's done. the money's leaving and it is only really, takes-home pay for iran is only 55 billion. harris: they won the lottery. >> terrorist powerball is over but they can only build 15 bombs. they can't only build 10. good luck, america. harris: you're scratch scratching your head about the side deals that have been made. i'm more curious than ever to know what is the deal we can actually read. as peter pointed out, we don't have inspectors looking at bank records. we don't know were the money is going to. andrea: such a good point, harris. we don't know what was negotiated in the side deals. what we know, what is in the side deals? the ones we know are very terrible. you look at terror funding, look back at stories we talked about on "outnumbered." how administration would submit
9:31 am
intelligence reports to the senate, down playing threat to iran the they altered reports to make them seem like less of a threat to get the iran deal done. you have foolish naivete by john kerry at davos with all the davos men when he also asked, listen to this report, cbs. he asked over the weekend, harris, quote, whatever help they can get to recover americans kidnapped in iraq. hoping and praying, wishing the iranians wouldn't kidnap those americans and disrupt the deal. what kind of profound naivete is that? harris: what kind of weekend before last when we had people being taken, more people being taken. i mean it's been a real, well, i don't know what you would call it because we don't know what went on. some of our people came home. >> it was reported again today, we paid additional $1.7 billion to iran on that same day for phony debt that goes back to the
9:32 am
shah's time that these terrorists are claiming that we owe them. almost $2 billion. andrea: what did they think they would spend money on like million trees in tehran like we did in new york city. harris: how do we owe terrorists money? can we get drill down on that? >> $1.7 billion. melissa: interest on assets frozen. if that is not scary enough, obama administration releasing two more detainees from gitmo including this man. considered one of al qaeda's most skilled experts in bombs and explosives. he was personally praised by usama bin laden and taught classes on explosives at the terror leaders training camp. the pentagon says the egyptian man transferred to bosnia craw may have known about the original planning of 9/11, one of his infamous creation, design of the shoe bomb used to try to bring down an airliner back in 2001. andrea, this is outrageous to
9:33 am
me. andrea: completely outrageous. propaganda coming out of is we need to close gitmo that it is a recruitment tool. steve hayes, barack obama claimed guantanamo is part of isis propaganda. the new magazine, mentions of gitmo? zero. false propaganda and why they are doing that to military families lost loved ones looking to put these giles in jail. >> why does the president allow this? why is he allowing any of this? why is he giving them money? why did we make this deal? why did we close gitmo? why are you all these things happening? we don't ask questions, why is he allowing this to happen. why is he allowing this. i want him to answer the question. melissa: he was going to close
9:34 am
gitmo, meanwhile you look at people being released. this according to reports, one abdullah wazir of yemen, doesn't want to be released. he doesn't want to two. frightened be transferred to a country where he knows anyone. his lawyers say he is too depressed to be let go. what do you make of this. >> i would send dr. keith ablow. dr. ablow you have 12 hours to convince this man to leave gitmo. dr. ablow would convince him to leave. harris: i don't think it would take 12 hours. >> talk about recruitment tools? only real recruitment tool that exists today is movie "13 hours." that is absolute inducement and attraction for terrorists to continue to do what they're doing because they know there is no punishment killing and terrorizing americans. that is the recruitment tool. not gitmo. harris: you slid in information when i asked a question i want to make sure we don't miss it because it is important. why in the world would we owe
9:35 am
terrorists money. melissa: two different things. interest on money that had been frozen. that is one of the payments. a contract they claim weren't bad. i can't remember -- >> for weapons. $400 million, going back to the shah. the shah of iran. harris: deals that we're making now, prisoner swaps, are we seeing a shift in how we see the terrorists and the people we consider enemies in that part of the world? and what is driving that shift? is it threat of nuclear weaponry and we're fearful? is it that we don't think we're booed negotiators. we know we're bad, we don't want to press isn't i think it is a fair question? i wish we get the answer from the president. melissa: it is interesting. i heard nile ferguson from hoover institute from davos. the assumption on president side we're going to be nicer and receive this money and come around to the softer way of thinking and governing. more level heads are going to prevail in iran.
9:36 am
>> islamic extremists. andrea: you know what that is terrorist recruitment tool. biggest terrorist recruitment tool is the white house. >> absolutely is. melissa: we're tracking monster blizzard bearing down on u.s. nation's capitol is pretty much closed for doing business. how long it lasts and who may have to dig out under feet of snows. migrant crisis in europe could get even worse. the flood of refugees expected and warning that the continent is near a tipping point. this now surfacing, a manuel for how migrants should asimulate into western culture. look at your screen. andrea: my gosh. harris: is he grabbing her? >> should put that in new york. create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales.
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andrea: europe's migrant crisis the main issue today at meeting in berlin of top officials from germany and turkey. as e.u. leaders warn that the refugee crisis is growing. if they don't get under control by spring it could push europe past the breaking point. in germany, unprecedented 1.1 million asylum seekers arrived last year of the gorte reportedly said it lost track of more than half of them. meantime as german police investigate hundreds of reported sex assaults by migrant mobs on new year's eve, we're learning that officials there put out a widely-mocked cartoon guide how middle-eastern men can asimulate in european society. make eye contact speaking with someone or respect same sex's couples right to sexual preference and this. no grabbing women in inappropriate places.
9:42 am
in norway, no means no in anti-rape classes. in belgium, a guide how to properly flirt with westerners. peter -- >> let you guys. andrea: guy reaching for bottom. we should get a copy for clinton household. melissa: my goodness. andrea: this is serious story. >> a little late. harris: laugh at the cartoon, that is fine if you don't consider the facts but when you fold those in, this is their response. remember what we talked about two weeks ago, women were walking home on knew years eve and 1,000 men across the city in cologne, germany, were stopping these women. they were sexually assaulted. this is the response? i mean just, it would be laughable completely if there weren't the fact so many had been hurt. >> i mean the picture on itself is -- harris: moronic. >> underlying it as you point out a history of rapes and sexual assaults and hundreds
9:43 am
have been reported and being investigated and there are probably more not been reported. harris: that's a good point. >> shows the whole refugee system, the whole immigration system in europe is out of control. you have hundreds of thousands -- >> the whole situation period is out of control. >> i agree with you. >> they lost track of 600 million -- thousand, sorry. 600,000 people. how do you lose track of 600,000 people easily? harris: andrea: germans run things pretty well, melissa. i don't take light of the story. harris, it is very serious. i'm never going to miss an opportunity to take a shot at clintons though. this is very serious story, melissa. melissa: it is. andrea: look at our country, over 600,000 refugees on terri visas admitted. they want to bring in migrants, muslim migrants. over 75% male. that would drastically thank the demographics and bring that culture here to threaten safety an rigs of women and home
9:44 am
section home homosexuals. melissa: the response is so juvenile as if you're talking to the children. look at pictures, touching a women's bottom. in what culture is that normal? we don't do this here. where do you do that. harris: you're generous to say it would be even in children's, i don't think so. it would be in comedian typesetting. it is moronic and laughable very sick way that would answer it. andrea: rhetoric out of the administration and many on the left about this refugee crisis is that these refugees, quote, share our values. if they have to conduct these classes there is really big problem, they clearly do not share our values and of respecting females. >> i absolutely agree with
9:45 am
you're saying on that. we have to look at the dump of people into societies over time. and we look at what happened in america at different times with boat lifts and things like that. and we can make fun of these pick toe graphs but that may be the quickest, easiest way to have rudimentary education for some of these folks in term of what is permissible and what's not permissible. i mean the crime rate we're talking about, hundreds of assaults over a couple of days, i have never heard of a crime spree like that at all. andrea: they tried to cover them up. >> absolutely. harris: if your child get as d on his report card, would you want him to see it? what one school is doing to make sure students feelings aren't hurt. ♪ diabetes, steady is exciting.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jon scott with a look what coming up in the second hour of "happening now." good afternoon, jon. >> good afternoon, harris. major blizzard already hitting mid-atlantic states bearing down on the nation's capitol.
9:50 am
could it be historic storm with winner storm warnings from the mississippi river to the east coast. snow in some spots could get deeper than two feet. blizzard warnings from northeast virginia through long island. wind gusts combine with snow to create whiteout conditions. strong onshore winds combined with high tides expected to cause coastal flooding. right now d.c. is beginning to shut down with all major government offices closing early. workers are prepping salt for the roads in that shot. we're also getting a little pretomorrow are storm pop on wall street after wild ride this week. stocks up more than 100 points after oil prices recovered some after steep drops earlier this week. we'll have it for you on "happening now." harris: prestorm pops. sound like a dance. >> prestorm pops. thanks. >> school in new york city, long island is coming under fire after sending home report cards offering a letter to parents offering rosier set of grades,
9:51 am
better set of grades for the child to see. the letter was not offer to change real grades but option for parents to show their kids a more encouraging set of grades. the letter says, quote. harris: since our goal is to share accurate information with the parents and not to discourage or hurt a student great discretion must be used before allowing your child to view his report card. if after reviewing enclosed report card you would like to develop a second version of this report card for your sign with higher grades, please notify the school. now, critics slammed idea accusing officials of coddling students. school says the letter could have been worded differently, better but principal is the same. harris: response to hurt feelings is to lie. whatever happened the idea of the child actually earning a higher grade. oh, by the way, if my kid brings home a d, the next set of report card better be something they generated not teacher or they have to answer to me which is
9:52 am
much, much deeper context than somebody rewrite the report card. >> mom report something very important, yes. >> if my kid bring brings home a report card with d on it, she is grounded. that's it. i'm not going to rosy it up for her. that means she didn't study and wasn't responsible. how do we teach our children -- >> would you keep your kid in that school after they sent this. >> no. how do you teach your children to be responsible and know what accountability is and know what consequences are. melissa: i don't think this is the solution, only thing i can say, try to be devil's advocate to get little side. harris: this will be fun. melissa: my older son is very curious about school. when his report card comes home, he looks over whole thing, astounding all these 99s, his eye goes to the lowest mark. he talks about the lowest mark which happens to be in handwriting which he never going to do in real life anyway. we all use computers. he talks about that.
9:53 am
he focuses on that, look at 99 you got in science, right on. very hard on himself. >> that is good thing. melissa: i don't want them to change the grades. i don't know. never mind. forget it. i tried. i'm done. >> little rascals the kids changed numbers on report card. now the school wants to do it instead of kids. what do you say about it? [laughter] andrea: how many times back in the day, peter i wanted to use that whiteout. i wanted to take that f or turn it into b if i could make the curve. >> 69 becomes 99. andrea: i would think about it and didn't want to lie to my parents. i wanted to get better grade next time. i want to ask the parents on the couch, do you think a lot of parents would go along with this because of that helicopter parent, everyone gets a trophy? not everyone is like harris and stacy and melissa and you, peter? parents are desperate to get kids into college.
9:54 am
harris: when it comes to the competition factor i could see it. a lot of of parents want to be friends with their children than their parent. fastest thing to be friend is make it okay and not make them work for it. parenting is much more difficult. involves lots of days we are not as popular as we like to be. >> that's true. >> many times i went to my room crying because my daughter got mad at me because i got mad at her. no what is popular is facebook. have you checked your facebook yet? you may want to reevaluate that friendlies. what a study says about your friend count and how many of those people you can actually count on when the going gets tough. ♪ 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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9:57 am
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>> welcome back. so you have thousands of facebook friend but how many can you really count on? a new study shows that if you have 150 social media friends, it is likely you're close to just four of them. four. so you can just count on four friends when you're having an emotional or social crisis. i think this is absolutely true. >> i absolutely agree with you. likes don't cut it when going gets tough when you really need help. i think something especially young people have to know. you have your family and a few close friends. if you have a few close friends
9:59 am
you're really, really lucky. harris: somebody try to make you fix this by making you love certain pictures. to click and say you love something and people they were revolting. you can't tell me what to love. yeah, if you're in the like category i think that explains it all. >> yep. melissa: 140, however many people, who has time for that? oh, my goodness! we all have lives. you have your own family. i have my kids, whatever. how many people could i really say are close friends where i would drop things go to their rescue? you can only have some of those people in your life or you're kind of lying to yourself. harris: polling people on facebook, if they're not friends what should they be? andrea: frenemies? no one has that many friends. peter is absolutely right. if you have a handful of friend, even one good friend, my dad used to say. you're lucky. keep your circle small.
10:00 am
my favorite proverb. when you ask god to show you who your enemies are amazing how many of your friends disappear. harris: stacy, thank you. everybody have fantastic weekend. we're covering big storm hitting the east coast. more on "happening now." shutting down. the grid lock is caused by mother nature. >> some people say that is a good thing. >> a massive snow storm barrelling down on the east coast. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> gop front runner donald trump has a new target in his cross hairs. >> people don't think about it. >> the conservative magazine is getting under trump's skin. >> i did not hire or consphire. >> a stunning twist in a michiganmu


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