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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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my favorite proverb. when you ask god to show you who your enemies are amazing how many of your friends disappear. harris: stacy, thank you. everybody have fantastic weekend. we're covering big storm hitting the east coast. more on "happening now." shutting down. the grid lock is caused by mother nature. >> some people say that is a good thing. >> a massive snow storm barrelling down on the east coast. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> gop front runner donald trump has a new target in his cross hairs. >> people don't think about it. >> the conservative magazine is getting under trump's skin. >> i did not hire or consphire. >> a stunning twist in a michigan murder for hire case.
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>> i was not there in the garage at all. >> the prosecutor's key witness changed his tune. and what that means for a man convicted of murder. >> and what went wrong. it is all "happening now". bu we begin with this fox news alert and a massive storm targeting the eastern sea board. 50 million americans could be affected. i am jon scott. >> and i am in for jennaly. winter storm warnings stretching from the mississippi river all the way to the midatlantic it is not just snow. heavy rains and fierce winds hitting as far as florida. in had the bull'sie of the storm, the nation's capitol. flies are cancelled and capitol tours are cancelled as well.
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the nation's capitol, the storm could have life or death implications. snow totals could be two feet. philadelphia and baltimore are also they kay say will be hit. it is having a the country. this is just the beginning they say? >> that's right, we have live team coverage. abbey huntsman and we'll begin with rich in the fox extreme weather center. >> yeah, the storm getting going and bringing hazardous conditions. almost eight inches of snow in north little rock and arkansas. and severe weather in parts of florida. throughout the afternoon few tornados in florida today. and can right now, icing. seeing the pink. this is an ice storm going on in parts of north carolina
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interstate 85 and to the north snow in washington d.c. it will start in the next hour or two. heavy snow is filling in, in washington d.c. it will go on 36 hours. that is why snow totalses are so high. raliegh, half an inch or an inch ofoise. causing ha voc over the interstates. we'll get snow on top of that. it will be problematic and likely see power out ages. this is the winds and it is a port-au-prince. it will come in and pummelling the northern areas. that consistent wind will go on 24 hours there and can going to cause a storm surge, kind of like what you see in a hurricane, not as strong or big. but storm surge and waves will batter the coast. coastal flooding and beach p
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erosion. pink it is a lot of snow. blowing and whiteout conditions is dc and baltimore and philadelphia. it the will move to baltimore, and later this evening and overnight in new york city. i have upped the snowfall. i have been saying 18- 24. and now 20 or 30 inches and same to charlottesville, and maybe to 26 inches in baltimore and philadelphia up to two feet and new york city i nudged it up to 10-16. and the storm could move further north. we'll up it a bit. it will be windy. where you have 20 or 30 inches of snow it being drift 8 or 10 feet high. it will be high. fortunately it is happening on a weekend, but we will not be
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dugout by monday. >> oh, my, you upped the totals. >> that storm is putting travellers in limo. air flights are being cancelled. abbey hunts man in new york laguardia airport. snow totals are going up. how are things looking there so far? >> there is a lot of frustrated travellers. dozens of airports are reporting heavy delays and cancellations. just looking at flight, they are reporting 42000. or 4200 delies and 3000 cancellations. i got off of the photocopy with american airlines and they have cancelled 2000 of their flights. in laguardia, things are running some what smothly and like the calm before the storm, as the day progresseses, we'll see more
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delays and more people concerned about mussing their flight. i spoke with the passengers and some are feeling lucky to get out before the storm and others are not feeling so lucky. >> we have people traveling from new jersey, their flight was cancelled and we are not able be to meet up with them. our flights are fine. >> our return flight was cancelled and so i am flying back to irland on sunday. >> i was supposed to head out and so it looks iffy. i am just going home. >> and many of the cancelled flights coming in and out of charlotte and doug list and north carolina and dc/baltimore area, people should plan on major delays and cancellations. and starting tomorrow, people will not go in or out of the dc baltimore areas.
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i spoke to the philliy international airport, it will be opening tomorrow but no one will fly in or out as well. the airlines are trying to get ahead of this. they are waiverring the change flees. and they recommend contacting them directly if you plan on cancelling later tonight. >> abbey, look the at that the boys behind making faces. >> stay safe. >> milk and breads and other goods in high demand. in the warehouse in maryland, they are loading beer on to extra truck ands trying to get them out to bars and liquor stores in time. many folks wanting a cold one in their hands or out in the snow when the storm begins.
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fox news, america's election headquarters and a conservative voice launching an assault aimed at taking down donald trump. conservative pundits for a special ebition called against trump. lowery organized this. saying that trump is nothing but smoke or mirrors. >> if you are truly conservative you believe in ideas and principles and not just attitudes and who you dislike it is limited government and the constitution and can liberty. those are the things that truly make the country special and they are after thoughts to donald trump. he almost never talks about them and if you are truly a conservative you have a record.
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>> you might have guessed trump fired back. late great william buck pley would be ashamed of what happened to his prize, the dying national review. he spoke to reporters in las vegas. >> national review is a doing paper and circulation is way down and not many people read it anymore. people don't think about the national review. i guess they wanted to get publicity. >> david drubbinger is senior correspondent for the washington examiner. you wrote on that topic and describing the kwannedry that republicans are feeling. at least the republican leadership. do they side with cruz, the texas senator in whom they have no trust but who of the two best repreponderates the conservative values that the republican party is supposed to stand for or do
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they stand with trump the businessman from new york and could end the gop for conservative and damage the party's brand for american voters for jeberation. no -- generation. >> everybody tries to influence things. and national review and people joining in are talking about being conservative. whether or not you are moderate or centerist. they don't think he is conservative. and why wouldn't they urge people to vote against him especially when there are other alternatives. >> but movement conservatives like bob deal said trump is better between trump and cruz. >> whether or not they would agree with those things, i think
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what you are finding from elected republicans is animosity toward cruz. they county like him and cruz made his name by calling of the republicans in washington virtually a bunch of liars and thieves and every other name in the book. so it is hard for them to wrap their arms around supporting him. part of it is, if you are a republican and you want the election to be a disaster and choosing between cruz and trump, they don't think either is a great option and trying to choose in their eyes something that is the least bad. but if you are a conservative, you tend to vote republican. and if you are a conservative you tend to vote republican because you see the party as a vehicle for conservative government. they don't feel trump would be
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conservative. they are not that he would be moderate. they are concerned he would not be conservative. >> and cruz trying to take a swipe over trump and new york values. and trump fired back by invoking the name william buckley junior. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> conservatives actually do come out of manhattan including william f. buckley and others, just so you understand. >> his nephew had this to say. >> i take this personally. i would ask donald trump to stop invoking william f. buckley at this moment. i take it personally. my uncle would never support his candidacy. he would never get behind this outrage and for donald trump to
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tap in to that is offensive and i wish he would cut it out. >> i guess if the national review and theanger from bent bo zell make a difference? >> is national review going to influence trump supporters? no. is it going to reorient the election, no. are they raising a point for voters to think about that they might think about if other people can carry the message, sure. there is a lot of republican voters who are mad as heck and want to shake-up washington and probably want someone who agrees with them on most issues and if they give an extra thought of whether trump is that person. that is why there is undecided
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voers in iowa and new hampshire. that is part of the debate. what do you want the candidate to believe. >> david drucker, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> we want to hear from you. and get your thoughts in the conversation. >> bad news for the clinton campaign when it comes to hillary clinton's e-mail. catherine herridge has new information on what those e-mails may have contained and a russian bomber as it goes up in flames. that was the wrong video. investigators try to determine the cause of another deadly crash. this one here at home, involving an f-16. fighters are band of brothers and sisters.
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>> fox news alert. sources telling fox news that one of hillary clinton's e-mails contained intelligence of human sfieing and considered to be the most sensitive category of intelligence. kathryn herridge has more from washington. >> reporter: heather, thank you and good afternoon. we have are confirmed one of the e-mails contained intelligence. hcs.0. this is the most sensitive category because it is it a jeopardy to the source. this is two individuals who are not author otherwised to speak on the intelligence. it is exceptional fragile and
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unique community intelligence operations and methods that are not meant for public disclosure outside of the agency running. and this is never in unclassified channels. and a veteran with special ops and programs in his career said a disclosure like this is a very serious matter. >> there is a cause and effect between the disclosure of acceptsative material and impact on in the other end of that stekt rum and particular sources. >> we don't know the impact on the source and intelligence that was reported and the damage assessment that is required in an agency like this. and just to emphasize, this is among the sensitive programs and the most sensitive and it
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involves individuals on the ground taking risk to gather information for the u.s. government. >> do we know about the nationality of the source? >> reporter: no, i have nothing beyond what i confirmed. this is a coding designed to protect human intelligence sources that are involved in ongoing operations. >> you have done a heck of the nows. new information on a store tore breaking yesterday onhappening now". a coroner is working to identify uh-huh man remains found when an f-16 went down. the pilot was taking part in the combat mission. it crashed in the northwest arizona desert. no word on what caused the accident. right now, firsthand look of a deadly plane explosion in
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russia. it happen in an air base back in june in the ukraine. that video is resurfacing. two russian pilots were killed in the fire. they were on a bomber that exploded when they tried to take off. >> well, atf agents said president obama's action on guns don't work. orders from the white house are intended to keep gups out of the hands of criminals. but one agent said it goes after the wrong people. >> a man sent to prison for hiring someone to kill his wife could get another trial. the guy who killed her is changing his story. >> i want to get it out in the very beginning. did you have involvement in the murder. >> i did not. i did not hire or consphire and i was not in that garage with him at all. -z0.u
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>> welcome back, a michigan man sent to prison for life for hiring someone to kill his wife may get a new trial. during his trial he was motivate issed prosecutors say by his secret lifestyle with his mistress. the handyman confessed to his role in the crime and now changing his story claiming that the husband actually owed him money for a job so he broke in the house planning to it steal something and that's where jane caught him. and he claims that that is when he strangled her. dan shore is a former prosecutor
10:26 am
and we'll talk about the case. he might get a new case? >> you have the person we know committed the murder originally said he was hireed to do it. and now saying and can recanting that he had nothing to do with the killing. what would be the handyman's motive to lie here? he will not get any benefit from helping the defense here. and basharro was convicted of trying to kill the handyman in jail. he said he can it because he killed his wife. in any event he certainly doesn't have a motive to help him but there might be a new trial if the evidence is found. >> it is a complicated story and they are not the best of guys out there, what is going to
10:27 am
happen here? >> it is it a complicated story, but it is enough to under mind the judge's confidence and jor's verdict. if he had testified in the trial, would he have supported the defense theory and said he had nothing to do with it. there is no scientific evidence in the case to support the fact that he murdered his wife. it helps to give him a shot. >> it helps to give the husband a shot the at a new trial. the handyman claimed that the police coerced him to finger print the husband. he said we will help you and you will get a lesser sentence if you help give bob basharia the
10:28 am
husband. >> the police were looking at the husband as a possible suspect. and he acted in a bizarre way. he had an alternative lifestyle and said he is about to have is a change in his life. this is not evidence for the murder. but it gave enough for the police. they put pressure on gentz to flip on the person who hired him. gentz is saying that the police went over board and led him to make a statement that is not true. that can come out in a hearing and a new trial. and that would be if the jury believe its. >> would there be a separate investigation in to the police. the police said we want him, meaning the husband.
10:29 am
>> the police are allowed to lie to suspects and allowed to trick the suspects and do things like that. and i don't think the police would be investigated. we welcome these types of police tactics. and the question is what he told the police is admissible and whether or not it is it reliable or based on police misconduct and police pressuring him to get him to say the statements and if he said that with hope of benefit. and if you have a statement to the police and you have a hope and benefit that has less reliability in court. this will come down to wlo whether that statement has weight and reliability. >> why did the prosecution rely on this guy in the first place. thank you for your opinions on this. >> have a great weekend. >> the u.s. is weighing his next
10:30 am
move against isis as ash carter lays out a plan to take out the terrorist. >> plus, we are watching the massive winter storm. johnathon is live in ashville, north carolina where it is snowing. >> reporter: much snow and ice is accumulating on the ground and creating treacherous conditions and i will have details as "happening now" continues. ns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> more now on our top story. a winter storm taking aim in the country. some cases may see more than two feet of now. it is impacting parts of the southeast. live in ashville north carolina. >> hi, john. we have seen constant snowfall. and we have seen it mixing at times with freezing rain and that is causing serious problems not only creating treacherous road conditions and ice can accumulate on tree branches and utilities have repair crews on stand by. icy conditions are affecting greenville, mississippi and that is forcing the cancellation of many school cans including ole
10:35 am
miss. atlanta admissible schools are dismissing early today. and they are urging crews to treat the trouble spots. >> the tough part of the next 24 hours is 3:00 and 6:00. and that's when the rain will convert to snow and we need access to the streets so we can begin preparing them. >> reporter: george, a state government did the same thing. and parts of the efforts to keep nonessential personnel off of the streets. it is affecting many states that are not used to dealing with this much snowfall. >> going to be a mess. >> it is not often we have a weather live shot in north
10:36 am
carolina with that much snow. there is a new app that revolutionizes snow removal. how does it work? >> reporter: whether to plow or shovel. it is a choice to take into your bad back? ron is a physical therapist in pleas aptville, new york. a town that had over 15 now events last winter. unfortunately when people pick up the snow shovel. you can see an increase in knee injuries and back injuries. >> we see that every year as a result of shovelling snow. we warn our patientses not to do it if you don't have to. >> every year thousands of people are sent to the emergency room for injuries relating to shovelling snow and dozens of
10:37 am
death from heart attack. it is a driving force behind's new app for snow plowing. >> it and called uber of snow removal. type in your home address and get an immediate quite of how much it costs. >> exactly never before has technology allowed a user to summon a plow in real time. >> it has expanded over 30 markets and the there is a rating system that disposes of unreliable drivers. >> when you need a plow, everyone needs one at the same time. >> we track the real time gps of all providers and when an order is placed it goes to the closest on the route.
10:38 am
>> reporter: in syracuse, the average wait time is less than 30 minutes and good news, less waiting means less people krosh crouched over in the drive way. >> it is heavier. >> reporter: he will send you a picture of the plowed drive way when your job is done. >> i love that idea. especially for folks early in the morn anything big drive way to plow. >> you -- >> reporter: it is the picking up and twisting. >> i honestly can't remember the last time i shovel. that's what we have for. >> oh. defense secretary ash carter calling for more manpower to takedown isis. he said our troops should train the iraqi and kurdish fighters.
10:39 am
this as congress takes steps to formally authorize use of force. we'll talk to jillian turner who is a staffer under presidents bush and obama. and jillian to you first. i think a lot of americans would be surprised that there is no author zaugz to use method force against isis thus far. what is the hold up? >> the main hold up in here in this situation is that hawkish republicans on the right are reluctant to give president obama the authority. i have been advising people behind the scenes and would say publicly it is an important policy tool for the u.s. congress and they should take advantage of it. it is a way in which they have a say in the fight against isis
10:40 am
and shape the anti- isis coalition that the united states has led and can has 60 plus members. >> what do you think of the prospects of congress holding that vote? >> right now it is uncertain. i think it is a great move and smart move and right move to authorize the use of military force. the problem is, that republicans don't trust them to wage the war to win it. the it is it a time line with three year and limiting as that tells the enemy we don't want boots on the ground. we heard from ash carter, it is not that we need hundreds of thousands of troops, but without american leadership other partners will not join.
10:41 am
i hope it does get a vote and sends signals to enemies and allies and american people that we are in the fight to win it. >> but the other discussion jillian of training kurds and iraqis. we have tried that in serria and so far that hasn't gone particularly well? >> again, it is mostly due to the lack of military leadership and the united states had a heavier hand in really investing ground troops there, we would have a better influence and outcome. part of what secretary carter is saying, regardless of whether they are fighting in combat or training and advising, we need more americans on the ground in these countries. that is an obvious movement than a ground announcement. you don't have to retake major
10:42 am
suedes of territory through air strikes alone. >> pete, you were one of those troops on the ground. he won the office because of getting the troops out of iraq. how would you assess the situation. >> i was in iraq in 2006. and we came home and said we need more. the iraq surge and ded occasion and strategy that president push p put behind it put together a positive outcome. obama has more belief that troops led to it me violence. but the right application of military force leads to go outcomement without that force, you are picking between bad operations. and it gives you more opportunities. ash carter is making an obvious point here. and in iraq and syria.
10:43 am
acknowledging that it is different for sir is. ia theuation got worse and worse since we set the redline. and lots of bad policy. and the president is not committed to winning the war and uncertain where it will go. >> we have to leave the discussion there. thank you. >> president taking matters in his own hands and some say that will make l job harder because they have to target the wrong kind. >> and break through new research that help turn back mother time. can we actually say young forever? sounds good for me. canned can
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>> right now promising new research to help us live longer and healthier lives. they join us live, doctor, i am intrigued what is it? >> here comes spiralling health care cost and a search for a majoric pill to turn back the clock. one group is making progress in the ya le school of medicine. >> we can have the ability to make cells and boosting the immountain system against the disease. >> the thymusgland deteriorates and use we have to restore it
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with a provost dalmas taylor teen and unleash the disease fighting power of our youth. it revs up the metabolism. they live healthier for longer. dixon adds it is not necessarily the fouptain of youth but an important step in that direction're direction. >> i am not sure how realistic. extension of health span repeated in our life fro of disability that is the goal. >> reporter: research is costly and funding is difficult to get. >> 7 or 8 percent get follow-uppeded. and the study would cost millions of dollars to see how effective it is in people. >> reporter: with the proper
10:49 am
funding. researchers in yale hope it would be available in doctor's office in 5- 10 years, very exciting. >> that is terrific. love that. thank you. >> law- abiding citizen want to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys. but a tf agents said the president's action keep the guns out of the hands of law- abiding citizens. hear what they have to say. yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? [ normal voice ] so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... [ normal voice ] ...but i'm a woman. maybe it's a misprint. does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. are you in good hands?
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donds barbara bush makes a
10:53 am
pitch for her wonderful son in a new ad. should he have called in his popular family members earlier in his campaign. a pilot arrested for flying a plane with passengers on it while drunk, top of the hour. agents is atf say president obama's executive actions on guns are making their jobs tougher. they say the orders are fot stopping the real threat, guns sold illegally from criminals. >> studies show 90% of guns are not purchased legally at a gun show or store but by friends on
10:54 am
the street. >> we need to really work stronger to have penalty frs the criminal rather than those who don't engage in criminal activity. >> reporter: he spent 20 years enforcing gun laws. >> anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions. >> reporter: he says gun collectors and hobbyists are not dealers and requiring agents to track them down at gun shows means less time tracking buyers who sell to criminals on the black market. >> people put guns in hands of children, gun member, armed robbers need to go to jail for a long period of time. that's much different than an individual dealing without a license and getting rid of their personal collection. >> reporter: atf agents say
10:55 am
prosecution are down. out of 2500 shootings in chicago in 2014, police seized more than 2400 guns, the feds prosecuted just 24 cases. >> they said it would help if the president would make them a priority. >> thank you. a high speed chase comes to a wild and wholly finish. how a sheep herding farmer thwarted car thieves. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings)
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a fox news alert and minor
10:59 am
problems in chicago. a united airlines jet in from san francisco slid off the runway at o'hare international airport. it's stuck in the snow. nobody hurt. it will keep that runway closed for a bit of time. it's united 734 from san francisco. once again nobody hurt. time for our final 30. a police chase in new zealand gets wild and wholly. officers were chasing a stolen car when they came across a farmer moving stolen sheep. the driver had little choice but to stop. the police arrested four people. you can see they got fleeced.
11:00 am
. we're told they are engaged after less than a year of dating. this will be her third marriage after she finalized her divorce last year. >> thanks for joining us. stay warm this weekend. friday fox news alert. first major stormf winter under way. this is the real story. check out this drone video. this is north carolina. they're not used to this stuff. snow completely blanketing everything. tens of millions of americans in the path of this entire dangerous weather already grounding thousands of flights with likely more to come. massive storm could bring damaging flooding with winds that could be up to 20 feet. peter doocey is live but we'll begin with rick in the fox weather center. hey, rick. >> we move it around sometimes. what a huge storm. the biggest storm in the east coast this


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