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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we're told they are engaged after less than a year of dating. this will be her third marriage after she finalized her divorce last year. >> thanks for joining us. stay warm this weekend. friday fox news alert. first major stormf winter under way. this is the real story. check out this drone video. this is north carolina. they're not used to this stuff. snow completely blanketing everything. tens of millions of americans in the path of this entire dangerous weather already grounding thousands of flights with likely more to come. massive storm could bring damaging flooding with winds that could be up to 20 feet. peter doocey is live but we'll begin with rick in the fox weather center. hey, rick. >> we move it around sometimes. what a huge storm. the biggest storm in the east coast this year. maybe the biggest we'll see all
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year likely. severe weather down across florida. got to mention that wp . we could see a tornado or two. go a bit to the north. we have icing going on right now with places like raleigh. roads will be treacherous. you have to stay off of them. now the snow moving in towards the washington, d.c. area and our heavy snow moving in. it doesn't go away for about 36 hours. that's why our snowfall totals will be so extreme. we'll see snow on top of this ice. where you see that purple, that's over half an inch of ice. you mentioned the wind. wabt to take a look at this. see the blue color. that red or purple right there, there's over 70 miles an hour. we could be looking at hurricane force along the winds. that's going to pile a lot of
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water in and along the coast and cause a will the of problems. a lot of beach erosion and flooding with this. has to be prepared for all kinds of advisories. the snow is the biggest issue and the wind along with it. we have 29 people that are under blizzard warnings with this storm. it's getting ready to start now. it will go through saturday and into sunday and take a look at this bulls eye. a lot of the models still pulling out potentially 30 inches of snow. >> we take a live look at the white house or try. peter. how are things looking now? >> the real public safety hazard in washington, d.c. starts within the next hour. officials are warning people. they want everybody in the area to figure out where they like to spend the entire weekend an get there within the next 57 or so minutes. >> this is a livefe threatening
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type of storm. if you do not need to be out and what we're asking folks, by 3:00 today, you need be where you're going to be throughout this storm. officials don't want people out and exposed to the element. they have called for the game to be postponed. the team has stopped putting down the ice. the metro rail in washington will run into 11:00 and in a very rare move as done never before in the last 40 years, they will shut down for all of saturday and sunday. taxis are tacking on a $15 emergency charge and tow trucks are hauling off any cars parked along major roads. some grocery stores are still very crowded in the suburbs. it's not clear how much is left
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on shelves since this is a storm that people have been very rattled by. they have been stocking up everything else and d.c. is closed or will be closing soon. now we wait to see how bad it gets. >> okay. have the plows taken to the roads yet? >> the plows are positioned all over town. they are waiting. for the last two hours or so some trucks have been out pre-treating the roads with salt, brine and beet juice mixture. they have been trupumping it up into trucks all morning long. it gets mixed in. it's what is left over at factories that make beet sugar. they use it now because it's sticky enough to keep the salt from blowing all over and melts at lower temperatures. they say it's good for winter storms like this and better for the planet than chemicals.
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i can tell you beet juice has a very distinct smell. if you've not had the pleasure of having a whiff, the district of columbia, you're about to. >> i never heard of beet juice. some high profile conservatives going out to stop donald trump going to attack the front-runner in national review. magazine dedicating an entire review. trump is a unmoored political or por tunist who would trash the broad conservative con ken issues within the gop in favor of a free floating populism with strong man over tones. some have made it their business to make excuses and duly get pats on the head from him. count us out.
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you signed off on this. >> i'm win of the senior editors behind the editorial. the other group is diverse conservativ conservatives. one of the reasons we wanted a diverse as group as possible is to show we couldn't get everyone to agree on what they wanted before. the one thing is donald trump may be great man. he may be great businessman but he's not a conservative and not someone conservatives should rally around. >> that's why it's important to rally these people on the conservative side to do this in. >> "national review," we have one job which is so say what we believe to be true even when politically unpopular. there seems to be this argument
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that because donald trump is popular with a broad swath of republicans that makes him a conservative. that all conservatives should fall in line and march and step. we disagree with that. if we're going to say so, when should we say to. when it might have the most impact. that's right around the time people will vote. maybe it won't work. >> i want to ask you about that impact. you expected trump to come firing and he did. here's what he said. >> the national review is a dying paper. it's got circulations way down. not very many people read it anymore. people don't even think about the "national review". i guess they want to get a little publicity. pretty much of a dead paper. >> a dead paper. i have to tell you, there's been other editorials that have come out this morning against what you guys did. you're being called quote pouty, self-important advocacy
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journalism. how do you respond? >> we're an opinion magazine. we've been an opinion magazine for 60 years. it's to state our opinion and back them up with facts and evidence and argument and reason. that's what we have done. it's hardly a shocker. nothing trump can do or so that a lot of the outlets won't support and cheer. donald trump used to say wonderful things about "national review" not too long ago. he clearly cares what people like rich lowry say. he's up tweeting at 3:00 many the morning like a little girl whining about us. we're not paper. we're a magazine. we have millions of viewers every month. >> if we're going to say little kids are whining, let's include girls and boys just to be fair. what is the impact of all of
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th this? >> who knows. a lot of people are saying it's too late and they may be right. he has a lot of momentum behind him. people have factored in fact that a lot of conservative journalists don't think donald trump is a conservative and don't care. we thought we had to put down a marker and help to find and guide the conservative movement. if people think that's self-important or all those other thing, that's small price to pay. >> we should note that you also have been quoted small price to pay for speaking the truth. you're not invited to that debate anymore. thanks much. we'll have the respon. . five americans released in a prisoner swap. he was able to hug his parents
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for first time. listen to those eyes. first time this three and a half years. his wife and children are planning to arrive monday. fantastic. jeb bush turning to some familiar faces to boost his presidential bid. who are they? we just heard from the editor of the national review online denouncing donald trump. now trump's campaign will respond. his national spokesperson joins me here, next. this is sheldon, whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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a plane has gone off the runway. passengers tweeting that emergency crews are bringing portable stairs to help them get off the plane. united airlines says the flight partially rolled off the runway. the plane came to a stop. passengers had been transported to the terminal. the flight had come in from san francisco. unclear what caused the aircraft to leave the runway. we're continuing to watch this story. you can see the live look out of chicago where snow is coming down there or has been in the past of the day. we'll keep our eyes on that. now to some real talk about don't trump after the national review comes out against the republican front-runner. glen beck trashing trump. he said his primary victory would provide hillary clinton with the easiest, imaginable path to the white house. it's far worse than that. if he wins the republican n
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nomination there will be no opposition to ever expanding government. she joins me for real talk. what is the trump camp's response? >> hi. i believe many people heard mr. trump respond to it last night. i find it quite interesting that this is obviously a hail mary pass to try to thwart mr. trump's support in the country. we'll find out it will fail miserable. it's also my experience in politics that sometimes your loudest and most fierce critics on the sidelines don't really have the courage to get in the ring and run for office themselves. we see a lot of that happening here with the corporate conservatives that always seem to have something to say. i'll also say if we look at polls, we see there is someone that republicans of all factions have fundamentally rejected and that's jeb bush. where is the article from the nro rejecting jeb bush. we're not going to see that.
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they are making the same argument that jeb bush is making about donald trump. >> i think what they're saying, their claim claim is that donald trump is not a conservative. they can look in the past, recent past and see he's changed his views on many of the big issues. they go onto say he is an opportunist. he's unmoored politically, a free floating p ining populist strong man overtones. they are calling him a blow hard. >> sure. where was the mitt romney hit piece. was he a conservative? he had poor positions in his path as well. he was the author of what we now call obama care. we didn't see that hit either. they are seeing the poll numbers and the crowds. they are not happy with donald trump because he doesn't used their approved vocabulary and use their think tank to make his
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talking points. everyone knows if you attack donald trump, you can sell a magazine. if donald trump has more instagram followers that the nro has subscribers. >> let's look at what marco rubio said about all this. >> i don't think donald is running as a movement conservative. he's running as a populist who is upset about the direction of this country as am i. we all have to know what we're going to do about it. one of the reasons i feel so strongly is i offer the republican party in this campaign, i think we offer consistent conservativism and the ability to beat hillary clinton. >> they believe that hillary clinton will win in land slide if your candidate is the nominee. your response. >> i think you can find out through the wide scope and spectrum of donald trump supporters that's not the case.
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i just heard rush limbaugh talking about it today. donald trump can win a general election. he's probably the only republican candidate that could considering that we now have with the nro hit piece the far left attacking him and now the far right attacking him which makes him right in the middle for american voters. i think that's the one thing to show voters now. i can tell from the support that i've been receiving that they have had a lot of conservatives figure out which camp they will go into. they do want someone to win. they haven't won a popular vote since 1988. donald trump can change all of that. >> we've had both sides with regard to this. thanks much. marco rubio and jimmy fallon discussing the important issue of becoming president.
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rubio's boots. >> those are nice. where did you get those, man? >> thank you very much. i'm sorry. do you like my boots? >> i do. can i keep them? >> this pilot grounded. accused of flying plane with passengers on board and oops, he was allegedly drunk. millions in the path of what could be a historic blizzard with more than two feet of snow forecast in some areas. i want to know again, today, what's your favorite thing to do during a winter storm? this question was so good yesterday, i had to ask it again today. send me whatever you want. i'm begging you. send me any response. tweet me at gretchen carlson. definitely reading your comments on this one.
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former pilot charged with flying while drunk. the growing number of guns seized from carry on bags. the worst part, a lot of them were loaded. trace gallagher live with more on these two stories. tell us about this drunk pilot. >> the pilot is accused of flying two planes drunk. he was given a random drug test and his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit for driving under the influence. co-pilot of the two flights told investigators that when he saw the drug tester at the gate, he said, quote, i'll bet that's for me. to this day, the pilot claims he
11:24 am
was not drinking and none of his co-workers either saw him drink or smelled alcohol on his breath. david never flew again and he later retired. he's said those in command of passenger jets or any other form of public transportation have an obligation to serve the public in the safetiest and most responsible way possible. by the way, the pilot could be facing 15 years in prison. >> wow. what is the tsa finding in some travelers bags? we're not talking about little bottles of water or anything else, right? >> in fact, it turns out the pilots aren't the only thing that's loaded. tsa says they found more guns in passengers carry on luggage than ever before. 2,653 guns. that is about eight guns per
11:25 am
day. more than 80% of the guns in carry on bags were loaded. the top five airports where they found guns right here you have number five at phoenix. houston number three. hartfield in atlanta number two. can you guess the number one airport? >> minneapolis. >> no. there's no guns in minneapolis. >> thought that's why you were trying to stump me. >> dallas ft. worth. they love their guns there. >> they're loaded. that's the scary part. >> here's the secretacarier par. tsa says they are finding more guns because they are getting better which is not comforting considering that means they missed a bunch in the prior years to 2015. >> okay.
11:26 am
pretty scary. thanks for scaring us. hillary clinton in the eat against bernie sanders. how the issue of race is becoming front and center in the democratic showdown. a major snowstorm making it way up the east coast. it's already starting. >> we're having serious snow accumulation and expect more during the next several hours up to 1:00 a.m. this morning. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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bottom of the hour. fox news alert as the east coast braces for a potentially historic blizzard. parts of the south already gettingget ing a taste of this massive snowstorms. conditions will get worse. team coverage for you today. abbey huntsman has the latest on problems in the sky. we're going to begin with jonathan live in asheville, north carolina. they're not used to this stuff, right? >> yeah. you can see the snow still falling. it's been falling constantly since shortly after 1:00 this morning. as you can see a lot of accumulation on the ground and roads. that's causing treacherous driving conditions. we have seen the snow combined with freezing rain. that freezing rain is a huge concern. it's causing dangerous driving conditions this areas that don't used to have to deal with snow.
11:31 am
take a look at this shot, this tower cam shot of downtown nashville, which is covered in a blanket of snow. then as you go further south to greenville, mississippi not a city you would associate with winter weather. it has gotten a dusting of snow. throughout the southeast many school districts have cancelled classes today. in atlanta, midday, they dismissed students on a staggered schedule. the idea was to keep large numbers of motorists off the streets at any given time. >> we really need you to stay at home. the department of public works monitored weather and road conditions daily. prior to any forecasted inclement weather, dpw determines and deploys at the appropriate level of response. today, the department has started crews prepared to work 12 hour rotational shifts on a
11:32 am
24-hour basis. the police and firefighters are also patrolling the streets of atlanta looking for people who may need shelter during this very cold weather. back to you. >> thanks much. as you can imagine flying isn't going to be easy this weekend. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed and many more sure to follow. abbey is live from la guardia. what's going on there? >> reporter: not a fun travel day for a lot of people. all along the east coast dozens of airports seeing major delays and cancellations. we have been here since this morning. we have seen more delays and more cancellations and more people worried they're not going to make it out. according to flight, at least 4200 delays. more than 3,000 cancellations. that number keeps going up. coming in and out of charlotte douglas. in the d.c. baltimore area where they are expected to get hit the
11:33 am
worse this afternoon, you can expect major delays and cancellations there. the big story is tomorrow. i just spoke with the philadelphia international airport. they said the airport will be open but no flights will be going in and out. you can expect very few flights out. if you want to change your flight or cancel it, airlines, most of them, are waiving the change fee. some are refund. they say contact them directly and do it as soon as possible. they are recommendsing that's what you should do. we'll see how this plays out here. i have a flight tonight. we'll see if i can get out. >> i have one sunday too. we'll have to see in the aftermath. jeb bush calling on his family to bolster his presidential campaign. he said he's sure his brother will join him on the campaign trail with his mom. >> jeb has been a very good
11:34 am
father, wonderful son, hard worker. his heart is big. when push comes to shove, people will realize jeb has real solutions. >> a lot of people are saying it's about time to bring out mama bear. she's so popular. it's a really fantastic ad. the next question is where the heck is george w.? >> the only surprise to me is that it's taken this long. you're right. the bush family contrary to some on the rabid left is a beloved american family. as you mentioned, barbara bush is loved and appreciated and respected. i also think about billboards that seem to be popping up all over america showing george w
11:35 am
bush saying miss we yet. there's a lot of people that will have a fondness for george w. bush. it's about time and will be a shot in the arm for jeb bush. >> is it too late in. >> i'm asked that a lot, which is good news. people seem to be interested. i'm hopeful he will. the details haven't been worked out. he's a popular republican. >> south carolina is on the 20th of february. will it happen before then? >> i don't know yet. there are people thinking about it and working on it. my expectation is he will be out there with me. i'd love to have him sdplp what's the wait? the details haven't been worked out. if he's still so popular and he is, why isn't he out there helping his brother? >> jeb should be doing anything he can to get any votes.
11:36 am
if sarah palin endorsing trump is a benefit to trump, i'd have to think that george w. bush endorsing his brother is a benefit for him on the campaign trail. this has been over for jeb bush for a long time. it is too late. it was late a few months ago. he started out talking about the iraq war and how he would do the same thing with the evidence. now about the iraq that was a mess that took a week. he's been trying to go after trump. it looks ridiculous. he's trump foil. staying in this race is just to the benefit of trump and cruz as long as he's in this race. he is attacking marco rubio who has a chance. i don't get it. >> speaking of marco rubio, the senator talking fashion on the tonight show, his infamous boots have earned him ridicule among some other candidates. jimmy fallon admitting he's taken a real shine. >> those are nice. where did you get those, maen?
11:37 am
>> i just, thank you very much for being here. sorry, do you like my boots? >> i do. >> you had heels on your boot. who cares? these are great. >> these are floor shine. >> i only wear them on weekends. nights mostly. >> i think you should still wear them. have you stopped? >> no. they're in an undisclosed location. they will be used at the appropriate time. >> all right, mike. he did a pretty good job defending himself and the reason he wore the boots. they're in an undisclosed location now. >> i guess it's a great example of what our 24-hour news cycle is like that the media has focused on senator's boots. ted cruz wears boots. george w. bush wears boots mp. >> cowboy boots. >> i don't think donald trump is wearing any boots. i don't think that's his style. marco is a really good sport with fallon and played along.
11:38 am
he's a nice guy and likable guy. he has a bit of warm factor sometimes that some people say is missing. that will help him. >> exactly. it's changed so much with regard to how these late night talk shows and daytime talk shows can show us a whole different side of a candidate's personality. i would guess that most people, even republican or democrat, that everyone would say this is good idea for candidates. >> yeah, i think it's fine. i know some people think it demeans the office or race. i think it's fine for them to go on these shows. the bigger problem for rubio is trying to act like trump and cruz and out anger them. that's taken away from his likeability flik likeablgt factor. he tries to talk about the nfl and it looks silly. i think the campaign is going
11:39 am
down. it doesn't seem like it's where it was. >> i'm not surprised you think that. >> real shock. you think all the republican m campaigns are on the downside. >> you think bush is on the downside and rubio. >> i'm not wrong on it. >> got to go. have a great weekend. >> take care. >> much has been made of senator rubio's boots. and again last night. his boots may be in an undisclosed location now but they have their own name. boot gaza. i think there's more to this story than a well heeled man. female politicians have long been characterized for their fashion or lack thereof. pants suits anyone. their look, jewelry, weight and lip gloss. many times females in public eye are gone over with a fine tooth comb instead of focus on their inner beauty, smarts, policy or
11:40 am
ability to lead. is this a culture shift. we're seeing it more for the fema male candidates. could be both male and female candidates will be fair game for criticism about their experience. senator rubio welcome to the club. one demographic expected to play a big role. how the african-american vote could make or break the dems and the gop police officer reaching a toddler in the nick of time. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol?
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? "hi this is conor.usic sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time." join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new. new reports, our nations enemies may have hacked into hillary clinton's private server at all. this is not coming from rival campaigns. instead it's the former secretary of defense robert gates saying clinton's private
11:44 am
e-mails may have been exposed. we know she had beyond top secret information in those mails. oh, boy. fox news anchor chris wallace will join me. we'll talk about this, coming up. one of hillary clinton's staunchest allies aiming racial politics claiming black lives don't matter much to bernie sanders. ed henry is live. the new attack coming as sanders rises more and more in the polls, right? >> that's right. in african-american vote so critical in the south. he's got to expand beyond his base here with white voters. remember that add we showed you yesterday. david said there's only really mostly white faces in here. no diversity and complained
11:45 am
that's a problem with the democratic party. he added from this ad, it seems black lives don't matter much to bernie sanders. clinton should be ashame. here is what's interesting. hillary clinton has wrapped up on the stage behind me. look at the folks behind her. not exactly a lot of diversity. when you play that game and start complaining about other people's ads and crowds, people will look at who is standing behind you as well. >> clinton trying to tip the balance in iowa with pop star demi lovato. it didn't work out as planned. >> it was in iowa city. some folks got upset because she played some of her wonderful songs and hillary clinton came out and spoke for five minutes and gave the microphone back.
11:46 am
what's interesting is the clinton camp said they wasn'ted the focus to be on lovato bringing in young people but some young people said they waited in the cold to see them both. clinton only spoke. some people left a bit disappointed. >> remember back in 2012, a full 93% of the black voters cast their ballots for barack obama. only 6% voted for mitt romney. she's hear for some real talk. really going to be the first test with regard to african-american voters. where do you see this falling between clinton and sanders?
11:47 am
>> she's getting a little over 80% of the vote with sanders getting about 10% of the vote. sanders disadvantage in the south is twofold. it's not necessarily the type of progressive politics that african-americans value. in a poll done in south carolina about a third of african-american voters said they didn't know a whole lot about bernie sanders. if he wanted to do well and cut in, then he's going to have to campaign there and reintroduce himself to that community. who could breakthrough? >> i don't think that african-americans will play a
11:48 am
substantial role. they are so few black republicans. we can't predict from polls because black republicans usually make up an infinite small portion of polling samples. we can't make inferences on samples that the be in the single or low double digits. >> i want to look at a quote from a pollster talking about donald trump and saying maybe he would have some polls with african-american voters. he said if he were the republican nominee, he would get the highest percentage of black votes since ronald reagan in 1980 referring to the year reagan won 14% of the block of voters. he goes on the say they listen to him. they find him fascinating and in all the groups i have done, obama voters could have voted for obama twice but if they are african-american they would consider trump. i know he's been cultivating black faith lead ers across the country. do you agree? >> i don't agree.
11:49 am
i don't think we have enough good data to substantiate that. yes, they're definitely interest but i think it's the same type of interest that's propelled the cand candidacy along the whole time. we have to wait to see if he's the nominee and see whether or not african-americans will vote for him. >> we will have to wait and see. south carolina just around the corner. thanks much. >> thank you. this right here is the site of one of the big two football games this weekend. take a look. can you tell by the dabbing what field this is?
11:50 am
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sheriff deputy in oregon driving on a busy highway during a rainy evening when he spotted this, two-year-old rung down the middle turn lane tornado his patrol car. the photographer stopping his vehicle and scooping the toddler to safety. the sheriff's office releasing the dash cam video to warn drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. big snowstorm hitting the east coast and the south in the thick of the nfl playoffs. snow piling into bank of america stadium in charlotte, north carolina, where that's the home of the carolina panthers. they're going to be hosting the arizona cardinals sunday night with a trip to super bowl 50 on the line. we're live outside the stadium in charlotte. is the game going to go on? >> reporter: well, as of now they game is expected to go on but it has been quite a day of
11:54 am
weather. we have had rain, we have had snow, we have even had ice fall out of the sky, and it's been a very, very bus
11:55 am
'on sunday, the good news is the temperature should be in the 40s. so we're definitely looking forward to that, in the carolinas, and i know that the weather is also impacted a lot of arizona -- cardinal fans coming here because our airport is shut down. they have not been able to get into the city, but that just means might be more panthers fans in the stands. that is what is going on in the carolina. back to you. >> another big game as well. so watch both of them. so, when i asked what's your favorite thing to do during a snowstorm, i got some very interesting responses. those next. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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let check out what america is clicking on today. the parade on fat tuesday will have a new look. the cast of with new floats.
11:59 am
mardi gras, less than two weeks from now. u.s. geological survey releases photos of volcanic activity in hawai'i, including deposits that has formed around the crater. >> firstéç]yz dogs competing ine dog show. including a -- an american shepherd and a spanish water dog. the competition begins february 15th. they took my dog last year, my breed. not my dog. we asked you, what your favorite thing to do during a snowstorm? joey said, kill ducks. brad says, build a big bonfire and drink bear. dave says watch the storm on fox news and grab the sun screen and go to the beach and relax, david said, snugglele, and wayne says, watch "the real story." i like those go to my twitter
12:00 pm
feed. if you want to read the other ones i couldn't say on national tv. have a fantastic weekend, doing what you love to do the most. i'm gretchen karlson, here's harrison. >> feeling the burn. bernie sanders takes a big lead in ohio as hillary clinton faces new questions about her beyond super secret e-mails. a former defense secretary now says there is a pretty good chance a foreign country hacked into her private server after all. donald trump also jumping ahead in iowa, now he and ted cruz are going after each other in some new attack ads. >> i want immigration reform to pass, and that allows those who are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> trump included with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousinek;[ç parking lot at his casino. >> a poll reveals many americans would like to vote for


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