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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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feed. if you want to read the other ones i couldn't say on national tv. have a fantastic weekend, doing what you love to do the most. i'm gretchen karlson, here's harrison. >> feeling the burn. bernie sanders takes a big lead in ohio as hillary clinton faces new questions about her beyond super secret e-mails. a former defense secretary now says there is a pretty good chance a foreign country hacked into her private server after all. donald trump also jumping ahead in iowa, now he and ted cruz are going after each other in some new attack ads. >> i want immigration reform to pass, and that allows those who are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> trump included with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousinek;[ç parking lot at his casino. >> a poll reveals many americans would like to vote for none of
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the above. a warning about life and death consequences as a winter storm takes aim at tens of millions of americans on the east coast. i'm harris faulkner in today for shepard myth. hillary clinton's campaign is ashoe are nervous donors bernie sanders is no barack obama, according to the web site politico. it reports some backers fear a repeat of 2008 when she lost the nomination to president obama. the latest iowa poll isy2gw not helping the clinton campaign. the cnn/ho rc survey shes the self-described democratic socialist is on top in iowa with 51 parse. eight points ahead of clinton, with the without caucuses ten days away. x to real clear politics, clinton has not led there since early december. to put all of this into perspective, clinton's standing
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right now is worse than at the same point in 2008. back then, she was leading in barack obama was even trailing john edwards. remember him? of course, on caucus day, clinton came in third. the president surprised victory helped put him in the white house. another poll looks like a negative as well but this one is for the entire presidential field. both sides of the aisle. a gallup survey showing one in throw americans say there's not a single candidate in the entire race who belongs in the white house. ed henry is on the campaign trail, live in rochester, new hampshire. how is the clinton camp reacting to the latest polling which shows sanders surging report report day say there's another poll in iowa, has hillary clinton up nine points so these will bounce around in the final days before the caucuses. but they have to admit, nonetheless, that the bottom line is hillary clinton once had double-digit leads in many of these states, and that has shrunk, regardless of what the
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number is right now. she is no longer the front-runner in some of these key states. the second way they're reacting, they don't want to admit it, by copying some of bernie sanders' script. at the event here behind me, hillary clinton talked about a fair share surcharge, taxing the rich a century charge to make sure the middle class gets a fairing shake. bernie sanders has talked about much the same and in of the words she is using are right out of the sanders playbook. listen. >> it's wrong that you have millionaires and billionaires whose tax rate is lower than their secretary, then claire clerical workers. report millionaires and billionaires, i've heard that before at a sanders event. the other thing is she mentioned at this event we really need to elect a democrat president after president obama, not saying we can't elect a socialist, but
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strongly implying a democratic social just should not be the next president. >> so interesting to watch her steal his words. he is beating her with them. the other story is the e-mail scandal. >> reporter: yes. it won't go away and there's more and more reports obviously about how there was classified information on the server, some of it top secret. the clinton camp is pushing back and saying this wasn't top secret. that's going to be settled by the fbi ulti]w]÷zçç with the criminal investigation. the very bottom line is, this is a credibility test for hillary clinton, a year ago march she looked the american people in the eye and said there was no classified information on the server. that seems to have been proven wrong, and number two from a political standpoint, campaigns in both parties at this stage want to look at the metric, how much money in the bank, what's the polling saying, theground game. game. ó9"#] unknown. they don't know what is going to come from it, and if there's one thing campaigns hate, the
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unknowns, especially this late in the game. >> maybe the very bottom line's cousin would be in fact that bernie sanders is ahead in some of the polling you're talking about, and he is not even talking about the e-mail scandal. >> reporter: that's right. he is doing it on the issues and that's frustrating the clinton camp because they feel like she was talking about the middle class at the beginning of this campaign, but bernie sanders is crowding her out of the space. >> hillary clinton taking yet another hit on the e-mail itoday as well, robert gates said there is a good chance our nation's enemies hacked into her personal server. the former pentagon boss was on a radio show. he was asked if he thinks nations like iran and russia and china got. >> given the fact that the pentagon acknowledges they get attacked 100,000 times a day, i think the odds are pretty high wow. >> wow, the odds are high and two sources telling/y7kçç kathee herridge that the e-mails
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information spying program. clinton three times yesterday, denies knowing sending or receiving any classified e-mails on per personal account. let bring in "fox news sunday" chris wallace. happy friday. and you heard ed henry talking about the fbi's investigation, one of the things they're looking to do is trace the money, countries gave the clinton foundation, and whether or not it was in exchange for things that our nation, through the state department, would have authorized or promises. if her server were hacked our nations -- our enemies would know about the deals as well and that's go to problematic. >> right. there's the potential for blackmail, for extortion, for pressure. let me say, wasn't just bob gates who was a member of the obama war cabinet along with hillary clinton, who took off after her today, by saying that there was a high likelihood that a foreign government hacked
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this. there's a fascinating piece in "the wall street journal" today by michael mukasey. the former federal -- former attorney general under george w. bush and he put all this together, and said that he believes that there's a good, strong criminal case, and probably should be criminal charges against clinton. we don't know what we don't know but mukasey has a blue ribbon pedigree, and for him to say that -- yes, he is a republican but still pretty damaging. >> before we move on to more politic is want to drill down with this question. we have seen hillary clinton and her surrogates pointing to a right-wing conspiracy, saying it republicans' fault, she tried to this for the intelligence community. are we still hearing that language today? >> i don't know what's being said today but as recent as yesterday they said it and it doesn't make any sense the inspector genoas appoint by barack obama.
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the independent watchdog for the entire intelligence community, and appointed by thejv obama administration as its ig was this fellow, mccullough are, not a republican plant. >> the campaign trail in earnest with the new polling ed was just telling us about. the poll that has bernie sanders leading in iowa. looked at not only just by likely voters but they attacked with people specifically who have caucused there before. does that make it a little more trustworthy or significant? >> but when you look at that internal -- that's an important one because the caucus is a hard thing to do. you just don't show up to vote. too many americans don't even do that. you just go to polling booth, push the lever and leave. on caucus you have to show up on february 1 in, probably snowy night, go to a school gymnasium and stand there for two oar --
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or three hours listening to your neighbors give speeches and stand up for your candidate. energy. when they drill down in that poll in iowa of people who had actually participated in the last competitive democratic caucus in 2008, sanders' lead was not as big. also true on the republican side. is trump going to be able to expand the universe from the traditional caucusgoers to first-time caucusgoers. r0crossed the political aisle because the poll looked at the fact that trump pulled ahead. because ted cruz for a couple minutes in iowa, not so much in this poll. your thoughts on that side of the political aisle and where we are. >> well, it is interesting, again, the most recent poll shows trump with a sizable lead but other polls shove different. go to this internal. among likely caucus-goers, people who voted in the last
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contested caucus, the leads by trump on the republican side and by sanders on the democratic side are not as big, which indicates that these races may be even closer than those polls indicate. >> very interesting. especially when you consider that hillary clinton now has got another chance to show the nation up against bernie sanders on the night before the caucuses. chris wallace, i'm about to brag about you. chris will have more about hillary clinton's e-mails on "fox news sunday" with. and from the senate delbxír%& intelligent committee, he'll talk to marco rubio. this sunday on your local fox station, check your tv list little for when. right now a huge winter storm bearing down on the east coast, vicious blizzard expected to take happy and the snow and ice are already punishing the south. a warning about the kind of damage it will likely do to some
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of our nation's biggest cities as it heads north. team fox coverage coming up. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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than $1 billion of damage, the operations an inch an hour. in the nation's capital, could get more than two feet. federal offices began closing at noon on the east coast, now many are closed ahead of the storm. it's already been hitting people in the south, creating a mess on the roads, shutting down schools. forecasters comparing this to the so-called "snowmageddon" that crippled d.c. in february of 2010. more than 7,000 flights delayed or cancelled across2zç the nati. in fact philadelphia's airport canceled all flights for tomorrow. we have team fox coverage. jonathan is live in ashville, north carolina. we'll get to him in a moment. first let's go inside to rick reithmutep6rc(d÷ with the big pe in the fox extreme weather center. >> i get a lot of comments on twitter people saying this kind of snow, we get it in other places in at the country and not that big of a deal. you have to understand the amount of people living in a dense area here and that's why a
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storm is potentially so incredibly pair lyles. we have -- paralyzing. we have severe weather across florida, maybe south florida. threat. now we watch this icing we have been seeing across interstate 85. not a hour or two -- excuse me -- 95 and 84. the snow in d.c., and the white house right now just an hour ago this was not the case. temperatures are 24 degrees in d.c. so the snow that's falling is immediately sticking on the ground. there you go. you get an idea. just a few minutes ago the grass was not covered, now it is. it's sticking right away and we'll be watching snow the better part of 36 hours there, and that's why the snowfall totals i are going to be sew extreme. winter storm warnings in effect. anywhere you see the pink. the blizzard concern is the worst of the weather and it's all the big cityies along i-95
12:16 pm
except boston. look at the model outputs of snowfall totals, a big area, at least 20 inches.ed?.whl d.c., 32 inches to the west, up to 35 inches. to the north, we haveob 20 inchs here across central jersey, and nine inches in new york city. this right here is our biggest concern. we know we'll have very heavy snow across virginia here, maybe up towards philadelphia, but how close this gets to new york city, all the people living in new york city, maybe an eight to ten-inch storm. goes a little farther north we could look at maybe a foot and a half kind of storm. we can't say for sure on that. we know the d.c. area, baltimore, likely a 20 to 30-inch snowfall and that likely will be historic. >> so this is important but the snow totals channeling -- have changed. that puts weight on a lot of exterior electrical lines. on the east coast a lot of older communities. you see people put milk in the
12:17 pm
fridge, they need to have batteries and flashlights and things when the utility lines go down. what bumped up the totals. >> the latest model, which had been consistent with high numbers here but early on we don't like to jump on those kinds of totals because they seem kind of trajectory but once we get closer into the event and the snowfall totals in the model runs continue to be this high, gives us more confidence. it's difficult to say who gets the bands with those snowfall totals in d.c. or to the west. that's hard to say. we knee very large area is going to be getting up to about two feet of snow, and when you have hat across such a vast area, that causes so many of those concerns. charge up your phones and ipads and all that stuff right now because you won't have that for a while. >> nonperishables, water, and bring in the pets. we have been through it. thank you. in ashville, north carolina, with what is happening where he is. he has been snow-covered pretty much all day.
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>> reporter: that's true. it has been snowing consistently since just shortly after 1:00 this morning, and as you can see on the road behind me we're seeing an accumulation, passible but there are some areas, some hilly areas that some larger trucks are having a hard time getting up and so they're telling people, if you don't have to be out on the roads, stay at home. it's also a similar scene in charlotte. slightly lower elevation than ashville, but much larger city, so a big concern that officials well be keeping an eye on as the winter storm passes through the southeast. >> these are areas that don't normally see this. i'm curious to know what else they're doing in the southeast? >> reporter: some of the small towns in higher elevations are seeing the heaviest snowfall but a lot of the concern is the giving are cities. cities like atlanta which may not witness the worst part of the storm, but it's such a big population center, and also local officials have been burned by a winter storm in the past,
12:19 pm
and so they're taking no chances. they closed government offices, mid-day. they started releasing students from public schools on a staggered basis. the idea was to keep as many people off the roads as possible when the worst part of the storm hits. listen. >> the tough part of the next 24 hours, really, is going to be between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. that's when the rain is going to convert to snow, and we need access to the streets so that we can begin preparing them. >> reporter: take a look at the tower cam shot from nashville. snow blankets the downtown area, and this is the scene in greenville, mississippi. not a city that you usually think of as a cold weather climate, but it got a dusting of snow, and in oxford, mississippi, ole miss cancelled classes today out of an abundance of caution, back to you. >> thank you. also making÷
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iran is adding tense of billions of dollars to its bank accounts in the wake of the historic nuclear deal and secretary of state john kerry says this: some of the money will in fact likely end up in the honda terrorists. we'll talk about the politics of the situation. after spending nearly two years behind bars in iran, american journalist jason rezaian is coming home. they kept him in the hospital for a bit but now he is going to return to the united states. more on his journey. stay close.
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washington post reporter jason rezaian is flying week in united states after his release from an:d$p)sp iranian prison. images show him getting on a plane with the "washington post"
12:24 pm
owner jeff bezos. rezaian's family did not say where he is going but the monster snowstorm is cause something travel headaches. rezaian had been recovering at a hospital in germany following the prisoner swap with iran on saturday help says his health suffered during this time in prison. at one point he spent more than a month and a half in solitary confinement. u.s. marine amir hekmati says he endured tower tour and terrible conditions. he return to flint, michigan. and saeed abedini also returned home. secretary of state john kerry says some of the billions of dollars iran is getting for living up to its end of the nuclear deal will probably end up in the hands of terrorists. >> think some of it will end up the the hands of the irdc or other entities, some of which
12:25 pm
are label terrorists. to some degree i'm not going sit here and tell you that everyç?#/ component can be prevent. right now we're not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. >> the irgc. iran's elite islamic revolutionary guard corps. a couple years ago the state depth described the quds force as the method of -- and kerry says iran will be#/ç gaining a million so of the 150 billion, by the time they pay people back, they'll have 55 billion. that's about half of what some analysts estimated but it's clearly no small number. of course, critics have long argued the inability to keep the money away from terrorist is one big reason why the white house
12:26 pm
should never have done the deal in the first place. i want to bring in pat goodell, a fox news contributor, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i'm curious to know what maybe brought this on. this is not breaking news. we have been hearing politicians say it for months with this deal, that the money will flow where you don't want it to go and you can't stop it. >> of course, secretary kerry and the white house and the administration kept assuring the american people and the congress, when we were debating this bad deal, that it would not go to them. it would be going to all of these other infrastructures and they were reassuring, and now that they've got their deal, he admits what we all knew to be the case, and that the revolutionary guard particularly and hamas and hezbollah and the groups in yemen will be funded,
12:27 pm
if they've haven't gonen it yet, it's because3+@ñ the moneyest jt arriving elm the 150 billion, they had to -- a lot of that is their debts being paid. so the rest of the money ills free money and they get to raise their oil. on top of this, what is stunning about this, is the language of secretary uses, hoe, they're not doing it now. i've never seen an administration, which used to be kind -- more apiecing and apologetic, we haven't seen this since 1930s with the germans and the italian fascists. we have not only this, but with they ransom. on the front payment of the "wall street journal," the $1.7 million, jenna iran said it was a payment for the prisoners who were taken illicitly on top of the convict violators of the sanctions that we're relieving,
12:28 pm
up and down the line and let's not forget the boat with our troops -- with our sailorsandsly the way, where the administration can apologizing, saying, aren't they being nice to give them back to us? all of this is appalling and, yes -- a dance that's been worked out. >> you're talking about those who have been taken in iraq now. this money now -- there's going to be the 1.7 billion interest, basically, on money they say they are owed. this is dealing with terrorists. i don't want to misunderstand that. that's correct. so what should the american people know about this situation? what's important sneer. >> what shay should know first of all dish heard you talking about this earlier today -- the side deals. we don't know what's been done. the administration, as it has done, as every politician in washington thinks is okay, is lying thorne people to fit whatever they were trying to
12:29 pm
sell. the american people were vehemently against this deal. they don't trust iran, and we now have the hostages taken in iraq, which is -- it's become clear, seize an american weatherer have nat northkh4q ko. seize an american and you october do this. the list go on and on. look at the bases. we have passed a legal law limiting the amount of use of free bases for iran, iraq, sudan, and in syria, and the going to exempt, without any provision. they're going to go ahead and exempt iran from this. what does this do our allies -- ççó question is what does do it to our national security? >> well, that's it. that ultimately is what our allies and whatever. jeopardized. and in the end, you cannot believe the iranians are not going to do what is their best interests, and we have as i just
12:30 pm
said, as -- so sad to see, it's like with the cubans, this administration is fully prepared to basically give away the store in its effort to make nice, that this will somehow change the world. even the strongest supporters have a hard time making that case. but every instance we have in front of us, is that this will get worse and get worse quickly, and as soon as they've got everything they want, they will start rebuilding up their nuclear force. >> with all hope we hope that's not the case. pat, thank you very much. your years in the white house, you're drawing upon those today and frustrated. >> i know this. i went through this with the iranians. they knock be trusted, the mullahs. >> we'll move on. thank you. donald trump gaping ground in iowa. a the billionaire continues to rise in the polls some big name conservatives are urging republicans to go against trump. i'll speak with a g.o.p. strategist.
12:31 pm
stay with us on the fox news deck.
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>> a fox report, more headlines. air force officials say a student pilot is presumed dead after a fighter plane crashed out of luke air force base. they're not sure what caused the crash. >> a high ranking official with the environmental protection agency has stepped down in connection with the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan. the city's water system is contaminated with lead. the state officials switch the city from detroit's water supply to the flint river in april of 2014 to save money. police are helping sheep for helping to bring a wild car chase to an end. police arrested suspects after a chase. the stolen car came to a rest after a farmer started moving his flock of sheep across the
12:34 pm
road. sounds like a punchline. what happen when you -- never mind the news continues right after this. [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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donald trump is scoring a double-digit lead over ted cruz in iowa with just over a week until the nation's first presidential contest. according to a new cnn and orc poll, which we have been talking about, trump is up by 11 points in the hawkeye state. cruz in second place at 26%, marco rubio, third, with 14. no other candidate cracks the double-digits. anything can happen when iowans go to caucus. we know. rick santorum came from sixth place and won. the real clear politics polling average has santorum in last place in iowa, mike, cruz and trump are stepping up their attacks and the ad are getting interesting. >> reporter: they withwith donald trump coming out with his
12:37 pm
first negative ad, suggesting senator ted cruz has not been consistent on illegal immigration. >> i want immigration reform to pass. and that allows those who are here el liely -- illegally to . >> cruz is going after eminent domain. >> fancy term for politic seizing private property to enrich the at that fat catsç]t(. >> feels spike the intensity is building. >> i understand the other candidaters angling their fire toward the front-runners. >> senator marco rubio was asked about some in the establishment lining hundred behind trump. >> they're just telling people they're opinion.ted cruz. ted cruz is aned decree my calculated individual. every position is mitt include calculated. >> followerrer florida gov jeb bush was asked about a number of
12:38 pm
conservatives rejecting trump. >> donald trump needs to defend why he was support oftive hillary clinton and bill clinton, why hey gave money to the foundation to her campaign, why he thought that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator as it relates to iran, while not that long ago he was anti-second amendment, pro choice in terms8k
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
if the establishment leadership doesn't push away from thises to that send a message to the people they're votes don't count. >> you're right. the danger is that moves like
12:41 pm
this,p-clç it continues to creaa disconnect between the grassroots of the party and the establishment or the potential elites in the conservative media, and were it not for the fact that conservatives and republicans feel that we have given up the fight against president obama, you would not have a trump candidacy. so, in many ways they have to be introspective and realize it's things like these essays, article, opinions, almost, we know better than you grassroot voter, that has created the need for a trump candidacy. >> it's almost happening the same way across the political aisle with bernie sanders. >> no doubt about it. and the antiestablish. movement is real. we have talked about this a lot. i spent a lot of time talking to real voters. there is a dissatisfaction with both established parties in a way that i've not seen in hi lifetime. >> what do you make of also in the polling today that one in three americans say that the actual person who deserves to be in the white house for them doesn't exist in the entire race across both political aisles. >> i don't believe things like that.
12:42 pm
it's always easy to imagine some fig that you think would be the perfect candidate. the good. >> a great line. >> we have an embarrassment of richards much like in 1980. and it produced reagan conservative leader, ronald reagan, a movement guy, and george h.w. bush, an establishment(];ñ=l guy, working together and moving forward. that is going to become primary process goes correctly. >> i often right down what you say. don't make perfection the enemy of the good. always good to have you. we'll have to see. we're only ten days out. an exciting and tense time. >> good stuff. >> thank you. we're continuing to keep an eye on the blizzard situation set to be inconvenienced for millions of people along the eastern seaboard, and as we reported more than two feet of snow expected in the d.c. area. snow could be falling at three inches an hour at some point. we're on it. a live report from the nation's
12:43 pm
capital when we come back. >> the commercial airline pilot who faces federal charges for frying flying drunk, not once but twice. this is sheldon, whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. police in north korea have arrested a college student from the university of virginia. accused of carrying out a u.s. government plot to destroy the done riz unity. that's a quote. that's word from north korean state media. police there detained it otto at pyongyang airport, a chinese-based tour group confirmed the student was on one of its tours and he was leaving the country after a five-day trip. north korean state media claimed he was pretending to be a tourist while really working as a spy for the u.s. government. a spokesperson at the state department says officials are aware of these reports but cannot independently confirm the
12:54 pm
arrest. lea gabrielle, what more do we know about why they're holding him. >> all the north has said is he committed a hostile act but haven't specified what that was. an expert on the region i spoke with said this may be some sort of a bargaining chip or strategic move from north korea. take a listen. >> so many americans and others detained by north korea, so this in a sense is nothing new. q this occurs after the fourth nuclear detonation where they're talking about sanctions imposed by the united states and the u.n. security council so seems like preemptive move to get a barning chip. before the nuclear test was conducted and told me that u.s. diplomats right now are most likely working through swedish diplomats to win release from pyongyang to negotiate that release because the u.s. doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea. >> wow. so, north korea has arrested
12:55 pm
compare this case to maybe the ones that have work out. how do those usually get resolved? >> typically the north korea will release a detainee once that person has given some sort of forced confession, or when there is a perceived additional credibility that the north wins. for example, from high profile visit. take, for example, these recent releases. in 2009, two u.s. journalists were released when former president bill clinton visited pyongyang. then in 2011 former president carter brought home one american who was sentenced to eight years of hard labor in 2014, the director of national intelligence won the release of two americans, matthew miller, who was serving six years for espionage, and kenneth bay sentenced to 15 users 0 for what he was accused of antigovernment, a aclu differents. the u.s. state department warns
12:56 pm
against traveling to north korea otential forhâçi] detention, and there are -- i held right now, man who was on cnn, claimed to be a u.s. citizen being held in north korea. >> i wonder if you would bring up big money. i'm guessing it might play a role. lea, thank you very much. we'll be right back with this moment for business and vacation travel. living with chronic migraine
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skies 46 years ago today. i'm harris faulkner in today for shep. snow is moving in. stay warm if you're in the path. for now, "your world" with neil cavuto. ending the market up before the close. >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, we're going to keep you calm in the middle of the storm, the northeast bracing for a big one. we have joine kent outside of a home bee to, rick reithmuth on how much this is going to be when all is said and done. calmly, abbey huntsman on travelers scrambling to get out, bus doing so calmly. before i get to them, to put the expense -- the tension and anxiety and panic in perspective, live at reaganmwçoñ national airport. that's reagan national airport. now, i can only


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