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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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skies 46 years ago today. i'm harris faulkner in today for shep. snow is moving in. stay warm if you're in the path. for now, "your world" with neil cavuto. ending the market up before the close. >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, we're going to keep you calm in the middle of the storm, the northeast bracing for a big one. we have joine kent outside of a home bee to, rick reithmuth on how much this is going to be when all is said and done. calmly, abbey huntsman on travelers scrambling to get out, bus doing so calmly. before i get to them, to put the expense -- the tension and anxiety and panic in perspective, live at reaganmwçoñ national airport. that's reagan national airport. now, i can only surmise they
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cameras are pointed in the wrong direction where people are scrambling in a parking lot, trying to get to their flights. but we're keeping on top of this panic in the nation's capitol. the epicenter of the storm. enough about that panic attack in washington, dc. joe lien kent on the rush for a port in the storm. >> reporter: this÷dsc&ñ is homet we're inside in downtown manhattan, where a lot of shoppers are coming in to buy the stuff they'll need to dig. thes out of this blizzard. this is the ten dollar shovel, one of the best sellers here. we have ice melt, small shovelsk and downstairs you can get stuff to prevent a flood. that's something that the city of new york is very worried about ahead of this blizzard was of hurricane sandy and the tough experiences there.
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but the panic it's different at a much higher level in washington, dc, where we would like to somehow you some photos where you can see empty store shelves, showed out bread, eggs and milk flying off the shelves as people stock up to hunker down for the storm. as your hunkering down, neil, and maybe you want to make a little money while you're at home. certainly take a look at some of the stocks that might be in your portfolio. generac up five percent, the company that makes generators to power your house, and of course, home depot and lowe's doing very well, up north of two percent for both stocks today. but here at home depot they say they're ready nor paris and have all the supplies you can need and more. they said they had to order more to bring in stocks and customers have been pouring in since last night to get ready for what they
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think could be one of the biggest blizzards to hit the mid-atlantic region and the northeast in a long time. >> thank you, jo ling. if you're like me and you're handy you go to a home depot or lowe's. those stocks have been soaring this week precisely because of the storm. that's just free advice, and information i pass along to you on basic cable. some parts of the northeast could see a lot of snow, we're told. two feet of snow. you could see from what's going on, at reagan national airport, the thought it could be three feet of snow, well, that induces the kind of panic you see there rick reithmuth, where are we with this? >> mid-atlantic, little more than northeast but some spots going to see the three inches of snow. it's a really big storm,'ve impacting people. we have seen a lot of snow in areas of the south. and look at this picture, icing is a big concern we're dealing
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state 95, interstate 40, got to stay off of them because they'll be impassable. then the snow coming in. already into d.c., started two hours ago and falling very quickly, and you have about another 36 hours of consistent snowfall and at times it's going snow. so you might not wake up with two feet outside your door. you might have eight feet outside your door because of the wind that is going to drive that snow into drifts. 30 millioneople under blizzard warnings, boston is spared from the storm, new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, d', jersey, and long island are going to be seeing winds in excess of 30 to 40, maybe 50-miles-an-hour, and the coastal areas get ready, likely see some hurricane-force wind gusts in the 70-75 miles-per-hour range. look at this swath right here. a big area getting well over two feet of snow. the latest models still for d.c. pumping out anywhere from 22 to
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32 inches of snow in washington, dc itself, and then you go up towards the new york city area, and lot of the models in the ten-inch range but there's a tight gradient between not much snow and a lot and we could be look 'at more snowfall in the new york city area. it's going to be windy and that wind will be having major problems. this purple area is all two feet plus of snow. you see how big of an area it. west virginia, maryland, new jersey, and pennsylvania, potentially over two feet of snow, and we'll likely see one of the biggest snowstorms every in washington, dc. >> we'll'll keel an eye on. i. slippery conditions abound here. we're seeing delays, cancellations pile up to new york's la guardia airport where
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abby huntsman is the@p story, trying to get out of town. >> reporter: trying to. i'll say it's been a long travel day for a lot of people along the east coast, dozens of aways they have seen a lot of delayed flights and cancellations. this is come in. we spoke with the philadelphia international airport. they said they're not faking flights in or out today or tomorrow. we're here at la guardia airport this morning. it felt calm, things running smoothly as the day has progressed. we have seen more cancellations, more delayed flights. i spoke with passengers a minute ago. some are feeling lucky they're getting out. others not so lucky. >> it's been cancelled since yesterday. charlotte shut down, and so they rerouted me to nashville. >> once it got delayed and pushed back i had to sit out here with no chair and and 5 hud
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pounds of sky gear. >> the cancellation numbers continue to go up. and the d.c. baltimore area, where they're expected to get hit the worst through tonight and tomorrow, you should expect major delays and cancellations there. the big story, though, tomorrow, as i said, philadelphia international, not taking any flights in or out. the d.c. baltimore area, very few flights if any will be going 0 in or out. la guardia cancelled 700 flights tomorrow. jfk canceling 450 flights tomorrow as well, a what people should know. of you can't to cancel or change your flight, airlines are waiverring she change fees, some refunding canceling your night so check in with them and check in to see if your flight is on time so a long night tonight. maybe even a longer day tomorrow. we'll see how it goes. >> good luck, any. i know from experience there's a great food court there. >> there is.
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it's been wonderful. i've checked it out all day. >> they know me there. just use my name. thank you very much. no sort of stranger to buying on a week that's been very topsy-turvy. the dow in positive territory, oil a big reason why, recovering in a big way today. but one thing that was interesting about this was what was prompt -- promised out of europe, more incentives, the kind of stuff that governments i thought were stopping. explain. >> oh, no, neil. we have beeng-6ó/wgçs1gñ[ó[óa5md plastic surgeons over and over and over again. the surgeries have been botched and we keep going back to the same people to have them tweak and it fix it. makes no sense. that's why the marketes have rallied. the head of the european central bank -- forcing lower interest
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rates the head of the japanese central bank set to follow suit. so you have an economy or economies around the world that are weak, heavily indebted. what are you going to do to fix system you're going to lower interest rates even more and encourage people to borrow money, and then take risk with it, and by the way their comedown in oil is the payback for all the stimulus we got from these central banks since 2008. it's done nothing to help savers, sj-yñ nothing to help raise wages, helped create jobs around the world. instead you take undo risk. this is aaqk payback. what do we want? even more. makes no sense. >> it's like our to -- tonic, we need the fix, and as soon as possible you hear the europeans talk about it, it gets peopler) excited. >> but until we know what reality is, without all this excessive stimulus. the federal reserve might have
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hiked interest rates in december but their balance sheet is four and a half trillion dollars, and that's up from less than a trillion at the time of the financial crisis weapon don't know what reality is until we try to get back to that but there's no hope in sight. everybody wants to look like a kardashian. what's the harm in actually aging, if you will. >> why did you address that comment to me? kind of weird. >> because you're aging in reverse. i can say you. >> love you. >> the in the surgery is excellent. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. her final appearance on "your world." you can say also the same flight to quality people are having, buying bond, driving interest rates lower, still low but backed up a little bit today about i still want to remind you -- always look at the half-gull glass for you -- do b rates are lower on home loans in the fixed variety, than they were before the federal reserve
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hiked rates. it's true. so a bit 0 good news. while you're skidding and slipping outside, just know that rates are low and cozy inside. >> anyone see this national review cover? it's like a bible to conservatives. 150,000 avid conservative readers, and some of those -- the premiere minds of the conservative community, i think 23 ofn93çthem, pitched togethero write this article damning donald trump saying hi is no conservative and shouldn't be president. forget about it. guest what happened. the national review got disinvited to an rnc debate and to add insult to injury, donald trump just got more popular. that's the review on the "national review." more after this. ico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello!
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the national review ripping him a new one, 23 thinkers in the country say donald trump is not a conservative'7y and should not get the republican nomination or anywhere near the white house. that didn't sit well with donald trump or the republican national committee that just disinvited national review from a debate that was all slated for next month. on the phone with us, former republican presidential candidate pat buchanan. looks like the conservatives the best of intentions trying to delineate why they don't think trump from is one of them, sort of morphed into the establishment. >> there's in new names there that i've seen that have represented a new position. they've been known to be hostile to trump, conservatives are for him, conservatives are against him, but i think this is more about national review trying to really establish a certain
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identity itself and institutional identity, and i don't think it helps itself. probably helps trump to this degree, that it makes trump look more and more like someone who is standing up against the folks, whether they call themselves conservatives or the establishment right. it might do "national review" some good in terms of elevating its profile which is not high, but doesn't change anything politically, and to the degree it does, think it would help trump. antiestablishment guy at the time you were making your run for president. there was that pitchfork image of you. now, i don't know if donald trump has a pitchfork. might be very expensive one, a brass one, but he does seem quite surprisingly to be him as one of them. even though he is a multibillionaire. >> appeals to nationalist
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conservatives and patriots. he has put on the table issues that the traditional conservatives run away from or declare extra outside the church, and he is antiamnesty. going to build a security fence. no path to citizenship. he is going tocãlook at these trade deals with china. stop some of these trade deficits. not going to take us into anymore of these crusades for democracy and these faraway countries. these are conservative views, consistent with consecutive views and the idea that "national review" would say that's outside the church, that violates ore our gospel. i think they look very restrictiveeop?s on this, especy when you have more people in the republican party supporting trump. >> you can argue his views on trade and encouraging trade wars and would9.
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deals. >> why is wrong to want to preserve the country we grew up in? the dynamic done tray that -- country that was self-sufficient rather than this world we have of globalization where the united states is heavily dependent on countries all over the world for what is vital to our national security. >> where do you think this going? donald trump is enjoying his new publicity, shows that the establishment still has a problem with them. he uses that as a campaign tool and also shows the establish. it in the form of the rnc didn't disinvite donald trump. >> of course, you can't come on there and act as though you're a neutral observer or journalistic observer when you have taken a stand saying this man ought to be defeated and you're sitting down there questioning him.
1:20 pm
pretense of objectivity when it took this position and i assume it knew it going in. >> i think you're right. they know it now. all right. at -- >> it's clear enough for them. i. >> no alert there. pat buchanan. >> there is a new visa policy here that is bugging many in congress, where they have stringent requirements where if you are coming from syria or some of these countries that are war-torn places, that you're just not going to be allowed entry into the united states. your visa will not be accepted. they made a carveout for iran, though, that really bothers my next guest to the point now he says that itself could encourage terrorism. more after this.
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congress is getting out of town, washington all but shut down because of thez;ó?vç big snowstorm. one thing they did before they leave is carve out a program that the administration has orchestrated and a lot of support where it's even if you're coming from iran, and certain cases they won't give you a special relook over, that's something that bothers north carolina republican robert pittinger, played a key role in greating abedini who was a hostage. by that definition he would not
1:25 pm
have before been able to come back to the united states under the strip gent rules but because of a carveout he could and would. what do you make of that? >> i think he could have applied for a visa and granted under the basis that he had been held as a hostage. it's intended, the law is intended to prevent terrorists from entering our country. a good law. passed back in early december. included in the omnibus. agreed to and voted and approved by 400 members of congress. it was negotiated with the white house. and now the white house has chosen to bypass this legislation to create the carveouts. >> but iran is the only one that has the carveout. i if you are coming from a place like iran or syria, sudan, then all of a sudden, they cannot accept your visa if you get to the united states, but the carve-out for iran is interesting because it seems to
1:26 pm
add a lot of flexibility. what kind of flexibility? >> well, the flexibility just to enable more opportunities for iran to be able to -- people visiting iran to come to the united states. >> they say no. >> stringent guidelines. >> the administration says, no, the same stringent checks and rechecks will be in place but as i think you said and your colleagues said, those were the same checks and rechecks that were part of the pakistani visa policy before the woman involved in the san bernardino attacks was able to fool authorities no less than three times before getting access to the united states. having said that, what do you want to do to tighten this up? >> well, neil, bill we wrote was a good bill. what we have now is the interpretation of all these carveouts that gives the administration great latitude. we want to go back and look at it again and try to tighten it up again.
1:27 pm
whatever we do, the president seems to have an aversion to towards working with congress. a natural proclivity to writing his own laws. we have seen that time and again, we have to go back with our members offp31)f congress ae how in a bipartisan way, how"÷we can tighten this up to secure the country. >> in light of the release of these hostages, two of whom were initially traveling in iran before they were apprehended and taken aspirinners -- as prisoners in iran, the industry gent policy would have prevented them from getting back here. >> i think, again, they can apply for a visa, and these things can be granted through >> what are the odds they would? >> i think -- well, when you look at the people who are being granted these series saturday, you look at their background do your background check, due your due diligence, and to that
1:28 pm
extent, then you have the reasonable ability for people to re-enter the country. >> congressman, thank you for taking the time. stay warm. >> good to be with you. >> north carolina congressman robert pettinger. speaking of north carolina, they're getting belted here. mostlyg;ikw ice in the mid to northern part of the state, but a lot of snow as well. that state has been ground to a halt ahead of the big storm you. hear a lot of the attention on the polls. barely a little more than a week ahead of iowa and the caulk there it was thought that, well-bernie sanders might have an outside chance of embarrassing hillary clinton, andmmk%r placing well in both ia and new hampshire. what if told you right now he leafeds by a lot in iowa? and new hampshire? this isn't just a surge, my friends. in deference to the weather, this is a storm.
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didn't hear it from me but it's snowing, and on the east coast and for 75 million americans could be a nightmare. for those outside the area affected and think it doesn't affect you, think again.
1:32 pm
this is a bernie sanders event in bedford, new hampshire, wherecpw3 we'll be in a couple f weeks for the new hampshire primary and special coverage on fox news and fox business, but the one thing that is interesting, we always knew that sanders was doing pretty well in new hampshire. not a big shock. what is shocking is what's going
1:33 pm
on in iowa right now. a little more than six weeks ago hillary clinton had a double-digit lead. look at this, bernie sanders is out front. so, what happens if hillary clinton loses both iowa and new hampshire? the sarah westwood on that. i know theseqnfau]f polls are ps when shape come to iowa, they're almost always wrong. they missed mike huckabee eight years ago, rick santorum, four years ago, wrong about the wholu
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far as the trend, you can safely say that winning iowa doesn't really help you if you're a republican. not much follow-through, recent history. but if you're a democrat it's a good trend setter, good trend setter for barack obama back to jimmy carter. so. carries a little more weight, it would seem, for democrats than republicans. >> you're exactly right, and you see that in the rubio strategy. he has the three-two, one strategy. third in iowa, second in new hampshire, and then launch his campaign from a win in south carolina, because he knows that those wins in iowa can be skewed because the caucus-going population is so unique, the type of people that hang around the gym. so that something that perhaps you wouldn't see a democrat have that same sort of strategy
1:37 pm
string of victories in the third primary state. >> sarah, great insight. stay warm. you probably heard about north korea arresting a u.s. student for what the north koreans are saying were antistate acts. they did this only days after iran released hostages, some of whom had been held the better part of four years, and some say in that iranian dealx$-pñ it waa ransom are the administration argues otherwise. i'm looking at this dude and think, he needs money. we can act. you decide. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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the timing is certainly curious. the north koreans seize an american citizen, a student, claiming he is a spy. to james rosen with the latest indense.
1:41 pm
>> odd is never inappropriate when discussing the north korean leadership. accord ago the university of virginia web site for otto he is a third-year student from hamilton county, ohio, studying commerce. having visited ireland, israel, and cuba, destinations that caught the attention of the north korean officials inspecting his part. the state-run news outlet said he was arrested by perpetrating an unlawful act. a travel firm says the arrest occurred january 2nd, adding their family have been informed and we are in contact with the swedish embassy who acts as a protecting -- the statement add we are also assisting the u.s. department of state closely with regards to the situation. earlier this month the
1:42 pm
regime of kim jong-un claimed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb. u.s. officials denied that. the obama administration has south sought additional sanctions. three week ago a south korean man said he was being=çñwç heldn charges of spying. >> we know, you reported the north korean government is stretched for cash. have there been any indications out of the government or anyone else for that matter, how they might play this going forward? i mean, if it were ransom, they wouldn't be so obvious but they're no strangers to this behavior. >> that's true, and an typically these cases take a very long time to resolve themselves, often involved not necessarily overt or discernible payments of rapsome but trips by high-profile americans, such as former president bill clinton to travel to pyongyang, sit for photographs, pay respects to the
1:43 pm
regime and then get to leaveuñi! with the individual. so, the state department itself is not even confirming this is happened, citing privacy issues, which means they're trying to get in touch with the family, butñq2oçok so far no indicationt is being sought by the government. >> thank you, james rosen. james in washington where we are learning the storm ifs getting a little worse. what is interesting, we're told right now that the state department is now blaming the blizzard, at least in part forks the extension and added time they need to get these e-mails to republicans who have been requesting and demanding them. so the storm, which is just hitting now, is being blamed for what could be upwards of one-month delay getting e-mails. i don't know. i mean, that's a little weird. more after this. a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you
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they are not goofing around in the national's capital. a fierce winter storm coming their way and they are by all accounts ground zero is in wave of snow and ice. peter doocy in the middle of what will be a met pretty interesting next 36 hours. >> it's already been interesting. before the snow started falling because the truck where we are at this salt -- trucks loading up with salt brine and beet juice designed to pretreat theh road, were slowed down themselves before the snow even started falling, before we saw a flake, because they went out at noon and the federal government also let all employees out at noon. that meant there was a rush hour
1:48 pm
at noon, and we were listening the local news radio and the traffic reporter was begging people to please get out of the way so that the trucks can do their jobs, but it's not clear how much that traffic jam impacted the last-minute preps or the ultimate accumulations. the snow has been falling pretty steadily for two hours now and we're two hours past the time the city of d.c. told everybody to get inside. the mayor was flanked by safetyñ officials who all told÷a'wp3 res -'k the place to shd get there by 3:00 p.m.ace to shd there's some add tex -- tensions among the residents because the city shut down wednesday night when officials were caught flat feed by one inch of snow. the homeland security jeh johnson announced his agency and on the storm and its impact, so are utility companies around here. more than 25,000 power outages in the carolinas from this storm, and no power means no
1:49 pm
heat, which could be a big problem for the big population centers in the mid-atlantic this system is dumping more than an inch of hour on. to spirit veins cancelled. the museums closed, the dc metro system set to have the he longest shutdown in its 40 year history, closing at 11:00 p.m. tonight and not re-opening until monday. so there's no way to get around washington, and there's really nowhere to go in washington. for a couple of days. >> stay warm, peter, or try to. now, on to catherine herridge with more on the story, i guess it's true, that the state department is actually plameing the blizzard for delay releasing some e-mails? explain. >> that's right. late this afternoon the state department sent out a notice to all the reporters who cover that beat that they had asked the federal court here in washington for a 3-day extension because they're unable to meet the deadline at the end of the month to release the remaining
1:50 pm
e-mails. they have a total of 55,000, and in part they told reporters that they needed more time because of we. federal government was closing early as peter just mentioned, and peter just mentioned and there would be no kind of metro service or government buildings that would be open over the weekend. so they were losing at least two and a half days of time. the state department also emphasized that it had nothing to do with a lot of the news this week that was basically generated by fox, that these highly sensitive programs, called special access programs intelligence was found in the email. and these are of the types of emails which are even released, would be at the very end of the calendar they're working on. they're saying it's thor weather, but what i understand is the most problematic emails, which have taken a review by different intelligence agencies to determine where the information came from, i mean that's been part of the hold-up as well. and those emails may be released in some form.
1:51 pm
a highly redacted. or they may never be released at all because of the significant national security implications. neil? >> i don't care if you're a republican or democrat. doesn't this sound a lot like the cable guy has to go to your house, and he says i can't come because of the snow and you look out and there's no snow. >> it's going to be something to see whether all of these emails are released. let me tell you why that's important. behind closed doors. you have the state department arguing over the classification and what is highly sensitive material. on the other hand you have the clinton campaign arguing that there's really nothing to see here, nothing was classified. and everyone should keep driving. but you can't have it both ways, you can't have a situation where there's nothing classified here. and a situation where all of these emails will ultimately be withheld because there's too much damage to the nation's national security. >> great reporting as always, catherine herridge in washington, where it is snowing. i think we had a shot of the
1:52 pm
white house. it intrigued me. because i heard the president the other night when he was returning from andrews air force base, normally about a 10-minute drive. it took an hour and a half and he was stopping at lights. it took him a long time. with only a dusting. i'm told the obamas are staying in the white house this weekend. nowhere to go so they have to stare at those same 1,000 walls. what are they going to do? what are they going to do?
1:53 pm
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♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. all right. they are stripping store shelves down, this i don't know why they consider this a big deal. i strip all store shelves down. they're in the bakery aisle or processed meats. this wasn't my handiwork. this is what's going on in washington. they're making a big deal of it here this is what we do. i did find out, at times of storms, what do you think are the three biggest items that americans plunder to get their hands on?
1:56 pm
water, milk? toilet paper. it's a little different in my household. we begin with ring-dings, potato chips and any processed cheese. but a little different nationally. i think one of the best weathermen on the planet is here and he saw a lot of the big storms coming. teased it on fox business that we're going to see more of this type of stuff. what's going on? >> it's a monster storm up along the eastern seaboard. right in line with the winter forecast we put out. we said there were going to be a couple of these big blockbuster storms this year because of the overall pattern that we're in. and the reason we had so much snow forecasted. from texas through the southeastern united states. up the eastern seaboard is not because of multiple small events, but one or two big, monster storms because of the pattern. and this is one of them.
1:57 pm
as far as next week goes, neil, there is a shot at snowing on the east coast wednesday or thursday, this is an extreme event. >> how many of these events are we looking at? like you said we last saw before, we had a delayed sort of effect. through much of the east coast and the northeast with the unusually warm weather and then everything was delayed. but you said just because it was delayed doesn't mean we were denied. and so what are we looking at now? >> probably through march looking at a couple of big storms coming up out of the gulf of mexico yet again. look what we try to tell people is, you know people love to broad-brush el nino. it's warm and dry. most of the el ninos have outstanding winter events. if you go back and look 57, 58, '63, '69, '70. ky name them up to the last big el nino was, not as strong as this one. 2009-10, that was snowmageddon. the d.c.'s snowiest winter on
1:58 pm
record, up to that point it was '86-87. '82-83, el nino winter. when you're looking at the patterns and putting together a forecast. you think we're liable to see eight or ten storms come up out of the goumt this year. probably two or three will be blockbusters we have to look for. the other problem is the beach erosion problem because you're going to have hurricane-force wind gusts driving water back toward the coast. eroding the beaches from the delmarva peninsula up to long island. hurricane-force wind gusts offshore. my concern going forward after this is that our beaches are torn up this winter and i think we're, you know, i told you this when we were together on the air a couple of weeks ago. that i think it's going to be a big hurricane season this year. so you can see the way this is all flowing along. this is not mysterious. now the individual event itself may be outstanding. but the set-up for this has been on the table from the get-go. you can see it coming quite far. by the way, those winters i
1:59 pm
mentioned, 57-58, 65-66, very warm in december. especially the last week of december. washington had one inch of snow through january 20th, 1966. they got hit on the 24th and the blizzard of '66 was on the 30th. so there has certainly been precursors to what you're seeing now. >> we've learned that new jersey governor chris christie returning from the campaign stump to be in new jersey for this. does he have another sandy potentially on his hands? >> no, what he has, he understands that you possibly get two to four feet above normal. as far as tidal flooding goes. about what we've been telling people for such a long time, this cycle that we're in along the eastern seaboard is slarm to the 1950s where you had eight major hurricanes along the eastern seaboard in seven years. there's nothing mysterious about it. this big storm, another one or two. and then the following hurricane season. they're linked together. >> thank you, my friend. we'll be monitoring them for you. we're looking at at least 3,000
2:00 pm
flights delayed or canceled today. i think we're up to about 8,000 over the last couple of days going into the weekend. if you have nothing else to do this weekend but watch "the cost of freedom" and your money. and fox news and fox business. keep them on concurrently. that's all you can do. hello, i'm eric bolling, along with kimberly guilfoyle, ebony williams, dana perino and jesse waters, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." he's been the republican front-runner for months. his momentum nearly unstoppable. now there's a new campaign to try to take down donald trump. it's spear-headed by the "national review." it's new issue dedicated entirely to trump. labelling him a threat to conservatism. here's the editor, rich lowry. >> if you truly are a conservative, you believe in ideas and principles, it's not just attitudes and who you dislike. it's limited go


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