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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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domestic violence, beautiful women. >> we love pleasure having you with us. >> dvr to never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" now. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we're following the major weather system that is expected to dump two and a half feet of snow in some places in the east. including right here in and around washington, d.c. besides the snow. forecasters are calling for gale-force winds, white-out conditions and coastal flooding. parts of arkansas and tennessee have eight inches of snow. parts of kentucky have more than a foot. seven people have died in storm-related crashes already. we'll have fox team coverage of the storm in just a few minutes. but first tonight what could be the most damaging allegation yet against hillary clinton. in her email scandal. we're learning tonight that among clinton's communications on her private unsecured server,
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were details about human intelligence assets. people. whose lives were and are at risk in service to this country. chief intelligence krort catherine herridge is here with breaking details. >> one of the clinton emails contained intelligence about human spying according to the intelligence community's findings that the inspector-general shared with congress. two sources tell fox news that an intelligence agency shared the information which contained human intelligence reporting in ongoing operations. it's not publicly known whether the clinton email revealed details identifying the source. the source's nationality or affilation. according to the office of the director of national intelligence, this category of intelligence found in clinton's email is used to protect deep-cover assets quote. quote exceptionally fragile and unique intelligence community, clandestine human operations and methods, not intended tore dissemination outside the
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originating agency. dan mcguire is a special operations veteran who spent 40 years handling highly classified information. said this kind of compromise is a serious matter. >> there's a cause and effect between a disclosure of such sensitive material and the impact both on national security for the united states and national impact on the other end of that spectrum. particular sources. >> earlier this week, as first reported by fox, the inspector general's unclassified letter several clinton emails containing classified information. some classified beyond top secret known as special access programs in a radio interview a former secretary of defense said it was more likely than not russian hackers targeted clinton's private server. >> given the fact that the pentagon acknowledges they get attacked about 100,000 times a day. i think the odds are pretty high. >> lawyers asked a federal judge for a month extension to finish releasing the last group of
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clinton emails due on the 29th. the department spokesman said the blizzard and government shutdown are partly to blame. >> your first look at the latest fox news poll on the presidential race. donald trump continues to hold a comfortable double-digit lead over ted cruz ant the rest of the republican field. this occurs as some establishment republicans seem to reconsidering their initial suspicions of trump. while a group of conservative thinkers is slamming the billionaire. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel has more. >> the republican race reveal as two tiers on the republican side. donald trump leads with 34%. ted cruz is second with 20%. and marco rubio at 11%. dr. ben carson at 8%. everyone else at 4:00 or less. our pollsters say one of the most notable things is none of the lower-tier candidates has been able to get any oxygen. the fox poll asked gop primary
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voters if there's any candidate they could not support against the democrat in november. 15% say they would refuse to vote for trump. 10% mentioned jeb bush. at this critical stage tension is building. >> ten days out from the iowa caucuses, feeling like a two-man race on the republican side, with donald trump versus ted cruz. trump is out with an ad attacking cruz on immigration. >> i want immigration reform to pass. allows those here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> cruz is running an ad attacking businessman trump on the issue of eminent domain. >> seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them like trump. >> the national review came out against trump featuring 22 conservative voices like glenn beck to bill crystal. >> they wrote donald trump is a menace to american conservatism who would take the work of
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generations and tran pell it underfoot. trump punched back on twitter. national reviews of failing publication that has lost its way. its circulation is way down with its influence being at an all-time low. april 25th of last year, trump tweeted to the publication, really important to save national review from going out of business. we need a true conservative voice. former florida governor jeb bush defended national review. >> donald trump needs to defend why he was supportive of hillary and bill clinton, why he gave money to the foundation. why he gave money to her campaign. why he thought hillary clinton would be a great negotiator when it comes to iran. >> then trump retweeted an apparent white supremicist criticism of bush featuring this photo saying poor jeb i could have sworn i saw him outside trump tower the other day. many republicans are worried it's down to cruz versus trump after waiting for months for senator marco rubio to break through in new hampshire rubio
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took this swipe at cruz. >> i think people are learning a lot about ted cruz and the fact that he portrays himself as a consistent conservative. but the fact is he's been very calculated on some of those positions and donald is pointing that out and the press and others are pointing that out. >> the with the entire east coast bracing for snowmageddon. it's having an impact on the campaign trail. new jersey governor chris christie announced he would leave new hampshire for the garden state to snowmageddon or snow pock lips. it's safe to say in d.c. most folks are hunkered down. ready to ride out a storm that affects tens of millions of people in the east. fox team coverage, meteorologist janice dean is in the weather center in new york with what we can expect. we begin with correspondent peter doocy here in washington. braving the elements with what's happening right now.
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we know the conditions are getting dangerous because officials told everybody in the region to start sheltering in place for the weekend. starting at 3:00 p.m. right now d.c. bus service suspended. d.c. metro rail service completely shutting down for the weekend at 11:00 p.m. it's the longest it's been closed in the 40-year history of the system. the federal government had safety in mind earlier when it sent employees home at noon. that decision made storm prep more difficult. because trucks using salt, brine and beat juice got caught in a mid-day rush hour. next up come the plows for virginia governor terry mcauliffe said he's this kind of clean-up is going to cost his state's taxpayers, $200 million. air travelers impacted more than anyone. some carriers are canceling all
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flights in and out of affected areas. more than 7,000 cancellation force today and tomorrow. cared with 6100 delays and those numbers are expected to continue growing. the storm turned off the lights and the heat for many families in the carolinas. there are 25,000 customer there is without power. and a pair of outages in the mid-atlantic, sent people shopping. store shelves were bare this afternoon. residents seem to be taking warnings about the danger of the snow and winds seriously. one product retailers were able to keep well stocked. beer. our affiliate wttg tagged along with a local distributor working overtime and using extra trucks to drop off all the weekend cases before the storm hit. this distributor bob hall has some stores supplied with enough cases for the demand that could come if people are off work next week, too, because of the snow. there may be one bright spot in a big storm just ahead of tomorrow night when people are
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going to be tunneling out of their own houses. brett? >> peter, thanks. let's get an update and a forecast from janice dean. >> it's good to have the beer. let's look at the snowfall totals, already we have seen over half a foot of snow in the carolinas and arkansas and virginia. and this storm has not even come off the coast yet. we're expecting the worst of the conditions to come overnight tonight. and into tomorrow. high pressure to the north. tight pressure gradient. these are isobars. when you see them packed like that. it means we're going to see very strong winds in some places close to hurricane-force wind gusts, which is why we have a blizzard warning in effect for 30 million people. including the d.c. area. forecast temperatures, this is going to be a long duration event. especially for d.c. 36 hours of heavy snow and wind and that's why we're into an
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emergency situation. and the temperatures are going to remain cold. that's one of the main ingredients we have in place is below-freezing temperatures, that's why we're going to see the incredible amounts of snow that we're fosting. blizzard warnings. 30 million people affected. and this is going to last really overnight tonight nooxt tomorrow and sunday. and here's your forecast snowfall. i mean in some cases we're getting 20 inches, 30 inches and again this could be one of the top five, maybe the top two snowfalls, d.c. has ever seen. moving up towards jersey, long island. new york. that's where we start to see the numbers taper off because we're going to see a mixing of freezing rain, sleet, to put the numbers down a little bit as we head north into new england. but again brett, we have been forecasting this for the last several days. d.c. in the bull's eye, this is going to be an epic and dangerous storm system. so people are urged to listen to their local weather fosters and
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their local officials. back to you. >> this is like your super bowl. two weeks ahead of the super bowl. >> are you ready to shovel? >> i'm ready. janice, thank you very much. >> home sales shot up in december and finished off a big year for the industry. americans bought about $5.25 million homes in 2015. the median sales price rose about 7%, another big recovery day on wall street. the dow gained 211. the s&p 500 was up 38, the nasdaq surged 119. the dow had its first positive week of the year. gaining two-thirds of 1%. the s&p was up about 1.5 and the nasdaq finished ahead 2.33. state court of appeals in kansas is refusing to green light a first in the nation ban on a common second-trimester abortion method sometimes referred to as a dismemberment
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abortion. today 7-7 ruling upholds a lower court decision. an appeal to the state's supreme court there is expected. demons in washington this afternoon braved the weather as well. they held the annual march for life despite the harsh foment. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has the story. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a fight we can and will win. >> 2016 contender carly fiorina was one of several high-profile pro life voices who joined thousands on the national mall for the annual march for life. held on the anniversary of the supreme court's roev. wade decision. >> we're from south dakota, we're used to it. >> it's all about love, all about pro life. >> pro life advocates say their newest strategy is to find common ground. aid cording to a new poll that shows americans 80%.
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that includes two-thirds of those who self-identified as pro choice. >> science is on our side. public opinion is on our side. we are winning this fight, ladies and gentlemen. >> this march to the heart of washington ends essentially where the debate really heated up decades ago at the u.s. supreme court which decided roe v. wade, essentially leaguizing abortion nationwide. >> today president obama issued a statement vowing to protect the right. against efforts to underminor overturn them. adding in america every single one of us deserves the rights, freedoms and opportunities to fulfill our dream. the battle returns to the supreme court on march 2nd. a texas law will be considered requi requires texas doctors have admitting privileges within 30 miles of their clinic. >> it's wrong for the anti-abortion industry to use that as a ruse to shut down
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clinics and to prevent women from getting the health care that they deserve. >> in washington, shannon breen, fox news. first the iranians, now is president obama easing up on the russians? >> first here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. wsvn, a police officer was shot while sitting in his cruiser. authorities say a suspect fired eight times at the miami gardens officer who was hit once in the lower body. police captured the alleged gunman, the officer is expected to be okay. fox 9 in the twin cities, a day care something investigated after a report of 4-year-old child was forced to stand outside in subzero wind chills without a coat. as a form of punishment. a concerned citizen called police. investigators are talking to day care staff and parents. and the state human services department is also looking into it. a live look at honolulu from our fox affiliate khon. the big story there tonight -- a
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memorial service for 12 marines lost at sea last week after two helicopters went down off the coast of hawaii. the search for the marines was called off tuesday and their status changed from missing to deceased. late this afternoon president obama released a statement expressing his deepest sympathies to the families. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed?
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breaking news out of canada. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says five people have been killed and two are in critical condition after a school shooting in a remote area of saskatchewan. the acting mayor there says a suspect has been taken into custody. the shooting occurred in an aboriginal community in the province. police and the school's facebook page say the school is in lockdown. an american college student something held prison anywhere north korea tonight. he is otto wormbier from the university of virginia. north korea said the student was arrest ford what it calls a hostile act orchestrated by the american government to undermine the country.
3:20 pm
the state department says it is aware of the reports. after trying to stick, president obama may be about to use the carrot again to pursue foreign policy among the uncooperative. first, it was a iran, now russia. correspondent kevin corke fills us in from the white house. sanctions relief windfall. only this time it's russia that stands to benefit. and secretary of state john kerry said it could happen within months? >> with effort and with bona fide legitimate intent to solve the problem on both sides, it is possible that the next months to find those minsk agreements implemented and to get to a place where sanctions can be appropriately. because of the full implementation, removed. >> but kerry says the russians first will have to live up to the minsk agreement brought on by the collapse of a cease-fire. the deal was supposed to get
3:21 pm
moscow and kiev to the bargaining table. but the kremlin violated accord by continuing assaults on ukraine. the obama administration retaliated with heavy sanctions. but they failed to alter russia's behavior. the white house is now poised to try a familiar tactic in an effort to forge a breakthrough. call it dollars for diplomacy. a combination of sanctions relief. financial incentives, even prisoner swaps in exchange for diplomatic cooperation. it's a strategy the administration used in reopening relations with communist cuba. in implementing the iran nuclear deal and perhaps next on the russias. >> vladimir putin has ignored the president's sanctions and warnings in ukraine and crimea. secretary kerry is trying to find a way to patch relations with russia and maybe look the other way on certain issues, so the president can leave office on a high note concerning relations with moscow. >> washington wants moscow to help end the war in syria. by pressuring dictator bashar al assad to leave power. according to the "financial
3:22 pm
times," russian president vladimir putin may be on board. the paper says he sent an emissary to damascus to ask assad to step down. who refused. our kremlin official later refuted the account saying no, that's not so. meanwhile, the tensions between the two nations continues as the u.s. announcing today the decertification of five russian consular offices here in this country in retaliation for poor treatment of u.s. diplomats. those offices were in california, utah, minnesota, florida and puerto rico. a sixth office in colorado was unaffected. >> kevin corke, live on a snowy north lawn. thank you. to a fast-ending story you've probably never heard before. it involves an ever-dwindling group of cuban who is are not terror suspects, but have been guests of the u.s. at guantanamo bay for decades. why after all these years, their fates are now in doubt.
3:23 pm
>> the 32 cuban who is live on the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay, cuba, thought they were coming for a visit. a few months until tensions between the u.s. and the revolutionary government of fidel castro simmered down. according to the "wall street journal" video showed, a few months turned into 50 years. for some, crossing the gate meant leaving their old world forever. phillip gale that included his son. >> when i leave it was a few years, one month and five days old. now he's 52 years of age. and i haven't seen him again. >> cubans were day laborers who worked on the u.s. base and faced increasing pressure from the cost roh government as relations between the two nations soured. the u.s. naval commander offered temporary asylum on the base. over the years barracks turned into houses and now for those in their '80s and '90s, assisted living facility naxtd to free
3:24 pm
housing, the cubans receive free medical care and subsidized meals on the base. many became american citizens and left for america. others decided to stay on the base. >> they take care of us real good here. don't charge you rent and a lot of things that they, they give you here, you know, if you live somewhere else, you'd have to pay for it. >> with the current thawed relations between the u.s. and cuba, there are renewed concerns over the fate of the 32 cubans who are officially known as special category residents. or special cats for short. the u.s. some say has an obligation to those who chose america 50 years ago. >> if you serve the people of the u.s. you must be protected. i can't imagine that any administration would be so insane as to simply say, we're leaving, we're packing up and leaving. >> the state department says the status of the 32 cubans, the special cats, is not a part of any current negotiations between the u.s. and cuba.
3:25 pm
bret? >> steve harrigan in miami. dozens of refugees trying to get to europe paid with their lives today. at least 42 people died, including 17 children. when two smuggling boats sank off different greek islands. coast guard officers and other boaters pulled nearly 70 survivors from the sea. hillary clinton playing the race card against bernie sanders? what that tells us about how she's getting along in this election. that's next.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders are exchanging words over one of the most emotional issues in america -- race. ed henry covers the democratic presidential campaign from new hampshire. >> the democratic race is so tight, today in new hampshire, hillary clinton borrowed some of bernie sanders' script. >> it's wrong that you've got
3:30 pm
millionaires and billionaires whose tax rate is lower than their secretaries. >> and found a not so subtle way to highlight he's a socialist. >> elect a democrat, to follow president obama. >> some of her supporters are going further. injecting race with long-time clinton alley david bro flat-out alleging sanders does not care about african-americans. with the african-american vote being so pivotal in the south. sanders camp moved quickly to release exerts from an interview with "ebony" magazine. >> i understand that the african-american community feels they've not got an fair shake. i got it. >> clinton allies claim that sanders does not get it. based on his new tv ad. >> brock who runs a superpac, charges in the "associated press" there's so few minority faces it's an affront to the democratic party. from this ad it seems black
3:31 pm
lives don't matter much to bernie sanders. the group on stage with clinton today was not too diverse. michael briggs sharply defended the senator's civil rights record and criticized brock. briggs adding quote today he's lying about senator sanders. she should be ashamed of her association with brock. >> brock was exploiting the awkward moment when sanders tangled with black lives matters protesters. >> i think what i was incensed about was two years maybe a little bit more about what is going on in the african-american communities in terms of their relationship with the police. that i did not fully appreciate. >> though in an interview with cnn, clinton struggled in a year for outsiders, to try to deny she's more establishment than
3:32 pm
sanders. >> are you the establishment? >> i don't understand what that means. he's been in congress, he's been elected to office a lot longer than i have. >> now you heard at the top of the show, the state department is delaying the release of the next batch of clinton emails beyond the end of the january. they say in part because of the snowstorm in washington. the rns just out with a statement saying it's a political move to protect clinton. make sure the emails come out after iowa, new hampshire and beyond. so we've reached out. no comment from the clinton camp. bret? >> ed henry live in new hampshire. thank you. this election season we're bringing you an exciting new feature to "special report" -- through the fox news election, hq 2016 app. it's called "special report," the contenders, it allows you the voters to see which candidate you most agree and disagree with. on the biggest issues facing our nation. here's how it works. you'll be asked to rate a series of anonymous quotes from the
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candidates. to agree with a quote, touch and drag the slider to the right. if you strongly agree, drag farther to the right to disagree with a quote, touch and drag the slider to the left. and if you strong lyly disagree drag the slider farther left. if you have no opinion, tap on the center of the slider. after you've gone through all the quotes, rate the topic how important it is to you on a scale of 1-5. each week we'll bring you a different topic, a different chance to see how your views line up with 2016 presidential candidates. every wednesday on "special report" we'll highlight america's results to see how the nation voted on this week's topic and which candidate you seem to agree or disagree with most. be sure to download the fox news election 2016 hq app. can you participate in "special report" the contenders to see your results, i'm going to make the panelists do it as well. we'll take a look at the fox
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...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. it sounded like he wanted the bill to pass. >> bret, of course i wanted the bill to pass. my amendment to pass. >> you said the bill. >> what my amendment did was take citizenship off the table. it doesn't mean that i supported the other aspects of the bill. >> eminent domain. fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them like trump. >> think eminent domain is wonderful. >> trump won't change the system. he's what's wrong with it. >> okay, two ads out today, one trump attacking ted cruz, one cruz attacking donald trump.
3:39 pm
this as we have new national polls from fox news. just out at the top of the hour. and you have donald trump with a comfortable lead over the rest of the field. ted cruz in second. and rubio far in third. and eventually you're going to actually see this poll. it's fox poll number 1. there you see the rest of the field. carson, bush and kasich. and republicans refusing to support against the democrat. these candidates, and there you see trump leading 15%, bush at 10%. christie at 8%. let's bring in steve hayes senior writer for the "weekly standard," and kristen powers for "u.s.a. today" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> the major trump collapse is happening. he was at 39 last month and he's 34 today. there's no trump collapse. he has an incredible lead over ted cruz. the fact that he can sustain the lead and has sustained it for
3:40 pm
six months i think is a credit to his candidacy. we'll see how long it lasts now that he and ted cruz are fully engaged. one of the most remarkable things about this election so far, and we talked about this the other night. is that donald trump really hasn't been hit on the air waves at all. there's been virtually no republican paid media campaign against donald trump. either attacking him on his positions, views or ideology or character. it appears that's beginning now. >> today rush limbaugh was talking about this battle between one and two. donald trump and ted cruz. and here's what he had to say. >> it is fair to say that hillary clinton is the candidate of the democratic establishment. all right. every other day -- >> obviously that was not rush limbaugh. that was bernie sanders. tell me when we have rush
3:41 pm
limbaugh. he doesn't look like bernie sanders, and here he is. >> look, folks, you and i know the republican establishment no more wants donald trump than they want cruz. they don't want either of them. but they hate cruz. they despise -- because they're afraid of ted cruz. trump, on the other hand, they don't even think is a republican. when you get right down to brass tacks, people don't even think he's a republican. >> this comes as national review has this whole issue about anti-trump. kisten? >> i think he's right when you talk to a lot of establishment republicans, you will hear this idea if we have to choose sides, we better go with trump because maybe he's somebody we can work with. versus ted cruz has made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with the republican establishment. he's made it his job to sort of make things difficult for them. think the most interesting thing in the fox news poll is that you have only 15% of republicans saying they wouldn't vote for
3:42 pm
donald trump. what does that tell you? that tells you if he can, can continue to prevail against ted cruz, which he's i think taken a lot of hits from donald trump in the last week or so, that people are willing to switch over and vote for donald trump. that's huge. because it's been cast as donald trump being this outsider in the race that republicans aren't going to get behind. i don't think the poll is saying that. >> "national review" saying that trump is not a conservative. trump tweeting back from last night. the late great william f. buckley would be ashamed of what had happened to his prize. the dying "national review." charles? >> it seems like anybody who attacks the trump is dying one way or the other. either loser or dying. it's getting a little bit old. what's so interesting about this, i think is the timing. i think there's a reason why this is now coming out, "national review." pushing back. i think they have a sense, that we may be approaching a moment, an inflection point where
3:43 pm
essentially the so-called establishment, i hate the term. the mainstream republicans, decide to throw in the towel on the trump candidacy. have a sense that he's inevitable. some of them because they really can't stand cruz. but i think it's larger than that. and you may get the beginning, beginning with a trickle maybe, a larger, a river or a stream, of establishment mainstream governors or senators, i talked about this last night. you get oun or two start to endorse trump essentially as a signal that's okay. he's become normalized, the number of people who are against him, sixor eight months ago, is about 60%, 59%. if you're down to 15%, there's an acceptance. that's why i think the "national review" people thought we got to push back now, make this a federal case and hope that this will be delayed or postponed. until a candidate out of the
3:44 pm
mainstream emerges. >> it's interesting they didn't endorse. they did this whole piece about anti-trump. didn't endorse one other candidate. >> they didn't endorse. maybe they will, but they were clear with the 22 offers. very few of whom could possibly be considered republican or conservative establishment. eric. thomas sewell, glenn beck, these are not republican establishment types. you read trump's tweet about william f. buckley and trump alluded to william f. buckley last week when he was talking about other conservatives from manhattan. if trump admired william f. buckley. buckley did not admire trump. wrote the resistance to a destructive -- the "national review" writers in the symposium are doing exactly what buckley
3:45 pm
would have prescribed. >> so it is friday and that means we take a trip to -- candidate casino on the republican side. and we will see where everyone's $100 chips will lie. the candidate casino, sometimes it takes awe little bit longer to get to the casino. we are making our way there. and the house is -- in. $100 in chips. >> i really thought about upping my beer budget this week. i kept it at $5 for a door county brew company. $30 each on trump, cruz and rubio. i think it's a three-man race. basically a three-man race, with this kind of volatility. think anything could happen. kirsten? >> i have 40 on trump, 25 on cruz, 25 on rubio and 10 for wild card establishment. of some sort of freak of nature happens and one of them can
3:46 pm
break through. eve sign this more as a two-person race. the more i think about it i'm more inclined to say what steve is saying. there's a chance here that rubio could kind of break through with cruz. i think cruz is getting battered by trump. there could be an opening there. >> a lot of people on twitter. more on cruz on twitter. dunbar appeal. charles? >> the current consensus. what good consensus have been for the last six months. trump, cruz and rubio in that order. i have it at $40, $30, $20, but i've upped the wine, women and song because i really need solace right now. >> i do want to mention the only candidate here today for the march for life was karlie fiorina and this obviously took place in the middle of a blizzard that was on its way. and she made some remarks that
3:47 pm
were obviously very well received. here in washington. an annual event, one that is motivating social conservatives to this day. >> it was fascinating. i drove, i tried to get across the mall from one side of the mall to the other. driving through the march of life and you know, they have the streets all closed off. extraordinary number of people who were there marching, particularly given the threatening weather. this happens year after year. there are very few media outlets that cover it i think it's kudos to fox for covering it. kudo force carly fiorina for going and kudos to the marchers for having the dedication to show up. >> next up, the democrats. through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
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okay. we're going down to the democratic candidate casino with bernie sanders and hillary clinton going head to head. and you have some poll numbers that are going bernie sanders'' way momentum wise. charles, your $100 for the democratic nominee. >> $80 on hillary and 20 on biden. zero on zan ders. >> zero on sanders? positioned to win iowa and new hampshire, potentially. >> look, i'm here to make money. not to make -- >> -- the house just wants to warn itstfats betters.
3:52 pm
>> you sound like trump, owner of a casino here. look, it is -- i wrote three months ago that unless indicted or i would add unless she has a criminal referral, hillary is going to be the nominee. yes, i understand the sanders' phenomenon. i think he will win iowa. he will crush her in new hampshire but where does he go after that? i do think the one scenario that i can see is if she is indicted or there is a criminal referral, then biden steps in as the savior. and i think he might have a chance. it gets really messy and complicated. but, even though i have been extremely wrong so far this year, on the republican side, as the5í)ñ< democratic i think i have some insight there they are not going to elect a 74-year-old socialist who honeymooned in the soviet union. >> we have that bernie sanders ad, a strong ad that is running, i think in both new hampshire and iowa.
3:53 pm
♪ ♪ america [cheers] >> kirsten, if you can get simon and garfunkel in the democratic party, that's pretty good stuff. $100 in chips. and 10 on -- i mean 70 and 30 on sanders. i do think clinton is still pro-himmive favorite for the reasons that charles just described. look, sanders is going to do well in iowa and new hampshire where there are a lot of liberal white voters after that the terrain changes and he drops a state that's 9 5% white. he doesn't have the relationship with the african-american voters that the clintons havec1mççç and you need nonwhite voters to win democratic primary. >> $100 in chips. >> so i'm low on hillary again. i'm 60 on miller. 20 on sanders and 20 on the field. by the field i do not
3:54 pm
myanmar continue o'malley. i mean elizabeth warren. michael mukasey had a case today in the "wall street journal" laying out the case clinton in effect. i think entirely possible that she be indict. if you talk to national security lawyers, intelligent professionals, military officials they will tell you the facts as we know them publicly and there is a lot we don't know publicly suggest that she would be indicted. comby, fbi director basically has the guts and integrity to push that forward and whether loretta lynch does as well. >> a lot of chips on hillary clinton. thank you, panel. but stay tuned. the panel is staying here. winners and losers next. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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finally tonight, a lightning winners and losers. charles? >> the winner is our beloved anchor, bret baier. the epic cage match. >> shut up. >> you are eating into my time. >> come on. >> the epic cage match between trump and cruz starts out with two huge attack ads. each of which features you undressing the other guy, which is, i think, a tribute. double demolition. you should be getting a commission on these ads. loser, academy awards, as with the meltdown in the universities, the cultural left is eating its own, well
3:59 pm
deserved, grab a seat, pass the popcorn, let's watch. >> winners and losers. >> i have two winners, one is bret baier and the other is donald trump. 10 days out from iowa and he is winning and here we are talking about it. i think that's a huge accomplishment for him. >> loser? >> and loser is hillary. she had a rough times week with the "new york times" past. >> winner sanders. and loser right to rise. $60 million. 20 promoting bush. 20 hitting marco rubio. >> my winner in the middle standing guard marching at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery every minute of every hour in the middle of this blowing snow. thank you for your service and sacrifice.
4:00 pm
that's my winner this week. it's a winner for the year. thanks forj3÷tj inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and you will still unafraid. this is3ó a fox news alert. that threatening monster snow storm has begun. more than 8 a million americans now in the path of this unforgiving blizzard. the massive storm gaining speed, growing stronger and changing minute by minute. "on the record" has live team coverage from the bulls eye of the storm. washington, d.c. and up and down the east coast. plus, a live update on thousands of flights cancelled nationwide. but, first, just how bad could it get? and what do you need to know? fox meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice? >> here we are, greta. and it's happening. the storm itself has not even gotten its act together. the worse of it coming overnight and into tomorrow night. i want to give you some statistics here. the


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