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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. >>'s massive winter storm. and ice in the southeast and feet of the snow in midatlantic and new england. this massive system is expected to pound the parts of the northeast for hours. welcome to a special second hour of the fox report. here in new york city, the blizzard could go down as one of the top five of all time. two feet of snow expected and a travel ban in affect right now. some areas in washington d.c. seeing 30 inches of now. water front communities including new jersey braced for a high storm surge and they are not out of the woods as of yet.
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thousands of flights are cancelled all over the country and more cancelled tomorrow. and the vast scope of how many people are impacted. take a look at the map. look at the map. there is 11 states of emergency in affect. washington d.c. in a snow emergency. we start with kelly wright in new york city times square. lights are bright but broadway is dim. first time in a long time broadway snows cancelled tonight. kelly, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: it looks good. everyone is playing and want to get on camera. broadway closed down at the advice of mayor de blasio. he commended them for doing that for the right move and that was the fact that he didn't want employees stuck here in the city.
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and all of the people in sometimes square and showing off for the camera and they are having a good time. it is new york. that's what you do when it is snowing and you are in a blizzard of 2016. and we can show you what is happening. some areas people are coming down to enjoy times square and we are taking pictures of them. >> we have three feet. i am from boston. >> you can handle this. >> yes we can. >> we have three foot. >> what do you think of new york? >> it is good>> reporter: before it gets out of control. we'll try to focus away from the crowd. we'll show you other things. and go on and show times square in terms of what is happening.
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there is a snow bands between dc and new york. that could make a record tonight. they are expecting the snow to last until midnight and then taper off. it is not as bad as it was earlier in the day. you can see people are taking it in stride. blizzard of 2016 is a big times square party. back to you. >> when does the ball drop? oh, that's right. it is not new year's eve. >> people can't get in the cars and so they go outside and act crazy. thank you kelly. sneshgs here is a look at the accum oulgz in northern new jersey. two feet of snow and coming down still by the way. janice dean is live in the weather center. where would you rather be. times square or your weather
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center. >> that's easy. >> people are going crazy. >> what else to do. they can't travel or eat or go to broadway, we are lucky we just saw that. >> make a fool of yourself on national tv. >> there were no swearing and clothes taken off. look at this. i think i will make a prediction. not laguardia, but central park at 25.1 inches of snow. and the record set back ten years is 26.2 i think we are going to be in one and we'll find out that in the next couple of hours. we saw snow as early as yesterday morning in dc. and it tops though not as heavy. >> no in philadelphia and new jersey and hartford and boston, you are getting this. this is not a record breaker for you. heavy snow reported at 25
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degrees. and we are finding this storm down. which is good news. wind gusts long the coast. 20- 40 miles per hour. and 50 in nan tucket and so the blizzard warnings are in affect because of the blowing snow. the snow could stop. but the blowing snow will make it dangerous that is why we have a travel ban. 30 million people still in a blizzard warning. and those are the conditions that set us apart. and three hours your visibility is reduced and sustained winds and frequent gusts of 35 miles per hour. and we have seen 85 miles per hour gusts. this is for the history books. and on store winds will diminish. but we have a flooding threat.
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high tide right now and making flooding a big concern over the next couple of hours especially in new jersey and then the future radar overnight tonight. it is out of here and that is great news and hopefully take a sigh of relief. and temperatures will warm up monday and tuesday. and so the snow will melt, julie, i know. i know you love the. >> i don't like melted snow. >> i think we are going to be in one new york. >> what could way would there be. >> you are right. >> and so a traveling nightmare in the country and winter storm forcing thousands of flights to not be departing. washington d.c. and new york
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shutting down all arrivals. they hope to get back to normal. but united airlines called it quits until monday in the entire washington d.c. area. here in new york city and washington metro area a mess and not over yet. >> fox weather coverage will condition with a justice with judge ja nine right here on the fox nows channel. we'll have more next and what to expect in your neck of the woods. it is leaving a mess in the jersey shore and some are trying to bounce back from hurricane sand ep. ...reimagined. style... -- sandy. ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling.
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>> more now on the cancelled floats in the midoast. daniel thank you very much more talking to us. flight aware is a great app that i have to track flights. a lot of people who are waiting for flights they don't wait and the majority cancelled. what is it looking like? >> it is looking bad. airlines have cancelled over 10000 flights and the airlines
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and passengers hope it would pass through this evening. and it would be operating in a. and they will not operate out of the washington d.c. area tomorrow. and they will be offer limited out of the newark. and this is a tough time for passengers, for example, business travellers who begin the travel week tomorrow and the folks that are displaced. >> there is no good time for a storm. we are talking about how if it hit on a weekday it would be a absolute nightmare. we rely on ground transportation. with this storm hitting on a we think week versus a weekday would the impact be worse or less or a blessing to happen on
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the weekend. >> it is better. this is one of the travel days of the week. there is not a ton of people displaced. they were displaced on friday eaching and we are talking hundreds of thousands of people who will not get to where they are going. >> a lot of people want to make it to work by p monday and we know cancellations on sunday. and united airlines i am sure you heard called it quits until monday and they are grounded in the washington d.c. area. >> and see they say we will resume operations. it is in the wrong place. and so, it is it another day to get back ago. and we hope that sunday night will be. and you are looking at tuesday morning before we are operating
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flights in the nation. and the reality hundreds of cancellationings on monday. they will not get back up in full swing monday morning. >> when do you foresee that the entire country rebounds from this weekend's storms with the thousands of cancellations and tens of thousands of people stranded and flight crews who have to get to the proper airport to get people home? >> i think we are looking at tuesday will start to be good and can late today better. international flights. if you are trying to fly to from europe and you need the monday night to pick you up before you can come back. most people it is it going to be tuesday when people will feel better can and get confirmed seats and airlines are at the
5:15 pm
whim of the transportation authority. the airports can operate quickly. the runways are clear and taxi ways. but the subways are not operating and how does the tsan and airport employees get to the aurpt. the airlines have to figure out when they will get the planes in. and no one to fuel the airline and that sort of thing. >> daniel baker thank you love the app. >> coastal area getting hit with a double whammy. snow piling up and all of that precipitation forcing organization levels to rise and streets flooding with icy water. and david lee miller as more. >> juliey, point pleas apt beach is a new jersey resort community that has been anything but pleasant in the storm.
5:16 pm
take a look at yourself the conditions. and entire state and much of the northeast. high winds and freezing temperatures and snowfall that reached two feet. high tide, raging surf lapped at the front door of the homes and businesses here. and a inlet with a history of flooding, did not pose a serious threat. but in the southern part it is it a different story. communities on the coast flooding was a problem. there was a small number of mandatory vakzs. an army of the trucks and plows were on the streets and resident bebegan the long and difficult process of getting dugout. chris christie returned home because of the storm and declared a state of emergency. >> once i knew it was a significant and your state is getting a foot and half to two
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foot. this is my job and my first onligation and always been that way. and so i have cam 59ing work in new hampshire. it can wait. first i do my job. >> reporter: earlier today. a transformer exploded and causing parts of the community to be left in the dark. now throughout the state because of the storm, there are tens of thousands of people without electricity. it will likely take utility crews several days before all of the repairs can be completed. >> businesses along the new jersey coast line taking a peting due to the snow storm. and a restaurant store owner setting up the scene in new jersey. a river of icy water over taking that street. and now you can see how high it is compared to those benches
5:18 pm
there. jason is owner of steak a le. and the high ties are huge concerns on the coastal communities and in cape may in those areas. highatoids come tomorrow morning is a big concern. how is it looking where you are? >> it was quite a morning. i was expecting to open up. last night i was going to open my business for breakfast. and i saw the advice and we closed. i looked out of my window and thought i could have opened and 15 minutes later i heard xhegz and there was raging waters coming around the corner. >> we are watching the video right now and it is truly hard to believe. thinking of how frigid those waters and halfway up a stop side. what happens tomorrow?
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>> tomorrow we hope and pray we don't get water as high as it was this morning and when i left the island recently tides were coming back up and not looking good. >> y evacuated. we talked about how there are voluntary evacuation and no mandatory evacuations. it so manied evacuating an area in which you showed up was the smart way out. are people evacuating? >> it seems like they got out. there is some friends. but there is a concern. i saw the water come around i heeded all advice and made me way out of town. >> how did you get out of town by the way? there is a lot of warnings. you are not trying to go through the high snow bank ps and drifts but rising waters where you are. and i don't care, if you are in
5:20 pm
high water that is it when a car can get swept away. how did you get out and others that managed to evacuate? >> we had a small window when the tide went down and i went to move my car to higher ground and the police chief said there was an ongoing fire that i couldn't get to my car because of fire houses. and an a customer to meet me in the bridge. and that's how i got out of town. >> there is power line there is. and power polls in that video and our reporter david lee miller talking about transformers exploding. you mix it with water and a person standing in it. you cannot get more dangerous than that. >> i had no water this afternoon. and then the power went out.
5:21 pm
and no water, heat or power p. it was not safe to stay and it was tough getting out of town, but i managed. >> beach erosion is a concern. a lot of areas hit hard by hurricane sandy are still not rebounded yet. how is insurance looking for all of the business owners and homeownerses there? a lot of people were hit so hard by hurricane sandy and they could not give you back the losses. what happens after this. >> i was fortunate enough to be one of those people who made out really well. we had considerable damage with sandy. and we were able to rebuild. and i expect fema will operate. we'll move forward and make you know, be ready for the summer. >> good luck to you jason. and your restaurant "steak out" we appreciate you coming on.
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>> thank you. >> our live coverage of the massive storm continues. here is a shot of washington d.c. and a white white house. it is it snowing there over 24 hours at this point. and a heart parming story. a group of high school students doing their best to help other drivers that were stranded on the highway for over 14 hours. e hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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>> this is the fox report. if you are just joining us much of the east coast brought to a skroeching halt. a blizzard brought hurricane force winds and feet of snow. states of emergency are in affect in 11 states. 17 deaths being blamed on the storm. down south there are slippery roads and accidents and downed power lines and new york a travel ban. when the snow is falling this will go down as one of the largest blizzards in the big apple since record- keeping began in the 1860s.
5:27 pm
brian is live in new york city central park. and i am sure you are build ping snow man and snow angels. i know what you do between the live shots. >> reporter: i know you are jealous. you will have fun tomorrow. still in the thick of the storm. 1860s. 1869 when record keeping began. 26.9 is the record. that is the biggest snow storm that hit since then. we had 26 -- or 25.9. and right now. central park. this is the third largest to ever hit 25.1 inches recorded here in central park and it is still snowing and coming down. granted not as much as it has been. but we have a trusty tape measure. 25- 1 is the official measurement.
5:28 pm
where i am standing here 16 inches. that gives awe know idea. and the record is an inch away. people will come to central park and it is clean snow. we have had 17 deaths in the east coast. and throw deaths here in the new york city that were from shovelling and the big news that came out with the travel ban. 7:00 a.m. that will be lifted at 7:00 amaccording to governor cuomo. he's happy with the ban and better to be safe than sorry. julie, i know it could be upsetting for some people and an inconvenience. but he told reporters that it will save lives better to be safe than story. travel ban tomorrow morning and
5:29 pm
mta will reassess how the railways are doing that are above ground around 6:00 tomorrow morning and we'll get that. in terms of the rest of the storm, they expect the snow to continue until midnight and that's from central park right now. >> my main concern for you is safety. i have a couple of request. drop your ruling and hand your microphone to your photographer. i have a request. hand it over. come on, i can't he's too far. don't get it wet. they cost money and foul back and show us how fluffy it is and create a snow averagele. >> you really want me to do it. arms down. and fall back wards x. go brian.
5:30 pm
i love it. it is too dope for a snow angel and somebody call 911. and i love you. brian you sourcely made my day. i hope you have no more live shots. how did that feel. that was great. this is the fun part of being in central part and i can't believe i just did that. the things you make me do julie. >> i am crying. >> reporter: but look, you're welcome. julie. and this is what we do on tv. honest he. they are never giving me an
5:31 pm
extra hour of the fox report ever again. >> thank you. a lot of people are going to do that and i wanted to you test it out for the children. >> reporter: best angel i had ever made. >> i saw more of a dive. it is fluffy. peter doocey said it is crunchy. but it is fluffy here in new york. brian you are the best, thank you. >> reporter: take care. >> so our nation's capitol among the places hardest hit. and snow accumulations topping 20 issues in the white house. and streets are unpassable. the police chief said even droifrs with 4 whole drive vehicles are stuck in the amounts of the storm. peter, how are conditions out
5:32 pm
there right now? >> reporter: julie the best we have seen all afternoon and evening, but they are not great. you mentioned cars with 4 wheel drive are getting stuck. after our live shot two students were stuck in an suv and give you an idea of how long it takes to get them out. it took 30 minutes. and people came out of the hard rock cafe. and it took half an hour. the roads are best in georgetown. and if you want to know the best rods look like. this is it. still kind of a mess. and you are seeing a big car or van driving and spinning its wheels probably going too fast. and it is wisconsin and elm
5:33 pm
street. one of the biggest intersections on weekend nights for bars and restaurants and retail. you can can see hardly condition is out. they have done their best with the roads but there are piles in the middle. that will be be a problem if they don't get it. and big piles on the sides of the roads. that is blowing on to the sidewalk and they are having a hartime getting the sidewalks clear. that will be an issue in places that open up. people are not coming out except to take photos to post to social media and no matter how nasty it is it. just across. river in san antonio national cemetery there are soldiers guarding the time of the unknown soldier.
5:34 pm
they are there during the storm throughout the day today and yesterday has been down right nasty in washington. >> it is beautiful to look at until the mud dirt and slush kicks in, right. >> reporter: you know, it was something. today our big concern was not getting hit by cars spinning out. and the few sed ans had problems going up hills and six the sidewalks were so mostly untouched, people were walking down the middle of the street. and when they are walking down the middle of the street they are sleeping and several were slipping and almost run over by cars. they have gone inside. and conditions are not as bad now but not great here in washington d.c. hopefully though, it will get better overnight and road crews can get out here to make a dent.
5:35 pm
i psychic it around and we can see the street there. they have a long night ahead of them here in washington. stay safe and stay off of the road. peter dos doocey. thank you. more than 500 people or vehicles and more people stuck in the snow on the pennsylvania turnpike. and back up stretching for miles. and they are trying to get people to warm shelter and a group of high school students from kentucky and they spent the entire day on the bus. 14 hours and they manageed to stay positive and took on people stranded in the cold.
5:36 pm
they had extra food and we talked to the chaperon in the first hour. >> >> we stayed still. and we did have heat. we had a rest rom and water on board and food. and basically we just stayed. we prayed and we came together and we remained calm. >> a bunch of good samaritans. pennsylvania governor tom wolf urging everyone to stay off of the roads. business is taking a hit from the blizzard and snow falling and see are profits today. we'll talk about the economic affect of the storm after the break. and the up side to the snow side is. and ignoring warnings to stay inside and hitting the slopes instead.
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support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. >> the blessard affecting the businesses on the east coast. many not open. and those who did shut their doors early. past winter storms cause millions of dollars in damage. charles is on the phone to talk about that. he will be senior correspondent with fox business. how much of a hit are businesses taking? we are talking about stevent million people. you think about the small business owner? >> yeah, we caught a bit of a break. weekend. and it is less shopping and one other thing. this is not super storm sandy.
5:42 pm
that was a disaster and lasted many days and months. this is 1 or 2 day things and dig out of it and then the economic impact is more mouted. if it lasts longer and we are dealing with this next week and many other of these and that's when you have gd, affected. it is it a one off here. the economic impact will be muted. all of the major banks are closed and essentially the northeast from washington to new york. and that will be later on. they expect to be monday. people worry about money in the stops. you go to the a tm. and wells fargo told fox
5:43 pm
business that it had a few outages and j morgan the biggest bank it is working. the effectiveness is muted. >> all branches from j morgan in new jersey and west virginia and connecticut and long island are closed today. atms are working fine and no reports of disruptions and j expects a normal monday morning open. but the businesses reopening on monday the hope is that the towns will get it cleaned up in times. and loss of business in the stores and restaurants and the impact on the economy. that is hourly workers get hit because they can't show up to
5:44 pm
work. if it is a 1 or 2 days, and business travellers are stuck because of our boss bill shine. we came back earlier. we missed the storm. and they are stuck. and they can't get over it. that's the type of impact. figuring out the economic impact is an art than a science. it is not that easy. people delay the purchases and don't kill them. if i want to buy a car i wait until it is over and buy it next week. and hurricanes and storms. it is down to it 60000 without power. and people stuck in the snow drifts. they are better than having real
5:45 pm
drive people. and they are reminded that it is better. it is a long- term buy. and not the fact that you want your bmw. and i think that that is what. if it turned into super storm sandy which was economic damages of 62 billion. it was long-term or a bad weather, that affects the gd, p. one off. probably monday or tuesday we'll talk about something different. >> and based on everything you know. and how severe it is. it is not going to have a big economic impact. >> being on the weekend as well. that's for sure. and the airlines having to cancel flights and it would be a bigger mess.
5:46 pm
>> charles thank you very much. and stay safe and indoors. >> the east coast blanketed with 20 inches of snow. and this thing is not over yet. the pooch taking us on a little tour of the blizzard. it's red lobster's big festival of flavors where you can savor 2 of 7 new and classic creations on one plate for $15.99. and bold flavors ghost pepper bbq shrimp and savory maple-and-bacon shrimp are to good to last so hurry in! i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he
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...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. all right. one last check on the east coast blizzard before we go. senior meteorologist janice stein is live for us. so what can we expect? >> well this storm is winding down the d.c. area but it's still snowing in new york city. so i think we're going to top the list for the greatest snowfalls of all time in new york city. we'll have to wait a couple hours for them to take an official measurement. but for now, first snowstorm on record to drop 18 inches plus at both d.c. and new york city. that's never happened before. for d.c. you are at your second greatest snowfall. for new york right at the third, but rear at 25.1 and we need to
5:51 pm
beat 26.2 which happened ten years ago, and i think that's going to happen. i'm willing to bet things on it. okay. snowfall records here we're at number three, but again, not too far to go. and i think we're going to do it. all right. peak wind gusts. this was impressive. hurricane-force wind gusts. all along the coast. bringing blizzard conditions for a period of well we went into blizzard mode last afternoon. yesterday afternoon. and we will continue to be in blizzard mode until tomorrow morning for a lot of the big cities. so the last 12 hours, this storm is just sitting there bringing a lot of snow to all of the big cities. d.c. baltimore, richmond philadelphia atlantic city new york city. all over long island where at jfk, we have over 27 inches of snow. i believe that's a record for you. and we're getting some snow into boston and hartford. so heavy snow reported in boston. light snow in nyc and philadelphia. we will wrap this storm up tonight in terms of snow.
5:52 pm
we're still going to see blustery conditions. look at those wind gusts. still very strong all along the coast. 30, 40 miles per hour. 51 in nantucket. so those blizzard conditions continue. that's why we don't have anybody on the roadways and parts of mass transit have been shut down across the board here all along the i-95 corridor. still blizzard warnings in effect till tomorrow morning. and then they will be lifted. and hopefully people can dig out and have some fun. but there are your on-shore winds. one thing a big concern is the coastal flooding. we've got flood advisoryies. especially the vulnerable areas from hurricane sandy. so here's your future radar. let's take a look at it. it will be out of here overnight tonight. and then we will be done with this mammoth storm. it's going to be in meteorology textbooks, i pretty much guarantee, and i think we're
5:53 pm
going to see a top snowfall for new york city of all time for tomorrow morning which i think is great news for you. the scary part of it the dangerous part of it of course we want to make sure people are taking safety precautions. but for snow lovers oh! >> it's great. once the wind dies down and everyone's safe and people are allowed to drive again and we can enjoy it afterward, that's always the fun. but, you know a lot of people actually like to get out there and enjoy it in the midst of it. not always the safest idea but you can't stop them all from happening. this massive storm isn't all doom and gloom by any measure. take a look at this. one adrenaline junkie taking advantage of the empty snow-covered roads, snowboarding down this hill in the georgetown section of washington d.c. now, we should note the d.c. mayor warning folks to stay inside. this guy not heeding those warnings. and janice as you know lots of states ordering drivers to stay off the roads during the snowstorm. but are dogs part of the ban? i don't think so. at least not in virginia. >> aww. >> this one in virginia
5:54 pm
apparently not listening to weather warnings taking on the streets in this innertube. how cute. another one not getting along as gracefully in the snow. a rot wiletweiler in pennsylvania falling head first into a snow bank. looks like our brian, right? >> i was just going to say. >> his buddy does a little better though. then that first pup heads back inside. i mean what do dogs think? because they have no idea how deep of snow they're getting into. and they're trying to hop over it. very very cute stuff. >> i think dogs -- dana perrino's dog, jasper loves the snow, i know that. >> and so does he. i mean you can't even see him. now, i'm not going to lie. he's not the biggest guy. he's maybe, like i don't know, 150 pounds wet. but holy smokes. >> you have so much power. >> he's gone. it's amazing! god, i love him. >> that's awesome. that is great. >> i just appreciate a good laugh, you know? especially during you know
5:55 pm
tough times. >> i was very jealous of that. i was extremely jealous. >> you know he wanted to do that all day. but, like what adult does that without being prompted without looking a little ridiculous. >> i love it. >> i did him a favor. janice dean thank you very much. >> have fun in the snow, my honey. are you snowed in and how are you spending your stow day? chester tweets simply listening to music. and alejandro writes "family, wine and boxing on fox tonight in primetime." tweet me. more of your responses after the break.
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5:59 pm
a giant panda enjoying the powder at the national zoo in d.c. like brian, rolling around licking snowflakes from his paws. well that part not exactly, but the video is already going viral. we're told the panda's 5-month-old cub didn't care for the snow at all.
6:00 pm
and that is how "fox report" this saturday january 23rd, 2016. stay safe everyone. thanks for watching. "judge janine" starts now. i'll have more news on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. breaking tonight, a massive winter storm bearing down on the east coast. officials reporting at least 17 deaths related to the storm so far. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us tonight. with iowa just days away i'll talk live with gop presidential front-runner donald trump in just a few minutes. but first let's go live to times square where our own kelly wright has the latest on this winter storm that has shut new york city down. kelly? >> reporter: hey, janine. or judge janine. i'm out here at times square broadway shows are


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