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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that was enlightening, joanne. we've got to go. great job, everybody. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. he will tell us what stories we will be discussing. >> coming up on the big show. donald trump says sarah palin could have a role in his administration. our nation's future has never looked so bright. and the "new york times" reports that lenadonham trashed hillary clinton in private. good to know some things are private. and the keynote speaker is our own tom shillue. can't think of a wider man for
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the -- a whiter man for the job. >> thank you, i guess. is it wednesday already? it is joanne nosuchunsky. don't let his looks fool you. he is in no way an adult. comedian greg stone. she used to sell european equities to the u.s. portfolio managers and a bunch of other things i am not able to understand. and he looks like his hometown contains the word shore. next to me is comedian jimmy fela. >> that's a great one. >> let a start the show. >> donald trump said sarah palin could certainly have a role in his white house, but she probably won't be his running mate. >> would you consider her your running mate? >> well, i don't think of -- to start off, i don't think it is something she would want to do. she has been through that. as you know very badly so many
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people are so disappointed that she didn't support them, but certainly there would be a role somewhere in the administration if she wanted. i am not sure she does want that. >> on tuesday night palin gave a speech at trump's rally in iowa that can be best described as palin-esque. >> how about the rest of us? right winging, proud clinging of our gods and guns and constitution. it is time to drill baby drill down and hold these folks accountable. and then funny, ha, ha, not -- funny. what they are doing is welling trump and his trumpeters. they are not conservative enough. and you keep footing the bill for the nations that are oil rich. we are paying for some of their scwir -- squirmeshs that
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have been going on for centuries. >> so trump thinks palin could have a role in his white house. what might that be? we have some options. secretary of squrmis he es. director of fishing and hunting. the darn tootin deputy of constitutions don't you know. secretary of kicking isis's ass'. and secretary of energy. that last one could work out. >> i love donald trump. i don't think she wants to. if she would want to -- i really don't think she is interested. and she has gone on the record with some journalists saying, you know secretary of nnl would be nice -- secretary of energy would be nice. >> secretary of energy is right up her alley, drill baby drill, alaska, right? >> although oil is at $26 a barrel.
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it is a 13-year low. i am not sure that agenda fits in with current times. >> that is the shale revolution. look, jimmy, let's talk about palin. i mean we have a laugh and everything, but -- i mean she is more exciting than mitch mcconnell. >> she does riel up the base. she looks like the mom who gets the mic taken from her at a wedding. you ever seen a bombed mom, i wanna say something. that's what it looks like. the enthusiasm i like. she did say trump would be our best president since winston churchill. i thought that was nice. but it is embarrassing. it is embarrassing they say this helps him? >> she has her fans. she has her fans. >> but i think they are blinded by party loyalty. it is embarrassing to say she is a buffoon. she is a viable thing. >> what do you mean a viable thing? >> she is a consistent conservative. she is a right wing celeb --
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celebrity. it is a celebrity endorsement. >> you want her around you. you want her around you as comics. you want the opener not to be better than you. if you are carrottop you are not having carlin open for you. she comes out we need to arm the babies. that's kind of crazy, but maybe give homeless some guns. maybe he's not so crazy. she will make him look awesome. >> she's prepared i think she does quite well, right, joanne? look we saw her speak -- that's when she became a republican star when she spoke at the convention and when she was in the debates with joe. you remember joe? she was ready to go. she tries to wing it like trump and she is not as good at winging it. >> definitely. it is a delicate balance. trump is a little better at pleasing and entertaining an audience. i do think this pairing is
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amazing. they would be the best scatergories partners. they would win by not paying attention to the rules and justifying why the rules don't matter. it would be quite entertaining and i would invite them to my dinner party. >> and more importantly trump kicked cruz. >> people have been saying does this endorse meant help or hurt? of course it helps. >> for senator cruz she backed cruz and supported him in texas and they have a long history. he was forced to say no matter what she does i will still back her. i think in the trump versus cruz -- >> let's go to hillary clinton. she has a woman problem and now she has a girls problem. lena done -- donham has been publicly campaigning for
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clinton and even taking over her instagram account. privately she has miss givings. the millennial in chief told guests she was disturbed by how in the 90s the clintons and their allies discredited women who said they had sexual encounters or been sexually assaulted by former president bill clinton. now that these stories are resurfacing it will hamper hillary's attempt to connect with millennial women. bernie sanders had a lead over clinton in new hampshire. helped by support from young women. bernie is the sexy grand dad. >> he is. feel the burn. feeling something. a little heat. >> why do you suppose? what is it about young people -- i won't even say about bernie. what is it people don't like
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about clinton? >> i know some young people. i have been talking to them about it. they think she is a liar. they are recognizing the fact that they think she is corrupt with her foundation. everything they are hearing -- they are more upset with the fact that she has this money and this power in washington. they really like what bernie is saying because he is honest. he believes in what he is saying. he is not pandering to people. it is what he believes. people like that. it is passion and it is burn. >> bill clinton got a pass the last time around. why do people like dunham, why are they rethinking the bill clinton thing? feminists across the board said he is fine with us. >> in their sit down they said do you consider yourself a feminist? hillary said i'm surprised any young woman asks herself that. bill clinton got a pass and i
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think hillary is feeling the heat from sander. bill clinton was attacking him jeptly. gently. he said i understand sanders is in new hampshire and he is from vermont. he has this neighboring sludge. >> that's an insult because people mix those two up. they say we are not the same at all. what do you think? what is the lack of appeal? >> i hate to say it, but it is resting face. she has that face. it looks like you are gonna yell at me and you may be mean. i am kind of into you. you are the only choice. but she is not and i'm kind of like -- >> i think the lying thing, that's a pretty big thing to get over and the pandering and she even had a shout out for amy schumer. >> aim amy is giving her
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shoutout. >> is it the pandering and the meandering? >> down at the shore where i am at it seems to be all three. i would hire a food taster at this point. he doesn't want to lose another one of these contests. >> are you suggesting -- no you just came out and said it. >> i went on the record to say it. >> 55% of voters find her the least trustworthy. it is 8% bernie and 5% o'malley. they called him what's his name. the bernie sanders thing, he is honest and impassion gnat, but it will hurt him. >> i watched him. he looks like a million bucks. won't you have to really raise taxes? >> yeah. >> it was like the honesty only works so well in your
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favor and then you have to dial it back. >> yeah. he won't admit it and i will. clinton is losing young women and bernie is gaining old punks. it is called burn the white these burn puns is selling bernie sanders t-shirts like the ramones, is misfits and suicidal tendencies. he says it makes him the most punk rock who ever ran for office. if you are a hillary fan you can buy it with her image. that's funny, isn't it? that's good. >> actually greg designed that. >> we didn't have to alter that a the all. that's the beauty. what do you think? why is bernie the most punk rock -- >> i don't know. the t-shirt thing is silly. voting is never going to be punk rock. punk rock is dangerous.
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the only thing that is crazy and tough about the shirt is my mom would hate me. i could come in with a cigarette and face tattoo and she would say can i bum a smoke and take the shirt off. >> he is hillary clinton ease love child. have you seen the punk rockers? >> he out lived the ramones. >> it is notorious ruth gator beginsburg. b-i-g. that's what it reminds me of. >> why is he cool. i think it is all about the honesty. he is so out there. i am surprised he lasted as long as he had. i don't know if they are serious. after new hampshire his numbers go down and hillary will have a smooth sale after
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that. >> it is the easiest to put on a graphic t. it is the most recognizable with the least amount of ink. hillary has all of the hair. >> they say there may be a 9th planet in the solar system. they say a massive icy planet five to 10 times the size of earth lies at the outer rim of our solar system. the so-called planet nine is so large that it would take 20,000 years to planet the sun. earth takes half as long. researchers are thrilled that they hope it starts a worldwide hunt. >> we have nothing like it. all of those people who are mad are thrilled to know that there is a real planet out there to be found. >> that's astronomer mike brown. the the man responsible for classifying pluto a dwartf --
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dwarf planet. okay, okay, i do believe the solar system has nine planets. here is somebody affected by this discovery. pluto. pluto, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me on. it is nice to know somebody thinks i am real unlike mike brown who told the people to forget about me. if not for people like you i would be a distant memory. >> do you have advice for this new planet nine? >> enjoy it while you can, buddy. i used to be king. disney named a dog after me. and then that turd bucket said i was not even big enough to be a dwarf. >> i get the idea you don't like him. >> i [bleep] hate that
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douchnozzel. whether -- when i go all caw ma ma -- kamakazi. when you are starving of deficiency tell mike brown to eat me [bleep] and die [bleep] scum bag. thanks, tom. it has been great. >> i feel like i just got a voicemail from mel gibson. >> great chat. >> are you excited we have another planet. >> i am more excited about that phone call from pluto. apparently -- this would be the third planet ever discovered in our galaxy and in our solar system. >> do you agree they should have down graded pluto? >> if disney names a dog you
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have to keep it in the system. and pluto was the last planet. i don't even trust this discovery. [no audio]. >> he is proud of it. >> yeah, he is flexing his muscles. >> i am just excited that we keep finding things in space. it is fun. >> and we are going to keep finding things. which is why we need a naming system. planet nine? i don't like it. we need something like when we have hurricanes. there is a whole list we can go through. they need one of those for planets. now as technology is developing we will find more and more and we will need some
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names. >> that's right. i think just go with -- i say start with planet 10 and bring pluto back in. >> bring in somebody good at picking out names bike -- like antonio crow marty jones. >> it doesn't matter. i went to community college for six semesters. nothing will make me learn that there is a planet in space. that's just how it is. they can come on tomorrow. we have 20 more planets. great. i don't care. it does nothing. unless it is made of cheese like i was promised with the moon. >> how has life changed? >> we have saturn with the rain. >> he doesn't trust anything. >> what great white people will be honored during white
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history month? i'll give you the four-1-1 after the -- i'll give you the 4-1-1 after the break.
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when i heard a college in oregon was having white history month i thought it sounded weird. if you want to highlight the contributions that a particular group of people have made to our country, i guess you are allowed to do that. singling out whites for seems ur me. i'm pretty white. of course it all made sense when i find out the portland community college plans to spend a month highlighting all of the bad contributions whites made to the world. what a relief. they plan to cover topics like
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these. what are approaches and strategies to dismantling whiteness? what are alternatives to a culture of white supremacy? some thought white shaming was more appropriate than white history. but they laughed off the concerns. there is a difference between white and whiteness. and it may be what some in the conservative bloggers don't understand. i don't understand the difference. i have to go back to college. can i pay for it with white privilege? >> jimmy, were you excited just for a minute there that whites were going to get a month? >> white history month? no i knew it wasn't coming. i thought it was odd a community college was bothering to go through this trouble. it doesn't matter the race.
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you are going to community college. are you all screwed. >> greg went for six semesters. >> you know what i did after that? i parlayed that into the most decorated cab driving career. it wasn't exactly a booth. >> but you learned and you grew as a young man. >> i did a little bit. i think it is ridiculous. and i think this is part of the reason trump is winning. it is because there has been an over reach by the social justice crusaders. it has gotten to the point people have been persecuted just for being. we have # oscar so white. they say there is not enough diversity. trump came out with a comment and said, well, white people cannot win awards at the bet awards. >> it is true. there is an inequity. the oscars is the biggest privilege party there is in the world.
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>> could i win an award at the bet awards? is it possible? >> yeah, bravest guy in the room. >> say i got a show on bet, could i be nominated? >> i would nominate you, absolutely. >> isn't that the problem? we were talking about nominations, but i want to talk about this college course. every other course blames white people for colonialism, right? >> i'm sorry, everybody. i didn't mean to do all of that. it was 50,000 years ago. >> 50,000. >> i am going to marry my asian girlfriend. the white boat is sinking. just let my kid be asian and that's fine. i'm sorry. i don't know what to do. wipe our hand with it. i'm italian. >> that's an oppressed group, italians. >> on that point, we have seen in stud dyes and polls that
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young people are for going religion. think of the guilt. the catholic guilt. the jewish guilt. there is a lot of shame we put on ourselves. >> how long can we shame our group of people? maybe that's what it is. >> joanne, that is very interesting. it is so true that no one has their -- there is not much religious shame. you have to take the whole culture and shame us. could that be it? >> you just started a new religion. it is a religion of shame. it does steer you straight. >> i don't feel guilty for any of this. >> that's a joke. it is setting us back racially because people are now yelling racism for the hell of it. nobody knows what it means and there are rational people now
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that are just learning to hate the opposition on principal. they don't want to see this mob. >> i keep going back to this, but the fresh prince of bel-air, i loved that show. the lady who played aunt viv -- aunt viv -- she shot out a video and called out jada smith and will smith saying find something else to talk about. there are real problems in the world. roll up your sleeves -- actually contribute to something and stop whining. >> she said the oscars have to go on. he has a job. coming up are you ready for half time? well you're in luck. andy levy is back after the break.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. andy levy is over in the news desk. >> how are you doing? >> number one. >> that was a bit much. sarah palin, a lot of people think you and i are always fighting. >> yes. >> i just want to say to those people our squirmishes are fake. >> that's right. they are fun. >> they are. they are furmishes. jimmy, you claim palin said trump would be the best president since winston churchill. she did not say that. >> being silly. >> slander is never silly in my book. greg, you said the best thing
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about palin for trump is you don't want your opening act to be better than you and you said if you are carrottop you don't want -- >> opening for you. >> yes, opening for you. that is a jab to "red eye" guest, carrot top. >> for one thing carlin sucked with props. i think you are right that palin's endorsement hurts cruz in iowa. after that i am not so sure. in iowa i agree. >> i'm with you. >> if trump is smart he may stop the speeches after iowa. >> he might indeed. >> report said dunham is uncomfortable with hillary. she is being a total marney. you mentioned one poll has sanders up over new hampshire. that's the lena-dunhan --
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dunham affect. you said you know some you can young people. that's -- you said you know some young people. >> you are curious why this is all coming back up now. i think a lot of feminists realize they screwed up. why? >> why did they realize that? >> i don't know. they did it at the time and they weren't comfortable with it. now that he is safe they will come out and say it. jimmy you suggested he may poison sanderses which is a horrible thing to say and also accurate. first of all, how dare you poison the reputation of eddie, one of the greatest rock mascots of all time.
11:35 pm
>> i didn't know that was eddie it always looked like a woman to me. >> it is eddie. you said he will never be punk rock. he woulds pissed as hell a ramones t-shirt is being used at a bernie sanders thing. >> a new 9th planet. you said this was the third planet to be discovered in the solar system. since ancient times. >> since ancient times. >> don't copy off dierdre. >> science, not so hot. >> they haven't discovered a new planet. they found gravitational evidence that a planet exists. for all we know it could be a massive gravitational weapon. >> somebody saw "star wars." >> tom, you seem shocked greg
11:36 pm
didn't care about other planets. you said you taste that they are there, right? >> yeah. >> i meant the ription. i meant the rings. >> i am curious why you believe this, but think scientists are worried about global warming. >> i said this before. i believe in global warming. i just don't care. >> we are actually in 100% agreement there. i ain't gonna be around and i don't have kids. i'm a little -- you interviewed pluto. nobody gives it up for aris? aris was named after the greek goddess of discord was supposed to be a 10th planet. this was back when pluto was a planet. then they down graded aris. >> i feel a hash tag coming
11:37 pm
on. bring back aris. tom, i enjoyed your gob less of of -- goblet of fire. you mentioned the college says this won't be whiteness shaming and they say there is a difference between white and whiteness and you said you didn't under that. it is pretty easy. they won't focus on whites as a group of people and also on whiteness as a social construct. how can you not understand that? >> i guess i gotta take the class. >> i guess you do. a simple way to under it is you are white. >> i have heard that. i disagree with everything that was said by everyone in this segment and i really don't know where to start with come paining the bet awarding. i will just let it go. >> thank you, andy. >> time to take a break. video game buts.
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here is what is coming up on the next "kennedy." >> hello, "red eye" fans. it is gary johnson. will he be the 2 016 spoiler?a,
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video games sexualize female characters while strategically covering the butt of male characters.
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i have been saying this for years. and now feminist blogger lays out sexist double standard on her youtube channel. >> in dozens of third person games the charm ter's butt is brought to the fore front and that's where the player's focus is directed. the player look at her behind because of her costumes and exaggerated hip sway. >> i was hired on after they noticed my exaggerated hip sway. >> men's butts are hidden by preventing them to see below the waistline and has the ability to keep them out of the frame car car -- sarkizian goes on. >> for the purpose of the video i tried to get a picture
11:45 pm
that is high end. it is designed to cover his butt at all costs. >> it can't stop me from using my imagination. i say to this woman, thank you. we addressed this as a country. look, we are laughing at anita sarkizian fnlt you heard the gate. >> can we just be fair? most of the games playing these games, these are the only female asses they will see. let them have their fun. it is probably almost right but it is a ridiculous thing. >> i like the spirit of generousity. >> for you and i that may have been the case. if we were going night after night on our atari's the girls were not there.
11:46 pm
these guys are getting all sorts of tail playing the xbox games. but do you think this is a normal thing? >> no. >> first off you clearly didn't beat the batman game. he comes in with a great behind. itit is all in your eyes. two, it is all sexual. it is on their body. we are more attractive in the shoulders. that's what attracts women. it is all about sexuality. look at hollywood. bradley cooper is playing the elephant man. i know a guy who looks like that. he should have had that job. everything is over sexual. he works at 7-eleven. >> are you attracted to this region. i will do my famous walk.
11:47 pm
>> whoa! whoa! >> what is the policy on making it rain. are we allowed to make it rain on the air? >> the robot arms threw me off. >> it is a little robotic. >> she has a point and it is true that the 32 people writing games is a woman. she has a point about perspective. i haven't thought about what you brought up and now i am thinking about it. >> i could be wrong. >> i a lot of guys are attracted . she talked about identifying with the character. guys don't president what to look at what our is society needs to follow, but it is a money making -- let the market decide what they want.
11:48 pm
it is interesting what came first, the butt implant the video game but. >> we are a butt culture now. are video games reflect that or become that because of the movies. >> have you seen "the dark night." >> they are mimicking the comic books. >> it is all about you -- power and perspective. they don't want to see the scene. they want to be in the scene. men and women do approach the world in a different way. sometimes we do like to de personalize women. that is a flaw of ours. my son is 7 and he knows the words to "baby's got back."
11:49 pm
i don't know if it is a high point. >> i think it is niki minaj. >> oh that's what it is referring to? i thought it was referring to the back. i thought they were backpacking. >> don't you want your characters to be like, bad man is a good looking guy. you don't want the hero to be a fat, slob. you want your character whatever it is. both are sexy and sufflok and cool. >> give yourself credit. i wouldn't mind having you in my video console. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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guy white people -- white people. we've got problems. you can see what i mean. it doesn't have audio so i narrated it. roll it. >> has ever ever happened to you? what about this? and this? what about this? has this happened? how about this? oh, a disaster. what about this? has this happened to you? what about this and this and this. have this happened? i what about it this and this. have this happened and this and this? what about this. what about this. and this?
11:55 pm
has this happened to you? how about this? have this happened? >> those are all real things that happen to white people. let's play it again, but the biggest boner, shall we? >> you know like white people problems. i used to do a lot of commercial acting. why white people. it is coincidentally they are in all of the infomercials. it is never a fat person of color. it is always a fat white guy. >> really? >> where is that protest we have more color in the before photo. >> and oprah is running that. >> weight watchers.
11:56 pm
>> she bought into it. that was the stock to own before she said she would be their spokesperson. >> white people do have a lot of problems. >> i am worried about the coffee . i feel some days i can do the coffee without the cup. i have done those things stapled my hand and put it under a cup of steaming coffee. >> that may not be a white thing that may be a tom thing. that may be a shoe lieu problem. >> maybe. i stepped on a nail before how about you? >> do you walk around construction sites. >> finish this up, greg. >> i have had all of those problems this morning. very excited to see my goals to tv.
11:57 pm
don't put a bowl in the microwave because that will happen to you. yeg snow saw win chee and that does it for me your host tom shillue and i'll
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breaking tonight for the very first time, you're about to hear exclusive new insight into a devastating terror attack from the american heroes who lived to tell about it. it comes as a blockbuster movie about their story is released that could change everything you thought you knew about benghazi. and directly impact the 2016 race for the white house. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. this past weekend paramount pictures released "13 hours." it tells the account of the men who risked everything to save their fellow americans from terrorists. 11 years to the day after 9/11. and it


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