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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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appreciate that here. >> remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. hope to see you right here next week. millions of americans along the east coast digging out this afternoon after 2 feet of snow was dropped and cost at least 20 lives. crews have been working to clear snow now that the storm has made its way out. travel bans if a few places have been lifted but much of the mid-atlantic region remains critical after the storm's aftermath as thousands of travelers are stranded both on the roads and in the air. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. streets flooded on the jersey shore and there was high tide
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this morning adding to the problem. david lee miller is live. what about the high tide? >> reporter: the high tide was bad but it could have been a great deal worse. the situation here with each passing minute, dramatically improving, one of the things of note, arthel, it is now above freezing. when the sun sets, the temperatures are going to plummet into the 20s. there's not a great deal of floodwater. take a look over my shoulder and you can see on the main streets here, just off the bay and there is not a great deal of flooding. most of all of the water has receded. so that floodwater freezing is not an issue. the situation here 24 hours ago was very, very different. take a look at this video recorded not far from where i am now standing and you can actually see water pouring out of the bay flooding the nearby streets.
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the mayor here says the problem is the lack of a sea wall for the bay. he says the oceanside of the island has a great deal more protection. and as bad as the flooding was here, it was worse in other cities, especially a number of locations further south. north wildwood new jersey got hit especially hard. the mayor there said the high tide was greater. listen to this. greater than superstorm sandy. he also said the floodwaters in north wildwood reached as high as five feet. other communities, again, in southern new jersey, also had significant damage the good news is that much of the water is starting to recede. however, there are still thousands of people still without electricity at the height of the storm. arthel, nearly 100,000 people did not have power. now that figure is less than 10,000. but one of the obstacles that
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the utility crews faced were the very high wind gusts. that made it very difficult for them to effect the necessary repairs. but that situation has also dramatically improved. so it looks like the worst is over for central and southern jersey but in the minds of many, this is one storm they will not soon forget. >> that's the truth for sure, david lee. lots of improvements and a little ways to go. david lee, thank you very much. the people that were evacuated were evacuated. we planned to do that. high tide is now over in margate and we have no concerns of flooding for the res today. what we're hearing from the mayors is that there's no significant type of property damage there at all. and so we've really done very, very well in this storm and we have no concerns. >> that was governor chris christie of new jersey, of course, drawing a distinction
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between hurricane sandy and the storm that has now left the garden state. one of the hardest hit areas on the jersey shore happens to be the town of sea isle that took the brunt of the storm. joining us on the phone is chris clancy. it's astounding that there was even more flooding in some areas than during superstorm sandy. how are you doing right now? >> we are fine now, eric, thank you. this morning's high tide was nowhere near as bad as yesterday's and now low tide as all of the streets are clear. the water has receded. so now we're getting to the task of cleaning up all of the stores and businesses after yesterday's flooding. >> when do you think it will get back to normal? >> well, as soon as possible. everybody is going to diligently
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make sure we are ready in three weeks. eve got a good clean-up job ahead of us and we're going to make sure we get it done in time. >> this took a lot of people by surprise, not just the amount of time, record-breaking in new york, but also this flooding. i mean hurricane sandy, the high tide in cape may was 8.6 feet. yesterday, this was even more. almost a foot more. it was 9.2 feet. i mean, what did you folks think when you saw this water going and going and coming and coming and not receding? >> well, you know, it was just such a confluence of events to have a storm surge plus a full moon and high tide at the same time where in sandy we just had a storm surge. we didn't have a full moon. it was like watching, you know, the ship sink as we stood here at 7:00 yesterday morning there was no water and by 7:30, it just kept coming. like it was just coming over the
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bay and filling the streets as fast as it could and looked like a river running down the street. it was something to see. >> what were you thinking? >> i was thinking, this is going to be bad. this is going to be very bad. we're going to have a lot of clean-up and hopefully this doesn't get too much worse and we don't lose power. we had some incidents here at sea isle and that was during the height of the storm. thankfully the fire department sent seven cities fighting that structure fire. those guys did a heck of a job and kept us safe it was really something to see here. >> good bless the first responders. talked about the loss of two businesses. what do they do next and what to you do next to get it all behind you? >> well, the first thing we've got to do is start cleaning up and we've got to get into it. those two guys, we have to find them new buildings or build a
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new building to where they are to get into a location and then everybody else who had damage yesterday, we've got to get them cleaned up. we've got to get them back open and we have to be ready to go for this summer, for the tourist season and this is people's livelihoods. this is how they make their living and we have to do everything we can to make sure that we have cooperation between the government and the citizens and the business community to make sure everybody is back and everybody is ready for a pleasant summer. >> and finally, is this something you've got to get used to? we're seeing this across the atlantic region. certainly you have to take other measures after sandy. >> certainly. we have a sea wall in sea isle and where i live, i'm looking at the sea wall. i saw the waves break on the sea wall during sandy and yesterday. they work. we have to be diligent. we have to keep improving the
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infrastructure. because that's what's going to save us and protect everybody on the island. >> that's the challenge now that we see throughout the east coast. chris glancy, we thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> get everything in shipshape. >> thank you. you have a good day. >> you, too. >> arthel? >> good luck, chris. traffic is rolling again in new york city and the surrounding regions after the travel ban imposed during the blizzard. plow crews worked overnight and this morning to clear the roads. above ground rail line is slowly coming back on line. in washington, the mayor says things will take time. schools are still closed tomorrow and they are trying to decide whether government offices will reopen. most major roads are okay but side roads are impassable.
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the house postponing votes that were supposed to be held this coming week. majority leader kevin mccarthy said they will not be holding votes on tuesday or wednesday because of the snowstorm and how it's affected travel for other members of congress to get back there. that delays a vote looking to override president obama's veto of legislation to repeal his health care overhaul. that vote is now expected during the first week of february. presidential hopefuls are pounding the pavement and hitting the sunday public affairs show today as our latest fox news poll reveals a shift in iowa. ted cruz had previously topped trump in the iowa polls. marco rubio is third at 12% with the remaining candidates in single digits. now, many are on the ground in iowa this weekend looking to
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nail down their supporters and chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in des moines. hey, carl. >> hi, arthel. at one time or another, virtually every republican candidate has slammed donald trump as a new york billionaire, a reality tv host and celebrity socialite who has flip-flopped and qualitied them. every single time they have rizriz ris risen in the polls and the lead is bigger in both iowa and new hampshire. trump has been going after cruz principally as a guy totally unlikable and disliked in the senate and particularly when it comes to being born in canada. listen. >> he was born on canadian soil. it's true.
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people like to laugh but it's true. he forgot to say that goldman sachs gave him money. he forgot to say that citibank gave him money. he's robin hood, right? he's this great man. even though no senators endorsed him and he's a nasty guy. >> very tough stuff and now almost what's become expected of the front runner when any of his rivals get a boost in the polls. in the polls in iowa and new hampshire and nationwide, there's a clear third-place candidate marco rubio and depending on what happens in the next eight days here in iowa and then new hampshire beyond that, if the battle with cruz and trump continues, one of the two could get so damaged that it's possible that marco rubio, no matter how you slice it, arthel, a very close race between trump and cruz in iowa and in new hampshire, trump is far enough
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ahead so the battle may be who is coming in second or third. >> thank you so much, carl. turning to the other side of the aisle in iowa, the democratic nomination is really heated. senator bernie sanders was once considered a long-shot candidate. well, now he's leading hillary clinton in iowa and the latest polling. with the caucuses coming up fast next monday, chief white house correspondent ed henry is also in des moines, iowa, live for us on the democratic race. hi, ed. >> good to see you, eric. you're absolutely right that the momentum has been on bernie sanders' side. he now seems to have a legitimate shot at winning the democratic nomination. he has a lot of work to get there, obviously. but one of the things that hillary clinton has been hammering at to try to prevent him from getting that nomination is the whole electability question, that bernie sanders as a socialist would be easy pickings for the republicans in a general election a point she made at a rally here in iowa a
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few moments ago. listen. >> karl rove has taken money from financial interests to run an ad against me here in iowa. now, you've got to stop and ask yourselves, why are the republicans and big money interests so anxious to bring me down? >> one of her supporters yelled, give them held. hillary has been on defense in recent days. her point being that the republicans want to soften her up or beat her in these primaries so they have an easier person come the general election. sanders pushing back on that and talking a little tough about how he wants to go mano-mano against donald trump. >> there is nothing i would like to do more than take on donald
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trump. we would beat him and beat him badly. >> reporter: let me give you an example of momentum. we're in des moines. bernie sanders wrapped up a rally 200 miles to the northeast of des moines. a very small town, population of about 8,000. we checked. there were over 2,000 people at this sanders' rally. some people telling us they drove three miles away. some crossing the border just to hear bernie sanders speak. it gives you an idea of the crowd that he's getting. hillary clinton doesn't get anywhere close to that. >> she got stung in iowa in 2008. we'll see what happens this time. great to see you. >> reporter: great to see you, buddy. >> arthel? >> speaking of hillary clinton, she's shrinking off the possibility of michael bloomberg running for president. the former new york city mayor is considering making a white house run as an independent
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candidate. clinton says she thinks he will decide to run only if she loses the democratic nomination. but clinton says she won't lose so bloomberg has nothing to worry about. >> how about that? we're all going to win because we have the fox newschannel thursday night. it's the latest of the gop presidential debates, live from des moines iowa, just four days before the caucuses. the early one begins at 7:00 p.m. moderated by special report anchor bret baier and chris wallace. they did such a fantastic job in the past. >> we'll be watching. hope you do, too. man's best friend breaks through the ice of a lake. watch this rescue play out when we come back. and the washington redskins
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have been deflated. not over another controversy of their name but the weight of mother nature. look at the before picture. see what that looks like? wait until you see what it looks like now. none of us are under any illusions that obstacles don't still exist to try and seek a political settlement in syria. but we are going to do everything in our power as nations who are deeply impacted by the consequences of syria to try to push this process forward. >> the secretary of state john kerry insisting peace talks will happen this week between syria and the rebels: to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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. a quick check of the headlines for you. all three of the major airports have reopened after the storm but a thousand flights have been delayed or completely canceled in the aftermath of this blizzard. check with your airline to confirm if your flight is still on. go to heavy storms and high winds
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causing the washington redskins bubble to deflate. in virginia, rescue crews saved this st. bernard who fell through the lake right through the ice. this was during -- milo is okay. thankfully medics were able to warm him up, pulled him out of the lake. after about 30 minutes. he's back home safe and sound. good for him. well, despite upheavals. secretary of state john kerry is confident that peace talks will move forward. this is after his meeting with ministers at gulf arab nations. initial talks between the syrian government and opposition troopt week in geneva.
1:22 pm
let's talk about this with former special ops commander and director of heritage national director of foreign policy. good to see you, steve. >> great to be back on the show. >> thank you very much. is secretary kerry hoping for the impossible or is mr. kerry's insight on track? >> i don't know if it's insight. secretary kerry is the secretary of state and by his own p predeliction, whether he accomplishes anything, that's pretty dubious. >> so what is the formula for success in syria? do you think that assad has a place in the effort to try to calm the conflict and correct the corruption in syria? >> no. i really don't think he does. assad is a reprehensible guy. most of the refugees going to europe from syria are coming
1:23 pm
from the areas he controls, not the area isis controls. they are not letting people out. assad should not be part of this solution but, frankly, we don't have a heck of a lot of leverage. we owe the russians and iranians now -- they want to keep assad. i don't think we have any leverage to get him out. >> iran and russia, huge assad supporters. they want him there at those talks. so who is -- if assad is supposed to be there, i'm not sure he will be, who do you think needs to be present and how key is the involvement of the gulf arab nation, steve? >> for us, it should be very important. however, the gulf states right now are not exactly feeling confident in the united states and our friendship with the iranian deal going through, they are very nervous that we're shifting from being on their side to being on the side of their arch rival and -- >> is that a valid concern?
1:24 pm
>> yeah, i think it is. they are reading the tea leaves and going, gosh, the americans are going with iran and leaving us standing there with nothing. i would be very nervous if i were the saudis, the other gulf states or jordan. >> really? even though that saudi arabia and the united states, they have a long-standing relationship, however it sometimes dubious? >> yeah. the actions of this administration of late have tilted towards iran towards the shy shia government in iraq. those guys have a right to be very concerned. >> steve, finally, how does a secured and structured syria benefit the region as well as the western world? >> well, if it's secure by lockdown by assad, it doesn't really help us much at all. if it's secure by a legitimate government that is not killing its own people, has some sort of
1:25 pm
democratic process, maybe not ours but something that is akin to democracy, it benefits everybody because it will bring some stability. i don't think that's going to happen based on these negotiations or in the immediate future but that's what we should be shooting for. >> okay. steve, thank you very much. we'll talk to you again. >> thank you. arthel, a massive manhunt is under way for three inmates who broke out of a maximum security prison. the stunning details on how they fled. plus, the gop race is heating up with about a week to go before the iowa caucuses. where do the candidates stand? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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>> an earthquake rocking near anchorage, alaska. it knocked items off shelves and walls and damaged at least one home. a 4.3 aftershock hit later and so far no one appears to have been hurt. >> it looks like a boat. >> unbelievable. >> and familiar faces on the chicago police force is coming home to help restore trust in that department. that man is charles ramsey who served as a top police officer chief in washington and philadelphia and he will be returning to his roots in the windy city to help guide civil rights reforms in that department. a maximum security jail branch in california. authorities hunting for three inmates who escaped apparently by cutting through half-inch steel bars and repelling using a makeshift rope. the inmates are considered dangerous and face a range of charges including murder, torture and assault with a
1:31 pm
deadly weapon. will carr is live from los angeles. what else can you tell us this about trio? >> reporter: this is a sophisticated escape. the men were last scene on friday in orange county around 5:00 a.m. during a head count at the facility. later in the day, they may have created a diversion, a fight to distract the guards and late that night the guards realized that all three had vanished. turns out, they used smuggle tools to cut through security areas, went through the jail's plumbing system and used bed sheets to get over the razor wire fence before repelling down to freedom. >> you can't leave someone on lockdown 24 hours a day. we will have escapes.
1:32 pm
we learn from our mistakes and tighten up our security and change policies, if necessary. >> it's not clear if the men had help from inside or outside the jail or how they got those tools to begin with. what we do know is that all three are considered to be extremely dangerous. the most high-profile, his name is hussein aeri. he burned a man with a blowtorch, cut off part of his genitals, poured bleach on him and dumped the man on the side of the road. another inmate faces a murder charge in connection with a gang hit and the third faces an attempted murder charge that was on an immigration hold. we don't know if the others a reward of $50,000 leads to their capture. arthel? >> gruesome details.
1:33 pm
okay, will carr. thanks. we'll see you later. >> you bet. republican presidential hopeful donald trump surging in iowa with eight days to go before the caucuses next month. according to fox news channel polls, ehe's expanding his lead there. 34% support distancing himself from ted cruz who has fallen back to 23%. the new york billionaire has gotten some unexpected traction with a key iowa constituency and the evangelical voters. ted cruz's 14-point advantage with them earlier this month is now down to a two-point edge against mr. trump. as you can see, 31 to 29%. what happened and how did mr. trump call that gap? joining us is colleen with "the wall street journal."
1:34 pm
why do you think this high-flying billionaire is capturing the majority vote? >> a combination of factors. you see this play out again and again. donald trump goes on the attack against a particular candidate and eventually that candidate sees a dip in the polls and that's what we've seen with ted cruz in the polls in the last couple of weeks. donald trump has battered cruz over the past couple of weeks. he's focused on ted cruz's canadian citizenship and talked about ted cruz being unlikable, talking about ted cruz's loan from goldman sachs and he's also released a negative ad going after cruz's position on immigration. he's really focused his fire power on ted cruz over the past couple of weeks and in the meantime has done outreach to evangelicals. in the last week, he's been at liberty university, oral roberts university and a small christian college in iowa yesterday. he went to church today, which we haven't seen donald trump do during his campaign in the past.
1:35 pm
and he's also had some important christian voices speaking for him when he went to liberty university. reverend certainly made a strong pitch for donald trump and said he's a breath of fresh air and offered what could certainly be interpreted as nearly an endorsement for donald trump. >> at liberty university speech by mr. trump got a lot of attention and he's been out on the campaign trail for a long time now talking about the persecution of christians, especially in the middle east at the hands of the radical islamic terrorists of isis. let's play a little sound from reverend jerry fallwell jr. >> donald trump is a breath of fresh hair in the nation where the political establishment from both parties has betrayed their constituencies time and time again. >> that's interesting because trump, he curses, he doesn't drink alcohol or coffee he says but one of the deadly sins, he's
1:36 pm
got a few under his belt. certainly pride. does he resonate -- he's resonating with people who you would think could be offended or have a distaste for based on his insults and some of the things he said about other candidates. >> you're absolutely right. it's a really fascinating phenomena. he tries to show that he respects evangelical views and believes many of the same things on issues but hasn't tried to be someone he's not. he hasn't tried to read from the bible on a regular basis or ted cruz often asked people to pay for him and donald trump doesn't do he doesn't go quite that far and pretend to be someone he's not. he talks to evangelicals in a way that says, i'm angry about the things that you are and has played into their fears and has talked about their fears of
1:37 pm
threats to this country, their fears about the way this country has changed in recent years and it's changing. and so even though he may not be exactly on the same page in terms of religious beliefs, he said, i understand what you want and i'm with you on the issues. >> and not only just evangelicals but the most conservative voters in iowa. look at this fox news poll. this is pretty interesting, too. we asked about the very conservative caucusgoers. look at those numbers. cruz is down from earlier and trump is up 11. i mean, he went up by 50% from 22 to 33% and just whacking rubio and carson who would normally have this group and these are the more conservative people. so how does that play into what we'll see in the caucus in eight days? >> well, it's interesting because you've seen in the past couple of weeks the party starting to coalesce around donald trump. i mean, certainly he still has a long ways to go.
1:38 pm
but you've started to hear from more conservatives and more people who were not necessarily donald trump supporters from the beginning who were saying maybe we could live with donald trump as our nominee. maybe he would be the guy who would fight the big fight for us. and so it's been interesting to watch that happen and also notable to see as ted cruz started to get some traction, you had some conservatives come out and say, actually, if nothing else, donald trump would be better than ted cruz. so there are some republicans who are not necessarily big fans of donald trump but they are even less of a fan of ted cruz who are now saying, i could lose with trump. >> that's interesting. this revulsion and how do you see this playing out over the next few months? there is iowa and new hampshire and then south carolina and over to nevada. as you see these polls play out, he's been leading. >> right. i mean, obviously a lot can
1:39 pm
happen over the coming months. and so it's tough to predict too far out. but it's notable that donald trump is now leading in iowa because a lot of people saw that as the best chance for a candidate not named trump to win. so if you look at the early states to come after iowa, trump has been leading in all of those polls. and so if trump wins iowa, that could certainly set him up to go on a run. glenn beck was out campaigning with ted cruz. if donald trump wins iowa, it could be over quickly. >> speaking of glenn beck and cruz, do you think that will go anywhere? >> well, ted cruz is certainly trying to bring glenn beck back to counter the sarah palin endorsement of trump. you have all of the big conservative names coming out in the last eight days to make their pitch. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll see -- >> thank you. >> it's been a fascinating race
1:40 pm
and it's far from over and we are covering it here on the fox newschannel. good to see you. thank you. >> pleasure. >> arthel? >> far from over for sure. an historic snowstorm turning the big apple into a ghost town. we're live from times square. that's still ahead. getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit
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well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right well a. monster blizzard is walloping the northeast forcing businesses to close and bringing life to a standstill, even in bustling new york city. let's talk to kyle harrington. good to see you, kyle. looks like you're some place sunny and warm. >> you used to live here. we want you to come back, arthel. >> i'll be there next week.
1:45 pm
so let's talk here, who profits from a blizzard? >> they say the saying goes, there's no business like snow business. you have walking traffic to restaurants obviously suffer because no one is on the streets. you also have hourly people that are working on an hourly basis suffer versus someone on a salary, arthel, because a salary they are going to get paid either way. >> right. >> one interesting thing i read and researched, these municipalities, for every inch of snow, it costs them roughly $150,000 to dispatch in the inner city of new york, for example, snow blowers and all of the workers to take the snow away. so there's expenses. there's certainly lack of revenues. let me go further and say obviously the airports are another -- we shut down the airports, there's a lot less travel. people are also not going to movie theater to spend money.
1:46 pm
so there's an effect. having said that, arthel, you should not allow public companies to use this as an excuse of why their earnings for the year has suffered significantly. that's not a good excuse. >> yeah? why not? >> well, because they factor in a lot of these expenses and occurrences, if they have businesses, for example, on the northeast side of the country. so, yes, the restaurants and smaller businesses, i believe, suffer a lot more than the publicly traded companies. >> so who wins? >> well, for example, folks that own a privately held snow blower company are definitely going to be very, very busy over the course of the next few days and maybe weeks. they definitely benefited, the smaller business. also, the home depots and lowe's i've noticed benefit, buying the
1:47 pm
shovels, buying the salt for their walking purposes outside their home. there are benefits there as well. >> so you just made me think of something. what if you have a smaller hardware store, kyle, and you know that there's a big blizzard like this, let's say next year, or whatever wicked weather system that may be heading your way? and if you have that neighborhood hardware store, you can't stock up all year round but if you know something like that is headed your way, is that a good time to get yourself on the front end and get some extra business going in? >> not only extra business, you bring up a good point, but also hopefully in your town or area that you're selling, definitely more name recognition. in these times, you can build a lot of name recognition and value with respect to your names when some of the bigger places are not as easily accessible. >> yeah. plus, if you are good to your community, have a good relationship, people are happy to come and support you. all year-round but especially
1:48 pm
during those times. >> absolutely agree. >> okay. kyle harrington -- >> when do you land out here? >> hey, my flight is delayed. give me a couple of days and i'll be there. thanks, kyle. >> a lot of places delayed. you know this massive blizzard, not just some flights but cars got stuck across the each coast. in maryland, it happened to be a suv from the city got stuck on the highway. people were lending a hand and they were able to dig that police suv out. just goes to show that during these times we all have to pitch in. >> absolutely. well, new york city is coming -- slowly coming back to life after one of the worst snowstorms on record. but how long will it be before things get back to normal? boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain.
1:49 pm
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>> new york city showing signs of life after the massive winter storm. the nor governor cuomo lifted travel restrictions this morning giving some soul as chance to venture out on to the snow-covered streets while mass transit slowly runs to normal service. when can we expect it to get back to all the way normal? as normal as we can be in new york city.
1:53 pm
we go to times square. >> yes, we are getting back did normal and especially in times square where it is traffic and the snow has gone from white to black and dirty as cars are back at it into the city. since the snowstorm was supposed to be maybe 1' of snow and became the second largest storm ever in new york but new york is doing fairly well because it happen on the weekend and now, really, that helps. everything is on track to be ready for monday morning's commute. the subway system is on track and long island railroad is should down for all of the people on long island. it should be ready for monday, as well. as the train are still going, the airport cancellations canceled their flights in anticipation of the storm and that help because people were not stranded at the airports and they were pro-active.
1:54 pm
at j.f.k. and la guardia flights are coming in and out, so call before you head to the airport there will backups. the track ban you mentioned kept all vehicles off the road but for emergency personnel until 7:00 a.m. this morning and that was lifted. officials like the mayor and the governor cuomo say the traffic ban made sure the plows were able to do their jobs and clear the roads faster and more efficiently. now it is up to the people to make sure when they are digging up they do not get hurt. >> do not drive if you don't have to. unless it is really urgent. the longer people stay off the streets and keep their cars where they are packed it is very important to recognize there is a last work be done to get the city up and running for monday. we need people off the streets for their own safety. >> let city officials do their job in next city and washington,
1:55 pm
dc, as well, that got hit hard. here in new york city the snow is plowed and put into strategic pyles and the piles of snow are put interest dump trucks that are put in other piles where snow melter are like hot you its heat up the snow and melt it and that water goes into the sewer and that is how the snow disappears. again, we have had five people that have died from shoveling, so be careful today. enjoy the snow before it turns into the black slush. >> thank you is the ugly part. >> thank you are bryan. >> did you see the video of the panda at national zoo? really enjoying the snow. here is another look. one man is making quite a proposal for this panda. that is next. diabetes, steady is exciting.
1:56 pm
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and clean and real and nowhere to be,o, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. >> one man looking for a little friendly competition to heat things up during the snowstorm. >> we will look at him, jeffrey is inside the panda suit, and does this look familiar? you are creating the wonderful and charming video of panda at national zoo playing in the snow. the original clip making the rounds after the smithsonian zoo
2:00 pm
posted it. he wants to challenge the panda to a snow battle, no word if there will be competing snow angels. that is it for us, "media buzz" is up next. >> on the buzz batter, the two ling republican candidates, donald trump and ted cruz, sit down with interviews with the iowa she down eight days away. donald trump is hitting back against media criticism of his latest big name basketballer. >> and sarah palin endorsed you, some media analysts satisfy acknowledged her and there was a cover "i'm with stupid." your reaction? >> sarah is smart. she is cunning. she is a good person. >> and --. >> they can attack. she is one of the best records, ted cruz wanted shore badly, he almost cried. he is a nervous wreck. >> remarkable boast of himself


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