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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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he wants to challenge the panda to a snow battle, no word if there will be competing snow angels. that is it for us, "media buzz" is up next. >> on the buzz batter, the two ling republican candidates, donald trump and ted cruz, sit down with interviews with the iowa she down eight days away. donald trump is hitting back against media criticism of his latest big name basketballer. >> and sarah palin endorsed you, some media analysts satisfy acknowledged her and there was a cover "i'm with stupid." your reaction? >> sarah is smart. she is cunning. she is a good person. >> and --. >> they can attack. she is one of the best records, ted cruz wanted shore badly, he almost cried. he is a nervous wreck. >> remarkable boast of himself and barack obama and denouncing
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members of the media as partisan. >> they are partisan liberal democrats. >> every single journalist? >> almost without exception. they have a partisan agenda. >> and in conversations on politics, policy, new york value, the birther flap and the way they are covered, national review theys down the gauntlet calling donald trump a huckster and menace to conservatism. who represents the right. hillary clinton is in trouble against bernie sanders. i thought she was incestable accord to the pundits this is "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. >> i am back with las vegas where i went to the donald trump international hotel and sat down with the billionaire would has
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defied all predecisionses with 11400 point iowa and 17-point lead in new hampshire and polls thought only make him still the republican candidate to beat. >> after months of adamaging the pass as dishonest and slimy you have seen mostly to be toning it down, have you gone from nuclear to low level warfare? >> i started off with zero and now i am at 42, some polls have me add 4 to and florida i am 48. i am different, i am doing very well. >> are journalists treating you with independence respect because they think you may win? >> not all but with great respect and a lot of them, the "wall street journal" has been terrific and they have changed their views and i have respect for some of people in the "wall street journal" and some of the others have changed their views. rightfully so. i am saying, look, we have done a good job and "time" magazine wrote the most beautiful cover stories i have ever had and the
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one from last week where i am talking to a crowd about the campaign. there has been a big change in mode and mood. >> yet, after sarah palin endorsed you, some media analysts savaged her including this cover with the two of you i i'm with stupid." your reaction? >> she is smart, first of all. she is cunning. she a good person. all the media attacking her? >> they can attack. she is one of the best records, ted cruz warned her so badly he almost cried. he is a nervous wreck. i watched him. he is a nervous wreck. >> you should santa sarah palin off the trail? >> joe is a friend of mine and he is a fantastic guy but he is making not a began of sarah palin that is okay. people have their opinions. i say this, if you look at the people that she has endorsed including ted cruz who was at 2 percent and she endorsed him and he became the senator officer texas and he whatted her
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disprattly more than anyone else, but a and woman, she from person i have known her for a long-term and she called me and said i want to go with you. this is a movement. it is not about me it is what we are saying, we are led by people that don't have a clue, by incompetent people and the voters get it. i left a rally in las vegas today, i left a rally yesterday in oklahoma and we had 2,000 people, we had to send 5,000 people. we had 20,000 people. i left one in nevada and we had thousands and thousands of people --. >> it is a. movement. >> you have ratcheted up against ted cruz calling him a nasty guy saying no one likes him and i know you say he started it. >> he is nasty. >> is this a tragedy? >> he started it. it started during the debate. i said, whoa, whoa, what have we here? it is funny, he is a good debater but not a good talker. he can debate but if he is is
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one-on-one he cannot relate or talk. that is not good, that is not what we need. he started it and i hit him hard, the candidate -- canada thing is a big problem the he was a citizen of canada until 15 months ago, and scholars say and i am not only talking about the wonderful professor from harvard, but other lawyers have come out very strongly and said that he cannot run. there is a big doubt offer his whole candidacy. i brought that out. of court he did not file the loans with the goldman and sacks with citibank. >> you said for days, that you were only raising ted cruz canada birth place because "washington post" asked you and it was true, and other journalists asked you, that was true, but, come on, you were trying to make an should have it. >> "washington post" asked me that question. >> among ten other questions. a good recorder. asked me the question. i have not given it much thought
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to be honest, i said it is a approximate however, because there is a substantial document can you not have a doubt. a lot of people think there is not a doubt. >> you said without try to help him. >> i am helping him. >> if a way i am. who i am helping is the republican party supposing he is the nominee the first thing the democrats -- he has two lawsuits filed. the first thing the democrats are going do do is sue him. and sue the party. because he is not allowed to run. okay? how can you have a candidate that has a cloud, a cloud of title in real estate, a cloud title, a cloud over his head. he probably or possibly is not allowed to run. >> many lawyers would dispute that. >> that is the point. >> you made the issue, not the press. >> kit go either way it depend on the court. that is a problem. do you agree it is a problem? >> potential problem. >> how do you have a person running for your party that maybe is not allowed to run for the party.
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>> let's talk about new york values you are from queens i am from brooklyn and you brought up the response to 9/11 when ted cruz raised this in the debate and he made the point when you did the interview with russert back in 1999 you said, i'm a new yorker and i am very pr. on choice, and i would not dismiss --. >> i made the whole concept of abortion, i said that strongly. i hate the concept of abortion. i said i am pro close but it was long time ago and i will say this, reagan was a liberal democrat when three was younger. okay? and he swiped over to a fairly conservative, not overly but a fairly conservative conservative, okay? he was pretty good. he turned out to be a great president. people change. people change. if you remember the comment, it said, very strongly, and i give them credit for leashing that part in, i hate the concept of abortion. i said that very strongly. >> i understand you were a businessman in new york and you had to get along with democrat politicians and you gave money
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to everyone, i understand that. can you understand how some republican voters would have doubts because of your past positions that you are a trueblue conservative? >> they said i was a world class businessman, an article, and as a world class -- i did i built a fantastic company. my kids will do fine and i will use the same to-do list for our country, i want the money pouring in, we will save social security, we will do so map different things, all right? i tell you, as a world-class businessman or as even a businessman, you have to get along with politicians. you have though get along with democrats. you have to get along with republicans. it is standard. can you not have enemies, half of the people out there as enemies. i got along with clinton, i got along with reagan, i get along with everyone. that is a very good thing. by the way a problem our country has right now, we are at gridlock in washington. we have total gridlock. everyone headaches each other
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the. >> but senator ted cruz said you are, budget the establishment candidate, the establishment is embracing you because you make deals with the beltway power brokers he when. >> the problem with ted cruz everyone hates him the you have all the republican senators and he doesn't have one republican senator that is endorsing him. and you have senator dole, bob dole is a great person. an incredible wife. elizabeth. he came out so strongly against ted cruz and he was very nation to me and i appreciate it, he came out strongly. these are great people, these are great people, not bad people. you have to get along. you can be tough, you can be sharp, i'm a deal maker. he said donald trump is a deal maker. >> you don't take that as an insult? >> negotiation i think it is great. >> this is a fox news alert the mayor of washington, dc, just briefing the aftermath of the monster blizzard that brought nearly 2' of snow to the region we will listen to muriel bowser.
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>> this is the dig out and it started shortly after the snow stopped early this morning. our crews worked all night and all day. we have deployed most of the 400 new pieces of equipment i mentioned to you this morning and much of it dispatched from rfk stadium. some of you have started to see blacktop. that is good. it is mostly on our major roadways. we are going to get into the secondary roadways and into the neighborhoods, as well. while we have made some progress, there is still a lot more to do. we will work to continue to clear our major arteries. a lot of the black top you are seeing if many cases, we still have restricted width on the lanes so we do not have the full number of lanes we should have or we have some concerns about how we get through intersections
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and the rest. there is still a lot of work that has to be done on the major arteries. at the same time, we are gaining access as i mentioned to the secondary roads and residential streets. we are evaluating our ability to collect trash right now for this week. we have determined we will not pick up trash on monday or tuesday. we will not pick up trash on monday or tuesday. we will advise on the remainer of the work just as soon as possible. the director talked to you earlier about the forecast for the rest of the week which will have an exact on our cleanup. it will also have an exact on our ability to get into alleys. that is why we will talk to you when we have a clearer picture
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of the rest of the week. we expect with the temperature dropping tonight and for every night this week, we will see continued slick and dangerous roadways. continue to stay off of the road. let me say something also about shoveling. we saw a lot of people out today. i got the chance to get out today and talk to neighbors, as will. and we want to remind all of our folks to please go out as you are able and shovel your walk and way and sidewalk. please remember the safety tips for shoveling. remember to stay hydrates. take breaks. do it in shifts. >> let me thank all of the residents, volunteers, who extend up to help us with the washington, dc know resident
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team. 3,100 volunteers have stepped up to the plate and 1,000 folks spread out across the city to help people with shoveling. it is an all volunteer of the. i thank them. let me also thank the many people who did not call us to tell us they were volunteering to help a neighbor, who just stepped up and helped anyway. look at your blocks. if you see a sidewalk that hasn't been shoveled or a walkway to a house not shoveled, that is a sure sign of someone in need. try to help a neighbor. let me also remind business owners, people went to come and patronize your businesses but they can't do it if they can't get this safely. please shovel your walks. we want all of our commercial core stores to be open for business. let me turn now to our operation
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am status. i announced earlier that dc public schools closed tomorrow. >> okay we have been listening to muriel bowser in washington, dc. she is reminding residents they have made regular in the area but there is more work to do on the major arteries, secondary streets and the residents feed to exercise patience and remindingen there is no trash pickup on monday or tuesday. things that will althoughs need to pay attention to. meanwhile we are back to "media buzz" with howard kurtz. >> rnc has batted national review from kosovoing republican debate next month after the conservative magazine assembled a group of rome independent bun difficulties with a single goal stopping donald trump and one claimed he could call himself a conservative but he is not one of them. >> it is up to conservatives to think that donald trump whatever
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his virtues doesn't truly understand the ideas and principles that make this country great. it is up to those conservatives to stand up and say "no, sorry, we oppose this." >> it is a day ago paper with circulation way down, and not very many read it anymore. people don't even think about the "national review." they want to give them... >> new talking about our trump interview, mercedes schlapp, political strategist and veteran of the bush white house. you saw donald trump hitting back at the "national review." but is this campaign against donald trump a menace to the conservative movement a problem? >> i don't think so. you have to understand the trump supporter he is not a subscriber to the national review but getting cues from sean hannity, and rush limbaugh, who would have given a fair analysis on donald trump and --.
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>> fair analysis or more victim that net ice? >> both. they have not attacked lie we have seen with the very respectful conservative space editors that, the thingers that are out in the magazine in "national review." >> if they represent the "intellectual wing," of the conservative movement, the talk radio people it is still able to command a lot of media attention toward this attack which was almost planned as a campaign against trump. thank you is the case. we are seeing there is a disconduct betwe conservative thinkers, many who live in new york and washington, dc, and the rest of america. >> they are in a bubble? >> to a sent extent. several of the thinkers that wrote in the piece that they do appeal to the grass roots activist. again, a lot of these thinkers already have endorsed the
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candidates and you have glen beck who came out for senator ted cruz who said, i would prefer to vote for sanders over trump. can you not be a conservative if you think of investigating for sanders over truck. >> and at the heart of the battles of trump with fox is the commentators on the right, krauthammer and george will, and steve hayes, they have really been stuff on trump and when i have asked he doesn't want to get into an ideological debate with them but to dismiss them as unfair and criticize them personally but you are say that a lot people will turn up for him who do not care about "national review," but the william buckley publication has been the leader of the movement on the right. >> they are focused on conservative ideology, but you have shavely who said that the national review is not an authority for conservative, which is a big deal, so you have in the conservative movement a split. why? because -- at the end, if trump
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is the nominee or ted cruz, account conservatives rally behind the one candidate, whether it is trump, whether it is cruz, whether it is marco rubio? that is the key. the fact is you have conservatives say they would support hillary clinton or not vote for donald trump you are giving hillary clinton another eight yours. >> do you have problem with republican national committee booting "national review," from the debate? >> it was the right movement by the rnc, because it is an opinion magazine and they have made a moral crusade against donald trump and out of a fairness issue, it is fine for the rnc to disinvite them. it would have been wiser to is both sides. >> pollster frank luntz asked people in a focus group what they thought of the media coverage. let's look. >> why have they not been fair? >> targeting him and taking their words and pulled them out
2:19 pm
of context which the media is good. >> donald trump show all the time. every day. >> 100 percent fair for the media to abuse you when you are running for the presidency because it gives us a chance to see how you will handle it. >> it is unfair for the media to abuse you? asking tough questions, absolutely, but what donald trump has done effectively is used social media to his advantage, and he has been able to deliver the narrative and guess what, the media is the one asking the questions and he is accessible, he is out there, being able to not afraid to answer the questions. all the reason he get as little of air time is because he is willing to come on shows look thick and the sunday shows and the morning shows and late night shows but to finish up on "national review," donald trump is not running as a trueblue conservative so he does not have to pass their litmus test? he takes center positions for anyone else to say not a real conservative, it would be
2:20 pm
harmful, and i don't think --. >> based on your interview he is running as a deal make their this is gridlock and the fact is that senator ted cruz was not friendly with the other senators, and donald trump said he would be a deal maker. >> i asked if he was the establishment candidate he did not deflect. he is willing to embrace the conservative hat, the establish president hat. his goal is he wants to win the primary election so that is what he is focused on getting all the different types. >> my interview with ted cruz has very strong things to say about the media and his chief rival in part two of donald trump later but, first, the media neighborhood are -- media 9s are out against sarah palin. [ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream.
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>> same sarah palin expected to get riffed up by the press as she does as the vice president nominee eight years ago. >> i was told, wanted left and right you will be clobbered in the press, irgoing to get beat up. and spit out. and i am thing, and...yeah? >> as if on cue the huffington post describe donald trump and sarah palin as a con dead real estate of dunces. mercedes, behalf do you make of this? it is not new. for sarah palin, the mainstream press has never been friendly to sarah palin. clearly. part of the problem is because she just has the populist movement to her, the followers and she has over four million followers, people that respect her. she has a role. she has always had a role to rally the troops. rally the base. for the media, they have never quite understood her role. >> the role of tina fey, she is
2:25 pm
back on saturday night live. this reminds me of 2008 with a split in the conservative immediatia and some on the right --. >> let me stop you. they not part of the conservative media, they would be considered more in the conservative circle, the kathleen parker, more center right and more in the moderate. >> but they identify themselves at conservative? thank you is --. >> they came out and said, sarah palin is not qualified to be vice president. they took a lot of heat. people lost jobs over this. but you are saying -- look, that was 2008. and this continues. she difficult vasive. >> it is difficult for the center right or the establishment journalists, if we use that word, to understand the sarah palin phenomenon and whether you want to argue about her qualifications for v.p. she
2:26 pm
does, again, represent part of this populist movement that is very reflective of what we are seeing with donald trump. >> as donald trump told me and i am sure ted cruz admitted he would like her enstorm. >> on that night, msnbc referred to the domestic violence charges against sarah palin's son, a military veteran. had this to say. >> ask yourself this, what would you do the day after your 26-year-old son who lives at home with you, is arrested in your home after assaulting his girlfriend and threating to commit suicide using one of these? he went on to say that sarah palin was out endorsing donald trump. >> i cannot believe those comments. they are giving parenting tips? come on, give me a break. this is a double standard. why not say, why want the father
2:27 pm
next to the son's side. >> it reminds me of when commentators say how can she be vice president with five kids. >> right. as a mother of five kids i resent that. >> you are qualified to speak on that. >> i sit down with ted cruz on new york values, the canadian birth and the escalateing rhetoric with donald trump. and donald trump make as bold claim about himself, the voters and president obama. staying in rhythm...
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>> ted cruz has will merges at the leading rival of donald trump after a remarkable surge that has intensified the critical media coverage. we sat down in washington, dc. >> you have ripped the coverage of the republicans as being unfair and bias since you got in the race but as a leading candidate do you need to be able to withstand tough media scrutiny?
2:31 pm
>> that goes with the territory but any republican who is running could not be confused and think the mainstream media are our friends. they are partisan. they wake up every day, fighting for liberal political agendas. "new york times" wants hillary clinton to be the next president and every day from now to election day they will push stories advancing that. that is the reality. that is the world we live in. the answer is not to whine and complain. the answer is to do what reagan did, go straight to the american people, that is what we are working to do. that is why we are build asking running a grass roots campaign to go an the media gatekeepers. >> since you brought up "new york times" you said they does a hit piece that you did not disclose a loan of town 500,000 for the senate campaign but you did not deny the specifics. >> look, they breathlessly reported this horrible scandal that when i was run for office i was running against someone worth $200 million. all of the establishment, all of the money, all of the lobbyists
2:32 pm
were against us. he put $25 million of his own money spat race and my wife and i, we took our life savings and we did a combination of spending our savings and selling from stocks and assets and taking out loans against the remainder of the assets and put all of that into a listen we gave to the campaign. now, the entire basis of "new york times" story is the loans we took we disclosed on one form and we did not disclose it on the other. both of the forms are public, and both were public before the election. >> a second loan from citibank -- why a "hit," piece? because the story is a total nothing. >> i leave aside i am from new york because there is a lot of talk about new york values you say that donald trump sort of started it and you are using that against him and you have described new york values as socially liberal, all pro abortion and pro gay marriage.
2:33 pm
are you using new york city as sort of a way to afeel to behalf conservatives? all the characterization did not come from me but from donald trump. it is how he explained his values. when he was doing an interview back in main mine and he was telling russ certificate, what are your views and? he said i am very pro choice and support pablo partial birth abo, and he said he is open to gay marriage, he is very pro choice, and spoors partial birth and the spare explanation he gives and those are new york values and he is the one that draws the distinctions. they are not iowa values but that is what we believe in new york so it is curious to see he is upset that i am repeating his own words he used explaining request he believes what he believes. >> i point out the media reported on donald trump's more liberal views in the 1990s
2:34 pm
that supported democratic politicians have not hurt. let me move on to the so-called bother story because i was surprised at the way that took off. i thought it would be a two day question of you being born in canada does it affect your elsibility for the presidency. you were asked each day for a week wherever you went. >> look, that is the nature of reporters, they like -- they are domes at the under the day. they want --. >> reporters like conflict and donald trump drove the agenda. or do you plaintiff he did by throwing that into the center of the campaign? >> he drives the reporters' agenda, we were in the middle of a bus tour in iowa, 26 counties in 8 days but for what you do looking at media it was a great field test. we would do pretty were every, k question and many other candidates do not take questions from the reporters. i take them all time. half to two-thirds of the
2:35 pm
question from the reporters would be about donald trump. the latest attack, the latest tweak. when you go do the townhall, and these are rural townhalls, one county hat 7,000 people in the county and we had 10 percent of the county come. another town of 600 and 150 people came. >> and you are asking about donald trump but now you mix it up. >> here is my point, howie, when we do the townhalls no one asks about the birther attack or about truck, they ask about the real problems, how do we stop isis or stop iran from nuclear weapons? it was a perfect focus group and the reporters followed donald trump like catnip f he wades up at can am, and send as while tweet, everyone asked, and you see the latest? the american people are more serious and substantive than the reporters and they are
2:36 pm
interested in who is ready to be next commander in chief. >> one more "new york times" question, a piece said you are not very lie likable and you take an academic apporach to achieving likability and you can appeal obsessively calibrated down to dramatic pauses. what did you maybe of that? what do you make of that line of media analysis of your candidacy? >> it is a perfect exam of the kind of hit piece the "new york times" does. if i were a democrat, do not look at the stores "new york times" wrote about president obama, the inspiration am campaign, driven from --. they write the same story, have you soon anywhere in the mainstream media 10 percent of a rural county came to our event, 25 percent of a small town came? >> they are sure you are not the most popular gay in the senate. >> but it is not how i treat people. my entire time in public life i have treated everyone with
2:37 pm
civility and respect. what is problematic in the senate from other senators' perspective is saying what is going on and speaking the truth. we passed $1 trillion omnibus bill that funded the entire iran plans, including bringing syrian refugees to america. the unpore -- unpardonable sin i have committed is i speak the truth, why and --. >> last question, when you bash the media and you have been treated unfairly as someone who sces little children is it in your interest to do that. your base loves that? they don't like the mainstream media law is a reason, they are partisan liberal democrats. >> every journalist? >> almost without exception.
2:38 pm
>> without exception? >> without exception almost. they have a partisan agenda. take a substantive issue, police officers. if you have one police officer somewhere who does something he shouldn't, the press will breathlessly report on this terrible, horrible police officer and all the democratic politicians will upin and vilify the cops. the resolution doesn't tell the stories of heroism but the great news is we don't live anymore in a world of three networks that is a strangle hold on information. we have the intent. we have the drudge report. we have talk radio. we have social media, the ability to go directly around and to the people. >> senator cruz thanks for kinking us. >> after the break i ask donald trump about his general election strategy if he gets that far and wait until you hear what he said about himself and barack obama.
2:39 pm
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...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. >> i sat down with donald trump in las vegas and asked about his handling of make heal talking about g.o.p. angry voices. >> you said you embrace the mantle of anger. >> i am angry when, look, nikki
2:43 pm
haley is wonderful. >> you seem optimistic? >> i am because i will make things better. making america is great, not negative, it is positive. i like nikki haley, i am a friend of hers. i supported her. she said there is great anger and donald trump is part of the anger. but you go to the rallies and you saw what happened in oklahoma i filled a stadium the you saw what happened today if las vegas they sent away thousands. the people are angry. it is not the anger that they want to see our country great. >> you are chan weeing the anger? >> maybe i am i have to be together something because i feel the same way they document. >> when she aid anger, i said, no, no, i am angry at the iran deals i am angry at our trade bill where we lose $500 billion a year with china, angry with
2:44 pm
our deals with japan and mexico where the people pour across the boarder and we do nothing i am angry about all these things but i will be happy soon if i win because i will change it. >> if you are the nominee, will you ton down your rhetoric? will you reach out to minorities more? >> absolutely. i will do great with the african american minority, if you look at the african-american poll, how is it that 25 percent, no republicans is above 7 percent or 8 percent? i am going to do great with the african americans and great with the his magazines, i think i will do great with the asians. >> do you noon absolutely you will take a little bit different apporach? >> can know if i want to change is were the look, the african americans love me, they know i will bring bag jobs the look what happened as an example with african-american youth, 54 percent, 58 percent, they don't know it is so high, they cannot
2:45 pm
get jobs. look at calf can american people in their prime, 30s and 40s and 50s look at their unemployment rate. they want jobs. they will like me better than president obama. the truth is, obama has done nothing for them. he is african american. he has done nothing. >> you say african-americans will like you better than the first african-american president? >> relatively speaking, and he does have a slight clang, but relatively speaking when i am finished they will absolutely loch donald trump i will bring back jobs were i will create wealth for the country, people are going to partake. we will take back jobs from china, from japan, from mexico be from all of the countries that are ripping us off and african americans are going to benefit. by the way, hispanics are going to benefit. i have now thousands of hispanic s that work for me i have had tens of thousands over my lifetime that is worked for me. these are from people they want jobs. >> fur the nominee will you continue to do so many
2:46 pm
interviews, going on so many shows or become less? >> the formula is working and i will not change much. i will do the fair shows, you have always treated me fairly. i will do the shows of fair people. example, mitt romney is a very nice person but the last move the campaign, and i give obama credit, president obama was on letter man, on jay leno and all other the place and i would call up mitt romney's people would were not very good and i said why isn't he campaign and on television and obama is on all shows and they would say -- the last in, he disappeared. you remember that, that was a big mistake, i am not disappearing. thank you very much. >> i -- on the interview he said megyn kelly should not be a moderator on the iowa debate and she said she has in conflict of interest and donald trump is trying to build up the ought dense for the thursday debate
2:47 pm
which i ask questions. next, with bernie sanders threatening to win iowa and new hampshire are the media no longer considering hillary clinton as inevitable? was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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2:50 pm
>> media have refused to take beers seriously because obviously hillary clinton who wins, according to all pundits. and now with bernie sanders surging and the two democrats have been ratcheting up their attacks. >> i don't think money from big banks -- why get money from big bangs or personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> he as voted with the n.r.a. numerous times including against the brady bill five times. he voted for what we call the
2:51 pm
charleston loophole. >> the media underplayed the bernie sanders phenomenon, are the media now overdoing the hillary clinton in trouble. >> are thing they are overdoing it but killing to the realization that bernie sanders could be a contender, he is -- it is not just organic movement but the fact you have so many of the democrats that are a lot of them are small donors give money to the campaign when you look at the last quarter, it was $26 million bernie sanders. >> he could win iowa, and he could win new hampshire and imagine how crazy the press will be. >> a reason that bernie sanders did not get so much coverage as he might have although donald trump overshadowedden he refused to attack hillary clinton personally. it was sort of high-minded rhetoric stuff and he scolded reporter whose asked him for. now that he is doing it, coverage is ramping up. >> beers is taking a page from
2:52 pm
the book of donald trump which is, i have been attacking by hillary clinton and i am attacking back. he said he is not surprised that media establishment is backing hillary clinton and this is after the endorsement by the des moines register. so, again, fascinating that bernie sanders has decided, look, she has attacked me and going after me and i will not stay quiet. i will attack first. >> iowa is the most influential paperbacking hillary clinton and marco rubio on republican side. "new york times" had a story about bill clinton's sex scandals and how many young women who did not live through the impeachment era and are turned off on her role fighting back. >> remember how we had the discussion two weeksing a about society evolving after the bill cosby sexual allegations that came out, and the fact our society is very aware of what is happening with victims of sexual assault that hillary clinton has talked about that every voice
2:53 pm
should be heard women who have bill clinton isssaulted. now resonating. why? we have a percentage of the population who did not know monica lewinsky and she said she defending women and we hear the other side. adonald trump is the reason this is now hit the mainstream media, there was the debate in the press, is it fair game? "new york times" story --. >> you agree it was fair game? all the "new york times" has certified it. back to the interviews with donald trump. three said african machine voteers will like him better than president obama. >> thank you could be tough. have a smile with the media personality and an african american said if you black or brown, what would be the three good reasons to come out and vote? there is a sense of disappointment in the african-american community, is truck the solution? that is questionable the it will take a lot of coalition building and something that even the republicans have struggled in
2:54 pm
the past and it is interesting for trump to see if he can win the minority vote in that sense. >> he does not shy away from the bold claims. he will say it will bring jobs and the comparison to obama we will see. ted cruz said almost without exception, members of the mainstream media are partisan democrats, and if that is true, how would he explain the fact that he also said that journalists are letting truck drive the agenda and why would partisan democratic --. >> this narrative has, withed saying the media is the were my, and the mainstream media particularly, with that being said trump has the anger, and you have cruz trying to own the mantle of conservativism which the primary reason he is saying they are favoring trump over me and he is plague the game. >> no one likes. resolution and it is such a big issue in the campaign, still to come we are digging our way out, just starting to, of the monster blizzard here in washington, dc and along the east coast and
2:55 pm
there are thoughts on the media and the, extreme weather coverage. next. influential, and conservative, and conservatism, and conservatism, and conservatism, and influential, and
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2:58 pm
well as we start digging this st >> i am lucky i got here with 25 " of snow in washington, dc, and we did not know if you would make it. thank you is true. my nephew is here from kansas and he is stuck with his high school and my husband had to try to save a neighbor whose car was stuck and my daughter walk add mile to get home so it has been quite eventful in washington, dc. >> during this whole thing you see corns out there, in the snow, getting in the middle of a blizzard, failing into the snow bangs and we are looking at the pictures and i confess i have made fun of this in the past because why aren't they inside?
2:59 pm
but, at the same time, this is a story if you live on east coast, it has touched everyone and everyone wants to see what it feels like the thank you is right. the journalists, they are the snow warriors. >> is this like going off to a war zone you get to prove you are not just someone who sits in a climate controlled studio? >> that you right you have to be doing the snow angels and the whole yards and if you can sled, that would be great. all the media provide important information about, for example, the washington, dc, airplanes are shut down and new york difficult had a travel ban. weather stories rate. >> stay inside. stay warm. make yourself a cup of hot cocoa the thank you is it for "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz, glad we were able to make it and check out our facebook page and we spend to your questions and post a last original content. next week we are on the road in iowa for the big for which news debate coming to you, line, from
3:00 pm
des moines, with the "media buzz" and i hope you can make it. hope you are watching us because we will be in iowa the center of the political universe for the latest "media buzz". >> i am chris wallace, the blizzard of 2016 shuts down much of the country. all the storm dumps feet snow on the east coast. hitting millions in its path. we will have the latest. >> then countdown to the last g.o.p. debate before voting starts in iowa, we have new battleground polls and senator marco rubio is looking to take on the front rathers. >> i will beat hillary clinton she does not want to run against me. >> marco rubio is an exclusive for fox news. >> a new report reveals some of hillary clinton's e-mails were beyond top secret. we will ask two top leaders of


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