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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the 12 republicans and three democrats running for president on the ground in iowa and new hampshire at this hour pressing voters to make up their minds. but first, official contests and primary season is one week from tomorrow. i'm harris faulkner, this is the "fox report." marco rubio, donald trump and bernie sanders are all in iowa. brand new fox polling giving us a fresh snapshot of where the republicans stand ahead of iowa. take a look, donald trump in the lead with 34% among likely republican caucus goers.
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that's up from two weeks ago by a lot. senator ted cruz in second place with 23%. followed by marco rubio with 12%. the rest of the field in single digits at this point. we have fox team coverage as we kickoff the final week of campaigning in iowa. ed henry is following democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders, but with the republican race live in des moines we'll go to kacarl camer. >> reporter: those in new hampshire say they may change their minds. both in 30% for both cases. for the last few weeks, it looks like iowa will be a two-person race between donald trump and ted cruz. as he has with other candidates, trump began to attack cruz and the establishment began to go after cruz as well. as a result, it looks like he's taken a bit of a hit. trump base you cannily says cruz is unlikable, no senators have endorsed him or said particularly positive things
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about mr. cruz. and trump goes on to question not only his citizenship, but also his failure to report so something to the fdc. watch. >> he can run for prime minister of canada. he was born on canadian land. he forgot to say goldman sachs gave his money. he forgot to say citibank gave him money, okay? he's a man of the people, he's robinhood, right? he's a great man of the people, even though no senators endorsed him, all this. and he's a nasty guy. >> well, cruz took the day off in waterloo, iowa, today. he's been on a bus tour across the state having spent a couple days last week in new hampshire. and marco rubio today picked up the endorsement of the des moines register. the state's largest newspaper. rubio has been steadily running in third in the polls in both iowa and new hampshire. and if cruz and trump do such battle and one begins to take a dive, rubio may be the one to pick up momentum toward the end
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of this. today on "fox news sunday" he have talking about the importance of that endorsement. watch. >> our campaign is a serious campaign about solving the problems before this country. look, barack obama has done incredible damage to our country over the last seven years. so our president does need to be frustrated about what but it has to be someone that knows exactly what to do to undo all this damage. and my whole campaign has been built on that. >> rubio's been criticized in both new hampshire, iowa and south carolina for not spending enough time campaigning through. though he has a record for absenteeism in the senate, the criticism is he has not been aggressively campaigning as others and yet finds himself, at least the other only candidate in double digits. >> i want to focus on the people for just a moment, carl, because we talk about the candidates all the time. caucuses is not an easy endeavor. it's one of things to make up your mind, listen to your
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neighbors and say who you are voting for, it's a huge commitment. what is the intensity like among the voters you're talking with? >> the folks who come to see the candidates are intensely focused. the record turnout for the iowa caucuses for republicans is pretty low comparatively. only 120,000 is the record for caucus turnout in the past. all the polls and all the campaigns are suggesting that that will be broken this year and it could be up as much as 150 or more. but when you divide that by the number of candidates and believe trump has the lead with 30%, 150,000 is really not that many votes to get. it wouldn't be that hard for anybody to compete. 30,000 votes. the record in the state is 35,000, mike huckabee got it back in 2008. so the voters are very interested but there are few of them. it's a big, big commit. and there's a question on whether donald trump's celebrity reality tv stardom will bring out the typical iowa caucus goers and brave the cold on a monday night a week from
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tomorrow. >> carl, thank you very much. i feel like we get a side by side when we hear about the voters. appreciate it. now you look at the man gaining ground and in some polling surpassing hillary clinton. bernie sanders campaigning in iowa today as well. and he is set to hold another town hall event at any moment now. and in the race to win the democratic nomination for president, hillary clinton says she is still the candidate to beat in her opinion. but the fact that a self-described socialist is giving her a tough run may have others thinking about, well, taking them all on. reports former new york mayor michael bloomberg is considering running as an independent. here's what hillary clinton has to say about that. >> he's a good friend of mine. and i'm going to do the best i can to make sure that i get the nomination and we'll go from there. the way i read what he said is if i didn't get the nomination he might consider it. well, i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination. so he doesn't have to. >> they always think they're friends. ed for us in des moines as well. ed, you're seeing signs on the
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ground in iowa for momentum. but not for her. it's for sanders. >> reporter: that's right, harris. you were just talking to carl about who will have the passion a week from tomorrow night to brave the cold and turnout for the caucuses here. on the democratic side, i can tell you a short time ago bernie sanders had an event in decorah, iowa, a few thousand people live there. you wouldn't expect a big crowd. about 200 miles northeast of des moines where i am right now. he had over 2,000 people. we spoke to one person who said he had driven three hours just to see bernie sanders speak. that is the kind of passion he's inspiring on the ground. that he hopes will help him win these caucuses and shock the world. when he told his supporters that he could live with the fact that they may think hillary clinton is better. and they're going to vote for her. but he doesn't want to hear that she's more electable. he says that if there's a general election, he's the nominee, he could beat donald trump. listen. >> some of you say i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. i understand that. that's fine.
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but what i hope is that people do not say, i'm going to vote for hillary clinton even though i really like bernie's ideas more but he can't win. you got that? >> reporter: so he is out there saying that he believes a week from tomorrow his campaign will shock the political world. the big question moving forward is whether he places a close second or he wins iowa and then goes on to win new hampshire. can he carry momentum down south where clinton believes she's hit a firewall, harris. >> and then there's the coincidence of, oh, just on the night before the iowa caucuses, let's do a town hall on another network with bernie sanders and give people one more look at her. and who knows if -- what that will do because most of the debates have been against some playoff games and other things when people may not be focused on them. anyway, hillary clinton is boasting some new endorsements this weekend. >> reporter: she is. and the question is going to be whether they matter. whether people pay attention. in new hampshire, key
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battleground, she won the endorsement today of the concord monitor. here in iowa, the "des moines register" said they are endorsing her. no democrat has gotten the nomination and gone on to win the nomination. hillary clinton got it in 2008 and finished third here to barack obama and john edwards. though they did say in the editorial that her experience matters. something hillary clinton talked about today in the sunday morning talk shows, even when pressed, why did you take money, big money from wall street? $200,000 to speak. why did you accept it? she said it's about experience. listen. >> coming off of four years as secretary of state in a complicated world, people were interested in what i saw, what i thought, they asked questions about matters that were on their minds, a lot of interest in the b bin laden raid and how i advised
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theth. >> reporter: interesting, hillary clinton saying she got big money for speeches because people wanted to hear about the raid that killed osama bin laden. what is noteworthy, she's not talking about benghazi and other global hot spots that also came up during her time in office. >> i would think she would talk about that sort of thing for free. but what do i know? ed henry, good to see you, thank you. eight days after iowa, new hampshire. governors chris christie and john kasich are already in the granite state. both selling themselves as alternatives to the front-runner in their party donald trump. christie is warning voters that a fellow win would be for hillary clinton. his more from the campaign trail in manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: good evening, harris. we are two weeks out from the new hampshire primary and presidential candidate john kasich is now in the top four according to new fox news polling. we joined governor kasich on his campaign bus to talk his plan for victory on february 9th.
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ohio governor john kasich is the latest presidential candidate to see a surge in new hampshire polls. >> there's an establishment lane an anti-establishment lane and a kasich lane and that's what we have. i don't think about anything else. >> reporter: donald trump reigns as gop front-runner and now the fight is on for new hampshire's runner-up. the race is wide open with chris christie, marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush and others gunning for a chance to challenge trump. >> my best strategy is real simple. tell people who i am. tell people we can solve these problems. i'm not falsely hopeful. i am hopeful. >> reporter: kasich held his 75th town hall today in the state. more than any candidate in the gop field. >> but you know what i hear and it makes me feel so good is the people leave my town halls and they say, god, i've got hope again. what could be better than that? >> reporter: with a little over two weeks left in the primary,
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kasich pursues what some consider the anti-trump strategy. choosing an optimistic message over calculated attacks. >> we have raised the bar in this election. i've talked about hope in the future and positive things and a can do attitude. and i tell you, i love it. i'm having the best time i've ever had in politics by doing this right here in this state. >> reporter: in vfw halls, diners across the state, kasich presents himself as a problem solver. >> if you want to divide the country, if you want to just yell and scream at the other side, you should not vote for me. as a key for me now because everyone is talking at me, just stay relaxed and be myself. >> reporter: expect polling to shift over the next two weeks. most voters don't make up their mind until election day. harris, back to you. >> thank you very much, hillary. fox news urgent now, the islamic state reportedly releasing a new video that features the nine terrorists before they carried out the november attacks in paris.
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the video we're told is said to show the paris attackers executing prisoners likely in syria. we are told the amount of planning that went into the paris attacks which you know left 130 people dead. also on that tape, new threats by the islamic state savages against prime minister david cameron. as we learn more about it we'll bring it to you. it will take another day for our nation's capital to open for business. we learned a short time ago all federal offices in washington, d.c. area will be closed in the aftermath of the blizzard. and among the work that will not be getting done, votes in the house including one to override president obama's veto on legislation to repeal obamacare. that vote now expected to come in february. also, the snowstorm going into the record books with one of the top single day snowfall totals in history for new york city. the news continues. stay close. it's red lobster's big festival of flavors where you can savor 2 of 7 new and classic creations
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the storm is over and millions of people are feeling it and will be for a bit anyway. the historic blizzard now blamed for 20 deaths up and down the eastern seaboard. here's what it looked like in virginia where the system unleashed hurricane-force winds hitting 70 miles per hour. new york city trying to get back up and running as well after the storm set a new single-day snowfall record just shy of one, actually, dropping nearly 27 inches yesterday alone. just a tenth of an inch away from the all-time record. and that heavy snowfall causing flooding in some coastal areas. boy, the pictures here were heartbreaking. well, there they are, the firefighters in new jersey helping people to safety. thankfully, that flooding nowhere near what we saw during super storm sandy. they have done a lot of improvements along the shoreline, but they still have more to do. kristen fisher is reporting live from dupont circle in d.c. kristen, what is the latest on the conditions in d.c.? i know they won't open any federal offices. >> reporter: they are not.
4:17 pm
they are closed. and d.c. has made some progress but it's still very difficult to get around. your best bet is to have a big car with four-wheel drive. but as you can see, many of those kinds of cars are now buried under two feet of snow. and as the snowplows come by, they plow more snow into them so it makes it even more difficult to get out. so your next best bet is to walk. you can see some sidewalks are clear. others aren't. but then when you get into the intersection, you have to trudge through two feet of snow. and this right here, we're about two blocks away. this is a main thoroughfare through the city, new hampshire avenue, and it is still covered in snow. people are getting stuck on the side streets left and right. so they are still seeing a lot of digging out that needs to be done. it was not all work today. earlier today hundreds of people went down to capitol hill for the first legal sledding on capitol hill in years.
4:18 pm
it was absolutely packed. and here in dupont circle there was a big snowball fight. and tomorrow the kids are going to get another snow day. d.c. schools are closed and the federal governments are closed, d.c. and local government is closed. but some people are going to have to try to get around and move around the city again tomorrow and it's not looking very good. there's still snow everywhere. and i think it's going to be quite some time before this city is back to normal. harris? >> kristin, thank you very much. we'll take a look at the traffic finally moving along the pennsylvania turnpike. boy, this has had a lot of drama over the weekend during the blizzard. it left more than 500 cars and trucks stranded along that turnpike. one college basketball team got out and pushed their bus through mounds of snow. well, they sounded happy. but take a look at the mess on the turnpike earlier this weekend before they could get things moving. some people were forced to stay
4:19 pm
put for 17 hours or longer. can you imagine? and a group of high school students tell fox news they opened their bus to strangers who were stuck in the cold. emergency crews spent hours delivering supplies and shuttling everybody to shelters and that was a huge job. right now new images are coming into fox report showing how three inmates managed to cut their way out of a maximum security prison. break details as the manhunt is now intensifying. and there's this -- >> oh! >> an nba legend giving a group of young basketball fans a surprise and shock of a lifetime. seems like we've hit ad block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues.
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in southern california three inmates pulled off a dramatic jailbreak from a maximum security facility and we have pictures of how they did it. investigators call it a very sophisticated operation and managed to get their hands on tools and cut through steel bars and plumbing. they made a rope and were able to repel off the roof. here are the mug shots of the three. they are facing charges ranging from murder to torture. will carr is following the story from the west coast newsroom. some of the details on these guys are stomach turning. but they had to make some noise doing this, cutting through things, so i'm curious how they pulled this off. >> well, harris, authorities say this is a sophisticated escape. they say it most likely took weeks, maybe even months to plan. the last time that anybody saw these inmates was friday morning around 5:00 a.m. when there was a head count in the jail. it's believed they escaped shortly after that. but it wasn't until late friday
4:24 pm
night when the guards had the second count of the day when they realized that all three had vanished. the orange county sheriff's department just releasing new pictures where you can see that they used too cut through a steel grate there. then they shimmied into the plumbing section of the jail. and another picture where you can see they used linens, cut them up to make rope they later used when they got up onto the roof. they got past the razor wire up there and repealed down four stories. amazing pictures. in total, they got through three security areas on their way to freedom. >> we have been looking at our cameras and looking at any video surveillance that we can find. so that is still being reviewed, yes, we are looking at all cameras that we can get ahold of to see exactly how this occurred. and like you say, how did they get away once they got out? did they have a system? those kinds of things.
4:25 pm
>> authorities are also trying to figure out how they got the tools smuggled into the jail. if anybody helped the inmates once they got outside, as of tonight, there is a total of $50,000 for a reward for any information that leads to their capture, harris. >> well, i mentioned the history that i have been reading about with these guys. and it is frightening. >> yeah, that maybe putting it lightly. they are extremely dangerous. in fact, which enyou listen to details here, you can realize the most how-profile case is a man there accused of being part of a group that kidnapped and tortured a man. prosecutors say they used a blow torch, cut off part of his genitals and kept what they cut off. they poured bleach on the man and dumped him on the side of the road. he fled to his home country in iran and was arrested in prague. brought back to the united states where he was awaiting trial. then there's jonathan touw who
4:26 pm
faces a murder charge. and then bac duong. the manhunt continues. >> will carr, stay on it. we'll check back as the news warrants. a violent 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit alaska. the force of it shaking homes back and forth. look at this. the quake hit early this morning and was centered about 50 miles west of anchor point. one home caught fire and another exploded. thankfully, no reports of anybody getting hurt. this story is inspiring the #hoopsnotcrime on social media right now. a florida police officer responded to a noise complaint over kids playing basketball in the street. instead of breaking up the game, he joined in. the officer promised the kids that next time he would bring backup and it turns out he wasn't kidding.
4:27 pm
>> hey! >> well, he looks really familiar. that's nba legend shaquille o'neal just rolling up for a pick-up game. that's how he goes. the all-star center apparently among the millions of people who watch the original clip online. shaq asked police to keep this as low key as possible. wow. well, donald trump appears to be generating the most buzz ahead of the caucuses in iowa. but who supporters will actually make it out to vote, the fox news political insiders will join me at home base just seconds away. and quite a few celebrity endorsements for presidential candidates recently. i want to know your thoughts about that. chime in while you tune in. do celebrity endorsements matter to you at all? would they sway your vote at all? hit us up on the fox news social media pages, facebook and twitter. we're coming right back. (flour)
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iowa republicans who have not caucused before are giving donald trump a big lead according to new fox news polling. a trump with a whopping 43% among those who have done this before. ted cruz, 19%. senator marco rubio, 14%. and look at this, the race is much tighter among voters who have caucused before. trump has 28. so the first set was those likely. the second set is those who have done it before. cruz with 25, rubio with 10. we'll bring in the fox news insider, pat codell, pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor. ed rollins, former white house adviser to president reagan and political strategist and fox news political analyst. and doug shoen, a fox news contributor as well. how do you account, ed, for the tightness among people who have done this sort of thing before? >> a lot of them are in the christian coalition. only 120,000 people out of the 660,000 registered have ever turned out. and that was mike huckabee who had the largest vote, which was a little less than 41,000 votes.
4:33 pm
so if more people turn out, say 130,000, 140,000, most of the voters will be nontraditional voters and many could be trump voters. that's what they are finding in the different methodologies. >> i think ed is right. we should say that ed was the person who quarterbacked, managed and strategized mike huckabee to that win in iowa. but ed is underscoring, harris, a very important point. trump is mobilizing angry voters who are outside the political system. that's what the fox news polling is making up the bulk of his lead. but also it's important to note that the most conservative voters of all are also moving in donald trump's direction. so as we go into the last, i guess couple of weeks of the primary caucus, trump is in an increasingly strong position. >> what is interesting, pat, as i look at this, 43% trump leads by, that's a huge number for people who have never done this sort of thing before.
4:34 pm
i mentioned earlier with ed henry, caucusing is not an easy endeavor. so there's an opportunity for people to jump in on something that they have never had -- who knows how they vote when they get there, because it takes all night. you have your neighbors yelling and it can get -- it's kind of an interesting situation. it is not like you just go and vote. >> right. good point. and i think we're treating it as you just go and vote. no, you have to caucus and coalition and whatever. but look, there's a very important point. i've been saying it for some time now, at least a couple weeks. you tell me the turnout in iowa and i'll tell you who wins. if that turnout is closer to 120,000, which it was as ed just pointed out, a very similar number in 2012, i think cruz has the edge because he's got an organization. if it gets up to 140,000, 150,000, it's all trump to me. those are people who have come out and are willing to do this. we saw this in the democratic side in '08 with obama and
4:35 pm
hillary and their numbers shot up. and i think that same rule applies for them. so it's very important, will these people vote? my guess is a lot of them are motivated. >> that's interesting, ed, because the smaller number, you give cruz the advantage because of what is in place, the ground game. the other is who knows how it's going to go. >> he has ground game. what impressed me questioned as i was watching fox in the snow blizzard we had here, in iowa, he was the only one in iowa yesterday, the rest were all in new hampshire, people were lined up for blocks and blocks and blocks to get to his singular event. and i sat there watching, it was not a pretty day there either, and thought if they are lining up on a saturday afternoon to go see him, they may very well line up to go caucus for him. >> all right. i do want to hit one other thing that has to do with the endorsements that are -- you saw sarah palin last week. you saw willie robertson, the star of "duck nidynasty," he's
4:36 pm
celebrity and the daughter of john wayne, do you think these celebrities matter? >> i don't think they matter. the fact that governor branstad of iowa said explicitly not to vote for ted cruz is more important than any of these endorsements including sarah palin. it certainly gives trump a lot of publicity, but i think a very popular four to five-term incumbent governor saying not to vote for cruz, as ed was saying before, given his opposition to the earth the earththanol subsidy is pret telling. >> traditionally having done endorsements for many years, you used to get a story out of it for two days, it doesn't last longer than that. in iowa and new hampshire, they have watched the candidates and made their mind up slowly and deliberately.
4:37 pm
at the end of the day, nobody else will come in to alter that. >> we should mention glenn beck endorsed ted cruz. he had a list of his own. go ahead, fapat. >> one quick thing. one of the things in the polls i would be concerned about for the ted cruz camp, among the extremely conservative voters, it's almost even. that's his base all along along with christian evangelicals and that is close. the thing that, and i would like to hear what ed says, but i think trump was walking into a trap that i think cruz is very smartly trying to lay, which is that he is now becoming the establishment candidate. and trump is out there saying, well, i can make deals and i would like to go there and do that. his voters are the most angry. and if they think he's not going to stay faithful to that, i think he could be in for some trouble down the road. i don't know what you guys think. >> real quickly before we go to
4:38 pm
break. >> i feel differently. i think the elites are coalescing around something that could be complete for trump as he wins more and more support and his vote gets closer to 40%, 48% in florida. >> yeah. also it coincides with his momentum is how much he gets talked about in the media and how much he talks. and he calls it a loyalty factor. we'll get into more of that when we come back. and then we'll answer this question, on twitter sigmund says, i would love to hear the insight on this. the democratic candidates weighed in on morning shows today. donald trump had words to say about it as well. we'll come back with the fox news political insiders. stay close. new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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i think the american people do not want to see our nation move to an aligarchy. >> i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> michael bloomberg, that's what the democraticy about the white house running from a former new york city mayor. pat, i want to go to you first on this and want to remind everybody that we have been down this road before. in june 2007 here's was the new york post cover on michael bloomberg who was then said to be thinking of it. he said, read my lips, it's not going to happen. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are that now, you know, i would say that obviously somebody's going to consider this. if hillary has got troubles in the democratic side and sanders looks like he's winning, then i think that trump is the
4:43 pm
republican nominee and has a lot of controversy, i think bloomberg's looking at it thinking, hmm, maybe i can get in there. there's plenty of room in this race. this is a very chaotic year. i want to make one quick point on the last thing, i talked about trump, if trump's going to do a deal with the establishment, it has to be on his terms, not theirs. >> you know what is interesting about this, guys, you do take the focus off the outsiders, bernie sanders and donald trump, and you pit it back on a more establishment candidate whether you are a democrat or a republican with michael bloomberg. >> well, mayor bloomberg has never been a washington politician. he is a successful businessman -- >> so you see him as an outsider? >> absolutely. he is something nonpartisan having really coupled together solutions -- >> do you think it could have helped him be mayor longer? >> there's no rule in politics about pursuing self-interests. but to do the people's business on a nonpartisan basis to get
4:44 pm
results is, i think, one of the things we have been talking about here the last couple of years. >> randy says on twitter, harris, what is the latest a third party candidate with qualify on all 50 ballots, march? >> it's getting close. here's my sense. this is about electoral votes and not just getting votes. it is very difficult. you talked to mike bloomberg when he mentioned this before. it's awful hard for him at this point in time to win states. no one has electoral votes. this is george wallace in 1968 and those were five southern states. the game has now changed dramatically. there are republican states. my sense is it won't be a collapse of either party at the end of the day. there could be some unhappiness. >> i want to bring up something that has been a part of the conversation, the political piece, and that's the second amendment and guns. primarily because president obama has decided that the fiat of executive order is to try to
4:45 pm
deal with the issue of gun control. that is something that michael bloomberg has been widely criticized for. his anti-gun stance. and second amendment stance. and that's something i would imagine donald trump would hit him pretty hard on. >> well, i think so. but it makes a difference to democrats and independents. if he gets in, there's a possibility of a fourth party. this is a populist year. chaos is in the mix. as i've said, that on chaos is at every stage. and i believe that, you know, bloomberg is in this notion of making things work, the country wants somebody who will shake things up. and so if they're dissatisfied or whatever, there's a lot of mix to go. and i'll tell you this, bernie sanders may not be done. i think hillary clinton is in real trouble. >> really? even though -- what about the argument, we want to go back real quickly because we were just showing live pictures, we
4:46 pm
had told you at the top of the hour bernie sanders had a live event. this is a town hall that's going on right now in iowa just to tell you because we flashed that up, we want to point your attention to that to let you know what you're looking at. what about this argument that with bernie sanders or donald trump or one of those outsiders that the people don't really know what they're going to do. >> well, i think that's absolutely right. look, to a lot of people who like the approach that sanders and trump take, a lot of the sanders voters were initial trump supporters and vice versa. there's so much anger in this country towards the establishment and towards the system, we can get cross-cutting currents of support coalitions that we in the media or in the political establishment would be very surprised by. >> one important issue when you're looking at bloomberg, bloomberg is very competent and one of the richest men in new york. this is an anti-establishment. this is an anger year.
4:47 pm
pro the campaign i briefly ran in '92 captured that anger. trump has captured that anger. sanders has captured the anger. it is awfully hard for michael bloomberg to be angry and to be more confident than anybody else. when you look at the fox poll, the people want a prestige leader which he may be okay on and somebody who speaks his mind. those two qualities are now trumps and sanders to a certain extent. and sanders is capturing young votes that are important to the democrats. if i was hillary clinton i would be worried about that. >> that's a good point. >> you talked about michael bloomberg and where he is as a businessman with all his money. but that doesn't hurt donald trump at all, pat. >> but trump is running against time. he's not running as a rich man. he's not running just alone as, you know, in a way that discounselors people. he's been saying i'm your tribune. mayor bloomberg for all of his
4:48 pm
talents, and i think he was an excellent mayor, has an imperious behavior where he likes to say, i know what is best for you. by the way, you are all a bunch of pez an peasants. ly come back to this point on bernie sanders in a point ed made, he's lighting up young people. he's lighting up the new voters and running well -- >> but do you think he's going to win iowa? >> i think he's going to win both. i think he could. and i'll tell you, at that moment, the crisis in the democratic party will become real. >> milly says on twitter, that pink tie and shirt combo is hot! pat cadell, i had to get that in there. the state department is warning it will miss this week's deadline for the final release of hillary clinton's e-mails. why? sbauz because of the blizzard. the fox news insiders are coming
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
the state department might be trying to buy some time in the final release of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server, doug schoen cautions me, we don't really know, but we do know the facts. they're asking for an extra month claiming the documents won't be ready for the january 29th deadline because of the blizzard. and what's being called an internal oversight. the fox news political insiders are back. what would that be exactly, doug? >> well, first we're coming up to a critical time in the primaries. i think the state department wants to avoid interposing themselves, especially with the inspector general having found that the highest level of secured communication found its way to hillary clinton's home insecure server, harris, one
4:53 pm
other quick point. of a blizzard is a one-day affair, they need 30 days because of al blizzard that is -- a blizzard that closed offices midday friday, that's again, a little hard to figure out. >> well, that's when we first got the word that they were filing on friday. offices are, closed tomorrow, but as you're saying, 30 extra days, you know the clinton's very well. we teach you about it here, serious matter when you consider the sensitivity of the types of e-mails that are now, we know we're on the server. how surprised were you as someone's whose been friends with them for so long to know that this existed on her secret server. >> very surprised, we have the fbi that appears to be taking this very seriously, though the justice department has yet to open a formal investigation. that's the real tension, what will happen when the fbi comes back with a recommendation? >> what do you think will? >> i don't know.
4:54 pm
what do you think? >> there's 158 agents involved, this is an enormous resource. i think this is a very unique fbi director, i think he will make the honest recommendation. i don't think any way, shape, or form, the politics of the attorney general or the white house ever going to let this go to an indictment. the truth of the matter is, if they find evidence that she did something improperly or illegal, it'll get leaked and obviously it becomes a factor to someone that has honesty as one of her serious disabilities. >> because of the blizzard, they're going to need more time, pat. >> well, let me just remind you that the woman who was there handling varying lois lerner and destroying her e-mails was moved to the state department to handle these e-mails. if anyone would braise they're point, they're not being done because they're afraid it'll do more damage to her.
4:55 pm
and i think the e-mail thing is, i think it is -- could be deadly in there's more to come, but as i said, one of the things you have to consider is, if she is unhorsed by the democratic party, the panic, there are ten states left you can file in in march to run. including california, new jersey. but if they try toe take the nomination away from a man who's running in the primaries, sanders, i think -- and who's winning, i think they've got a problem because 1968, doing that over again, is not pretty -- >> tough obstacle should something happen to hillary. >> which name? didn't sound like michael bloomberg. we'll be right back with final thoughts, stay close. men, we try .... stay fit. yet 68% don't know ... ... physical activity increases our need for antioxidants. let's add one a day men's vitacraves. a complete gummy multivitamin with antioxidants ... ... to help meet your increased needs.
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ i was live tweeting a commercial break conversation. we're talking about potential combinations, you're saying
4:59 pm
biden, elizabeth warren? >> i'm saying if something happens to hillary, i know that's a big if, joe biden will want to get in, president obama, i am sure will facilitate that, and to protect their flank and to undermine bernie sanders, elizabeth warren's the most likely vice presidential candidate. >> and you said that you could see sarah palin saying yes to donald trump if he asked her. >> i can't see him asking her, and a lot of people will get in the room and advise him not to, but at the end of the day, she wants back in the game and that was part of the drill last week. i think we have much better choices and we don't know who it is yet. it's getting closer and closer. >> a lot of energy at that endorsement. >> i asked him what the heck was going on with rubio. the running a better campaign,
5:00 pm
and i asked him and then he told me, the romney people are running the real campaign. a sure sign of why he is falling apart. >> always candid, that'll do it for us, see you on outnumbered tomorrow. breaking tonight for the very first time, you're about to hear exclusive new insight into a devastating terror attack from the american heroes who lived to tell about it. it comes as a blockbuster movie about their story is released that could change everything you thought you knew about benghazi. and directly impact the 2016 race for the white house. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. this past weekend paramount pictures released "13 hours." it tells the account of the men who risked everything to save their fellow americans from terrorists. 11 years to the day after 9/11. and it happened in the shadow of


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