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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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as trace reported oz started the shadow warriors project. it supports wounded american private contractors like these guys with their medical bills and other needs. and they could sure use your supp breaking news tonight -- iowa just eight days away and break new fox polls have donald trump in the lead. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine peer row. thanks for being with us tonight. donald trump continues to gain momentum in iowa with ted cruz in the number two spot and none of the gop candidates are holding back on the campaign trail. take a look. >> i want some of these guys -- donald trump is not a true conservative. jeb bush, here's jeb bush. "donald trump is not a true conservative." you know, he's a low-energy person. this guy's going to get you nothing done. >> there is another candidate in
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this race who talks an awful lot about immigration. i would know in 2013 when that fight was being fought, one simple question that i would ask each of you to ask yourselves. where was he? >> senator rubio said a few weeks ago, i don't go to my job anymore because it doesn't matter. if you don't think your vote matters and what you're doing doesn't matter, if you think you made a mistake running for the united states, it is really not for you, quit. quit. but don't like not show up. >> about $25 million have been spent attacking me. more than any other candidate. in fact, if you add up all the other candidates, move has been spent against me than all the other candidates combined. that was not $50 checks from the grassroots. those are multi-million dollar checks. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in des moines with the latest.
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carl? hi, judge. that's a great montage and it really illustrates the cage match this has become. it is not three-dimensional chess. it is more like three-dimensional "game of thrones." as a consequence the battle between donald trump and ted cruz what was thought to be a two-man race just in the last couple of weeks has changed dramatically. the latest fox news poll shows donald trump has an 11. hoint le point lead over ted cruz. ted cruz has clearly suffered a beating. mr. trump said not only is cruz unlikable and can't get anybody from his own senate to endorse him, that he's questionable because of his eligibility because of his birth in calgary, alberta, canada. you then look at the possibility that mr. trump has the aggregate of the republican establishment running against him, whether the "national review" which this week put out a long list of its editorial contributors saying that he was completely unacceptable as the nominee and would set back the republican
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party a great deal which raises the question in iowa where he has this 11-point lead who could possibly benefit if cruz or trump were to trip up badly in the next eight days and all eyes are on marco rubio. there is a big question whether or not marco rubio or for that matter cruz, first-term senators, rubio has been called obama for rt republicans who hasn't yet finished his first term, yet there is the battle in iowa. in new hampshire trump's lead has been solid and bigger for weeks and ted cruz has begun to get some traction in a second place position there. having not spent a great deal of time in new hampshire. again rubio's running third. in both of these two early voting states, iowa a week from tomorrow, more than one-third of the electorate says that it may or may not change its mind. all you need to do is talk to rick santorum who was the winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses will
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tell you 50% of his vote didn't come in until next weekend. pt polls do not measure ground game and organization particularly here in iowa with the caucuses. and in this state donald trump has been dominant in the news and dominant in the polls. whether or not he has the ground game horses in the quirky nature that is the iowa first in the nation caucuses will really only be revealed a week from tomorrow night. >> carl, let me ask you a couple questions. what is it about the caucus that people say is so different from other primaries? it's not like you go in and you just pull a lever and say i'm for this guy. what does it entail? >> sure, judge. you know this. the constitution says it is up to every state to hold elections as they see fit. in the case of the presidential primary they're really selecting delegates for a party nomination, the republican and democratic party. not a state, not a government. but just the republican and democratic parties choosing their presidential standard
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bearers. the rules of that are very flexible. in iowa though there are 3 million people, only about 120,000 is the record for the republican caucus turnout. for the democrats it is considerably higher because barack obama in 2008 shattered records getting up over 300,000. having said that, it's still a state of 3 million people and it is a very, very low turnout because voting in the caucuses doesn't begin in either party until 7:00 at night. in the case of the democrats, any candidate that doesn't get 15% on the first ballot is eliminated and they vote again. in the case of the republicans they do it with a closed ballot, they don't have to do it in public and speak on behalf of the candidates that they support but it is an arduous, lengthy process. it takes place on a monday night, likely to be a very, very cold night next week. if it is snowing all the more arduous to get there. and to organize these folks is very difficult. 65% of the caucus turnout because it is so small happens to be evangelical talking about
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the scripture. >> carl, very quickly. we've got iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. what is the difference between the voters? why is it that -- what are they looking for in iowa that they may not be looking for in new hampshire, and what would they be looking for in south carolina that's different from the other two? >> reporter: so, in both parties, it's a safe bet as a truism -- not necessarily without exception, but for the most part it is accurate to say that if you want to win the democratic nomination, be the most liberal in the first three voting states and if you want to be the republican nomineeing with be the most conservative. in iowa 60% of the vote here in the republican caucus is evangelical. in new hampshire where there is no sales or income tax there is a very libertarian fiscally conservative streak. in south carolina it is often said that republicans in south carolina pick the conservative who can win. so that drifbs the race very much to the far right.
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now if you reverse that for democrats, judge, it's very much the same. in reverse order, south carolina, 5% of the electorate in south carolina is black in the democratic party. in new hampshire, the live free or die motto that talks about no taxes for republicans, for democrats it means it was the first state of the union to have a legislature signed gay marriage into law seven years before the court did. in iowa, people talk about iowa being a farm state, truth of the matter is it is an energy state, biggest corn producer in the country. 70% of it all goes into ethanol and that's subsidized. so it makes for a very liberal democrat and a very conservative republican. >> carl, no one knows more than you do about this stuff. thanks so much for being with us tonight. and now my opening statement. there is something happening in the presidential primary debates
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people are watching in historic numbers and audiences are only getting bigger. the electorate never more disenchanted with their representatives. congress never held in such low esteem. the political ruling class is being thumped by outsiders. a bush being trurmped by a trum. a clinton being sandbagged by a sanders. now politics has always been a blood sport. i know. and we all expect the run of the mill mud slinging and attacks. but there's something different that's going on now. chaos is in the air. the establishment now trashing its own two front-runners, trump and cruz. the republicans are trying to take out ted cruz. the academics are trying to take out donald trump. example. the "national review" in a series are articles written by high-profile conservatives tell us donald trump is not conservative for us.
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take a listen though to what donald trump said last night on "justice." >> i think i'm going to win a lot of states if the republicans and no other republican republican is going to be winning. the people in this country are amazing. they're amazing. they're really smart. they really know what's happening. >> and as for cruz, not one republican senator has endorsed him. now presidential candidates mitt romney and john mccain, neither of whom were born in the u.s., got a senate resolution to announce their eligibility for them to run for president. yet mitch mcconnell has refused to bring such an action for ted cruz also not born in the u.s. so the establishment doesn't want their own two lead candidates to win. this person not conservative enough for you, and this person not republican enough for you, and this person doesn't have real values. now let me ask you something. do you think that the establishment -- whoever they
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are -- even cares about you? do they think you even like you? folks, this is the one hand washes the other washington two-step. might the establishment be looking to maintain its status quo, keep their donors and lobbyists happy while they feather their own nests? now at a time when americans are wroer worried, scared and never more plugged in, the establishment wants to tell you what's good for you and who's closer aligned with your values. you don't need a nanny state telling you what you think or what you need. don't let anyone else tell you what's good for you. the power is all yours. don't let anyone take it away. and with me now, rick tyler, ted cruz's campaign spokesman, and katrina pearson, donald trump's campaign national spokeswoman. okay, rick. what is ted cruz doing to win
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iowa? >> well, i tell you, we got about 12,000 volunteers out knocking on doors, making phone calls. over 700 people came to a place called camp cruz. that's a place where people from out of state can stay in a dormitory. they get up every morning at 7:00, fan out all day, then come back and get some rest and they're back at it the next day. ted cruz is right now 22-county tour which will finish up our 99 counties in iowa. because we think it is important to meet as many voters face to face as possible that you really can't win an iowa caucus but just appearing on television interviews. you have to be really interviewed by the people of iowa. >> what's interesting though is the fact that ted cruz has dropped in the last few weeks from 27% according to a fox news poll to 23%. and donald is only going up. to what do you attribute that, rick? >> well, couple of things. polls -- it is fox news poll so i won't disregard your poll here
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but it does project a rather large turnout as was said by carl cameron earlier. the record turnout was 120. even in primaries, record is 230,000. there's 680,000 voters and it really is getting people out. so it is a ground game. ground game is not reflected in the polls. it is reflected on caucus night which is getting people and being organized and knowing who they are and who to get to turn out. we have that number, we know that number and we know who those people are and we plan to get them out on caucus night. >> katrina, the evangelical -- all-important evangelical vote. "new york times"/conditions poll, donald trump has 42% of the evangelical vote and ted cruz 25%. to what does your candidate attribute that? >> well, i think, like with everyone, evangelicals care about their country and their future and their families and donald trump has been that candidate that has addressed the issues that are really important to all americans. but more importantly, your
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opening statement was spot-on, judge. when we first started the tea party movement back in 2009 we were all trying to get behind one candidate just to beat the establishment so we've already won. today we are fighting over the two outsiders so the people of this country have really stepped up. but donald trump is also doing a get out the vote in iowa. we have launched an app where voters can find their caucuses and call in if they need help. we're really excited. we have momentum behind us. strength of thent behind us, we american people. >> katrina, what do you say to something that rick and others say that is, donald is a celebrity, people are just coming out in droefs to kinds of check out this reality show star. what do you say to them? >> i think some of that is true but the responses i've seen, people come back and say, now i get it. when you go to these events and are with all of these people and you feel the passion and you feel the love and you can feel mr. trump's lee sip cal passion
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and love for them, then they get it because there is a movement. we have had politicians for far too long. they want someone that's going to go to washington, d.c. and do what's best for the people. not the people funding their campaigns. >> rick, your response? >> i agree with that, except that donald trump has no record of deeds. he has not gone to washington and stood up to his own party and stood up to the democrats and stood up to president obama. he actually went to washington and did what he said he was going to do which was to fight against obamacare, fight for a balanced budget. and fight for secure borders. he's a record of doing that. donald trump's record is actually quite opposite of what he's campaigning on now. >> creating jobs, building a business, international infrastructure. >> hang on. >> yeah, he's basically been a progressive liberal -- >> don't you get a sense that -- >> look. donald supported democrats. that doesn't seem to be hurting him. donald trump keeps going up in the polls. your candidate's going down. so it is almost as though the
6:15 pm
public is saying, you know what? if you don't have any washington experience, we're going to think more of you. >> i think that's right. i think the country's mad enough and you explained it. i agree also with your opening is that voters are mad so they have to decide who is going to change washington. well, donald trump's been a dealmaker all of his life. he talks about the art of the deal and his -- one of his other books, not "the art of the deal" but another book he talked about what a great first year barack obama had and that everybody around the world admires barack obama and this new america he has and let's keep it going. he gave money to democrats. i do plengs thmention it but i because he did it to get something done. >>. don't you think -- honestly, rick, don't you think it is time for washington to come together? i mean if somebody knows the art of the deal, we've got a president now who rarely is in contact with his own party.
6:16 pm
katrina, i'll give you the last word. >> well, i think it the deal is the main point here because we've had these republicans that stand on these principles but nothing gets done and in fact it is worse, judge, because they give up everything. they compromise their principles, values and even policies for that matter. they've given this president and the democrat party everything they've asked for without getting anything in return and that would be the art of the deal for a president trump. >> rick, we'd love to have ted cruz come on the show. tell him that. thank you, rick and katrina for being with us this evening. coming up, the countdown to iowa continues with our all-star political panel next. plus, vote in tonight's insta poll. who do you think is going to win iowa? facebook or tweet me, #judgejoo neen.
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joining me now to discuss what the latest fox news polls mean for the candidates, republican strategist tony seige and kelly ann conway, president of keep the promise, a pac that supports ted cruz. good evening to both of you. of this in-fighting that's going on, the republicans and the
6:21 pm
conservatives, are we seeing the beginning of possibly the end to the republican party as we know it today? tony? >> i've always thought the diversity in our party actually enriches us. while we've been called fractured because there is the tea party wing and evangelical wing, the diversity of our ideas and the opinions that we allow in our party to ascend to the top of our presidential field. from top to bottom we have excellent candidates who will be the next president of the united states depending on what the process produces. this is to me -- tale is always time. very competitive primary season. >> i have never seen a trashing. usually it is i like this candidate, we support. it is not like "don't go near this candidate!" "this candidate doesn't share what we believe." i don't remember seeing that, kelly ann? >> well, maybe a little in 2012. plenty of us in the conservative
6:22 pm
movement were skeptical of the coronation of mitt romney. why? because number one, he was the foil for obamacare, the political cover for obamacare. >> there's almost a good reason for that when you say this guy created -- >> look, the attacks on cruz -- first i just want to say that trump and cruz together, whoever is batman, whoever is robin, that team has left the establishment on its back. a year ago if you had people on your show, half of them would have been said it is going jeb versus hillary, bush verses have clinton. people like me would say why? that is not a fair fight. that is so last year. the establishment is on its back and what's happened in the past, all about elect ability. who can win. this year it is about the ideas. >> do you think that a trump and a cruz could ever work? >> well -- >> together? >> that's what you're suggesting. >> perhaps. kelly ann might like that. but from 1980 we had a very
6:23 pm
raucous primary that produced one of the best tickets in the history of the republican party in the country in ronald reagan, a movement conservative, and george h.w. bush, an eastern establish many moderate who then went on to be the president. i will tell you that i believe very strongly what we are seeing now is a republican party that wants to become a majority party but stay true to its conservative roots and then all of a sudden you enter a guy like donald trump who reconnects much of our party, i believe, to a silent majority that has not felt represented by most of the establishment. >> he admits himself that, he's the angry candidate. there is a sound that we have here from i believe it is governor huckabee who was on "justice" last night. >> this is a process where we're all believing that the republican is going to be better than any of the democrats and i found it a little offensive that some republicans were saying they wouldn't support donald trump but the republicans
6:24 pm
require donald trump to sign a loyalty oath. >> i thought that was fascinating. there you have governor huckabee saying, you know what? even in terms of the fact that we've got other candidates saying they won't support donald trump, i mean it is more than about articles. it is more than about an endorsing or trashing this one. it is about candidates violating their own oath saying i'm not going for this republican. >> i think it is a very foolish move. hillary as fatally flawed as she is and imploding before our eyes, we as a party should begin -- i think they did it, frankly, in the last fox busy debate to make their arguments, criticize each other, that's done largely through ads an other forms of paid communications but at the end of the day unite. those people who are calling to perhaps say trump should not be your nominee could certainly do so in the primary process. >> i actual predict they will unite because they smell
6:25 pm
victory. it is not no longer a wing of the party, it is the base of the party. the first election they've felt since 1980. two, the real fracturing that i think will not be healed is on left. hillary clinton has a real race. people just don't like what they see. she's not seen as warm and accessible, she's seen as corruptible. she's got a real fight on her hands. not in the likes of a joe biden, the vice president. likes of bernie sanders who calls himself a socialist. >> when we come back, stay right here. we'll talk a lot more about hillary clinton and the countdown to iowa and which endorsement played best. sarah palin or glenn beck. we're going to battle it out next -- or maybe not. the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world.
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6:30 pm
philadelphia and baltimore resuming limited service today. thousands of flights had been canceled due to the storm. most train service in new york city and new jersey also resuming today. tens of thousands remain without power. utilities crews are out working to restore service for customers in the carolinas and new jersey. there are still outages in virginia and maryland as well. washington, d.c. will remain shut down moppnday as the city continues digging out. house is putting off all votes, include canni inthe vote to rep obamacare. two big endorsements just days out from iowa. sarah palin pledging her support for donald trump while glenn beck says ted cruz will be the next president. which endorsement played best? palin or beck?
6:31 pm
my guests are back with me to break it down. i'm not going to spend a lot of time on this. palin or beck. >> both have significant value, obviously glenn beck has a media empire that reaches conservative grassroots as effectively as ever. but palin's was more important because it gave trump the validation that he truly is a conservative populist candidate. >> palin's endorse many will be seen because both donald trump and sarah palin are covered as celebrities and also master politicians who had reality shows. it is a big deal. glenn beck's endorsement ted cruz will be heard by his 50 million digital following in and of itself. ted cruz is a perfect talk radio candidate in that that's where people got to know him. everybody goes to washington says i want to repeal and replace obamacare. he stood in the well of the senate for 21 hours trying to do that. >> why did ted drop in the last few weeks in iowa?
6:32 pm
>> i think a few reasons. number one, we have him at exactly 23% in our own poll. >> trump at 34%. but this is fox news poll. >> fox news poll is a very good poll but -- >> i don't care about that. >> it estimates a very large turnout. if trump can do that he certainly -- >> why has cruz dropped? >> i think cruz had one of the most challenging weeks in his campaign in iowa this past week between the endorsement of sarah palin, he lost a couple news cycles over that. number two, this canadian citizenship eligibility thing even though most voters saying it bunk and it is being raised for political purposes, not legitimate ones, they're worried about having a president tied up in litigation. >> what about the fact that mitch mcconnell -- >> ethanol. he's against ethanol. >> mcconnell won't bring a senate resolution to the floor the way they did for john mccain and mitt romney. what's that about? >> that's about the animus toward ted cruz. look, you've got people in the united states senate, they've gotten up every morning for the last 40 years, looked in the
6:33 pm
mirror and seen the next president. but this guy who's 45 and in some cases half their age is actually poised to maybe become the nominee and president. there is a lot of jealousy there. >> governor terry branstadt came out and blatantly said we cannot have ted cruz as the nominee because of ethanol -- >> his son runs arfe -- >> potentially. but that still hurts him. >> people should know the commercial interest here. his son runs the ethanol industry. >> you're correct. two, goldman sachs hit does hurt him. >> it is not even the goldman sachs thing, it is the fact he didn't disclose it. >> you can't be against crony capitalism and i think their argument would be you can't be against crony capitalism and make money from goldman sachs, i think it was completely legitimate and i do think it was an oversight. the problem for donald trump, in that fox poll, 43% of the respondents who supported trump have never voted in a caucus.
6:34 pm
it tells you that he's getting new voters who may not be organized. caucuses are about turnout that's organized by precinct captains, by political leaders. >> do you just show up? >> you could but you need to know where to show up. caucuses are very different than your polling place. they're legally different. it's never happened before. look, if he can convert -- if trump can convert the rally crowds to the caucus crowds, that's very important for him. the other thing for ted cruz is he's the second choice far and above in most polls for everyone. >> marco rubio, i got to tell you, that's the one guy who's staying consistent and i wonder -- >> hold on. rubio cannot be written off here. and if he lives through february and does well performing in the top two or three, he has the highest net favorable of any candidate, one. >> and more money spent against him than any other candidate.
6:35 pm
why? >> equally important, a poll came out this week, trump supporters are actually cruz supporters, too. cruz supporters actually like rubio as their second choice. >> interesting. tony, kelly ann, thanks so much for being with us tonight. coming up, last time around, iowa was the beginning and end for hillary clinton's quest for the white house. might it happen again? that's next. leep at night, and stay awake during the day. leep at night, this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ welcome back to the special sunday edition of "justice." ed henry is covering the clinton camp and bernie sanders in iowa. ed? >> reporter: good evening, judge. we continue to see here on the ground in iowa a burst of momentum for bernie sanders.
6:40 pm
the democratic socialist senator had an event a short time ago this evening in decora, iowa, about 200 miles northeast of des moines where i am right now. very small town, just a few thousand people. there were over 2,000 of his supporters who turned out. one man we spoke to said he drove three hours just to get there to hear from sanders. why that's important is you need that kind of passion to get people to turn out one week from monday in these iowa caucuses. going to be cold out, likely going to be hard to get people out there to the caucuses on all sides. you want to inspire that passion. get your ground troops out there and bernie sanders basically said, look, if you like hillary clinton better, that's fine. i can live with it. but don't tell me i can't be elected in a general election. he says he can beat donald trump head on. listen. >> some of you say i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. i can understand that. that's fine. but what i hope is that people
6:41 pm
do not say i'm going to vote for hillary clinton even though i really like bernie's ideas more but he can't win. you got that? >> reporter: now hillary clinton has been the front-runner. she's pushing back with some high-profile endorsements today. the "concord monitor" in new hampshire and "the des moines register." no democrat has ever gotten that newspaper's endorsement and then gone on to win the democratic nomination. including hillary clinton to got the endorsement in 2008, then finished third behind barack obama and john edwards, though she continues now to push the idea that her experience will carry the day. in fact when pressed today on the sunday talk shows about why she accepted $200,000 speaking fees from wall street firms, she actually cited her time in office and the fact that these companies wanted to hear about the raid that killed osama bin laden. listen. >> coming off of four years as secretary of state in a complicated world, people were
6:42 pm
interested in what i saw, what i thought, they asked questions about matters that were on their minds. a lot of interest in the bin laden raid, how such a tough decision was made and what i advised the president. >> reporter: clinton though did not cite some of the rough patches from her experience as secretary of state like benghazi. judge? >> ed henry, thanks so much. with me now, a democratic strategist. they're paying her $200,000 to tell how tough it was a make a decision to kill osama bin laden? this woman is paid for by wall street. >> i will's gri with yagree wit that one. but to be fair there is a strong populist momentum in the democratic party. 43% of iowa caucus democratic voters said they'd side with social -- excuse me -- with bernie sanders. amazing, right? that they'd agree with democratic socialism.
6:43 pm
this is the fascinating thing happening in the democratic party. it is really the future of america. hillary if she wants to play this populist message that's a tricky area to maneuver around because she did accept money from goldman sachs to speak on their behalf. >> i really think that the american public would be a lot more comfortable with, you know what? i want to make some money but here's the truth, i never liked those people but don't tell me they want to know how tough it was to go after osama bin laden. what was tough was why didn't you take care of our men in benghazi but i'm not going there. >> it is the populism. bernie sanders has been on the ground, speaking to every day people. he has a lot of youth support just as barack obama did. he's sort of using his barack obama coalition minus one very important faction and that is the african-american and minority community which may deliver hillary the nomination eventually if she doesn't win iowa and new hampshire. >> what about this whole thing on "meet the press" today, she was talking about her e-mails.
6:44 pm
she says, no, i'm not concerned because i know what the facts are. i never sent or received any material marked classified. is she kidding? >> listen, i think she's right here. i think the department of justice is doing its job investigating these e-mails. there is no criminal investigation by the department of justice right now. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. you think the fbi is doing a civil investigation with 100 fbi agents? >> we'll have to see. there is a lot of speculation out there. >> it's not like "consumer reports." we're talking about espionage laws. we're talking about having a top-kret top-secret -- beyond top-secret special access. be honest with me. okay? how could a secretary of state for four years communicating with one blackberry on one server not have anything that was classified, top-secret or special access? come on. >> i think part of it is that she wasn't doing a lot of e-mailing. if you think about it -- >> 61,000 e-mails? are you kidding? >> a lot of them were sent,
6:45 pm
forwarded, received e-mails. it was scheduling. you read these e-mails. it is like when is yoga? >> that's not going to fly with me. okay? >> to be fair here -- >> no, you got to be fair yourself. we got 31,000 e-mails, 55,000 pages that are not yoga. what is she talking about? >> none of them at the time were deemed classified. so it is very normal -- >> no, no, there is no such marking as classified. do you understand that? no, there is nothing that reads classified. do you understand that? she herself said i know when something is classified. there are certain markings that are not evident to you or me. when she tells someone said it nonsecure and take the heading off, doesn't that concern you as an american? >> i think it is concerning but is it criminal? no. >> yes! yes! >> there's no criminal investigation. >> yes, it is a criminal investigation. >> e-mails like a forwarded "new york times" article about a classified drone program. >> that's one e-mail.
6:46 pm
that's 1 out of 31,000. >> you're a lawyer, you know -- >> that's why i know. >> a lot of this is speculation. >> if she didn't have any classified e-mails on that blackberry on her server she wasn't doing her job, woose sho get our money back. up next, what would a third party candidate mean for this presidential race? we're going to find out next. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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well, i wouldn't mind it. i mean i love the competition and i understand michael, i know michael, and i could see him doing it and i would love to have michael running. honestly, i love the competition. i think i do very well against michael and i think i'd do very well, frankly, in a three-person race. it would be fine. but i would love to see michael do that. he could very well hurt the democrats. he's very, very anti-second amendment. very. he's got a lot of other things. i think he'd hurt the democrats personally but i'd love to see him in the race actually. >> that was gop presidential front-runner donald trump on "justice" last knee telling me that he would welcome michael bloomberg into the race for the white house. so what would a third party candidate really mean for the gop and the dems?
6:51 pm
let's ask communications expert and republican pollster, lee carter. bloomberg jumps in. what happens? >> i actually think it is going to hurt the democrats. i don't think it is going to hurt trump or cruz. the reason is trump's support is strong, it is solid. people that are going to vote for trump are voting for him because they want their guns, they want the second amendment, they want all of the things that he promises. bloomberg is soft, he's quiet, he is not pro-gun. he is anti-gun. he is also -- has all different kinds of things that really a lot of republicans that are the extreme republicans that are really going after trump are not going to appeal to them. >> also, like remember the sugar and the 32-ounce containers? we don't want you to have that, weep want to outlaw that in new york city. >> exactly. >> yet it is interesting if you listen to what hillary clinton said on a possible bloomberg candidacy, she says as a good friend of mine i'm going to make sure i do everything i can to get the nomination which didn't answer the question.
6:52 pm
when pressed she said the way i read what he said is if i, meaning she, hillary, didn't get the nomination he would consider it. well, i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination. that tells me that she's concerned about him. >> and she should be. i think the thing that i've been seeing when talking to voters about hillary clinton is there's something that people can't get excited about lher. sanders has really been coming up on the side of her and surprising her again, except that the people that are supporting hillary i think would be really open to bloomberg and i think she knows it. i think it is a big concern for her and she can't help but be panicking right now. >> with lher numbers going down and the latest information on beyond top secret and her e-mails, do you think that the public is starting to react to all this? let's face it, bernie sanders is kind of a quirky guy. >> i think what we're seeing on both sides of the aisle, we're seeing the rise of somebody you would never have expected, ever, to be a front-runner.
6:53 pm
you never would expect to see trump here or sanders here but we do. that's because people are say something i'm sick and tired of politics as usual. i'm sick and tired of not being able to trust people, i want something totally different than i've seen before. that mean not somebody who's not part of the establishment. it is certainly not hillary clinton right now. she's just not connecting. >> what about iowa? what is going to happen -- look. it's between donald and cruz. donald is ahead. but some people say that donald's followers are not really necessarily going to follow through in iowa. >> there is a couple really interesting things about iowa right now. there's 43% of people who haven't voted before say that they're going to vote for trump but you don't know if they're going to go to caucus. caucus vote something very, very unique and very different. do we know if they're going to show up? we don't know. >> not like they're going to go pull a lever. >> no. 25% of people that are going to
6:54 pm
vote for trump in iowa are saying they aren't sure that they're going to vote for him. they'll go into a gymnasium in front offy you are friends and family, people will try to persuade you to go to one side or the other. so it is open. are people going to stand up and say i'm going there in front of everybody else or be able to be talked out of it. i was in a really unique state. >> does it matter? does iowa matter? >> it does matter. it matters because if you don't win one or the other you are likely not going to be the president. the only president in the last 40 years who hasn't won iowa or new hampshire was president bill clinton in 1992. so it matters a lot. i think trump is likely going to win new hampshire so cruz really -- >> trump is way ahead in new hampshire. he's now ahead in iowa. >> but if he wins iowa and new hampshire, it's going to create a momentum that's going to be really hard for anyone else to stop. >> i think so, too. i think if trump wins iowa and new hampshire which he certainly looks like he's going to win, then it is game over. i think a lot of these establishment players have to get in line.
6:55 pm
>> yeah. be interesting to see what happens here. >> lee carter, thanks so much for being with us this evening. make sure to tune in this thursday to fox news, the last gop debate before iowa. up next -- it is your last chance to vote in tonight's instapoll. who do you think is going to win iowa? facebook or tweet me, #judgejanin. 72% of women say they often make healthy choices. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health.
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who do you think will win iowa in vicki says trump. i hope he's our next president to stop all of this political correctness cran. ann says i hope cruz wins. trump has absolutely no experience especially in foreign policy. we've already had eight years of a community organizer and look where that got us. tim says my money's on trump. call it wishful thinking but the laws of physics state that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and he just continues to gain momentum. don't forget, if you're looking for a great read or a gift, pick up my book, "he killed them all," robert durst and my question for justice. the book's on sale now everywhere. that's it for us tonight. don't forget to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter at judge jeanine. thanks for watching.
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i'm greg gutfeld. here's what's coming up. s it's the iowa season opera. fighting tooth and nail. and the "national review," here's what's coming up. it is the iowa soap opera. don and ted fighting tooth and nail. the national review refuses don's advances. this is like "downton abbey" but with crazy people. bernie sanders is gaining honor. super top info was found on her private server but hillary clinton's playing it cool. later, my lego friends explain the iowa caucus. then we can all go get buffalo wings. let's get


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