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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so this is one of the top five snowstorms to ever hit d.c. and philadelphia. it was number two in new york city. number one in baltimore, the biggest blizzard ever there. so you know, it's understanding it's going to take awhile for things to get back to normal. here at union station in washington, d.c., amtrak service is going to be running a limited service to and from new york today. some trains are canceled, others delayed. over the weekend though, some 14,000 flights were canceled up and down the east coast. 1200 this morning alone. you know what, driving, you can forget about that. city officials from d.c. and baltimore up to philly and new york say stay off streets. let our crews clear the snow. but it's tough advice to follow when you have no other way of getting around. here in washington, underground metro has been closed since friday. limited service at 7:00 this morning. fortunately the government is
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closed. public schools in d.c., baltimore and philly are closed. mayors up and down the east coast are asking everyone please be patient. >> this storm was the second largest snowstorm in terms of accumulation in the history of the city. >> everyone keepsing this is a historic snowstorm. this is not business as usual. this is an unusual response and recovery of a historic event. so i'm asking for residents to continue to be patient. >> you know, it wasn't just the snow. the jersey shore still dealing with severe flooding thanks to a record storm surge. it's beginning to get better. people are waking up to the same reality we are. that is overnight, freezing temperatures are turning all of this snow and water into ice and it will likely make for a very, very messy commute on this very cold monday morning. back to you, heather in that
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nice warm studio. >> messy and dangerous. so stay safe out there. thank you so much. the question now, when will all those mounds of snow thaw out? maria is live for us at the capitol dome in d.c. tracking the temperatures. good morning. >> hi, good morning. it really will take awhile to get rid of all the snow. washington, d.c., the capitol building behind me which we couldn't see a couple of days ago when the storm system was rolling through producing some very heavy snowfall and low visibility. there's a little bit of controversy going on here in washington, d.c. because we know that the area received about 20 to 30 inches of snow. some of the western suburbs picking up more than that. there's one particular report which is representative of what d.c. received that is being disputed because they lost their snow measuring device in the middle of the blizzard. reagan national is reporting 17.8 inches of snow but they reportedly had to use a different method to measure the
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snowy raises questions to its validity. 80s a big problem for weather records of such a historic storm. regardless, we know we received a lot of snow and the clean-up will take awhile. some of the photos show snow piles everywhere. impassable streets and buried cars. i got to drive around a little bit yesterday and experienced some of the tough conditions. i want to mention some of the other big weather events that happened with the storm system because the wind was a big issue across places in the mid atlantic. look at these reported wind gusts. kinds up to hurricane force strength, 85 miles per hour reported in places like virginia and 75-mile-per-hour winds reported in parts of delaware. the temperatures, they are going to climb above freezing later today. we're talking about temperatures potentially in the middle to upper 30s across the mid-atlantic. cooler as you head farther north. into tuesday, things start to look a little bit better as temperatures begin to warm up more. over to you in new york.
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>> thank you, maria. we'll all be looking forward to tuesday. fox news alert. 17 minutes of mayhem. isis releasing a sick new video showing the paris attackers practicing before the massacre. kelly wright is here with a brand-new threat from the terror group. i understand there's a chilling message. >> there is. some of the i thinks on the video are too graphic to be shown. it is 17 minutes long and does not so members carrying out the paris attack but committing atrocities before those november attacks. it's entitled "kill them wherever you find them." the video shows the nine hill militants who carried out the paris attacks involved in the planning stages. it shows the nine militants calling them lions making threats to carry out more attacks in europe including great britain. all nine died in the paris attacks. seven of them appear on the video standing behind bound captives they describe as apostates. they were beheaded or shot.
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the french government is studying the video. some analysts say the aim of the video is to show that isis is determined to carry out more attacks. the november 13th attacks as you recall, killed 130 people and injured hundreds more. the terrorists targeted soft targets. a concert hall, a restaurant and cafe. and a soccer match at the national stadium. it ends with the caption whoever stands in the ranks of disbelieves will be a target for our swords and will fall in humiliation and it clearly threatens britain as the next priority target including prime minister david cameron there. the bottom line here is the video was distributed in french and english with arabic sub titles. and isis is a men flas to society. the governments that are after them have to do something to end their menacing very quickly. back to you. >> kelly wright live for us. we appreciate it.
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some other news for you this morning. the ex-con accused of ambushing a philadelphia cop while pledging allegiance to isis heads to court today. edward archer facing attempted murder charges at a preliminary hearing. he is accused of firing more than a dozen rounds at officer jesse hartnett with a stolen police gun as he sat in his cruiser. hartnett who was hit three times was just released from the hospital friday. an fbi investigation determined that archer is not part of a larger terror cell. developing overnight, a community meeting over the occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge now put on hold due to safety concerns. a judge canceled the meeting after reports of protesters planning to block the entrance of a senior center where it was scheduled to be held today. an armed group led bid bundy has been occupying the national wildlife refuge since the beginning of january to protest federal land use policies.
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we are america's election head quaers. donald trump continues to lead in the republican race for president. surging past texas senator ted cruz, but on the other side, there's a tossup between the democrats just days before the iowa caucuses. james has the latest on road to the white house. week to go before the iowa caucus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat with sanders enjoying a one-point lead over clinton. however, the self avowed socialist senator from vermont holds a 19-point lead over the former secretary of state in new hampshire. almost as big as the 22-point lead clinton maintains in south carolina. according to a new poll. on the republican side, donald trump's polarizing campaign made headlines when he claimed he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose any supporters. and when he relished another heckler. >> he wasn't wearing one of those hats, was he? >> the latest fox news poll
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shows trump surging past texas senator ted cruise and marco rubio erasing cruz's lead from earlier in the month. chris christie assailed rubio for welcoming the weekend blizzard because it prevented the federal government from issuing new regulations. christie pointed out at least 14 people lost their lives in the storm and revived attacks on rubio for skipping senate votes while crist a left the campaign trail to return to the garden state. >> it would be like friday me saying, you know, i really don't like being governor anymore. and i really prefer running for president to being governor. i know my state's going to be hit with two feet of snow. you know what? i'm not going back. it's not going to matter. >> rubio shot back that christie only returned to new jersey when he was, quote unquote, shamed into it and his record is too liberal for the gop. casting a wary eye on all of this is former new york mayor michael bloomberg who instructed aides to explore whether he can
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mount a viable third party campaign in the general election. james rosen, fox news. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg could reportedly make a decision whether or not to run for president by hillary clinton says it is not necessary. >> the way i read what he said is, if i didn't get the nomination, he might consider it. i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> there's speculation the former mayor would run as an independent. that's if bernie sanders won democratic nomination. bloomberg was a three-term mayor of the city of new york. that brings us to look who's talking. lee carter says if bloomberg runs for president, it's the democrats who should look out. >> i think it's going to hurt the democrats. i don't think it's going to hurt trump and cruz. the reason is trump's support is strong. it is solid. people that are going to vote for trump voted for him because
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they want their guns, the second amendment, all of the things he promises. bloomberg is soft. he's quiet. he is not pro gun. he is anti-gun. he is also -- has all different kinds of things that a lot of republicans, extreme republicans going after trump are not going to appeal to them. >> let's keep talking about this. how do you think a bloomberg presidential run would change the races? #keep talking. >> the panthers and the broncos are going to the super bowl. the panthers dominate against the cardinals for nfc championship game. it was the team's first time in franchise history hosting the big game. as the panthers took advantage of the cardinals seven turnovers. final score, 15-49. way to go, panthers. as for the broncos, potentially the final chapter of an epic rivalry between peyton manning and tom brady. the broncos led throughout the game but became a nail biter at
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the end. final score 20-18, broncos win. and now the super bowl will be a battle between quarterbacks, peyton manning and cam newton. manning looking for his second ring. the oldest quarterback to play in a super bowl. as for my panthers looking for their first ring, second trip to the super bowl. they'll square off february 7th in santa clara, california. you are not excited about this at all. >> what a game. it was a great game. good job. >> the time is now 11 minutes after the hour. how in the world did no one notice this, brand-new picture showing how three dangerous criminals cut their way out of prison. >> and emergency in the air. the terrifying moments at 30,000 feet that ended with airline passengers being rushed to the hospital. and the match. do you want to sit in the stands? how much it will cost to you go to super bowl 50. >> a pretty penny. ♪ how do i know i'm getting the best price on this?
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we are back with the fox news alert. the manhunt for these three violent criminals who cut their way out of a california prison and apparently no one noticed them hatching this plot right inside their cells. will carr has brand-new pictures showing how they managed to escape. >> it sounds like something out of a movie but south of tinseltown it's too real. three prinners escaped from a maximum security jail in southern california. officials say they cut their way through a grate, used bed sheets to rappel down from the roof of the orange county central men's jail. >> we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. and i am confident that that will occur.
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>> officials aren't sure when the escape occurred but first noticed the men were missing on friday night. >> inside job here in terms of possibly involving employees? >> you know, with any investigation, we're always going to approach every investigation objectively without any biases. we'll take a look at sk. >> 25-year-old jonathan tieu charge with hurd, back due ong charged with attempted murder and 38-year-old ho sane nayeri charged with kidnapping and torture. >> i want to tell the public, presume they are armed. do not approach them. >> we're in a position where we absolutely need the mr. i can's help. there's people out there that know who they are, who may have seen them. we're asking for phone calls whether it's any piece of information you may have. if you obviously if you have seen these people, we would ask you call our hot line. or if you see them, call 911. >> authorities call this a sophisticated escape and now
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$50,000 is being offered for information that leads to their capture. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. the monster snowstorm slamming the east coast causing a flood of devastation for the jersey shore. wtxf reporter steve keelly is live for us in stone harbor with the clean-up there. good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, we're just 120 miles south down the coast from new york where you are. the good news is, people can now get back off this island for the first time since the storm started. they sandbagged everything here and the sandbags got blown away. you can see already early this morning, they're trying to clean up as best they can. this is fred's tavern ha may have to stay shut for a while because they got damage they're trying to clean up. down the sidewalk, you can see what the ocean left behind. a bunk of seaweed in front of uncle bill's pan change house.
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you see the line of cars. people had no power and living in their cars to charge their phones and keep the heat on. the good news is, they evacuated seniors who needed heat and power. that was a real sanctuary during the storm. the good news here at the shore, we didn't get as much snow as flooding. new jersey got a couple of feet and snow and a mother and 1-year-old inside the car died when their tail pipe got blocked with snow and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. the 3-year-old survived and is critical. snow blocking tail pipes. if you're in deep snow, make sure the tail pipe is clear if you're running the car. >> horrible news. thank you so much. the time is now 18 minutes after the hour. a quick thinking barber and his employees saved their customers when a robber tried to stick up the shot. >> and parents, coaches and
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welcome back to fox and friends first. severe turbulence forces a plane to make an emergency landing in canada. the american airlines jet was ledding from miami and heading to milan when it was forced to divert about three hours into the flight. seven people were rushed to the hospital. the three flight attendants and four passengers injured were all seat the in the back of the plane. leah? >> turning the tables. a would be robber is dead after
2:23 am
a barber opens fire. police say two gunmen burst into the packed barber shop in column yao south carolina. when one of the robbers turned his back, the head stylist pulled out a gun and fired. another person in the shop shot at the second suspect who took off running. > i felt like something had to be done. if we didn't have -- we didn't have our weapon here, i don't know what would have happened. >> the first gunman was killed. police are searching for the second still. it is time now to brew on this. and a girl's basketball team in minnesota won't be finishing their season because they were kicked out of their league for being too good. >> can you believe it? the rogers area youth basketball association's winning streak was cut short just one day before a weekend showcase tournament. a letter said the girls didn't fit in the league because their skill level was higher than the
2:24 am
other teams foo parents, players abcoach are all crying foul at the sudden decision. >> three teams are threatening to i guess either forfeit the games against us or flat out quit the league. oh for some reason, they kicked us out. >> play worse, you know, just to make them happy. >> the head coach will meet with the league this morning to talk about it. >> what do you think? is the league leveling the playing field or punishing good players. send an e-mail to fox friends first at and we'll share those later in the show the. >> now to a fox business alert for you. good news about your money. prices at the pump plummeting. > lauren from fox business is here to explain. >> good morning. gas prices falling 19 days in a row. if you're filling up today, the national average is almost $1.83 a gallon. last month it topped $2. the weekend blizzard while
2:25 am
dumping record snowfall in some areas was not as bad as feared. the cost estimated to be as much as $850 million. earlier estimates topped a billion dollars. reason for the smaller price tag is the storm hit on a weekend and there won't too many power outages. despite many theaters being closed this weekend, "the revenant" took the number one spot. bringing its total haul to $119 million. "star wars: the force awakens" with $14.3 million and ride long 2ging with 1.2 million. >> movies, logon to fox finder. >> the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. new calls today for michigan governor rick snyder to step down amid the toxic water crisis. which brit is now jumping on the
2:26 am
bandwagon? >> speaking of the celebrities, the actress heading to har hard to collect her pudding pies. >> back in 1949 on this day, the emmy award ceremony o ceremony took place in los angeles. >> in 1961, president john f. kennedy held his first live national news conference. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members?
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it is monday, january 25. and the big digout. residents along the eastern seaboard buried under record-setting snow. effort to get back on track. >> a fox news alert. a sick new isis video celebrating the paris attacks. a final message from the militants and a warning about who is next. to the big game. the carolina panthers and the denver broncos punched their tickets to super bowl 50. >> yes. >> heather is not excited at
2:30 am
all. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm heather childers. >> i'm leah gabriel. thanks for starting your day with us. the blizzard of 2016 blasting the east coast from the south all the way to the north. people are buried under record-setting snow. >> the big dig could take days as temperatures hover around freezing. kristin fisher live outside union station washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> so this is day two of the great digout. yesterday a lot of progress was made, but overnight, freezing temperatures have turned a lot of the snow and water into ice, making for what could be a very messy commute this morning. here at union station in washington, d.c., amtrak service is going to be running on a modified schedule today. to and from new york. a lot of trains canceled and delayed.
2:31 am
but it should be better han yesterday. over the weekend though, you had some 14,000 flights canceled, about 100 this morning alone. and just forget about driving. mayors from d.c. and philadelphia up to bat more and new york are saying, please, stay off the streets. >> do not drive if you don't have to unless it's urgent. we want eem to stay off the streets and keep their cars where they're parked. >> we're asking residents to stay off streets. the crews need access ot streets to clear them safely. so that we can get d.c. back. we need you to keep your he was off the streets, as well. >> reporter: this blizzard didn't just bring snow. the jersey shore is still dealing with severe flooding thanks to a record storm surge. another big issue, the potential for roofs collapsing. yesterday in virginia, you have to see this video.
2:32 am
the inflatable redskins training facility collapsed under the weight of all the snow. fortunately no one was hurt. the facility should be fine. but it will take awhile to get that facility back inflated. just like it's going to take time for everybody else to dig out. this was the fourth biggest snowstorm ever to hit d.c. and philly. the number two blizzard in new york city. and number one in baltimore so it's understandable that this time around, it's going to take a few days if not longer to get back to normal. back to you. >> kristin fishner washington. thank you. and the question now, when will the mounds of snow thaw out? maria molina is tracking the temperatures where we see lots of mounds of snow. good morning morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. a lot of snow out here. it doesn't like it's going to be melting quickly because the temperatures hobering around freezing. behind me we have the capitol
2:33 am
building. around mere here's an example of piles of snow laying around everywhere. they're starting to turn icy, as well posing big issues on roadways stay off the roads. the mid-atlantic area pummeled by as much as 20 to 30 inches of snow between friday and sated. those are some off the totals across d.c. area with even higher amounts in the western suburbs. they received more than 30 inches of snow. i think there was even a report of more than 40 inches of snow. very significant. during the storm, a dry spot worked its way into d.c., an area of dry air keeping snow totals down a little bit, possibly reventing the total from being even higher in washington, d.c. the snow left a mess behind. being here in deferring c., i had to see the monuments covered by snow. that was something i really wanted to do. i hiked out to the washington monument where i took this photo. a surreal and breath taking
2:34 am
scene and without any crowds. an absolutely breathtaking moment. i experienced tough road conditions driving through there massive snowball fight which was star wars themed. everybody was having fun despite all the snow laying around and all the work that there is to do in d.c. the other big story was the strong winds bd along coastal areas of delaware, also in new jersey and even across virginia. look at some of these reported wind gusts. up to 85 miles per hour in places like virginia, hurricane force winds out there. those temperatures throughout the afternoon hours should reach only the 30s in places like d.c. and philadelphia. that's not going to help them out a whole lot. as we head into tuesday, temperatures begin to improve a little bit more climbing into the 40s. over to you in new york. >> then have you all the mess melting. thank you so much. try to stay warm. now to another fox news alert. isis releasing a chilling new
2:35 am
video of the paris attackers plotting the massacre that left 130 people dead. kelly wright is live for us this morning with the latest on that video. a brand-new threat from the terrorists? >> reporter: indeed a brand-new threat from them and more graphic images from isis, as well. its latest video is called "kill them wherever you you find them." the militants carried out the paris attacks involved in their planning stages. the video shows the nine militants making threats to carry out more attacks in europe including great britain, including the prime minister david cameron. all nine of thome died in the paris attacks or their aftermath. seven of them appear on the video standing behind bound captives described as apostates. they were beheaded or shots. one of the militants is seen at a shooting range during the november attacks, he blew himself up at a paris cafe but
2:36 am
he was the only victim. his brother is not seen nep this video since the attacks in paris. he's been on the run. authorities are still trying to track him down. the french government is studying this video. some analysts say the aim of the video is to show that i was is determined to carry out more attacks on western states. the terrorists targeted soft targets, and concert hall, a restaurant and cafe and a soccer match at the national stadium. the video ends with the caption whoever stands in the ranks of disbelieves will be a target for our swords and will fall in humiliation. it clearly threatens britain as the next priority target. >> kelly wright. >> the ex-con accused of ambushing a philadelphia had cop while pledging an legionience heads to court today. edward archer is facing attempted murder charges. he's accused of firing at
2:37 am
officer jesse hartnett with a stolen gun as he sat in his cruiser. the officer was just related from the hospital on friday. an investigation determined he is not part of a larger terror cell. >> actor matt damon wants rick snyder to resign over the flint water crisis. during a conference at the sundance film festival, the actor and pounder of clean water organization told a michigan organization he thought snyder should be put on trial. today the michigan attorney general is set to update the public on the contamination in flint. we'll get an update from governor snyder himself at 7:45. today a judge could decide whether to force detroit teachers to stop skipping school. their so-called sick yous forced schools to repeatedly close.
2:38 am
the teachers are upset over class sizes and pay and what they consider unsafe building conditions. school district trying to force them back to work. a major protest is planned today before the judge hears the case. the proof is in the pudding when it comes to kerry washington's acting skills. >> so they're mean grilling you in the press, calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? well so what? that's how it is. >> the "scandal" actress named harvard university's hasty pudding threeatrical woman of the year selected for talents 0 tv, films and stage. they'll be honored with a roast this thursday and a parade through harvard square. preens winners include liz taylor, meryl streep and amy poehler. >> almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. the search ramping up for three dangerous inmates who kes caped from prison. the new pictures just released
2:39 am
showing how they pulled it off. >> so like heather milderchild childers how much the super bowl will cause you to pony up. >> the man who defied new york city's parking ban and snow boards behind a jeep during the historic blizzard.
2:40 am
test. test. test.
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♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. the match-up is set. the panthers and broncos are going at it in super bowl 50 after some incredible conference title games over the weekend. jerry max with fox news headlines 24/7 series xm 115
2:43 am
here with the highlights. what a day yesterday. >> congratulations to the carolina panthers. the previous eight nfc championship games decided by eight points or fewer. cam newton flips to ted ginn. ted ginn junior runs one way, runs another way. it wasn't quite a 22-yard touch down. a 10-0 panthers road. carolina scored on the first three drives. cam newton over the pile. 24-7 into halftime. cam newton did everything yesterday. two touch down passes and two touch down runs. the panthers forced five turnov turnovers. thnfc championship, 49-15 and become the ninth team in nfl history to lose one or more gaze and advance to the super bowl. super bowl 50 takes place two weeks from yesterday. panthers favored by 3 1/2 to beat the broncos early on
2:44 am
yesterday. stephen jackson appears to tie it for new england. but what would happen after that touch down by stephen jackson is what change add the game. stephen gostkowski, kicker for the patriots attempts a point after touchdown. he misses it. he missed the extra point. after making 523 previous extra points in his career, that was an nfl record. he hadn't missed since his rookie season. later in the game, denver goes in front. still tom brady, there's always time for tom brady. he goes into the end zone and on fourth and six, does not get gronkowski. on a fourth and ten from the 50 all the way down to the 10, one last shot. fourth down. can they throw the touchdown? the gronk is there. rob gronkowski scores the touch down. the game ends on an interception of a two-point conversion attempt. the denver broncos are off to the super bowl in for the eighth
2:45 am
time. the point spread is 3 1/2. the panthers favored to win. i understand that number is trending up. that there probably will be more money going on the carolina side. panthers look very strong. for manning, he's now won three straight conference championships. >> at least he'll be able to be there. >> one month ago, they were saying maybe he's done. >> it's going to be a great match-up. i'm going to be there to see them in person. what a team, offense, defense. it's a team effort for them. cam newton although he played fantastic like superman, he gave credit to the team at the end. >> they deserve it. they are having so much fun out there. ron riviera has a solid group on both sides of the football. early take, i like the panthers in the super bowl. i like the panthers. we have two weeks to decide how that's going to go. congratulations. >> thank you so much. leah, what is up? >> heather, we are fair and balanced here on the fox news
2:46 am
channel as we can all see from that hat you're wearing. how about you guys? do you want to go to the big game? fox business is here with how much it will cost to go to super bowl 50. tell us about it. >> here, this is for you actually. what's it going to cost for everybody from denver and charlotte to go to the big game. no doubt everybody's looking to score tickets to super bowl 50. it's going to be costly, more so than last year on several levels. start with the ticks going up by the hour. the latest estimate we have, about $3100 per ticket. that's changing hourly this morning. you got to keep on that. flights are running about 35% higher versus last year's game. if you want to go, you'd better book right now. round trips running from those cities for about $230 to $850 bucks round trip. there are limited flights. there are ways that you can get around that, however, arrive by thursday at the latest, extend your trip through the following tuesday.
2:47 am
see the golden gate bridge, go to wine country. don't try to fly home on monday after the game. that's going to hurt you. if you want to stay near the stadium, here are examples of hotel room costs. two-star running from $216 up to $600 a night. three stars $32. four star hotels running at least $1,000 per night and higher. try airbnb. vacation rental by owner. those are some of the sites i like. we'll talk more about this heather. obviously this is big for you. my favorite moment last night was when heathers tweeted it's going to be a broncos panthers super bowl and the panthers game didn't start yet. >> we're taking notes. i think i would be one-star hotel just to get to the game. logon to fox finder. >> take a enttent. >> you would camp out, too. yes, you would. >> the time now is about 15
2:48 am
minutes till the top of the hour. eight people accused of boxing a repair job for a king. the charges they're now faying. > it might be the moist adorable video of the blizzard 2016. this panda, the national zoo capturing hearts and headlines. now there's a challenge for a snow battle. >> i bet brian was out there doing that. >> in a panda suit. >> i would like to be the second most adorable thing on your show today after the panda. please vote. let me tell you what's coming up, ladies. we are now one week seven days until iowa. how donald trump says he'll change if he wins office. he's in front in a brand-new fox poll. plus, former texas governor rick perry live with his endorsement. here's a hint, it is not donald trump. and former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld live on our couch what needs to be done to stop isis and what he would do. then the clock that claims it
2:49 am
can tell exactly when you're going to die. how accurate is it? and do you want to read it? fox and friends starts at the top of the hour. i'll check it.
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we're back with extreme weather. new york city digging out from the second biggest blizzard in the city's history. >> wnyw reports live from queens with the latest on the cleanup there. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a mess in the ridgewood section of queens. i want to show what people have done. they are improvising, making this sidewalk into a road. resident and business owners have shoveled this area because the plows still have not gotten to this part of queens. we have one pileup here. but this is a private contractor, a business that
2:53 am
brought someone in to do the work the sanitation department still has not done. i want to show 63rd street. this is all still untouched. just a small path carved out for people to walk down. this is still a really big mess. we spoke to a business owner who works a couple of buildings down here, furniture maker. he says trucks cannot get out today because look at this mess. the snow is waist high in some sections. he's also saying that this could cost him thousands and thousands of dollars if deliveries cannot get out. a lot of neighbors frustrated at this point with the sanitation department, taking to twitter, using the hash tag #plowqueens, hoping to get a cleanup to this mess. live in queens, back to you. >> all right, liz dahlem, thank you. it's time for what's going viral. while millions hunkered down during the blizzard, massive blizzard, a couple of friends in new york made the best of it.
2:54 am
♪ new york >> hi, officer. >> we'll act like we're talking to you, all right? >> 16 million times. and a giant panda enjoying the blizzard at the national zoo. that's some folks -- >> not the panda. >> no. that's times square. >> there is the panda. a man in washington, d.c., is challenging this bear to a snow battle, though. jeffrey perez posted this video of himself. maybe we have it -- frolicking in the snow. there he is. can you tell the difference? just like the panda. no word on if the bear will take the challenge. >> i guess brian gets third. the time is six minutes until the top of the hour. season cut short. the girls basketball team forced to end their winning streak because they were too good. are officials leveling the playing field or punishing good players? your emails next. going viral, a selfless act of kindness for a military
2:55 am
mother of two. her heartfelt thank you to the man who came to her rescue. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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the good, the bad, and the ugly. bridgette stevens had a repair man while her husband was overseas. as a gift, he charged $1
2:59 am
billiobillio-- $1. >> and the bad, a plane forced to land. >> and a trial over a botched king tut's burial map. its beard was knocked off in 2014, then glued on and left with scratches. the workers are being charged with gross negligence. time for your "brew on this." a girl's basketball team in minnesota will not be finishing the season because they were kicked out for being too good. >> we wanted to know, is the league leveling the playing field or just punishing good players? your comments were overwhelmingly -- if you can imagine -- in favor of the players. >> sabrina says, the girls worked really hard. they're an amazing grcexample t other kids. to tell them they're too good, ridiculous to tell children. >> absolutely punishing good players, so tired of the -- his word -- wussiification indock
3:00 am
tringz. -- indoctrination." >> and then, "when are we as a country going to stop celebrating mediocrity?" >> thank you very much. hope you have a great day. >> yeah, guys. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. hi, friends. good morning, it is monday, the 25th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is an extreme weather alert. days after a deadly blizzard slams the east coast, the dig-out begins. the government still shut down. schools are closed, and the new worry -- more extreme weather. >> we've had enough, haven't we? meanwhile, president obama would not run for a third term even if the constitution allowed it. >> the bubble is the hardest thing about the presidency. and i don't think anybody would -- anybody with sense would do it. >> the president doesn't like the bubble. what's next? bye-bye tom brady.


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