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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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mobile app, as former secretary of defense so exciting. >> download it. >> at 83 years old what else do i have to do? why not do an app? >> thanks so much, great to see you mr. secretary. thanks so much. that's it for today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. 1 bill: we are exactly one week away from the iowa caucus. polls showing donald trump regaining his lead over ted cruz. hope you stayed warp over the weekend. martha: digging out. ted cruz slipping down into second place. donald trump up on top at 34%.
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trump saying a victory here meaning iowa could get the ball moving in his favor. >> if i can win iowa i'm telling you we'll run the table. first of all i want you to do what's right. but i honestly believe it's very important because you have not had a winner in so long. you are going to have a winner. we are going to make our country so good. martha: he has more than twice the support of his rival in new hampshire. bill: good morning byron york from des moines, iowa. two weeks since the polling was taken. that's a dramatic change. what's the difference? >> ted cruz had a back week. the iowan republican governor
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told people, don't vote for ted cruz. trump continued to push cruz hard on the constitutional eligibility issue. cruz probably lost the battle of the celebrity endorsements when trump rolled out an endorsement from sarah palin. trump rolled out his first negative ad, it's an attack on ted cruz. finally trump is campaigning harder now here in iowa. he says he really wants to win and believe it or not he stayed overnight in iowa, stayed in a holiday inn express, imagine that. the message he's working hard in iowa seems to be paying off. bill: iowa, very conservative caucus-goers. cruz and trump are in a virtual
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dead heat. white evangelical caucus-goers. virtual tie again, the same. question, is trump campaigning differently with a different message or just giving it more attention as you describe? >> there is a very intense battle particularly for evangelical voters who made up 50% of the caucus last time. go to cruz rallies. he's very religious and scripture oriented in his appeal. go to trump rallies, he doesn't do that as much. trump strategists are betting on evangelicals not being a monolithic group. so you are seeing different appeals and they are tied among
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evangelical voters. if trump wins iowa and new hampshire it's over. by contrast the opposite for democrat. they argue if c the first two, she can still win. what's the difference? >> in republican primaries once you go to iowa and new hampshire you have covered the spectrum of evangelical voters, and it doesn't change a lot in later primaries. it's different for democrats because iowa and new hampshire are basically white states. they are voting in large numbers in south carolina and the s. ferks ec primary states. and states where there is a
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large number of african-american voters, they will win. bill: you have got a town hall meeting on the democratic side today. then we have got our debate thursday in prime time and both can have an impact. martha: that will be the last opportunity they get. if anybody is undecided. washington, d.c. recording one of the heaviest snowfalls in recent memory. schools and government offices remain closed today. air and ground traffic snarled. the d.c. metro system resuming only limited operations this morning. what are conditions like out there this morning? >> you can see we have a lot of digging out to do. but for the first time since
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friday folks are able to start getting around this city. metro, our underground subway finally resumed limited operations. on the roadways you can see for the first type we are starting to see pavement. cars other than suvs are able to get around and not get stuck. the city's airports are back open so flights are starting to take off. here at union station, amtrak is operating on a modified schedule and all trains to and from new york city, there are a lot of cancellations and a lot of delays. things are starting to get back to normal. and we still have a lot of digging out to do. you guys have pen more snow in new york city. but i think you will be better equipped to handle it than we are here in washington.
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martha: perhaps. we were pretty much out and about today and schools were closed. but we are getting around. martha: while the blizzard is over the air travel nightmare is not. passengers frustrated and stranded across the country after 1,891 delays and 1,435 flight cancellations. all of the factors going into 12,000 flight cancellations nationwide. it may take a couple days to get all those folks around the country to where they need to get going. the jersey shore seeing flooding. high tide this morning adding to that problem. in wildwood, new jersey the tide was higher than it was during superstorm sandy. check out this video from sea isle city.
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huge chunks of ice floating in sea water down the main street. bill: the forecast was right. martha: they said 6 inches in new york city and we got 28. bill: it was a good weekend to watch a movie. don't go anywhere. breaking news featuring the paris attackers before they carried out the massacre. it's a 17-minute video that appears to show the mastermind of the attacks, believed to be shot in syria, he's seen beheading and shooting captives. the video that ends with footage of british prime minister david cameron and a threat to attack great britain next. what can we learn from this
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17-minute video. reporter: if anyone doubts the extent to which these attacks were planned, this video will put an end to that. it's a chilling and gruesome attackers each beheading or shooting various attackers and addressing western leaders and warning of i am pending attacks. it appears to be shot in syria before they were sent to paris to commit atrocities. it then shows a collage of news reports. each man is shown standing over prisoners, killing him and talking about the attacks. one smiled into the camera after picking up the head he just decapitated. bill: why is this video made
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public now, benjamin? >> one of them is a message to their supporters. it's a sick rallying cry. it's a threat of what they will do. this video does have a number of threats in it including retaliation against any country carrying out a bombing raid. david cameron responded saying the video is the work of a group of that's in decline and retreat. they are telling muslims to rise up and kill whoever they do. they don't have guns or bombs they are to use their hands or rocks. david cameron said they will continue to attack them wherever
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they are. martha: new air strikes in the battle against isis. first it was ramadi. now the fight is on for another major city. this could be pivotal in iraq. plus this. >> i could stands in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. bill: humor or not, did that off-the-cuff remark from donald trump go to far? martha: why past comments like this from president bush ring so true today. >> it would cause them to believe they could strike free nations at their choice. withdrawal would have increasedn the probability coalition troops the probability coalition troops would be forced to return to iraq some day and confront an enemy that is even more
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♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out.
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those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. martha: as the pentagon debates sending more u.s. troops to iraq to them train iraqi forces in the battle to retake mosul, a very significant city that needs to be taken in this fight. we are getting brand-new video of coalition forces bombing near mosul.
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no word yet on if any militants were taken out in those strikes. bill: president obama in an interview with "cbs sunday morning." he appeared to give bush some credit for policies he opposed. >> tough seen these people we would ask that you call our hotline. bill: obviously that's the wrong interview, that deals with a prison break in another part of the country. kt mcfarland has the right sound bite. kt, good morning. so our viewers know, the context of that sound bite is there were a bunch of things.
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but when i look at it carefully i think this something we need to do to keep us safe. you heard that and thought what. >> i thought baloney. president obama has had 8 years blaming george bush for everything. now that he says i had to do with bush had to do. i think what obama is doing is buying himself legacy insurance. the majority of the american people believe it's just a matter of time before we have a mass casualty attack. he's setting it up and say if it happens on his watch, i did what george bush did. bill: about whether he left iraq me prooturely and what happened in libya after the fall of qaddafi. those things will be debate over the next year and they will have implications on the white house.
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>> they should. president obama has made the mess we have right now. he went in a libyan war and smashed the libyan leadership. what happened? they walked away and now we have jihadi all over north africa. al qaeda is back. rights of isis and rebirth of al qaeda i think are largely because of president obama's own policies. i don't think he gets off free saying this is all george bush's fault. i think president obama and secretary clinton have a lot to answer for. bill: i want to juxtapose two pieces of an interview. one was president obama obama in 2016 and the other is president bush back to back. >> there were a lot of things we do to fight terrorism that
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before i was president i might have questioned. when i look at it carefully i say on balance this is something we need to do to keep us safe. >> failure in iraq would allow terrorists access to the region with the world's third largest oil reserves and increase the probability at some later date american troops would have to return to iraq to fight an enemy more dangerous and more entrenched. failure in iraq would send an unmistakable signal to america's enemies that our country can be bullied into retreat. bill: 8 1/2 years apart. and you say? >> president bush may have made mistakes, but his predictions about what would happenf if we withdrew prematurely from the middle east sadly have been born out.
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now we have had to deal with attacks on the homeland, the rise of isis, and the return of american troops to the region. a tragedy. bill: thank you for your time. to be discussed and debated in the future. martha: extreme turbulence rattles passengers, sending several to the hospital. and it forced and emergency landing. bill: a massive manhunt for three dangerous inmates after they broke out of a maximum security jail. the stunning details on how they did it next. >> we won't stop until these individuals are back in our custody, and i'm confident that will occur.
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bill: an american airlines flight hitting rough turbulence enforced to land in canada. it was en route to italy it was carrying 192 passengers on board. martha: authorities hunting for these three men who have escaped, apparently by cutting through half-inch steel bars and they rapelled from the roof using a makeshift rope just like in the movies. they face a range of charges including murder, torture and assault with a deadly weapon. >> there are people how the there who know who these people are, have seen them. we are asking for phone calls any piece of information you may have.
6:25 am
obviously if you have seen these people we ask you call our hotline and if you see them call 911. martha: william lajeunesse in los angeles. how did they pull this off? reporter: there probably will be a movie at some point. police believe they had help from the inside or someone from the outside who smuggled in contraband. the photos show where they cut his steel screen in behind their bunks. their beds partially cover that area. from there they escaped into the ventilation system carrying a rope made out of bed sheets which they used to rapel four stories to the ground cutting a section of razor wire. the wong is wanted for attempted
6:26 am
murder. one is accused of cutting off a maps aflorida that any after a robbery. >> this is a linear facility where inmates -- we can't bring the services to them. they have some aby the to move throughout the facility. the newer designed facility bring the services to the inmates. so that's a challenge we know we have to contend with. reporter: police have yet to find the tools used in the escape. martha: any thought on whether they are together or where they may have gone. reporter: the manhunt is under way. the jail was built in the 60s. 80% are convicted felons, 400 are in for murder and violent crimes. prosecutors are watching the witnesses, police -- police have
6:27 am
the prosecutors and witnesses under protection because we don't know where these guys are. bill: a leading in the conservative voice throwing his support behind ted cruz. what does glenn beck do for cruz a week ahead of iowa. >> he steps in and wide open. cory brown is gone! 20, 10, touchdown, carolina. martha: panther earn a trip to the super bowl after routing the cardinals. a date with peyton manning and the broncos.
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by markets now open, last week it started off very slow. finished up okay friday. european market were lower
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earlier today. shares in major oil companies losing ground. there was a rally for oil. that's having an impact on trading today. off we go, a whole new week. 9:30 in new york. >> you know what he they say about my people? the polls? they say i have the most loyal people. i could stand in the midland of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's like incredible. martha: donald trump has often spoken about the devotion of his supporters. that hot rhetoric raised a few eyebrows. katrina pierson is the trump campaign spokeman. was that remark a little over the line maybe? >> i think it's no secret doesn't care for political
6:32 am
correctness and of course it raises eyebrows. but a lot of things raise eyebrows with mr. trump. he was repeating conversations he had with people. mr. trump doesn't believe in having consultant-driven talking points. he likes to even gang with voters one-on-one at these rallies. he loves his voters as much as they love him. i think every one heard in the video it was a joke and everyone laughed. martha: of course it was a joke it was if you are okay with the joke. it raised questions about what he said and what he believes. he said things about ted cruz, he's a good guy, i like ted cruz, i respect ted cruz, he said, now he says that he doesn't like him anymore. he said those things but he didn't mean them.
6:33 am
as soon as ted cruz started gaining on him he turned around and started spitting fire back at him. so it raises questions, how do you know what he means and doesn't mean. >> i think that's politic. mr. trump isn't going to be disrespect new to someone who has been overly kind and friendly to him. but mr. cruz started attacking him. and cruz admitted the eminent domain ads they were running in iowa weren't exactly honest. so i think we are now going into what is it now, 7 days into i've what. martha: there was a battle for some big endorsements last week. sarah palin came out in favor of donald trump. then you had glenn beck coming
6:34 am
out in favor of ted cruz. here is what glenn beck said. he said today's washington will not be found in the garish light of gold, but in the bold service of a man who stands tirelessly for what he believes. he says the government should be of the people, by the people and for the people, not a guy with a lot of strip clubs. >> i think coming from someone who says they would rather have hillary clinton than a republican he doesn't approve of, i don't take much stock in that. but that's not what this campaign is about. lily robertson from duck dynasty also endorsed in trump. mr. trump has a lot of support and it's very broad. and we just have the broad base
6:35 am
we'll need to win so we are excited going into iowa. march are said he would run in the past. he said he would put a billion dollars of his own money into this race and it raises similarities with our candidate. what's your respond to whether you think he will get in and whether he would be formidable. >> i don't think he will get into the race. but if he does it helps the republican side. we won't be competing with overregulation and liberal policies. he's only going to get in if hoik doesn't win the nomination. it's not going to hurt the republicans at all. if he does get in, it's a landslide for republicans. martha: i want to get into this issue things donald trump said in the past. if he runs the table and gets
6:36 am
the nomination of his party. he's doing well when you look at the early states. and you look at the head-to-head potential for him perhaps with hillary clinton, or with bernie sanders, you can see into the future that they are going to continually bring up things he said in the past and why he changed his opinion now. that's why i brought up this question earlier about what he will do to get elected. it raises questions about whether he says things to get elected or whether he believes the things he's saying now because of what he said in the past. >> i think the past comments people have been talking about are just that, in the past. he talked about the reasons he changed position on personal experience. he's a businessman. he never proposed legislation and never voted on legislation. enron ald reagan held liberal
6:37 am
positions -- even ronald reagan voted for truman. the dynamic in this country are very different. donald trump's sole purpose as a businessman and someone with international dealing. he wants to take what he knows through this life experience and apply that to the budget and the country. martha: he spent the weekend at a holiday express. he said the beds were good and it was a clean place. it's pretty clear that he does want to win iowa and he's willing to get down on the ground. when you look at at caucasus, how good is our organization? i saw tweets encouraging people and sending them directions on how to get out there. how is it work in terms of that? >> i think it's looking
6:38 am
fantastic. mr. trump wants to win. he loves this country. and he's definitely committed. we even have an app helping people get to their caucus locations. there are new caucus locations and we want to make sure they get out there. behave the momentum and the base to get it done. martha: the weather look pretty decent over the course of the week coming up. we'll see you out there. thanks very much. bill: nfl championship sunday starting with the afc. patriots and broncos. the winner goes to super bowl 15. brady and manning meeting for what could be final time. owen daniels, great catch there. tom brady would not go quietly.
6:39 am
seconds remaining trailing by 8. fires a laser. 20-18. they trail by 2. patriots had to go for 2 to tie it. its intercepted! bill: broncos defense was dominating holding out brady and the patriots, advancing for what may be peyton manning's final shot. panthers hosting the card nalts nals in the nfc. it was all carolina. cam newton four touchdowns. carolina makes their second super bowl appearance in team history. so game on, super bowl 50.
6:40 am
february 7 with a 6:35 start in santa clara, california. martha: we'll be watching from new hampshire. i thought we would be watching in new england a new england game. a very rough day for tom brady and the new england patriots. if we had beaten the dolphins they would have been on home turf. they lost that one kick you mentioned. he nailed 592 kicks. he missed one yesterday. bill: carolina is playing on a level you seldom see. martha: you run your numbers and let me know how things look. martha: isis brutality on bold display. the terror group of release a gruesome video warning of new
6:41 am
attacks. how should the u.s. respond? plus this ... >> it's like being on a boat. bill: a powerful quake lit something of alaska's more populated areas. we'll see what happens next. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert
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and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit bill: there are new developments? the hillary clinton email controversy. hillary clinton brush off questions that the controversy could derail her campaign and lead to an indictment. >> i'm not concerned because i know what the facts are. i cannot control what the republicans leak and what they are contending. but i know what the facts are and i'll keep putting them out there. this is something i think is very clear about what happened, and i know it will be over and resolved at some point. bill: judge napolitano she is doing a lot more interviews than
6:45 am
they has ever done. this topic comes up each and every time. how is she handling it? judge napolitano: she is not handling it well from a legal perspective. she is slipping in the polls in iowa and new hampshire. but the more she tries to act like there is no legal problem, the more she mocks the seriousness of what this is. earlier she said this is about a "new york times" story that was two years old involving a drone. >> it is not about a "new york times" story and a drone. this is a personal obama appointee of the united states, it's so highly sensitive she couldn't have possibly received or opened it. in order to open it you have to enter special codes, and those codes change hourly so you have to ask what the codes are. there are very few people who
6:46 am
have access to the codes. if the f.b.i. agents investigating her don't have access to those codes. bill: because it's so sensitive. judge napolitano: i don't know what this one is it's an example of names of moles. people employed by foreign governments, secret agents for us. names of handlers for those moles, black ops. something that if exposed the government will deny. ongoing intelligence information if known to the enemy would result in the termination of the operation and death to the people involved in them. bill: her side is saying the only reason this is coming up now is two republican senators pushed the inspector general, they pushed his hand and forced him to release information that everyone had known about six months ago. judge napolitano: i don't know
6:47 am
what everyone knew six months ago. i suspect the f.b.i. knew about this before it was recently released. there are obviously political motivations. this is such a serious charge against her that's democrats will flee from her in drove if the f.b.i. recommends indictment. even if the justice department doesn't accept that recommendation. the f.b.i.'s investigation is a neutral professional one through the eyes of law enforcement. it's not a political one. bill: the town hall in iowa tonight, i would manage it will come up. thank you, judge. andrew napolitano. martha: decades of isolation are coming to an end as europe rolls out the welcome mat for iran's president.
6:48 am
plus a prominent writer blaming jeb bush for the rise of donald trump. now the florida governor is firing back. >> i don't believe my life commitment to the conservative cause is going to be validated by having a guy be our nominee who is not a conservative. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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bill: a 7.91 quake rattling southern alaska. that's the strongest quake in the region in decade. one neighborhood had to be evacuated after a gas leak. 24,000 businesses and homes lost
6:52 am
power. thankfully no injures reported. martha: iran's president will meet with europe's political leaders. it's the first visit by an iranian leader in two decade. tomorrow it' on to the vatican with a meeting with pope francis. what is on rouhani's agenda while in italy? reporter: to show his electorate back home that this nuclear deal paid off. but it's about more than the diplomatic significance and symbolism of rome rolling out a red carpet. this is about business and european leaders are champing at the business bit, too. not on is this the first visit
6:53 am
of an iranian leader in two decade. the delegation is 120 people. it took 30 cars to transport them. $18 biin deals are expected to be signed including oil, infrastructure, shipping. stocks of one infrastructure companies being talked about today went up. 300 italians did go to start briefing the deals last year. this was in the planning before the deal was sign. tomorrow rouhani will mee meet h pope francis. he's not the first iranian to meet the pope. but the iranian leader could invite the pope to visit hip in iran, but the vatican is not being drawn on all that speculation.
6:54 am
the grass has not been growing under rouhani's feet. he had the chinese leader and they agreed to expand trade to $600 by the next 10 years. the chinese were involved in building some big tunnels and expressways even during the sangs. when iran's world trade center representative was asked how they were able to carry off the big infrastructure prong, he replied, we did it with the help of our chinese friend. an variation show in iran. iran plans to buy 160 new airplanes the next year. 114 expected to be airbus. the next stop is paris and of course iran is still talking about and keeping itize on the big boeing prize.
6:55 am
martha: what a dish this agreement has made in their relationship with europe. you can on wonder what the response is like in israel and saudi arabia and other allies when they watch this european tour. bill: every day there is a new headline about iran recruiting business. how did you do with the skis over the weekend? martha: i did great. got on my skis and went all around town. it was sunny and beautiful. bill: that was your big plan. martha: my friend also got some last week. we were like the crazy ladies ask cross-country skiing around town. bill: i spent saturday -- didn't go outside. martha: not so much on saturday. bill: new york is so cool when
6:56 am
you get a store like this. martha: it was snowing up from the ground, sideways, left to right. bill: we are dig out right now. thousands of flights delayed or canceled. that's just today. we wonder how long it will take for the airports to get back to normal. martha: brand-new polls show donald trump surging past ted cruz. it was a rough week last week for cruz, but many believe his organization can pull it out. campaign carl is next. >> we are at the edge of a cliff. and we either pull back or we risk losing the greatest country in the history of the world.
6:57 am
. . . . . .
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martha: donald trump working very hard in iowa. that strategy looks like it is paying off for him. he surged in the latest "fox news poll" to take the lead
7:00 am
in the hawkeye state. we've got one week to go before the iowa caucuses. very exciting. we're on brink of people actually saying what they think and votes for people they want to vote for. welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom" starts now. bill: and i'm bill hemmer. i slept in holiday inn express. martha: and it was clean. bill: moving -- trump gaining 11 points, 34% over the past 2 1/2 weeks. cruz 23, down from 27. marco rubio in third. trump and cruz trading fire on the sunday talk shows. first, cruz, watch. >> listen if you're someone in this country thinks we need more pub picks in washington to cut a deal with democrats to agree with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and you should vote for donald trump. >> there is question whether it ted cruz is allowed to run for president. the first thing that will happen
7:01 am
the democrats will bring a lawsuit against him. he has to straighten the problem out because there is big, fat question mark. bill: chief political correspondent carl cameron live in des moines. good day to you. what is cruz doing to stop the apparent slide in iowa? what's up? >> he has been fighting with donald trump and it doesn't appear to have worked. throughout the course of the last year we've seen candidate african date take on trump to fight back. in the end trump's attacks on said candidate, this case ted cruz, caused that candidate, ted cruz to drop a little bit and donald trump to grow. that is again what happened in the fox poll but what is very important, this two-person race being shorthanded with exactly a week until the iowa caucuses is that cruz is the a the bottom half of the margin and is at the upper part of the margin in the polls and about a third of iowa caucus-goers, republicans, as
7:02 am
about a third of new hampshire primary voters said they're likely to change their minds. so it is trump on top, cruz in the middle. and today cruz got an endorsements. endorsements are a questionable thing in presidential politics particularly in the final week and fives have been as tough as the trump-cruz battle have been they essentially left the rest of the field in the dust. marco rubio is solidly in third but with a number of candidates in single digits. cruz got endorsement from governor rick perry, former governor of texas. perry was a tea party darling. the oops candidate of 2012 didn't last very long. cruz trying to show he does have support from preexisting politicians. that it is not entirely a tea party battle. he has some fondness from the establishment. one of the thing trump has been doing is pounding cruz as not just unlikeable and inexperienced and questioning
7:03 am
his honesty. here is a little bit of rick perry is a iing why he thinks cruz should be the one of the republican nominee. >> probably one of the best listeners i engaged in on the political front. he is not just quiet. he is listening and processing. he knows what he doesn't know, and i can't tell you what a virtue if this business for president of the united states and individual who wants to lead this country and i am convinced. reporter: that is interesting endorsement particularly for iowa caucus-goers to say what knows what he doesn't know from rick perry. that is what you're dealing with, a u.s. senator who says he is outsider going to run against the establishment in order to compete against donald trump and trailing by 11 points in the fox poll aweek out from the caucuses, bill. bill: good setup, carl cameron. analysis with martha. martha: let's get nor. charlie hirt from "the
7:04 am
washington times," joins us from there. good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: take a look at iowa this morning. how do you see it shaping up? >> obviously any of these polls with caucuses like this, polling is notoriously difficult. but as carl points out, when you have that kind of a yawning separation between donald trump and ted cruz and rest of the pack i think it is probably pretty safe to say that one of those two is in at very, very good position to win it. and, donald trump, i think, if i were to put my money on, put it on donald trump at this point but the big question in iowa is, not just who is in first place but who is in second place. and in that case, you know, that kind of gives cruz a little bit more of an advantage there because, in the process of caucuses, if, in your first round you lose your, your guy loses, then you can go to a
7:05 am
second one. one of the problems that trump has faced is that he is not, he is not as high, he doesn't do as well as a second choice. he does much better as a first choice. martha: take a look at some of these numbers. carl just mentioned this first one. among iowa gop likely caucusgoers are you certain to support your candidate? 63% say they're locked in. we know in iowa, new hampshire, all these places they pay attention as we get close toward race but you have a third that may change their minds. why you see so many of these folks out there hitting pavement. donald trump out there this weekend which nobody thought he would do. look at next one. would refuse to support against dem? 20% would refuse to support trump. 14% would refuse to support bush. cruz at 11% there. you know, the point i just made a second ago there, i remember people talking about donald
7:06 am
trump, wait until this gets really tough, be on the ground in iowa every day. he will not like that. he likes to run around on his jet and spend his weekends at mahlago. he wants to win the race. he wants to fight this thing out. he wants iowa to have a win ir. are you surprised? >> absolutely, well, absolutely, but if you asked me six months ago what the biggest problem donald trump faces is exactly what you said, it is that he is billionaire. he is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. that is not what a presidential campaign is. a presidential campaign is hard work. donald trump as a candidate has proved himself to be remarkably disciplined. obviously he goes off script a lot but for him he is remarkably disciplined. he has been tenacious and he has
7:07 am
been a whole lot -- there has been a lot more strategy on the campaign, than i certainly ever expected. that is what we're looking at right now, unthinkable in religious iowa, looks like he is run the tables. martha: we're going to talk about bloomberg too. we're out of time. we'll hear more coming up in the show. another interesting element. like all new york everywhere potential candidate. >> grab the popcorn. martha: charlie, thank you so much. >> sure, martha. bill: they are digging out on the east coast. airports trying to get back up to speed after this weekend's monster blizzard. three feet of snow falling in some areas, grounding more than 12,000 flights across the country. travelers understandably frustrated. >> i'm kind of watching doom and gloom coming across the country as i'm watching what is going on. i was out there for business. had to go. i have to get back to new york. thing is, keeps canceling.
7:08 am
there is domino effect. you have to keep up with it. kind of a pain in the butt. bill: abby huntsman live at laguardia airport in new york where she has the airport memorized. how are things moving today. >> i'm officially the laguardia fox news correspondent. things are moving a little bit better today. we were here friday as you know. the sad part is coming here this morning i've seen some people still from friday. they have slept over for four nights now. the storm is gone. today is another long day for a lot of travelers. give you a sense, this is according to and between last friday and tomorrow, tuesday, they're saying 12,000 flights canceled. that number obviously can still go up today. 1500 flights canceled. it is looking better than yesterday. here at laguardia were not going -- 80% of the flights not going in and out.
7:09 am
newark, 44% of the flights. jfk looking better, only 7% of the flights canceled. we came this morning. took video of what the runways and tarmac was looking like. we're showing you a sense of clearing the tarmac. this is massive field with more than two feet of snow. you can see tractors dumping piles of snow into what they call a snow melter. not just weather and snow. planes are not where they need to be. flight crews are scrambled around. next two days are piecing things back together to get people home again. bill: how are folks holding up there? i imagine the left of patience has been stretched somewhat? reporter: bill, it really has, the sad story and big story today. you come in here, people have been sleeping as i said nights on end on the floor. putting chairs together. we talked to a number of them this morning. not just domestic flights. international as well.
7:10 am
>> i just got a notification, they just called at 8:00 on my cell phone to tell me that the flight was canceled. but it was supposed to leave at quarter to 8:00. that was also very helpful. reporter: we're here at the food courts right behind me. you look over, people have their heads down on the table. they're exhausted. they're frustrated. you think about new york. it is not a cheap place to be stuck for a few days. a lot of people are out of money. they really want to get home. sad situation here. looking by tonight we'll see a lot more movement and people getting to where they need to be. bill: abby hunt man today. thank you, abby. ten minutes past. martha: jeb bush fighting claims he gave to the rise of donald trump. >> "weekly standard" can say what they want. i will go after him, i advocate, my ideas, detailed plans to fix
7:11 am
the mess out there in washington, d.c. martha: a story out there today says bush is partly to blame for the surge of donald trump. bill: isis releasing a terrorist video appears to show the paris attackers with a new grim warning for the west. martha: dispute over a $25 fee leave as father and son dead. and another father and son hospitalized. the latest on the gun shop shootout. >> still in shock about this. my wife's upset. she is crying. really shocking. heartbreaking. because, we wasn't expecting nothing like this. i would have never expected anything like this in this community.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:15 am
bill: two people dead, two others wounded in shootout in gun shop in mississippi. customers arguing with the owner over a $25 service charge. not clear who fired first. owners, father husband and son. shot first. and. >> during the week we trading out gun parts. always working on guns together. these were good people. bill: police say the own ear's wife called him into the shop to handle disputed charge. she was not injured. so far no charges have been filed. martha: article getting quite a
7:16 am
bit of attention by steve hayes in the "weekly standard" and it argues that jeb bush is at least partly responsible for the rise of donald trump. it reads, with each passing day, as people bush using its paid media to target virtually everyone other than trump, and to try to birry marco rubio it, becomes more and more likely the lasting legacy of bush's 2016 presidential bid will be his prominent roll making donald trump the nominee and contributing to the crisis of conservatism that would follow. jeb bush responded to that over the weekend. >> i'm only guy that takes on trump on directly. i don't believe he is a conservative and i don't believe -- my life commitment to the conservative cause is going to be validated by having a guy by our nominee who is not conservative and does not believe in a hopeful, optimistic message. "the weekly standard" can say what they want but i'm the only
7:17 am
guy that consistently goes after him. martha: katie pavlich,, fox news contributor. marianne marsh, former advisor to secretary of state john kerry. good to have you here this morning. look at the campaign and money, $100 million allocated for advertising from the bush campaign and it appears, let me start with you, katie on this, it was decided that the establishment candidates kind of had to duke it out. one of them had to sort of rise to the top of this. then that person would be the one to go against donald trump and largely in that process, bush went after marco rubio, his former friend from his home state of florida. steve makes the argument this at that process they ended up eating their own. what do you think, katie? >> well the bush campaign has not chosen their battles wisely to say the least. jeb bush has grossly underperformed. he came in, with the most money.
7:18 am
he was supposed to be front-runner. he said he liked being behind and not in the frontrunner spot. he definitely underestimated the feeling of the country at this point. donald trump is getting a lot of attention because he is taking advantage of the anger in the country while jeb bush has missed that completely and has tried to continue with this moderate approach of being tailored to a moderate message and that is not what the country needs. as a result he went after marco rubio thinking that would work at beginning of his campaign. he didn't go after trump until a couple weeks ago with his first attack ad. as a result, jeb bush is not only falling behind but he is attacking other candidates as well. martha: donald trump plastered that sticker on jeb bush as low energy. he has not been able to shake that off his back. that has been a big problem for him, marianne. interesting piece over the weekend by jay cost, which breaks down delegate picture across the country.
7:19 am
he makes the argument this could go on for a very long time. that these people will be around a very long time, jeb bushes, marco rubios, and rest of them. do you think that is the case? do you think jeb bush is done or not? >> he is done. if his name weren't bush we wouldn't be talking about him. if trump wins iowa and new hampshire, make no mistake about it he runs the table. no one is going to stop him, period, end of sentence. that i know. and here's why trump has been so smart. he is really not been given credit for shrewd as candidate he has been. he has been a much better candidate frankly than anybody else who has been candidate before. he did that trading his celebrity into credibility. he used fact people knew him for many years and knew him well to define this race and define candidates. the one he defined first was jeb bush. to your point, martha, low energy, poor performances, acted like he would inherit the white house. when trump said that, voters saw exact same thing on the campaign trail.
7:20 am
as a result you saw trump's numbers go up and his favorability go up. so he got more and more credibility. i think people have vastly underestimated donald trump as a candidate and i will tell you, if he is the nominee, which i think he will be, he is going to be a lot tougher in general election than a lot of people think. martha: katie, what do you think? the do you agree with that? >> i don't necessarily think donald trump will be a tough opponent to hillary clinton considering how high his unfavorables are, but i think jeb bush made a huge mistake dismissing donald trump's candidacy as something reality show early on when in fact we've seen it was very serious campaign that donald trump wanted to win but i do want to say there is nothing guaranteed here. go back to the 12 election, iowa polling, mitt romney was essentially going to win iowa and rick santorum 4% came back and won iowa. we saw for months toggling back and forth between iowa, new hampshire and south carolina.
7:21 am
we still have a long way to go. i agree with marianne, jeb bush is done and been done for a while. he will stay in the race for a while. statement that he doesn't want to be in the front of the pack i don't see how voters can go with someone who doesn't want to win. martha: very interesting. thank you, ladies. bill: 21 past. after seven years in office what is president obama's single greatest regret as president? take a guess at that we'll tell you and debate it in a moment. martha: plus a basketball team benched because they're just too good. >> three teams are threatening to i guess, either forfeit games against us or flat-out quit the league. so, for some reason they kicks us out. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
7:22 am
going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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7:25 am
martha: a girl's bass bet call team in minnesota got kicked off the court for being too good. starting off 3-0, the high school-aged squad are no longer allowed to play in their league because the other teams didn't want to take them on. players calling a foul on that decision. >> are you supposed to play worse, you know, just to make them happy? >> makes me very sad. i haven't been able to high school two years i did get cut and tried. this is one last opportunity because i now will be able to play basketball again because i'm senior. martha: ridiculous, right? the league coach is planning to meet with the league's board. if you sign up you have to show up and play this team, girls. that is the way it goes, any guts out there? come on now. getting started in a trial for a new york police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in brooklyn. pleading not guilty to manslaughter, when he pulled a tricker in a dark housing
7:26 am
project it was an accident. laura engle with more on this. good morning. reporter: good morning. the court is packed. trial is about to begin. opening statements are set to be underway in matter of moments. prosecutors here, bills will work to try to prove that officer peter lianng when he entered a dimly lit starewell with finger on trigger of weapon which is against police policy we've been reporting on the story. the officer's defense team is trying to lay the groundwork to show the shooting was accident, not a crime. they say the rookie police officer fired a single shot as tennerred into the starewell with his partner public housing development in brooklyn in 2014. he was using the starewell when officer linang fired weapon. lights were not working in the starewell. the defense lawyers said that is
7:27 am
why officer lang had it out when he walked into the dark. prosecutors say there was no reason to take that he can action which led to the death of unarmed man. >> the police commissioner said discretionary for a officer to pull out a gun during vertical control. the police officer put finger on trigger of his gun. fired that gun into darked starewell when there was no threat. reporter: liang is on modified duty with the nypd. he could get 15 years in prison if convicted on most serious charge, second degree manslaughter. the trial about to get underway. bill. bill: we'll watch it closely. brooklyn, new york. martha: isis releasing a terror video featuring two bombers from the deadly paris attacks and a brand new threat against the west. bill: bernie sanders appears to be surging in iowa and new hampshire but hillary clinton
7:28 am
says she is up for that challenge. can she fend off the senator with seven days to go? >> i think it's actually good for the debate that we're having, that there is so much interest and energy that i feel on my side and i know obviously so does senator sanders on his. we got a big choice to make and it's exciting. hey pal? you ready?
7:29 am
7:30 am
can you pick me up at 6:30?
7:31 am
ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. martha: democratic presidential candidates stomaching in iowa with just one week to go before the caucuses. the democratic national committee adding a last minute forum at drake university tonight. they squeezed in one more discussion between these candidates as this race gets ever tighter between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. the move though has fueled criticism that the committee is manipulating the events schedule in order to help hillary clinton secure the nomination.
7:32 am
ed henry on hillary clinton campaign in des moines, iowa, joins us. ed, there seems to be sign momentum is building for sanders right now according to latest numbers, right? reporter: no doubt about it. you talk about this forum tonight at drake. that is something where undoubtedly will be a lot of young people. bernie sanders has been surging with them. look at any poll. hillary clinton struggling with young people. a key part of the obama coalition. sanders is trying to put together. he has an event here at iowa state a short time in ames, iowa. that will have a lot of young people as well. look at some of this video. he was in a tiny town 200 miles northeast of des moines. there are only a few thousand people that live there, yet over 2,000 people who turned out to see bernie sanders speak. there has been a lot of questions just like donald trump on republican side, an outsider, he is getting people to show up one week from tonight at these caucuses. same question for bernie sanders.
7:33 am
well he get these fans, these supporters to turn out. when he got over 2,000 people showing up on a sunday night in the cold, in iowa, more than a week out that suggests he has some hardcore folks, martha, who are likely to turn out. martha: absolutely. what is hillary clinton's strategy to try to combat that? reporter: to be fair to her, last night she had event in west des moines. 900 people. raucous crowd, not as big as sanders crowd. still strong. it was an lgbt event. what we're seeing final days up to iowa and new hampshire. she had a naral event trying to get democratic base going. abortion rights supporters. now the lgbt community. very clear she sees two-ways to do this get the base out, number one, like i mentioned. number two, all her ads public remarks here in iowa the closing argument is experience, ready on day one to be commander-in-chief. the challenge, she made that very same pitch here in iowa in
7:34 am
2008 and came in third. martha. martha: stunningly similar circumstances in so many ways. very different candidates she is up against but similar circumstances. ed, thank you very much. good to see you. reporter: thank you. bill: isis issuing a new threat to attack the west. the terror group releasing propaganda video seven minutes in length, appearing to show mastermind of paris attacks and several others who participated and other isis militants, killing captives with beheads and a single shot to the head. also plotting terror. isis threatening to attack america's closest ally in britain. pete hegseth, veteran fought in iraq and afghanistan, fox news contributor, in minneapolis today. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: i think this what shows if anything, done in syria, we agree on that, based on analysis?
7:35 am
>> or iraq. bill: this is what you can do when you have a safe haven. go. >> that is exactly right. this confirms the greatest concerns so many people have it is not just folks in europe. it is all plotted and planned out of raqqa, out of syria. that is where we know a lot of these folks were. we're talking four from belgium, three from france and two iraq or syrians were part of those nine attackers in france but we now know they were all together in the caliphate. that is where their real citizenship. they gave up being french or belgian citizens a long time ago. they were able to migrate and make their way to paris. we hear reports over 600,000 of the 1.1 million refugees in germany, unaccounted for, unregistered. that is easy pathway right into france. this reinforces concerns that so many of us have, there is a pipeline for radicals goingsal both to get to the islamic state and use their passports and lack
7:36 am
of knowledge of them to get back into europe. bill: they speak the language and have the passport. >> fluent english. absolutely. bill: how concerned should the brits be now? david cameron a image of him toward the end of the tape. >> cross-hairs. bill: they mentioned the tower bridge in london. you saw deadly success they had in paris. how concerned should cameron be? >> they should be concerned in france, extending state of emergency for a month now. i know david cameron is concerned. you look at all the signals. there is no reason why there couldn't be a unfortunately a u.k. based attack like one in paris. that was planned and plotted months and months in advance. sent over for that purpose. fear cells could be in place to commit something like that. that is foreshadowing of it. communities, france, belgium, the u.k., have had massive silent muslim invasion for a long time.
7:37 am
they have been trying to keep a lid on the radicalized aspect. but as you said, bill, the haven in syria emboldened he will to exploit the migrant crisis. they could have a cell in the u.k. and i believe they're scrambling as they have been to make sure they have intelligence to identify if something like that is coming. bill: st. paul's cathedral was mentioned on the 17 minute tape. >> yeah. bill: two questions, why is it out now? do we know? >> they don't know now why it's out. frankly some, they haven't put out as many propaganda videos, isis. we've done some damage to their propaganda cell. there is no sense of the timing. maybe potentially foreshadowing of a future attack. bill: one final question. when i see this, see what happened in paris, i think about places like libya where you can gather right now, without obstruction. i think general jack keane said
7:38 am
a few weeks ago, there are 10,000 loyalists in libya right now. you start to see where the next front opened up. there, there you can argue and see again in libya, that is a safe haven. is it not? >> it sure is. or afghanistan with its growing safe havens. with libya the ability to get into europe quickly through greece, elsewhere through germany, right now germany is just an entry point. they are not looking to stay in germany. they could easily go to belgium or france. those are porous borders. they don't know where these refugees are. many are using multiple identities, multiple passports, not all for nefarious reasons. they have no idea where some of these people are and they can go back to safe havens as you said in libya, syria, iraq, afghanistan to plot as we see video. we see the depth of our enemy, disgusted nature what they're willing to do, dedication to their caliphate where the only
7:39 am
citizenship lie and france, germany, u.k. will have to be on high alert as this threat persists. bill: one of the people on video is 20. seven attackers, three from belgium, four from france all spoke fluid french. pete hegseth live from minneapolis, minnesota. thank you. martha: president obama talks about what he sees as one of his failures during his time in office. what he says he could not accomplish and whose fault that is. a fair and balance debate ahead. bill: police officer said he would bring back up next time to play hoops. look who showed up, right? try and beat that guy. ♪ hi i'm heather cox
7:40 am
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bill: florida police officer bringing a bit of backup for a basketball rematch. cool stuff. video went viral. shows the officer responding to noise complaint about kids playing hoops. instead of shutting down the game the officer joins in. the kids challenge him to another game. the officer says when i come back i'm bringing backup. this is the backup. nba legend shaquille o'neal, after making a surprise stop at police pre-sent wanted to play. saw video online. wanted to get involved.
7:44 am
he did. martha: shaq attack. bill: how do you stop a mountain of a man there? you don't. you need more than five guys. martha: very special. really nice of them. president obama expressing one of his regrets as he looks on the presidency. here he is. >> the one thing that gnaws on me continued degree of polarization. this has gotten worse over several years. i think in early months my expectation was that we could pull, the parties together a little more effectively. martha: tom sullivan, host of the tom sullivan show fox news radio. marjorie clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and principle of clifton consulting. marjorie, let me start with you. why do you think that happened? >> the polarization? you have in the presidential
7:45 am
race you have extreme candidates and what is drawing that. only thing changed from climate standpoint is the media. social media and the way we report on what's happening has changed to where we gravitate towards groups of people who think like us who become echo chamber of whatever we're thinking. i look at facebook and these different things, a lot of like-minded people reiterating. you look what happened within the parties, john boehner, at times being criticized for times he was trying to reach across the aisle or concede to something that would work with both democrats and republicans. this happens on both sides of the aisle by the way. it creates a environment contemptuous, does not reward facilitate dialogue from the office of the president all the way down to the people. martha: could the president have changed any of that, tom? >> look it, i don't think it is going to happen. that is a very good comment, martha. because the power, what does the president do? i mean a lot of what the
7:46 am
president's role is is to be the pulpit where they try and accomplish things. this president has not. this is the thing. i'm not just, this isn't just opinion. gallup says that the spread between democrats and republicans on their ranking of the president is at an all-time high. never anybody hit this all-time high. he had the chance to try to work across the aisle. i don't blame him for standing up saying republicans are bad, democrats are good. that's what politicians do. but behind the scenes he hasn't made any friends. he has no connections. he has nothing going with the people in congress. as a result, it has just been bucking heads, for eight, seven years now. >> you look at the beginning and hope and change and inauguration and the night he accepted the presidency, i think it was a hopeful moment in this country. and i think i had a lot of support of independents across this country, clearly at that point. even republicans who i think
7:47 am
hoped at that moment, you know that he would have success in the office. and it has been really not the case in terms of bringing people together and hope and change and a black america and white america and purple america and all of those things that the president seemed to be so dedicated too. let's look at some of the numbers in terms of the direction that the country is headed in. these are always revealing as well. this is a reuters ipsos poll. 62% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. here is another one, we'll get marjorie's thoughts on this first. do you believe the country is in headed in the wrong direction. 69% of independents, that's a big independent number, as we head into our next round of look shuns here, marjorie. your thoughts. >> well i will say that we are lot of social change and social unrest in the country given
7:48 am
many, many things. we have accomplished some things. lower unemployment. larger workforce and job market than we have before. we have more insured americans but also have the middle east and a lot of global tension and change. there has been a shift since the '60s, in terms of racial relations and all of that. another one of those fulcrums. right now, going into the election season we're looking at candidates who are winning on frankly not on the point of i can bring people together, but more i can do it my way and only my way. again you see that on both sides of the aisle. i think that is what has a lot of americans afraid for what does this mean for the future? there is no celebration of unity, of coming together on issues and how are we going to navigate this? i do agree that a president sets the tone. they are there to again, try to motivate and pull people together. can they do it alone? no. there are other people. i think that is what we need to focus on. martha: you can't negate the role. the role of the president is huge.
7:49 am
i think when i look at some of the candidates out there, you talk to donald trump, who wants to make america great again, he seems to be galvanizing, alienating some to be sure. galvanizing people across party lines. we'll leave it there. we'll see. reflections of one president as nation sort of gets ready to elect the next one. who knows who that will be. thank you very much have, tom. thanks marjorie. >> thank you. bill: "happening now" coming up. jon scott on a monday. congratulations to your denver broncos. >> thank you. bill: they played really well. we'll talk about you for two weeks before the super bowl. >> thank you, bill hemmer. hey, just one week before the first votes in the presidential election are cast. iowa caucuses next monday. we have new "fox news polls." we will explore the field and state of the race with bret baier, karl rove an our media panel. we'll talk with senator rand paul and break some endorsement news. plus more than 80 million people
7:50 am
impacted by the record-breaking blizzard this weekend. the cleanup, the casualties the cost, all ahead on "happening now." bill: we'll see you then. ten minutes away. some bling lighting up the galaxy. these are not diamonds in the night sky. we'll tell you what they are. ♪ this is how lenders saw me. in my 20s, i was super irresponsible with credit cards.
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jo shine bright like a diamond. rihanna would love this. cluster of massive loom news stars in the milky way, beautiful like diamond in the sky. that is a very pretty picture, isn't it. nasa released this from hubble telescope.
7:54 am
2 1/2 million times brighter than our sun and 80 times bigger. and it is about 8,000 light years today. bill: road trip. good looking image, huh. >> >> neighbors in upscale community in los angeles taking matters into their own hands to get homeless people off the streets but apparently not everybody is supportive of the idea. anita vogel is live. how much have they raised on this, anita? reporter: hi, there, bill, so far people in pacific palisades raised $200,000. they're one of the first communities in the nation to actually try this not everybody there thinks their tax dollars, they think their tax dollars should be enough to deal with this problem. >> homelessness has been in palisades for a long time. reporter: recently the upscale seaside community started to see more on beaches and village. rather than calling cops they decided to start a task force,
7:55 am
raising money from churches, and neighboring community. >> we realized we need ad fix a little more substantial than just asking the cops to arrest. >> good morning. just wanted to say good morning. reporter: two full-time-out reach workers from ocean park community center form relationships with the homeless to try to get them off the streets. >> what makes it unique. people instead of complaining about the problem, they're really banning together and finding a cohesive integrated strategy. reporter: at opcc homeless people get clean clothes. take a shower, free medical exam, a hearty meal and work towards finding permanent housing. he spent years on the streets doing and dealing drugs. he is now clean and sober with a studio apartment of his own. >> i realized, oh, my god, i feel like a little kid the way i have to follow rules. you have to become a little kid to learn how to walk and crawl. reporter: not all residents in
7:56 am
the palisades believe in private funding. they want to see their tax dollars used for bigger police presence. >> love to see our tax dollars for more effective consistent enforcement. we want to untie hands of those who say they are tied. reporter: officials point out being homeless isn't a crime. police can't just arrest someone for sleeping on the streets but there have been instances when homeless campfires caused problems. that is when police and fire do actually step in. bill, back to you. bill: anita vogel, live in los angeles on that today. thanks, anita. martha: so in the northeast there is still a whole lot of shoveling going on from the first blizzard of the season came so late in mid-january this year. all this as a flood of warnings are in effect for major areas. bring you latest details on that right ahead
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
martha: the snowball association organized the snowball fight in washington, d.c. bill: two feet down there? martha: they got two feet of snow. it's very shocking and they are still digging out. bye, everybody. jon: a fox news alert and millions of people in the east slogging through snow. hello and welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. schools and government offices closed in washington, d.c. the storm giving the jersey shoreline more than just high


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